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Sara's Mannequin Suit 4: Kitties Redux

by VolatileDesire

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Storycodes: F/m; F/fm; bodysuit; latex; catsuits; paws; hoods; tail; collar; glue; cage; pet; caught; revenge; photo; hum; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part three

Chapter 4: Kitties Redux

Gavin sat in front of the computer bored to death, it had been two hours since he and his wife returned from the shop.  His beautiful blond wife, Sara, had been on the phone nearly the entire time working on lining up staff and materials for her new business unit at work.  Gavin finished his work and was bored of playing games.  Looking down over his body unable to see past his protruding chest made him sigh loudly. 

Sara bounced into the room.  “Wow, why the long face.”  She was obviously high on life having just started her business.

“Why do you think?  I can’t go outside, I can’t go anywhere.”  Gavin said while looking over his body.

“You took off the makeup, Gavin.  Nadine did a fantastic job, with the right clothes…”  Sara looked up to see Gavin scowling.  “What?  I was just saying…”

“I know what you’re saying, but forget it.”  Gavin answered.

“Look,” Sara sat down next to her husband and draped her arms over his shoulders.  “You really helped me out at Nadine’s.  I could never have done it without you.  I think your willingness to help with that playing card costume really sealed the deal.  Is there anything I can do to make up for the fact that she got you stuck in the mannequin suit?”

Gavin turned around and looked at his wife, judging her sincerity.  “The thing that comes to mind offhand is impossible with all my bits trapped in this suit.”

Sara smiled, “Well perhaps you’d like to watch me.  I’m feeling pretty frisky.”  Her hand strayed toward the waistline of her skirt while the other combed through her blond hair.

“So you get all the fun and I get what…extreme frustration?”  Gavin responded.  “I have an idea that might make me feel better.  I would like you to join me.”

“What do you mean?  I’m already stuck with a female figure.  I happen to like it.”  Sara said hefting her breasts.  “Besides, the suit you wear is currently one of a kind.”

“No, I mean join me in being stuck.”  Gavin said.

“Out with it, how can I do that?”  Sara asked with a bit of suspicion.

“Put on the sexy kitty costume, that way we both are stuck.  That might make me feel better.”  Gavin said with a smile.

“I don’t know.  You’ll just make fun of me.  Start asking me to purr, or use the litter box or something like that.”  Sara said.

“No I won’t,” Gavin responded quickly.  “I promise.”

Sara put her finger to her lips like she does when she is considering something.  “Alright, I’ll wear it on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You don’t speak,” Sara answered directly.  “At all.”

“But how…”  Gavin began, but stopped when he realized what she meant.  “Oh you mean.” 

Sara nodded.  “That’s right; you won’t be able to speak.  My special glue will do nicely.  What do you think?  Do we have a deal?”

Gavin considered for a moment.  Then he stood up and retrieved the black kitty costume from the closet.  “Alright we have a deal.”

Sara quickly ran to get her glue.  “You first, because I don’t want you to accidentally forget once I’m in that costume.”

“You don’t trust me?”  Gavin said feigning hurt feelings.

“You were the one that tried to trick me into this suit in the first place, so I guess I don’t trust you when it comes to kitty costumes.  No offense.” 

Gavin smiled.  “None taken.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing you in this for real.  Really brightens up my day.”

“You’ve seen me before.”

“Very briefly, not in the black one, and you didn’t wear the hands, feet, or head.”  Gavin reminded her.

“In my defense, it was a bit of an emergency.  Why the black one and not the white one?”

“Oh I don’t care really you’ll look good in either one.  The black just appealed to me more today.”  Gavin shrugged, “I suppose, you’d better use the restroom first.”

Sara walked away and Gavin laid out the different parts of the suit.  He would skip the contacts.  His wife’s eyes were much too beautiful to hide behind the lenses.  She returned a few minutes later glistening in the light, her skin obviously coated with oil to aid in donning the tight suit.  “Here you go, put this on your lips like chap stick and hold them together for a few seconds.” 

Gavin did as instructed and was soon unable to separate his lips. 

“Ok now help me into this thing.”  Sara ordered. 

Gavin stretched open the neck opening of the kitty suit and held it low for Sara to step into.  She steadied herself by placing a hand on Gavin’s back and slipped one foot at a time into the suit.  Gavin then pulled it up her shapely legs and released the neck opening around her waist while he pulled at the suit to get it over Sara’s ankles and to remove any wrinkles.   With Gavin’s help Sara slid her arms under the tight neck opening around her waist and slowly shrugged the suit higher.

Gavin pulled the neck opening over his wife’s generous chest massaging them a bit more than necessary to get them properly settled into place.  Sara rolled her eyes and finished pushing her fingers out of the long tight sleeves and then helped remove any wrinkles.  “Gosh this thing is tight.’

Gavin pulled at the skin tight suit on his own arms, indicating that they were now even.

