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Transformation of Julie 2

by Flyer

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story continued from part one

Part 2

Julie started to slowly wake up. She was very relaxed, like she had gotten a long, hard sleep in. Then Julie’s brain started to click. This was not her bed, and there was somebody lying next to her. She flew out of bed. Julie could not turn her head at all. She tried to yell out, but her mouth was filled with some sort of full mouth gag. Julie stumbled as her feet hit the floor.

After she calmed down a little, she saw a full length mirror and started to look herself over. From the bottom she saw she was wearing bright orange, knee high zipper boots with a 5 inch wedge heel and a 2 inch platform. Past the top of the boots, she could see a bright orange colored cat suit. When she moved her leg, she could tell that her other suit was still on under this suit. In the crotch there was a tube sticking out, hooked to a leg urine bag. As Julie move up her body, she saw she had a set of breasts larger than she was used to, so she knew they were fake. Julie reached up to touch them and saw her hands were incased in a set of ball gloves. Julie was able to still give the breasts a good jiggle prior to moving up her body.

Julie had a large, orange neck corset on that in the front that ran from her collar bone to just above her chin curve. This formed a tray that her lower jaw sat in. With that and the boning that ran up the back of the neck, it clamped her head down, unable to move it. The forces from the front and back jammed Julie’s mouth into a bite block gag inside of the hood, making her whole head an unmovable mass. Julie looked at her head. There was an outline of some sort of mouth / nose mask under the hood with a black fitting poking out the front of the mask. Her eye openings were 2 round disks covered with hard plastic. Julie’s head was entirely covered with this orange rubber hood, which disappeared under the neck corset.

Julie was standing there, checking out her body, when, in the mirror, she saw something on the bed move. A body got out of bed and stood up. This body was dressed exactly like Julie, right down to the boots, breasts and hood. The body walked up to Julie and stood beside her. You could not tell any difference between the 2 bodies. Exact height, body shape, and clothing.

Julie turned to the body standing there. It was then the memories of last night flooded in. John was driving Julie home when they started talking. Within 20 minutes, they realized that they had almost the same likes and desires. The only real difference was sports teams (Julie the Jets, Nicks, and Mets, John the Giants, Nets, and Yankees.) It was John that suggested that they go over to his house and check out some of his rubber clothing collection. Julie, was hesitant, but John said she could text his address to anybody she wanted to so they would know where she was. Julie agreed to this.

About 10 minutes later they pulled into a upper middle class neighborhood with 3 story brownstones. Julie said, “I thought you would be living in an estate out on Long Island.”

John said, “Well, since I’m working on the buildings, and going to move into one of the places once they are done, I felt this was a good landing pad for now.”

John was able to find a parking spot on the street and parked the car. John quickly got out of the car and ran over to Julie’s side of the car. John opened the door to the car and helped Julie out. John and Julie walked about 3 houses back the way they came and then tuned into towards a building. John went to the downstairs, basement apartment, opened the door and held it open for Julie.

Julie looked around the apartment. It was you typical basement apartment. Open floor plan, as open as you can get with a bunch of support columns throughout the space. Barely legal ceiling heights, with exposed joists, piping and conduit, and a straight shot to the back door. A few rooms jutting into the center of the space from the walls, more than likely the mechanicals for the house, bathroom and whatever else. John went to one closet size room and started to remove the pressure suit that he had been wearing that night.

When John took off the pressure suit, it revealed an orange, full body cat suit. It had a tight fit, so it showed off John’s thinish build, but not so much that you saw the wires running around under the suit. John also had a urine bag attached to his leg that was connected to some sort of valve that sealed the crotch area of the suit. John unplugged the pee bag hose from his crotch. John said, “It has a one wave valve and it shut’s itself off if the hose is removed. That way I can remove the hose and not worry about leakage.” Julie thought that would be a good accessory for next time she did something like this.

John kept on his orange suit and sat down on the couch. As John walked to the couch, Julie could also see that John was about her height, 5-9. Julie sat down next to him. John offered to pull some fetish videos on the big screen TV and Julie said OK. After another couple of hours of talking and watching TV, Julie and John were snuggled together on the couch. Julie thought to herself, she would not normally do this with anybody she hardly knew, but something in her told her to let go. As Julie was laying with John, John started to stroke her body. This started to relax her. She could hear John say, “Relax, go to sleep.” After a few minutes of this, Julie fell asleep next to John.

Now, Julie was standing there with a duplicate of her standing beside her. There was no clock in the room, and no windows, so Julie could not tell what time it was. Julie tried to speak, but yet again, all that came out was muffled gibberish. Julie then looked at her duplicate, held her hand about 2 inches away from herself and ran her hand up and down her body. Julie then trusted both hands out at shoulder level, as to be signing “What the hell is this?” The duplicate reached up and jiggled its own breasts, then used both hands to sign a smiley face on its own mask. Julie repeated the smiley face on her mask, but then again did the hand thrust. The duplicate shrugged its shoulders.

It was then John walked into the room, still wearing his orange suit from last night. Julie thought it was John in duplicate suit. This was starting to make Julie’s head spin, who was this new person in the mix? John said out loud, “Let’s get ready. One of you have to still have to see the doctor this morning. It is only a few blocks away, so we’ll walk.” Julie put her hands out towards John. John said, “No, there is no time to change.” Julie was mortified. It was one thing to go to a party with like-minded people, but to out in the general public? Julie tried to shake her head, but the neck corset prevented any head movement, so her whole upper body moved back and forth, indicating no. John said, “Don’t worry, I have it covered, so to speak, plus I doubt there will be many people on the street this morning.”

John went to a closet and pulled out a bright orange, rubber trench coat. It had a large open face pull over hood on it. John said, “I had these custom made, based on the black rubber Macintoshes that are popular in Europe. The pull over hood is deep enough to hide your face in.”

John held the coat open and Julie slipped it on. It was unlined, but treated so it did not stick to the rubber of the suit. The coat reached to about Julie’s shins. John closed the coat, and tightened the belt around Julie’s waist, creating a flair below the belt. Julie saw the pockets were extra-large, so she put both hands into the pockets. John then reached up and pulled the hood over her head and tied it down. The brow of the hood had a large overhang, and the sides were past the sides of her face, creating a tunnel for her to look out. Julie saw John do the same thing to her duplicate. John reached into the closet and brought out a pair of black knee high rubber boots and a Macintosh of his own. John pulled the boots on and then put on his Mac, but did not pull up a hood. John then grabbed a round brimmed rubber hat and put that on. With that, the three left the room and out the door.

When the three stepped outside, Julie was glad that her hood was tied down. The wind was blowing about 20 miles an hour. The snow and freezing rain that was falling was more like going at a 45 degree angle. As John predicted, the streets were pretty much empty. The group made their way down the street, climbing over snow drifts, and other piles of whatever. Julie was a little cold, but was protected by the Mackintosh. At one intersection, the group was waiting for the light to turn green, when a bus rolled by. The bus hit a puddle of water that was backed up by the snow and showered the three with cold, dirty street water. Julie started to feel a lot colder that she did before. Also she was covered head to toe with grime, mud, and freezing water. Even when the light turned green, Julie had to walk through the puddle, making her feet feel even colder.

After about 12 blocks, the trio turned into a passage way between 2 multi-story buildings. The buildings housed businesses on the first and second floor. Above that were apartments and offices. On the street side of the passage way, there was a sign. It said “Dr. Franklin Stanton, Ear, Nose, and Throat Practice.” They walked towards the back of the building, passing the door that said entrance and to the alley. In the alley, there was a second door that faced the alley. The three entered that door. Inside the room, it appeared to be some sort of mud room. There John removed his coat and hat. He reached to Julie and removed her coat and hung it up. The coat had protected most of Julie’s body from the dirty water spray, but the front part of her hood, and the lower parts of her boots were cover in grit, mud and were discolored. John then removed the coat from Julie's duplicate. Julie's duplicate had the same dirt and discoloration on her suit as well.

John pointed towards a room off the mud room. It looked like a powder room, just a toilet and a narrow sink off to one side. The room was long and narrow, just wide enough for code to have a toilet inside. The entire room, floor, walls and ceiling were covered in white tile. Julie’s duplicate entered the room. John pointed to Julie and then to the room. Julie slowly entered, the room, not knowing what was going on. The door that closed behind them was not a traditional room door. It was more like a frosted glass shower door. Julie’s duplicate reached above the sink and turned on what looked like a shower valve.

Sure enough a shower head was directly overhead and poured straight down on them. The whole room was designed to be a shower stall. Julie’s duplicate stood in one corner and raised its hands, allowing Julie to shower first. Julie was able to quickly wash the grime off her legs and face of the hood. Julie move aside and her duplicate also quickly washed herself down. Julie and her duplicate exited the shower. Standing there was John, waiting his turn in the shower, and the doctor from last night. John entered the shower room and closed the door.

The doctor handed both Julie and her duplicate towels. Julie started to dry herself off. The doctor looked over Julie and her duplicate for about a minute. The doctor then grabbed Julie’s duplicate and pulled it towards him. The doctor loosened the neck corset and then unzipped the hood of the duplicate. The doctor then pulled the hood over the duplicate’s head and removed the mouth / nose mask, pulling the mouth gag out with it. Once the face was exposed, Julie recognized the duplicate as the nurse she saw with the doctor last night. “I guessed right again,” said the doctor. “This one was the closest to being an exact match, but I was still right.” Julie thought, “What does he mean ‘right about this one?’”

The doctor came over to Julie. “O.K.,” the doctor said, “now it’s your turn.” The doctor also loosened Julie’s neck corset and unzipped her hood. As the doctor pulled the hood over her head, she felt the mouth gag start to slide out of her mouth. She also felt a tug right below her nose. The doctor said, “Julie, I’m going to pull out your nose tubes. I see you have the flanges glued down, so this might hurt a little.”

