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The Tale of Tim & Carol Chapter 7: The Big Race and Carol's Meets her Driver

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2011 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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continued from chapter 6


Chapter 7: The Big Race and Carol's Meets her Driver

All the ponies were now lined up. Maggie raised her arm, on it a suitably latex flag with a human pony pulling a cart emblem on it. Then to a roar from the forty or fifty people watching, she dropped it and they were off.

Carol immediately leaped out in front, and the mistress quickly zapped her twice with the remote.  Carol jumped and I could hear a squeak from her. She slowed down and watched as most of the other ponies overtook her. They were going a good clip, some of the other ponies were clearly experienced. They went up a slight slope, to the cheers and encouragement of the crowd and disappeared through the trees. It took them a couple of minutes before they reappeared. Natalie had the benefit of a telephoto lens so I was able to get a pretty good view of the field and I saw that Carol was still near the rear, at least 50 metres behind the front runner now. She seemed concerned and dug her head down, only for the mistress to jerk it back with the reins and give her another two jolts with the remote. She’s well back now, but moving with ease.

The first lap was soon over and they were up the slope and into the trees again, and then reappeared. There was some position changing but Carol was still a couple from the back. Too quickly ten minutes, and then fifteen minutes, are gone and I’m getting concerned that Carol has not been permitted to move up, she’s clearly running well within her means.

Three laps are gone and soon it’s four, there are only three to go. I take a minute to check out a couple of the other teams. There were two young men in the lead, are they gay, I don’t know. Why should they be? I suppose they are. Second is Paul in his red catsuit with Pippa in the sulky. I could now see that Pippa looked very similar, if a little fuller in the body, to her sister Polly. She is bleached blond and is wearing a short sleeve blouse and tiny flared skirt in red and white striped latex. She is the picture of innocence and seemed none the worse for wear for her time in the doggy suit being abused by Paul and Polly.

It’s pretty clear that Paul is fit and will be a hard test for Carol, but it doesn’t stop Pippa from giving him a good tanning on his rear.  Now five laps have been completed and there has been a little jockeying for position. Finally her mistress loosened Carol’s reins and I can see Carol realised this and picked up her pace.

There were only two laps to go now, but Carol, almost effortlessly it seems, was moving up. And by the time they came out of the woods I saw she had moved to fourth. I also saw that the crowd seemed to be picking up on Carol’s progress and the cheering increased in volume. They went through the finishing line one last time, Carol moving to third, she looked very calm, almost enjoying it. Maybe she was smiling or it could have been the bit stretching her mouth. Up the slope a last time and Carol was actually beginning to sprint, moving into second. This didn’t seem to impress her mistress however as she gave her a zap with the remote and then another, I can’t imagine how she could run any faster but when she reappeared from the woods she was on the shoulder of Paul and Pippa. Then with another zap and a little squeal from Carol, she swept by, as if somehow she had turned on the turbo, and into the lead. Legs pumping, knees high, her short arms flapping, bells ringing, tail wagging, she extended her lead with every step. She turned the last corner, I am sure she is laughing, effortlessly charging for the line, the crowd convinced they had seen something a bit special.

There are actually tears in my eyes as Carol, now at least 80 metres ahead, doesn’t break stride, doesn’t slow down and storms across the finish line, to the cheers of the crowd. Her mistress had apparently given up control over the last few hundred metres as the reins were loose and she allowed Carol full rein. She brought herself to a halt near the centre of the field a crowd beginning to gather in a circle. Soon she was joined by Paul and Pippa, a creditable second and then others joined them.

With the camera closer now I could see how exhausted Carol was. Saliva dripped from her mouth freely and snot from her nose and she breathed in huge gulps of air. But I could also see that she was ecstatic. Several of the crowd came and congratulated her and patted her and she was genuinely pleased with the attention. I couldn’t tell how her driving mistress felt because of her anonymous mask, but she dismounted and brought the reins over Carol’s head.

She studied her pony for a few seconds, then hugged her, holding her in her arms for a few seconds. Monica also was delighted and gave her a gentle hug.

“I told you, I told you she was special, didn’t I?” She said to the driving mistress, who looked at Carol again, and nodded silently.

By now all the ponies had finished, the stragglers coming in looking a bit the worse for wear. Some of their drivers looked happy with their placing, others didn’t and I had a feeling that the ponies might pay for this later.

Now they were all lined up in a row, for what appeared to be the presentation. To the left was the winner, a now relaxed Carol, with her mistress by her side holding her reins. Then came Paul and a proud Pippa, then down the line I could see Ann and Suzy. Poor Ann looked shattered, Suzy had given her a real whipping around the course, but Suzy seemed very happy with her, her arm round her waist.  Then it was Maggie’s duty to award the first prize. She faced the slowly recovering ponies, a benign smile on her face.

“I think I can say that we’ve seen one of the best, if not the best, races we’ve ever had. You have all excelled yourselves and I hope you all had fun, well, some more than others. We have some newcomers who have really excelled themselves. Congratulations to Ann and Suzy, a really fine effort and to Mike and Tony over here. And for our winner we have a newcomer too. I think we agree that she thrilled us all with her form, absolutely fantastic, I think. Now I will pin our special trophies on the winner. Come forward Carol dear.”

