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Snowbound 1: A Brush With Death

by [email protected]

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Chapter 1: A Brush With Death

For the first time in her life, Cassandra Martin was afraid that she was going to die. Here she was, driving through rural Pennsylvania in a true Blizzard, and lost!

Why, oh why hadn’t she listened to the locals who had urged her to stay put and wait until the storm passed. They had told her that a Blizzard here wasn’t like snow on Long Island; that snow could down in feet, not inches!

But no, she thought that she was invincible in her 4 wheel drive Jeep! Surely an SUV could get through anything, right?

Snow on Long Island was quickly cleared, why you just sat home, watched the plows, shoveled out the house, and had a day off from work.

But here, on a rural road, it didn’t look a plow had been here yet. The Jeep kept getting stuck in the ever increasing snow, and worse the heater had stopped working! She tried her cell phone, and couldn’t get a signal.

Cassandra was lost, cold, hungry, and with night coming on she faced the possibility that she might freeze to death. People just didn’t die in snowstorms on Long Island!

She drove on, backing the SUV out whenever it got stuck, then trying to go further. But the snow was coming down so hard, it was a true Blizzard!

The one thing that worked was the radio, and they were saying that below zero temperatures were expected.

“Just great,” Cassandra said to herself, “I’m going to freeze to death out here tonight.”

It was then through the snow she saw a long driveway and a house. Since she was lost, and the SUV had gotten stuck again, she now had no choice.

Cassandra drew her coat around her, put on her hat and gloves, and grabbed her purse. She shut the Jeep off, and she decided to make a run for the house. It was already getting dark!

She opened the Jeep’s door, and stepping from the running board she sank up to her knees in the snow! She closed the door, only to have a gust of wind slam her in the face, the snow blinding her!

Cassandra had planned to get her suitcase from the back, but abandoned that plan as she was blown to the ground by another wind gust!

Staggering to her feet, blinded, and now soaked, she was dazed by the wind. Where was that house?

Barely seeing it through the snow her legs sank deeply into the drifts as she staggered to the house. She lost her way again as the snow and wind disorientated her, and then she literally walked into the house!

Cassandra staggered up the stairs, and pounded on the door, not even looking for a doorbell.

“Please help me!” she cried, shouting against the wind.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she heard sounds inside and the door opened, just as a burst of wind literally blew her into the doorway.

“It’s all right,” said a voice as Cassandra, blinded by the snow, was helped inside, and the outer door shut behind her, “there now, it’s all right, you’re safe now.”

“Thank you,” Cassandra gasped.

She was lying on the floor, in a pool of melting water from her coat, and still blinded. Her savior produced a handkerchief, and Cassandra rubbed her eyes to clear them of the snow.

“Kate, who’s at the door?” a voice asked.

Cassandra looked up to see an intercom on the wall.

“A stranded and soaked female traveler, Mistress,” Kate replied.

“Clean her up and dress her, and she may join me for dinner later,” ordered the voice.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate replied.

“Who was that?” Cassandra asked.

“That was Mistress Allison, and I’m Kate. You’re soaked through! Why don’t I get you into a soaking hot bath, a change of clothes and some food, and then you’ll feel a lot better! And then all your questions will be answered,” said Kate.

“Thank you, I’m Cassandra Martin,” said Cassandra, introducing herself.

“Let’s get you into a hot steaming tub before you freeze!” Kate suggested.

Exhausted from her ordeal, freezing cold, and soaked to the skin, Cassandra let herself be led (shivering) through the house to a nearby bedroom (complete with it’s own bathroom) where Kate quickly drew a bath filled with steaming hot water. Cassandra stood up from the chair where she had been waiting, and allowed Kate to quickly undress her, her soaking wet clothes left in a pile on the floor.

Cassandra stepped into the hot, steaming water, and lowered herself into the tub.

“There now, just relax,” soothed Kate, “I’ll get you a cup of tea and some cookies.”

