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Sara's Mannequin Suit 5: In a Barrel

by VolatileDesire

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story continues from part four

Chapter 5: In a Barrel

Angie sat up in bed, she was sure she heard it this time.  She switched the lamp on and searched around the house for probably the third time that night.  As before there was nothing there.  "This is getting ridiculous, I can't live this way," Angie sighed.  She wore a short nightgown damp with her own sweat.  "I've been jumpy for two weeks now expecting them to grab me at any second.  I'm going to call them, I don't care what time of night it is."  She said to the clock which was showing 3:30 AM.

Angie grabbed the phone and dialed the number.  Sara's groggy voice answered.  "Sara, look I really can't stand this anymore.  I'll do anything you want just name the time and the place.  Just don't leave me wondering anymore, I'm as fidgety as a strung out ferret."

Angie twinged at the laughter and waited while Sara talked to Gavin but she had to know.  "Tomorrow morning, 3:00 AM," Angie repeated surprised by the early hour.    "Fine I don't care, I'll see you the next time the clock hits 3:00 AM."  She hung up the phone and fell back into bed for her first chance at good sleep in a week.

*    *    *

Angie called in sick the next day to work and caught up on her sleep.  She awoke in the afternoon to the sound of the phone ringing.  She rolled over and hit the speakerphone.  "Hello."  Angie spoke into the air.

"Hey, Angie it's Sara." Came the crackly reply from the box.

"Hey Sara, what do you need, it wasn't 3:30 in the afternoon was it."

"No, but when you come tonight bring a black catsuit, latex preferably."

"A black catsuit?"  Angie responded.  "Do you want me to wear it over?" 

"No, just bring it with you.  See you tonight."

"See you,"  Angie detected a small smile in her voice.  The catsuit was really no surprise but it did pique her curiosity.

Angie spent the rest of the day cleaning her house and doing odd jobs that needed to be taken care of.  Just before bed she opened her secret chest and pulled out a black latex catsuit and shined up the outside and added some talc to the inside.  She then folded it neatly and placed in a bag next to the door.  She set her alarm for 3:00 and jumped into bed. 

Her nervousness and curiosity woke her up a half-hour before the alarm went off so she spent the time getting ready.  She showered and twisted her long red hair into a single braid falling between her shoulder blades.  She put on a pair of loose sweats and a loose sweater forgoing underwear since she would likely be wearing the catsuit anyway.

She tried to time it so that she rang her neighbor's doorbell at precisely 3:00 but she was a couple minutes early.  Sara answered the door with a smirk on her face.  She was wearing a dark blue pair of tights and a matching sports bra.  "Come in Angie, nice of you to save us the trouble of kidnapping you." 

"Very funny, let's get this over with.  Where's Gavin?" 

"He's setting up a few things, it's just you and me right now.  Do exactly as I say and this will be quick and easy."  Sara said walking towards the bedroom.  "Follow me."  Angie could not help but watch Sara's departing backside tightly gripped by the dark blue fabric.

"Are we going to exercise?"  Angie asked.

"No more questions, you'll see soon enough."  Once inside the bedroom Sara stopped Angie.  "Ok, take off your clothes and slip into the catsuit you brought."

Angie complied and began to thread her legs into the tight grip of the catsuit,  when she was about to pull the suit over her hips Sara stopped her.  "Hold it.  Don't go any further." 

Angie froze just on the verge of covering her crotch with the shiny black rubber. "Ok, whatever you say."

Sara disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a distinctly phallic looking object with two small wires leading from the larger end.  "You do know what this is?"

Angie gulped.  "Yes, a vibr...". 

"That's right,"  Sara interrupted.  "I'll let you get it into position, if you understand my meaning."

Angie nodded and took it from Sara.  She slowly settled it into place and then pulled the catsuit over her hips which ensured it would not be going anywhere.  Sara had politely turned her back.  "OK, now what."

Sara stepped over and carefully arranged the wires leading from the toy so they followed the crevice between her buttocks up toward her neck.  "Go ahead and finish pulling the catsuit on."

Angie slid her arms into the long sleeves and waited while Sara sealed the Ziplock like enclosure on the back of the suit.  The suit had a one inch collar that tightly gripped her neck.  Sara stopped before finishing with the zipper.  "There are a few more items we need to attach."  Sara tugged the suit down Angie's shoulders effectively pinning her arms to her side and exposing each of her breasts.  Using some adhesive, Sara applied a small copper pad to each side of Angie's left nipple, and two more pads to each side of Angie's right nipple.  She then carefully guided the wire leads from these copper pads so they were channeled through her cleavage and poked out the neckline of the suit.  She then finished closing the back of the suit sealing Angie inside.