The doctor slowly pried the flanges away from around Julie’s nose and upper lip area. Once the flanges were loose, the doctor was able to remove the tubes from Julie’s nose. They hurt a little coming out because they had been up her nose for a few days. “Hmmm, these are a couple of the largest tubes I’ve seen,” said the doctor. Julie could see the orange suit’s neck came up to just below her chin and moved up to just under her ears. The doctor then pulled the neck of the orange suit down and the black hood of the inner suit down around the back of Julie’s neck. This exposed Julie’s bald head to the coolness of the room.

“O.K.,” said the doctor, “lets get you into the exam room.”

The doctor and the nurse lead Julie down a hallway. They entered the doctor’s exam rooms’ area via a side door, bypassing the lobby. Julie was lead into one of the exam rooms and she laid down on of the exam chairs. The doctor first took in Julie’s ears. The doctor then performed a lengthy neuro exam and hearing test. The doctor said, “O.K., you have some melted plastic inside your ear canals. I do not think any got down to the ear drum, or the electrical charge did any damage to the inner ear, however there is a tiny burn mark inside both ears. I’m going to pull out the plastic and put a little packing in your ear to help with the heeling. Sounds might be muffled until the packing comes out, in about a week, but you should be able to hear most things, but I do not want you driving for a few days because of the packing and just to make sure your balance is not effected.” Julie said O.K. The doctor then worked on Julie’s ears.

“Now then,” said the doctor, “like I said last night. I have a way to run a large tube up your nose to allow you to slide other tubes inside that one, like breathing or feeding tubes. The tube is permanent. It ends just out of sight inside your nose. It might cause a slight flair in your nostril, but it should not be noticeable.”

Julie said, “You said tube. Can you run these up both nostrils?”

The doctor said, “I could, but because both tubes wound end in the upper part of your throat, you will not be able to smell anything.” Something in Julie’s mind was saying, not to do it, but her mouth said, “Do it.” The doctor shrugged and said O.K.

First the doctor tipped the chair back, so Julie was fully on her back. Next the doctor took a small spray bottle with a fine tube at the end of it and stuck it up Julie’s nose and sprayed. The doctor said, “It is a local anesthetic. Numbs the area while we work.” The doctor then took the spray and sprayed in the back of her mouth. The doctor then reached over and took a piece of tubing. It was a little larger in diameter than the tube’s Julie had in earlier. The doctor put a cap on one end of the tube and then stuck a fitting with another hose on the other end. The doctor pressed a button and Julie saw the tube shrink down. “You see,” said the doctor, “we apply a vacuum to the tube, shrinking it. Now it is easier to side into your nose.”

The doctor pushed the tube up Julie’s nose and through to the back of her throat. The doctor reached turned off the vacuum pump and pulled the cap off the tube. The tube expanded inside the nose, seating itself snuggly. The doctor then took a cutting tool and trimmed both ends of the tube off so you could not see any part poking out the nose or to trigger Julie’s gag reflex. The doctor repeated the procedure on the other nostril. Next the doctor came up with 2 tiny diamond studs on posts. The doctor said, “I have never done both nostril’s, but there is a first time for everything. Next, we can suture both ends in, securing the tubes. There would be a small divot on both sides of your nose, or we can pierce your nose with these and hold the tubing in with them, or go one of each”.

Julie looked and decided to go with both nostrils pierced. This time, the nurse came up with the piercing tool. She stuck the tool up Julie’s nostrils and pierced Julie’s nose. She quickly did it to the other nostril as well. The nurse also did put a stitch in the lower part of each tube to anchor the lower part of the tube. With that, they were done.

The nurse helped Julie stand up after the procedure. Julie’s nose did not hurt, but she could feel the inside of her nostrils and sinus passage being pushed open wide. Julie looked in the mirror. You could barely see the bumps the tubes caused in her nose. The big thing was the 2 tiny diamond piercings about ½ way up her nose. After admiring herself for a minute in the mirror, John walked in. John said, “There we go. How do you like it?”

Julie said, “All of this is unusual for me.”

John said, “I guess you just needed a push. I’ll tell you what, let’s get you home to your own place so you can rest up. You have had an unusual couple of days.”

Julie said, “What about the suits?”

John said. “We can get you changed, I believe Ms. Stanton has a couple of pieces of clothing she will let you borrow.”

John came up and removed Julie’s ball gloves and helped her remove her orange suit. Julie decided she wanted to keep the black suit on. Julie reached up and removed the 4 foam patches from her head and took the wire leads and stuffed them down into the neck of her suit. By this time the nurse had returned with a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Julie put the items onto herself and they fit almost perfectly. The only footwear Julie had were the orange boots, which she put back on and pulled the jeans over. Julie asked, “What about the bill? How much do I owe you?”

The doctor said, “Do not worry, it has been taken care of. Sort of I’m sorry for what happened to you at the club last night.”

John took all of the orange items that Julie had been wearing and stuffed them into a gym bag and gave it to Julie. “Just in case you get the urge,” John said

Once Julie was dressed, John walked Julie out to a taxi cab. John leaned in the window and said, “I’ll make sure your car gets back to your place. Besides, you will not be driving it for a few days anyway.” John turned to the driver and handed him some cash. “This should be enough to get her home, keep the rest as a tip.” The driver took the cash and slipped it into his pocket, instead of the strong box inside the cab. Right before they took off John said, “I hope to see you again.”

Julie said, “You should, I have to return these boots to you.”

John said, “Don’t worry about getting those back to me. If you do, you do. If you don’t, you don’t.” John stood up, out of the window, and the driver rolled up the window. As the cab pulled away from the curb, the driver asked where to. Julie gave the driver her address and settled back for the ride. One thing Julie noticed was the driver did not drop the fare flag but she did not care.

The doctor walked out to the curb and stood by John. The doctor said, “How did you get her to crack so easy? According to her profile, she was going to be a tough one.” John said, “Well, it started with newspaper clippings. Next, it was tartar sauce...”

A few hours later

Julie was pacing in her loft. She had taken off the borrowed clothing and she was just wearing her black cat suit. Julie was so distraught, she had not even pulled up her hood. She was walking around saying, “Oh my God, oh my God.” She was wondering to herself, what the hell was she thinking. First of all, cutting off her hair. She loved the pixie cut she and it fit her style. Now she was stuck with no hair for at least a few months.

Next, going to the party. Julie knew she wanted to find some other people like her, who enjoyed rubber and latex. Julie thought she would have normally found one person and tested the waters. Why did she use such reckless abandon and go to a party with a bunch of people running around? Then, hooking up with a bunch of strangers at the party. She was very careful on who she befriended. She never opened up to anybody this quickly. Why now did she spill her guts to these people?

Next, ending up at John’s house. Julie knew better, going to somebody’s house she did not know, let alone a former suspect. After waking up the next morning, why didn’t she just run out of the John’s place? Why did she allow herself to be dressed and taken to a stranger’s doctor’s office? And to top it all off, why did she allow the doctor to insert those nose tubes and pierce her nose? Every time she passed a mirror she had to stop and stare in horror at the 2 diamond studs in her nose. Julie even tried to remove the backing of the studs. She felt that the backings were flat with the tubing and she could not get anything up her nose to remove them.

The whole thing was driving her crazy. It went against her baseline; she was not fully in control of what she was doing to herself. During the police academy, she had to let go and do what she was told, but she knew that going in. She knew she was not going to be in control, but knew it was a learning experience and to roll with it. What had been happening the past few days was out of her control. She finally sat down, and decided to think this out logically.

First, she was going to get out this black cat suit. She knew she was going to ruin it, but she wanted it off. In the morning, she was going to go to another doctor’s office and get the nose tubes removed and the studs taken out. Julie figured she would just mail the clothing and boots back to their owners. Then she was going to call Stan, her new boss. Julie would say she wanted to get to work on something, anything to get her mind off of what had happened over the last few days. Julie stood up, grabbed a pair scissors and went towards a full length mirror.

As she reached up to slip the blade between her neck and the rubber suit, she heard a high pitch whine in both ears. Over 3 seconds it got louder and higher pitched. Julie dropped the scissors and reached up to cover her ears. This did nothing to shut out the sound, it only made it louder. Julie started to scream, the noise was so loud. Then Julie saw a bright flash and fell to the floor.

The next morning

Julie woke up in bed. Julie was wearing the black cat suit she had sealed herself into a couple of days before. She reached up and felt her hood pulled up over her head, just leaving her face exposed. Julie also felt the 4 foam disks were replaced under her hood. Julie thought she must have been really tired. Julie remembered dragging herself into the apartment after the cab dropped her off. That is all she remembered. She must have been on autopilot after that. She did not remember taking the borrowed clothing off or climbing into bed. She did not even hook herself up to her electrical stimulation equipment or her bed straps.

She took a deep breath through her nose. Julie’s nose hurt, but it was one of most effortless inhalations she had ever taken. She then remembered the tubes up her nose and ran to a mirror. Julie was looking at the 2 diamond studs in her nose, admiring them. Julie wondered what her new bosses would think about it, and if she got some more piercings in her nose and ears.

Julie walked out of her bedroom cube and into rest room part of her loft. She went over to the toilet and drained her internal urine bag into the toilet and resealed it. Next she went over to her play cube to check on her e-mails. As she entered she saw the gym bag on the floor. Julie opened the bag and saw an orange suit, hood, neck corset, coat, ball gloves, and boots. The same stuff she wore from John’s house to the doctor’s office. Julie thought she must have carried the bag inside and just threw it on the floor, thinking she would put them up when she woke up.

