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The Tale of Tim & Carol Part 2 Chapter 7: Carol Takes the Reins

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2012 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from Chapter Six


Chapter 7: Carol Takes the Reins

I didn’t sleep like a log, or a child, or whatever the euphemism is, for I would wake during the night with Monica working hard on me, her tongue going deeper and deeper, her nose pushing hard up against my clit. I encouraged her along, pressing down on her head, and whispering my approval. Finally it was morning, and I rose from the pillow, with Monica’s head still trapped at my quim. I stroked her head and loosened the collar, and her head slid out. Her hair was matted with sweat and her face bright red and covered in sweat and my juices. But she looked quite content.

“Did you sleep all right; I hope I didn’t suffocate you.” I asked, genuinely concerned.

“Well if I was going to be suffocated, then this would be the way to go.” She laughed drily. “No I’m fine….mistress, better than fine, I had a thoroughly wonderful night, so thank you.”

“And so did I.” I answered. “Come on, let’s get up, I only have a few more hours as your dom and well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you, would I?” She was serious for a second, I could see her, still trapped in the latex body bag, look up at me.

“You have certainly not done that, mistress.”

I unzipped her out of the body bag, she was soaking in sweat, and I could still see the weals on her buttocks and her red breasts but she seemed none the worse for wear.

“Glad to hear it. Okay, my turn for the shower. Here, help me out of this will you? Thanks.” She unzipped me from the suit with the hood at my crotch, subtly running her hands over my body as she did so. I shivered at her touch. I showered quickly and returned to the bedroom to find her sitting on the bed awaiting further orders.

“Now you can shower, and when you are done I want all the latex cleaned again, and powdered and shined, then you can get into the next costume I have for you.”

She skipped off into the bathroom while I prepared her next costume. I had thought of this one for her ever since she had inflicted it on me, and so wanted a bit of revenge. But I decided to dress first. The costume that I chose was one that I had had my eye on for a while.

First was a garter belt and stockings of brilliant white latex, followed a pair of frilly white panties, a low cut bra and shoulder-length gloves in matching white. Then I stepped into a sky-blue nurse’s latex tunic. It had long sleeves ending in white cuffs and front studs ending in a white collar. It fit snugly around my breasts and waist and flared to the knee. I pulled a wide white belt round my waist to almost complete the outfit.

But I couldn’t resist a full-head mask in white latex with eye, nose and mouth holes. It was a glorious latex parody of a nurse - gloved, masked and ready to minister to poor Monica. I went upstairs and prepared some breakfast for both of us. I thought it would be nice to eat on the patio, for the early morning sun was already up. I found the thick latex sheet that we had used during the pony races and placed it on the grass by the cobbled patio, then set the table, for one.

She finally came out of the bathroom having cleaned all the latex, looking all spic and span. I placed my hands on my hips, showing I was back to my dom role as best I could. She smiled as she appreciated the care I had taken in dressing. Then I pointed to the garments on the bed and saw her look of displeasure.

“All right, hands above head, legs spread, now.” She reluctantly did so and I wrapped an adult diaper around her waist and pulled the gusset through her legs, attaching the Velcro at the waistband. I slapped her buttocks playfully, but she didn’t seem to appreciate it at all. The next garment I knew she wouldn’t like. It was the same latex full-body romper suit she had forced me into weeks before. It was shocking pink with red edging and pretty rabbits and bears frolicking all over it. It would be a tighter fit for her, as her mature body was less toned than mine and her fantastic boobs were certainly bigger, but I was determined to squeeze her into it, as I had plans for later.

I opened the back zip and with a dirty look at me, she stepped into the legs, pushing her feet through the elasticised ankles into the attached bootees. Then she dipped her torso and pushed her arms through the sleeves, passed the wrists and into the thick thumbless mittens. She shivered as I zipped up the back of the cool latex, trapping her inside. She certainly filled it out better than I did. The outline of the diapers around her waist and groin was clear to the eye, and her mature boobs strained against the latex, as if trying to burst out.

