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Tyte Fit 4

by Jake

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© Copyright 2001 - Jake - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; cons; X

This story is totally fictitious.  Any resemblance of the characters to actual or real people is coincidental.  If you are one of the characters in this story or know someone like the characters portrayed in this story...I want to meet them...or you...or whatever.  As far as I know Tyte-Fit does not exist.  If it does, consider this to be free advertising.  This story is about latex fetish and contains adult viewing material.  If you are offended by sexual situations, please read no further or blame me not you will.  If you enjoyed The Dark Side of Jenny, or The Adventures of Latex Suzie (unfinished), then you should find this entertaining.  Finally, this story
was inspired by a picture I saw on Rubberwoman's site...RW - hope you don't mind the plug!
~ Jake
Chapter Four
Part 7

"I was holding off on asking you this because I didn't know if you were ready yet", Sandy asked me out of the blue the day before I was to lose my apartment.
"I think I know what you're going to say..."
"Why don't you just come and live here with me?", Sandy was sucking on the end of her rubber pinky finger.
"I thought this might come up, so I've been preparing myself to give you an answer."
"Ooo!  Such a formal response!", Sandy was trying to make herself look all serious, when it was so obvious she was excited about me saying *yes*.
"And what has your preparation lead you to, Mr. Serious Guy", she was giggling openly now.

"I think", I said in my best serious tone, but I too was very excited about the prospects of living together, "I will accept your gracious offer for cohabitation."
Sandy screamed, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.  "This is so great!  Only...", she let go of me and took a step back. "There are going to be some rules AND some conditions."

"Rules and conditions?  Just what did you have in mind?", I thought it might come to this and I was prepared for it...even a little excited.  But at the same time, I was scared.  I was afraid of being swept up in her world...of changing my life forever!  I had come to like my life, even if it was vanilla.  But I was now totally in love with Sandy!  I wanted her so badly!   I wanted to be with her, to spend all of my time with her.  And only after two weeks of knowing her, I could have popped *the* question at any time.

"The rules are quite simple.  You will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the free-loading here bucko.  You will be responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, and other chores...I'm too busy in the shop to do it properly.  For the first little while, until you develop your own routine, you will rise when I tell you, sleep when I tell you, *wear* what I tell you..."
"Am I to be your slave or something then?"
"No...not exactly.  There will be no punishments...unless we're playing out a scene and that is required.

"Listen Jake, we did things your way for a while.  And I think we can safely say, it worked better than either of us expected.  I've fallen deeply for you, and I don't want you to go.  But if you're going to stay with me, you have to experience what I'm all about.  If you can't accept me for who or what I am, then we had better stop this before someone really gets hurt."
"I understand the rules.  What are the conditions?", I said, still trying to absorb everything.

"The conditions are simpler than the rules.  Keep an open mind about everything.  Know that I have my reasons for doing things a particular way.  I love you...I will not hurt you.  This is my *world*, and I know what I'm doing.  Trust me.  Trusting your partner is the ultimate gift in a BDSM relationship.  We probably won't be getting that *deep*, but it is important that you trust me more than you've trusted anyone before in your life. Finally, tell me if you are unhappy!  I want to keep good communication between us.  I don't want it to get to the point where you drive off and leave me on the side of the road.  Okay?"
"You know...I think I can probably handle this.", I said flashing a smile.

Suddenly, the serious atmosphere was broken, and Sandy was back to her bubbling excitement.
We walked back from the house to the shop.  "You're going to have to let me scan you now.", Sandy said all serious again.  "Take off all your clothes, step into the booth there, and stand up straight, okay?"
"But what about Kim?"
"What about Kim?"
"I don't want to be *naked* in front of her!"
"Oh Jake!  Get over it!  You've been admiring her body and mine for the past two is only fair."

I removed all my clothes and Kim made a special point of staring and hooting at me.  I stepped up into the booth as I was told.
"Good.  Now, close your eyes, hold your breath and keep perfectly still.  This won't hurt a bit, but you might notice a flashing light."
It was all so clinical.  There was a red beam that scanned my body and sent a three dimensional, wire frame image into the computer.  The whole experience lasted only a minute.
"That's it Jake."
"Where are my clothes?"
"Your clothes have been *removed*.  I sent Kim to arrange for the rest of your things to be moved from your apartment.  She will deal with the closing with your landlord as well. Now, go into the house, change into the gloves, hood and briefs you found in Jerry's old room. Make dinner for us.  I'll be in by 6:00.  Got it?"
"Sure.  No problemo!  What do you feel like for dinner?"
"That's for you to figure out.  Like I said before.  You're in charge of meals.  Get used to being git!"