Julie looked them over and decided to put them on again. She started with the orange suit. She pulled the suit up to almost her waist. She saw the suit had the pee valve in it, so she unzipped her crotch zipper and ran the tube to the connector. Julie also saw a couple wires that matched up to foam pads and large AED pads. She hooked these in too. The other end of wires let out the back of the orange suit. Julie zipped the suit up to almost neck level. Under where the suit was lying was extra large breast forms. She reached down and picked them up and slipped them into the suit and zipped the suit closed.

Julie then spied the thigh high, orange boots with a flat, almost combat boot sole. Julie vaguely remembered that the boots she wore yesterday were knee high wedges. Oh well, she thought, probably another thing John slipped it. Julie sat down and pulled the boots on. These boots were laced from the feet to the top, and had a zipper on the side to help with getting them on and off. Julie pulled the boots on, zipped them closed and then laced them up tight. Julie could still bend her legs, but just a little.

Next she spied a under bust to waist corset. The corset had a small tray that the breasts were to sit on. Another thing she did not remember wearing yesterday. John is just full of surprises. Julie pulled the corset on until the top of the corset was supporting the breast forms. Then she started to tighten down the corset ropes. She used a post in her loft to yank the corset strings down. She had to stop and retie the strings a couple of times, to keep the correct angle and tension. Once the corsets were pulled together, it gave her a 24” waist. Not impressive, but enough to let you know it was there.

Next up was the rubber hood. Julie pulled the hood on and zipped it closed. The suit’s high neck went up under the hood. Now it was time for the neck corset. Julie was able to pull the neck corset over the hood and seat it around her neck. Julie then started to cinch the neck corset down. Once Julie had the neck corset tightened down, it sealed the neck of the suit and the base of the hood.

Julie reached down and picked up the long rubber coat, orange in color. As she picked it up, she could tell it was heavy. Julie looked and saw a rubber bag on the back of the coat. Out the top of the bag were 2 hoses with a fitting between them and a small hose out the bottom of the bag. Also on the inside of the coat were 2 battery packs. Julie put on the coat, but did not button it up. Julie took the hose and stuck the fitting into the hole that was in the cup covering her mouth and nose. As she breathed, she felt the bag on her back inflate and deflate. The bag acted as a rebreather.

Next Julie hooked the leads for the electrical pads into the battery packs. Next, Julie closed the coat and tightened down the belt. Finally, Julie put on the rubber ball gloves. These gloves did not have a strap over the writs; however they did have rubber dry suit writs seal that sealed the gloves to the suit as she slipped them over her hands. The first glove went on pretty easy. As her fingers fed down the gloves, she felt individual tubes that her fingers were to slip into. As the fingers slipped into the tubes, they curved around to where it felt she was griping a ball inside the glove. Julie had to sit down and stick the second glove between her legs to allow her to stick her hand into the glove. Once Julie was done, she looked the mirror. Here she was, covered in a bright orange suit, boots, hood, Mackintosh and ball gloves. Now what to do? After sitting down for a few minutes, she came up with a brainstorm. She decided she wanted to go for a walk outside.

About 1 hour later…

Julie was walking down the street. It was winter time, but there were plenty of people around, especially tourists. What do you aspect in Times Square? People were stopping to stare and point. The people who stand around dressed as a cartoon character or super hero, so you will pay and take a picture with them, stopped hustling the tourists. Even the county music singer who wore just his tighty whities stopped playing when Julie walked by. Julie did not care, people could not tell who she was. If the party a couple of days ago was not her coming out party, this was. Some people were scared. Was this connected to some sort of terrorist attack? Why would a person walk through Times Square in a full body rubber suit some sort of air cleaner? The police started to follow her. They could not really do anything. What crime has she committed?

Julie walked up and down the different streets of Times Square for a good 2 hours. Near the end of that time, Julie started to think, what the hell was she doing? The longer she walked, the more apprehensive she became. At the 2 hour mark, she was downright horrified about being public the way she was dressed. Julie started to make her way back to her loft. She could not hail a cab because she had no money and she doubted anybody would pick her up. She wanted to take the direct route to her place, however she wanted to make sure nobody was following her. After 30 minutes, she had ducked into an abandoned brick apartment building to see if anybody was following her. Julie also thought about hiding out here until dark, then go home. She hid in a dark corner, pulling her knees up to her chest as best as she could with them being in the boots. She wanted to cry, but made herself stop and suck it up, but she just sat there and rocked back and forth.

After a couple of minutes, the foam electrical pads started to buzz and she felt a faint electrical charge start to flow through them. Julie tried to remove the plugs from the electrical units by wrapping the wire around her arm and yanking it out. However both connections were locked into the unit. The charge got stronger and stronger. Julie’s body started to straighten out and she was helpless to stop it. After 3 or 4 minutes, she was stiff as a board. Her mind was still taking everything in, but she could not control her body. She then felt one of boxes start to vibrate on her belt. After about 5 seconds, felt like her body was hit with a sledge hammer. Her body arched until only the back of her head and heels were touching the ground. This lasted for 2 seconds. It paused for about 5 seconds and then she was hit with another 5 second back arching shock. Julie’s screams were stopped in her throat by the mouth gag. Then she was sent into a series of shock for 3 seconds, pause for 1 second, then hit for 3 seconds. After the 6th hit, she passed out.

When Julie woke up, it was dark. She was home in the play cube. Julie was sore all over her body, like she just had a 5 minute fight with a meth head perp that did not want to go to jail. She was dressed in the orange suit, hood, coat, rebreather, boots, and gloves she put on earlier. Julie thought wow, what the hell happened. She remembered putting on suit, boots, jacket, and rebreather. Julie remembered hooking herself up to the 2 electrical ports and setting up the machines. She remembered putting the ball gloves on and then lying down in the bed, waiting for the shocks to happen.

Julie remembered the shocks started and they were very small. She looked over to the machines and they were set too low for what she wanted. She thought she could adjust the machines with her gloves on, but she remembered when she did, she punched in the wrong number and it cranked it up to 10 times what she wanted. Before she could reenter the numbers, the machines went off and that was the last thing she remembered. Julie looked at the machine and the failsafe went off after 5 hits because she did not press the reset button. That was over 8 hours ago.

Julie slowly got out of bed, nursing her sore body. She was able to pull 1 of her gloves off by sticking it between her legs. Julie then stripped out of the rest of the orange suit, disconnecting wires and tubes along the way. Julie then went over to the restroom tried to drain her inner pouch. Only a little pee dribbled out. Julie then realized she had not had anything to drink in over a day, so she went over to the refrigerator to get a nutritional drink and water.

Julie went into the kitchen area of the loft and opened the refrigerator. She pulled a plastic bottle of water and another plastic bottle full of a milky white substance. Julie had looked up on the internet for liquid supplements that could take the place of meals and not cause solid waste. Julie was able to download recipe and she made up a batch a few days ago. This was the first time she was going to try it. Julie took a sip and spat it out. The drink tasted like old gym socks soaked in water and a drop of bird poop added. She was not going to be able to drink this stuff.

Julie then saw a loop of tubing hanging from a cabinet handle next to the refrigerator. Julie took it off the handle and looked at it. It was more like 2 tubes in 1. An inner tube and outer one. It was about 4 feet long with a tiny rubber pouch on one end and 2 fittings on the other. One fitting had a plastic syringe hanging from it. Julie then realized it was nasal gastric stomach feeding tube. She did not remember ordering one, but she knew this would solve her problem. Julie also saw a spray can with a small tube out the top. It was the same sort of spray can she saw in the doctor’s office. Julie took both items and went to the bathroom.

First off Julie used the spray can and shot a dose into her mouth. As soon as it hit the back of her throat, she could not feel anything inside her mouth or neck area. Next, she smeared some lube that she had sitting on the vanity on the end of the tube. Julie then stuck the tube up her left nostril. The nose tube the doctor had inserted earlier allowed the stomach tube to slide effortlessly through her nose and into her throat. She felt nothing at the back of her throat as the tube slid down. Julie felt a little residence, so she swallowed a couple of times. As she did that, she felt the tube slide by itself, as if it was grabbed and pulled from inside.

As soon as it stopped moving, she gave it a little more push, advancing it about another 2 or 3 inches. Julie then pressed the plunger on the syringe until the syringe was empty. Julie removed the syringe and pulled the tube back up. Julie felt a tug in her chest, right below the sternum. Julie knew the tube was seated in her stomach. Julie then took a clip and put it over the tube and pulled it up to her nose. This kept tension on the tube so the end of the tube would stay sealed to the top of her stomach. There was about 6 inches of tubing sticking out Julie’s nose.

Julie recapped the bottle of nutrient liquid and turned it over. Julie pressed onto the end of the tube a fitting that had about 4 feet more of tubing attached to it and a large needle on other end the end. Julie was able to punch the needle through the lid of the bottle. Julie watched as the the white milky substance enter the tube and then disappear into her nose. A few seconds later, she felt the drink enter her stomach, filling her up very quickly. She was barely able to take in the full bottle.

Once she was done, she took the bottle off the needle and tossed the bottle. She then took the water bottle and pierced that one too. Julie only took about a quarter of the bottle, just enough to flush the line. Julie then disconnected the fitting from her nose tube. Julie started to reach for the syringe to remove the tube, but she thought what the heck. She lifted the edge of her hood and stuck the end of the tube through, and over her ear, like you would stick a pencil. Julie then plopped down in her recliner to catch up on the TV shows that had been building up on her DVR feeling full and satisfied.

