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Snowbound 2: The Bondage Imperative

by [email protected]

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story continued from part one

Chapter 2: The Bondage Imperative

Captive in her wooden prison, Cassandra had time to decompress and review the afternoon’s events; which had shocked and surprised her.

Had she really volunteered to strip naked before Allison & Kate; put on a collar and bracelets; and then submit to the invasion of her body and punishment by the riding crop?

What could possibly have possessed her to do it; and worse; enjoy it?

Cassandra had kept her dignity by not asking the Mistress to stop; instead her response had been just moans of pain; and later, pleasure.

Her bound hands tugged at the collar around her neck; and at the chastity belt around her middle. Neither was coming off without the keys to unlock them; and besides she was a prisoner in the wooden cage.

From her vantage point in the Library she could see the windows and the world outside. It was still snowing! How much snow fell here anyway? Would it ever stop snowing?

Cassandra shivered when she remember selecting the instrument of her punishment. The small whip; the paddle; the crop; and the cane were all choices made available to her by Mistress Alison.

Were all of these things used on naked girls? Cassandra wondered just how she would react if; or rather; when they might be used on her!

She looked down at her breasts and thighs; and marveled at the marks the crop had left behind. Cassandra remembered each time the crop had struck her flesh; the sting of the crop; how it had made her wet and hot with desire!

Cassandra had never felt anything like that before; even the couple of scenes she had done before were nowhere near as intense as what she had just experienced!

Kate had told her that Allison was an experienced Dominatrix; and she had brought Cassandra to new heights of sexuality with just one session that had left her panting with need!

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Cassandra had watched as Kate performed her duties; and Kate had changed her Latex uniform for a satin one to perform her “normal” duties. It was obvious that the Latex uniform was worn only during bondage sessions.

One thing did not change: Kate was still laced into a corset! Cassandra wondered how she would feel confined like that.

The previous night, she had dined at the same table with Mistress Allison. This night, assisted Kate in serving Mistress Allison dinner in the Dining Room.

Cassandra was still naked, with her hands and ankles hobbled by a small chain that limited her movements. Kate directed her; telling her what and when to serve.

Once Dinner had been taken care of; Kate and Alison had repaired to the kitchen to clean up and eat themselves.

Kate ate her dinner seated at the kitchen table; later she fed Cassandra who knelt beside her on the floor; with her hands locked behind her back. She fed Cassandra and made certain that she had enough to eat; and pressed the teacup to her lips to make sure she had enough to drink as well.

Cassandra still wore the chastity belt around her hips; when would it ever get removed?

Finally, evening had come, and dinner was long past. Kate walked Cassandra to the bathroom, where she was finally released from the chastity belt.

“You may perform your toilette,” instructed Kate, “but if you place your hands between your legs to come; I’m going to beat you with a crop, and Mistress Allison will also!”

“Yes, I understand,” Cassandra answered, as she performed her bodily functions in front of the Maid.

“Clean yourself thoroughly,” Kate ordered.

There was a jar of Vaseline on the bathroom vanity, and Cassandra folded some toilet paper and placed a gob of petroleum jelly on the paper, and then bending over, cleaned herself in front of Kate!

Cassandra had never felt so embarrassed before, and never as excited either to exhibit herself in front of another woman while performing her bodily functions!

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, Cassandra. Once you accepted the collar, you lost the right to control your body.”

“I understand, Kate.”

“Good, I don’t want you laboring under any illusions about your new status. You’re no longer a guest, but a woman under training.”

“When will I have my next session with Mistress Allison?”

“Now,” said Kate softly.

Cassandra stood silently as Kate locked her wrists behind her back, and attached a leash to her collar!

“There now, it’s remarkable how just a little leather and steel can reduce a woman to helplessness!” Kate observed.

Cassandra let herself be led from the bathroom back to the Library; the site of her earlier torment! Today she had been in her bedroom; the library; the kitchen; and the bathroom. But she had spent most of the day a naked captive in the wooden cage in the library.

Pulling the leash, Kate led her charge back to the Library, where Mistress Allison was waiting, seated behind her desk. Cassandra stole a glance outside through the library windows, and the snow was still coming down!