Carol stepped forward with her mistress by her side.  Maggie with a broad smile removed the bells from Carol’s nipple rings and clipped them on either side of her bit. Then from an appropriate latex cushion held by a smiling Ron, Maggie took a pendant of a pony girl with her head held high, a bit between her teeth, her arms behind her back and legs spread at attention. It was about an inch high in bright gold and Maggie clipped this to Carol’s right nipple ring, then repeated the procedure with the left breast.

The bright ornaments now swung proudly from her breasts, and Carol nodded at Maggie. As the crowd clapped, Maggie spoke quietly with Carol.

“Well my dear, what a show. You look divine, I don’t want to sound smug, but I knew you would do well. You are a natural, you are made for this, no one, not even your driving mistress here can force anyone to run like that. And I know, even with the bit, the rings and bells and even the electro plug, you enjoyed yourself didn’t you?”

And Carol nodded enthusiastically.

“You’re going back to your husband very soon, I hear, and I’m sure you are looking forward to that, but I hope this won’t be the last time we see you. I for one will miss you, we have much to talk about, you know. And I do know that Monica will miss you too.” She patted her bottom again.

“Anyway go back to Monica and her friends and enjoy the afternoon, you’ve deserved it.” She drew Carol’s head down gently and kissed her then turned away. Everyone then started back to their picnic areas in their groups. Sulkies were detached from their ponies, and returned to their horse boxes, some tails and plugs were removed, with a loud moaning from the ponies, and bridles, harnesses and bits released.

But none of the gear had been removed from Carol, and Monica and the driving mistress, who had moved away from Carol, were in deep and animated conversation out of ear shot. With a lot of head nodding and wagging they seemed to come to an agreement. Polly had returned to Paul and Pippa and it was left to Natalie to man the camera.

The mistress took Carol by her reins and returned to the small enclosed area away from the main field. Monica came with her and once there asked Natalie to set the camera on them, on its tripod, and leave, which she appeared to do. Carol looked mystified as the mistress placed her whip and top hat on the ground and motioned to Monica to help her with her mannequin mask.

The mistress pulled down her collar and tie and Monica eased her fingers under the neck of the skin-tight mask, then began to ease it off her head. Carol stood, still looking a bit mystified as the identity of her driving mistress was revealed when the mask snapped off the top of her head.

“Hello, Carol, my dear.”


Fran looked at Carol, with an almost apologetic smile on her face; her hair was matted with gel, as was her face to allow the brutally tight mask on and off. And there the film stopped. I took a breath and changed the DVD for the second one in the package.

Talk about being duped. Now it all was beginning to make sense. I mention Carol’s behaviour to Fran, who almost magically comes up with Monica and her pals. How could Fran have known them? Cruising the web? No, of course not, she knew them before. I had played right into her hands, and Fran had allowed me to pass her daughter into the “care” of Monica.

Clearly they had known each other for some time, as Fran, or the driving mistress, was known through the group. Why couldn’t she have told me? Well, if she had, would I have approved of her choice of disciplinarian, probably not?

But how did Carol feel? Exposed, pierced, ringed, bitted and plugged as she was in front of her own mother, a mother that had without compunction pushed an electro butt plug up her own daughter’s rear. And why now did Fran identify herself, when up to now she had been anonymous? It was just too bizarre to comprehend. I took a break, walked around the house, had a glass of water and came back to the screen. Well, I thought, maybe all would be revealed.

Carol, clearly stunned, yelped through her bit and broke down; she began to cry and stamped her hooves, and tried to kick her mother; there was little else she could do, as Fran had now taken her reins. Monica quickly went to a box at the back of the sulky and returned with a short hobble chain that she quickly snapped around Carol’s ankles. Carol was still shaking. With rage or embarrassment I couldn’t tell. Fran, holding firmly onto the reins said quietly.

“Carol, Carol, calm down dear, calm down. Now I know you are upset and maybe I didn’t do this right but it felt like the best time, the only time. You looked so happy just a couple of minutes ago. It seemed the time to tell you all about myself and your father. Now listen to me Carol, listen will you. I have a long story to tell and I want you hear it all. I have persuaded Monica that this is the time for it, although I’m not sure about that now, but it is too late, so I’m not letting you go until I’ve finished….and then you can do what you wish. Which to be honest is all you have ever done anyway.”

Carol had now calmed a bit, and was snuffling into her bit, staring at her mother.

“Good, thank you dear, for hearing me out. Well, where do I start? As you know I was very young when I had you, just before my 19th birthday, silly really, so young, but understand this Carol, I loved you then and I love you now. But it became clear very early on that your father liked to play the field.” Carol looked at her with shock.

“Yes, dear, if it is going to come out then all of it has to. Carol, this is a confession and I want you to hear it all. I caught him more than once, and this is when you were a baby and growing up. So, simply, I gave him an ultimatum, leave and never see your daughter and me again, because I had enough dirt on him, or stay under my conditions. You have to remember I was the one with the money; I had inherited quite a bit from my grandparents, so I was comfortable. Your father didn’t have much at all, and relied on me as he was slowly building up his business, and that took a long time. I did not want to be a single parent and I wanted you to have a father figure as well.”

