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Transformation of Julie

by Flyer

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Julie rode the old cargo elevator to the 4th floor of the old factory building. When the elevator stopped, Julie opened to doors to the elevator, revealing a second, standard door that you would find at the entrance to any house or apartment. Julie opened the door to the 3500 square foot loft and shoved her way inside. It was approaching 11:00 pm. Once inside she went over to the thermostat and turned it up a little. Being February in New York City, it was cold inside the loft. “I have to buy a programmable thermostat for days like this,” Julie thought. Normally Julie would crank up the temp up into the 70’s, but for what she was going to do, she wanted the place to stay cool.

After adjusting the thermostat, she tossed her backpack and overcoat onto the couch and removed her wool stocking cap. When Julie took off her overcoat, it revealed that Julie was wearing a waist length, black leather bomber jacket. She went into the bedroom “cube” and hung that jacket in the closet. The rest of her wardrobe, white long sleeve mock turtleneck t-shirt, black pants and low heeled ankle boots, she wore back into the front room. Julie sat down and flipped on the TV to the local news. She then started to strip off her boots, pants and top. Julie carefully laid her pants down on the couch, not wanting to mess up the stuff in her pockets or attached to the belt. The rest of the stuff she tossed into the corner where her dirty clothing hamper was.

As Julie was removing her clothing it started to reveal what she was wearing under her street clothing. A black, long sleeve, ankle length, compression cat suit. She had several of them custom made in different colors. All the suit did was to squeeze down and show off even better her toned, slender 5’9” body, achieved by hours in the gym. Julie did not wear a bra, due to the support the suit gave her. Julie also did not have to worry about wearing any additional protection for a period because she was severely injured as a young child. The injury forced doctors to remove her reproductive organs. All Julie had was a blind pouch and some left over muscles down there.

Julie ran her hand through her naturally platinum, almost white, colored hair, styled in a pixie cut. It had been a long day. First there was a new boss that was introduced. The first thing Julie’s new boss did was to call her into his office. Julie’s boss said, “You need to stop using hair dye.” Julie had to explain to him, as she had to do to several of her past bosses, this was her natural hair color. Julie’s boss grumbled something and told her to get out of his office. Julie then went to her desk. She made a few calls to some people, caught up on some paperwork, and checked in with a doctor and lab geeks about some tests that were being run. By early afternoon, she was driving across town to talk to a group of people. These people either were not at home, or said they did not want to talk to her. After she was done there and back at her desk, Julie’s boss called her into his office again. He told Julie he was sorry for being a jerk earlier. He also did a quick evaluation of her work. “I see you like to work alone,” Julie’s boss said, “I do not prefer that, however you have one of the highest ratings on the shift. I would like, please, not to hear any grief if I tell you to work with somebody, but I will let you “lone wolf” it as much as possible.” Julie was agreeable with that.

Just as Julie was going to leave for the day, the phone rang on her desk. She was being summoned to a mini market about 15 blocks away. Julie grabbed her overcoat, backpack, and a couple more things and left for the mini market. When Julie arrived, it was just getting dark in the sky. The mini market was in the middle of the block. The street was blocked off at either end and yellow tape was strung up across the street a little closer to the store.

Julie was starting to cross the yellow tape line when a police officer put her hand up to stop Julie from passing under the tape. Julie reached down to the waist of her overcoat and pulled it back. Attached to Julie’s waist was a Glock 9mm pistol and a gold piece of metal that had the words “Detective New York City Police” embossed into it. The officer lifted the tape and allowed Julie to pass under.

Julie walked into the mini market and found a mess. Two people, which Julie assumed to be the owners, were lying dead behind the counter. Another person, wearing a mask over his face was lying on the ground in front of the counter, also dead. Julie studied the area from the doorway for a little bit and then stepped inside. Over the next couple of hours, Julie worked the scene with the help of the CSI officers and Medical Examiner. Eventually they got to the video of the incident. It showed that one of the owners and the robber fired on each other at the same time. Both went down, but the robber lived long enough to shoot the other owner to death too. A pretty cut and dry case, but it was going to take a few days to clear due do having to piece together all of the forensic evidence, make sure all of the wounds in each person were caused by one gun, etc.

Julie walked across to loft to the other “cube”. The cubes were separate, standalone rooms within the loft. Almost like building a garden shed in the back yard of a house. She was able to close the doors of each of the cubes, separating them from the main loft space. This cube was her play area. Julie left on her compression suit and reached for a full latex body suit. This suit had attached feet, gloves, and hood. The only openings were for 2 nose tubes. Julie took this suit and went across the loft to her bedroom cube. Julie reset her clock for 8:00 am. Julie normally got up at 5, however, she was able to come in to work late due to her working the shooting. Julie sat down on the edge of her bed and pulled the latex suit on over her compression suit. The slickness of the compression suit allowed the latex to slide on with very little effort, even though this suit was tighter than her compression suit.

Before Julie pulled the hood on, blinding her, she made sure that she knew where her nasal intubation tubes, and the lube for them were. She pulled the hood up over her head and zipped the suit closed. She then blindly reached over and took the tubes and lube. Julie was an old hand at this, so she was able to lube up both tubes and slide them up her nose no problem. After she made sure the tubes were not going to slide out, Julie laid down on her bed. Julie felt around and found the straps for her leg binders. She strapped her calves, knees, and thighs down to the bed. Next she took 2 larger straps and crossed them over her chest and buckled them down. She then took a strap and ran that over her forehead, strapping her head down.

Finally she reached down and slipped her hands into 2 ball gloves that were attached to the chest straps. Wiggling her body, she was able to work the ratchets on the wrists to tighten the wrists down on the gloves. By her left elbow there was a button which Julie pressed. There was a whirling sound from under the bed and the straps all cinched down even tighter. Her whole body sunk deeper into her bed, and her head was forced further back until she, if her eyes were uncovered, was staring at the headboard. She was now trapped in her bed. Whenever this happened, Julie always let out a little gasp of surprise, and then she would calm down. This binding actually relaxed Julie to the point she was able to fall asleep within a few minutes.

