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The Strange World of Knightley Manor 3: A New World

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2013 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f+; D/s; latex; cocoon; sealed; encased; susp; maid; fem; cd; uniform; makeup; heels; gag; captive; reluct/nc; X

story continues from part two

Part 3: A New World

The rest of that first strange day Andy spent in a daze of sadness and fear, the image of his beloved Aunt seared into his befuddled mind. On occasion, as he went about his new duties, he noticed Ms Richmond looking over him from a distance. Looking over him or just watching to ensure his obedience, he did not know, but as day drifted into evening, he found himself, by luck or design before a doorway which with its smooth polished door looked mysteriously out of place.

His heart raced to his throat as he realised this was the direction his Aunt had been led. He looked at the door, at the small handle, then with a glance over his shoulder, pushed. The door swung back to reveal a long pure white tiled corridor at the end of which is a stair case. Not knowing what to make of it and gripped with sudden fear the young man was about to close it again when he heard a strange whooshing sound followed by a stifled gasp and then silence. He listened, again the sound came. Strange. Andy looked back over his shoulder once more and without a noise closed the door behind him.

With the Click Click of his heels the feminised boy passed along the corridor and down the winding stairs. At the bottom was a smooth white door on it were the words, SILENCE FILMING. Tense now, yet even more intrigued Andy paused, before with the softest of touches the door swung open.

Trembling now and dripping with sweat Andy followed a second corridor which after a while led into a large, warm high vaulted room, illuminated in a low red light. As his eyes became accustomed to the dull light of this twilight room, strange ‘contraptions’ seemed to emerge from the black draped walls. Andy stared hard.

The ‘contraptions’ which filled the chamber were made up of ‘webs’ of coiling tubes and taut intertwining straps and in the centre of each of these ‘webs’ Andy could see oily shiny bundles, like giant glistening slugs, each penetrated by quivering tubes of clear plastic and curiously inflating bladders that jerked turgidly and collapsed like landed fish.

Timidly he approached and peered at one of these ‘hanging slugs’ and when he was within reach, raised his hand to touch the gleaming oily black cocoon. His fingers felt the smooth surface, its was warm, moist and yielding. It was Rubber!. That alone did not come as to much of a surprise, after all he himself was dressed in that rippling fabric. No what really took him by surprise was when all of a sudden, the cocoon went into a frenzy of movement. Andy started. Above a bulbous head nodded and from a thick protruding pipe, he heard a plaintive muffled feminine groan! Oh god! He gasp, There is some one inside!!

Andy stepped back in shock looking about into the gloom realising in total shock that which now surrounded him. The fitful motions of the cocoon and the flutter of the bladders is caused by the frantic struggles of hapless captives, subjects writhing in hot suffocating folds of rubber! Condemned and enveloped, sentenced to swelter in sticky stretchy skins of latex. Wholly enclosed in opaque rubber, impermeable and impenetrable. The trembling boy now turned spinning in shock and fear, his mind unable to take in the horror of this dark moist chamber, stumbling into the web of a second cocoon.

Instantly this featureless latex cocoon also begins to writhe, the same pitiful, female whimpering coming from within. Shocked and terrified Andy wobbled on his heels and falls back into the slippery entanglement of one of the webs. The smooth rubber entwining him, holding him, forcing him to stare at the gelatinous squirming cocoon before him. Where, with sweat streaked eyes, he could just make out the curvature of two full breasts, flattened by the tight rubber and as the cocoon was galvanised into action once more there came a rush of air. A protest? A plea? Muffled by the inflating all embracing rubber helmet.

Helplesssly Andy stared in terror and pity as the rubber snapped and rustled wildly, stretched and twisting by the occupants desperate struggle. Then as the vague outline of a pair of beautiful long legs stretched out inside the enfolding rubber, a new sound joined this latex medley, a rhythmic wet gurgling, as through the clear tubes which snaked from the cocoons base a dark translucent fluid began to ooze.

As he watched, the stretching rolled upwards and more of the figure becames clear to him, her round buttocks, slim waist, the shape of her arms pinned to her sides and suddenly he realised the true horror of what was happening….the latex cocoon was shrinking!! Shrinking into her. Terrified now Andy struggled once more with the entwining web, but as the cocoon shrank their grip seemed to increase and he was helpless to escape the enfolding horror before him.

The moaning and whimpering swiftly became a gasp, a cry, a muffled begging and sobbing. Poor Andy's head spun, his mind struggled with the thought of what it must be like in that tightening latex membrane. It must be so hot, so wet inside the sealed rubber, smothered, like drowning in thick black tar. The shrinking quickly spread across the captives chest, outlining each as full individual mounds whilst perversely teasing the nipples into hard peaks.