“I still loved your father, despite his indiscretions, and I still do, but the important thing is I love him on my terms, and he loves me, and I know he does, on my terms as well. So, in my early 20’s that is how we set up our relationship, my terms.”

“I was quite advanced for my age and when I was younger, I had gone to the odd fetish club, which were starting to take off then, and I saw doms and subs out in the clubs together, and I had a really good time then. Within a couple of weeks I had my plan for our “marriage” and how I would make it work.”

Carol had now stopped crying, and was staring intently at her mother, who had now let go of the reins. Fran took a paper towel and gently wiped Carol’s eyes, mouth and bit. She smiled reflectively.

“You were going to have a father and mother who loved you. On the outside we were a normal family with a single child but when he was home in the evenings and on the weekends and holidays, he was under my control. Any wavering and he would be gone.” She took a big gulp of air. “So….he became my subbie, my rubber subbie. I had taken a liking to latex in the clubs and it was the ideal material to keep your father under control. I was his dom. And this has continued for over 20 years.”

“At first he rebelled, and so I punished him more. It was plain blackmail, I had the money, the evidence, and I had his daughter, and I have to give him that, he stayed. And gradually he adjusted to being my sub, he got used to it, it became routine, part of his life, and he got to see you.”

“And this sounds all wonderful, but you know and I know that I wasn’t a perfect mother at all. I was too involved in your father’s rehabilitation and I was enjoying it too much. I didn’t give you enough attention, and Carol, for that I am so sorry. I spent too much time, and a whole lot of money, role playing well not even role playing, more real-life playing with your father. And you grew up oblivious to all this, but without enough good parenting from us. Your father and I have lived a secret, a lie all your life Carol, and I’ve had enough of that, we have to be honest with you, even if you hate us, and for some reason today seemed to be the day.”

“I suppose you hate me for persuading Tim to send you to Monica, if you do, I wouldn’t blame you one bit.” She smiled ruefully. “But you were sometimes almost uncontrollable as a teenager, and I don’t know where it would have ended. And now I see you thriving here, and I wonder why, is it in your genes, probably.” And here strangely Carol nodded in agreement.

“Can I take your bit off? You won’t scream the neighbourhood down, will you? Although it won’t do you much good, I think.” Carol was now completely calm and nodded again. Fran expertly released the bit and Carol groaned as she manoeuvred her chin to get the blood moving again. As he was doing this Monica, without a sign from Fran, unbuckled the ankle hobble and then released the mitts from Carol’s shoulders and took them off her hands. She shook her arms.

“Oh, aaaahh, oh, that is better, thank you. Could I have a drink please?” Monica had anticipated this and lifted a water bottle to her lips, and Carol greedily finished it. There was a silence for at least a minute.

“I am filled with so many emotions I don’t know what to say, this is all a lot to take in. I am here in front of my own mother; rubber-suited, masked, booted, with my nipples and…pussy exposed and they’re pierced and ringed. Certainly a bit odd all right. And then I find that my mother was the reason, the main reason in persuading my husband that this is a good idea that I am in this state in the first place. It’s hard to comprehend for sure.” She stopped and thought again.

“Look I know I was a handful when I was younger, and even now. I don’t know why, I don’t know if it was your fault or not, I just was….and if truth be told I suppose I needed a good sorting out, which…” She laughed…”I suppose I’m getting.” She smiled again, reminiscing.

“I always wondered why I didn’t see much of dad when I got back from school, did you have him locked away in the basement or something?”

“Ha ha, oh Carol, well yes, as a matter of fact, and a lot worse too. We had sent you to boarding school at 11 for that very reason. I don’t know if it was a good decision, you had a good education but you really didn’t see much of us, did you? We were selfish, dear, selfish, and now I regret that and I want you to forgive me, the both of us. It’s that simple.”

Silence reigned again, as Carol looked away, ruminating.

“So.” She smiled slyly. “What did you get up to with dad? I mean where is he now, if he’s into this why isn’t he here?”

“He’s at home; I thought it would be too much for you if you saw us both here.”

“Hhmm, probably right there. And so….have you got him in a rubber bag or…what?”

“Oh dear, well I did say no secrets didn’t I? My, you have come a long way. The horse has surely bolted, or is it the pony, so no use in attending to the gate. I have had him in many body bags and helmets and the like, and in very stringent bondage. As I said, Monica and I go back a long way, so do I have to say more? You father is my rubber subbie and I do with him as I please. If you must know right now he’s cleaning the house spotlessly, or he better be.”

“He will be dressed in his latex French maid’s uniform with all the full gear, gloves, stockings, frilly panties and suspenders, false boobies, pinafore and….a perfectly anatomical mannequin mask like mine. We had casts made of our faces, full head casts. Then we glued them to the inside of these perfect rubber mannequin masks. So, a perfect fit. They’re the devil to get on and off, but perfect fits, fantastic. He’ll be wearing that and a wig. Now, my dear, does that give you an indication about how your father and mother live? I have no shame or embarrassment at all, Carol, and neither should you. I noticed earlier you were shocked to be seen like this in front of your mother, and I understand because it was your mother for goodness sake; but I was very pleased, delighted, that you weren’t embarrassed in front of your new friends….and me now, correct?”