Julie slept soundly, without any movement, the entire time. At 8:00, a bell attached to the clock started to go off. This clock also shut off a magnet that was under the bed. This magnet was attached to the chest straps on Julie’s bed. The straps became loose and this also released her arms. Julie lay there, not moving for several seconds. Finally she started to stir. Julie took one of her arms and started to rub it up and down on the side of the bed. The edge of the bed finally caught the ratchet clip on her wrist and sprung it open. Julie removed her hand from the ball glove and reached over and unlatched the other glove.

Next, she took off the rest of the straps and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She pulled the nose tubes out and then started to unzip her suit. Due to the cool temperature she kept in the loft overnight and since she did not move around overnight, there was very little sweat inside the suit. However Julie’s hair was a disheveled mess. The way Julie’s hair was splayed revealed another secret about Julie. Due to good genes, she had thick hair, thick enough that she needed to only grow it from the crown of her head. Down the sides of her head, under the top growth, it was bare. Julie finished striping out of her latex suit and laid that across the end of her bed.

Julie walked out of her bedroom cube to the bathroom. This room was actually built into the building, not a separate, standalone area. It was the old locker room from when this building was a factory in a bygone era. On the way, Julie stripped out of the compression suit and tossed that into the dirty clothing pile. This revealed that Julie’s whole body below the top of her head was hairless. Julie entered the large shower area and turned on the water. It took a little while, but the hot water started to flow from the shower head. Julie picked up a plastic syringe and reached between her legs. Down there was 2 Foley catheters. The output ends of both were connected with a plastic fitting. One was in her bladder. She put the syringe in the fitting and removed the liquid in the cath and removed it from her bladder. The other end was inside her blind pouch. She removed a couple strips of medical tape and a rubber bag popped out of her pouch. This bag has a smaller connector that was able to fit inside the cut off end of the other catheter. This allowed Julie to wear her compression suit without having to worry about having to take it off to pee all day.

Julie showered, and inserted a fresh cath. After that Julie fixed her hair, hooked the bag up and reinserted it into her blind pouch. Still naked, she went back to the bedroom cube and started to get dressed for the day. First, she took a look outside and checked the weather report. It was going be rain and snow all day. Julie decided to start out with a white long sleeve, ankle length compression suit. Next was a thick pair of almost skin tight stretch pants, which she stuffed inside a pair of knee high rubber riding boots, and an oversized sweater. Julie took her badge and holster and clipped them to her belt, under the sweater. She topped everything off with a hooded overcoat and knit watch cap. Julie was out the door a little after 9:00 am.

When Julie came into the squad room, most of the men and a few of the women stopped what they were doing and stared at Julie. Julie looked at them and said, “What? It is regulation.” Julie was one to push limits when it came to the detective clothing regulations, much to the enjoyment of most of the office. Julie sat down at her desk and started the paperwork concerning the shooting from last night. After about 20 minutes, the boss called her into his office.

“Detective,” Julie’s boss started, “I need you to turn over your case from last night to Detective Jones. You will still be listed as primary officer. All is left is the connecting of the dots to the evidence of what happened last night. If something goes sideways, like if ballistics shows the gun the perp had was not the gun that was used to kill the store owners, I’ll put you back on the case. I doubt that is going to happen, but you never know. I have a special assignment I need my best detective to work on.” Julie’s boss handed her a large file folder.

Hanging from the folder were edges of newspaper clippings. Julie opened the file. Inside were press clippings about cases that the detectives either have been or were currently working on. Julie’s boss went on, “As you go through the clippings, you will see there is information that was published that we originally held back from the press. As you know it is standard protocol to help weed out the crazies and to help gather evidence against suspects. One Police Plaza went to the papers and asked for their sources, trying to pull Patriot Act, public safety concerns, etc. Basically the papers hid behind the shield law and told One P.P. to go jump into the Hudson River. Internal Affairs is running an investigation also, so this one you are doing is off the books. I want to find out who the leak is before they do and take care of it. Show them we can take care of ourselves. If I.A. gets wind of this, I’ll take the heat. I even drafted a letter with my signature on it in case you have any reservations about me ordering you to investigate, and then throwing you under the bus, saying you went rogue. You are going to have full access to all reports on the computer in case you need to look up something. If anybody asks, you are on part 2 of an elder abuse case that you had when you were over in the Fraud Unit, and the D.A. said you had to investigate it due the continuity of evidence or some other off the wall reason. I have you in Conference Room 2, that way you can spread out your stuff if you need to and lock it up to keep it private. That is all I have for you.”

Julie took the file and went to the conference room. Over the next few hours, she started to lay out the information all over the table. She read the press clippings and started to marry them up with the case files that she was able to pull up. After almost the whole day, she started to see a pattern. The press clippings that revealed the held back information almost mirrored, word for word, what were in the detective’s reports.

Julie was working for 12 hours on this, but she felt she was starting to hit her stride. When she was in the Fraud Unit, she would usually be the person that the other detectives would go to if they needed help seeing there was a pattern with any of their evidence. Julie was the best when it came on figuring out codes, patterns, and obscure connections. Julie was also willing to go for hours, or even days sorting through data with little or no sleep. Unknown to Julie, a special group of investigators in the department started to notice Julie’s work and started a more in-depth psych profile, study, and back ground check of Julie. Their preliminary findings showed that Julie was a gifted investigator, however with O.C.D. tendencies, and possibly having Asperger’s, which in her case, was not a bad thing. It also revealed her fetish background. This threw some of the people off, but they could not argue with her results. The decision was made. Bring Julie into the group.

The almost word for word copying of the information got Julie thinking that whoever this was, were getting copies of reports, not just getting information via word of mouth. She contacted a friend in Computer Crimes and had him remotely check out the computers in the squad. After a couple of hours, Julie’s friend was able to find a program was planted in the station house server. This program allowed an outside computer to get into the system and download report files. Julie’s friend said he tried to access the logs on the server to check out the IP address of the computer, but whole days of the log were missing. He was going to try a few different things and he would get back to Julie. He also said that the program had to have been loaded directly to the server to get around the firewalls in the first place, not uploaded remotely.