Then suddenly the rising and falling of the bladders became more frantic, as now her breath already constricted by the tight membrane sealing her chest, became even more restricted by the cocoons tightening grip about her slender neck.

Desperately now Andy wriggled one arm free and reached out. His fingers barely reaching her neck his fingers slipped and slid, as they fumbled for some seam or crease to relieve the tension on the womans throat, but all he found was ultra smooth rubber.

Then suddenly beyond all the stretching rustle came a plaintive, whimper, that stopped his heart.

“Is there someone there?.. oh please help me, please help me, I know you are there please .its… its so tight oh god, so hot, I’m…. I’m melting, please please don’t let……. oh …help….. Oh, help!!!”.

Then as the latex shrank back about her head and face, the sad pitiful whimpering became a soft plea, a faint squeak and then…. but for the soft squeaking of taut rubber, there was silence and then, his eyes focus and a warm stream of piss seeped down his thigh.

There beneath the shrunken latex, perfectly detailed in every way… was the face of the young woman from the boutique, Caroline.

All the fear shocked boy could do was stare. Terrified and still, not knowing if one false move might have caused some alien creature to seal him within one of those latex cocoons. All he could do was stare, as slowly from one long rubber tendril connected to the high ceiling, the tightly cocooned woman turned, immobile, all hope and fight strangled from her body and only the slow pulse of the breathing bladder giving any idea that it was not some bizarre piece of sculpture, carved from polished ebony, but a cocoon of latex rubber in which was imprisoned a living breathing woman. Andy wanted to scream aloud, scream like never before, but all he could do was stare at that beautiful face.

Suddenly he awoke and shook his head, heart pounding, there was sound behind him, voices, he turned and looked to the door and ran. Stumbling past the other helpless figures he raced back to the door just as three figures entered.

They were all dressed in gleaming scarlet PVC nurses uniforms complete with delicate caps and aprons displaying white crosses. The tightly fitting tunic dresses, which display their full breasts, were so short they barely cover their matching red PVC panties beneath. Whilst their legs were sheathed in gleaming red rubber stockings. As Andy watched they moved with ease atop polished red high heels, to where Caroline hung, quickly unhooking the tendril and laying her mummified form on a wheeled trolley.

Then moments later 2 more nurses, with full masks over their faces led in a naked woman. Andy held his breath. It was Rebecca, one of the maids who had dressed him that day, she moved with a slow step, almost as if she were drunk. The 2 led her just beyond where Caroline lay and placed her in the centre of a dark circle. Happy with her position they stepped back just as the circle seemed to rise. Andy bit his lip as he realised instantly it was another cocoon and with even more of a shock he saw it was exactly where he had been standing moments before. It took but moments for the glistening black sheath the rise to the ceiling where it began two rotate, creating that single tendril. Once secured the nurses connected the various tubes and inserted a breathing bladder through the sack and into Rebecca's mouth. Almost instantly the girl in the sack began to struggle.

“What?.. Oh fuck no!!!”, the girl screamed. “What? No No please let me go, not no this. Oh Fuck no not this Please!” she cried her voice muffled, then suddenly stiffled with terror. “What?….. what the fuck?…. No… No please latex, Latex please not this…. fuck no not Plastic, Not Plastic, Latex Not Plastic!”.

Andy looked to the tubes, the clear liquid plastic was now flowing in, filling the sack, making it bulge and stretch, quickly taking on the shape of the other sacks.

“Stop this”, Caroline pleaded, “please Oh its so hot… I can’t … I can’t….”. Suddenly there was a bubbling blurble as the liquid reached the captive girls lips. Then for a brief moment there seemed a desperate fumbling for the air giving tube, before, with almost poisonous sadness, the breathing bladder began to flutter its turgid dance.

Once more and silence fell and inside Andy, poor helplessly feminised Andy, screamed in both fear for himself and for fear that one of these helpless captives was his beloved Aunt.

Their work done the nurses coolly turned to the cocooned Caroline and slowly wheeled her out, leaving the room once more to the rustle of rubber and mournful breathing .

Sick to his stomach, half wanting to tear down those slippery cocoons and half wanting to collapse in tears Andy stumbled back up the corridor, his heels offering him little help on his way until finally the door closed behind him.

Hanging onto the wall, head spinning, he took a breath, drawing it back into his nostrils, his gagged lips slick with saliva. Then with his heart racing he stepped back into the now quiet entrance hall of Knightley Manor.

Instantly his heart leapt into his throat when he saw the tall slim figure awaiting him in the darkened hall way.