“Has our guest been prepared?” Mistress Allison asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate replied, “exactly as per your orders.”

“Did she sexually climax?”

“No Mistress, nor did she attempt to do so.”

“Excellent, the threat of the riding crop is a superb deterrent,” Allison observed.

“Except when the subject actually wants to be punished further,” Kate added.

“I don’t think that Cassandra is at that stage yet.”

“No Mistress,” Kate agreed.

“Perhaps if she were to stay with us a little longer she would acquire a taste for the lash,” said Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate replied.

Cassandra stood silently as the two women discussed her fate. She had hoped that she might be taken down to the basement where she might catch a glimpse of Beth Holland; but instead it looked as if she was going to be used back in the Library once again.

“Are you ready for your session?” asked Allison as she rose from behind her desk.

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra answered quickly.


For her daytime session with Cassandra, the Mistress had not worn any fetish attire whatsoever. She had merely worn a designer top and black jeans.

Now, however, she was attired in long black gloves that reached past her elbows; a shiny black bodysuit over black sheer to waist pantyhose; and over the knee boots. Her black hair had been done into a severe bun; and her lips painted a luscious red. The bodysuit exhibited all of her feminine curves.

Cassandra wondered if the fact that the Mistress was now attired in fetish gear meant that she was going to endure a more severe session.

“Now, then, Cassandra, are we ready for another session?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra quickly answered, afraid that if she gave the wrong answer, she’d be harshly punished.

“Good, did you enjoy your time in the cage with the chastity belt?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“A little confinement never hurt anybody! Now then, I have a treat in store for your this evening - the footstool!” gloated Mistress Allison.

In front of the couch a large rectangular leather footstool was waiting for Cassandra.

“Lay down on the footstool,” Allison ordered, “Kate, rope her arms and legs, please!”

Cassandra lay face down on the footstool, and watched Kate secure and cinch ropes holding her to the stool. There was no way that she was going to untie the ropes herself, so she was again a prisoner.

“Excellent,” Allison complimented.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Once I’m finished,” Allison began, “you’ll never look at a footstool the same way again.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Cassandra.

Cassandra tested herself against the ropes, as she inhaled the heady scent of the leather footstool. The leather had been cleaned and oiled; and the scent of the leather excited her!

Mistress Allison ran her fingers down Cassandra’s exposed back, her fingertips feeling her ribs, shoulder blades, spine, and her waist and bottom.

“What a lovely girl you are! You’re just made for flogging!” Allison observed.

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra agreed.

Cassandra then squirmed when she felt Allison’s fingers pinching and fondling her breasts and nipples! It didn’t take much effort at all to make them erect.

“Clamps, please?” Allison asked.

Cassandra then felt small, rubber coated clamps being gently applied to her nipples! She fought against the ropes in an effort to escape their grasp!

“There now, dear, there are plenty of other new sensations to come! Now, let’s warm you up!”

Cassandra again felt the slap of the crop against her flesh, this time on her exposed bottom! First one buttock, then the other was subject to the discipline of the crop!

“I’m sorry I didn’t crop your underarms this morning, a girl’s flesh is so sensitive there. Maybe I’ll get another chance later!” Allison observed.

“Yes, Mistress!”

The crop again found it’s way onto Cassandra’s naked thighs, this time from the back! Now it was the back Cassandra’s legs that was receiving the attention of the crop.

Every time the crop struck her, Cassandra struggled against the ropes holding her, and all the while she inhaled the leather’s intoxicating scent!

“Aaaaaaah!” Cassandra moaned when the crop touched a sensitive place between her legs.

Slap! Slap! Slap! The crop struck Cassandra’s exposed bottom, leaving a red mark to indicate it’s effect on her naked skin.

Then abruptly, the punishment stopped! Cassandra lay panting against the leather footstool, sweat running down her naked flanks.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Mistress Allison asked.

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra quickly answered.

“Good, then it’s time to spice things up!” Alison suggested.

Kate then handed Mistress Allison a gag in the shape of a man’s penis, which Allison displayed to her naked bound captive.

“Ever seen one of these?” Allison questioned.