With the clue about the file being uploaded directly to the server, not remotely, she started to check out I.T. people that had worked at the station. After another 4 hours, she ran into one I.T. person that peaked her interest. John was a city I.T. worker that was assigned to the station during an upgrade and rewiring of the system when the leaks started to show up. What got Julie interested in him was when she ran his financial reports (an old habit from when she was in Fraud Unit), he was living way above his means. John owned, via an LLC, an older, abandoned, factory building in a redevelopment area. Even though it was old and sometimes decrepit, those things still do not come cheap, in the high 6 figure range or even into the low 7 figure range. How can an I.T. person making $65,000 afford that?

On top of that, the LLC had credit lines of well over $2mil. That had to be backed up via some sort of personal guarantee. Those people or businesses had to be listed as officers on the LLC too. John was the only one on the LLC. That meant he was either committing fraud, or he was the sole backer, another red flag. If he was the leak, Julie did not see him getting that much money from just selling information to just the newspapers, he be could be selling information to criminals. John also owned several vehicles, including a GM SUV, Cadillac, and a used ambulance. Julie decided she was going to go by and talk to John, however it was late and she needed to take a nap. Julie went out to her locker and grabbed a “jump bag” with a change of clothing, and her special stuff to get ready for the next day. Julie then went to the bunk room and crashed out.

Julie woke up a few hours later. She did not get a very good sleep because she was not in her own special bed. Julie gathered her hygiene stuff and went into the shower area. It was after shift change, so it was relativity quite, so Julie was able to do her stuff in private. After doing her special routine, Julie changed into a clean compression suit, winter weight pants, turtleneck, and the knee high rubber riding boots she wore the day before but left her pants untucked. Julie called John’s boss to see where John was working. John’s boss said that John was off that day. Julie then drove out to the building that John owned, seeing if he was there. As she pulled up to the building it got Julie thinking about her building, how it might have look like this before somebody cleaned it up and turned it into live in lofts. After getting to the building, Julie grabbed a couple of items out of her backpack, and went into the building.

Julie heard some banging and scraping in the back part of the building. She saw a guy, standing on the second run of a ladder, pulling wire out of an electrical box. Julie went up behind the guy and said for him to step down off the ladder. The guy continued working. Julie again said for the guy to get off the ladder. It was then Julie saw the guy had ear buds in and had it hooked into an MP3 player. Julie went up and tapped the guy on his leg. The guy all of a sudden swung around with a tool in his hand, trying to strike Julie. Julie was able to duck under the swing and then took one of the items she brought with her and pressed it against the guys butt cheek. It was a Taser. The onboard computer sensed that the face of the Taser was pressed against something and did not fire off its darts. Instead, it “dry fired.” It sent its power through the prongs on the front of the Taser. The power entered the guy’s body and caused his muscles to lock up. The guy let out a grunt, stiffened up and started to teeter. Unable to grab anything or break his fall, he fell off the ladder and smacked his head on the floor.

“That is what you get when you swing on a cop,” Julie said as she stood over the laid out guy. The guy was kind of groggy, starring at Julie. Julie then recognized the guy on the floor. It was John, the guy that she was looking for. John looked at Julie and mouthed the words “again.” Julie looked at John with a quizzical look. What did he mean “again?”

Julie started to run that through her mind when she heard a voice from behind her saying, “What is going on here?” She wheeled around, still holding the Taser and pointed it towards the voice. Standing there were a two people, 1 male 1 female. Both were in business attire, he in a suit and her in a pants suit, both wearing trench coats. The guy put his hands up and started saying, “Whoa, whoa there,” and pulled his coat back. On his belt was a lieutenant’s badge from the NYPD. Julie lowered her Taser. The lieutenant said, “What you doing here detective?”

Julie said, “I’m following up on a lead on a case I’m working on. I tapped this guy on his leg and he swung on me. I had to taze him to protect myself.”

The lieutenant said, “Are you trying to find the leak that has been occurring in your squad? Does your lieutenant know what you are doing?”

Julie said, “Yes to both questions.”

The lieutenant shook his head. “I told him to back off and let I.A. do its job, but nooooo. This guy you just tazed is working for us. He is a former cop from California that was medically retired. He ran across the tampering when he was working on another server at another station house. Because he is not NYPD, and he had already been working for the city I.T. department for a few months, we could not do a full undercover operation, but we were able to hide a bunch of information about his past. We know you ran his financials and a full background last night. I bet you did not find the story done about him winning close to 60 million dollars in the California Lottery. That is why this place popped up on his financials. We left it there so people would think he was buying stuff with dirty money he was getting from selling information. Actually, his winning the lottery makes him bribe proof.”

Julie was upset. Upset with herself for falling for the trap I.A. had set up around this guy. Upset she Tasered this guy and caused him to fall off the ladder. Upset that her lieutenant had put her in this position. The lieutenant continued on. “I know your boss put up to this and you did not know the full situation behind this. I’m going to write this up as you were an innocent pawn in this fiasco, however we want you to continue on with your investigation as if nothing happened and write this up as a no contact. You are to report any leads or breaks in the case to I.A. I’m sorry, you are going to have to keep your boss in the dark. Who knows, with fresh eyes on this case, you might be able to pull something together that we did not see before”.

As the lieutenant was talking, the female went over and helped John up. He was still a little shaken up, and also had a lump starting to grow on the side of his face. The female officer said, “Let’s get you to a hospital in case you cracked your cheekbone or eye socket.”

Julie walked up to John and said, “I’m sorry, but it was a reaction to you swinging on me.”

John said, “Don’t worry about it. Mine was a reaction to being touched and not knowing what was going on. I guess once a cop, always a cop.” John and the I.A. investigators got into the I.A. investigators car and took off for the hospital.

2 weeks later

There had been a shit storm at the station house. Julie went back and continued her investigation. Julie had gotten so obsessed with the case, she lived at the station house for 4 days, only going back to her loft once to gather a few clothing and hygiene items between interviews. Julie’s boss came around a few times asked her how the investigation had been going. Julie lied to her boss and said she could not find John, and she was moving on to other suspects. I.A. had arranged for John to disappear for a few days.