“Thank you,” Cassandra replied wearily.

Cassandra sat in the tub, and let the wonderfully hot water seep into her aching flesh.

“Feeling better?” Kate asked upon her return.

“Yes, thank you,” Cassandra answered.

“How about a little snack first?”

Kate placed a tray that bridged the tub’s sides, onto which she placed a tray containing a teapot, teacup, spoon, and some cookies.

“Thank you” said Cassandra.

“There now, eat something!” advised Kate.

Cassandra poured herself a cup of tea, which she swallowed gratefully. After the first cup, she proceed to eat a couple of cookies; which were the first solid food that she had eaten since the morning when she had set out into the storm.

“Thank you again,” said Cassandra.

“You’re welcome. After you’ve had your snack and bathed, you can rest for a while before dinner.”

It was then that Cassandra noticed something that she hadn’t seen before. Locked around Kate’s neck was a D-ring bondage collar of the type she’d seen in shops in Manhattan.

* * *

Cassandra soaked in the steaming hot water, allowing the heat to penetrate her freezing body. She let Kate bathe her and do her hair, luxuriating in the bath, enjoying the soothing hot and scented bath water warm her back up to normal.

“Why are you so cold?” Kate asked.

“My truck’s heater stopped working.”

“You could have frozen to death!” Kate exclaimed.

“Yes, thank you.”

Kate added additional water to the bath, filling the bathroom with steam. Cassandra soaked in the tub, relaxing, falling off to sleep.

“I hate to wake you up, but I have to get you dressed and dinner on the table. You can take a nap before dinner,” said Kate.

“All right,” Cassandra replied.

Cassandra stood up in the bath, and the water dripped from her naked body. She was 5 feet three inches, weighed 115 pounds, Brunette, and modestly endowed.

“You’re very pretty,” Kate complimented her.

“Thank you,” said Cassandra.

Cassandra stepped from the tub, and allowed Kate to vigorously dry off her naked, lush body. She didn’t mind it when Kate dried her breasts and under her arms, nor when she had to open her legs to allow Kate access to her pussy and bottom.

Once dry, she was led naked to the bedroom, where Kate sat her down in front of a mirror and produced a hair dryer and did her hair. Cassandra stared at herself, naked in the mirror.

Here she was, in a strange house, being pampered by a Maid, and she wasn’t asking any questions.

“Let me get you some clothes,” said Kate.

In the bureau she produced some underwear of various sizes, and Cassandra was able to pick out a bra and panty that fit her. Next, Kate produced a garter belt.

“Ever wear stockings before?” Kate asked.

“Not really.”

“Pantyhose is just so unsexy, to feel really feminine you have to wear a garter belt and stockings,” Kate observed.

Kate produced an unopened pair of black stockings, and she joined the two ends of the garter belt around Cassandra’s waist. Cassandra sat on the bed as Kate helped her with the stockings.

From the closet Kate produced a couple of DKNY tops, along with matching skirts. Finally, a pair of three inch patent leather heels completed her outfit.

“There now, you look fine!” complimented Kate.

“Thank you,” Cassandra answered.

“Now, you stay here and I’ll come get you for dinner, and Mistress Allison will answer all your questions.”

Cassandra was left alone in a luxurious bedroom that any Manhattan yuppie would envy. There was a four-poster bed, mirror, desk and chairs, and a entertainment center. She looked over the DVDs and gasped in surprise.

There was “The Story of O“; plus several others showing women in bondage. Sitting next to them were the usual chick flicks: “The Way They Were.”

On a bookshelf were similar selections: Sex novels and Romance. Whoever her host was, she wasn’t bashful about sex!

Cassandra looked out the bedroom window, and saw that it was dark and still snowing. Had she not seen the house, she’d outside in the winter storm! She took “O” from the shelf, and tried to read, but tiredness overcame her from the strain of the day’s events, and she closed the book and fell asleep in the chair.

