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Tyte Fit 3

by Jake

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© Copyright 2001 - Jake - Used by permission

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This story is totally fictitious.  Any resemblance of the characters to actual or real people is coincidental.  If you are one of the characters in this story or know someone like the characters portrayed in this story...I want to meet them...or you...or whatever.  As far as I know Tyte-Fit does not exist.  If it does, consider this to be free advertising.  This story is about latex fetish and contains adult viewing material.  If you are offended by sexual situations, please read no further or blame me not you will.  If you enjoyed The Dark Side of Jenny, or The Adventures of Latex Suzie (unfinished), then you should find this entertaining.  Finally, this story was inspired by a picture I saw on Rubberwoman's site...RW - hope you don't mind the plug!
~ Jake Chapter Three
Part 5

Jerry didn't leave a lot of clues behind.  I poked around for a bit, but only learned that Jerry tidied up really well before he took off. I was going through the empty dresser drawers, when I opened the bottom one and came across a neatly folded pile of black rubber.  I gently picked up one of the small bundles.  It was a long glove.  The bundle next to it proved to be its mate.  Ignoring the other things in the drawer for now, I slipped off my shirt and began to work the right glove onto my arm. Looking back now, I was lucky the inside of the glove had plenty of powder, or I would have had much more trouble than I did. Somehow, I think we fetishists remember our first time putting on rubber.  It's ingrained in our memory.  The cool feeling of the latex as it slid up my arm.  The hollow rustling sound and squeaking as you push the air out.  The smell...ah, the smell of latex.  To a fetishist, I think there's nothing more intoxicating. I'm saying all this now, looking back from the future (present?), but I guess the sensations were, at the time, more curious and different than anything else.

I went to the full-length mirror and admired my arms in the long gloves.  The shine was what first caught my attention.  There was that look of artificiality like I had experienced the night before. Flawless.  Perfect.  Gleaming.  My hands looked like they had been sculpted - pure beauty. I went back to the drawer to find the other things that our friend Jerry had left.  The next bundle was a pair of briefs with a built-in sheath.  It was similar to the one I had worn last night. I quickly took off my pants and tried to pull up the briefs.  Unlike the gloves, however, there wasn't very much powder at all in these and it was difficult going.  I seem to remember losing quite a lot of leg hair in the process and thinking to myself what was the eroticism in *dressing* like this?  Any of the randy feelings I had from looking at myself wearing the gloves had now been replaced by frustration.  I was smart enough to realize that my cock and balls were NOT going to go into that sheath without a little help.

I looked around the room for some kind of lubricant or powder or something, but with no luck.  I remembered seeing some products in the master bathroom and headed down the hall with the sheath loosely swaying between my legs. Once in the bathroom, it didn't take me too long to find a tube of K-Y and I slicked up my hardening penis.   Once done, I was surprised that it slipped home inside the sheath with very little effort!  I took a towel and wiped off my gloved hands.  As I put away the towel, I noticed a bottle of Armorall.  "Strange", I thought, "Why would there be a bottle of this up in the bathroom?"  I was reading the label on the bottle when I caught the line that said something about being good for conditioning leather, vinyl and rubber.  Hmmm...?  I sprayed my left glove experimentally and was impressed with the wet-look shine the surface took on as I worked in the liquid.  I did the other glove and the briefs.  Fantastic!

I went back to Jerry's room, my proud little shiny black soldier standing tall, and went to the drawer where I unfolded the last of the bundles.  It was in the shape of a head, with eye, nostril and mouth holes.  It was a hood, just like the one Sandy had been wearing this morning. It was a tight fit pulling the hood over my head, but what a marvellous sensation!  It was like being hugged and caressed over my entire head simultaneously.  I stepped up to the mirror and was instantly enamoured with what I saw. I experimentally started touching myself.  I loved the way the latex felt on my skin, but also the sensation of rubber on rubber.  All of a sudden, masturbation involved all the senses - sight, smell, sound, touch...yes, even taste.  I examined my *new* body from every possible angle, relishing the way the light gleamed off my rubber bits.  It was almost like a religious experience.