After a couple of days, her friend in Computer Crimes was able to shed some more information on the case. Through a friend of a friend of a friend, he was able to find out that there were duplicate I.P. logs kept off site. He was able to trace the access to several Internet Café’s and coffee shops around town. It took a couple of days, but Julie was able to gather video from most of the places and other camera’s in the area. After comparing the video’s and the time logs, she found her bad apple. It showed the computer tech accessing the wi-fi at the locations the same time that the downloads took place off the server at the station.

Instead of turning the information over to her boss, she gave it to I.A. A few hours later, word came down that the bad apple had been arrested by I.A. In the press release, it stated that additional detectives outside of I.A. had help break the case. Julie’s boss was furious when he called her into his office. He has started to read her the riot act when 2 different I.A. detectives came in and relieved him of his command.

A few days later a new boss came in. This did not bode well for Julie because the new boss and the last boss that was walked out went to the academy together. She was going to make Julie pay for what she did, taking the other boss down. The new boss started to send Julie on minor cases like lost dog’s, kids egging a store front, dealing with the precinct’s “tin foil hat” wearers. Basically she was being punished for getting her old boss in trouble. Word came down that he “retired” rather than face possible demotion or being fired altogether. Her coworkers started to avoid her, thinking she had finally revealed herself as a plant from the “rat squad.” The final straw came when Julie’s boss said she was being reassigned to a station on Staten Island. In the NYPD, the only reason you went to Staten Island was you were a screw up or for punishment, but did nothing that could get you fired.

On her last day at her old station house, Julie brought her own car to work. She needed a way to transport her personal stuff to her next assignment. As she was hauling out her last box, she found a note stuck under her windshield wiper. It said for her to meet with the lieutenant from I.A. at a coffee shop across town later on that day. Julie was a little confused. Why did he just call her or talk to her directly. However Julie was curious. Julie showed up at the meet, right on time. The shop was at a little alcove of New York City that was hard to get to. So much so, most people in NYC do not know it exited. Julie looked around for a few seconds. She finally picked out the lieutenant from the few people inside the shop. He was seated in a booth half way down one wall. He was dressed in work clothing, not his business suit, and he was wearing a wide brim boonie hat. Julie slid into the booth seat across from the lieutenant.

“Wow, this is a step down from when I saw you last,” Julie said.

The lieutenant chuckled. “They said you had a different sense of humor.”

Julie said, “Who said what about what?”

The lieutenant said, “Never mind. First of all, you can call me Stan, or Johnson. It does not matter. Us lieutenant’s do not call each other by our rank.”

That comment almost went by the wayside, but Julie picked up on it. “What do you mean by ‘Us lieutenant’s’?”

Stan said, “OK, here is the deal. People in high places in the department have been keeping an eye on you. The Fieldstine fraud case you broke by finding that deposit pattern was the start. There were a bunch more cases that we were watching that you broke open because you found obscure details and patterns. The last case you worked for me, about finding the I.P. addresses and matching them up with the videos and times took the cake. Even though it was not part of planned evaluation of you, the opportunity fell into our lap to see you at work one more time. The circumstances that followed sucked, and the new boss that ended up heading your squad is a bitch. However, we were going to pluck you out of the squad anyway. So this ended up all for the best.”

Right about now a waitress came up to the table and asked what Julie wanted. “Just coffee,” Julie said. Julie turned back to Stan and said, “Go on.”

Stan said, “We want to move you over to the Special Projects Section. Your job will be basically to look at criminal cases, intelligence, and other information that is gathered throughout the NYPD and try and see if they are related. The case about the computer store that ended up being a money laundering for guns front between MS13 and the Irish Republican Army a few years ago, the tidbit of information that caused the dam to collapse came from one of our people finding a match between flights and bank deposits. Some off the wall, steamily unrelated bit of information crippled a major terrorist group. There are other operations that we were involved with, but I can’t get into now. This is what we want. We will promote you to lieutenant. I already spoke to Personnel, they know you are going to take some time off before reporting to your next assignment out on the Island. Take a couple of weeks, think about it. Here is the contact number”.

Stan handed Julie a simple business card with Stan’s name on it and a phone number. No NYPD crest, no address. Stan stood up, and began to leave. “We want you to come over and work for us. Oh, by the way, the fish combo and fries is excellent here. Make sure you order it with the house special tartar sauce. I know you do not like sweet tartar sauce.” As Stan walked away, Julie wondered how Stan would know what tartar sauce she liked.

Julie thought about the offer for a few days. She was so absorbed in thinking about taking the job, she did not even eat, or get into any rubber gear. Julie just went around the loft just wearing her compression suit. After 3 days, she called Stan. She accepted the offer to come over to Special Projects. Stan was ecstatic. Stan told Julie to report to his office the next day and he was to go over the full information.

Julie reported to Stan’s office the next day. The first words out of his mouth, “You are fired from the New York City Police Department. Turn in your badge and gun.” Julie was shocked. She thought she was being promoted. Stan continued, “That is what you are to tell people if they ask. We are backstopping you with data that you were fired because you did go rogue on the leak investigation and basically told I.A. to fuck off when you were called in. We are sticking in a few shady dealings in there too in case somebody runs you for shits and giggles, or some reason somebody you bump into on the street wants to check you out. Here is your lieutenant’s badge; however you are not going to get it. This is going into the Superintendent’s safe, with a letter stating you are on special assignment within the department. This is your final chance, do you want to back out and take your assignment out on Staten Island or come over here?”

Julie said, “I’ll stay here.”

Stan continued, “You will disappear within the NYPD. You will not carry a standard issue gun, however I will leave it up to you to pick what gun you want, just turn in a receipt. You will be required to report at a moment’s notice and end up working days on cases. You will become a spook, just another anonymous face in the NYC when you do go out.”