“Cassandra, it’s time for dinner!” said Kate as she knocked on the door, awakening her charge.

“I’m must have fallen asleep,” yawned Cassandra.

“That’s all right, please come with me,” said Kate.

Cassandra followed behind Kate, marveling at the size of the house. It must have been an old farmhouse at one time, now remodeled and updated.

Kate then opened the double doors to the dining room, and seated at the head of the table was a woman dressed in black.

“Cassandra, this is Allison Daniels,” said Kate.

“Please to meet you,” said Allison, who rose to shake Cassandra’s hand.

“Thank you,” Cassandra replied.

Allison Daniels was 35 years old, 5 foot five inches, with black hair and well formed, thought Cassandra. She was even taller in the high heels that she was wearing.

“Kate will now serve dinner, I trust you have a good appetite.”

“Yes, thank you,” said Cassandra as she seated herself next to Allison.

“Did you have a nice nap?”

“Yes, thank you. I didn’t realize how tired I was,” Cassandra replied.

“I hope you’ll like dinner. Kate has really excelled herself while you were asleep. We’re going to have a salad, rib roast, red potatoes, and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.”

“Wow!” replied Cassandra, “I haven’t had a Dinner so grand since my friend got married recently.”

Dinner was indeed grand, and began with a salad, followed by the main course. Cassandra, starved by her ordeal, took two slices of Rib Roast (which had been cooked to perfection); and generous helping of the two side dishes.

The meal was washed down with a French Red Burgundy, which had the effect of making Cassandra slightly tipsy.

Dinner was eaten mostly in silence, and after the dishes were cleared, the real conversation was begun.

“Why don’t you join me in the Library, and then we can talk. Besides, a Brandy would be an excellent way to finish our Dinner,” suggested Allison.

“Yes, thank you.”

Cassandra followed her hostess to the Library, which was entered through another set of double doors. The Library had bookcases filled with books; carpeting, a large desk and chair, in front of which was a couch (where Cassandra seated herself).

“This is wonderful, I always wanted to have a library. Did you buy all of these books?” Cassandra asked.

“No, the library, and the house, belong to a friend of mine, Beth Holland. That’s her above the mantelpiece,” Allison pointed out.

Cassandra saw a painting of an attractive blonde woman in her thirties, dressed in an English Riding Habit, standing next to a horse. Beth was holding a riding crop, and appeared to be flexing it between her two hands.

“Is she here now?” Cassandra asked.

“No, Beth is away on a business trip to California, lucky for her she missed the snow. So I’m taking care of the house for her.”

Allison walked to a bar, and poured two large Brandies into proper Brandy Balloon glasses. She walked back to Cassandra, and handed her one, and sat down on the couch next to her, not behind the desk.

“Why were you out in the storm?” Allison asked.

“I was driving back to New York, and I thought that my SUV could go anywhere in the snow - a least that’s what the ads say.”

“That’s untrue, people die every year out here because they think the SUV is able to drive through anything. They either land in the ditch, or get stuck in a storm, which would have been your fate.”

“Thank you for taking me in,” said Cassandra, “else I would have died out there.”

“A very real possibility,” Allison observed, “but there’s something else you want to ask me, isn’t there?”

Both women took healthy swallows from their glasses, and looked deep into each other’s eyes.

Allison was 35 years old, stood 5 feet 7 inches, had black hair and eyes, and curves in all the right places. She was an attractive and beautiful woman indeed.

“Are you a Dominatrix?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes,” Allison answered without hesitation, as she took a swallow of her Brandy.

“Is Kate your slave?”

“Slave or submissive, either way, she wears my collar and bears my lash.”

“You speak so calmly about it,” Cassandra observed.

“Do you have any experience with the scene?” Allison asked.

“I lived in New York City for five years rooming with two of my girlfriends. Shelley was a submissive to her boyfriend, and she left her toys around the apartment. I went to a club with her a few times and watched demonstrations,” Cassandra answered.