“No, Mistress.”

“A gag removes all choice in bondage, you won’t be able to protest your punishment; and the shape will merely increase your shame as you are forced to clench the rubber cock in your mouth!”

Cassandra had no response to Mistress Allison, who held the gag in front of Cassandra’s mouth!

“Open wide, darling!”

She had no alternative but to open her mouth and accept the rubber invader within, and she lay mute on the footstool as Allison buckled the gag at the back of her neck. She ran her tongue over the contours of the gag; and it was indeed shaped just like a man’s erect organ!

There was a small hole in the rubber for her to breathe through; so it was not totally solid!

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Cassandra could manage through the gag.

“There now, Cassandra. I have had you bound to the footstool; I have clamped your nipples and punished you with the crop; and gagged you. But I’m not done with you yet, dear. A girl also has two more orifices to torment; and I’ll now use one, maybe both, of your holes next!” Allison proclaimed.

“Mmmmmmmph! Cassandra protested ineffectually.

It was then that Cassandra again felt Allison’s middle and forefinger thrusting within her sex!

“Wet again, what a bondage slut!” commented Allison.

“Yes, Mistress,” agreed Kate.

“This will teach her the true meaning of discipline,” Allison said menacingly.

Her fingers withdrew; only to be replaced by a dildo in Cassandra’s moistened sex.

“Hold the dildo in your sex, darling!” Allison commanded.

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Cassandra could manage through the penis gag.

It was then that the dildo suddenly came alive! It was a vibrator as well!

“Mmmmmmmph!” If she had not been gagged, Cassandra would have screamed.

All of the sensations had combined to drive her over the edge into a new level of eroticism! Being bound to the leather footstool; her nipples clamped and erect with excitement; the punishment of the riding crop on her exposed bottom and thighs. And now finally a vibrator in her sex!

“Microchips are a wonderful thing, aren’t they, Cassandra? I can set the vibrator to go off an a regular timed basis; or at random; or even by remote control! Which I have here in my hand. Let’s give it a push, and try the controller out!”

Again the vibrator went off in Cassandra’s sex; and again she tried desperately to hold the fiendish device in her pussy.

“That’s good, Cassandra. I said that you were nice and tight! I want you to keep the vibrator in your sex as long as you can; because you’ll be punished if it slips out. Do you understand, my dear!”

Cassandra felt like moaning in erotic agony; but instead concentrated her entire thought processes on keeping her cunt muscles tight on the vibrator. Her lips sucked at the penis gag in frustration; and she felt it’s contours within her mouth.

The vibrator then ceased it’s buzzing inside her; but Cassandra couldn’t relax! Because if she did; she would either come; or her cunt would release the vibrator inside her!

Just the night before, she had been entertaining herself with the vibrator that had been left in the night table; and it had been a device for pleasure! Cassandra had never dreamt that it could be a device for torture instead!

“Submissives have to learn self-control, Cassandra. Had you taken the time to serve a real Mistress instead of just playing around, you would have learned that lesson,” lectured Allison.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Cassandra grunted in her gag at the sudden strokes of the crop on her bottom. Pain and pleasure together! What was she to do? What could she do, bound, gagged, and helpless?

“Mmmmmmph!” Cassandra moaned.

Then the vibrator went off again!


“I think our cake is just about done,” Allison observed.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate answered.

“It’s remarkable that she has held out so long for someone who hasn’t been trained,” said Allison.

“Perhaps she bought a Kegel toy to train herself.”

“Yes, you might be right,” Allison concluded.

Finally, the erotic agony all combined into an unstoppable tsunami that Cassandra was unable to contain. Wave after wave of orgasms pulsed through her bound body, melting ever vestige of control that she had been trying to maintain. Cassandra felt the vibrator slip from between her legs as it shot out of her wet pussy; and suddenly the invader was no longer in her sex!

“Bad girl!” said Allison.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Cassandra moaned.

“You’re going to severely punished, darling!” Allison threatened, “Kate, bring me the paddle, please!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Allison stopped using the crop against Cassandra’s bound body, and exchanged one weapon for another, now the leather clad paddle!