“No, no, it’s strange isn’t it, more than three weeks ago how would I have reacted to all this, I don’t know. But now, well I’m really quite comfortable with it, I really am.”

“Monica and I knew you were something special, Carol. We did.”

“Everyone I have met here has been so sweet, so “normal” you know? Certainly, at the start of my er…training, I hated it, I hated them, but then I had a lot of aggression in me anyway. But gradually I got used to the training, the clothes – I could never have imagined I would like latex clothing. I knew about it of course, but never got into it, and at the same time my mother is, it’s crazy. And when I’m trapped in it, wrapped up in it, Monica and Natalie and Polly bring me to the most mind-blowing orgasms. Then I say to myself, who am I hurting here, is this bad, or evil? No, I’m just taking pleasure.”

“Today was so much fun, running like a wild horse through the woods, chasing down the other ponies. Even the jolts you gave to the plug in my bum didn’t stop my pleasure; it just made me want to go faster. It was nice to just run and run and yet be in the control of someone who you know they knew exactly what they were doing. You were right Monica, I would never have won without mum.” She looked down at her nipples and the two gold ornaments. “And now I have my trophies.” She smiled happily.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me Carol, I want you to understand why we did what we did, the mistakes we made with you, and that we regret it, and I just want my daughter’s love, that’s all a mother can ask.”

And Carol walked forward and almost fell into her mother’s arms and they stayed like that for a full minute.

“Okay, enough.” Sniffled Fran. “I have to get back, to attend to your father, if you know what I mean, so will you help me mask up? I do come to these events quite often to help the ponies find their feet but I choose to remain anonymous. Everyone honours that here, as you know they are all very nice, understanding people. Help make me beautiful again” Carol took the mask from Monica, and placed it on the top of Fran’s head.

“Mum, you are my mum, and you are beautiful.” And with Monica assisting by taking some of the collar they drew it slowly over Fran’s head, carefully easing it over her ears. Once on, they pressed out the creases and aligned the eyes and nose, then Monica placed the top hat on her bald head. Fran’s voice was then muffled by the tight rubber.

“All right, hhmm, this is so snug, now shall we go to your horsebox and I can say goodbye.” Monica called Natalie over and the camera was picked up and the four of them moved to the horsebox. They moved the sulky into the box, unbuckled Carol’s bridle and bells, but on Carol’s insistence the gold ornaments on her nipples stayed. Then Monica bent down and twisted the U ends of the labial ring and gently pulled them apart. Carol’s vagina was now no longer sealed up, but free, and she let out a sigh of relief.

“Take care and I’ll see you soon, I hope. I do love you, my dear.” Fran said muffled by her mask. They hugged again and she turned and went to her car. It occurred to Carol that she would have to change somewhere before she got on the major roads, otherwise there would be a serious accident. Monica held out her hand.

“Come on, it’s time we had a real picnic, we’d better hurry before they finish all the food and drink.”

They passed through a number of groups, all saying hello and congratulating Carol, who smiled back, a little overwhelmed but enjoying it.

They came upon Ann and Suzy again. They were kneeling on a large latex sheet facing each other, and Suzy was feeding Ann and herself some grapes. Ann had looked shattered earlier but now seemed to have recovered. There was clearly a bond between them as Suzy plopped a grape in Ann’s inviting mouth. The reason Suzy was feeding Ann, was that her hands were cuffed behind her back, not in the excruciating back prayer but simply at the wrists. Otherwise she was as before in her light blue catsuit and dark blue corset and posture collar.

Ann saw Carol and whispered something to Suzy, who smiled and stood. Ann spoke. She had rather a plumy, upper-middle class accent, which I hadn’t of course heard before as her mouth had been crammed full with an inflatable rubber gag.

“Hello Monica, hello Carol, would it be okay if I had a few minutes with Carol, Monica?”

“Of course, Ann, Suzy and I can chat over there.” And they moved a few feet away to join some other friends. Ann looked up at Carol.

“Natalie, you can stay with the camera, you might learn a thing or two, and your husband whenever he sees this. We might as well finish those grapes, I have to get my energy back.” Carol knelt opposite her and fed her one.

“Congratulations, you were amazing, went by me like a train.”

“Thanks.” Carol ate a grape. “Having an electro butt plug up my bum might have helped.” She smiled.

“Well it seemed to do the trick. Suzy wants to get one now for me, apparently whipping my backside for 40 minutes wasn’t enough. God, it’s still sore too. You had a great driver, she controlled you well, otherwise you’d have exhausted yourself too early.”

They looked so strange and yet so normal, two women kneeling opposite each other having a chat, if it wasn’t for the latex catsuits, one in black and red with matching mask, and the other sky-blue, and one of the women being bound.

“When we met earlier and we looked at each other in our gear, although you were wearing that lovely mask you have on now, I saw not just compassion in your look but, I think, pity, too, and I wanted to talk to you before you left. I feel things have to be explained. Oh, would you like a beer? I’m still dehydrated and a beer would be good, there’s one in the hamper. Beer is Suzy’s drink and on a day like today, I agree with her.”