I had come to learn over the last few weeks the strange eroticism of infantilism; the humiliation of an adult reduced to the role of a baby, being forced into baby clothes, eat baby foot and to behave like one. It was no doubt humiliating and degrading for Monica, and I could see she didn’t like it. She had certainly forced it on others, including me, and had enjoyed her power in inflicting this humiliation, but now the bootee was on the other foot, and I got a feeling that, despite her trips to Maggie, she had never experienced this before. I approached her, revelling in my power now, and gripped her breasts through the stretched latex covering them. I twisted one of her tender nipples and she squirmed, but said nothing.

“I think something is missing, now what could it be? Oh yes, a cute bonnet. Now hands behind your back.” She stood glaring at me, as I wrapped a latex bonnet around her head and tied off the strings in a bow under her chin. It covered her whole head and framed her face which was now a bright red, in equal doses of anger and embarrassment I think. 

“All right little baby, we can go upstairs and out onto the patio now. I have laid out a sheet for you to lie on; I will have my breakfast at the table. Now remember, babies don’t walk, they crawl, so I’m going to have you crawling on hands and knees from now on. There are padded areas at the knees of your suit, no doubt specifically designed for this, although I don’t expect you anticipated being in it, did, you? Come on, I’ll follow you up.”

She got obediently down on her knees and mittened hands and ascended the stairs slowly, very well aware that her outstretched bottom was at my eye level. As we went out from the kitchen I playfully, and quite hard, slapped her diapered bottom. I couldn’t have hurt too much, despite her having received my hard caning the day before, but she yelped nonetheless. She saw the latex sheet on the grass and lay down on it, very well aware of how silly she looked.

I sat in the patio chair and helped myself to some fruit and yoghurt and a pot of tea. After a few minutes I went to the kitchen and returned with Monica’s breakfast. I had blended some fruit and yoghurt and some added vitamins and other ingredients into a nice goop and poured it into a large baby’s bottle, complete with extra-large teat. I was sure that this had been bought especially by Monica for this purpose as it was clearly not designed for a baby, but a calf or foal. Again I was sure Monica had not envisioned being the recipient of this type of treatment. I was looking forward to seeing Monica’s face when I showed her what she was having for breakfast. I was not disappointed. She winced and gave me a dirty look, saying.

“Oh no, please….mistress.”

“Enough, one more word and after I’ve fed you, you’ll be sucking on a dummy for the rest of the morning.” I had remembered the large dummy that I had been forced to suck and also forced to suck food through. It had been humiliating, as I’m sure it had been meant to be. I knelt down on the latex sheet, the skirt of the nurse’s uniform stretched over my thighs.

“Here, lie down, on your back and put your head in my lap, there’s a lot to eat to you may as well get comfortable.” She did as I told her, lying on her back, her head resting on my raised lap, looking up at me. I placed the large teat at her lips, for a second I didn’t think she would open her mouth.

“Baby?” I said in a reprimanding voice, and she opened her mouth and I quite forcefully pushed it in.

“Suck hard and swallow now. Nothing is to be left.” And she began to suck and swallow just like a baby suckling at her mother’s breast. I leant over and took my teacup and had a drink for myself, I looked down and could see Monica groan in anger. Her large firm breasts rose and fell as she gulped on the goop I was forcing her to have.

It was too tempting and with my free hand I fondled one and then the other, the gently rolled her nipples under the latex. I continued like this for a while, and could see that Monica, under my ministrations on her boobs, was now becoming more relaxed. I took some more tea and looked out into the garden. It was a lovely morning, and the sun was now well into the sky, so I was starting to sweat nicely in my latex attire, as I’m sure Monica was. It might have been a very strange scene but for me it was idyllic.

Finally Monica was finished and I removed the bottle from her mouth, and with a napkin, wiped her clean.

