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The Strange World of Knightley Manor 2: Awakenings

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; F/fm+; D/s; latex; maid; fem; cd; uniforms; makeup; heels; gag; inspection; captive; rubberdoll; reluct/nc; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Awakenings

“We thought the countess would be coming”. Vanessa said in a voice clearly tinged with nerves.

“No Mummy is far too busy”,

“But we…. we have a gift for her, to repay the……”

“A gift for me, how charming. But firstly which is the older one?”


Tall, elegant, and dressed in a deep wine red leather blouse, matching skintight pants and high heels, the beautiful and well made up teenager, turned and looked the pair in the eye. She paused looking them up and down with disdain. “Must I repeat myself”, she sighed.

“No no Miss Knightley”, Caroline, the younger of the two, stepped forward. “This is the elder, but she did fit the measure”.

For a moment, the leather sheathed teenager did not speak, her eyes deep and chocolate brown merely drifted over Caroline's trim figure, then those eyes narrowed and her lips creamy and glossed, curled into a sly naughty smile. “Mmmm…”, she purred, “Pretty girl”.

Startled at the cool power of the teenagers cut glass voice, Caroline did not know how to react, sure she had been called pretty before, but only by older women than she. Never by someone younger and never in a voice which dripped with such casual dominance. It spun around in her head and after a long pause the words, “Thank you Miss”, fell child like from her lips.

Sensing the discomfort she had placed Caroline in, Lady Emma Knightley stepped closer and capturing Caroline’s blue eyes in hers. “That is so sweet”, She half mocked, before looking her up and down and adding, coolly, “Perhaps I should leave these here and just take you back to my studio. What do you think. You would look wonderful in the gallery, have you ever wondered what bit is like to be dipped in latex, to be sealed and moulded, transformed into a thing of beauty like no other”, she smiled at the clear tremble on Caroline’s lips. She tilted her head, and smiled. "I am taking you now”.

As the teenager reached out her hand, Caroline gasped and stepped back, “No no, madam, i…I”.

The young woman’s eyes narrowed and for a moment the older woman thought she would snap at her, but no, slowly Emma Knightleys lips curled into a smile. “Scared?”.

Caroline took a calming breath, her heart racing at the idea she would one day fall into this young ladies perverted clutches.

“We have a deal?”, Vanessa asked, her own voice trembling with nerve.

The cruel young woman nodded. “Yes….. Now what is this about this gift?”.


The women had smiled as the customs check point vanished behind them. It so much easier these days to move across Europe. Oh the customs officers had asked the correct questions, they had checked their paper work, 3 women, 2 of about 30 and one much younger in her late teens. They even let their dog sniff round the car. But what they had not seen were the delicate chains which connected the heels of the teenagers polished red stilettos. Nor had they noticed the jewelled thumb rings which held her hands together on her lap, but most of all they had not noticed the stunning young beauties rich coating of lip gloss which in reality sealed the beauty lips together to form a perfect invisible gag.

No the customs officers had not noticed the young beauty on the back seat had been kidnapped and as the polished red car drew up through the tree lined drive of Knightley Manor and the iron gates had silently closed behind them, their journey was complete.


The warm sun filtered through the fine lace curtains and fell across ornately canopied bed its warmth causing the slim figure within to stir. Drowsily Andrew stretched out slowly brushing away the last clouds of sleep, his eyes heavy flickered open. Greeting him was a truly beautiful sight, long dark wavy hair, green eyes smiling red lips.

“Good morning Andrew. My you did sleep well”, the woman stroked one red glossed finger tip across the young mans arm, “we let you sleep a little longer on your first day”,

“Where am I?”,

“Knightley Manor”

“Where? I was on holiday with…”, The young mans head span as he sat up quickly, “Where’s Aunt……”,

“Not so fast dear, the gas can make you a little woozy and it has been a few days. That’s it take a moment”

Blinking his eyes in the light, Andrew's head cleared and he found himself beneath the soft sheets of a strangers bed, a bed centred in an old fashioned bed room, no not old fashioned stately rich and expensive.