“What on earth are you doing?” Ms Richmond approached a look of anger and relief on her beautiful face. “Do you know what would happen if…”, she broke off calming herself, looking about. “Have you gone crazy, look at you”.

There was a pause, Andrew's head lowered, shaking, sweat glistening on his beautiful face and for a moment Ms Richmond seemed uncertain of what to do. She looked about the hall, the house was silent, no one should be about now.

“Come along”, tip toeing to lessen the click of his heels Andrew followed her through the house.

She left the gag in place, it gave her the opportunity to chastise Andrew without him interrupting. Her voice, though not load, carried a stern edge that he had never heard before cutting him down.

“Still you do not understand your position here Andrew”, she said circling him, “The Mistress does not know you yet, if it took her pleasure you could suffer a quite shocking fate, imagine perhaps being bound in rubber and transformed from a sweet beautiful thing into little more than an object, a piece of furniture, a chair back, a stool, standard lamp, imagine and then just given away as a gift to some other household”, she gazed into his teary eyes, “you would be lost, no more Andrew, just an it… believe me darling I have seen it.. i really have….. do you understand?.. your world is new. Please listen Andrew”, her voice suddenly regained its soft tenderness, “you are the sweetest young Maid I have ever met and in time the mistress will adore to punish you, but until she knows you….. you must behave… say you will”.

The boy nodded, Ms Richmond smiled and gently undid the straps at the back of his head, easing the saliva slicked ball free. Oh the relief Andrew felt, he worked his jaw back and forth loosening it after 8 hours. “It did not hurt you did it darling”, she whispered stroking his lips with the tip of one finger.

“No Ms Richmond, its just stiff”

“I’m glad”, she then to his surprise she softly kissed the shiny pink ball, and whispered “Mistress” Andrew looked stunned and was more stunned when she instructed him to do the same. “It is our way to remember our Mistress, we adore our mistress , we serve our mistress and she loves us”, she placed the ball before him, “Please Andrew”

He placed his kiss, “Mistress”.

“Good girl, now”, her tone lightened, beckoning him to sit beside her “ Tell me what you were up to”

Andrews head lowered, “I was looking for my Auntie” Andy sighed softly, whilst inside he desperately wanted to say what he had seen, but even as the questions filled his head he knew one wrong word, one hint he had seen something he should not have, could condemn him to such a fate.

The tears flowed now . As he began to sob, Ms Richmond drew his shaking body close, cradling him to her smooth latex breast, her fingers gently stroking his thigh.

“Don’t worry darling, everything will be alright, you must become a good girl”, she whispered, her voice soft and loving, “It has been a long day, so many new things, but this is your world now Andrew you must understand that, this is your world”

Ms Richmond held him close until his tears stopped, “That’s it, all better now”, she said sitting him up, there latex dresses peeling stickily apart with the heat of their bodies.

“Time young Maids were in bed”, she smiled.

And so saying began to help him out of his clinging Maids dress. It was a precise job each item was peeled away, laid out, cleaned and as with the gag, each received a kiss before being and hung up.

“Do we kiss everything for the mistress”, Andrew asked, his lips having just left the hem of his skirt.

“No we remember our mistress though items of control for she controls us, but we are not kissing our outfits, we kiss the rubber, for it is that which binds us all as one”, Ms Richmond smiled at his astonishment, “You will learn in time, now shower”

The cubicle was large and ornate, the room quickly filled with warm steam, oh the water was warm and calming, the soap washed away the sweat and smell of the latex, “is it nice?” the figure of his gardian passed the frosted glass,

“Yes thank you”.

“Come along then dear”. Ms Richmond was waiting for him outside the cubicle, to his delight she had removed her severe skin tight dress and now wore a pale blue rubber nightie and matching stockings, her body visible through the transparent film. She quickly wrapped the naked boy in a big soft towel and dryed him off, “Oh you are so soft, all girly” she said, much to Andrews embarrassment, her hands stroking over his skin seeking out any dampness. None found she dusted him with feminine, rose scented powder and helped him slip into his own nightdress, a shorter, younger style in bright vibrant pink, with panties and stocking to match .

“Here we are,” she said giving the young feminised boy a cup, “Hot milk to help you sleep”, she sat on the side of the bed as he slowly drained the cup, it was sweet and comforting. He felt his body relax and Ms Richmond took the cup and placed it aside before easing him down into the warm rubber sheeted bed, his face nestling into the aromatic latex pillows. “Sleep tight dear”, she whispered placing an almost maternal kiss on his forehead. “Tomorrow it will be all different”.

And it was...

To be continued in part 4

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