I knelt on the floor and pounded my cock until I felt the inevitable eruption surging through me. It had to be one of the best I had ever had (up to that point).  Just as the orgasm swept over me, I looked up to see Sandy standing in the door way, arms folded, leaning against the frame. I felt like I had just been caught masturbating by my mother.  I was shocked and it kind of put the pressure on me to recover from an otherwise stupendous climax.
"You know, you snoop around far too much", Sandy quipped sarcastically.  I just looked down sheepishly.

She walked into the room and came around behind me.  "After this morning's little stunt, I should have known to be more careful of what you might get into.  Maybe I should have just locked you up down stairs for the day?  Hmmm?  What do you think about that?  It's not too late you know? Maybe you'd like that?"
Maybe I would have, but keep in mind, I had no clue about what I was getting myself into.  I had always been strictly vanilla.  So much so, I probably could have written the Vanilla Manual.
"No ma'am", I answered lowly.
"Well the way I see it, you need to do something to keep yourself busy.  Or else I'll have to find a way to keep you out of trouble.  Now let me think...?"

I knew she was toying with me, I just wasn't sure where she was going to go with it.
"I've got it!", Sandy pulled off her wig, threw it into the corner and seductively backed to the bed.  Just before she sat down, she reached back between her legs and began to unzip her crotch.
"I think I have a way for you to do some exploring AND keep yourself out of trouble."  Sandy sat down on the bed, spread her legs wide and pulled the latex catsuit away from her hairless pussy. "Come here NOW!  Crawl to me you nosey shit.  Good, now nose around in here for a while.  I said NOSE."

Her scent was overpowering by this point in the day.  The sight of me in some rubber, masturbating had obviously had an effect on her because she was dripping wet.  I poked my nose between the folds of her labia as she commanded and rubbed the tip up against her clit.  Sandy let out a sigh and grabbed hold of my rubber head.  She pulled my face into her pussy and rocked back and forth gently on the rubber of my nose.  Tentatively, I stuck out my tongue to taste her juices.   She eagerly accepted my probe and laid back on the bed to allow me better access. I gently parted her lips with my flattened tongue and went to work on her clit.  I alternately pulled at it with my teeth and licked it with my tongue.  I took one of my gloved fingers and slid it inside her hole.  I probed about until I felt her body start to tense and rock.  I continued to press on this spot while I licked and sucked away at her smooth mound.  I was just getting into it when Sandy grabbed hold of my head and tried to push my face inside of her.  I felt the wonderful sensation of her pussy gripping my tongue and then the familiar flow of girl cum.

Sandy was laughing and looked down at me, "Well, we certainly don't need much work in that department.  Come up here, I want to feel your rubber cock inside me.  She scootched up the bed and I crawled up on top of her.  I couldn't believe that I was this hard again after having such an intense orgasm.  Sandy guided my rubber prick to the edge of her hole and I pushed it slowly inside.  We just lay together kissing and feeling each other before starting into a slow, steady rhythm.
We came together with such emotion, I finally understood the term *making love*.  Sandy wiped away a few tears and said, "I don't think I've ever felt like this before..."

I got off her and peeled the latex hood from my face, "Even more reason to stay away from this stuff for a while."
"But you DID enjoy it, didn't you?", Sandy sat up, still breathing heavy.
"Yes, yes...more than I'd like to admit.  But what we just felt together is just the tip of the iceberg.  We know we have this, but I'm not going to let myself get set up for another disasterous relationship.  Can't you understand that Sandy?"
"Yes.  As much as I hate to admit it, you're right.  You still snoop around too much."
"Maybe, but if I hadn't, we wouldn't have discovered *this*!

"I'm going to have a shower, then head back to the city.  If you'd like, I can pick you up tomorrow and we can go out for dinner or something?"
"I can't believe you want us to date!", Sandy said throwing a pillow at me.  "Are you sure you don't want to stay here?"
"Definitely not!  This is too dangerous.  I know I'm going to be swept up in this fetish of yours as it is.  I don't want it to cloud other feelings I'm going to develop for you."
"Jake, you've got a strange way of sweet-talkin' a girl...but I think I like it.  I've got a ton of work to do in the shop anyway.  I'd love to join you for dinner tomorrow night, and I'd love to join you in the shower too."