I walked back into the house, acutely aware of my nakedness.  What had she done with my clothes?  I wondered if I would ever wear normal clothes again?  I had agreed to accept this situation for what it was.  It was a new adventure in my life, and I agreed with myself to embrace and accept every little change it brought on. Once upstairs, I powdered the rubber items (I had learned already), lubed up the sheath and...hey!...what's this?  These briefs are different than the ones I wore the last time.  Firmly attached to the crotch of the briefs was the largest dildo I had ever seen (it wasn't that big in reality, but I didn't have a lot of experience with dildos then).  It was actually part of the briefs themselves.  I looked but could not find a trace of a seam at all. A little apprehensive, I lubed up the dildo as well and began to get dressed.  Such a sensual feeling, latex!  I still can't get over how exciting and erotic getting dressed in latex can be.  Sandy says you can never get fully used to matter how much you wear it.  I pulled on the gloves and hood, saving the insertion of the dildo for last. Once the hood was on, I was feeling very turned on again.  I love the way a latex hood feels on your head!

I pulled the briefs up my legs until I could feel the dildo poking at my ass cheeks.  I squatted down and tried to relax my sphincter and I pushed the monster inside of me.  Interesting feeling.  I rather liked it.  I've read stories of people describing the feeling as being *split open* and painful. Others describe it as just being *full*.  I tend to agree with the latter, but with the additional feeling of being *held open* you're closed, but not closed. I pushed the dildo home, fiddled with my penis to slide it into the sheath and stood up.  Whoa momma!  The thing pushed right against my prostate, forcing a small ejaculation.  "What the hell was that?", I quizzed myself.  I felt an insistent urge to play with myself that I managed to fight off.  I had spent too much time already getting *dressed*, and 6:00 was approaching fast. I dug around in Sandy's freezer until I had assembled the fixings for a half-decent dinner. Cooking with a hood on was difficult.  Limited least with this hood.  My erection slowly subsided as I busied myself with Italian sausage, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn. But I was always aware of my little intruder.

Sandy came in promptly at 6, "Hi'ya honey...I'm home!  What's for dinner, I'm starvin'?"
"Oh very funny...I hope you're not going to do that every day?  And what's the big idea with the dildo briefs?"
"You like them?  I just thought it's never too early to start training that cute little ass of yours!"
"Training? for what?"
"You're a man honey!  You're lucky.  You get to experience penetrating AND penetration!  You shouldn't go through your sex-life at 50%", she whacked me on my bum, sending a wave of...something?...coursing through me.

I served dinner and we sat, ate and talked.  Sandy explained that she had been working on a new design lately and was going to prototype it into what she was making for me.  "I have so many ideas that I never got to try out on Jerry.  We are going to have so much fun!"
"Yeah,", I grumbled under my breath.  I was starting to get nervous about the whole situation.
We finished up dinner and Sandy told me to wash up the dishes and meet her downstairs when I was done.  She said she had to change up something on the vacuum bed.  "Tonight, I'm going to let you have sex without wearing rubber for the last time." This is odd?  No rubber?  Sandy and I had only done it once without rubber, in the shower, since we first met. was going to have fun tonight!

I did the dishes as I was told, still wearing the latex items.  Then I went to the basement to see what Sandy was up to. She was standing in front of one of the closets carefully putting on a strange looking catsuit.  It was red latex and covered every inch of her body - head, hands, feet.  It had red plastic lenses in the built-in hood, instead of eye holes.  It had a sheath hanging down between her legs, but the odd thing about it was several tube-like nosels located at different points on her body: head, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles.
"Hi", she said puffing like she was in the middle of a work out, "Help me stretch the hood over my head will ya'?"
I started pulling, "I thought you said no latex?"
"For you honey, not for me.   I'm going to blow your mind...and mine while I'm at it!", came Sandy's muffled response through the breathing tube at her mouth.  "Now zip me up around the base of my neck there.  Can you find it?  Thanks, now get undressed and follow me."