Angie could feel the wires leading up her back from her sex and the wires routed between her breasts, she was getting more nervous by the second.  "Those things on my breasts are going to hurt, aren't they?" 

Sara smiled, "Not really, I tested them out and they are more annoying than painful, except on the highest setting.  Don't worry, Angie, we aren't trying to torture you."

The words sounded genuine enough which allowed Angie to get her racing heart rate under control.  "Ok, now what."

"Well Gavin should be back any moment now.  While we wait I'll get your hands taken care of." 

"My hands," Angie said a bit confused.

Sara retrieved some soft silk ribbon from a drawer.  "Hold out a hand, please."  Angie complied and watches as Sara wrapped the cord around her wrist and across her palms several times and knotted it off.  "Ok, make a fist." Sara then threaded the excess thread through her fingers of her clenched fist.  Next she took some black electrical tape and wound it around her fist several times completely covering her hand in the tape.  She could no longer open her hand and three to four feet of the soft cord hung from the end of her black balled hand.

"Ok now for the other hand."  Sara ordered.  Once both Angie's hands were made useless by the tape, Sara had Angie cross her arms under her breasts.  She took the remaining length of cord and pulled her hands further towards her back so they were in a straightjacket-like position.  She tied the cords in the back and then brought them around front and tied them together again.  Angie was now tightly hugging her own body.  "There we go all fixed up."

Moments later Gavin walked into the room.  "Holy cow, you look great, Angie."  He was also wearing dark clothes consisting of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.  "Are we all set, Sara?"

Sara glared at him.

"You look hot as well in that sexy little workout outfit," Gavin said feeling a little embarrassed.

"Yes, Angie's all ready to go."  Sara said while she pulled on a dark blue sweat shirt over the top of her sports bra. 

"Alright then, everything is ready there, I've concealed all the equipment, no one would see it even if they were standing beside it."

"Equipment?" Angie questioned.

"You'll see neighbor," Gavin responded with a smile.  Gavin tossed some thong shoes onto the floor.  "We're taking you for a walk, put those on." 

"Outside!  I can't go outside like this." Angie started to involuntarily back into a corner of the room.

Sara smiled and stepped nearer her friend.  "That's why we are doing this so early in the morning, the world is asleep.  Where we are going is very remote, no one lives nearby."

Angie slipped her feet into the thin shoes and followed Gavin out the back door, Sara followed behind.   Sara and Gavin lived on the last row of houses in a small neighborhood.  Their back yard opened up to a large overgrown area full of tall grass and half grown trees.  A hundred yards into it and you would think you were a hundred miles from civilization.  The moon was waxing and provided just enough light for Gavin, who was extremely familiar with the terrain, to guide them through the brush.  Angie was glad for her rubber catsuit since it protected her body from the dry grass and small tree branches they passed by. 

By Angie's best guess they had walked maybe three to four hundred yards from the house when the brush thinned out a bit and Angie could see a road ahead.  She knew which road it was since she drove on it a lot.  At this particular point the road which was a four lane highway passed beneath another road.  As with many such places  there was a pylon near the road which supported a sign.  In front of this pylon were about a dozen orange and white striped barrels which were placed there in the event that a car driving off the road would instead of immediately impacting the pylon it would instead be slowed down or deflected by striking the barrels first. 

Gavin led them toward the barrels, specifically toward an orange and white barrel which had been placed behind the pylon.  "Ok Angie, here we are."  Gavin whispered, though there was no one around for miles and the grass was high enough to hide them easily if they squatted down.

"Here?  What am I doing here?"  Angie whispered back, as she nervously scanned the highway in both directions for oncoming cars.

Gavin smiled and took the top off the large barrel that stood about even with Angie's waist.  "Get in, please."

"No way, I'm not getting in that."  Angie said stepping back.

Sara stepped behind her friend, "Look you posted images of my husband and I on the internet for all to see.  I think this is quite appropriate, you'll be in public but anonymous just like we are.  Now get in.  I'll help you."

It was impossible for Angie to step over edge of the barrel so Sara lifted her into it.  The barrel was clean except for a light dusting of sand at the bottom.  There was the faint odor of plastic.  "Now sit down Angie."

Angie squatted down.

"No, no. put your bottom against the bottom of the barrel please."  Sara said.  Angie tried but the barrel was too small, even with her knees pressed against her chest she couldn't make contact with the bottom.  "Ok, stand up again."  Sara said.

"Gavin do you have the oil?"  Gavin handed Sara a bottle of liquid and Sara coated Angie's black body with a generous amount.  "Now try again, Angie."