“You can rest here for a while. I have some plans for you later.” I said. I had earlier picked up the paper from the front door and settled in to have a good read, at the same time keeping an eye on Monica lying next to me. It was a gorgeous morning and for an hour or so I caught up on the news, happily stewing in my own juices in the warm latex of my uniform and watching Monica lie on the sheet, with very little to do.

She did look a bit silly dressed like that, the infantilism was perhaps not my gig, but I did like to see her trapped in her latex, that was fun. Gradually however Monica began to wince and moan quietly, holding her stomach.

“Erm….mistress, I need to go, my stomach is rumbling.”

“Quiet baby, I’m reading, I have another half hour here I think, so be silent.”

“But mistress. I don’t think I can hold…”

“That’s precisely why you are wearing a diaper.” I interrupted. “Now if you will not be silent then I will silence you.” She remained quiet for a couple of minutes, then cried.

“Mistress, I simply have to….” I stood up and went to the kitchen. I had anticipated this and was actually looking forward to it. 

“All right, open up.” I held in my hand a huge dummy, larger than the teat and one which would thoroughly gag Monica.

“No, please mistress, I have to go, please.” I knelt by her and took her bonneted head in my hands, and holding her firmly said.

“Open up….now.” She looked up into my eyes and knew I was not joking, slowly opened her mouth.

“Wider than that, wider.” I crammed the dummy forcibly into her mouth, she tried to move her mittened hands to her face and I said.

“Keep them by your sides or they will be cuffed.” I pressed further with the large oval of pink rubber attached to its baseplate and ring.

“Aaarrggh, aaaahhh, mmmmmfff, mmmmm.” She continued to struggle but the dummy was now filling her gaping mouth and all she could do was mmmm and glare at me. She pointed to her tummy but I just nodded and said.

“Go right ahead, I’ve a bit more reading to do.” And I went into the kitchen, made another pot of tea and returned to the paper. I was now sweating bullets and the white latex mask was boiling hot in the bright sun, but I continued to read for a while. Monica was now moaning through her dummy and rubbing her stomach, pleading with her eyes. Then I could hear her groan loudly and roll on her side. It was clear now that she had spoiled herself, and the last thing she wanted was to make eye contact with me. She continued to lie on her side for a while, not moving, just lying in the sun, making no noise now.

I got up and sat on the latex sheet by her. I took her bonneted head in my hands and turned her to look up at me.

“Oh poor baby, I’m afraid I have a confession to make. I slipped you a mickey in your bottle. Yes, I found some tablets in the bathroom and crushed one down and into your breakfast gruel. So you see, your “accident” wasn’t really an accident. I admit it was a bit devious of me, but then I am your dom, aren’t I?”

She gave me a foul look but knew there was little she could do, right now she was thoroughly gagged with the dummy and so there it was. No doubt she would place this nasty little episode (for her anyway) in her memory banks and I might have to pay for it in the future. Somehow, I felt I was all right with that.

Finally I decided she’d had enough torture and got up, patting her bonnet affectionately, then cleared away the breakfast. I returned and stared down at her and said.

“All right, I think you need cleaning up, don’t you, follow me down to the basement.” She crawled on hands and knees after me, struggling to make it down the stairs forwards. I turned back and chuckled at her plight.

“Go to the bathroom and wait for me there.” I returned to the bedroom and found exactly what I was looking for. Over my nurse’s tunic I placed a very heavy duty red rubber apron that extended down from under my chin to mid-calf. It had heavy straps around my back at below my breasts, waist and mid–thigh and I pulled these tight. The feel of the heavy rubber on my tunic underneath was very pleasant indeed. Then I placed a while latex surgical mask around my nose and mouth and pulled it over my head. It didn’t have tie strings but two strong rubber straps that gripped the back of my head.