As Stan was talking, Julie was laying her detective badge and issue gun on the desk in front of her. Stan allowed her to hold her lieutenant’s badge for a few moments before slipping it into a large envelope with her I.D. and a letter explaining her reassignment and status. Stan then slid over the paperwork “firing” Julie from NYPD. On her firing papers, he stamped them with a pad, over Julie’s signature, which left no visible mark. Stan stamped a blank paper and then ran a highlighter over it. As he ran the highlighter over it, the words, “Not dismissed, undercover special assignment” appeared on the paper. “Now that is done, go take a few weeks off. We need to burn most of your vacation and sick time off the books. We will let you know when and where to report for your new assignment. Do not worry about pay, we will still deposit it into your account. Enjoy your time.”

Julie had been so busy with work, she had not had time to start playing with a bunch of stuff she had been gathering up over the past couple of years. Now that she had been told she was going to have a few weeks off, she decided to set all of her stuff up and do a long term session. Julie took the next week setting up her loft, building several items, ordering some more items, and in general, getting herself ready for the upcoming days. During this time, she still did not eat, however she took in liquids. Also she did not wear any of her rubber suits, just her compression suits. Julie also did not get into her bondage bed. She wanted her body and mind to really enjoy the next few weeks.

After setting up her loft, Julie went to her hair dresser. Julie decided to go for the ultimate. She had her hair dresser shave the remainder of her hair and eyebrows off. Her hair dresser had a cream that would inhibit the growth of her hair for close to 2 months. This was a little longer than Julie wanted, but it was that or having the stubble start coming out in a few days. Also, she could get a wig if she needed it. Now completely hairless, for now, she went back to the loft. Julie went into the play room cube.

As she stepped into the cube, she stripped out of her compression suit and tossed it back out the door. Julie stepped over to a computer and turned it on and then started the camera recording software. Julie had installed several cameras around the loft, including 2 wireless ones on tripods that could be moved around. The computer recorded all the cameras in high def. She had enough hard drive space, along with the on the fly compression software to record several weeks of video. She was also thinking about starting to put her videos on Youtube or even live stream it to a fetish site she had just ran across.

Julie was standing naked in the cube, shivering a little due the low temperature she had set in the loft space. Julie picked up a strip with several white foam disks with metal button like connectors in the middle of them. Julie removed one disk and reached up for her head. Julie took one of the disks and stuck it behind her right ear. She then took several more disks and stuck them behind her other ear, 2 at the base of her skull and 2 on her forehead. Julie then grabbed another strip with small square tabs on them. She took 4 of them and stuck them on her chest, 2 right below her breasts, 1 on her left shoulder, and one on her lower right stomach. Julie then picked up the white foam disk strip and placed disks on her chest, 2 above her breasts, 2 on her stomach about belly button level, 1 on each of her biceps, 1 on each of her forearms, 1 on each thigh and 1 each on her calf’s.

The final pads she reached for was 2 large sticky pads, about the size of a hand. Julie placed one in the small of her back and the other about ½ way between her breasts and her belly button. Then came the wires. She took several wires with button ends and ran them to all of the round foam disks, pushing each one on with a firm click. As she ran the wires along her neck, arms and legs, she used medical tape to secure the wires to her skin so they would not pull loose or pull the pad off the skin. As for the square pads, she peeled back a flap on the square and took a wire with a small black rectangle at the end of it and sandwiched it between the flaps on the square pad. For the 2 large pads, they used a 2 wire plastic male connector with a tab on it. Julie pushed the female end of 2 heaver duty wires into the male connectors with a loud click.

Julie gathered each bundle of wires into their own groupings. Julie then reached over and grabbed her latex suit. It was black, .75 mil thick. It had a couple of custom features for Julie. It had a small hole in the crotch for a catheter. There was also a small hole just below the belly button to allow the wires to pass out. There was a zipper that ran from the small of her back, through the crotch, ending at her belly button, allowing her to close the crotch area. However, even when the zipper was open, the crotch area was still sealed off from the outside by the rubber suit. The top of the suit opened into 2 flaps. One flap had a hole to pass through her neck, the flap going down her back. The other pulled over with an attached hood, arm holes and a bib.

First, Julie had to finish prepping herself. Julie ran a catheter up into her. She did not like butt plugs or enema tubes up her butt. However Julie had been on liquids for about a week, so she was pretty much empty. A couple days of laxatives made sure she was cleaned out. Next she inserted 2 earplugs in with wires attached. She had seen race car drivers have form fitting ear plugs, so she had some made. Recently, the electronics for noise cancelation had been shrunk down to the point that they were able to incorporate them into the earplugs. As soon as she put them in, her world became silent; she could not even hear her own breathing. Next up, Julie ran nose intubation tubes up into each nostril. One tube was larger than the other one, but both stretched her nose openings, causing a little pain. She took a little glue that she found in a costume shop that was used to secure rubber parts to human skin in special effects for movies. Julie took the flanges for the nose tubes and glued them to the outside of her nose.

Next, for Julie, it was time to put on the suit. She squirted a little lube down each leg and started to slip on the suit. The suit had attached feet, so she did not have to worry about spillage out the legs. Julie did not want the suit to keep slipping and sliding over her body so she used just enough to slide the suit on. She had to be careful because she did not want to rip off the pads on her legs. Even though the suit was on the thicker side, as Julie pulled the suit up and smoothed it out, you could still see the pads and wires running under the suit.

When Julie got to her hips, she attached a Y fitting to the cath. One end of the Y went to her blind pouch urine bag. She had found the largest bag possible that would fit inside her when full. The other end of the Y went into the cath she already inserted inside herself. She attached a tube to the tail end of the Y and passed that through the suit. Before pulling the suit up, she stuffed the bag up her blind pouch and glued the tube coming out of the suit to the hole, sealing it to the suit. The tube coming out of the suit had a valve on it, allowing Julie to empty herself without having to take the suit off.

The suit was also tight enough that she did not have to tape the bag inside her. Next she fed all of the wires, even the earplug wires, through the hole just inside the crotch zipper, at belly button level. All of the cords had connections at the end of them and were just long enough to reach the crotch area. Julie also glued the wires to the hole in the suit. Julie had tried electrical stimulation in the past, however she was going to take it to the next level sometime in next couple of weeks. The crotch of the suit pressed up tight to her crotch. So much so, you could see the tubing running around if looked up between her legs.