Sandy and I helped each other peel off the sticky layer of latex until we were both naked.  We went to the big shower in the master bathroom and turned on the water.
"Remind me to give you one of my *special* baths sometime", Sandy said as we stepped into the steam.  "You'll never be the same afterwards!"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing I'm going to tell you's just, how should I put it...invigorating!"
"And would this *special* bath involve latex?"
"Oddly enough, no.  It's kind of a preparation for latex though.  And that's all I'm going to tell you!"
We had been soaping each other during this conversation, so I playfully slapped a soapy hand across her ass, "That's all I need to know."

Sandy giggled with my playful smack, grabbed my wrists and pushed me up against the shower wall.  She had a renewed passion in her eyes, and she thrust her body against mine.  Her kiss was hot!  I reached my hands up to stroke her bald head, caressing it as our tongues lapped in each others mouth.  Under the hot water, her skin had an incredibly soft, smooth texture.  I had never touched a bald head before (let alone one on a woman), and was surprised by how erotic it felt. My cock achingly came to attention once again.  I think Sandy must have known that I was sensitive, because she turned around, bent over and gingerly began to inch my penis into her pussy.
"I can't remember the last time I've had actual *flesh* inside me.  Everything for the past few years has been rubber covered. kinda feels good this way."

I've never told her this, but as I entered her from behind that time in the shower, I watched her smooth naked body dripping with water, and couldn't help but picture her encased in latex! To be was a hard fuck.  No making love this time.  It was animalistic.  I felt like I was ready to come when Sandy reached around, grabbed my cock and pulled away from me.
"Not in that hole lover.  I don't want any accidents right protection you know."

With that, she took my penis and put it up against her asshole.  I had never had anal sex before, but my urges were keeping me from thinking too much.  I pushed a little and I went right in. Obviously she was experienced at this.  There wasn't the usual pain or extreme tightness I had always heard about.  She seemed to just open up and let me in. It's kind of hard to describe the feeling, but once I was fully buried deep inside her, Sandy clamped down on the base of my cock and literally pulled the cum from my balls.  It was the most curious, but satisfying sensation.

The description here leaves out all my screaming and her moaning.  I didn't think you'd be interested in reading all the graphic details.  Some of these stories describe the wads of thick sticky cum pulsing from a straining love stick into the hungry hole of a vixen.  But I think you probably get my style by now...and that ain't it!  The details are up to your imagination.  And don't worry, you're probably right. So what happened after the shower?  Not much.  We dried each other off.  There was lots of giggling and carrying on.  I put on my clothes.  Sandy put on a sexy red rubber hobble dress (zipper left up to the knees).  We kissed.  She walked me to my car.  We kissed some more. Sandy went back into the shop.  And I drove home.

There's no point romancing this part up.  It's not as exciting as the rest of the stuff.  Besides, I've had enough writing for today.  I'll tell you more another time.

Part 6

I couldn't wait to see her again.  It had been a long night (and day).  All I could think about was our first date.  It seems silly I know, but I was already falling pretty hard for her. The trip down that country road seemed so much shorter this time.  I smiled to myself as I passed the spot where I first saw Sandy...where I picked her up...the road into her place. I had the essential first-date butterflies as I parked my car next to Kim's at the side of the house.  I rang the bell at the front, but there was no answer.  Figuring that Sandy must still be working, I headed around to the shop. 
Kim greeted me with a big smile, "I don't know exactly what's going on with you two, but Sandy's been a mess all day!  She's been singing and laughing and knocking stuff over...way to go Jake!"
"Where is she?"
"She's in her office.  She thought you'd be here soon, so she wanted to finish up a couple of sketches.  Get work totally off her mind, ya know? So what are the plans for tonight?  She wouldn't tell me."
"That's because she doesn't know", I retorted.  "Probably dinner.  Maybe we'll go dancing. We'll see."

"Dinner and dancing?  Wow.  That really does sound like a date!", Kim sounded truly surprised.
"Why do you two have such a problem with going out on a date?"
"Listen Jake, it's not that we have a problem with it.  It's just that Sandy Tyte going on a date is pretty unusual.  She's like the queen of fetish fashion.  Anyone into the scene here in the city knows Sandy.  You don't just go on a *date* with her.  If she chooses you, you are expected to do what ever she wants.  Kind of an unwritten law or something.  Sandy doesn't go on *dates*."