Carol leant over an ice box, pulled out a beer bottle and twisted the cap. She put it to Ann’s lips and Ann took a good gulp.

“Hhmm, fantastic.” Now Carol took a swig and Ann continued.

“Carol, what caused that look, I wonder.” Carol allowed Ann another swig.

“Well, um, first I saw your hands almost touching the back of your head, it looked excruciating, then of course the gag, which looked like it was going to break your jaw, and then the nose ring and the chains connecting your nipples, and then Suzy mentioned your tongue stud. It all seemed a hell of a lot.” She gave Ann another shot at the bottle.

“A hell of a lot for a mid 30’s woman old enough to be Suzy’s mother? A smart career woman reduced to this, a latex submissive.” And she looked down at herself. “Yes?”

“Well yes, I suppose, the nose ring and the chains, and she had shaved, well virtually shaved, your head, I mean how can you get away with that at your school?”

And, as Carol took a welcome drink, Ann laughed throatily.

“Okay, well let’s take the school first.” She smiled benignly. “Carol, I’m good at what I do, I’m a very good teacher. A very high proportion of my girls go to university, the school is happy and the parents are happy, it’s all to do with results. We’re a very liberal school, as long as we are in the top 5% in the country, everyone is fine, okay? Good, we need another beer.”

As Carol took another cold one, Ann continued.

“So, you see some poor early middle aged spinster branching out? Seeking the fountain of Sapphic love?”

“No, no, I didn’t….”

“I teach the romantics at school, you know, Byron, Keats, Wordsworth, Shelley, etc etc so I know a bit about love, my dear, in all its forms. We also do Austen and the Bronte’s, all right? I wonder what Elizabeth Bennett would feel about all this, ha ha. Elizabeth a leathered pony, bitted and hooved, driven hard by Mr. Darcy, ha ha, now there’s a movie I’d pay to see.”

“I am also well read on de Sade, Sacher Masoch, Kraft Ebbing and the others. So I know what makes me tick. How it got there, well there are many theories, but there it is, to stay.” Carol gave her a drink from the second bottle.

“In other words, my dear, the head knows exactly what is going on in the heart….and the groin. Speaking of which, take a look down there.”


“My vag you silly girl.” She had been kneeling on her haunches and she stretched her knees wider, showing her pussy as Carol somewhat nervously looked down.

“Wet, I think, yes? Can’t fake that. Suzy and I love each other, some may say rather strangely, but there it is, it’s no more complicated than that. I will do anything for her, it’s that easy. Being so young she can be very cruel, but she is a whole lot smarter than she sounds or looks. She’ll mature, but she is incredibly imaginative. I have my flat and she shares hers with a couple of other undergrads. We think it’s best that way for now, but she spends many evenings and weekends with me. And she’s wonderfully inventive in her humiliations. She will call before she comes and tell me how I must be dressed and present myself. And I will do what she commands, every time.” She smiled conspiratorially.

“This may be cuffed to the bed, in one of my catsuits, gagged or blindfolded or both. I may be naked except for a pinafore and mask, kneeling at the door as she opens it. Sometimes I’m dressed as a full latex maid, stockings, gloves and all, and she will take me over her knee and spank me so hard I can actually come. I am lucky to be so flexible, so the back-prayer is really no problem for me, and she has me in some strange contortions sometimes. Finally, after I’ve come five times, she will take me, wherever, in the bed, on the kitchen floor and take her pleasure. It may be me licking her or with a strap-on but she makes me give her exactly what she wants.”

“She’s also wickedly devious and likes to play games. Here, I’ll tell you a couple of stories.” And she chuckled to herself as she reminisced.

“One time she told me she wanted me in the full French maid’s gear which was great because I love playing the role of the saucy maid, sometimes she has me gagged, sometimes not. So I have made the meal and am standing in front of the door, my head held obediently down, and I’m handcuffed in full black latex dress with back zip, sleeves and ruffles, stockings and garter belt, gloves, frilly panties, five inch heels, the lot. And she opens the door and shouts “hi Ann, hope you don’t mind, I’ve brought a friend for dinner.”  It was one of her college friends and Suzy had clearly planned this. So I scuttle to the bedroom and try to get the cuffs off, which is hard if you are wearing latex gloves. I do that and then try to unzip the dress, all the time shouting, I’m sorry I’m not fully dressed yet. The panties, bra and stockings have to stay on. I don’t have time, so I throw a pair of pants on, and a black blouse and stagger out, sweating. The evening seems to go all right, Suzy keeps winking at me, laughing, but I keep thinking that I can smell the hot latex I’m wearing, and if I can, can Suzy’s friend. And I love the feel of the latex and I’m getting horny and wet, thank God for the latex panties, otherwise I would be staining my pants.” And now Carol and Ann were giggling like a couple of schoolgirls.