“And how did they make you feel?”


“Did you pursue your interest?” Allison questioned.

“Just a couple of times, Shelley arranged for me to do a couple of scenes with two of her friends, male and female.”

“Did you like being dominated by a man or woman?”

“Woman,” Cassandra replied.

“Did you do any further scenes?”

“No,” Cassandra answered.


“I was scared,” Cassandra answered.

“Of what?”

“Of liking it too much,” Cassandra confessed.

“Well, I just watched the weather report, and you’re going to be here for a few days at least. Even after the storm passes, it’ll take a while before we get plowed and dug out. I have a local firm come and clean up, but first they have to get here.”

“Thank you for being so kind,” said Cassandra.

“Since you’re going to be with us for a few days, if you should happen to want to do a scene, just ask. I’ll be happy to oblige,” said Allison.

“Thank you,” Cassandra replied.

“Do you like your room?” Allison asked.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“You aren’t offended by the choice of entertainment, were you?” Allison asked.

“No, it’ll give me something to do. How much does it snow here, anyway?” Cassandra questioned.

“Sometimes as much as a week! Once a storm comes down from Canada and picks up moisture from the Great Lakes, it can dump feet of snow here!”

“Wow, that’s like nothing I’m used to,” Cassandra observed.

“Well, I’m sure we can keep you entertained during your stay with us.

“Thank you again for saving my life.”

“You’re welcome.”

“You can use anything in your bedroom to keep yourself occupied. There’s just one thing, please stay in your room during the night.”

“Certainly,” Cassandra agreed.

“That’s good, I just don’t want you wandering around the house at night.”

“As a Dominatrix, you must have a Dungeon or Playroom?” Cassandra enquired.

“Of course,” Allison answered.

“I’d love to see it,” Cassandra replied, “I’ve only seen them in adult DVDs & a couple of clubs; a one in a house must be the real thing!”

“Ordinarily, I’d be glad to, but we’re in the middle of rebuilding it; so it’s a mess. Lumber, sawdust, everywhere, so it’s nothing to see just now. So I’ll have to ask you to stay out of the Basement,” Allison instructed.

“Of course,” said Cassandra.

The two women finished their brandies, and now it was quite late. Cassandra looked out the window, and saw that snow was still falling.

“I guess that I’m snowbound,” Cassandra observed.

“Yes, but you’re among friends,” Allison replied.

“Thank you.”

“If you want a snack during the night, just use the intercom,” Allison ordered, “or I can have Kate give you a few cookies to help you through the evening.”

“Thanks again,” said Cassandra.

* * *

In spite of her ordeal, Cassandra just couldn’t sleep. First she had tried to read more of “O”; when that wasn’t enough she put on an adult DVD and sipped some white wine.

Searching the night table she had found a vibrator (complete with fresh batteries); and a box of condoms. So Cassandra brought herself to one climax after another while watching a naked woman writhe around while in bondage.

She didn’t bother with the pajamas in the dresser, but instead went to sleep naked under the thick winter quilt. It seemed warm enough, and she could put something on during the night if she was cold.

Cassandra lay awake, hearing the wind blow against the house, and sound of snow striking the windows.

It was late at night when she heard the sounds of moans and slaps, and muffled voices. Cassandra guessed that Mistress Allison and Kate were doing a scene together!

Once while living in an apartment she had grown used to the sounds of passion from her next door neighbors. She knew when they fought, when they made up, and when they had sex.

But now her curiosity had gotten the better of her. Cassandra couldn’t sleep, and rose naked from the bed and draped a robe over herself. She padded over to the door, and opened it a crack to look out into the hallway.

In the dim light she couldn’t see much; but what she did see surprised her!

There was a blonde naked woman in the hallway, with her back to Cassandra so she couldn’t see her face. The woman was wearing high heels that seemed to be locked upon her ankles, and a chain linking them together. Her arms were cruelly bound behind her in a red armbinder; the same thing that she had seen in the DVD she has been watching!

