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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 8: Epilogue

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from Chapter Seven


Chapter 8: Epilogue

It didn’t take long to get back, being Sunday afternoon, but Tim had not returned. I put away the riding costume, but stayed in my dom outfit, I didn’t really want to remove it. I made a pot of tea and settled down for half an hour, but I kept looking at the box. It was acting like a magnet to me, and finally I had to open it.

On the top of the box was a tray and lying inside on brushed velvet were a series of curved lenses and mouth inserts. The lenses were about an inch in diameter and I looked through them. One pair was completely blacked out, rendering the wearer blind, the second were just normal lenses but the third and fourth pair were distorted, one making the images larger and closer and the second the images further away. These would be very discomfiting to wear, I thought.

There were several mouth inserts and I use that term as they were not all gags. There was an insert that looked like two boxer gum shields sealed together. They were made of hard rubber and these would cover the upper and lower teeth but allow the wearer to breathe through the gap between them. There was a “normal” cock–shaped gag, a large ball gag and a nasty looking cock shaped gag with attached tube to go down the throat. Now I lifted the tray out of the box to see the rest of the “gift”.

My heart leapt as I looked down and saw a pony’s head lying in the box.

I gingerly lifted it out. It was made of heavy black rubber in the exact shape of a horse’s, or more realistically, a pony’s head. The snout was not too long, but had two nostril holes at the end and of course a long, wide mouth, complete with rubber teeth and rubber tongue. At the rear there was a zip with rubber flaps covering it. It had a long rigid collar that would fit snugly around a human neck. At the bottom of the collar there was a thicker strap with a connection at the rear resembling a car safety belt, where a metal section is pushed into its slot, and a red press button for release.

And it appeared that the head was to be for me to wear. I was a little frightened, but also excited that Monica had gone to all this trouble for me, her rubber pony. Now I understood why Monica wanted to drive me at the next races.

I then turned the rear zip open and looked inside. The interior was also in black rubber and formed to the exact shape of a human head. On the sides were padded areas adjacent to the two ears on the sides of the horse’s head. The two eye holes had channels at the edges to accommodate the insertion of the various lenses, and at the interior of the mouth there were similar ridges for the various mouth inserts. There were two short stubs for inserting into the nostrils and these connected to tubes all the way down the face to the horse’s nostrils.

There was a reinforced rubber slot on either side at the back of the horse’s mouth, and it was here that the bit would settle. This actually didn’t go into the wearer’s mouth on the inside but it would still be able to control the pony easily. There was no bridle, as there was really no need for one, if the wearer was wearing the pony’s head and a posture collar she would be easy to control with the bit, particularly if she was blind.

Clearly Monica had spent some time on the design of this fiendish mask, but I was very excited at the thought that she would want me to wear it at the next races. Once this was on the wearer’s head, she (me!) would be under the complete control of her mistress, the level of control depending on the lenses and the mouth insert used. This excited me and I could feel myself becoming damp between my legs at the thought.

I really wanted to try it on; I had to get the feel of it.

I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to run as fast with it on as I had with just a bridle and bit, but for me that was the challenge. Why didn’t she want me to try it on? Perhaps because she wanted to be the first to place it over my head, turning me into an obedient pony? Yes, probably I thought.

But having it in my hands, smelling the pungent rubber was almost irresistible. I thought I could give it a try for a couple of minutes, I wouldn’t tell Monica, and let her feel that she would still be the first. I looked at the lenses on the tray. Perhaps I should not get too fancy and just put in the normal lenses. I eased them into the eye holes of the helmet, it was a snug fit and they certainly wouldn’t fall out. Then the selection of the mouth insert. I had always a soft spot for the cock gag and carefully inserted this into the fitting on the inside of the mask. So, all was done.

Taking a deep breath I lowered my head into the smooth cool inside of the mask. I opened my mouth to accept the gag, feeling the familiar shape as it filled my mouth, trapping my tongue. I peered out through the lenses and although the snout affected my vision below me, all in all I could see quite well. I adjusted my face to the side a couple of times and the nostril stubs embedded themselves in my nostrils. I took in a big breath, and felt no obstruction, just smelt the comforting aroma of rubber.