“Where, where am I?”, he murmered half to himself, “Who?…”

“I told you dear, Knightley Manor”. The voice was soft and friendly slightly accented but very English. “And my name is Samantha Richmond, but you will address me as Ms Richmond”.

“My Aunt, My Auntie Rachel, where is she? What have you done with her”.

The beautiful woman shook her head, “I am sorry but I know nothing of your Aunt. I am only responsible for the Maids”

“But my Aunt was with me, they…. they put her into a strange bed, it.. something about a measure.”

“The measure”. Samantha repeated, a look of knowing flickering in her eyes.

“What has happened to her? please”,

“Do not worry am sure she is safe and well”, Samantha said, giving him the best reassuring smile she could muster.

“But I must….” The young man started.

“Enough for now. All will become clear in time”. And with an elegant movement Ms Richmond rose from the bed. As she did the young man could not help but notice the way her tight black skirt and filmy white blouse shone. The sight instantly made his stomach turn. Not in disgust, not at all, for even in his confused mind he could not avoid seeing how beautiful and shapely his mysterious host was. No what made him tremble inside were the images of his beloved Aunt, flooding into his sleepy mind, images of her being smothered and drowned in a film of polished black. He could hear her voice in his head calling, pleading, then there was just the silence and that pitiful moan of her muffled breath. He felt his heart tremble and his eyes water.

Samantha Richmond looked at her young ward with real compassion, “Don’t worry Andrew, I am sure your aunt is safe and well”, she stepped closer and offered her hand. “Come along it is time you were prepared for your first day”.

Andrew looked into her eyes, they were soft and caring. Nervously he took the offered hand and slipped from the bed and as he did all the images of his Aunt left his head, for in that moment he realised he was not only naked, but that he was now free of body hair, totally free.

“It was easier to prepare your body whilst you slept”, Ms Richmond said sensing her wards surprise, “But don’t worry we’ll never have to do it again that nasty hair will never grow back”.

Sharply Andy’s hand went to his head.

“No we did not go that far, although we did remove the extensions to your hair. Madam does not like cosmetic enhancements. But in time your own hair will grow and be enstyled”.

“In time?”, Andy half asked, half thought.

With no further explanation Ms Richmond led the trembling young man across the room and through into an adjoining room and there in the warm morning light he stopped and gasped. The rooms was bright and clean, a mixture of dressing room and studio, lined with mirrors and lights, it’s hi-tech theme out of keeping with the stately elegance of the bed room. However it was not the décor that made him gasp.

Before him stood two equally beautiful young women, a few years older than he, dressed in matching black Maids uniforms and polished high heels. Both dresses were spectacularly feminine and trimmed with masses of white lace frills. The hems of the stunning dresses, which were clearly fashioned from the same shiny material as adorned Ms Richmond, were so short as to reveal almost every inch of the girls long shapely legs and floated on masses of white petticoatting. Whilst their neck lines plunged to display the girls deep cleavage to full stunning effect.

Andrew felt his mouth dry and Ms Richmond felt his had tremble. “This is Rebecca and Emily. Rebecca, Emily, this is Andrew”.

With a haughty, almost disdainful gaze, the girls remained silent.

“Now girls, I want you to prepare Andrew for his first day, he is a little nervous so I want you to be extra gentle with him. Understood”.

Again the two maids looked him up and down, their pouty lips, as glossy as their outfits, curled into knowing smile. This time their well tutored voices answered. “Very well Ms Richmond”.

“Now do as you are told dear, Emily and Rebecca will take good care of you.

Nervoulsy Andrew stepped back as the two stunning maids drew closer, their every step punctuated by the sharp click of their heels on the cool tiled floor.

“He…hello”, was all the voice he could muster, not that it mattered, for the girls, cool and confident simply took his hand from their superiors and led him into the light.

Andrew did not exactly resist the two maids, but then again he did not assist, the last thing he really wanted at that moment was to be dressed as a girl. Not that he felt uncomfortable with his natural femininity, but he had only ever shared it with his beloved Aunt and she had only ever been the one to dress him. But now with his heart racing he knew he had no choice but to place himself in the hands of these two stunning maids.

As they moved about him Andrew trembled as the maids shiny dresses brushed against his sensitive skin. “This is disgusting”, Rebecca said easing the silk panties from his body. “It’s latex for you from now on”.

