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The Trip

by latexsubmale

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Storycodes: F/m; mpov; latex; mast; buttplug; catsuit; hood; bond; cuffs; inflatable; toys; sex; clamps; cons; X

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She released me from my bonds and said, “Well, I know you are a rubberist so I am interested in how that works. Put on your full catsuit, the one that has crotch and nipple zippers and hood. Then put your restraints back on.” She then sat in her chair again and began to use the Hitachi wand on herself as she watched me.

I peeled off the rubber shorts, groaning as I eased the anal probe out of me. That seemed to amuse her. “Don’t worry slave,” she said over the buzzing of the wand, “I think I can find something to replace that.”

I pulled the catsuit on. It was a shoulder zip with attached gloves and socks and the hood was attached at the front, zipping up the back. The suit had a codpiece that snapped on but could be replaced with different codpieces having various attachments. Currently I just had the plain one on. The suit also had a zipper on the butt and over the nipples so that any area on me could be accessed. All zippers had the ability to be locked. The hood was a system hood with snaps that could have a blindfold or one of various gags attached. 

I moved close to her and asked for her help to zip the hood closed. She then locked the zippers in place so I was now locked in rubber until she decided to let me out. She then had me reattach the restraints to my wrists and ankles and called me over to her. She held up the inflatable, vibrating butt plug in front of my face.

“So you’ve never worn this?”

“No Ma’am and I have to say I purchased that in a bit of lust but looking at it now, I am not so sure. In fact, I am afraid I can’t take it.”

She smiled and said, “Oh hun, don’t worry about that. I will make sure you take it, even as I,” and she began to squeeze the inflator bulb, “pump… it... up... inside... you. And then this...” She turned on the vibrator, so this hugely inflated plug was buzzing away in front of my eyes. She laughed. She released the pressure and stopped the vibrations of the plug.

“Bend over slave,” she commanded. I felt cool air on my ass as she unzipped my rear zipper. Her rubber gloved hand moved in and began to probe my ass. Her glove was covered in lube and she pushed more and more of it into me. Then I felt the tip of the plug pressing against my asshole! Then she slowly began to push in then out, then in a bit deeper. She was fucking me with the plug!

I moaned and said, “Please Mistress.”

She laughed and said, “Please what? That's not very clear, do you want me to stop, or do more? I vote more, and only my vote counts, sooo...” and she pushed it in until it was all the way in, right to the base. I moaned again but that just increased her lust, her desire, to tease and torment me and force orgasms from me.

She began to pump it up and I groaned as it filled my ass. She tugged on the tube and it was clear that it was not going to slip out. She closed the zipper leaving the inflator bulb and vibrator outside the catsuit. 

She directed me to lay back on the rubber-sheeted bed. Once again, she attached my restraints to the tethers and then went around and tightened each one until I was totally helpless. Of course this is what we both wanted. 

After watching me get rubbered up and locking me into my rubber prison, all while pleasuring herself with the Hitachi wand, she was horny. Not just horny, but horny in the extreme. She came over and draped herself over me beginning another make out session.

We continued to just make out for at least another half hour. I say “make out” as if it was something simple. No, it was super intense. For one thing, she had me locked in rubber, plugged and restrained. I was helpless to her kissing attacks and she assaulted my mouth with hers. She held my head as she snaked her tongue deep in and around inside my mouth. I could barely catch a breath between her frenzied attacks. However, this is exactly what I had dreamed of and she could tell its effect on me as my cock stretched out the rubber catsuit more and more as she went along.

At one point she pulled back a bit and said, “I like to kiss.”

I responded by pressing against her lips and moving my tongue deep inside her mouth. But I was still restrained so she pulled back a bit to break the kiss, looked me in the eyes and put a hand on my chin and another above my mouth and held me tight, leaned forward to me and renewed her feeding frenzy of lust.

She moved up and fed her nipple to my eager mouth. I sucked and licked with a renewed lust. As I did so, her hand went to my nipple zip. She unzipped it and began to rub my defenseless nipple but when I sucked hers harder, she began to pinch and pull it. She rested her other hand on my rubber covered cock. Then she confirmed what I had told her before, that my nipples were hard-wired to my cock because the more she tormented my nipple, the more my cock pushed out from its rubber prison.