The mask hugged my nose and mouth and I sucked in a deep breath through my nose, revelling in the pungent scent of the latex. I closed my eyes and ran my gloved fingers down the hard surface of the apron. I almost fainted with the pleasure it gave me, the feel and the strong aroma making me dizzy. I pulled on a pair of thick rubber over gloves up to my elbows, and now I was ready for Monica again.

I must have been a quite an imposing sight – a warden in a rubber asylum perhaps, I laughed to myself. Monica was standing by the bath, her hands obediently behind her back, and when she saw me I saw her blink. I turned her round and unzipped her romper suit, pulling her hands back through the mitts and her ankles out of the bootees. I tossed the suit into the bath. She was bathed in sweat, and I could hardly keep my hands off her delectable body. She now only wore the bonnet, which I now took off, noting her hair matted to her head, and her bloomers, covering her adult diaper.

I slapped her bloomers hard, the sound of rubber on rubber loud in the bathroom. She yelped through her dummy and grimaced. I pointed to the bath and told her to stand with her back to the shower.

I got a large plastic tie-off bag and held it out in front of her, ordering her to take off her bloomers. She slid her hands down the sides of them and over the diaper. She rolled them down her legs and tossed them on top of the romper suit and bonnet. I was pleased to see that the diaper had done its job as there was no seepage into the bloomers.  There only remained the diaper. I ordered her to turn on the shower, and step away from it. Then she pulled the Velcro fittings at either side of the diaper and spread her legs and gingerly folded it and placed it in the bag I held out. I tied it off and placed it to the side.

Needless to say she was a mess, and was of course embarrassed by her condition, which I wanted her to be, that was the whole point, after all! I chuckled at her condition, enjoying my dominance over her. I told her to hold the shower head, which I had taken from the wall, and I turned it to very hot. Then I got a large wash cloth and a big bar of soap, ordered her to kneel in the tub and began to scrub her like a child.

She still had her dummy in her mouth and moaned into it as I ran the cloth between her legs, getting up a good lather. She pointed to her mouth with a pleading look, the smell in the bath can’t have been pleasant but I was quite happy breathing in the sweet aroma of the latex of my surgical mask.

“All right, you can take it out now, but I want no talking from you, otherwise I will enjoy stuffing it back in.” She pulled it out with some effort and coughed a couple of times, breathing in hard.

I began to enjoy this, kneeling by the tub and giving her a good scrub. I know she was not enjoying it quite so much though. Her buttocks still bore the marks of my severe caning of yesterday and her breasts were still a good shade of pink. I ordered her to turn to me and our eyes met for a second, before I began to scrub her hair. She closed her eyes, I think she was now beginning to like this, the hot water splashing down her body from her hand –held shower head. My thick rubber finger, covered by two gloves moved down to her pussy and she quickly spread her legs, inviting me there. I ran it up and down her labia and then moved inside her for a few seconds as she began to pant.

But I had one more plan for her and the day was moving on, so I gently slapped her rear and told her to stand. I grabbed a big fluffy towel and took her in my arms, pressing her to my heavy rubber apron. There wasn’t much fight in her and she leant against me her head on my shoulder as I rubbed her dry. We said nothing, she was forbidden to anyway, but I was in the moment and having a nice time, really. I finished drying her and she continued to lean gently against me, her hands at my waist. It was very difficult not to ravage her.

I combed back her beautiful hair, rolling it over her ears and dried it with a hair dryer, continuing to comb it straight back. I carried on breathing heavily through the latex surgical mask. I was becoming really addicted to the smell.

“You can help me out of my nurse’s gear now. I want to take a shower and then dress in my dominatrix uniform one last time before going home. You can then take care of the latex in the bath, while I dress.”

With a conspiratorial smile she pulled my heavy gloves off, then my heavy apron and then (reluctantly for me) the surgical mask. She undid my blue tunic and I stepped out of it, clad now only in stockings, gloves, bra and pants and mask in shiny white latex. Like Monica, I too was soaking wet, but quickly slid out of the stockings, garter belt and gloves, then the bra, exposing my ringed nipples. They were rock hard and I could see Monica lick her lips at the thought of getting her hands on them, but that would have to be for later.