Not that he heard her words for as the silk drifted away he saw in the mirror being angled opposite the body

“Don’t worry Andy”, Rebecca said softly, “you are going to love rubber”.

The ‘basics’ done the two maids took much fun helping him into a very tight pair of pink panties, little more than a G string it completely flattened any sign of boy hood, whilst at the rear the glossy strip slotted between his buttocks parting them ever so slightly, emphasising their feminine curve, a curve that drew soft appreciative pats from both maids. Next came stockings, again pink rubber each maid taking time to work the fine film up his long slim legs until they reached high on the thigh, their natural elasticity holding them in place left nothing to spoil the line of what had now become a pair of very shapely legs.

Panties and stocking were all the under garments Andrew would wear and next to his surprise he found himself sitting as with great skill one of the girls applied make up to his face, he blushed deeper than ever as the beautiful maid, her full breasts spilling from her tight bodice, complimented him on how pretty he was, that he had such kissable lips and dreamy eyes. Nothing was left out of place even his eyebrows were plucked, an action that made it clear to him this was no mere dressing up game, his new ultra feminine brows arched over his shaded eyes like those of a cover girl. Cheeks were rouged and lips lined and painted, and painted , glossed and painted and glossed and glossed, turning them into deep plum red coloured fruit, juicy and wet.

Whilst her companion had been at work the other maid had been busy slicking his short dark hair back and now his make up was complete she slipped silky wig in place. Styled into a cute red tinted pixie cut to frame his beautiful face perfectly it left Andrew looking in the mirror at a very sexy girl, totally unlike the glimpse of sweet emininity he had shared with his Aunt.

Almost too bewildered to think Andrew stood and offered no hindrance to the dress, he obediently stepped into the skirt and allowed the rippling fabric it to be drawn up, it tightened at the waist and slipping his arms into the short puff sleeves the girls were able to draw the tight clinging bodice about his torso, the smooth latex moulding without a wrinkle into his slim girly waist, easing the zipper up the back to be locked in place, the rubber tightened its embrace further, leaving the dress sleek and smooth its low scooped neckline and high hemmed skirt frilled with lace. Next gloves, long shoulder length they over lapped inside the sleeves creating one smooth line from shoulder to the fingertip.

Nothing Andrew had ever worn could have prepared him for what followed, the effect the gleaming patent leather high heels had on the shape of his feet was like nothing before his toes eased into narrow points, the supple leather arching round to cup the ankle and heel, from which stretched 6” rapier like spikes. And when he stood the effect was even greater on his body, effectively turning him into her. For after a few wobbly moments he found a natural feminine grace, a balance and as the girls slipped the white rubber apron about his waist and the matching cap atop his head, Andrews posture changed, chest out, shoulders back, spine forming an elegant curve down to his newly offered bum, he now carried himself as a girl. Turning now before the mirror Andrew blushed both with embarrassment at being dressed as a girl, but also with the admiring giggles of the girls.

He was still lost in shock when he felt the first cool mist settle on his body, the girls were spraying him with some sort of glossing agent. “Silicone”, Emily answered his surprised look, “its like a polish, well more of a glaze, one thing you must remember is a maid must be shiny at all times”.

The girls took time to make sure every inch of their ward from the white cap to the tip of his toes shone with a deep liquid gloss, even under the hem of his skirt, the girls gently polishing the triangle that covered his bump until they produced a deep liquid gloss from the rubber and soft moans of excitement from between plum glossed lips.

Moments after finishing Ms Richmond returned she took a few moments to inspect the beautiful new maid, complimenting the girls on their work. “Before you begin your training I have one last item for your uniform”, she held up a wide strip of leather a buckle and clasp on each end “Your collar, the symbol of your position, you will wear it at all times.”

The two Maids held Andrews arms as she slipped the cool strip about his neck, closing it tight.

“I don’t understand”, he said “Why are you doing this I’m not even a girl”,

“You need understand little, simply you are in the service of The Mistress of Knightly Manor a strict beautiful woman, the mistress we adore” she turned to leave once more, then stopped a smile on her lips “And I know your not a girl Andrew, but the most beautiful Maids never are”, She looked straight at the Rebecca and Emily, “are you”

“No miss” came their reply

Andrews head span.”OH my!!!”