Then I reached back and felt for the zip, and began to drag it slowly down, feeling the cock being pulled further back into my mouth as the mask got tighter. The high collar was rigid and tight, and once the zip was at the bottom all I had to do was slot the metal buckle into the slot on the other side of the mask. I found both ends and with a click they slotted together.

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. What a sight I was, from the neck down a latex dominatrix, black dress and gloves over a tight corselette, gunmetal stockings and of course latex panties. But from the neck up….a pony. I chuckled as I sucked on the thick cock stuffed in my mouth, and drew in the sweet scent of the rubber through the nostril stubs.

Yes, I thought to myself I could handle this mask all right. If I can see through the portals I would be fine. I would have to be careful of my footing as the nose of the mask impeded that a bit, but I was confident now. If my mistress decided to blind me of course, then I would be completely dependent on her and have to rely on my response to the reins.

I walked around the living room, moving my head from side to side, and getting the feel of the firm rubber covering my head. Breathing was fine, as a test I screamed into the gag, and a faint mmmm, was all that I could hear, so that worked well too! I was getting hot and excited in the mask and my dom costume, and ran my finger up and down the front of the Playtex ventilated panties. Oh god, I had to stop, Tim would be back some time and I had to get out of all the latex before he did.

I moved my hands to the back of the thick collar and felt for the button on the strap, pressed it and pulled the two ends apart….but they didn’t part. Did it again, press, pull, press, pull. Now wait a minute here, what’s going on? I pressed again, pushing hard on the button….nothing.

Shit, shit, fuck fuck, oh god, what the hell’s going on here, jeez. Nope, no good, no movement at all. Fuck, I stared at myself in the mirror and the blank face of the pony stared back, silent. Okay, I said, don’t panic, but Tim would be back later and frankly I didn’t want to explain this to him. Forlornly I dropped my hands and began to think. I was beginning to sweat in the mask but that didn’t bother me, neither did the ear pads, the gag was all right, goodness knows I have had gags in for longer, and I could breathe very easily.

I knew what I had to do, I had to phone Monica. I had her number and could call it, but how was I to communicate with her, gagged as I was? Well, I had to try it at least. I knew she would be royally pissed off with me but I had to do it. I looked in the mirror as I placed the phone in front of me and hit the buttons, then put the phone as close to my ear pad as I could, maybe I could hear something, anything.

I heard a very faint voice at the other end and immediately screamed into my gag, again and again. All I could hear was a series of mmm’s but I hoped that Monica would get the message. I continued to mmmm, until very faintly I heard the dial tone return. Had she heard me? I decided to repeat the call, and did the same again, feeling very silly as I looked in the mirror and saw a pony with a phone to its ear. Well, I had phoned twice, had she known who it was, I don’t know, all I could do was wait.

I sat in the living room, each second passing like a minute, what a fool I was, but the milk was spilt now and all I could do was wait, for either Monica or Tim, whoever arrived first. I couldn’t even take off my dom’s dress or gloves, I could step out of the stockings and panties but there didn’t seem much point. So I just sat there, in dom gear and pony head, what a sight I was.

After maybe an hour I heard a very faint familiar sound, of my own doorbell. I rushed to it and then stopped, I had better check who it was first, so I peeked out the curtains at the front door, and there stood Monica!

My heart leapt as I went to the door and opened it furtively. Monica laughed out loud at the sight I was and I grabbed her arm and dragged her in.

“Hahahaha, well you are a silly filly aren’t you? I warned you, I warned you, but no, you know better don’t you sweetie.” I heard her say faintly through the ear pads.

She was wearing the long cape with the hood I had last seen her in plus, I noted, long latex gloves and, when she spread the cape, just latex thigh boots with a back zip….and nothing else. I couldn’t believe she would have driven here dressed like that, but then she was Monica. She laughed when she saw me looking down at her exposed pussy.

“Well I knew it was you of course, so I came as I was, hahaha. Carol I knew your curiosity would get the better of you. It was only a matter of time before you discovered that the collar was self-locking, and I….have the key.” She had a shoulder bag under her cape and held up a tiny allen–like key. She put her hand on the side of the pony mask.

“Well Carol, you’ve had a while to get used to my present, by the way I think you look wonderful, although the dom outfit doesn’t quite go with it, so do you like it?” It was a silly question really as I was thoroughly gagged, but I nodded and mmmm’ed, which brought a smile from Monica. I pointed to my mask and mmm’ed again, but Monica seemed in no hurry to release me.

