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The Trip

by latexsubmale

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; toys; anal; oral; bond; cuffs; spreadeagle; cons; X

After months of communicating by email, phone and FaceTime, I was almost to the point where the interaction would be physical. It was a long drive and I felt more nervous and at the same time more scared with each mile traveled. Then… I was there. I walked up to the front door to find it slightly ajar. A woman’s voice from inside said, “Come in.”

I walked into the interior and found her standing there. She was exactly like her pictures, a large curvy woman with luscious breasts and a commanding stance. Just what I so desired. I hope she would feel the same about me although she had seen pictures beforehand so she knew I was a BHM. We stood there just finally looking at each other then moved together in preparation for a kiss. This would be an important kiss.

Before I began the journey, I had gone over my limits and she had agreed to honor them. I had also heard her limits and agreed to them although as I pointed out, I would rarely be in a position to lead, as she would be directing all the action. For these reasons, we agreed to no “safe words” thus allowing her any actions within my limits regardless of any protests from me. We would be relying on my body language tempered with her bursts of lust. So as I walked into her home, I would be sealing my fate with a kiss, which would signify our acceptance of our agreement. 

We moved together, her breasts pressing against me. Our arms went around each other, squeezing the other closer. Our lips met and as a preview of our future, her tongue took charge and thrust deeply into my mouth. I sucked it in deeper, caught up in a passionate dance of slippery lust as her hands went to my nipples, squeezing them tightly until I was moaning into her mouth.

She released me and said,”Go get your bags.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied, and with my erection tenting out my pants, I went and retrieved my luggage from the car. When I came back in, she had me go and put them on the bed. She had me unpack them in front of her.

As I unpacked, she directed me which pile to put it in. One was a vanilla clothes pile, one was a rubber pile and the third was a kinky toy pile. With each latex garment, she had me hold it up and explain it. With the toys, I also had to give a graphic explanation of how I saw it used. I also explained that some of the more extreme items I had purchased on a whim of hope, but I was not sure if I really wanted to use them in the cold light of day. 

She picked up one item, still in its wrapper. It was an inflatable, vibrating butt plug.

“Have you ever used one of these?” she asked.

I explained that in fantasy, I wanted to use it but in reality, I was an anal virgin. She held up a pair of rubber shorts that had a rubber anal probe in the seat. 

“What about these?”

I said I had never worn them, because the probe looked so big.

She looked at me and said very calmly, “understand this. I believe that if you buy a toy and don’t use it, that is wasteful. So these will all be used, multiple times. You may not like it the first time but we will see how you feel by the third time. Because having a cock and not cumming is wasteful too. And having me here and not making me cum is wasteful too. So your mouth, your cock, your nipples and your ass will be used and enjoyed by me making you squirm and making you cum. So now you will put all the toys on the dresser, make the bed with the rubber sheets you brought, put the restraints on the bed and strip naked.”

I did so as she watched me. She sat in a chair in the corner and played with herself with a Hitachi wand as she watched. She came several times as she watched me prepare the bed. When I was done, she remarked, “Tell me again how you got into rubber.”

I explained that when I was a young man and even now, loved cunnilingus. I loved to make a woman cum with my tongue. The wetter they got or the more they came would make me hard and the longer I buried my tongue in them, especially if they locked their legs around my head or shoulders, I would start to drip precum. Eventually I would cum without touching my cock, just from the taste and feel of the pussy my face was buried in. Well one girlfriend got tired of me cumming on her sheets, so she got me a pair of rubber pants and the rest is history.

She held open the rubber pants with the probe and told me to step in. I did and she pulled them up my legs until the probe was nudging my ass. She had me bend and proceeded to lube up the dildo. She placed it’s slick tip against my asshole and slowly, almost gently, pushed it in. I began to protest, to tell her I changed my mind and so forth but she guided it in. I groaned as she did so until it was fully seated whereupon she pulled the shorts up to my waist.

“There,” she said, “you are no longer an anal virgin,. She had me stand up and pushed at the base of the dildo to make sure it was in place when she noticed the tenting at the front of the pants. “Seems like someone likes having their ass invaded.”

She had me lie on the bed while she stripped. She joined me and she put her hand in her pussy and got it slick, then rubbed her juices over her nipples. I spent the next 15 minutes cleaning her breasts with my tongue. We then began a 30 minute make out session with deeply probing tongue on both sides although we soon discovered that I loved when she almost rammed her tongue deep into my mouth, overpowering mine. 

She then ordered me to move down and take care of her pussy. She pulled the rubber top sheet over us so her head and shoulders were out but I was in a rubber world that was intensified by the smell of her wet pussy. I began to worship her wetness and she responded with even more. I wanted to suck up all her juices as she tasted so good. Her legs locked my head in place and she fucked my face to several explosive orgasms. She just tasted so fucking good!

When we started, the rubber bed sheets were cool to the touch, now they were holding in the heat of us both and her scent which drove me to higher levels of lust. My tongue explored her wetness, trying its best to entice even more gushing that I could lap up. I think she came six or seven times, while I came twice. It was a good thing I wore the rubber to contain it. The probe buried in my ass moved in and out a bit as I moved and this drove me over the edge too. My response was to lick faster. So a win-win situation.

She wanted to rest a bit so she had me move to the center of the bed on my back. She then got up and fastened the restraints to my wrists and ankles until I was in a spread-eagled position. Then she moved around one more time and retightened each tether strap until I could only squirm. I was still wearing my rubber dildo pants and she pressed on the outside of my rear to make sure it was still in place. I groaned as she did so.

She lay next to me, sort of draped over me with her naked body as she began to kiss me. The kiss started gently, but gradually progressed until her tongue was assaulting mine again. Then she pulled back and said, “You taste like my pussy. I need to add something, so let's see if these pants worked.”

She lifted the front of the pants outward and snaked her hand inside. “Oh my, it's all gooey in here. Just what I was looking for.”

She moved her hand around the inside of the pants and my cock. Then the next thing I knew, her dripping hand was in front of my face. 

“Open wide,” she said with a grin. I kept my mouth closed and shook my head no.

“Open wide… slave,” she demanded. When I still did not comply her other hand pinched my nose shut. As soon as I opened my mouth to breath, her gooey, cum covered fingers dove in as she commanded me to clean them. I had no choice, although a part of me desired to be used by this dominant woman. Once I had sucked and licked her fingers clean of my cum, she began to deeply kiss me again.

“That’s better,” she said, “the taste of our mixed juices is a powerful and delightful aphrodisiac, making me even more horny. I have so many things and ways in which I want to torment your helpless body. You know you will not get much rest this week, don’t you?”

“That is my hope, my Mistress. I am here to give you as much pleasure as I can.”


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