It was all Andrew could do to listen to his instruction, the idea and image of the Rebecca and Emily as being boys as he was, was almost too much to believe, especially as he had let them touch him polishing his panties in such a sensual manner.

“I hope you are paying attention Andrew?” Samantha Richmond asked, her voice still soft and friendly “I expect you to begin without mistake”.

“Yes Ms Richmond”.

“Good, at first you will work behind the scenes, you will lay table before the mistress and her guests sit, you will not serve her in any way until you have been fully trained, our mistress is loving and kind but her punishments are …… special if you are lucky she might confine you to the foot of her bed, enclosed in a rubber sack, or mummified from tip to toe in latex turned into a wriggling insect your only purpose to warm her bed, but if you are unlucky I have witnessed a girl transformed into a living statue encased in transparent plastic, fed through a tube, toileted by tube, solid, a mere ornament laid out displayed for all to see, immobile, humiliated ”.

Andrew trembled “Why?”

“Chips on Mercedes bumpers are very hard to cover up”

“Oh my, what happened to her”

Samantha Richmond paused, her eyes sparkled, “I learned to adore my mistress more than ever”


“No more, now training”.

Andrew was put to work polishing the various sculptures and ornaments, in the main entrance hall, careful not to damage any and at the same time struggling with maintaining his balance as his new heels skittered in the marble floor. Two statues attracted him his spine tingled, life size women moulded in gleaming black plastic his mind raced could they be real women, he thought of his Aunt gently as he drew his polishing cloth across the first, it was solid smooth he tried to take his mind off the idea, concentrating on not missing a speck of dust, if they were real there was nothing he could do.

Time passed, he became used to the heels and in time they stopped hurting, but what he could not get used to was the constant pull of tight rubber across his back and the ripple of the rubber skirt as it brushed his bare buttocks and thighs, its mere touch sending shivers up his spine.

“1 hour”, Ms Richmond breezed passed, Andrew looked up, “come with me”. Obeying without question his heels clicking on the marble, the freshly feminised boy followed her through the large house, down a flight of deeply carpeted stairs and into a well lit spring scented dressing room. The door closing behind him and Andrew assumed the position taught to him earlier, head bowed, hands crossed in his lap, still.

“The mistress will be here in 1 hour”, she said and as she spoke she lay out a second outfit, it matched the one she wore but some how seemed more severely formal, the young man wondered for a moment if he was to be redressed, no he was to remain in his ultra feminine uniform.

“You will help me dress”. Andrew hesitated unsure of what to do. “Buttons”, she prompted looking down at her blouse, the boy/maid began fumbling with the tiny buttons that lined the front of the white blouse, his latex sheathed fingers squeaking upon its surface.1 2 3 4 finally 5 and the blouse drifted down her arms, beneath she was naked her copper peaked, firm full breasts gleaming with a film of sweat.

“No time to stare now” she said smiling at his distraction, “skirt” , blushing Andrew went behind her, the zip was tiny drawing down no more than 3 inches, open Ms Richmond began to wriggle as he eased the smooth latex down, it was tight and left its place with a struggle finally shushing to the floor. Andrew gasped between her glazed buttock protruded a short tube.

Ms Richmond smiled at his surprise expression gazed down over her shoulder and slowly bent forward deliberately exposing more of the tube as it disappeared up her bottom .

“Position Andrew”, it was more of a gentle prompt than an order and Andrew obeyed, finding himself only to willing to please this beautiful stranger he had met just 6 hours before.

A new fresh skirt replaced the discarded one, stretching even tighter than the other, it extended from waist to mid calf in one sleek skin tight film, The long sleeve, tailored blouse was also tighter, moulding her breasts to produce a spectacular deep cleavage, the buttons threatening to burst as the white latex strained to contain its full bounty. Dressed, Ms Richmond turned in the mirror checking detail, for a brief moment to stopped and glanced at her attending maid, instantly he assumed position, “Good Girl” she smiled.