After a few hours, Julie decided to do a running work out. Julie went to her play cube and dug out a rubber dry suit. This suit was special because it was a 2 piece and sealed at the waist by rolling the 2 parts together. Julie pulled the pants part way up. The pants were not as tight as her normal compression suit, but they were not flappy loose either. Julie then pulled on a pair of knee high, lace up, rubber boots with no heel. Next, just before pulling the suit pants up, she disconnected the 2 tubes that connected her bladder and the pee bag inside her blind pouch. Julie then pulled the top part on. It had a hood and neck seal, and attached gloves. Julie then rolled the 2 haves together, sealing them together. Julie then took a wide rubber band and put it over the roll, further securing the seal. After that, she attached a harness around her body. The harness criss crossed her body several times and had a wide strap that went between her legs. This was to keep the suit from sagging from what was about to happen.

Julie then pulled down the hood of the suit and pulled the neck seal over her mouth. Using 1 hand to keep the seal around her mouth and another to pull the waist seal out, she inhaled, drawing air out of the suit. The suit tightened down around her body. Finally satisfied, she pulled her mouth out and allowed the neck seal to seal back up. Julie then pulled on a black full hood. This one had an attached rebreather bag to simulate the amount of air that you would be able to take in at 8000 feet. The hood also had a bite valve that could be attached to liquid delivery system. This hood had a mouth and nose cup that sealed against Julie’s face when she pulled the hood’s zipper closed. Julie then pulled her suit hood back over her head.

Julie grabbed a couple more things and then went to where she had set up her treadmill. This treadmill was special because it was tied into a map program on the internet. It had preprogrammed routes, such as the New York Marathon. It also allowed you to program your own route. The treadmill also tilted to match the terrain. Julie had found an trail route online. She loaded that program into the treadmill’s memory. Julie then turned on 3 space heaters that she had set up around the treadmill. During an earlier test, she was able to get the temperature up around 120 degrees in the area around the treadmill. Earlier Julie had set up a 5 gallon water bag next to the treadmill. Julie plugged in the hose from the water bag into the tube coming from the Next up she climbed onto the treadmill. Julie had attached Plexiglas to the sides of the treadmill so she could not put feet up on the edges to rest. Next Julie put on a thick leather belt with 3 D rings on it. Julie clipped the D rings into straps on the front and the sides of treadmill, centering her on the treadmill and keeping her from getting off. Julie then hit the start button.

The program had a 1 minute delay before the start of the race. This was enough time for Julie to slip on a pair of ball gloves. They were kind of thin, so she was able to grip things through the glove. Julie pulled one glove on and pulled the wrist seal over the end of the ball glove. She was able to get the second one on before the treadmill started. Even though they were thin, it prevented Julie from grabbing on to the handrails around the treadmill. The temperature around the treadmill was already 90 degrees when Julie started. She had set up a fast pace on the treadmill, so she should finish in about 6 or so hours.

Julie started to run. Julie started sucking down on her water bag. When she prepared her water bag, she put in a powerful diuretic to make her pee. The water bag was also equipped with a sensor that would refill itself from the tap when it got too low. Also as temperature began to rise, Julie’s sweat output increased. Julie could feel the lower part of the suit start to fill up more and more. The upper part started to fill with just her sweat. Even the balls at the end of her arms started to fill with liquid.

Julie could feel her body get heavier and heavier. The legs of the suit swelled a little, but stayed pretty tight to her body. After about an hour of running there was enough pressure to start pushing the liquid past where the 2 suits sealed and started pushing pee laced sweat liquid up into the upper body. Julie estimated she had at least 10 to 12 pounds of extra liquid sealed inside the suit.

By this time, the temperature had reached 120 degrees around the treadmill. Julie was pouring sweat and pee inside the suit. Also she was feeling more out of breath due to the air restriction. All of a sudden the treadmill started pitching upwards. She had hit the steepest part of the run. This would last for a very long time and use the most of her energy. After 2 more hours, the treadmill did not flatten out. This was a tweak Julie had placed in the program. More and more liquid poured into the suit, making it harder to keep up with the pace. Then another of Julie’s tweaks kicked in. The treadmill sped up.

After another hour Julie was in agony. She felt she was getting smothered by the lack of air. The liquid had finally reached Julie’s shoulders and started flow down her arms filling them up. This turned the ball gloves into 2 lead weights at the end of Julie’s arms. Julie knew she could not stop running because she knew she would be dragged by the treadmill, causing injury. She could not reach the clips to undo herself. So she tried her best to keep pace. By this time Julie thought she had to be carrying at least 20 extra pounds on her body.

As hour 5 started, Julie had lost all proper running form. Her arms were either flaying around or hanging by her side. Her stride had shortened to where it looked like she was wearing a hobble skirt. All you could hear from her face was an extremely rapid wheezing coming from the mouth area. The liquid had completely filled the inside of the suit. Julie felt like her heart wanted to explode with the effort she was putting out.

All of a sudden, the treadmill started to slow down. Julie knew she had reached the end of the race. The last sped up must had accelerated the real time distance covered in the program. As the treadmill stopped, Julie felt the restraints release. The magnet holding them cut off when the program ended. Julie could barely walk when she got off the treadmill.. The suit had kept its air tightness well enough not to have any air spaces in the suit as if filled up Julie decided she wanted to continue the adventure by staying in the suit for at least another couple of hours. But first, Julie put on a black, heavy duty vulcanized rubber dry suit with even heaver over the knee boots. Julie pulled the ball gloves off before she started pulling the suit on. Even with the ball gloves off, it was hard to grip with water filled sausages at the end of her hands. The suit was cut pretty close to Julie’s figure, so it took a little wiggling and sloshing around to get the suit on. Julie had to take the water tube off, but was able to keep the mask on when she pulled the hood over her head and zipped the suit closed. Julie reconnected the water hose put her ball gloves back on. Julie then shuffled over to where she had an air mattress on the floor.

Julie laid down on her back, on the mattress. She looked over to the gauge in the room and it said 128 degrees. She was sucking down more and more water. It was almost like it was going out of her as soon as she drank it, either as sweat or pee. She could feel the air between the 2 suits seep out as the inner suit continued to fill. All of a sudden, she felt a trickle down her neck. The liquid had worked its way around her neck seal and was flowing into the hood. Julie knew the nose and mouth cup would allow her to keep breathing. She laid there and allowed the liquid to fill her hood. Soon her ears were filled with the liquid. Julie felt the liquid creep up the side of her face. As soon as the liquid touched her eyes, she had to close them due to the stinging. After a few more minutes, Julie felt her entire head covered in liquid.

2 hours later Julie was still there in her suits. The room was still hot and Julie was still taking in fluids, so the pressure on Julie increased. When Julie got up, she was amazed on how much she weighed. The grand total of the suits and the liquid was around 70 pounds. Julie blindly made her way out of the room. Because of the suit pressure and airtightness, there was no sloshing. Julie would move 1 leg, stop for a ½ second, then move the other leg, acting like she was on a planet with heavy gravity. Julie decided to keep the suit on the rest of the night. Julie knew her alarm clock was set to go off on time, so she laid back down on the bed and just relaxed. She was in her own liquid bliss. Just peeing and sweating away inside her own world.

The next morning dawned stormy and cold. The weather forecast stated it was going to be in the low 20’s with snow and freezing rain all day long. Julie had planned to stay inside all day and check out some fetish videos on line. She went into her play cube. On the floor were 2 new bags and 3 air tanks. Julie ignored the bags and sat down in from of her computer. The computer was on already, so Julie turned on the monitor. Julie clicked on her web browser. As the opening screen came up, the monitor flashed about 7 or 8 times. Julie sat there for a few seconds, not moving. Julie then shook her head and then decided to see what was in the bags.

The first thing Julie saw when she opened the first bag was a hood. This hood was black in color. It had a mouth bit gag , nose holes with 1 tube, and plastic covered eyes. Julie took the hood of the suit she was wearing and pulled it off of her head. She then brought the new the hood up to her face. She slipped the nose tube inside the right nostril and up the tube already inside her nose. She next fed the mouth bit into her mouth. She then pulled the hood over her head and zipped the zipper closed. The nose tube slid up the rubber lined nasal passage and into the back of her throat. The mouth bit sealed her mouth closed. When you looked at the mask, you saw a rubber lined mouth and tongue. Julie then pulled the other hood back over the new hood.

Julie next put on a 2 mm thick full cat suit with gloves, hood and feet. This suit also had a neck seal inside the suit and a waterproof zipper across the front from her hip to her shoulder. She stepped inside the suit and zipped it up. Next a pair of rubber, thigh high, lace up boots, with a zipper on the inside of the legs. The boots could almost be call corset boots because they had metal stays running from the ankle to the top of the boot. Julie left them unzipped for now so she could move around. Julie next slipped on a neck to thigh corset. Even though it was tight already, Julie did not pull any of the lacing closed. She still wanted to be able to move around.

Julie then reached for a half mask. This mask was designed to seal to the hood Julie was already wearing. The mask had tubing running from both sides to fittings on the cheek area to behind the head. Both tubes ran to a breathing regulator. There was another tube coming out of the exhaust side. Both mounted to a back pack looking device. Also attached to the regulator was a short rubber hose with a quick release fitting. Julie strapped the regulator to her back. The regulator sat just above her shoulders. Before Julie clipped the mask to the hood, she took the quick release line from the breathing regulator and hooked it to another quick release line attached to a small pony bottle tank.

Next, she looking inside the mask and found 2 tubes inside. She took one and plugged it into one of the nostril tubes of the hood, doing the same with the other. She pressed the half mask against her face and heard several clicks, knowing the mask was secure to the hood. Now she was breathing off the pony tank. The other tube coming out of the exhaust, Julie hooked to a fitting on her suit. She was now totally dependent on air tank for her breathing. Julie then threw the pony bottle strap across her chest. For the future, Julie thought she would have to invest in a whole loft air system, so she could move around and be on air for as long as she wanted, not depending on air tanks.