As I peeled off the rubber I was wearing, I said, "What is that you're wearing?", Sandy was using some sort of phallic prod to insert the sheath deep within her pussy.
"It's a two layer catsuit.  I designed it specially when I got the vacuum bed.  Come with me over here."
We walked into the pool room and there was a contraption hanging on the wall with 11 tubes dangling from a centre manifold.
"Start plugging the tubes onto the nipples of the suit.", Sandy secured one to her left elbow.  I tried to plug two onto her breasts.
"Very funny, smart-ass!"  It was really erotic to watch her featureless body spit out words as if it was a mannequin.

I finished hooking her up, then she told me to set the gauge to 10 pounds of pressure and turn on the blue valve.  As I did, a red coloured gel flowed through the clear tubes and into the suit.  She started to gasp as the gel flowed between the two layers of latex.  I could see the suit fill out, taking away any creases there might have been.  There was a clicking noise and the compressor shut off.  I unplugged all the hoses and Sandy walked awkwardly out of the room and into the vacuum room.  I followed. She had changed something on the vacuum bed.  The sheets were still clear latex, but there was not only a sleave for the breathing tube, but also one strategically located around the crotch area. Right over that spot was a rigid frame with a molded form attached to it (a little difficult to explain here -- you'll see what it's for in a minute). Sandy opened the frame of the bed, and crawled in.  She was able to manoeuvre herself with expert ease and closed the frame, adjusting the breathing tube and sheath tube to match their corresponding flanges on the bed.  She squirmed a little as she reached up to the top frame rail of the bed and started the vacuum motor.
"Come join me when you're ready, lover", she called out over the hum of the shop vac.  "There's lubricant on the table in the corner.  Smear it on your cock and asshole..that is, unless you want a surprise!"

I watched with amazement as the air was sucked from between the sheets.  As the pressure increased on Sandy's body, it was easy to see that she was encased in a floating, slippery cocoon. What she was feeling was obviously sublime as she started gurgling with delight. I, on the other hand, had been hard since I saw her being pumped full of that gel stuff.  I wanted desperately to slide my cock inside her helpless form.  I went to the table, lubed up my cock until I felt I was more than ready.  I remembered her saying to do my asshole.  Without really thinking about it, I slathered a great gob over my still-slightly-stretched anus and headed over to the bed. The fixed arm suspended over Sandy's midsection made it very difficult for me to mount her...that, and the bed was very bouncy.  I wormed my way between the arm and her body then slid my cock inside.  Wow! With the suction the bed created, the sheath inside Sandy's vagina had expanded with the gel.  It was obvious that it had swollen inside her and was providing a *very* tight passage for me.  The inside of the sheath had rows and rows of tiny nubbins that massaged the tender skin of my circumcised penis. I looked into the red lenses over her eyes and smiled, "This is fantastic!"
Sandy called out again, "Wait  till you feel this!"

Her finger was barely able to move in the suction of the bed, but she push a small button and I heard a whirring noise behind me.  Before I could react, I felt a solid object push slowly and steadily past my cheeks.  I had to move myself slightly so that the invader would enter my hole (as designed) and not try to make a new one!  Woah...again!  I couldn't get a good handle on the size of the object at the time.  I had been wearing the rear dildo for a couple of hours so I was sure of its size...this one was definitely larger! Just when I thought I could take no more, it stopped.  I was rooted in Sandy, and my mechanical friend was rooted in me.  Sandy started to squirm in her suit sending waves of incredible pleasure throughout me.  I tried to move with her, but was held fast by the phallus.  The only movements I could make were in and out.  As I went into Sandy, the phallus slid back from my hole.  As I slid out of Sandy, the phallus went back in.  What a predicament!  To fuck and be fucked!  I was soon loving the feeling however, and was crashing into Sandy and the arm with all I was worth.