“You disobeyed me, didn’t you, my love? So you really do have to be punished, I think. This is not revenge from all the fun we’ve had over the last day, this is simple, I told you not to do something and you disobeyed. So let’s go upstairs and get more comfortable, shall we?” I moaned into my gag and shook my head violently. Didn’t she know that Tim would be coming at any time? If she did, then she didn’t seem to care.

Quickly she had me kneeling on my bed, my rear sticking out; she folded my skirt over my back and released the suspender straps from my stockings. Then she lowered my Playtex panties, exposing my bum hole and my ringed pussy. I heard her chuckle as she saw the juices smeared on the inside of the pants, but all I could do was look down the snout of the pony mask and moan through the gag. She came round to face me and from the bag she had taken off, brought out a strap-on dildo. She smiled and strapped it around her waist and thighs. With a small tube of lube she stroked the shaft until it was slippery and shiny.

“I have a feeling I don’t really need this lube, looking at your pants here, what a bad pony you are. But one that deserves to be covered, yes?”

I knelt obediently, wondering which hole was going to be abused, and then felt her finger rub my tender clit. Oh, that was nice I moaned. Then I felt her enter my moist, expectant pussy and I pushed back onto it. We quickly set up a familiar pleasant rhythm. I looked up into the mirrored door of my closet and saw a pony on all fours being shagged by a hooded, caped mistress, thrusting hard, her groin slapping the bare buttocks of the pony. I was aroused by this bizarre sight and continued to push back, wanting every inch of “her” inside me. It wasn’t long before I came, shaking and grunting into the hard cock gag.

Monica withdrew and before I collapsed on the bed she expertly slipped the key into my collar and opened the lock. She opened the zip and I pulled my head out of the pony mask. My face was dripping in sweat and although my mouth was a little sore from the gag, I felt wonderful. She tossed the pony head to the side and unstrapped the cock from around her waist, then lay down beside me. I was tired and lay on my back, the panties still around my knees, but I didn’t care. She lay on her side beside me, stroking my breast and nuzzling my neck. We said nothing for quite a while, just enjoying the moment. Finally I pulled my panties up, feeling the firm cool grip of the latex.

“Tim will be here soon, so…..”

“Yes.” Monica smiled. “I understand, I should go.” She got up and placed the strap-on in her bag, and the pony head in its box.

“I shall take all this with me, I will look forward to you wearing it on a later date, yes?”

“Of course, yes, in four weeks, I look forward to it. Look I’m so sorry Monica, but I just had to open it, it’s a wonderful gift and I love it, thank you so very much. Before you go would you like something to drink, some juice, maybe?”

“Hmm, that would be nice, my throat is a bit parched, and yours too, no doubt.” She laughed. We sat at the kitchen table, with our thoughts, when I heard Tim’s car pull up and then the front door open. Well, I thought this might be interesting. Monica was the picture of coolness, but I was a mix of emotions. He’d known I had been seeing Monica occasionally, not as often as I actually had, my mum of course and even Ann and Suzy.

But I don’t think he’d maybe understood the reason for all my visits. Anyway he looked a little startled as he came to the kitchen and saw Monica and me in all our rubber finery, me the perfect dom and Monica in hooded cape, gloves and thigh boots. There was, to say the least, a pregnant pause, and inevitably it was Monica who took control.

“Hello Tim, it’s been a long time since I saw you last, and under different circumstances, of course. It was when you wanted your wife to be rehabilitated, yes?”

“Er…yes, hi Monica, hi Carol, what are you all dressed….doing.” he sat down at the table.

“Oh come on Tim, let’s be adult about this. You sent her to me to turn her into a loving and obedient wife, without all the fights, which I think she became. She also got a taste for latex and bondage and role play. It’s all very inoffensive stuff Tim, but you don’t seem to be on the same page as her now, do you. It’s all a bit too much for you, which is sad.” Monica held my hand in hers now, and patted it gently.

“So Carol likes to dress up in latex, so what, she looks fabulous in it; and play the sub, or maybe the dom roll, what is so terrible about that? Nothing at all. Nothing at all, Tim. So I came over to chat and dress up, you’ve been away a lot recently Tim, and Carol needs some company.” Tim had nothing to say to that. I’m sure he could smell the sex on Monica and me. Two women in the same room smelling of latex and sex – well, I could certainly smell it.