Cassandra quietly closed the door, not wanting to make her presence known. It was then that she realized that she had been a fool! Mistress Allison had Black hair; and Kate was a Brunette. So there was only person that the bound woman could be: Beth Holland!

She opened the door again, and the hallway was empty, with only the continuing sounds of the wind and snow striking the house.

Cassandra closed the door again, and jumped under the covers.

Was Allison keeping Beth Holland a prisoner in her own house? What kind of Bondage games was she playing?

* * *

What had seemed a good idea in the morning hadn’t turned out to be a good idea in the afternoon.

Over breakfast the next morning, Allison had questioned her if she had heard anything the previous night, and Cassandra had lied, saying that she had slept soundly throughout the entire night.

It only took one look at Allison for Cassandra to know that Allison knew that she had been lying.

Allison then imposed a further condition, that Cassandra spend as much time in her room so that she wouldn’t be wandering around and disrupting the running of the house!

To add to everything else, after breakfast was over she watched as Kate carried a tray to a doorway, opened it, and her steps on a stairway clearly audible, vanished from sight!

If the basement was a total mess from rebuilding, then why was Kate carrying a tray downstairs? Who was that tray for?

Cassandra didn’t have to be Nancy Drew (whom she had read as a girl); to figure out that Beth Holland was being held downstairs for some reason! But since she had been ordered to stay in her room, any opportunities to spy were quite limited.

She watched as Kate changed the bed linen, and the Maid winked at the female secretions that she had left on the bed sheets. Kate told her what time lunch would be ready, and left her alone to her own devices.

It was over lunch that Cassandra accepted Allison’s invitation to do a scene; since that would be the only way that she could be downstairs to observe whatever was going on!

Mistress Allison and Cassandra had adjourned to the Library after they had finished lunch. For it would be amongst the volumes of leather bound books that Cassandra herself would be placed in bondage.

Nor had it taken long for Cassandra to be placed in thrall. Alison had given her a questionnaire about her sexual preferences; and then an interview. It was just like applying for a job!

Then, when it was over, Allison asked Cassandra to remove her clothes, which she placed on the chair that she had just vacated. Allison had rung for Kate; who appeared carrying a tray with a collar, and what looked like leather bracelets (which Cassandra had seen on sale in NYC); and in bondage DVDs.

Kate fastened them on Cassandra, locking each one securely. There was now no way without the key that Cassandra would ever get them off!

Finally, a pair of four inch high heels were locked upon her feet.

Cassandra was now a naked submissive; at the whim of her new Mistress!

“You look wonderful, Cassandra. Now I want you to first turn around slowly; and then do so again with your hands behind your head; and open your legs so that I can see your sex,” Mistress Allison ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Cassandra did as she was instructed; and she had never felt so naked in her entire life! She exhibited her naked body in front of Allison and Kate; once with her hands at her sides; next behind her head as ordered.

When she was done with her second turn; she stood shivering; with her hands still behind her head (since she had not been ordered to lower them); awaiting further commands.

“She’ll look much better striped,” Allison commented.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate agreed.

Cassandra now truly felt like she was “Alice in Wonderland!” What had possessed her to surrender herself to Mistress Allison?

It had been years since she had done a scene with anyone, and now here she was in the middle of nowhere, naked before a Dominatrix who was contemplating what punishment she would now endure!

Mistress Alison rose from her seat behind the library desk; and taking to her heels she walked over to Cassandra. With both hands she cupped Cassandra’s breasts, and pinched her nipples, making them even more erect than before!

Then she circled around to Cassandra’s back, and her fingertips traced lines down to her bottom; making Cassandra shiver!

Again facing her, Cassandra watched as Allison placed a single rubber glove on her right hand; then she gasped as Mistress Allison thrust her fore and middle fingers together into her raging sex!

