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Tyte Fit 5

by Jake

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© Copyright 2001 - Jake - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; latex; bondage; cons; X

This story is totally fictitious.  Any resemblance of the characters to actual or real people is coincidental.  If you are one of the characters in this story or know someone like the characters portrayed in this story...I want to meet them...or you...or whatever.  As far as I know Tyte-Fit does not exist.  If it does, consider this to be free advertising.  This story is about latex fetish and contains adult viewing material.  If you are offended by sexual situations, please read no further or blame me not you will.  If you enjoyed The Dark Side of Jenny, or The Adventures of Latex Suzie (unfinished), then you should find this entertaining.  Finally, this story was inspired by a picture I saw on Rubberwoman's site...RW - hope you don't mind the plug!
~ Jake
Chapter Five
Part 9

After we had recovered enough to talk, Sandy explained to me that the reason I had seen moisture emanating from our rubber-covered bodies was that the suits were made from a new latex formulae.  This new latex could transfer moisture through a similar process to osmosis.  It made wearing latex clothing for extended periods, a more pleasant experience.  It did help to cool off the body, but there were some draw-backs: increased thirst and it was not waterproof like other latex garments.  Given the chance, it would continue to absorb water as long as the latex continued to stretch.  "Wading is  definitely out of the question", Sandy said.

"Wading?  I don't get it?"

"Oh Jake, I've got to take you!  The next time it rains, we'll go to the river out back...I'll have to fabricate another suit for you though.  But then again...I've got lots of things I want to make for you! I have to go out to the shop for a while. Will you be all right here?"
"Of course I will!  I suppose you want me to stay dressed like this?"  (Not that I wanted to change anyway).
"Of course you will."
"Well if I have to stay dressed like this...then so do you!"
Sandy hopped off the table, "If that's the way you want to play...then fine, I will stay like this for the day.  But I'm warning you, it's going to make me hornier than hell!"

Sandy smacked me on the bum as she headed out the door.  I continued to look at myself in the mirror.  I wanted to know what else she had hidden away down here, so I began fumbling through some of the drawers in the room. I found toys.  Toys of all different shapes, sizes and colours.  My cock was just beginning to regain it's strength.  I was alone.  And I was feeling kinky again.  I knew I had to do some chores around the house, as per agreement, but how was I to concentrate with a raging hard-on and a room full of kinky equipment?  I remembered the wonderful feeling I had the day I walked around with a dildo up my ass and thought I would try it again.

I found one that looked remarkably like my own penis and prepared it for insertion.  I figured out how to open the seam at my ass, bent over in front of one of the mirrors and began to slide it in. Such a wonderful feeling...the spreading...the filling up.  I slid the veiny probe in and out, relishing the feeling, when I caught a glimpse of the image again.  A shiny, black, rubber figure sliding a dildo in and out of his ass...and stroking his cock.  It seemed like it wasn't me...and yet it was!  I pushed the dildo all the way in to it's flange, then went about trying to seal up my suit again. It was quite simple really.  Almost like a ziplock on a freezer bag...only less visible, and stronger too.  I stood up and once again, I was amazed at the sensation of walking with something hard stuck up my bum. I practised walking around in front of the mirror until I could walk so that no one would know what I had there -- thought it might be a useful skill to acquire.  I walked out of the room and went about my chores.

Lunch time rolled around and there was still no sign of Sandy.  I decided to prepare some food for Sandy, Kim and I.  A few sandwiches and some sodas.  I put everything on a tray and headed out of the airconditioned house.  The temperature change was almost unbearable.  The summer sun was intense in the black rubber.  Water permeable or not...the walk across the courtyard nearly did me in! I opened the door to the shop and was instantly greeted by a blast of cool air.  The machines were whirring away, so my presence was unannounced.  Kim was no where to be found.  I set the tray down on her desk and headed off to Sandy's office in the back. I poked my head through the door, but Sandy wasn't there either.  Curious.  I didn't think they would have gone out to lunch together with Sandy looking the way she did.  Then I heard a faint sound over the din of the machinery.  I heard it again!  Definitely a voice.  As I searched for the source I began to make out Kim's tone.  I poked my rubber head around a corner and was not prepared for what I saw.