“You’re right, Carol came back changed, but more than I thought she would be.” He leant back against the sinks, as if talking to himself, thinking it through.

“I understand that she is her own woman, and I can’t change that. Maybe I should ask for my money back, haha. No, she has changed and I haven’t, and there it is….I just…” But he dried up, staring at the table. Monica got up, patted him on the shoulder and said.

“I’ll leave you now, bye Tim, bye Carol, hope to see you soon. We have a date in a month, remember?” She leant down and kissed me on the mouth, without any shame, and left.

The next day, Tim and I separated.

But first, don’t jump to conclusions. The previous night’s meeting with Monica was not the trigger to this decision, it had been made before by Tim. It occurred to me that he had been spending a lot of time away on business and I suppose I was so involved with my new friends I never really thought more about it.

But, guess what? A couple of weeks after I had been returned to Tim, he “bumped into” an old college friend, Lynn, and they went for a coffee, and then a dinner, and blah blah, it moved on from there. He was finding it all too much, he told me that night, he liked a bit of bondage and a “bit” of latex, but this was all too much, all the planning, all the role playing. I explained that the anticipation, the dressing up was really important, a form of foreplay really, feeling the latex warm up, anticipating the scene to come, but he just wasn’t there.

Lynn and he were seeing each other “all the time” now, and he loved her. Well, should I have been surprised? No, not really. He had found someone with similar interests and they were mutually attracted to each other. He had cheated on me, but of course and I had cheated on him.

It was all very civilised, no shouting or screaming, just a realisation that our relationship had run its course, and we had changed. We were both sorry for that but there was no point in staying in it if neither of us (and this was true) was happy.

We filed papers within the week, irreconcilable differences, mutual parting and all that legal nonsense. Neither party contended it, neither party to blame. It was his decision to have me abducted and rehabilitated, and I had changed as a result of it. He partly blamed himself for that, and perhaps Monica, but he was adult enough to look to the future. Nothing was mentioned about my new “interests”.

Quickly he came round and took away his personal stuff, which wasn’t much, I got the feeling that he wanted to start afresh, and frankly I understood that. I bore him no grudges.

We had a few good years and we were thankful for that. We parted on good company. We agreed to sell the house, straight away, it was too big for me and I wanted to look for something smaller, I would move in with my mum and dad in the meantime.

That would be interesting, I thought, maybe I would get to dom my dad!

Most of the furniture went into the sales, and we decided to split the proceeds, there was no argument over anything, we both were keen to move on. Amazingly the house sold quickly and with a quick closing. Two weeks after the eventful night, I had moved to my old bedroom at mum’s, waiting for the proceeds from the sale of the house to come through within another month, as I looked for an apartment. Something like Ann’s would be nice I thought.

Staying at mum’s was a bit awkward at first. They of course had their routine, and I was at first not really part of that. Mum and dad were very sorry that I was divorcing, but neither seemed too surprised. They had both seen a huge change in me, and of course my interests. I hadn’t called Monica with the news, I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I was looking forward to being her pony in two weeks, and I had continued to run in the mornings from mum’s house. I’m sure she knew what had happened from the grapevine, but she didn’t call, no doubt thinking I needed to be with my own thoughts for a while.

I did find a nice apartment and discussed this with mum and dad, whether to make an offer subject to me receiving my proceeds from the sale of our place. Mum and dad thought hard on it, but said it was my decision, which it was. One evening, sitting in the living room, all of us dressed in latex, a funny sight I suppose, the phone rang. Mum answered and handed it to me, smiling.

“It’s for you.” I took the phone and said hello.

“Come and live with me.” Was all I heard, nothing else.


My heart starting thumping, and mum and dad left the room. I had a feeling they had something to do with this.

“Wha…..erm, hi. Well I’m thinking of putting in an off….”

“You’re not listening, come and live with me, be my…partner, god I hate that word. Live here, with me, share my life. Jesus, am I being clear enough?”

“Erm…yes, but you have your…business, and you have Natalie and Polly…. and you don’t need me to….”

“I’ll tell you what I need, I need you. I am going to say this only once, god, sometimes you can be so infuriating, do you do this on purpose? I want you. Don’t worry about the girls, they are crazy about you, they want you to join them, the more the merrier, they say.” She took a breath, I could then hear her take a drink.