I slipped out of the panties, allowing Monica to see my juices smeared around my ringed labia. I had just about an hour left as being her dom and didn’t want to waste that on some fun sex with her, I hoped that would come later some time. I unzipped the white mask from my head, my very short hair, like hers, was matted to my skull.

“I stepped into the shower, turning the temperature to cool as I had been very hot in the suit. I bathed very quickly as Monica coolly watched me, now wearing a rubber dressing gown low cut and with a tight belt. When I stepped out she returned the favour and rubbed me dry with a clean towel. It was quite hard to concentrate on my future intent, with her hands all over me.

“All right, that’s enough, now clean, powder and polish all the clothes here, and I will get changed back into my dom outfit. When you are done come to the bedroom and I will dress you one last time as a subbie. I have enjoyed the last day or so, very much, I will miss not being able to dom you but all good things must come to an end, and then…of course you can wreak your revenge.” I smiled at her, and knew she would have some ideas, and that I was actually looking forward to them!

So as Monica cleaned the latex I pulled out the clothes I needed for Monica, and then dressed back into my dominatrix uniform. First the heavily boned rubber corselette with suspenders and peep holes for my ringed nipples, then gunmetal stockings, shoulder-length gloves and of course my favourite Playtex panties. I connected the suspenders to the stockings last, over the panties. The dress was again tight around my torso, high-necked and loose-sleeved to the tight wrists; the skirt flared to just above my knees.

I felt very good again to be wrapped in this forbidding latex, and I finished with the full head mask, without the rear zip; the facial portion in transparent latex, and the remainder framing my face in black latex. There were holes at the mouth, nostrils and eyes. I admired myself in the mirror, yes, that should strike a bit of fear into the heart of my subbie. I was ready for her and as if on cue she entered the bedroom, now naked.

She gave me a look of real appreciation again at my dom uniform and then saw the clothes on the bed.

“But…these are yours, I got these for you, especially.”

“I know and I love them, but remember I have only worn them twice and I would like to see you in them. You are 5’ 10’ or so, and so am I. Perhaps I am a bit slimmer, and a little smaller around the boobs and backside, I think that’s all the exercise you put me through. But I know you’ll fit into them and I want to see how you feel at the other end of the sulky.”

On the bed was my black and red latex catsuit, with matching corset, neck brace and mitts. I had put them in my bag before leaving and my last plan for Monica was to have her as my pony, and see how she liked it.

“Well, although I’ve been dommed by Maggie, I’ve never been a pony….” She said hesitantly.

“Good, there’s always a first time for everything.” I said chirpily as I powdered her body. She stepped into the legs, pushing her feet into the attached socks, then pushed her arms down the sleeves and stood erect. Getting the suit over her wider hips required a bit of jumping up and down and gripping of the sides but eventually it was up to her waist and I pulled the ends closed and began to zip her up to her neck. As I did this she aligned her much larger breasts in their cups and tenderly pulled her nipples through the holes opposite them.

She looked stunning, her larger breasts straining against the latex. Now I placed the corset around her torso and she held it while I laced it as tightly as I could. It took a couple of minutes and now Monica was breathing in short bursts.

“Don’t worry.” I whispered in her ear. “As you said to me, you’ll get used to it, ha ha.” I slid her hands into her mitts and strapped them tight to her wrists, then bent her elbows and secured the mitts to the D rings at her shoulders, just as she had done to me before. Finally I placed the neck brace around her neck.

“I remember you telling me a pony should be proud and erect, and so…that is just what you are. Now we’ll go to the stables and get you into the sulky. See how you can perform.” With a chain attached to her neck brace I led her upstairs and out into the garden again, and to the stables. I looked back as she followed me, she was in her latex socks and no boots, yet, but still she was a lovely sight in black and red latex, her boobs jutting out above the corset.