This time Angie sat down and the oil caused her to slip much further down into the barrel.  When Sara pushed down on her shoulders her buttocks made contact the bottom.  Try as she might, with her knees pushed against her chest and her arms wrapped uselessly around her body she could not stand up.  She had no leverage, with her body wedged in so tightly.

Sara looked into the barrel where the top of Angie's head was probably twelve inches below the top edge.  "Comfy."

"Oh yes, how long do I have to stay in here?"  Angie said sarcastically.

"Through the day."  Sara smiled back.

"A whole day!"  Angie said loudly.  "I'll never make it."

"Sure you will, first of all this spot is in the shade through the warm part of the day.  We will be providing you with water here shortly and of course you'll be entertained."  Sara smiled.

Angie did not respond, she knew the devices attached to her body would come into play on that particular point.  

Sara left the edge of the barrel and returned a few moments with a large bag.  In the dim light it was not clear what she was holding.  Then she felt several soft and squishy objects falling onto her wedged body.  "What are these?"

"Water balloons."  Angie said as Gavin dumped a few more onto her.  Another load from Sara and she was covered up to her neck with the squishy globes.  "Here's the deal, Angie.  If you get thirsty just bite one with your teeth near the tied end of the balloon where it is tied closed, you should get a small stream of water."  Gavin said.

Sara continued.  "Here's the catch, only about half of them actually have water, the other half have other things in them, so make sure you are desperate."

"What kind of things?"  Angie asked.

Sara placed another dozen water balloons into the barrel so that Angie had to look up a bit to keep talking.  "Insect attracting things," Sara answered.

Gavin then connected the wires that were poking out the top of her collar while Sara leaned over the edge of the barrel.  "Now here's the deal with those lovely devices you are wearing beneath the catsuit.  We know how much you like to speed on this highway so we decided to break you of the habit."

"By stuffing me into a barrel?"  Angie said.

"Not just that, but Gavin has ingeniously rigged up a hidden radar gun to you.  Every time a car passes on the road breaking the speed limit you will get an annoying shock through your nipples.  If they break the limit by less than five miles per hour it will just be a tickle.  The faster they go the more shocking it will be to you.  Don't worry, I tested it on myself at the highest setting and though I wouldn't volunteer for the privilege there was no lingering pain."

"You guys are crazy."  Angie responded.

Gavin laughed.  "This from a woman who traps her neighbors inside a kennel designed for animals."

"There's more though Angie, for every car that is traveling under the speed limit, you will receive a short duration vibration from the other device installed inside you."

Angie shook her head in disbelief.

Gavin added, "So we figure that by the time the day is over you'll be pretty conditioned to enjoy the law abiding citizens and hate the speeders.  In fact I bet every time you drive on this road you'll be thinking about this little experience and perhaps, modify your driving."

"Just think Gavin, we might be saving her some money from tickets."  Sara laughed.

Gavin laughed with his wife and grabbed the lid of the barrel. "Just a couple more things you should know.  You can probably tip this barrel over if you tried hard enough, but you would end up breaking a lot of the balloons and knocking the lid off.  You'd be exposed and covered with stickiness, you'd be a feast, if you catch my drift." 

"I get it."  Angie had the vision of herself dumped on the ground with thousands of ants crawling over her.  She involuntarily shuddered.

"I don't think any insects can get in if you stay upright.  The barrel is not airtight but just in case it rains I took precautions to keep water out.  Have fun, we'll be watching all day."  Gavin put the lid on the barrel plunging Angie into darkness.

Angie heard her neighbors quietly talking but could not discern what was being said.  Then there was silence.  Trapped in the darkness held rigid by the embrace of the water balloons she dozed off, only to be awoken later by the vibrations from the intruder she placed inside herself early that morning.  It was accompanied by the sound of a passing car.  She tried to enjoy the sensation but it ended in only a few seconds. 

"If only they don't speed, this could be fun.  A funeral procession would be nice."  Angie whispered allowed.  She tested the balloons directly in front of her face by pushing against them with her tongue to see if she could determine which ones were filled with water and which were filled with sticky fluids.  In the dark she had trouble moving them around and she didn't want to risk breaking them.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sharp sting in both her breasts.  She let out a small gasp as the sound of the car disappeared down the highway.  "Ugh, I hope he was going ninety-five."  She whispered again.

When the morning light became strong enough for her to see the multicolored balloons in the orange hue of the barrel, Angie had already received several shocks and stimulations.  There were a couple that happened at the same time, an experience that caused her to jerk and thus a balloon had popped somewhere inside the barrel.  She decided to attempt a drink before the morning rush hour hit. 