"Well tonight she is.", I was starting to feel uneasy about the whole thing when Sandy came out of her office.
"Jake!  I thought I heard voices.  You ready to go?"  Sandy looked stunning.  She was wearing a purple latex mini dress and matching purple ankle boots with a 5" heel.  She had on a wild-looking red wig and spectacular makeup. "So what do you think?", she said turning around for me.
"I'm speechless look fantastic."  I was actually a little concerned about what people might think when we got to the restaurant.
We walked out to the car together and drove off into the sunset.

"I was thinking Sandy...we don't have to go through with the dating thing if you don't want to."
"Why the sudden change of heart Jake?  I thought you meant what you said about getting to know each other?"
"I did.  I's just that Kim said this wasn't what you normally did...that you were pretty famous and..."
"Kim!  Well Kim should mind her own business.  Jake, I'm not going to lie to you.  You already know I'm a little different.  I am very well known in the fetish scene, and it could be a little strange for both of us for a while.  Public appearances in *straight* places may cause some rumblings in the media.  You know, *Rubber Fashion Queen seen with Regular Guy*..."

"I'm not so sure I like the sounds of that!", not that I was afraid to be seen with her in public, but that I was going to be known as *Regular Guy*.  It has a nasty ring to it, don't you think?
"I'm just warning you Jake.  It may may not."
"Maybe if you didn't dress so flashy, you wouldn't be noticed..." (did I just say that?!  And on a first date yet!)
"Now hold on buster!  You're the one who wants to do the *normal dating* thing.  I'm going along with it because I like the idea of getting to know one another.  But I sure as hell am NOT changing the way I look, act, eat, sleep, breath, shit...!"
"Ok, ok!  Take it easy!  That didn't come out exactly right..."
"It shouldn't have come out at all Jake.  Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea..."
"No,'re right.  Kim's comments have me worried that I'm not good enough for you. That's all."

<Guys...handy tip: in a difficult argument situation, try to block by admitting fault quickly (I'm sorry, you're right - is always good) then try to shift conversation laterally...when in doubt, think of football plays and translate them to conversation.  Early relationship arguments cannot be won on your own!>

"Oooh...Kim!  I'll have a word with her tomorrow."
"No, Sandy.  I want her and I to be friends.  Let's just let it go.  There's no sense getting off on the wrong foot."
And that was the last time I ever approached the subject of dressing down.

The rest of the drive was great.  We laughed and talked about everything under the sun.  I pulled up in front of the little Italian bistro.  Walked around and opened the door for her.  I didn't need to see them, I could *feel* every set of eyes on both sides of the street zero in on our location...or rather Sandy's location...I became invisible.
"Did you know everyone within a square kilometre is looking at you", I managed through the side of my mouth.
"Well I hope so!  I look pretty damn good tonight if I do say so."  We laughed and I took her into the restaurant on my arm.  I've gotta say, it makes a guy feel really good when he is seen with someone who looks like Sandy.  Pack your bags, we're goin' on an ego trip!

The maitre'de nearly fell over when we stepped up.  "Two for non-smoking?...uh yes sir, right this way."
"No, wait...we want to sit outside on the patio, don't we Jake?  It's such a nice night."
"You heard the lady.  On the patio", I echoed.
"Yes sir."  By this point the whole restaurant was staring.
We were seated right out by the sidewalk.  It was kind of fun actually.  Anytime a passerby got a good look at Sandy, they couldn't stop staring and usually crashed into something.  It made for great dinner entertainment. I felt particularly sorry for our waiter.  The poor kid must have been right out of high school and his hormones had never seen anyone quite like Sandy before.  The erection in his pants was so painfully obvious, I thought he was going to bump into something and break it.