Julie then saw 2 100 cubic foot air tanks on the floor. These tanks were big by themselves, but with 2, they were huge. The top of the tanks were hooked together with a manifold and a short rubber tube Next she found 2 20 pound leg weights and a 50 pound workout weight vest. She gathered the items on the couch. Julie slipped on the weight vest, over the corset. Julie loosely pulled the straps closed, knowing she was going to tighten them down later. She strapped the weights to her boots. Finally Julie took the twin air tanks and flipped them over her head and on to her back. A hook near the top of the tanks found its receiver, just below the breathing regulator on her back and the bottoms slipped into sleeves right above her rear end. She kept her pony bottle on so she would not use the air in the big tanks. Right before going outside, she grabbed a pair of ball gloves. Finally Julie was ready to go outside.

Julie road the elevator down to the ground floor and walked outside. Even though her boots and corset were not tightened down, it was still difficult to walk. As soon as she went outside, she was in the middle of a near freezing rain storm. Julie made her way across the street to a building that had a chain link fence around it. Julie was able to easily move the fence aside and gain entrance to the property. Julie walked a few yards across the property and came to edge of the canal. Even though the canal underwent a major clean up, some people would not even get near it, let alone swim in it. Julie went to the water’s edge. It still was about a 5 foot drop into the water. Julie leaned against a piling that was on the edge of the water. Julie then zipped up her boots and then tightened the lacing down. By the time she was done, she could not bend her ankles or her knees.

Next she started working on her corset. It tightened down around her thighs, locking them straight too. She yanked on the lacing that ran through her crotch until it was tight as possible. Next she tied the corset lacing to the pole and started jerking forward. She had to retie the string several times as the corset tightened down around her chest. Near the end she felt a severe pain on both sides of her chest near the bottom of her rib cage. She hoped she broke at least 1 rib on each side, if not more. This allowed her to crush her lower ribcage and waist down to 17”. The smallness of her chest prevented Julie from taking any deep breaths, thus, in her mind, reducing her air intake. She then tightened down the neck area of the corset, locking her head into a straight ahead stare.

After it was all said and done, Julie could not move from her ankles to her neck, only her shoulders could move. She was only breathing in small pants. Her chest was in severe pain due to the corset crushing, possibly breaking of her ribs. She reached down and unhooked her pony bottle and hooked the air line into the big tanks. She dropped the pony tank right there. The final topper was the ball gloves. She was able to put the first one on and strap it down no problem, but the second took a few minutes longer than she thought it should, but Julie got it on.

There Julie was, stiff as a board, almost unable to move except for her shoulders and arms. She was covered in near freezing rain water and starting to shiver. Julie was able to spin herself around and face the piling. With gag muffled sigh, she looked around and then pushed herself backwards into the water. Julie was hoping to land flat on her back, but her boots caught on the edge of the wharf and flipped and spun her around, and she landed at a 45 degree angle, on her side. All that did was send even more severe pain shooting up from her rib cage.

After a couple seconds, Julie was able to right herself and take inventory of the situation she had just put herself into. She thought she was cold when she was standing on the wharf. Wearing no insulation almost put Julie into cold shock. She tried to shiver, but the body corset prevented that except for her arms. She was starting to drift with the current, away from her launching area. Her breathing was fairly quick so she made herself slow down. She used both hands and was able to reach the dive computer she had attached to the tanks. The computer stated then she had close to 4 hours of breathing time left on the tanks, then it clicked to 4 ¼ hours. She hoped if she kept her breathing shallow, she could extend that even more. Also according to the computer, the water temp was 34 degrees.

Julie was able to close off her exhaust and divert some air into her suit to balance her buoyancy, bringing her just above the debris on the bottom of the canal. Due to the body and neck corset, if she was flat, she could only look straight down. If she wanted to look straight ahead, she had to pull her body vertical. Julie was content to just go with the current. She completely relaxed and did not resist anything. She was completely miserable, with the cold, pain, unable to move most of her body, but she loved it. She wished she could do this for days at a time. Even be frozen into a block of ice and left in the water to bob around until it melted and released her.

Julie had no concept of time or distance covered. All she knew that she had stopped shivering. Julie knew that meant she was past the first stage of hypothermia. Her arms became like appendages on her body that she could not move. She tried to move her arm to the air valve so she could increase her buoyancy to rise up and get to the shore, but her arms would not respond. Now she was getting scared. Julie could only just drift. Next, Julie noticed it was harder to breath. She knew the air tanks were getting low. She could not move to check the dive computer’s read out. Julie’s brain was telling her body to start thrashing, moving, failing, anything to get her to move to the surface and the shore so she could get out of the water and get the mask off.

However none of the signals were getting to her muscles. Julie’s brain was, for the first time in her life, in a full blown panic mode. She was trying to scream , but her gag prevented any noise from coming out. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Her brain was literally exploding, trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. Her breathing kept on getting harder and harder. Julie all of a sudden reached a point where her fear disappeared. Julie stopped crying and screaming. She was content with her life. She was willing to let go. She took the final drag out of the air tanks and knew that was it. The blackness started to close in from the sides and top, causing tunnel vision. “Well, that is that,” Julie thought as the blackness took over Julie and she faded out.

Julie woke up with a gasp. She was in her recliner at home, with the remote in her hand. It was dark outside. Julie check the time. She had fallen asleep about 3 hours ago, during the show. Julie was dressed in her black cat suit she had been wearing for the past few days. Julie started to get up, but as she moved, her rib cage gave her an extreme shot of pain. So much she screamed out and started curl up into a ball. What had happened? Did she have some sort of black out and fall? Julie then saw there was a package on her chest. She picked it up and looked at it. She opened it up and found a silver spandex hood with a lighter gauge silver spandex over the eyes and mouth area. There was a note inside the package. It said, “Put this on and go to your computer.” Julie looked at the hood. It looked like it had a coating of the stuff you find on foil balloons on it. Julie pulled the hood over her head.

As soon as Julie pulled the hood on, she started to feel different. More clear headed than she had felt in the past few days. Julie was able to see out of the hood, so she looked at the note again. The note said for her to go to her computer and pull up a website. Julie went into the play cube and sat down at her computer and pulled up the site. She could see the URL address bounce around between several sites. This went on for about 10 seconds. The address finally stopped changing and a video started up. It looked like a Skype video, someone sitting in front of their computer, filming themselves. The video was the nurse that was married to the doctor and helped him in the exam room.

“Hello Julie, I’m Megan,” the video started. “You know me as the nurse and wife of the doctor. Well, this is what is going on. Your are being, literally, kidnapped. What I mean is your body is being taken over. I know this sounds crazy, but let me explain. We have been tracking your life since your mom had you in prison. The reason you could not find your dad is because your mom did not have sex with an employee, your mom was implanted with you. We have been trying to develop the next generation of humans to take us the next level of evolution. You were breed for your ability to find patterns and obscure trends. We probably know more about you than you know about yourself. You got a double dose of the ability to spot trends with your Asperger’s Syndrome. This is good because you get into a research project and you keep going until you find an answer. You also may be a little OCD, but that is beside the point.”

“We have friends in places you would not believe. As far as the NYPD knows, you are still a detective, on admin leave due to you rogue investigation. You have not been promoted. You are going to be fired within the next few days. However, it was hoped, that you would be part of our group by that time.”

“I know you think only a few hours have passed since you started watching your DVR, however you were out for almost the whole day. You probably checked your cell phone and computer clocks, thinking it only a few hours. Click on the clock now, I sent a program to block their hijacking of your computer.” Julie clicked on the clock and she saw the date advance 1 day. Julie paused the video and brought up her news page. The date there matched the computer clock.

Julie restarted the video. “OK, now that you have seen that you lost a day, let me explain some more stuff. The reason I had you put the hood on is that it blocks the signal from ‘The Sender’. It is supposed to send you hypnotic suggestions. This part is slowing breaking down your personally. In the end, they want you, basically, as a drone. A pure worker with no personality. Just do what you are told. Your job would have been to research things, find patterns, codes and other obscure facts. In their opinion, personalities’ get in the way research and work. There are some other things you might find interesting. After this is done, check out your video system. I do not know how they missed it, but it has been recording for the past few days, so you will see some interesting stuff.”

Julie was stunned. She did not know what to think. She paused the online video and quickly pulled up the video from yesterday. After going back and forth for a couple minutes, it showed a person dressed in a black rubber dry suit, hood / mask covering the head, and boots carrying in Julie from the outside. She was dressed in a black rubber suit with a waterproof zipper across the back. On her legs were 2 thigh high boots that looked like they prevented her from bending her legs. She also saw a corset that stretched from her thighs to her neck. The person in the video stripped Julie down to her base suit. The person then placed Julie in her recliner and left. Julie fast forwarded the video and saw Megan come into the room and place the package on her chest. Julie went back a few hours more and it showed her getting suited up in the black dry suit, corset, boots, air tank, etc. and leaving the loft. Julie remembered none of this.

Julie decided to go back another 24 hours. Now the video is showing Julie getting dressed in an orange cat suit, boots, helmet, coat and corset. Julie remembered this, but she recalled lying down in bed and hooking herself up to her electrical machines. However the video shows her leaving for a few hours and then being carried back in and laid in her bed and hooked up by a person in black dry suit. The person in the black dry suit also messed with her electrical stimulation system, Julie could not tell if it was the same person or not.

Julie then rolled the video back another day. It showed her pacing the loft, trying to take the nose studs out and trying to cut the suit off. As she was about to cut the suit, she saw herself grab her ears, scream and collapse. Again the stranger in the black dry suit came in and put her to bed. The stranger then took 4 of the foam disks, replaced them on her head and pulled her hood back up over her head.

Julie restarted the online video. Megan said “You have to go. You are going to have be on the run the rest of your life. There is a bag next to the recliner. It has cash in it. Take it. Get out of the country. I can’t tell you where to go, but just leave.” With that the video clicks off.