Sandy came three times to my one.  I was totally unaware of her or her state of mind by the time I was through.  As I lay on top of her, my heart pounding in my ears and panting like some heat-stricken dog, Sandy pushed the buttons to retract the phallus and stop the vacuum. I crawled off her, then helped her out of the bed.  The shiny red figure stood looking at me and stroking her rubber body, "Well?", came Sandy's muffled voice.
"I'm still recovering."
"Now imagine that being dressed in rubber!"
"Maybe later..."
Come help me get changed, then we'll go have a bath together.

We went to the pool room again, where I plugged the tubes back onto the nipples of the suit. This time I was instructed to turn the green valve.  As I did, the gel was sucked back out of the suit. We went back to the changing area and pried Sandy from the suit.
"Oh!  I haven't done that in a long time.  Such an exquisite experience."
" was an experience all right."
"Come on, I'll run us a bath."  Sandy led the way up to the master bathroom and started the water.  She took out a large bottle of something and poured a generous amount into the water.
"What are you doing now?"

"It's a special bath mixture I've been working on.  Helps to prepare the skin for prolonged latex wearing.  I've been doing this once a month since I developed it."
"You wanna tell me what's in it?"
"Nope", she kissed me and stepped into the hot, swirling water.  "Ooo, this is nice.  Come on in."
I stepped into the hot bath and sat down.  The tub was huge!  Enough room for both of us to stretch out and float up to our chins.  I noticed that after a few minutes my skin started to tingle.
"I'm tingling."
"Good.  That means it's working", Sandy's eyes were closed...she was totally relaxed.
"What's working?", I said a little alarmed.
"Just relax and enjoy it.  If it starts to really sting, then get out."
Really sting?!?  Who was she kidding?  I wanted out of there now!

"Jake, you promised me you would trust me.  I told you I wasn't going to do anything to hurt just relax and enjoy the tingles!  I'll put some aloe gel on you when you get out and you'll feel totally refreshed."
I put my head back on the edge of the tub and looked across at Sandy.  She was so perfect.  Her eyes, her nose, her full kissable lips.  I just couldn't believe I was with someone so beautiful.  I was even getting to really love her bald head.  It was a shocker at first, but now, I almost hated to see her wearing a wig.

"Sandy honey?  It's stinging now.  I mean it feels like my skin's on fire!  Can we get out now?"
"Sure.  Hop into the shower and rinse yourself off...just water though.  Don't use soap."
I got into the shower and turned on the cold water.  It was rather refreshing!  I looked down at the floor of the shower to see mats of hair slipping down the drain.
"AAAAHH!  What have you done to me!", Sandy slipped up behind me as I screamed.
"It's called depilation.  Chemical hair removal.  I had a special depilatory developed.  It removes hair for up to six months...but I like the tingling sensation and use it every month.  It's designed to go into a nice relaxing bath."

How could she be so calm when part of my manhood was being washed down the drain!  My sex was totally bare...and my legs!  They looked so pale without the usual covering of dark brown hair.
"Thank God you didn't touch my head!"
"Yeah...I didn't want to strip everything from you right away.  We'll do that another time."
"No, I don't think we will do anything of the sort!", I protested.
"Oh, pipe down's only hair.  Besides, look how smooth you are now.  Your first latex suit will be ready tomorrow!  I'm so excited to see how you look all black and shiny!"

Still upset over the loss of my body hair, I grumbled my way to bed with Sandy.  She had prepared Jerry's room with latex sheets for us to sleep on.
"Oh cheer up honey!  I'm even going to sleep naked with you tonight."
We stayed up talking for a while.  Sex really wasn't on my mind just then, so we kissed each other and cuddled until we drifted off to sleep.

Part 8

When I awoke the next morning, Sandy was gone.  I was pretty groggy and headed off to the bathroom to freshen up.
"Jake honey?", came a soft voice on the other side of the door.  "Can I come in?"
Sandy stepped into the bathroom.  She never ceased to amaze me!  This morning, she was completely covered in black latex.  Her shoes were even formed right into her catsuit.  I couldn't see a seam anywhere.  Her eyes were covered by lenses that seemed to absorb all light.  It was unsettling actually.  There was no reflection...nothing.  The lenses were big and round almost like the sketches you see of aliens.  The lips of the mask were strange too.  They were molded to wrap around Sandy's lips and teeth.  When she talked, all you could see was the black latex around her mouth and her pink tongue.  The suit must have had some kind of a built-in corset as well, because her figure was stunning!