“This is not easy for me, it should be because it’s what I want more than anything, but at least I’m the one who is putting it into words, sometimes I could strangle you, with your passive aggressiveness. Carol, they are employees, very well paid for something they love doing. One day they may move on or stay on, who knows, but they know what I feel for you, and there isn’t an ounce of jealousy in either of them.” She took another breath, her voice becoming strained, but still under control.

“The business? There are enough clients here to keep us in business until we are old. In fact, and girls pointed this out, with you joining us, me that is, you will attract a whole new client list, I know it. This is all very simple Carol. I make you a partner. I already have £50,000 from Tim as your training fee, and so your fee for entering this partnership is….me having you by my side. Nothing more.”

My mouth had gone dry and all this information at once was too much to assimilate. My heart still hadn’t stopped pounding and now there were tears dripping down my cheeks and onto the latex of my tight dress I had just bought.

“Hello, hello, for god’s sake Carol, say something, have I frightened you away. You can take some time to think on this of course.”

“No, no.” I said.

“You mean you can’t, you don’t want…”

“No! No! It means no, I don’t want to think, I don’t need to think. Of course I would love to move in with you, of course, of course. It’s probably what I’ve wanted for the last couple of months, I just didn’t know it. It’s just a big…responsibility to take on, become a partner, I mean….”

“All it means, you silly girl, is that you get to dress up, like I know you love to do, and dom lots of clients, and I know you can do that, the slowly receding scars on my bum bear testimony to that, I can assure you. And when you are not domming clients you can be my sub. Seems the best of both worlds to me. The business, yes, that needs some management, but it’s not rocket science, you vet the clients, the background checks, find out what they like, which is usually pretty straightforward, and away you go. When we are not working, we can play, or even live a normal life, if that doesn’t frighten you too much.”

Now that was more like the Monica I knew, straightforward, sensible, no-nonsense and with an ironic overview. How could I refuse? This was what I wanted, of course it was.

That conversation was three months ago, and I am now sitting here writing the end of this chapter in the basement, in our playroom, or torture chamber, depending on your perspective. Today has been a quiet day, for four days in a row we have had a series of clients. Some clients have been asking for me now, I seem to be building up a fan base. The website has been updated and I am now Mistress Carolina (that’s Carol-eee-na), all very European, I think.

Anyway I have been honing my dom skills, and Monica says that I am a natural, and the fact is I do really enjoy it. There is real skill involved, in gaining the complete trust and respect of the client, and not venturing beyond that, as everyone knows in this business it is the sub in the end who calls the shots. But I still have a few surprises up my sleeve. Yes, I love it.

Natalie and Polly have accommodated me as easy as pie and we have a lot of fun planning and executing the scenes with the clients. They are great, and as Monica said, they are happy I’m back, there is no jealousy whatsoever. With greater income comes a greater wardrobe and I have been buying some new latex, with the help of Monica, who has a great sense of what looks good on me.

I have been exploring the village and general area. Monica’s cover (haha) is that of a clinical sexual psychotherapist. Now that’s a good one, I thought. Polly and Natalie are her assistants – yes, the locals have bought into that too. But she is well respected and liked and we have had the occasional “straight” evening when her friends and neighbours have come round for drinks and dinner and been introduced to me. Monica is bright and beautiful, the perfect host.

Who am I? Well, I’m her partner/lover of course. It’s the 21st century and all the locals seem quite happy with that, at least to our faces. No doubt there are a few chuckles behind our backs, but you will get that in any English village. We go to the pub, and it doesn’t go quiet when we enter, which is a plus I suppose.

As a thrill, sometimes we wear latex under our straight clothes, I can smell it, I don’t know, or really don’t care if others do. Monica has joked that soon when we are a bit more accepted as a couple we’ll go to the pub in our latex gear, perhaps just a blouse or a pair of tights tucked into boots at first, but we are not rushing things.

It certainly helps that Monica is stunningly beautiful (well I think so, anyway) and I suppose I’m “presentable” as well, so some of the men probably fantasise about having us as a threesome – and that ain’t going to happen!