Julie’s head is swimming, but not like it has been for the past few weeks. She is feeling normal, like her old self. Julie gets up and goes to the living area of the loft. Sure enough there is a bag full of cash. Julie estimates it to be over a million dollars. Julie runs into her bedroom. She grabs a duffle bag and starts stuffing about 5 days worth of clothing into it. She then grabs a pair of jeans, a long sleeve turtleneck, knee high boots and black mid arm length gloves and throws them on over her black cat suit and silver hood. She then grabs a long scarf and wraps it around her head, and over her mouth so only eye part of the silver hood is showing. She then grabs a trench coat and puts it on over everything else. Grabbing a few more electronic things, and her bags Julie ran down the stairs, not waiting for the lift.

When Julie got to her car, she opened the back and tossed the bags inside. Julie then took a wand looking device and ran it over the car. After a minute, she found a transmitter under the back seat of the car. She pulled it out. She kept looking and found a second one in the engine bay. She kept checking and did not find any more. After that she plugged another electronic gadget into the cigarette lighter. This item was advertised to shut down and block the electronic tracking / customer service system that was built into her car. Julie then got in and started to head out of the city.

3 hours later.

Julie was headed south on a back road. She was trying to avoid the interstates and their traffic cameras. Julie was using a nav system that was preloaded with roads of the United States. It only received signals from GPS. It did not send out any, so it was track proof. Julie had stopped for some items so she could make it to Mexico, more or less, non stop. Julie had kept on the hood, in case there was a chance some sort of signal could get to her. The stop and rob she pulled into to gas up was in the middle of nowhere. The temperature was 10 degrees, so it was not unusual for somebody to be walking around with their head covered. When Julie walked into the store, she kept her hood on. She could tell the clerk was jumpy, maybe even reaching for a gun under the counter. He half way relaxed when he saw Julie drop a hundred on the counter and pointed to her car. Julie gassed up the car and went back inside. She gathered up some items like water, energy shots, liquid nutritional supplements and a few other essentials. After all that the total came up to under a hundred dollars. The clerk said he did not have enough money to make change. Julie grabbed the bags of food, waived at him and ran out the door. The clerk shrugged and thought he just got a big tip.

Julie was careful to keep under the speed limit. She lucked out and found a same make and model car in one of the back water towns she drove through. Within 5 minutes, she had swapped plates and was back on the road. Julie had stopped for more gas. However this station took cash at the pump, so Julie did not have to go inside. However she did use the restroom and empty her pouch. This gave her another day and a half before she had to empty again.

Julie was in South Carolina when she noticed something. She thought a car was following her. She did the normal 3 right turns to see if you had a tail. Sure enough the car stayed with her. “Amateurs,” she thought. As luck would have it, she came across a rail road crossing that was coming down. She gunned it and blew through the gates just before the train entered the crossing. It was a 5 locomotive job, so she thought they would be stuck there for a long time. She used this to gain an advantage and hide in the back roads.

About an hour later, Julie was back headed south. As she entered an intersection, a truck blew the stop sign and broadsided her in the passenger door. This knocked Julie out. When she came to, a South Carolina State Trooper car was pulling up. Julie was trying to get out of the car. The trooper walked over to Julie’s car and looked in. Julie looked at the trooper and said she was OK, just needed help to get out of the car. The trooper reached into the car and stuck a Tazer to Julie’s neck. The trooper pressed so hard the prongs pierced the rubber of Julie’s suit. The trooper pressed the trigger on the Tazer and knocked Julie back out.

Julie woke up slowly. She was stretched out on a bed, her arms and legs bound at the 4 corners. She could tell she was stripped down to her basic suit, plus some sort of face mask. She started to scream, but the gag she felt in her mouth stifled her scream to a muffled whimper. As she tried to escape her bonds, a figure appeared in her vision. The figure was wearing a black dry suit with a face mask / hood combination. The face mask was made out of black rubber, and looked human like with a mouth and nose. The eyes were covered with tinted black lenses so she could not see inside.

Julie was startled when she heard a voice. “Hello there, my child.” The voice sounded like it was computer generated, like somebody was typing on a keyboard. “Welcome to your new home. My assistant is going to prep you for the journey into your next life. To simplify what is going to happen, you are going to be reborn. We are going to erase ‘you’. Your body will just be a transport and life support for your brain. Your brain is going to be used in our think tank. Just pure thoughts with no emotional or personal baggage to cloud judgment. Basically all your decisions will be based on pure logic and the information that is given to you. We picked you because your DNA was specifically tailored for this job. As you were informed in the video, we have been pulling some strings in the background your whole live, to see what turned out. Some of our test subjects were one hundred percent controlled from birth to have no emotions, some were allowed to live life with no control over them, just to see what would happen. You were the middle ground. Make the pathway smoother, but no direct mind control. Well it was time to call in the hens home and see what we had.”

“Now it's time to bring everybody into line and start using you for what you were breed for. The pure dissemination of information with no human emotions. Of course our test group that has been in the lab since birth had a head start. We do not have to erase any human traits or foibles. The ones that have been allowed to live in society have been harder to deprogram. The less control we had over them, the harder it has been to bring them inline with our lab subjects. In about 50 percent of the ones we let loose on society, we have had to reject back out of the program due to the inability to totally remove human emotions. These subjects either have a total mental break and their mind turns to mush, or they keep fighting in their minds and we can’t get a pure data stream from them, corrupted by emotional feelings that skew the data. They usually are disposed of. Now it is your time. You are a special case. You have place first in potential, even outscoring our lab nurtured subjects. We now have to get rid of that thing called human emotion. You could be our star. The best information processor out there.”

Julie’s bed was released and she was wheeled down the hallway. The voice said, “Time to take you to the procedure room to start you on your life of ‘service’.” As Julie was being wheeled down the hallway to the procedure room, they passed a large liquid filled tank. Inside the tank was what looked like a female inside a skin tight rubber suit. The suit completely covered the body from head to toe with no seams. There were several tubes plugged into the body in the mouth, neck, and a 3 in the butt. The voice said, “That is Megan. She was a test subject also. Because she tried to help you escape, she is being punished.”

As Julie was looking at Megan, Megan’s body jerked and trashed in the tank, arms flailing. Then Megan’s body arched and stiffened for about 20 seconds before her body went limp. The voice said, “For her, her new task in life is to see how long a human can stand being in total isolation with just electrical torture. She may last for a couple days, she may last for a couple of years. We have her brain wired to see how long until the higher brain functions degrade to the point where the brain has little or no voluntary brain function. All it does is keep the heart going, digestion flowing. Basic body functions. The reason she is on display is to show everybody what happens when you disobey.”

Julie’s bed entered the procedure room. It the room there were 3 more figures in the same black dry suits and rubber face masks / hoods. Also, there were 2 more bodies in the room. They were dressed in black, skin tight rubber cat suits and black hoods that covered their entire head except for 2 lenses over the eyes. They also had corsets that ran from their neck to their hips. A tube came out at the base of their neck. The suits showed off their entire bodies, including their DD sized breasts. Julie felt a needle stick in the neck and then she lost all feeling in her body. The voice said, “That is to paralyze you for now, while we get you ready for the next step.”

Well, the next step was to put another suit onto Julie. Julie was released from her bonds. As soon as she was released, she tried to move, but just like the voice said, she was paralyzed. However she still could feel her body. Julie felt she was being touched all over her body. She was able to move her eyes and saw the 2 bodies in the skin tight suits crawling all over, pawing and rubbing against her. The people in the dry suits sat back, enjoying the show. Julie could not move, but she could feel what was going on. She could help it, but she was getting very aroused and she started to have a mind orgasm. After about 5 minutes of the show, a voice came over the P.A. system, “Get on with the prep,” the voice boomed.

One of the dry suited people rolled over a table with several black bundles on them. The 2 rubber suited bodies crawled off of Julie and started to work with the bundles. One of the dry suit people took a needle and injected it into the area around Julie’s belly button. After a couple of minutes, a dry suit person took a knife and cut through the Julie’s rubber suit and into her skin. They cut around her belly button and removed it. Julie was cut into deeper until they were into her abdomen cavity. Several tubes were fed into the hole, including a laparoscopy camera. After several minutes, the camera was taken out and a manifold of some sort was inserted inside Julie. The manifold had 1 large round fitting with a flange on it. Julie’s skin was super glued and sewn into the flange leaving it sticking out where her belly button used to be. Next, they glued the suit around the flange also.

The rubber suited bodies came back over and started to dress Julie. The first thing they did was slide on a pair of thigh high boots. They looked like the boots Julie saw she had on in the video where she was wearing the air tanks. Same thing with the neck to thigh corset they slipped on to her. Only this corset had a hole where the tube came out of her stomach area and an open area around the crotch. The new thing each arm were placed into their own corset like contraption that stretched from her wrists to her shoulders and even and a metal piece that went from the arm pit and slipped between the body and the chest of the corset. This caused the arms to be held out at a 45 degree angle from the body. The rubber bodies started to lace down the corset, boots and arm corset, locking her body into an unmovable position. Ball gloves finished off her arms.

The rubber bodies wheeled over a mirror that stretched over the bed. Julie could see she was corseted from the feet to her neck, she had a similar mask on that gave her black rubber mouth, nose and eyes. Tubes were coming out Julie’s nose, allowing her to breathe. Her arms were splayed out from body at a 45 degree angle. At the area her belly button would be, there was a large round disk with what looked like several fittings attached to it. Julie was also able to see several wires and a tube coming out of her crotch, knowing her electrical pads were hooked up to a machine.

Julie heard the voice in her ears. “What is going to happen now, we are going to kill you. Your heart will stop, you will not breathe anymore. A heart / lung machine is going to take over for you. The tubes in your belly have been hooked into your blood vessels to bypass the heart. You will receive your nutrition and hydration through these tubes as well. The reason your are strapped down is we do not want you get hurt when we go on to the next steps.