Kim was bent at the waist and was holding onto a steel column for support.  She was dressed in a bright pink latex catsuit with clear latex cups covering her large breasts.  It was very tight. Tighter than anything I had seen Sandy wear.  It almost looked uncomfortable.  Her breasts were squished inside the clear cups and two little holes allowed her hard nipples to protrude.  She had knee-length boots strapped to her feet with what looked like a 7" heel.  All I know is that they were near to ballet boots in their height.  The pink catsuit covered her from her neck to her hands and down her legs. Sandy was behind Kim.  She was still dressed in the matching black latex suit and mask, but she had strapped on a dildo attached to a mouthpiece.  The device was strapped around her head and was firmly seated in her mouth.  Sandy was squatted down behind Kim and was fucking her ass with it. I saw something that made me look twice. I couldn't be sure, so I moved for a better angle.  As it came into view, I let out a quick gasp, "You're a she-male!"

Sandy and Kim, both startled, looked up at me.  Kim waved back at Sandy for her to pull away, then she straightened up and walked over to me.
"You really shouldn't be here during the day Jake.", Kim's voice was low, but I could hear her perfectly over the machinery.  Sandy remained where she was, squatting and still.  She didn't attempt to speak or remove the dildo harness.  Kim strutted around me.  I couldn't take my eyes off her erect *equipment*.  She had to have the largest cock I think I had ever seen in person. Good thing the lenses covered my eyes.

Kim pinched her nipples as she spoke, "Yes Jake, I am a she-male...pre-op, and right now, no plans to complete the transformation."
"But I thought the drugs you took didn't allow you to achieve...well...ummm...that!?"
"I'm working on a new type of rotating program, Jake.  I don't always take the hormones.  And when I don't...then I get...this. Jakey, if I could see inside those lenses, I'd swear you were staring at me!  It's not polite to stare at a woman Jake.  It makes us uncomfortable. Now a few things.  When I'm in one of my *moods*...I'm the boss around here.  Ms. Tyte over there came in today looking like that!  Like a rubber-slut!  Look at her Jake...she looks like some kind of rubber fuck toy, doesn't she?" Kim tugged on my semi-hard cock.

"And aren't we a cute matching couple!  You two make me sick!  Jake, you shouldn't have come in here.  Jerry knew when to stay away.  He didn't like me very much when I was in one of my moods...which is okay,  cause I *never* liked him.  Snivelling little sub-worm.  But I like you Jake...I like your style.  I like the way you treat a woman should be treated.  Now that you're here...perhaps you can treat me the way a woman should be treated?  The two rubber sluts can please me.  Hmmm, Jakey?  Whaddya say? Oh look at the heels!  Sandy, you made heels for Jakey here!  Aren't they adorable?!  Well that gives me an idea."

Kim took hold of my arm and pushed me into the scanning booth.  I was still so shocked, that she had me secured in there before I had time to react.  Kim went to a cabinet and returned with a ring gag which she strapped to my head.  The ring was forced into my mouth and held it open. She then fastened my head to the back of the booth so I couldn't move it.  Sandy, still squatting with the dildo strapped to her head just watched.  With the lenses covering her eyes, she looked like a rubber figurine positioned on the floor...expressionless. Kim fired up the scanner and went into Sandy's office to do something.  I tried to shout to Sandy, but the gag made it impossible to say anything intelligible.  After an eternity had passed, the machinery stopped...paused, then started again.  It hummed for only a few minutes then stopped again...and the place was still.
"Well", Kim's voice startled me, "Let's see how well this worked."

She went to the end of one of the lines and pulled a small black rubbery object from a form.  Next, she went to a work bench and slathered the outside of the thing with some kind of sticky product.
"Hold still Jake, while I remove the gag.  Good boy, now open wide."  I thought she was going to stick a dildo in my mouth like she had done with Sandy, but instead, she forced a long tube into the back of my mouth and down my throat.  I gagged repeatedly for almost a minute until I got used to the feeling. Meanwhile, Kim pushed firmly on the edges of the...thing...setting the (glue) onto my face.  I could breathe through my nose and mouth, but the amount of rubber in my mouth was preventing me from closing it.  I could feel drool building up beneath the rubber, but I couldn't swallow it. Kim undid my bonds and I stumbled free, unsure of my footing and my balance.
"Look Sandy!  Look at what I made!  We're going to make a fortune selling this one!  I saw a mirror and went to look at my reflection.