“Which of these will fit you?” I asked, pointing at the hoof boots.

“I don’t know, I’ve never worn them before.” She said hesitantly, and so we tried a couple on before I was happy and zipped up the boots to her knees.

“Stand and walk around, see how they feel.” She did so, hesitantly again, trying to keep her balance. I chuckled.

“Not as easy as it looks, is it? Keep walking around while I select your bridle, bit, and of course, butt plug and tail.” She turned and glared at me. “Oh, yes, you didn’t think I would forget them did you?”

“All at once? I didn’t do that to you, did I?”

“No, no you didn’t, but I don’t have a month to train you, do I, so this is the accelerated training regime, ha ha. You’ll have to learn quickly, on your feet so to speak. So which shall it be first, plug or bridle and bit….and don’t say neither.” She was walking slowly around the cobbled stable floor, and turned to look at me.

“Bit, I suppose.” She pouted.

“You look stunning, so I don’t want you masked. The bridle will just go over your head… so, and under your chin….like so, and strapped here, and then here. Good. I can still see your beautiful face, although your expression isn’t quite so beautiful. Look, subbie, this is going to happen, so get used to it. Now the bit, not too big, open wide, come on. Okay, good, now we attach it to the bridle like this, come on, open wider, good, and there we are, a nicely bitted pony.”

“Aaarrgh.” Was all she could say, her teeth bared around the rubber coated steel bit. I smoothed my gloved hands through her hair, arranging it around the bridle straps. I was really beginning to enjoy myself again. To have a self-confident, mature woman under your control so easily is very exciting. I smiled and looked her in the eyes, then stroked her large, trapped breasts, pinching her tender nipples.

“I think these are missing something, don’t you?” From a drawer I took a pair of nipple clamps with rubber crocodile jaws. At the ends were bells, just like I had worn on my ringed nipples. I showed them to her and she shook her head, or as much as she could with her head held by the bridle and the neck brace.

“Afraid so, rubber pony, has to happen.” I laughed and gripped each nipple before clamping the bells to each one. The grips on the clamps weren’t too tight, but certainly she would know they were on! She closed her eyes and breathed hard.

“Now the fun bit. I remember you telling me that one day I would be able to accommodate a number 10 plug up my arse. I found that hard to believe at the time but I have been able to take a pretty large one now. But I wonder where you got that number 10 opinion from? Is it perhaps personal experience, hhmm? Now look at this, this I see from the number here at the base is a number 10. This is huge isn’t it, it’s hard to believe that a human arse could, as you say so nicely, accommodate it.” I held up the huge plug, and saw real anxiety on her face. I was playing with her unmercifully, as she had done me many, many weeks ago.

“No? Well perhaps we’ll save that for later. Okay, here’s a number 6, that should do the trick, so bend over and no complaining, otherwise you will be feeling the hard end of the number 10.”

She bent over, almost in relief I think as I lubed the plug and aimed it at her puckered rose bud. Then, and I noted that I was getting great pleasure from this “exercise”, I pushed it forwards into her. At first there was the predictable resistance, accompanied by a groan from Monica, but I held it for a moment and then “pressed” on. I gripped her corset and pressed her down by the buggy, pushing firmly but slowly with the plug. Gradually her tight ring eased to allow the intruder, and soon we were at the widest point, then with a final groan it slipped in, her sphincter gripping the base plate and tail. I twisted it until I could attach the chain from it to the ring on the corset and now her tail was sprightly raised between her buttocks.

I stood her up, our eyes meeting for a second, she grimaced and spread her legs. I laughed.

“You’re not going to run very well like that, rubber pony, are you?” I backed her between the arms of the buggy and clipped the short chains to the rings attached to her corset. We were ready. I attached the reins to her bridle and then sat in the sulky and gripped the long whip. The doors were open to the large lawn and with a flick of the whip on her wonderful round buttocks we were off.