She put a rubber encased pillow under my head and positioned it so that my head was elevated and looking down towards my feet. She climbed on the bed and moved to lay on top of me, her head towards my feet and with her legs on either side of my head. This placed her pussy over my face and the pillow served to keep my face buried in her wetness. My tongue and lips began to gently worship her wetness. She was so turned on, she was actually dripping into my mouth. Then she pushed down onto my face at the same time she turned on the vibrations in the plug. I increased my speed with my tongue, trying to suck all her juices. She tasted so wonderful that my desire and lust grew as fast as my cock. 

Oh yeah, my cock. She unsnapped the codpiece and my cock popped through, still slick from its time being held inside the rubber; the expanding and vibrating plug buried in me was pressing against my prostate, causing me to leak precum in a constant flow so she had a lot of lube to work with. Now she discovered a new use for my cock. Like a video game joystick, she could tilt it in different directions to guide where she wanted my tongue to go. She guided me well as suddenly a flood of her juices flowed into my mouth when she came again. I slurped and sucked in and swallowed as much as I could. I pressed in as hard as I could into her wetness. I so loved her taste and I could not get enough of it. She slid around on my now slick hood and the combination of the slippery rubber and my hungry tongue drove her into a cycle of multiple orgasms, thus coming close to drowning me. I wanted more! I did everything I could with my tongue to keep her cumming. I wanted it all!

After she became sensitive and got off me. She moved to the dresser and picked up a pair of nipple clamps. With a smile, she climbed onto me, straddling my waist, found my cock and slid it into her wetness with a sigh. I should point out that a week before my trip, we had both been tested for STDs. We then agreed to be celibate until I arrived. This way, we did not have to bother with condoms unless our play was centered on wearing one. She rode my cock slowly as she unzipped my other nipple zip and attached the nipple clamps to me. She then tugged on them, making sure they were snug. They were the clover style clamps which would clamp tighter if the chain was pulled. She then took a matching pair and attached one to her nipple then looped her chain around my chain and then attached the other one to her other nipple. If she leaned over me, there was slack on the chains. As she straightened out, the interwound chains pulled on both our clamps making them squeeze our nipples tightly at the same time. The more she moved around, the more she caused nipple torment for each of us. As I was soon to find out, the pinch of nipple clamps turned her into an insatiable, passionate nymphomaniac. She reached around and grabbed the vibrator control. The plug in me came to life, pressing against my prostate. 

“Oh god I can feel the vibrations through you!,” she gasped as her face was filled with lust as she rode me. Her pussy felt so hot and wet to me. She rode me hard and the more passion she showed, the closer I was to cumming in her. She straightened out and screamed as she came as her pussy juices became a waterfall around my cock. I could no longer hold back and added my load to her juicy pussy. It was a good thing we still had the rubber sheets on as I was now squirming in a slippery pool of our combined sex juices. 

She calmed down a bit as she unclamped the clamps from both of us. To my surprise, she began a slow crawl up to my head. Her legs moved either side of my head, her wetness almost touching my nose. As she looked down into my eyes she said,”Ready to clean up our mess?”

I shook my head no. I said “No, please Mistress, I have never had to clean up that much cum before.”

“Well,” she said, “This is a night of firsts for you. You are about to get your first cream pie.”

That one activity I did not exclude in my limits and was still open to explore: cream pies. If you are wondering what that is, here is a brief explanation. A male and female fuck without a condom. The male cums inside the female. His cum is mixed with her juices inside her and she has him clean her out with his tongue. The theory is that he expects to cum in her mouth during oral sex so why shouldn’t he experience it as well. In my case, I don’t want to eat a cream pie but the thought of being forced to do so seems a dirty turn on and a way to show my total submission. This is if it is only my own cream pie and I was being forced to do so despite my pleas. I had listed eating someone else’s cream pie as beyond my limits.

She slid forward onto my mouth. My tongue could not help itself because although I did not want to taste my cum, I so wanted to taste hers.

“Clean me slave,” she commanded as she began to grind onto my tongue. I was so turned on, I did not notice my cum much, I just wanted to make her cum again so she would gush into my mouth. When she did, I sucked her harder and pushed as deep as I could into her lust filled vortex. She grabbed my head and violently fucked my face. My rubber hood was slippery with her juices allowing her to move around to get maximum pleasure. Our room was filled with the smell and sounds of hot sex. She rode my tongue hard until she had cum several more times. She kept the butt plug vibrating deep within me during her face ride. We were in heaven.


To be continued...

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