Andrew was still so lost in the idea of being called a ‘good girl’ he did not react at first to her instructions to polish her outfit. But after a second sharper request he took up the silicone and remembering what had happened to him no more than a few hours ago, drew a deep lustre for the tightly stretched rubber outfit. “Very well done Andrew, I can see where to come for assistance in the future”. She turned back from the mirror and smiled, her maid was in position.

Satisfied with her appearance she turned her eye to him, lightly retouching his make up where it had smudged between her cheeks, “Your lips need a few coats of gloss but first I need to add a little something to your uniform first” so saying she opened a small box and removed an object and as she held it up before him he saw it was a pink plastic ball some 3 inches round from which hung twin straps. “This is a ball gag, I won’t hurt”, Andrew shied his head away in shock and surprise as he held it to his mouth.

“Ms Richmond please no” he pleaded.

“Andrew please”, her tone was now angry, her eyes showed sadness, regret at what she was to do, “you don’t understand, you have never met the Mistress before, so this is for your own good,” She slowly eased the gleaming ball closer “Please Andrew, for me. I don’t want any thing to happen to you, until you are ready”, the tenderness in her voice was real and without a struggle he parted his glossy wet lips and allowed her to slip the ball in, he panicked slightly as it squeezed behind his perfect white teeth to settle on his tongue filling his mouth entirely, its presence forcing him to draw breath through his nose. The straps closed tightly at the back of his head. “Does it hurt?” she asked stroking his cheek, he shook his head, “good, you really are too sweet to hurt”, she sighed and to Andrews surprise gifted him two soft kisses, one on his upper lip and one lower lip, before carefully applying fresh coats of glosser.

‘DING DING DING’ , The Assembly bell rang and from all over the house the maids and other servants gathered in the main hall. Apart from Rebecca and Emily there was a beautiful chef, smart in a gleaming white rubber tunic and hat, she was flanked by her aids in short pale pink dresses with high collars closed by shiny gold buckles. Next to them appeared to be stable girls dresses in short black jackets, tight shiny jodhpurs and high boots and next to them 2 tall women dressed in short white tunics, their outfits simple, their make up and hair quite stunning, these were the mistresses personal beautitians Natasha and Giselle. Also in the line up were some half dozen girls all dressed in smart business suits, with their immaculate hair and make up they could have come from any posh office, if it were not for the tell tale gleam of rubber. However, it was the 4 stunning women that took up position next to them that really caught his eye, tall ,slim, with model figures these 4 were uniformed nurses, 3 in short pale blue latex outfits with belts and caps whilst the 4th was sheathed in a severe full length dress of gleaming red it hugged her throat and flowed tightly to the contours of her superb body down to her ankles, where from beneath its hem gleamed matching high heeled boots. The featureless dress was teamed with an ornate cap which boasted long ribbons down its back and tight finger moulding gloves. The woman oozed control, her dark eyes and red lips gleaming, she surveyed the gathering with cool detachment. Before staring straight at him!.

Andrew felt Ms Richmonds hand on his arm, comfortingly soft. “position at all times now”.

At that moment the doors opened, Samantha felt him tense, the arrival of the Mistress was always a flamboyant event more so to such a new ‘employee’. First, striding confidently atop steel tipped heels came 4 stunningly uniformed beauties, who, without a word, came to attention opposite the nervous boy. Their beautiful faces, heavy lashed eyes full dripping glossy red lips made up to give them a uniform appearance, a uniformity continued in their outfits. Clearly military in design, these skin tight, steel grey tunic style outfits boasted low cut necklines, highlighted by complimentary blue lapels, pulled shut by a single zipper that ran the length of the gleaming latex down to its hem at mid thigh, where their gorgeous long legs were encased in polished thigh high boots, continued down to those gleaming heels. Completing the military image each wore officer style braided peaked caps, carrying the same crest design, which appeared on their uniforms upper arm and epaulets. Each carried a crop!

Next came 3 more elegant girls their style of dress not unlike that of the maids, but subtly different denoting their slightly different duties, the skirts were fuller, puffed up beneath by masses of white petticoats and their bodices tighter, heaving their full breasts onto pillows of gleaming deep purple rubber, these beautiful girls with long flowing blonde hair tied in ribbon, were the mistresses personal aids and they always led their Mistress.