Next Julie squirted just enough lube down the arms of the suit to pull them on, not having to worry about spillage due to the attached gloves. Like the legs, the suit was tight enough that you could see an outline of all of the pads and wires on her arms. Finally she pulled the 2 flaps over her head, overlapping each other, sealing her inside the suit. Though normally she would stop there, but this time she grabbed a bottle of industrial rubber cement, the stuff that they used on dry suits. She lifted the flap over her chest and smeared, the best she could, a line from 1 seam to the other and pressed down. Now she was sealed inside of her suit. The only openings to the outside world were the face area of the hood and the cath in her crotch. The body of the suit was so tight, her custom compression suits would be loose on her. This was her “base suit”. Her intent was to stay inside the suit for almost the whole time. She had plenty of adventures planed.

The party was that night. Julie saw the posting for the party a few weeks ago. She was not going to go, but then, since she was on “vacation” to see if there were any last minute tickets available. She replied to the e-mail, asking if there were any tickets left. After she sent the e-mail off, she started to watch some rubber videos she had down loaded. She was not a fan of the sex-in-rubber, penis sucking, or, in general, lewd videos. However she enjoyed watching videos of people in rubber doing “normal” every day stuff. Also a little bondage or dominance in rubber was ok with her too. About as racy as she liked to see was cuddling, hugging, pawing, and some slow, show off dancing. Within a few minutes, a reply came back. There were some tickets left and she could buy them online at a website and pick them up at the door of the venue. She pulled out her credit card and got the ticket.

Now, what to wear. She found a hooded, smoky black, transparent cat suit with tight wrists and tight ankles. The suit was loose, thanks to the other suit she was wearing. Julie did not want to use any lube or powder, so not to mar the transparency of the outer suit. Getting the suit on was a little struggle, due the suit not sliding over the other suit very well. Once she smoothed the suit out, she put on her black rubber riding boots. Julie stood in front of the mirror. Through the outer suit, you could still see the inner suit, with all the pads and wires running inside.

Julie still could not hear due to her ear plugs, so she fed the earplug wire out, of the crotch area, attached an extension wire, and plugged the extension into a box. This box she stuffed into the top of one of her boots, between the two suits. Another wire came out of the box. This wire ended in a microphone. This wire ran up inside the suit, and out around her face. She then clipped it to the outer suit just below her neck. It did not give her full hearing, but enough to carry on a conversation. Julie then grabbed a mini electrical stimulator and plugged in the wire to the round pads. It would not give her the same jolt as the TENS unit, but it gave a nice kick. She stuffed this unit into her other boot, also between the suits. Julie then zipped herself up into the transparent suit. She grabbed a black, full head Russian gas mask, ball gloves, an over coat, her car keys, and was out the door.

The trip to the party took about 45 minutes in the just after rush hour traffic. She got to the venue and saw several other people walking to the door. Julie got out and went to the door. She told the door man, who was dressed in a black, skin tight, polo shirt, that showed off his massive arms and washboard stomach, that she had a ticket on will call at the door. The doorman checked her name on his clipboard and let her in. “You are cleared,” he said. “There is a lanyard with your ticket hanging from it to your left at the coat check. Please keep it on at all times. We have had people open the fire doors and let people in in the past.” Julie kissed her hand and gave the doorman a pat on the cheek, and went in.

Julie went to the coat check and got her ticket. She also dropped off her coat and started to get ready to go inside. Julie pulled on her Russian gas mask, then started put on her ball gloves. The coat check lady, who was dressed in a newer Star Trek uniform, in rubber, helped Julie buckle up the straps on the wrists. Once this was done, Julie walked into the party.

The party was more like a rave. There were about 250 of the Tri-State Area’s purvey rubber lovers. There was, of course, your normal group of doms and domatrixes, some with slaves. Other people running around in various states of rubber dress, from barely there suits with exposed breasts, to full, heavy rubber, hazmat suits. Julie just started to mingle around with the crowd. This was her first time a party, and she did not know anybody else that was into rubber, so she just floated around, trying to pick up on conversations.

After a few minutes she felt a tap on her shoulder. She had to suppress her urge to swing around and clock the person. She turned and there was a female, dressed in a catsuit minus a hood. This allowed her large mane of dark red hair to flow around her face. She also had and an over the breast to waist corset cinched down. “I tried to get your attention,” she said, “but you could not hear me.”

Julie tapped her “paw” to her ears and then to the microphone on her chest. “Oh, you are earpluged too. I was wondering, because when you were backlit, I saw the inner suit had a bunch of bumps and lines running around. What are they?” Julie said, in a muffled voice, “Can you hear me ok?”

The female said, “A little restricted, but I should be able to make it out. Why don’t you come over here and sit down with us.” The female waived her arm to a half circle booth with a low table. Sitting around the table were several other people. Some you could tell if they were male or female. One you could tell was a male cross dresser, and a couple you could not tell who they were. Julie took her up on her offer.

As Julie walked over to the booth and sat down, the loud music suddenly died down to almost nothing. Julie started to reach down and check her mike unit, under her suit, to make sure it did not die on her. The female reached over and took Julie’s paw. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Its noise cancelation. It can be turned from nothing up to where it blocks all outside noise from outside this area. This way we can have a conversation without having to yell over the music. By the way, I’m Amy.”

Amy introduced the rest of the group. The last one she introduced was dressed in an orange and black heavy rubber suit with what looked like a Russian or Chinese high altitude pressure suit grafted on to it. The suit also had a backpack on with a couple of tubes going from the backpack to the front of the suit and a box at the chest level. The suit looked like it was cut tight to the person’s body and it looked kind of stiff. “We call this one Space Cadet,” Any said. “Space, here can’t talk, we do not even know what gender is inside the suit. All we know that Space is gagged. Just does hand gestures.”

“So,” Amy said, “what is up with your get up?” Julie started to explain about the wires under the suit. Everybody was intrigued. Even Space gave her a couple thumbs up. Julie did not say anything about her blind pouch or the bag up there. By the time she was done, her jaw was killing her, having to stretch against the rubber of the hood to talk.