She pulled the tied end of a balloon with her teeth and bit down.  The small hole she created however did not provide a stream of water but an ooze of corn syrup that she could not push away.  It poured out over her nose and chin until she managed to pull a second balloon that pushed the first out of the way.  She lucked out with this one as was able to suckle it like a breast and get several swallows of water. 

Then a jolt went through her chest, and then another followed by a few seconds of rumbling from her loins.  There was very little break as she heard the traffic increase.  The morning rush hour was beginning.  As the light grew stronger so did the traffic.  Angie was lost in her own world, her eyes were squeezed shut as she tried to keep from moving.  Her eminent orgasms were crushed by an uncaring speeder outside that send a sharp jolt to her breasts.  The frustration was incredible. 

Eventually though she found herself becoming more accustomed to the jolts and the inevitable pleasure washed through her.  She shuddered and rocked from side to side, crushing several balloons in the process.  When she came down from her high, the vibrations did not cease, and now her very sensitive body was being assaulted instead of pleasured.

Finally there was a lull, she had no idea how many hours had passed but she finally had a break.  When she opened her eyes for the first time since the rush hour started she was greeted by her own face.  Sara had installed a mirror directly opposite her on the lid of the barrel and she was staring at a sticky and wet visage that was strangely arousing. 

It was beginning to get very warm inside the barrel, and Angie could feel a layer of sweat forming between her body and the catsuit.  Cars continued to pass giving her the occasional jolt and stimulation but not in enough numbers to allow her to enjoy the sensations.  In the mirror, she saw a very sweaty and uncomfortable woman.  Angie wanted out. 

After countless numbers of cars had passed, Angie watched as a shadow marched across the outside of the barrel while the sun moved behind the overpass.  She knew that it was now afternoon and her ordeal was half over.  She was given no rest, the cars on the road were spaced out but consistent and it seemed that the fewer cars on the road the faster they traveled.  Her breasts by far had received the most attention.

With all the heat, Angie had attempted to get several more drinks but now her face was covered with a mixture of corn syrup and honey.  The water was worth it but she could feel the stickiness work its way inside her catsuit.  She tried to focus on her breathing like she was taught in yoga classes but any concentration was continuously shattered by the passing traffic.  It was driving her crazy.

She was beginning to despise the speeders, she would be enjoying the sensations of a law abiding motorist when a series of shocks would banish any progress she made toward a crescendo.  It was maddening, she found herself looking forward to rush hour just so she could get some release.  The damsel in distress visage staring at her from the mirror did nothing to cool the heat building in her loins. 

Rush hour arrived not as a slow building trickle like in the morning but all at once, constant sensation assaulted both her breasts and crotch.  Angie's breasts were much more accustomed to the shocks so they were less of a distraction this time and she was crashing over the precipice of her pleasure much sooner.  In fact wave after wave of pleasure hit her, she was involuntarily squeezing her body together and the balloons that had settled between her legs and body were crushed.  Angie cared little and her convulsions crushed more balloons, by the time night fell and the rush hour was over she was sitting up to her waist in water and sticky fluids. 

She could not get a drink now if she wanted because the balloons had settled down just out of reach of her mouth.  Angie wanted out, she wanted out long before there would be anyone to come and get her out.  Cars continued to buzz her at a regular pace but she cursed both the shocks and the stimulations.  She just wanted free.  Her legs were cramping and her back ached from the enforced position.  The coolness of the night was a welcome relief but next to her other aches it was hardly enjoyable. 

Finally the sound of movement could be heard from outside the barrel.  Angie remained silent just in case it was not her neighbors until the lid came off and Sara's face looked down at her.  "Have fun?"

"Get me out of here, now!"  Angie growled. 

"Get the equipment, Gavin, I'll help Angie home."  Sara pulled the wires out of the back of Angie's collar and then pushed the barrel onto its side, a flood of water, syrup and balloons poured onto the ground.  Sara then pulled Angie out and helped her stretch on the grass, dirt and grass sticking to every part of her body.  "Take a moment, and then we'll head home to get you cleaned up."

Angie quickly stretched her legs while Sara released her arms using a knife to cut the tape and rope from her hands.  With the use of her hands Angie was able to stand and Sara guided her back through the underbrush toward their house.

*    *    *

Angie stepped out of the shower and Sara handed her a towel and pointed toward her clothes sitting on the floor.  "Was it worth it?"  Sara asked.

Angie shrugged.  "I'm tired and sore, so now it seems a high price to pay for a few pictures of you and Gavin, but maybe tomorrow I'll feel differently."

"And I bet you'll pay more attention to your speed now too."

Angie smiled knowing it would be hard not think about it. 



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Story continues in Part Six

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