“Another time she had a friend over and pretended she was to meet her at my place, but I had gone out. Before though, she had squeezed me into one of a number of rubber body bags I have. It goes up to my neck and has a double zip down to the crotch and two smaller zips at my boobs. There are internal sleeves. Down the sides there are a series of D rings and so once in it I’m there for good. When I’m in it she plays with me mercilessly. By the front door there is the coat cupboard. She got me into the bag, and pulled a thick mask with eye and mouth holes over my head. She removed a load of coats from the cupboard and pushed me into it. Then she ran a length of rope through the D rings and tied me very securely facing out, with my back to the wall. I was starting to get worried here, what if her friend decided to put her own coat away? Finally she pulled down the zip at my crotch, which, despite everything, or perhaps because of it, was already wet, and pulled down the zips that covered my boobs, pulling them out roughly. She gave them a squeeze and closed the door. Ten minutes later her friend arrived, apologies were made and I heard the cupboard door open, I closed my eyes. I heard a coat being hung to my side, then she pinched my nipples and closed the door. So for the whole evening I was on tenterhooks. When her friend went into the kitchen or bathroom, she’d rush to the cupboard, open the door, twist my nipples, push a finger inside me, I was sopping, and give me a big kiss.”

“This just gives you an idea how inventive she is, okay, one more story. Sometimes she commands me to tie myself to the bed and wait her arrival, I do this quite often, so I dress in some latex, whatever she tells me to, spread my legs and cuff them to the bottom, then cuff my wrists either side of my head. The last cuff is quite hard but I have got the hang of it. And I lie and wait for her. Usually my vag is exposed, but often I’m gagged and blindfolded. I realise this breaks all the rules of sub/dom play but we do it anyway. Could the building burn down? Of course. Could a burglar come? Of course, but it sure would give him a shock. Could she have an accident and I lie there for days before being rescued, or maybe not? Yes, of course. So I lie there in my latex, waiting for my torturer, my lover.”

“Most of the time she comes on time , or close to it, and I feel her tongue on me, then in me, and it only needs a touch before I come. But…….one time she left me there, on purpose, for two hours, which when you are gagged and blindfolded and sweating buckets in rubber, is a hell of a long time. Then another time she pretended I was out and had a friend over to watch a movie. On any pretext, get a book, go for a pee, she came to the room where I was lying and played with me, until I was moaning into my gag. She loves the idea of nearly being caught like that, the excitement mixed with the fear….and so do I. We’ve started venturing out in public, with me in some latex and in bondage, under a coat or a cape. This is not easy in Oxford, where she and I both know quite a few people, so it’s a tantalising mixture of excitement, I’m wet half the time, and real fear that I bump into someone I know. And of course sometimes I wear the latex at work, just a little as I have to be careful. I now have a few pairs of the old rubber panties Playtex used to produce, maybe your mum wore them; the high-waisted ones with holes at the crotch and bum. They allow those areas to breathe, otherwise I’d be dripping. I can wear them all day, with a latex bra, and sometimes I get so aroused, as it reminds me of Suzy.”

“I know she may seem a bit ditzy to some, but I call it youthful exuberance….and Carol, I can’t get enough of it. The stud in the tongue, the rings on nipples and labia, they’re almost old hat now.”

“Look at me, Carol. What you see is someone who has given herself to another to do with, play with, live with, give pain and pleasure as she pleases. I am a…..possession, a canvas on which she can paint. And I am that, very willingly. I love this. And she loves me I know, a mature love far beyond her teenage years. She’s a 30 year old in a teenage body.”

Ann stopped for a second. “Ha ha, you know what, in all this excitement and the beer, I have to go for a pee. Here, help me up.”

“Well actually, so do I.” Carol who hadn’t spoken for a long time said.

“Let’s go over there, Natalie I think you can wait here, yes?” Arm in arm they went over to a small glade, but Natalie kept the camera on, and with a telephoto lens that she had used during the race closed in on the two women. They were an odd sight to say the least, one red and black latex-clad and masked woman supporting another in light and dark blue as she squatted to pee. Then the roles were reversed, Carol leaning against the standing Ann as she did so. I could hear Ann laugh.

“Can you imagine if one of my students should walk by, we’re very secluded here, but I think of the look on her face as she sees her beloved English teacher and vice principal peeing, while dressed in latex, pierced, ringed and handcuffed, ha ha. There’s some large leaves there, I think we need a wipe, don’t you, which means you do the honours, if you’re all right with that. Let’s just hope they don’t sting.”

Carol gently wiped Ann and then herself, Ann looked at her with a kind of knowing look.

“You have gentle hands, women like that. I bet your tongue and lips are gentle too.”

As Ann smiled evilly, Carol bowed her head a little.

“Well I’m told they are very good.” She replied sheepishly.

“Oh really, well I wasn’t fishing, but it would be fun to give it a go someday, you and I. Oh and one thing I didn’t expand upon was the whole gagging thing. You’ll notice I talk a lot, it’s my job, I lecture, I listen, I talk. You know it’s incredibly exciting, erotic, to be silenced against your will, to have your speech, which is so important to you, to be denied. To have that floppy pungent bladder put in your mouth, have the face plate forced against your lips to below your chin, to have the straps pulled tight and buckled, and adjusted and then tighter again, and then your lover look you firmly in the eye and begin to inflate it. You wriggle in your bonds, but they don’t yield, and then the gag comes to life, you try to squash it with your tongue, to keep your teeth together as close as possible but it continues to grow, and your tongue is squashed and your mouth is stretched, and then your speech becomes a series of loud grunts, and you try to communicate with your eyes, you look up and you plead, but she just smiles, and squeezes the bulb, just inches in front of your face, and then your moans become more subdued, and then you are silenced. You, who uses language so well, silenced by this sprite of a girl. And now she has you silenced she can play with you, do whatever she wants, and you can do nothing, just moan quietly into the mouth-stuffing gag, hhhmm, wonderful. Look down here, I’m getting moist just talking about it.”