“Ooooooooh!” Cassandra moaned.

“Silence!” Allison commanded.

Mistress Allison pistoned her fingers again and again into Cassandra’s pussy, bringing her closer and closer each time to climax. But just when she was ready to come, Allison pulled her fingers out, leaving Cassandra in need of relief!

“Mistress, please?” Cassandra begged.


Mistress Allison again walked behind Cassandra, and then pushed her gently forwards towards her desk.

“Over my desk, slave!”

Cassandra walked the couple of steps and placed herself over the library desk.

“Keep your hands behind your ears I haven’t given you permission to remove them!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“You’re learning, slut!”

With that last comment, Mistress Allison placed her fore and middle fingers, the glove already wet with Cassandra’s juices into her bottom! Cassandra squealed as she felt her bottom invaded by the Mistress.

“You’re tight in both holes, my dear. I bet you haven’t had any lovers, male or female, for quite some time. It’s just a pity you won’t be staying with us longer, else I would stretch your openings.”

Cassandra didn’t comment, but instead waited fearfully for whatever was going to happen next.

“You may stand up, and place your hands by your sides,” Allison ordered.

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra answered.

“On the table you’ll find some instruments. Choose one, and present it to me on your knees, then ask to be punished.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Cassandra walked over to the table, upon with was a black leather paddle; a short whip; a riding crop; and a black leather flogger. But what terrified Cassandra the most was a simple rattan cane, did Mistress Allison really use the cane on naked women?

“You can examine them if you’d like,” Mistress Allison offered, “after all, I’m going to be using one or more of them on you shortly, so you may as well familiarize yourself with them.”

One by one, Cassandra picked up each one, felt their weight, and smelled the oil used to polish the leather. She felt the thongs of the flogger, and flexed the riding crop in her hands. Meanwhile she shivered with fear; had she really asked for these to be used on her naked body?

Trembling; she finally chose the riding crop! It was a long piece of bamboo wrapped in leather with a handle and a loop at one end to be wrapped around a wrist; and another loop at the other, no doubt meant to be used on her naked body!

Cassandra clicked her heels as she walked over to Mistress Allison and knelt before her, and presented the crop to her Mistress!

“Please Mistress Allison I ask that you use this riding crop upon my naked flesh; that I am worthy to receive your discipline,” Cassandra begged.

“Thank you, my dear. How touching! Don’t you agree, Kate?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kate quickly answered.

“Do you, Cassandra Martin, agree to my discipline without force or duress?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra assented.

“Do you, Cassandra Martin, agree to obey all commands that I give you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you, Cassandra Martin, understand that henceforth your naked body will belong to me; and that I shall use it as I see fit?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Excellent. Kate, suspend our guest from the hook and place a spreader bar on her ankle cuffs so that she can’t close her sex to me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Kate.

In a few moments, Cassandra was rendered helpless by Kate, and Mistress Allison walked in front of her and brandished the riding crop that she herself had chosen. Suddenly, classical music issued from hidden speakers!

“Kiss the crop!” Allison ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra replied.

Her red lips kissed the crop’s tip as instructed, and as if in slow motion, Cassandra watched as Allison drew back her hand if to strike Cassandra with all the force or her arm, and instead the tip mildly flicked at her erect nipple.

Cassandra screamed as if she had been struck severely, leading Allison to chuckle in response.

“You see, my dear, I am a true artist in the use of pleasure and pain. I can make you scream from the application of both,” Allison observed.

Allison then began the steady use of the crop on Cassandra’s exposed and bound naked body, beginning with her nipples and breasts. The crop’s flat tip left a red mark every time it impacted on Cassandra’s body, making her moan in response.

Once her breasts had been marked, Allison applied the whip to Cassandra’s exposed belly, but that wasn’t her final object!

No, the crop next found it’s way down the outside of Cassandra’s exposed thighs! Allison delivered her strokes in sets of five, with the last one delivered with a slightly stronger blow that left Cassandra gasping.