"I am so excited", Sandy proclaimed as she set down a bundle of rubber, "It's done!"
"What's done?"
"Your first latex suit, Jake.  I had the computer work last night to fabricate your catsuit.  Let's get you ready!"
I reached for the talc.  "No, no, honey, we won't be using that.  This catsuit is too tight to use powder...I brought over a bottle of *RubberSlip*, it's one of our more pricy, and effective lubricants.  Here let me help you apply it."
Sandy rubbed the lubricant in a thin film over all of my body.  She stopped to linger at my sex, rubbing it to erection.  At least the lubricant had a pleasant smell...kind of citrusy. Next, Sandy unfolded the bundle she had brought with her.  Everything was attached on this fact it looked a lot like the one Sandy was wearing.
"This looks just like the suit your wearing!"
"It is the same.  I was so excited by the prospect of the design for yours that I fabricated one for myself as well."

Sandy pulled on the back and it split apart.  It was zipper, no signs of any type of fastener!  "How'd you do that?"
"It's a new type of fastener.  Kim's idea, really.  It's still in the prototype fact there are quite a few things on this suit that are prototypes.  We're still waiting for the patent to come through on the fastener.  It leaves no seam...just a small ridge down the spine, see?"
Sandy showed me where the seam was on her suit.  It truly was invisible!

I took the suit from her and folded it in half to allow access to the legs.  I slid one leg into the suit with little resistance.  It was tight, but the lubricant let my foot slide down with relative ease.  At the bottom, my foot was forced into a slight arch by a molded shoe.  The shoe had a 3" heel on it.  I struggled to keep my balance on one leg as I pulled the other leg home. I have to stop and tell you the feelings I was going through at that moment!  My legs felt so rubbery!  My cock sprang to attention at the feeling of the latex sliding up my legs.  I had always harboured a secret desire to wear woman's heels...not something I had ever shared with anyone!  Now that my feet were firmly planted in the 3" heels...I felt like I was in some strange, kinky dream.  I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wouldn't wake up. When I had pulled the suit up to my waist, Sandy took hold of my hard cock and bent it into the attached sheath.  Again, it slid home with relative ease.  Sandy had to work the air out of it (although I'm not sure if it was actually necessary or if she just wanted to stroke my rubber penis!).  I tucked my balls into their compartment, then gave a solid tug on the sides to make sure it was seated properly between my legs.  Sandy explained that another of the fasteners was in place in the crack of my convenient.

Next, I slid my arms into the sleeves with Sandy's help.  She worked the air out from my fingers and hands.  We pulled the suit up to my shoulders, then Sandy applied a generous amount of the lubricant to my hair.  She said if I wasn't going to remove it, it was always going to be difficult putting on hoods. I found that the hood slipped on quite well...better than the other one I had worn.  It felt a lot different though.  This one was molded to fit the contours of my face exactly!  There were bumps at my mouth that I assumed were fittings for my teeth...just like in Sandy's mouth.  As I worked them into place, Sandy was busy doing up the fastener in the back.

"Turn around...face the mirror!  You're not going to believe this!", Sandy's voice was almost trembling.
I turned to look at a tall, glistening, black figure.  I knew it was me...but it was difficult to accept! The latex fit me so perfectly, yet there wasn't the slightest imperfection on my body anywhere.  In fact, Sandy had made the suit with a more muscular chest and rows of abdominal muscles.  I ran my hands over them.
"Sorry about that, Jake.  I wasn't trying to be insulting or anything.  I..."
"Are you kidding", my voice didn't seem right coming out of this sculptured creation, "I love it!"
Everything about me seemed bigger...better!  She hadn't enhanced anything but the chest and abs of course.  But something about the way I looked made me feel different, more beautiful. I took a few sample steps on the floor, amazed that I was able to keep perfect balance the first time on heels. I spun my head to look at her...and all at once, I felt like a predator, and she was my prey!  I had to have her.  Something animalistic in me had snapped and I wanted to defile all that was sacred...all that I had grown up to believe was proper and good!