Julie was thinking about pulling the hood off to relax her mouth when a fight that had started outside their booth spilled into their area. One of the fighters had on a dog collar which brushed up against Julie. The spike on the collar ripped the outer suit. The guys kept on fighting in the booth area knocking over drinks and a couple of Julie’s boothmates. Julie shoved her arms towards Amy. “Take these off,” Julie said.

Amy quickly unbuckled Julie’s ball gloves and pulled them off. Julie then reached up and pulled off her gas mask. Julie grabbed one of the guys, put him into an arm bar control hold and slammed him against the table, causing the table to collapse under the weight. “Stay down!!” Julie said to the guy. The other guy started to come towards them, from Julie’s rear. Julie delivered a back kick to the other guy’s chest, lifting him off the ground and right into the arms of a couple of bouncers. Two more bouncers showed up and took the guy Julie was holding down. Julie was breathing a little heavy, but she felt great. Then Julie examined her suit. “Shit,” Julie said, “I have to go out and take this suit off.” Julie was hoping that the under suit was not torn or anything was loosened against her skin.

Julie gathered up her gloves and mask and made her way out to her car. She sat down and took off her boots and then unzipped and removed her outer suit. She was lucky and found a belt in her car. She cinched the belt around her mid-section and then clipped the microphone and electrical unit to that. While she was clipping the stuff to her belt, she felt some pinging the back of her leg and heard a far off sound of gravel hitting the ground. She turned around and found Space Cadet standing there, a good 15 to 20 feet away from her. Space was just finishing up delivering another kick of gravel towards Julie.

Julie said, “Your smart, I might have hit you if you came up right on me and tried to get my attention by touching me.” Space stood there while Julie started to examine herself, looking for tears or any damage to her main suit, or any lose wiring or pads. Julie tried to use the car mirror to check her back. Space came a little closer to Julie. Space used 2 fingers to point to the face shield of the helmet then ran 1 hand up and down the back of the suit. “Oh,” Julie said, “You will check my back for tears. O.K.” Julie turned her back towards Space. Space checked Julie’s back, legs and snuck a peak at her crotch, finding no damage. Space turned Julie around and gave her the O.K. symbol, letting her know there were no tears in the suit.

Space pointed to her electrical unit on her belt, then did a little body shiver, cocking the head to one side. “Oh,” Julie said, “you are asking if that is an electrical stimulation unit? Yes it is. It is attached to several pads around my body, even a couple on my head.” Space put a gloved hand up in the air and pointed up. Space then touched the one of the large pads on Julie’s side. Julie said “Like I said earlier, those are the heavy duty pads and they only hook up to the defib unit.”

Space gave an O.K. symbol. Space then reached up to the box on the chest of the suit. Space opened the side up and pointed inside. Julie looked inside, seeing a bunch of wires running around inside. She also saw a similar electrical stimulation unit attached inside the box. This unit had wires going to buttons on the outside of the box and the charge delivery wires leaving the box via a tube and attaching to the suit a few inches away from the box via some sort of quick connect.

“Ohhh,” Julie said, “you are wired too. So we might have to charge each other up tonight, huh?” Space gave that three separate, double fisted thumbs up.

Julie and Space had made their way back into the venue and back to the table. Julie decided to leave the mask and gloves in the car, so she was wearing just her base suit she started the week in. Since Julie was unmasked, she started to drink. The first subject that was brought up was the fight and what she did to the two guys. A couple of people in the group asked where she leaned those moves. Julie lied and said she use to do martial arts when she was a kid and it came back all of a sudden. Julie did not want to reveal she was a police officer. Space looked at her, pointed an index finger at her and then took the other index finger and ran it across the top of the first at a 90 degree angle several times. This was the symbol of you just did something bad. Did Space know she was lying and how did Space know?

After another hour of talking and listening between the guests, Amy said, “O.K. who’s got anything special on? Julie, are those tubes going up your nose? I know you have an electrical stimulation unit. Go ahead and turn it on.” Julie thought, what the heck. Julie reached down and pressed a few buttons on the unit. She brought it up to about ½ power, and to the pulse setting. It would deliver about 10 pulses in about 5 seconds and stop for a random amount of time, then restart. You could see the muscles twitching under the suit and around Julie’s face. The action was not enough to affect Julie’s ability to talk or listen.

Space, on the other hand, decided to take it all the way. Space reached down and pressed a few buttons on the chest box. Space’s body stiffened up like a board. Julie thought Space must have the power really cranked up. After about 5 or 6 seconds, Space’s body relaxed. About 30 seconds later, Space’s body stiffened up again. After 15 seconds, Space relaxed for about 1 minute. Space then stiffened up for about 2 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, stiffen up for 2 seconds, relax for 5 seconds. This went on for about 15 cycles. Everybody was staring at Space by this time. After that session, Space reached up and pressed a few buttons on the box. Space leaned back in the booth, legs splayed out, arms out to the side, looking like Space was tired out.

Amy grabbed Julie and pulled her up. “Come on,” Amy said, “let me look at something.” Amy moved Julie over next to Space and sat her down. Amy opened Space’s chest box and looked inside. “O.K.,” Amy said, “this will work.” Amy unplugged a wire from Julie, unplugged the lead from Space’s unit and plugged Julie’s lead in. Julie saw this, and tried to stop Amy from doing it. However 2 of the booth mates grabbed Julie and held her arms. Julie saw Amy punch some numbers on Space’s chest box. That was the last thing Julie remembered.

When Julie came to, she did not know how long she was out. A guy wearing rubber scrubs and a rubber doctor’s coat was kneeling over her, as well as a female in a white cat suit with red crosses all over it, and a white rubber nurses hat. She looked over and saw Amy with her head in her hands. Julie began to sit up. The doctor asked Julie, “How do your feel?” Julie continued to rise up until she was in a sitting position. The doctor asked again, “How do you feel?”

Julie could not hear anything. Julie then felt a slight shock. Julie reached down and grabbed her electrical stimulation unit. It was still plugged in. The electrical stimulation unit and the microphone unit had similar plugs. Amy had plugged the headphone jack into Space’s electrical stimulation unit and turned it on. With the plugs in her ears, it was like getting an Electrical Convulsive Therapy shock to the brain.