Just before our desert arrived, something nasty - yet surprisingly wonderful happened.  Our conversation had become quite intense.  We were talking about me losing my job and having difficulty paying the rent, when this guy comes out of nowhere, stands almost on top of me and starts asking Sandy for her autograph. Sandy saw how he had intruded into our space and our conversation and told him that he was rude, and no she would not give him her autograph.
"But Ms. Tyte", he begged, "My mistress saw you here and instructed me to come to you for an autograph."
"Really.  Jake, honey, can I borrow your cell phone?"
I handed it to her around the guy not knowing what she was going to do.  To this day, I don't think he knew I was there.
"Dial you mistress' number, say hello and give me the phone", the guy took the phone and just looked at her...dumbfounded, "NOW!" He dialled, waited as it rang, greeted his mistress (with respect) and handed the phone to Sandy's outstretched hand.

"This is Sandy Tyte speaking.  How dare you interrupt my dinner with such rudeness?! ...I don't care who you are or who your flunky is, I don't respond to rudeness, and I'm certainly not jeopardizing a wonderful evening out with my boyfriend to cater to your trophy collecting.  Don't disturb me again!!"
Did she say wonderful evening...and boyfriend?!?  I wonder how much room is on cloud nine anyway?
The minion was so humiliated (the raucous had been noticed by the entire east side of the city) he scampered off without so much as a squeak.

"I'm so sorry Jake.  I was afraid this might happen...and after everything that was said in the car..."
"Did you call me your boyfriend?"
"Well, yes.  I guess I did."
"That's a big step after only knowing each other for 24 hours."
"Yah, I guess it is.  Are you okay with that?"
"To be the boyfriend of Sandy Tyte of Tyte-Fit?  Sounds all right to me."

Before the waiter came to pick up the check, Sandy said, "Watch this!".  She closed her eyes and appeared to be concentrating really hard.  She opened her eyes and smiled at me, "Look!"  We both stared at her chest.  Her nipples were harder than I'd seen them yet.  The purple rubber showed off the peaks with incredible detail.
"Wow", I was amazed.
"It's a gift", she giggled.
The waiter came around the corner to our table and dropped the tray with the mints and bill onto the patio.  When he finally got it to our table, he was the most pleasant shade of red you could imagine!

With little debate, we decided to forego dancing and went for a walk down by the beach instead. It was nice.  We walked and talked and shared an ice cream.  We sat down on a park bench to finish the ice cream when Sandy started to smear it all over her rubber covered tits.
"I seem to have spilled."
"Like hell you did.  I suppose you want me to do something about that?"
Sandy's nipples went erect again.  "Do you think you can resist?"
"No."  I wrapped my arms around her little rubber body and licked the melted ice cream from her breasts.  I teased her nipples with my teeth, pulling and sucking at their rubber covering.

Sandy took my hand and guided it up her short skirt, between her legs.  I could feel the heat, but was frustrated by her latex panties. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "Make me come.  Go down on me and make me come in my latex panties."
"Now!  Do it!  You're driving me crazy!" She spread her legs and let her skirt roll up to her hips.  She slid forward on the bench and pulled on her panties to force them into her crack.  I looked from side to side, but the boardwalk was deserted.  So I slowly planted a soft kiss on her rubber mound.  Her heat was incredible!  I pressed harder with my tongue as if trying to penetrate the rubber covering.  I located her clit and moved in with everything I had. I began to play with her cheeks, trying to slide a finger past her thong and into her asshole, when I came upon something in my way!  It was a hard rubber dildo built into the panties.  I pulled it out a bit and she moaned with delight.  It was pretty big for her petite frame.  It had been in there the whole time!  I was so turned on at this point that I started to work the dildo in and out of her as my tongue danced all over her pussy.  I looked up at her and she was biting her bottom lip while pinching her nipples for all she was worth.

Sandy snorted a couple of times before finally gripping my head with her legs and shaking as her orgasm washed over her. I pulled my head from between her legs and saw an older couple looking back at us in disgrace. We both laughed and straightened ourselves up. What a night!  We continued for the next two weeks enjoying some really great dates together.  If I wasn't out looking for work, I was spending all my time with Sandy. I would go to her shop and just sit and watch her work.  It was fantastic.  Life was fantastic!  The only problem was, I hadn't found a job, I was out of money, and my landlord refused to extend my rent date.  (I think he had already promised my suite to someone else)

So anyway, here I job, no money, and in two home.  What would you do if you were in my place?

The story continues in
Part Four

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