Kim had made a perfect, anatomically correct, rubber cunt...and glued it to my face.  The tube was obviously a sheath for a penis, and my mouth acted like the muscular walls of the vagina.  As I stood there looking at my reflection in horror, the drool that had been building up inside my mouth started to seep through the special latex.  I was now a dripping wet pussy-head.  Great.
"Oh look it's working!  It's working!  You're getting all ready for me aren't you my pretty!"
I was in shock.  Kim lead me effortlessly over to a desk and pushed me over it.  She tied my ankles and wrists to the legs and pulled apart the seal at my ass.
"Come over here Sandy and kneel in front of...hey what's this?  Jakey!  I'm surprised at you!  A dildo in the ass.  How perfect!  You're all ready for your kinky mate, Sandy."
Sandy was positioned behind me on the floor and with Kim's signal, began working her dildo-gag in and out of my ass.  Kim was in heaven watching this and it wasn't long before she moved around to my pussy mouth to give it a try. Although I still haven't told Sandy this, I was actually looking forward to sucking on that big she-male cock.  With all the other bizarre things that had happened today, my mind was already prepared for this.

Kim stepped up to my face and rubbed her pink latex-covered tool over my drooling lips.  As she slid inside my mouth, I tried to clamp down on her as best I could.  The thickness of the rubber tube was such that the pressure I exerted translated into a tight pussy for Kim.  No teeth..just rubber and pressure.  Also (fortunately for me) the thickness of the tube prevented my gag reflex from being activated as she pushed deeper into my throat. My nose was pushed up against Kim's pink latex belly and my breath came in whistling bursts through my nostrils.  The sensation and the image in my mind of being fucked in both ends was starting to have an effect on me. Sandy was grunting her pleasure through the gag behind me and Kim was in her own little world in front of me.  It wasn't long before Kim grabbed my head and was bashing my nose with her thrusts.  The only way I could tell that she had exploded is from her screaming and a slight rise in temperature in my mouth. The girls pulled away from me, laughing and giggling as they untied me.

"Welcome to the lunch-time club Jake", Sandy said calmly after removing her gag.  "When Kim gets in one of her moods there's no stopping her until she's had her way with you." I got up off the desk and tipped my head to let Kim's cum run out of my mouth.
"What's the matter Jake", Kim taunted, "Don't you swallow?  You're a good sport Jake...I like you!"
Kim and Sandy applied a solvent to the glue used around my mouth and removed the tube from my throat.  I threw up.  It wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, but I was still so stunned from the whole thing I wasn't mad.  I just felt a little used...and humiliated.

Sandy and I talked about it while we enjoyed lunch in her office.  She managed to do some pretty good damage control with my emotions.  She explained that she hadn't meant for me to find her like that, but it was good that I played along with the scene.  It wasn't too hard to convince me because I actually *enjoyed* the whole thing (I guess Sandy's going to read this you might as well know honey ;-)

Part 10

It's been a while since I've added anything here.  Sandy and I have been having a lot of fun together.  She's made a whole wardrobe of latex clothes for me. Sandy found out about how I like heels and enjoyed sucking off Kim's cock.  So she took it upon herself to begin some feminization and maid training for me.  I've got quite a selection of heels now too.  Some are so high, I have to duck to go through of a doorway. Sandy's taken me to a few fetish parties and appearances.  When we go out like that, I have to go as her slave with collar and leash...although it's just for appearances.  At home we're equals and will always be that way.

We've been wading a number of times in the cool evening rain.  It's quite invigorating!  We went out just last week for a long wade and I proposed to her!  I'm beginning to wonder what kind of wedding we're going to have.  Can you be married by a rubber nun?

I hope you've enjoyed reading the story of how I was transformed into a pervy, latex lovin' slut as much as I've enjoyed telling it.  If you haven't found your rubber lover yet, maybe you should take a long drive on a deserted country worked for me.

Rubber hugs...Jake.


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