She walked around the bound form of Cassandra, and displayed the new device to her captive, and slapped the paddle against her right palm, while holding it with her right hand.

“Ever been paddled, Cassandra?”


“The pain will be simply exquisite!” Allison explained.

Allison then walked around to Cassandra’s back, and her free right hand grabbed Cassandra’s bottom, her nail digging into her exposed and vulnerable flesh.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

“Mmmmmmph!!” Cassandra screamed into the gag, her limbs fighting against the ropes confining her to the footstool.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!


Cassandra rubbed her naked body against the leather, and her clamped nipples screamed in agony. She felt as if her whole body was on fire!

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!


Then, suddenly, the pain from her ordeal vanished, and she felt herself transcended to a new level of consciousness! Pain had truly become pleasure, and she saw herself in a new light.

Cassandra saw herself as a submissive for the first time; and all thoughts of wanting to leave vanished. But she still had to solve the mystery of Beth Holland first!

* * *

By the time the session was over it was late in the evening. Allison had ordered Cassandra released, and bathed, and “secured” for the night, whatever that would be.

Cassandra’s next destination was the bath, and she was bathed in fragrant lavender bath salts. She relaxed in the hot, steaming water, which melted away her feminine secretions, her sweat, and the tension in her muscles.

She relaxed as Kate, now naked herself, bathed her, soaped her breasts and pussy. Then Kate washed her hair, and bound it with a white towel.

Cassandra had once gone to a day spa, where she had been pampered equally to what she was experiencing now. Except that had been a gift from a former boyfriend; and this had been after a grueling bondage session - which to her horror, she had actually enjoyed!

After her bath her body had been dried and perfumed, and Kate walked her back to her bedroom. A light snack of coffee and cake awaited her, and she was famished from the energy she had expended from her ordeal.

“Thank you,” said Cassandra when she was finished, and all she wore at that moment was a collar around her neck.

“You’re welcome,” Kate replied, she was wearing a robe an slippers.

“I’m exhausted.”

“I’m sure you are. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes, I’ve never felt anything like that before,” Cassandra answered.

“I told you that Mistress Allison is an experienced Dominatrix.”

“Yes, I didn’t understand truly what that meant until I was paddled - when I finally lost all control of myself!”

“Just imagine how I feel after I’ve been whipped!” said Kate.

“You’ve been whipped?” Cassandra asked.


“Were you being punished?”

“Sometimes, other times I was whipped for no reason at all!”

Cassandra couldn’t believe her conversation with Kate! It was something right out of Alice in Wonderland!

“Ready for bed?” Kate asked

“Yes, I’m exhausted,” Cassandra yawned, tired from her ordeal.

“In bed, then!” Kate ordered.

Cassandra got into bed, and watched as Kate locked her collar to a chain that was secured to a ring set in the wall. Cassandra then expected Kate to leave, but instead the Maid removed her slippers and her robe, and got into bed with her!

“No, no,” Cassandra quietly protested, as Kate began to kiss and fondle her.

Kate began by kissing Cassandra on her lips, as her hand cupped and fondled Cassandra’s right breast. Cassandra inhaled Kate’s scent, and she recognized that her companion was wearing Chanel! It didn’t take any effort at all for Cassandra to become aroused. She had been kept in a state of sexual frenzy all day, and the bath and pampering had merely been a temporary respite.

Now again she was being used, except this time for pleasure instead of pain!

Cassandra now knew why her wrists were free, instead of being chained in some way. She clutched Kate to her gently, the scent of their two naked bodies mingling together, their breasts touching, their pussies close to one another.

“There now, isn’t that better?” asked Kate.

“Yes,” Cassandra answered, her nostrils full of Kate’s scent.

“Aren’t you going to be punished for going to bed with me?” Cassandra asked.

“No, Mistress Allison wanted to show you that it isn’t all punishment here. There’s both pain and pleasure in being a submissive,” said Kate.

“How long have you been a submissive?” Cassandra asked.

“Years, ever since I met Mistress Allison at a bookstore reading in Manhattan.”

“And you’ve been trained?”

“Yes, constantly.”