Julie felt something weird going on in her chest. All of a sudden, Julie felt like she was suffocating. Her brain was telling her lungs to fill with air, but nothing was happening. One of the dry suited people held up a tube that was coming out of Julie’s flange. The voice said, “See, your blood is being processed by the heart / lung machine. So we do not have to worry about your breathing. Julie’s body tried to scream, however, no air movement, no sound. Julie’s mind was going crazy. It knew the body was not breathing, but the brain was not suffering any ill effects that would go with no air.

Next, Julie’s body attempted to jerk violently, but was held still by the corsets. Julie could feel her body being hit with a large electrical jolt. However, it was not enough to knock her out. Julie was hit several more times, and the body strained against the bonds, but did not move. Julie could tell it started to have an effect on her brain. She felt as if parts of “her” were disappearing. All of a sudden there was a loud whine in the room. One of the dry suit tech’s held up a button and the last thing Julie saw was the tech pressing it.

A long time later.

“What does the read out show now,” asked one of the tech’s. “No drop in brain activity for the past 10 readings,” said the other tech. “Shit,” said the first tech, “The brain wave patterns were weird in the first place. The boss said it was caused by a new ECT protocol they tried. I guarantied the boss we would get it down to zero this time. Once it zero, there would be no chance of regeneration of any sort. Well, you have to give it to her, she is a fighter. Normally it took 9 months in the tank to get somebody down to zero, but she has been there for 16 months. I knew we would have problems. Normally the ECT treatment usually does about half the job for us. I’m going to have to go to the boss and let him know she is a reject. I knew we had high hopes for her. Start preparing to discontinue life support and let’s get her ready for disposal.”

The second tech said, “Well, since she is going to be trash, why can’t we do our own experiment? She might be receptive enough to take in some of what we want her to be. There might be a lot of her old self in there, but we can possibly add somethings we want. Hell, she was into rubber and all sorts of weird stuff before we started to mind fuck with her. We might be able to capitalize on that. If she liked it before, we start feeding her information and suggestions her mind might latch onto that. Who knows we might have ourselves a rubber slut we can open our own brothel in Nevada, Ha Ha.”

The first tech said, “Oh what the hell, what is a few more weeks in there. I’ll run it by the boss. It is not like we have a waiting list of people to put in there.”

A few months later

There was a woosh and a big wave of liquid flowed down the chute, covering the 4 people at the bottom. They were covered in orange full body rubber suits with attached air tanks. A black rubber covered body came crashing down to the bottom of the chute and slid out onto the table. Two of the people flipped the body onto its back. They ran a knife along the laces of the corsets that bound the body and removed them quickly. According to the records that the police computer forensic team could recover from the hard drives, this subject had been in the tank for 22 months. This subject was in the tanks for the longest, but had the most procedures done to it, which was a concern for the doctors. This why they kept the subject in the tank for so long. They thought the subject would keep in the tank better than getting it out before they knew what they were going to deal with.

When the police raided the compound 4 months ago, they thought they were taking down a terrorist cell. They did not think they were going to find people in what looked like suspended animation. In addition to the people in the tanks, there were other subjects living in the compound. These subjects were housed in dorms with just a bed, no personal belongings except a change of clothing.

After checking around the outside property, the police found piles of bodies in various areas. The police recovered enough DNA to keep them busy IDing the bodies for weeks. The people running the equipment, and the supposed leaders of this horror show were not talking. They have been silent since the raid. They would not even talk to their lawyers. They were on suicide watch and being forced fed at Rikers Island due the fact they all tried to kill themselves in jail and refused to eat.

The medical team from NASA had been trying to bring the different bodies in the tanks back to life. The reason NASA was brought in is because they have expertise in dealing with extended periods of weightlessness and isolation. The first body they tried to bring out was actually on display in the entrance hall of the main building. Once they got that one out of the tank, it was found her brain was “oatmeal”. This subject had been subjected to massive jolts if high amperage electrical shocks for many weeks. The brain was only capable of basic life functions.

As they brought more of the subjects out of their suspended animation, the doctors were finding out that these subjects were more than just being kept asleep. The subjects were being brainwashed in the literal sense of the word. Most of the subjects had very little or no human emotion but high in brain function. In cognitive skills testing, they were solving problems is seconds that usually took minutes or hours. However they had no human inflection or connection. They were like sociopaths. They were being groomed to be sexually neutral. So much so the males had their members cut off and were castrated. Women had their ovaries and uteruses removed. The only way you could tell if it was a female or a male was the male’s tube came out more towards the front, and no secondary bag. It looked like they were being trained to be walking computers. The subjects they found in the dorm rooms were in a similar state. They did not even remember if they ever had a name. The silver lining to this was that people in NASA thought the research that they could recover could even used to help figure out how to keep astronauts alive on deep space missions.

One of the people took a long cardiac needle and plunged it into the heart and injected drugs into the body. This was to counteract the drugs that the body had been given to keep the heart stopped. However, they did not know if the heart would restart. Another person came up and hooked in a heart stimulation unit into a fitting in the middle of the flange that was at the belly button. The person pressed a button and the body jumped off the table and settled down. The read out on the machine did not change. The person pressed the button again and the body jumped again. This time the heart restarted and dropped into a 70 beat per minute range right off the bat.

At the same time the body attempted to suck in some air, but was stopped by the mask covering the mouth. One of the people took the knife and cut open the mouth area. The body took in a long, sustained breath, then started breathing normally. The team was impressed. According to the records that were able to be recovered this was the longest somebody had been in the tank and came back to life. “Heart function 85 percent of baseline, lung function 92 percent of baseline. How in the hell did they stay so high? They have not been used for almost 2 years.” A second round of drugs were administered. These were to keep her in a medically induced coma until they could determine her brain function level.

The team continued to cut and remove the rubber suit from the body. That is when they found the answer. There were 2 extra pads plastered to the chest. These pads looked like they were going across the area where the heart and lungs were. When the TENS unit fired while in the tank, it stimulated the heart, lungs and abdominal muscles, keeping them fit. When they were finished taking the suit and the electrical pads off they could see the body was female and was in pretty good condition. She had to have been in excellent health when she went into the tank to look this good now. The body, like all others, was hairless.

Like most of the female subjects, there was a tube sticking out of the area where her cervix should have been, surrounded by skin and tissue. A second tube went into their pee hole was and met at a T. When they cut the cervix area open, a rubber pouch slit out. They examined the area and saw like the other females, she had no sexual organs inside her. The area looked like it had been like this for years, so the people here did not remove her organs just before putting her into the tank. The female was cleaned up, placed in a normal hospital gown and put into a bed.

A few days later.

The female was lying in bed. Her skin was almost as white as the sheets that covered the bed due to the lack of sun. Some platinum colored stubble had started growing out the very top of her head, due to drugs she was getting in the tank stopping hair growth had been cut off. However, the rest of her body had no hair growth. The medical staff was able to tell that she had treatments to prevent hair growth over most of her body. They were able to run her fingerprints and it brought up a missing person’s case. She had been a police officer for New York City and they assumed that she took off rather than face administrative charges due to a supposed rogue investigation she was involved with. The records that were able to be recovered in the computer server showed that she was set up by the group. Records were altered within the police department and it was done to make her look like she was a bad cop.

EEG tests showed that the female had a very high brain function, the highest out of all of the people pulled out of the tanks. It was decided to bring her out of her medical coma to see what truly was rattling around in her brain. One of the nurses inserted a needle into her IV and pressed the plunger. After a few seconds, the female’s eyes opened for a brief second and then closed with a tight squint. The lights were brought down in the room to about 1/3 level. The female opened her eyes again; she was able to open them into 2 slits. The doctor asked, “Do you know who you are?” The female moved her mouth, but only a gurgle and grunt came out at first. After about 20 seconds an intelligible sound finally came out of her mouth…

“My name is Julie.”


Julie walked into the main corridor of the building. She was dressed in a orange neck to ankle cat suit, her platinum colored, pixie cut, hair bouncing as she walked. Her alabaster white colored skin contrast almost made the suit glow. As the tightness of her suit showed, she had more than recovered her pre tank toned body. However Julie was upset that her workouts did nothing for her 2 cotton balls on her chest. They stayed mostly the same size. Her feet were covered with knee high, 3 inch wedge heel, black boots. She also sported black elbow length rubber gloves.

As she walked along, 2 others followed her. They looked like they could possibility be twins. They were the same height, dressed exactly the same in all black cat suits with attached gloves and hoods. The hoods had attached black “frozen face” masks with form fitting, inside the mouth gags, and formed noses. Except for the eye lenses, you would think you were looking at a human face with an open mouth. They were wearing heelless, knee high boots. Their knees were bent at an angle to keep their weight balanced over the front of the boots. Even their chest both had size DD breasts sticking out.

Even Julie did not know if they were twins, related or even the same sex. All Julie knew they were tied together at an almost telepathic level. When they were separated, they almost could not function. When they were together they were unstoppable in computer forensic analysis. Also, when the NASA doctors tried to remove the suits they were in, they almost died due to shock. They were 2 of the “lab rats” that were raised in controlled conditions since they were born, so they never saw the reprograming tanks. That was all the information the computer techs could pull out of the ruins of the server. When the raid happened, the leaders pulled a self destruct on the computer server. Even these two computer geniuses could only extract a tiny fraction of the information that was stored on the server.

“OK,” Julie said, “that is the basic groundwork on the system. The rest of the system and other schematics are in the lab. It needs to be done in less than 3 days. We need to head off the next cyber-attack. I will not be available, so let Amy know what is going on. The twins snapped to attention, nodded their heads and kerkloped off to their lab to start their work.