As they walked back, Carol asked.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for Suzy?” For a second or two, Ann seemed to dwell on this.

“I suppose permanent disfigurement, I have a job to do and I have to work in the so-called normal world out there. Face tattoos, multiple piercings would be too much, what I have is maxed out I think. Things like breast implants, grotesquely big ones, or buttock implants wouldn’t work for me as I have a job where these I think would be noticed and commented on more that a mere nose ring. Suzy wants to brand me, either on my bottom or my breasts and I have thought about that, it would probably be all right as long as they are under my bra and bikini lines.”

“So you would accept a brand, wow.”

“Yes, I think so. I know it would hurt like hell, but what else is love for?” Carol thought on this.

“Anything else, what about if she rented you out or sold you to someone, or a group of people to….I don’t know, play with you, hurt you, fuck you.” Again, Ann took this question seriously.

“She is my mistress, I am her slave, simple, to do what she wishes. If she was present at whatever went on, then probably yes, but it has never arisen, and I don’t think it will, she enjoys punishing me herself too much.” She looked at Carol and beamed. “Of course, if she rented me to you, I would be delighted. You could do anything you wanted with me, ha ha. I like you a lot Carol, you are born for this stuff, I can tell, but what are you? Dom or sub, eh?”

They had now returned to the latex picnic sheet, and both lay down in the slowly setting sun, Ann on her side. Carol looked puzzled.

“I don’t know, I have not thought about it. I have a husband who I love very much to think of, you know.”

“Well he’s going to have a lot of thinking to do as well, from what I have seen of you. Sending you to Monica has released the demons and they are going to have to be satisfied. And is your husband up to it, I wonder.” And Carol appeared to think about that for a few seconds. And frankly, so did I. But now Monica and Suzy returned. Suzy with a giggle rolled Ann on her back and straddled her chest, looking down.

“We’ve left you long enough you, two. So Carol, was Ann telling you how much I loved her, and would never let her go?”

“No, she didn’t actually.” Suzy looked quite disappointed. “What she said was that you were a devious, mischievous and cruel mistress and she loved you with all her heart and soul.” Suzy looked a lot happier at that.

“Well I plead guilty to all charges, happily. Thank you my dear beautiful slave and lover. In reward, your tongue will have to work extra hard tonight, yes?” And Ann nodded happily.

They said their goodbyes, both Suzy and, particularly, Ann saying that they wanted to see a lot more of Carol.

They then passed by Francesco and Maria, who had not met Carol earlier, and who was very complimentary of her. They had left the vacuum bed open to air and were now inviting anyone to take a turn in it. Monica looked at Carol, who shook her head, saying.

“Thanks but no, I know it would be fun, but I’m pretty tired.” Then she said cheekily. “How about you, Monica?” Maria seemed to like that idea too.

“Oh yes, now that’s a good idea.”

“I don’t think so, maybe some other time.” Monica replied forcefully, brooking no argument. They then hugged and kissed, promising to see each other again and returned to their picnic.

Polly had laid out a large white latex sheet and there was an open hamper with fruit, cheese, meats, breads, and drinks laid out. Pippa and Paul had joined them, Paul still wearing his red latex catsuit and Pippa her red and white blouse and skirt. This had ridden over her waist as she lay half asleep on her back, and underneath she was wearing tight white latex panties. She looked up and said.

“About time, we were going to finish this lot off without you. Well Carol, we gave you a good run didn’t we? I should have given Paul a harder whipping but it might not have made a difference. You just looked too edible when you went by.”

“Thanks, I like your outfit, much better than mine for this weather.’

“You should have been in the doggy-suit, getting fucked from behind like I was; I must have sweat out half a gallon, ha ha.”

“Well it did look kind of fun, one day I might give it a try.” Carol said and Monica looked at Carol with amusement. Pippa continued.

“Hey, be my guest, but once you’re in there’s no getting out, fun being so vulnerable like that though. Your pussy so exposed and your boobs hanging down, and you can do nothing.” And I could see Carol nod faintly. Paul handed Carol a glass.

“Prosecco, hope you like it, congratulations on a famous victory, and I do love those trophies. I wonder where they would have hung them if I’d won.”

“Couple of rings through your balls and you’d have deserved them, ha ha.” Pippa chortled.

They all settled in and began to eat and drink some more. It was all very relaxed despite the fact that they were all half clothed, and what was covered was latex. Carol was the most exposed, her ringed vagina and her nipples, but as Fran had observed, she was now completely unperturbed and very comfortable with her brazen appearance. I noticed she ate ravenously, which didn’t surprise me considering all the energy she had expended.

The film faded to black but then continued quickly. The afternoon had moved on languidly, it was clouding over and cooling down.

Carol was asleep and the others were also lying on the latex sheet, relaxed after their food and drink. Monica looked at Carol.

“The sleep of the innocent?”