“But to be whipped and flogged on a regular basis?” Cassandra questioned.

“A girl can get used to anything, given enough time and experience. But hush, let’s just enjoy the moment together, and worry about the lash some other time,” said Kate.

“Like tomorrow?” Cassandra asked.

“Like tomorrow,” Kate replied.

Cassandra lay in bed as Kate sucked and pinched her nipples, making her sexually excited all over again! She had never been so sexually stimulated in just one day! Today, ever since she had asked Mistress Allison if she could do a scene it had been one new experience after another.

So it was fitting that after being stripped naked, two bondage scenes and cage confinement that she should end the day in bed making love to Kate, the Maid!

Kate kissed her gently, her lips and tongue tracing their way down her belly to Cassandra’s pussy, which was already wet with excitement!

“You’re soaking wet!” Kate declared.

“I’m ready for you,” Cassandra moaned.

Cassandra sighed when she felt Kate’s tongue enter her pussy, exploring the walls of her wet sex. But when she felt her tongue on her clit, Cassandra exhaled with a huge gasp.

She had been like a battery all day long storing up sexual energy; and even her release on the footstool hadn’t exhausted all of it.

But now, between the sheets in bed, attended to by Kate, inhaling the Chanel scent, this was sex like she had never experienced before!

Cassandra moaned with excitement as Kate’s tongue teased her and drove her to newer levels of ecstasy! Her heart was pounding inside her chest as she opened her legs to accommodate Kate between them; as Kate serviced her wet pussy.

Just as the discipline had driven her to new levels of stimulation; now it was sexuality! Hours before, she had felt the riding crop on her pussy and clit; now it was another woman again using her, but this time for a different purpose indeed!

“Aaaaaaaah!” Cassandra moaned.

Not only did Cassandra moan, but her body bucked as waves of pleasure steadily overcame her. Kate licked, bit, and sucked her clit, steadily driving Cassandra ever closer to climax.

Finally, Cassandra released herself all at once, shaking and moaning with pleasure as waves of orgasm spread through her, rendering her helpless to it’s effects.

Kate, however, didn’t stop her ministrations, and continued to stimulate her female companion. Cassandra shook and moaned with every orgasm that overcame her, finally leaving her exhausted, sweaty, and satisfied.

“That was great,” breathed Cassandra, “thank you, I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“That’s only because you’ve never been with an experienced woman lover before,” Kate answered, kissing Cassandra on the lips.

“Mmmmm, you taste good,” said Cassandra.

“That’s your body that you’re tasting, not mine,” replied Kate.

“Yes, yes, I can’t wait to get between your legs,” said Cassandra, “but I’m chained!”

“I think I can fix that,” said Kate, as she produced a key, unlocked the chain from Cassandra’s neck and the ring on the wall, found a longer chain in the night table, and again locked Cassandra to the wall.

“Does all the furniture in the house have chains?” Cassandra asked playfully.

“Sure, why not?” Kate answered, “and sex toys too!”

Kate removed the vibrator that Cassandra had used the previous night, and turned it on for effect.

Cassandra remembered how just a few hours before, she had been punished for not holding a vibrator inside her. Now her lover was amusing herself with one!

“I don’t think I’ll ever see a vibrator in the same way again,” said Cassandra.

“That’s the way it should be, Cassandra. You’ve just taken the first steps on a new path of sensuality that you never knew existed. Now, are you going to make love to me or not?”

Cassandra’s response was to plant her lips on Kate’s, while at the same time she pinched Kate’s already erect nipples. Her lips soon found the path down to Kate’s collared neck, and she kissed the leather and steel.

“How long have you worn a collar?” Cassandra asked.

“For a long time.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes,” Kate moaned.

Next Cassandra began kissing Kate’s nipples, sucking and biting them playfully.

“You can treat me a lot harsher, you know,” said Kate, “I’ve experienced a lot more than you ever could imagine.”

“How?” Cassandra asked.

“Clothespins all over my thighs and sex while being whipped.”

Cassandra gasped in shock at Kate’s admission.

“What’s wrong?” Kate asked.

“That’s horrible,” Cassandra protested.