The last few months had been a trip. The government now had 79 people they did not know what to do with. They were totally inept in social, human, or basic life skills. However most of these people were totally off the charts when it came to cognitive and problem solving skills. Further testing started to show what each was good at. The subjects started to show specialties in mathematics, computer forensics, astrophysics, biology, geology and other high level sciences. Several agencies wanted to pluck these subjects and take them away as their own. The NASA doctors wanted to keep all the subjects all together so they could be monitored. It was decided to use the compound and turn it into a research think tank. Agencies presented their problems or investigations to the administration and the admin forwarded it on to the appropriate group.

Many of the “lab rats” were dressed in rubber suits with weird additions to the suits. Such as the 2 computer genius twins and their heelless boots and extra-large breasts. Attempts to take them and other lab rats out of their suits almost killed them. It was decided to leave all of the lab rats in their suits. Most of the subjects that came out of the tanks also started demanding strange and unusual clothing options. For the most part, they were accommodated. Today, the compound like a post-apocalyptic rubber fetish convention.

As an experiment, both main groups, “the tankers” and the “lab rats” were placed in a large room and allowed to intermingle without any suggestion or telling them where they came from. Even though they were supposed to be void of any human traits, it was noticed that, except for 2 subjects, the lab rats and the tankers separated into their own main groups, on different sides of the room, then into their specialty sub groups. There were a couple sub groups that had the same specialty in each of the main groups. There were even 2 loners, 1 in each group that had the same specialty. It was thought either the same sub groups or the loners would cross the group lines and hook up with each other. However, that was not the case. The only exception was a male and female with totally different specialties. He was a lab rat and she was a tanker. It was unknown why they hooked up together. They both worked on their own projects separately, but in the same lab. Otherwise each group had their own lab space set up.

Julie had been given a skills test after she had recovered from her ordeal in the tank. She scored off the charts. Julie actually was found to be specialized in several areas. One was analytical and asymmetrical pattern recognition, and organization. Julie still did research if there as a backup, but Julie spent most of her time as part of the administration group. Julie was the only one in the admin group that was a tanker or a lab rat. She was the only one to emerge from the tanks with her humanity pretty much intact.

Julie went into her office and plopped down in her office chair. She kicked the chair back to where she reclining. Julie started rolling some information around in her brain when her alarm went off. “OK, time for lunch,” she said out loud to the empty room. Julie sat up and pulled off her black gloves, exposing her bare hands. Julie reached down to her stomach area and unzipped a zipper that ran from just below her sternum to her crotch. She opened up the suit and exposed her very white abdomen area. She removed plate that ran from below her sternum and ribs to just above her pelvis. It was embossed with a “6 pack” of muscles and was curved to match up with her natural body curves. When she pulled the plate off, it exposed large divot taken out of her abdomen between the bottom of her rib cage and her pelvis. At its narrowest, it was oval shaped with a few inches between her abdomen and her spine and about twice as much from side to side, flairing back out at the hips and her rib cage, which had several lower ribs removed in a past surgery. In the middle of the divot, a round flange with no less than 4 connectors where her belly button should have been.

When Julie was pulled out of the tank, her lungs, heart and diaphragm were ok, however her stomach and intestines had atrophied to the point they would not recover. Julie decided she wanted to leave the flange there, but modify it a bit. In place of her stomach and intestines, a larger urine bag was installed in addition to her bladder. Julie could actually go 14 days without empting the bag. A tube ran from the bag to the flange, allowing her to empty the bag. She had “peed” earlier in the day, so she did not have to do it now. Julie was fed via the IV. Julie took a large plastic IV bag and poked a needle attached a tube into the bottom of the bag. Next Julie bled the air out of the line and attached to a fitting on the flange. Julie let the bag flow in. The bag contained a balance of the nutrients and hydration Julie needed for the next 12 hours.

Since Julie did not have a solid bowel movements or peed via her urethra anymore, Julie elected to have the whole area closed off. The doctors did this the same time they were modifying her flange area. The doctors removed her blind pouch, and muscles that made up the area around where her cervix should have been and where her solid waste used to exit her body. They took a hunk of skin they removed from her belly, cut it and fitted it to the area between her legs, giving her old crotch area a smooth covering from the front of her pelvis, around and up between her firm butt cheeks.

Other fittings on the flange allowed the hook up of electrical wires. Julie had endured several surgeries within the first 3 months after getting out of the tank, even 2 brain surgeries. These wires were fed along inside Julie. Some wires were visible under Julie’s skin when she was naked. Some of the wires where used to monitor her heart, and brain. Other wire were purely used to deliver electrical shocks and went to muscles throughout her body, and into her brain. She was able to receive electrical shocks via these wires in all sorts of combinations. Julie even had a few wires that went into heart and diaphragm to start or stop them. The flange also had hook ups for either a single heart pump, if Julie wanted to breath, but stop her heart, or a full blown heart / lung machine. Julie also had some computer hardware implanted into her stomach. The hardware had sensors that monitored her blood levels, which were hooked up to a mini computer in her stomach. This was hooked up to a USB port that allowed a computer to download information about her body and that was used for study and to adjust Julie’s nutrition bags.

Julie’s was also into the weird clothing kick too. Julie always wore rubber clothing. Also Julie very rarely went outside. When she did, it was mostly at night. She treated the sunlight as some sort of hazardous environment and tried to isolate herself from it. When she went outside at night, she would be wearing a full rubber suit with hood, gloves, and boots. If she knew she was going to be out in the sunlight, she would put on the same “frozen face” mask the twins had. Because she kept her skin out of the sun, it kept its almost white color it obtained while in the tank.

At least once a week Julie would put on a dry suit and attach a diving helmet, weights and go outside. Julie would go exploring the compound, sometimes going to the lake and diving in. Sometimes Julie would wear just an air tank, which gave her about 2 hours outside. However, most of the time she would wear a rebreather pack. This pack was not hooked into her blood bypass system. She breathed normally. This was supposed to give her about 10 hours of breathing time. Julie and the computer twins hacked the rebreather program and were able to hook a cable from the USB port in her stomach to the rebreather computer. Julie was able to set the o2 level to either active, normal, or “station keeping”. At station keeping, just enough o2 was in her breathing mixture to keep her alive. This extended her time on outside up to 48 hours.

Often she would leave it at station keeping, but be moving around. This would make Julie feel that she was constantly suffocating. Julie would fantasize she was on a distant planet and she was exploring it. She had to keep her air usage down due to the fact her landing craft was destroyed and this was all the air she had left until she died. Julie would also time her excursions so she would be on the verge of passing out due to lack of oxygen when she got back to the building.

Julie had kicked back again in her chair, allowing her lunch to flow into her. After a minute, there was a knock on the door. Julie did not move, but said, “Come in.” In walked Amy. It was the same Amy that had accidently shocked Julie at the party a couple of years ago. Amy was dressed in a blue pants suit with a grey turtle neck shirt under her jacket. Any was also wearing her fiery red hair in bun. That and her glasses gave her a modern sexy nerd look. Hanging from Amy’s belt was a badge that said, “National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security”. Amy had become the law enforcement liaison to the group and its defacto vice leader. At the time of the party, Amy was undercover at the time and had become friendly with several members of the group. However she did not get deep enough to know about the tanks and the lab rats. Amy was pulled out just before the group was going to make Amy their first “public” tanker. While undercover, the information that Amy feed her handlers led them to believe they were dealing with a terrorist cell. That was the reason the compound was raided

Julie asked, “How did the hearing go today?”

Amy replied, “Nothing. Stan and the rest of the group still will not talk, eat or do anything. It is like they triggered their own self-destruct when the place was raided. They do nothing unless they are moved by an outside force. The judge decided to send them to Belview to see if the head shrinkers there can do anything. I’m trying to get a federal judge to stay the state injunction and allow the feds to take them to a federal research facility and we can really poke and prod them.”

Julie said, “If the feds get them, make sure to run a full MRI and body scan. Let’s see if they had any help on frying their brains or are they really good actors. Who knows, they might be under some sort of post hypnotic suggestion to shut them down.”

Amy said, “Sounds good. I’ll pass that along.”

Amy reached into her large hand bag and pulled out a hanger. “God, I’m glad I’m back here,” Amy said and she pulled her hair out of its bun, allowing it to drop down to her shoulders and flow out. Amy grabbed her badge off her belt and threw it into her bag. Amy pulled off her jacket, revealing a shoulder holster rig for her semi auto pistol. Amy took that off and put that into her bag too. Amy then pulled off her turtleneck. This started to reveal that Amy was wearing a black rubber cat suit. The neck of the collar stopping just below the edge of the turtleneck. Amy sat down and pulled off her boots. They were shiny, black, no heel, knee high rubber boots. Only the very bottoms of the boots were seen when her pants were on. Also, not out place for the time of year. Amy removed her pants hung them on the hanger, then folded the turtleneck over the pants, and then hung the jacket on the hanger. Amy put her boots back on and then pulled out mid arm length rubber gloves and put them on. Amy said, “I swear, I can feel the fabric through the rubber.” Julie nodded in agreement.

Amy said, “So are you going to through with that space suit, liquid pressure, thing a ma role tomorrow?”

Julie said, “Yes, I have been lobbying for me to do this for several months. They finally relented after 1-2-11 failed the balance test.” 1-2-11 was the “name” of one of the subjects here in the compound. 1 was the group (lab rats), 2 was the specialty (astro physicists), and 11 was the subject number. All subject number were 2 digit numbers.

“Well,” Amy said, “I hope you do ok and I’ll see you when you when you get back. Be careful.” Amy walked over to Julie and gave her a hug and went over to her office. Julie laid back and sighed. She was wondering what was going to happen on this new mission.

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