With no expression coming from either my eyes or my latex-covered face, Sandy was unprepared for my attack.  I reached out and grabbed hold of her arm with a force I didn't know I had.  I pulled her into me and kissed her mouth the best I could with my new rubber lips.  Sandy kissed back with an equalled passion and heat.  I loosened my grip on her arm for a second, and before I could recover, she was down the hall and heading for the stairs.  I gave chase. Sandy headed down to the basement, where I followed as fast as I could make the heels carry me. When I got down there, she was sitting on a table in the mirror room, fondling her breasts.
"Come in here Jake...don't be shy!"

I entered the room looking around for some kind of trap.  Seeing none, I approached the table.
"You can't believe how much I want you right now!", I growled, "I don't know what it is, but I feel so raw!"
Sandy wrapped her rubber legs around me and pulled me in next to her.  Her tongue slithered into my mouth like a snake, then she abruptly broke off the kiss and pointed silently at one of the mirrored walls.  I turned to look and saw two shiny, black,  rubber figures entwined in an embrace.  We almost seemed non-human in much alike, yet it was obvious who was male and who was female. She let me go, then spread her legs wide.  She lay back on the table and pulled her legs open even further exposing her crotch to me.  The latex suit was incredibly detailed.  It was almost like the rubber had been painted over her sex.  It seemed to dip into every crevasse of her pussy...and it was wet!  The latex surrounding her sex was glistening with her juices.

I reached out to touch her, sliding my black fingers over her glistening mound.  Sandy let out a soft moan.  I slipped one finger inside her hole.  The suit had a sheath that had been inserted inside of her.  It was incredibly wet!  And not lubricated...but wet, from her own secretions.  I inserted another finger and worked the two in and out.  Sandy moaned some more and pulled on her legs as if inviting me to do more to her.  I inserted a third finger and then experimentally a fourth.  I was surprised that she stretched easily to accept it.  Sandy let out another moan and then a whisper, "More."  I tucked my thumb into my hand and pushed slightly.  Her pussy opened up to accept my whole hand!  I slid up to my wrist and then started to wiggle my fingers.  Sandy let go of her legs and shrieked with pleasure.  I looked across at the image in the mirror and nearly came then and there.  It was so bizarre!   So wild!  I noticed that the tip of my sheathed penis was glistening with moisture as well.

I pumped Sandy's pussy with my hand until I felt her muscles constrict around me.  She gripped my forearm with both hands and screamed out her orgasm.  I pulled out of her as gently as I could and walked around to the head of the table.  I climbed up on top of her, with my cock dancing inches above her mouth.  She took my cock in her hand and began to lick it's full rubber length.  I watched in the mirror as the two rubber figures began their pervy 69.  I just couldn't understand why she was so wet inside the sheath, unless it was open at the end?  I tried to put the questions out of my mind as I licked and sucked at Sandy's rubber pussy.  Meanwhile down at the other end, Sandy was doing her best to swallow me whole...and doing a good job, I might add.

I was just about ready to come, when Sandy spat me out and told me that she wanted me inside her.  A simple missionary position would usually be very vanilla, but add an examination table, a couple of full latex catsuits, and a room full of mirrors, and all of a sudden, vanilla doesn't seem to apply anymore.  I kept staring into her big black, vacant looking eyes.  The more I tried to look inside, the more excited I got.  Sandy wrapped her legs around my back and dug her heels into my sides as we rode the wave together.  The feeling started to climb and climb and climb, until we reached the edge of the wave.  Then, together, we tumbled off the heights of that wave into the depths of our combined orgasms.  We were as one.  I had never felt so connected to another being in all my life as I did right at that moment.  Our latex masks hid our true emotions as wave after wave crashed over us.  The only expression that could be made out on our latex faces was that of an *O*.  I glanced over at the mirror and fully took in the vision that was being reflected. It's hard to say today, but I think I may have experienced another orgasm as the feelings continued to spread throughout my body.  It was either a second, or an aftershock of equal magnitude to the first.

We were both a gurgling mess for what seemed like hours afterwards.  We just lay on the table, still joined, breathing heavily.  Finally, I climbed off Sandy and went to stare in the mirror.  For some reason, either I thought the whole thing had been a dream, or I didn't think it was me behind the mask.  Whatever it was, I reached out a black, shiny hand and touched the mirror.  My reflection reached out and touched back.  I knew at that moment, I was never going to be the same person again.

The story continues in
Part Five

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