At the first click of her heels on the marble floor the gathered staff bowed, after a brief pause to survey her staff she regally proceeded, each of the stable girls and cooks dropped a curtsy as she passed none of them daring to raise their eyes, she came to Ms Richmond.

“Is every thing as I expect Samantha”, her voice was low rich French.

“Yes Mistress, for your pleasure Mistress”, Andrew shivered slightly at the submissive tone of his new friend voice.

“Good” she took one step, and stopped, now out of the corner of his eye Andrew could see her gleaming scarlet boots, with their deadly needle heels. “Rebecca”, the girl jumped

“Yes Mistress”. Her voice was filled with fear.

“It is so nice to be back, I have; been looking forward to seeing you again, you did not imagine I would forget did you?”.

“N…no mistress”.

“What did I say before I left”, she paused awaiting an answer, “Come along girl”, her voice lowered into a sinister hiss, “What am I going to do to you”. Andrew saw the tip of a crop slide up the girl leg, ‘VIP!’ the girl jumped, Andrew jumped.

“Mistress”, Rebecca's voice failed “mistress you…. I am to be”, she gulped, “I am to be…. entered into your gallery”,

Andrew heart pounded in shock.

“Punishment for you, pleasure for me…….. dear thing”.

She moved on one more step and her scarlet heels came level with Andrew, he dropped the best curtsy he could, “Our new arrival,” the crop tucked under his chin, “let me see”, she raised his face .

For a moment the boy thought he would faint he was face to face with THE most beautiful woman he had ever seen in life or magazine, her deep red hair fell in perfect waves, framing a face set with perfect features and deeply glossed scarlet lips, the same glossy colour that formed her skintight latex riding outfit, the jacket with black lapels and cuffs flowed into the matching skirt and stretched down to mid calf were it met those boots, creating a single glossy uniform that adhered so precisely to every curve of her fabulous figure it appeared to be melted on. Andrews breath caught not just at her beauty but at her age. He had been expecting such reverence to be layed before an older woman and not the stunning teenage beauty which now stood before him.

Her perfume filing his nostrils she silently surveyed him, her eyes narrow emerald slits, lips glossy and red sealed in a deep pout, then slowly a red glossed fingertip reached up to stroke the edges of the gag, softly she traced the corners of his lips before skimming through the film of saliva that coated the pink ball between. To poor Andrew this stunning womans eyes were the headlights to his rabbit , he stood transfix, hypnotised as, deliberately slowly, she parted her lips, their glossy coating peeling wetly back to reveal perfect white teeth, a sensual red rimmed flower into which her finger tip slid, the scarlet petals closing moistly about its tip, relishing the taste of his saliva. Never had he seen such sensual act as now she slowly drew the glistening wet, scarlet enamelled finger tip from between her glossy lips and gently she drew it smoothly across his own moistening them, coating them in her wet saliva.

“My gift”, she purred, “…very nice and now it seems you and your Auntie are both mine”.

It was at that moment the young man noticed the figure beyond the mistress, tears welled in the boys eyes as he took in the sight that slowly passed him, if a gasp could have left his gagged lips it would have and it would have been loud, for his beautiful, glamorous sophisticated Auntie, was sealed from tip to toe in a seamless, skintight membrane of the glossiest black latex rubber, its all embracing film moulding and emphasising her perfect body, transforming her into a living rubber doll..

“Sweet isn’t she, My little rubber doll”, the mistress sighed following Andrews eyes. “I know you will be a good girl”. She now looked straight into his eyes, “Won’t you Andrew, because after all, two rubber dollies might be twice the fun”

The threat rang clearly in his ears. His tear filled eyes lowered, he nodded.

The rest of the inspection passed quickly and before he knew it both Auntie and the mistress were gone.

“You must obey”, Ms Richmond said, Rebecca shook her head but offered no further resistance as the nurses led her to the side stair way, her pleas for mercy fading away then lost behind a closing door.

But Andrew hardly noticed, the shock of his aunt, almost too much to bare.


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Story continues in Part 3

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