“What is the line between pleasure and pain?” demanded Allison of her bound charge.

“I…. I don’t know, Mistress!” Cassandra painfully replied.

“You’re going to find out,” Allison calmly answered.

Next, Cassandra felt the tip of the crop pushing at her sex! With her legs opened by the spreader bar, there was nothing to prevent the invasion of her most private parts!

“You may have done some mild scenes before, but now you are with a true Dominatrix who has all the tools needed to bring out your true slave.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra answered, fearful of what was going to happen next!

Like a metronome, Mistress Allison used the crop between Cassandra’s opened thighs, the tip striking at the sensitive skin inside her legs! Cassandra gasped every time the crop struck her flesh; sweat coursing down her naked, exposed body.

She had NEVER felt anything like this before! Mistress Allison had first nearly teased her to climax by fingering her sex. Then the crop had been used on her nipples and breasts. Now it was between her thighs!

Cassandra wanted to come desperately! But instead of release, her punishment continued, driving her to greater heights of need.

“Oooooooooh!” Cassandra cried out, both in pleasure and pain at the same time!

“Do you want to be released?” Mistress Allison demanded.

“No, Mistress!”

“What do you want then?”

“Please let me come?” Cassandra begged, tears streaming from her eyes.

“NO!” Allison firmly answered.

Allison then transferred her attentions to the outside of Cassandra’s exposed thighs, the only sounds in the library being the slaps of the tip against Cassandra’s naked skin and her moans from each stroke.

“Oooooooh!” Cassandra whimpered as her bare flesh was stroked by the riding crop.

Cassandra didn’t want to be released from bondage; what she wanted was release! She wanted to come!

“Mistress, please, let me come!” Cassandra begged.


Finally, just when her ordeal reached a crescendo, when she was in tears and ready to come when she felt the crop actually striking her pussy, she was nearly there….. and Mistress Allison abruptly stopped!

“Oh please, Mistress, let me come?” Cassandra implored Mistress Allison, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Not yet, my darling, not yet! Later this evening I’ll let you come, but not now!” Mistress Allison answered curtly.

Cassandra quietly sobbed in her bondage, robbed of the sexual release she craved so desperately!

* * *

After her session, Kate had released her, and Cassandra fell into her arms. The latex clad Maid cleaned her up, wiped her tears, and gave her some ice water to drink.

But when Cassandra tried to pleasure herself, Kate grabbed her hands away, and locked her wrists behind her back.

“If I let you come, you’ll be punished, and so will I,” Kate explained.

“Let me come?” Cassandra begged.

“No, not yet, Mistress Allison isn’t done with you yet,” Kate replied.

Cassandra was then locked in chastity belt! The device, made of leather and steel, imprisoned her sex, preventing her from giving the sexual release she so desperately craved.

In the Library was a wooden cage, into which Cassandra was then locked into. Her hands were locked in front before she was placed inside.

“Now if you’re a good girl you’ll stay silent in your cage! This way we can keep an eye on you, no wandering around. If you don’t behave I’ll have to lock your hands behind your back, maybe use nipple clamps, and a ball gag to keep you quiet!”

“Yes, Kate,” Cassandra meekly answered her jailer.

Sitting naked on the cushions, with her hands locked in front, Cassandra pulled at the bars confining her. There was simply no escape from her wooden prison!

As if to mock her, Cassandra saw a reflection of herself in the Library mirror. She saw a naked girl, collared, her wrists in leather cuffs, pulling ineffectually against the wooden bars that confined her.

At least in the morning, before she had asked for a session with Mistress Allison, she had been free to snoop around.

Now she was naked, bound and punished, and locked in a wooden cage!

Cassandra wondered what would next in store for her as she pulled at her chastity belt.

Whatever it would be, Cassandra looked forward, both with anticipation and dread for her next ordeal!


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