Now if some of the women fantasised a threesome, hhmm well…

Tim and Lynn are very happy together, and that genuinely makes me happy too. We have spoken on the phone a couple of times. The divorce flew through and they want to get married and have kids, and I think that is perfect, Tim will be a great dad. It’s early days but I would like to see him, meet him again. Just to let him know that all is well with us.

And all is well with Monica and I. Very well. I am pathetically in love with her, schoolgirl weepy love, and every day I wake up, by her side, and often we are sweating buckets in latex, and I just hold her, I realise it can’t get better. Nauseating, isn’t it?

We role play a lot, more often than not I am the subbie as Monica is still more of the dom and I can switch easily, and anyway I get to play the dom “at work”.

A lot of the time we are just normal, just ourselves and we are very comfortable with each other. You can’t be a dom or sub 24 hours a day. You need a break to recharge, so that the next scene, the next session is more intense and fresh.

I won’t go into a long description of the day at the races. Suffice to say it was almost better than my first day. I had been practising wearing the pony mask for a week before, this time Monica allowed me to have the allen-key! I had been running around the garden, Monica using the whip on me for a full week before the race, and I was very comfortable with the mask, I loved it.

I was comfortable by race day, but right at the last minute Monica decided that I should wear the blacked out lenses, so I would be completely blind throughout the race. I was a little mad at her for this last minute information, I could do little about it though, by then it was bitting and plugging time. So I stood in line in my favourite black and red suit, corset, posture collar, and hoof boots, my arms doubled to my shoulders.

She quickly stuffed the butt plug tail up my rear as I bent over and then produced the pony mask. There was a roar from the crowd, who had not seen it up until then, I dipped my head obediently and was champing down on the cock gag when I realised that the eyeholes had been fully blacked out. I jerked back and moaned into the gag but it was all too late. She zipped me down the back and locked me in at the collar. I continued to groan my displeasure and all she did then was give me a sharp whack with the whip.

So for the preamble and the race I was in her hands, feeling every tug of the reins and the whip on my rear. Of course we did the five miles and the seven laps. She did give me a good whipping for sure. I tried the best I could and ran as fast as I could, but was nervous of falling over.

We didn’t win.

I didn’t care though. I loved feeling the bit, judging what was required of me by my mistress, and responding to the whip. It was a fantastic afternoon, and at the end Monica, I assumed it was Monica as I was blinded, hugged me. She told me I finished fourth, which was pretty good, I thought.

I have to say that I (or at least the mask) was the centre of attraction. I heard voices coming and going and hands touching me all over, breasts, bum and even pussy, which I hoped was Monica. I happily sucked on the cock gag and later Monica pulled it off so we could picnic. I berated her for not telling me that I was to be blinded, and she gave me a look that said if you don’t shut up, I’ll gag you for the rest of the day. But of course I actually enjoyed being led by her, and apologised and hugged her.

I met old friends again, Maggie and Ron, and Ann and Suzy, and I was looking forward to seeing them again. I wanted to be trapped in Ron’s amazing zombie suit for a day or two, now that would be fun. So that will happen soon I hope, maybe in the Autumn, when all the rains come, being out in the garden imprisoned in the heavy zombie suit, rain pounding on me, I could come just thinking about it.

Today, it is my turn to be dom, and I don’t think Monica was very keen on it. As I sit here she is kneeling between my legs, her rubber masked head at my crotch, under my skirt. Her arms are in a heavy duty rubber mono-glove and she is heavily corseted. She is wearing my favourite ventilated latex panties, but before that I pushed a number 7 plug up her rear. Haha, no, she didn’t like that. But she has done well, moving up to a number 7, one day we’ll maybe make it to a number 10, we have a long life ahead of us to practice.

But she is perking up, I have a pair of gossamer thin latex panties on and she is pushing her tongue and nose firmly between my labia, which is a lovely feeling. I am patting her on her rubber-covered head right now.

I’m so happy to have her.

So can this be a happy ending for everyone? I think it is. Tim and Lynn are happy and Monica, all my new friends and I certainly are. Who would have thought all that time ago, when Tim decided I needed some discipline and agreed (with my mother) to have me abducted and rehabilitated it would end up like this? Not me, for sure.

But it isn’t the end, of course, it’s the beginning. It’s the beginning of a very lucky life I have now, with some people I love dearly, and one in particular, one whom I’m stroking right now. Maybe someday I’ll write you an update, who knows?



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