We passed into the garden, Monica taking her time, careful in her high hoof boots to keep her balance. We were just at walking pace, but a fine sight she was, her hands strapped to her shoulders, her narrow corseted waist, the bells on her nipples tinkling and of course her butt plug tail swishing across her shiny black and red latex buttocks. The sun was warm and I was soon feeling it in my dom attire and tight latex mask, no doubt Monica would be feeling it too soon.

We did a couple of circuits of the large lawn, Monica getting her feet. I heard some groaning from her, but she seemed intent on her task, keeping her balance and responding to the reins. I called out to her several times in encouragement.

“Oh you are a beauty, and come on, keep the knees up, that’s better, head to the front, good you’re doing very well, etc etc.” She seemed to respond and after twenty minutes or so I clipped her buttocks again.

“Okay, let’s get to a canter, shall we, up the speed now.” And with a yelp, Monica, my dom, the toughest dom there is, obediently took up the pace, under my whip!

This is what it was all about, I was learning, having a human being under your control, doing exactly as I wished, even if they don’t want to. I liked that idea, just as much as I liked the idea of being the one under control. Monica, I now realised, was absolutely right, I could be equally comfortable (or uncomfortable!) in both roles.

Monica was doing very well. It was evident that this was her first time in the pony role, but she had a natural balance and wonderful posture, and I was mesmerised by her buttocks clenching on the butt plug and tail.

The last thing I wanted her to do was trip and fall. This was her first time and without any training on the treadmill she was doing superbly, for now she was in a full canter. I sat back in the sulky, feeling warm and damp in my latex. As I concentrated on Monica being so under my control, her buttocks bouncing in front of me and her tail swishing from side to side I couldn’t resist sliding my hand under my skirt and against my Playtex panties. I didn’t have much to do, I was so wet down there already.

I came within seconds, grunting loudly. Monica must have wondered what was happening behind but was unable to turn, so obediently cantered on, like a good pony, I chuckled.

Finally I saw that she was beginning to tire. I could hear her heavy breathing and her gait was now a bit uneven. I did not want any injuries here, so I turned her towards the stables, she responded very well under the reins.

I turned her 180 degrees to back her in and even without any verbal instructions she obeyed the reins to perfection, finally backing me into the stables. Exhilarated, I jumped from the seat and hugged her. She was certainly tired, her eyes were a little out of focus, spittle was oozing from her bit and sweat was dripping down the sides of her face. I wiped her face with a dry cloth, and then unchained her from the sulky.

I loved seeing her like this, so compliant, obedient, I could do anything with her I thought. I slid my hand down between her legs, the crotch of her suit was exposed, and I ran my gloved finger along her labia. Now her eyes came into focus and she groaned, in pleasure I knew. I could see her smile around the rubber bit and spread her legs to allow me better access. I pushed my finger inside her; she was warm, and now very moist. All it took was two minutes and she was shaking in my arms, oh what a feeling it gave me.

I removed her bit and then the bridle. I ran my hands through her hair, folding it back over her ears, then I kissed her tenderly. I was worried that my treatment of her might have made her resentful, but no, she returned it.

“Bend over.” I whispered, and gradually removed the plug and tail from her rear, she winced, but said nothing more. Then I took the nipple clamps from her nipples which were now a dark red/brown. She yelped when I did, as the blood rushed back, and I leant down and took one into my mouth, licking it better, I hoped. She whined quietly and I repeated it with the other nipple. Then I released her arms and took off the mitts. She shook her arms violently, getting the blood back. She was now just in the black and red catsuit, matching corset and neck brace and hoof boots - and she looked a treat.

I noted it was now a minute past midday, so my role as dom was over, for now at least. As an indication of my appreciation, while Monica had turned away and was putting the tack away, and the soiled items into the sink, I dropped to my knees, bowed my head and placed my hands behind my back, just as Monica had done yesterday.