“I sure didn’t think so,” Kate answered, “I was serving my Mistress, it proved my devotion to her, and I learned that I could endure harsh punishment. Besides, a girl can used to just about anything, given time!”

“You speak so calmly about it!”

“Hush, and suck my cunt, darling. If you were in bed with Allison, she’d be urging you on with a riding crop by now.”

Rather than press the issue, Cassandra meekly did as she was told, and continued to make love to Kate. She kissed her way down to Kate’s wet pussy, and began to lick and suck at her lover’s sex!

Kate was already excited by her lovemaking to Cassandra, and her sex was wet even before Cassandra began her ministrations. Cassandra plunged her tongue into Kate’s wet sex, and found the erect clit within.

“No clit ring?” asked Cassandra.

“I’m not into piercing or tattoos or body modification, and in a true D/s relationship the Domme never forces the submissive into doing something they don’t want,” Kate answered.

“I don’t understand,” said Cassandra, “you’re not forced into having a piercing, but being whipped is fine?”

“Sure, Allison only does what I allow her to. Let’s just say you don’t want a plug up your bottom; and Allison will never do that to you. When she accepts a girl for discipline she’ll question you exactly to find out what you’ll accept.”

“She didn’t question me before today.”

“There isn’t a mark on you, what you got was the ‘introductory’ bondage,” Kate answered, “which you passed with flying colors, by the way.”

“Thanks,” Cassandra answered.

“Now bring me off,” Kate commanded, “or I’ll find and use a crop on you!”

Cassandra then bent her head down again to Kate’s wet cunt, and continued to attack the erect clit within. She tongued and bit the erect nubbin, which was the center of female pleasure. It had only been her purchase of a vibrator that allowed her to properly service her own clit, and now she was using her skills to climax another woman.

Kate moaned and writhed under Cassandra’s attentions, and it didn’t take too long for Cassandra to bring Kate finally to climax, her juices coating Cassandra’s lips.

Having tasted herself already on Kate’s lips, Cassandra now had the pleasure of tasting another woman’s secretions along with those of her own!

She buried her face between Kate’s legs, the whole world confined in the apex where Kate’s clit resided. Kate’s body smelled of sex! Her Chanel perfume mingled with her sweat, and the smell of her sex all combined to make a heady scent that drove Cassandra wild with desire.

Cassandra was a skilled lover, and she soon had Kate moaning beneath her as she drove her lover to ever greater heights of passion! Her tongue stimulated the already engorged clit of her lover, driving Kate to a powerful orgasm!

Finally, Kate couldn’t hold back the flood of delight any longer, and she came violently, moaning as waves of orgasm overtook any measure of control that she possessed! She bounced on the bed with Cassandra between her legs as she expended her passion time after time!

After what seemed like an eternity, Kate came back to reality, her breathing slowed and she looked at her lover, upon whose lips she had spent herself.

“That was wonderful,” Kate complimented, “you really know how to please a girl.”

“Thank you.”

“Let’s snuggle,” Kate suggested.

The two women cuddled together, and Kate drew the covers over them.

“Want to play with the vibrator?” Kate asked.

“I’m exhausted,” Cassandra answered, “I feel like I’m on a sexual roller coaster that won’t stop!”

“But you’re enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” Kate asked.

“Yes, that’s what I find frightening about all this.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m discovering things about myself sexually that I never knew before,” Cassandra answered.

“Such as?”

“That I enjoyed being bound and punished.”

“Really, that’s very interesting. Here’s a proposition for you: if you were offered the chance to stay here, would you take it? You said you were unemployed and had nothing to go back to. Would you accept a life of Bondage and Discipline?”

“I don’t know,” Cassandra answered, “what about you?”

“That’s a choice that I already accepted,” Kate replied.

Exhausted and spent from the days non-stop sexual adventures, Cassandra drifted off to a troubled, dream filled sleep. Her mind replayed all of the events like a DVD: when she had hung by her wrists and punished; the cage; the footstool; and finally bed with Kate.

In her dreams she was sure that she had seen a naked, blonde woman looking over her in bed; but Cassandra was so tired that she couldn’t wake up to be sure.

THE END of Chapter Two

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