“Ha, hardly.” Polly chortled. She pressed her hand between Carol’s thighs and in her half sleep, I could see her smile and part her legs.

“We have to get back now, so we should get all this cleared up. First, we have to talk about Carol. I think we are all agreed that she’s ready to return to her husband. Yes?”

Polly pouted. “I don’t know about that, I think she may need a few more days training.” Monica gave her an understanding but questioning look.

“Oh come on, Polly. You know full well what our contract says. She’s ready, she’s fulfilled her duties for her rehabilitation and transformation, exceeded them in fact, by a long way, as you know. You only say that because you want her to stay longer, so you can play together. Now Polly dear, I understand your feelings, but we have to let her return. So we’ll advise her tonight, and she’ll be on her way in a day or two, max. I’m sure she’ll be very happy to see her husband again, a changed woman.” Natalie, Pippa and Paul made no comments on this, seemingly resigned. Carol somehow had seemed to sleep through it all.

Pippa looked over at her. “She does look so edible like that; I can see how you don’t want to let her go. But it’s been a good three weeks for you, hasn’t it?”

“Oh, the best.” Natalie piped up. “Okay, let’s get to the car, wake up sleeping beauty here.” Slapped Carol hard on the buttocks and she awakened with a start.

“Ow, what was that for?”

“Up you get, we’re going home. Say your farewells quickly and we’ll meet you at the car.” Pippa and Paul returned to their picnic area and the other girls collected all their possessions.  Carol ran off and hugged Maggie then Julie and Bobby and then scuttled after Monica and the girls. Carol made for the horsebox, but Monica said.

“No Carol you can sit up front with us. Dressed like that in your catsuit and mask you might turn a few heads even though we have tinted windows. So you’d better take the mask off, okay?” So Carol, helped by Polly, pulled off her mask. It seemed as if I hadn’t seen her unmasked for a long time, but she looked wonderful, her short hair was matted to her head and her face shone with sweat, but she looked very happy and contented. Monica handed her a hoody made of grey latex, then a pair of wraparound sunglasses. As she zipped up the hoody, pulling the hood over her head, Monica explained.

“These should cover you up a bit. As you know Carol, we value our privacy, and while we feel you are almost one of us, we like to keep it like that, so the glasses are blacked out on the inside. Just a precaution my dear, but I would like you to put them on.”

Carol seemed surprised and said rather sarcastically. “You think once you let me return to my life outside I’ll send round the puritan police?”

“No Carol, not for one minute, it’s just one of my silly rules. I’m just asking you, I’m not ordering you and I’m not forcing you back into the horsebox. I’d like you to do it for me, it’s my privacy phobia, I think we know each other now, I hope so, but if you insist then….well don’t wear them.” I was truly surprised to see Monica back down and so I think was Polly. For a second I thought Carol would make an issue of it, but she simply said “okay, no worries” put her hand on Monica’s cheek, then put them on. Polly helped her into the back of the SUV and the film faded to black.

So that was it. Carol was coming back, but when? These DVD’s had come special delivery, so when had they been made? Was she on her way now? My mind was in a whirl, it was now one in the morning. But there was one thing I had to do.

I called Fran.

The phone was picked up on the second ring.

“Hello Tim.” She said without hesitation.

“How did you know it was me?”

“Come on Tim, you have the DVD’s today, of course you were going to call me. It’s been a hard day or two for me, and Carol, and you now. I explained myself to Carol, my motivations, our history, I’m sure you heard it all. So are you mad at me? Do you hate what I have done? Tell me Tim.” She sounded sympathetic. But I didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t know Fran, yes, when I saw you take off that mannequin mask I felt cheated, conned, yes. But then you began to tell your story I suppose my feelings changed. It was all a bit of a conspiracy, wasn’t it?”

“Well yes and no. Remember Tim, you came to me. If you hadn’t I would never, never, have got Monica involved. We never planned anything until you said your marriage was on the rocks. Then, I thought this was something Monica could help with. And I think you would agree she has. Of course she had unconventional methods, but Carol has changed, big time, for the better. You will see that, very shortly I’m sure. The initial blame is all mine, I was so involved with my husband that my parenting fell way short of the mark, and she ended up a spoilt, argumentative little girl. I take that blame, but now that is in the past, she’s coming home.”

Although I started out angry there was of course a lot of truth in what she said. Bridges could be built later, for some funny reason, I was interested in seeing Carol’s dad again, now that I knew the truth behind the “relationship” between him and Fran.

“Come and see us soon Tim, bring Carol of course. Now that everything is out in the open between us, we can have a long chat.” She hung up. I went to bed, exhausted, but also very excited, for now only one thing filled my thoughts. Some of the things Carol had experienced had quite shocked me, some had quite excited me. I wasn’t sure which Carol would be coming home. How would we re-connect? Had she changed so much that now she was a different woman? Could I “handle” the new woman? Did she want to experience with me all the scenes she had played out with Monica, and could I do that? I wasn’t sure, but I knew I would have to adapt as well. Some of these questions were worrying, very worrying but one thing was foremost in my mind.

Carol was coming home.

Yes, Carol was coming home.




Story continues in Part 2: Carol Finishes the Story

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