I remained like that and then heard Monica chuckle quietly, and then I saw her hoof boots in front of me. Her hand rested on my head and then she raised my chin, looking down at me.

“No, no my sweet. If you are thinking I need immediate revenge, no, far from it. As they say anyway, revenge is a dish best served cold. Dominatrices are cool, and in control, they don’t react to emotions such as revenge or payback. Anyway sweetheart, didn’t I ask for this? Stand up.” When our eyes met she had a knowing smile on her face.

“Now listen to me. If you wish to continue to dom me, I would be pleased, privileged. Maggie won’t mind at all, losing her role, she’s got her hands full with Ron anyway.” She laughed and took my head in her hands and continued.

“You were wonderful. I hated you for whipping me so hard and paddling my nipples, I was near to fainting, but this is something I feel I must face and you made it possible. I will have those scars for days, but I know they have been earned, and given with love.” I nodded.

“I have never been a pony, never felt the need, but now….now I understand what is required to be a good one, and now, my dear…” She kissed me on the cheek. “I understand what a great one you are, a great one.” She continued.

“I didn’t like the baby scenes, and fouling myself. Oh, that was very unpleasant. But I have made subs do that and being on the other side was interesting, experiencing the embarrassment and humiliation. It’s an important part of our role as doms so now I feel I am better versed in it. You know that although I know I wasn’t very good at being a pony, I need to get a bit fitter, I gradually got to enjoy it, feeling the reins guide me. Ha, I didn’t even mind the plug in my arse, not too much anyway, you got me worried when you started talking about a number 10.” She looked hard at me again, and smiled. “That’s exactly what you like isn’t it?”

“Hhmm.” I nodded. “It may sound odd but even if you are bridled and bitted and arse plugged, when you, well me anyway, are running like hell, feeling the reins leading you, under the control of your driver, well it’s strange to say, a kind of freedom.”

“By the way, you look great in that dom outfit, have I told you that before?”

“Ha, ha, yes I think so. But I don’t get tired of hearing it.” I laughed. Then she was more serious.

“So, what now? Do you have to return, or can you stay a bit longer? We’ve had enough role playing, yes? We can just spend some time chatting, or….” And she laughed, as I took her in my arms.

“I actually do have to get back, Tim will be back later this afternoon and it would be nice to be there when he does.” The words didn’t sound too genuine, and Monica looked sad, smiled and said.

“Of course, my dear, of course, we shall have plenty of time to meet again, of course. Won’t we?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely.” I hugged her.

“Well, then you had better get me out of this so you can take it back.” She unzipped her hoof boots and kicked them off into the corner, then I helped her out of the corset, neck brace, and finally my catsuit and she stood naked and unashamed in front of me. She took a latex hooded cape from the back of the stable door and pressed the top three studs up to her throat.

Seeing her like this I wanted to stay, but knew I had to go. We went to the house, I filled my bag with the clothes I had brought, I then removed my mask and she wiped my face dry and then planted a big kiss on my cheek. I wrapped myself in my cape and pulled the hood over my head. Then we went out the front door to my car. As I got in, she skipped over to the stables again and returned with the engraved wooden box.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t see this before? I know you did. Well, it’s a token from me. Now you can open it, I can’t stop you, can I, but I don’t want you to use it, just leave it there in the box and we can both get the benefit of it later, when you come again. By the way, you know the next race day is only a month away don’t you? Look Carol.” She was serious for a second as she leant into the car, her face a few inches from mine, and took my hand. “I want to drive you, if you will allow me, Fran I think will be more than happy for me to do so. So?”

“Of course, of course, it would be fantastic. I have been running a lot recently, not in rubber of course, well okay, wearing rubber panties and bra under my regular gear. So I’m pretty fit, I look forward to it. Winning or losing, I would love to be under your control, it would give me such a thrill.”

I kissed her and wanted to do much more, but took the box and drove off, without looking back.



Story continues in Chapter 8

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