Julie looked to the doctor, pointed to her ears and said “I can’t hear you. I think my ear buds are fried.” The doctor started to pull Julie’s hood off of her head. This exposed her bald head to the cool air in the room. It also revealed the pads and ear plugs that Julie had on her head. The doctor tugged on one of the ear plugs. It came out with some pain. Julie could hear some tearing and scratching as the ear plug came out.

“Looks some of the plastic melted inside your ear. It looks like your electronics inside the ear bud amplified the already hot charge coming from the TENS unit.” The doctor proceeded to take the second ear plug out with the same results. “How about now,” the doctor asked. Julie said, “Better, but not as well as normal.”

The doctor said, “O.K. I am actually an ear, nose and throat doctor. I’m going to give you a quick once over.” The doctor gave Julie a quick neuro exam. “You are ok for now, but you are done for the night. I want you to go home and rest for the night. Here is my card. Come on by in the morning and I’ll check your ears and pull any plastic out. Who knows, we might be able to set you up a better way to allow yourself to run tubes up your nose. Did you come with anybody?” Julie replied no.

The doctor said for her to find some way to get home. It was then Space walked up and put one hand to his chest and then made a steering wheel motion with both hands. “Are you sure? I saw you taking a few jolts earlier.” Space took an index finger and thumb and held them about ½ apart, indicating that the jolts were small. “O.K., just be careful.”

Space grabbed the doctor and pulled him away from Julie. Space then pointed to the waist area of the suit. There were several boxes lining the belt on Space’s suit. The doctor opened one and pulled out a cell phone. Space pointed to the phone and then pretended to drag a finger across it. The doctor saw that Space wanted him to unlock the cell phone. Space pointed to a couple of spots on the screen and the doctor opened them. Space pointed to the screen and them to the chest of the suit.

“Oh,” the doctor said, “you are having me open your cell phone so I know who you are in case something happens to her. O.K.” The doctor punched a few buttons on the phone. “I sent a text to my phone with your information. Will you be bring her to my office?” Space did a shoulder shrug. “O.K., just get her home and to bed,” said the doctor.

While this was going Julie could not see the cell phone screen. Julie stood up. Julie felt a little queasy and started to sway a little. The nurse grabbed Julie’s arm and steadied her. “Hold on,” the nurse said, “take it easy. I use to work at a mental hospital and it looks you took a good shot to the brain. You looked like some of our mental patients after we zinged them.”

Julie said, “I’m O.K., I just need to find a way home.”

The nurse said, “I think your friend in the space suit is going to take you home.”

Julie said, “I don’t know who that is.”

The nurse reached down to belt and pulled a cell phone out of a pouch. The nurse looked at it, then looked towards the doctor. Julie saw the doctor point to his cell phone then to Space. The nurse said, “My husband just texted me some information that I think belongs to whoever that is. So, we both know, in case something happens to you. We will be expecting you sometime tomorrow, so if you do not show up, the police know where to start. It would be stupid for this person to let people know who they are if they are going to be up to no good.” Julie thought that would the first place she would look, the victims last contact.

The doctor walked Space over to Julie and the nurse. “O.K.,” said the doctor, “you go home and rest and I’ll see you whenever you get into the office.” The doctor and the nurse then took each other’s hand and walked away. Space then took Julie’s arm and then walked towards the door. Julie was still a little unsteady on her feet. Amy ran up to them. “Oh my God,” Amy said, “I’m so sorry, I did not mean to do that, I just wanted you to go a little bigger.” Julie kept walking and gave Amy a wave of her hand. Julie really did not want to talk to Amy right now.

Space took Julie to her car. As they were walking, Space pointed to Julie’s head and made scissor like motion with his fingers. Julie said, “Cut? Oh you mean haircut. Yeah I had it all taken off for my stint in the suit. How did you know I cut my hair?” Space pointed to an eye and then spread both arms wide.

Julie said, “Where is your car?” Space pointed to Julie’s car, made the steering wheel symbol, made the telephone symbol, then made a circle with both arms and pointed to the ground. Julie said, “You are going to drive me home, call someone and come back.” Space nodded yes the best that could be done in the suit. Julie said, “Well, you are not driving with the helmet on, your vision is limited, and what would happen if you crash my car with that on?” Space looked at her and then slapped the heal of a hand against the forehead of the helmet. Space reached up to the box on his chest and pressed a button. While Julie was near Space throughout the night, she could feel a pressure or vibration. When Space pressed the button, the vibration went away.

Space reached up and unclipped the helmet from the base ring. When Space did that, where was loud whoosh, the helmet almost jumped out of Space’s hands, and the suit went a little limp. Space had been under pressure the whole time during the party. Space laid the helmet on the hood of the car. Space’s head was covered with an orange hood with attached black face that looked almost human. The eyes were clear vinyl, but the rest of the face was rubber. The mask had a nose and a rubber lined mouth. The teeth in the mouth were colored white and the tongue was colored red and the mouth was held open a little. This acted as a gag.

Space ran a finger along the neck line, where the undersuit and hood separating them and getting fingers under the hood. Space then started to pull the hood off. Space turned away from Julie while the hood was worked over the back of the head to the front. It looked like the hood was still attached to the front somewhere. Space reached up to the nose and pulled 2 tubes out of the nose and pulled the rubber mouth out with a loud sucking sound. Space then turned towards Julie.

It was John! John was standing there with the big black eye and large bruise on his cheek. Julie actually got scared for a second. John said, “Hey there, calm down. You already went through some hell tonight and I was trying to spare you some more. I thought I’d revealed myself, you might think I was going to extract some sort of revenge on you. Don’t worry about it. Why do you think I said “again” when you tazed me the first time?” Julie nodded.

John said, “Come on, let’s get you home. John removed his backpack, belt and front box, but left the rest of the suit on. John reached to the backpack and flipped a switch. “I had a shrunk down sound deadening system that the club has installed in the backpack. That way you could not hear the air blower.” Julie climbed into the passenger seat and John into the drivers. “Where to m’lady?” John said. Julie chucked, “Just go straight, I’ll tell you where to turn.” With that Julie and John took off.

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