“Except yours isn’t a costume per se, I mean to make it fair you should also have to wear accessories much like this costume, hands, feet and hood.  Not to mention the jingle bell collar.”  Sara complained.

Gavin shrugged and picked up the paw shaped foot of the costume that forced the wearers foot into a tip-toe stance.  Sara slipped her foot into it and then the next one offered by her husband.  This was followed by the paws that forced her hands into fists effectively making them useless and also meaning there was no way out of the suit without help.  Gavin used the glue, which had previously been used on his lips, on the paws of the kitty costume to keep them from rolling down.  “Hey you don’t have the remover for that.”  Sara said.

Gavin raised his eyes and smiled knowingly. 

“So I have to tell you where to find it.”

Gavin nodded still smiling.

“And that guarantees you get to use it first.”  Sara said with a falling tone suggesting that she had hoped to keep Gavin quiet longer than he wanted.

Next Gavin pulled the hood onto Sara’s head and tucked it underneath the collar of the cat costume.  Now only her eyes showed, the rest of her covered by black latex kitty parts; a cute little nose, pointy ears, and small mouth opening shaped like a cat’s closed mouth.  It was incredibly well done.  The collar with the little jingle bell in the front completed the costume.

Sara could talk though it was muted due to the tightness of the hood.  “Now what?”  Sara asked.

Gavin put on a pair of tennis shoes and went into the garage and climbed into the attic via a pull-down ladder in the ceiling returning moments later with a familiar wire box. 

“I should have guessed.  You want a little payback for last time we used this costume.”  Sara rolled her eyes.

Gavin smiled and set the wire kennel on the floor and placed several cushions inside and a blanket.  He then stepped to the side and held the door open for his wife who slowly crawled inside.

Though it was hardly necessary Gavin locked the door with a small combination padlock and just as she had done to him before, he covered the kennel with a blanket. 

“I guess I could use a nap.”  Sara said and Gavin went into the bedroom and switched on the television to pass the time.  The drone of the television news commentators put him to sleep in minutes.

*    *    *

“Gavin wake up.”  The words sounded distantly in Gavin’s sleep fogged mind.  “Gavin, wake up.”  They were clearer this time but strange to his ears.  “Gavin, wake up!”  The sharp yell brought Gavin out of his delirium and he woke up, only he still could not see anything.  He could feel the tiny muscles in his eyes trying to pull his lids open but they met resistance. 

His hands went to his face to see what was wrong.  “Don’t bother.”  Gavin recognized Angie, their neighbor’s voice.  “Some of Sara’s special glue will keep them closed until I decide otherwise.  You are a deep sleeper.” 

Gavin sat up in bed and tried to feel around but without sight or speech there was little he could do.  “I’ll let you see again only after you follow my instructions, Gavin.  You and Sara should really start locking your door.  This is the second time I’ve come in to find a little black kitty sitting in a kennel.  This time though, a cute little white kitty will join her.  It’s nice to see you already have the body for it.”  Angie laughed. 

Gavin crossed his arms over his chest, a gesture that only served to further accentuate his feminine chest.  Had Angie allowed his vision he would never have done it.

“What?  Don’t have anything to say?”  Angie laughed again.  “Oh that’s right you can’t.  Let’s get started, I’ve been itching for a little payback for a long time.  Strip off your clothes.”  Angie commanded.

Gavin remained seated on the bed with his arms folded across his chest. 

“So you’re going to play it that way huh?”  Angie said from somewhere in the corner of the room.  Fine then, you’ll be blind and Sara will be in that cage until you change your mind.” 

Gavin stood up from the bed and felt his way along the walls to the kitchen where he left his wife.  He found the blanket and threw it off.  “Get me out of here Gavin,” Sara said.  “Angie…Oh I guess she already got you.” 

Gavin was holding the lock but with his eyes sealed shut he could not enter the combination.  “I can’t get a look at the numbers from this angle Gavin.”  Sara said from inside the cage.

Gavin growled in frustration.

“Look, just play along Gavin, and this will be all over in a couple hours.”  Angie said from behind him.  “It’s not like you don’t owe me after coercing my hidden secrets from me.”

Sara sighed.  “Maybe we should, Gavin.  She’s my friend, and I doubt she’s going to be too hard on us.”

“Not any harder than you were on me.”  Angie said from behind the cage.

Gavin stood up and held his hand out towards where he last heard Angie’s voice.  “Good, now this is going to be fun…at least for me.”  Angie took Gavin’s hand and led him to the center of the room.  “Now if you please, could you take off your clothes?  No need to be embarrassed I can’t see anything with the mannequin suit still attached to you.”

Gavin took off the casual sweats and T-shit he had borrowed from his wife and tossed them to the floor.  He then felt Angie’s hands spreading something cool, obviously a lubricant,  across the outside of the latex suit.  He could not deny it felt nice, but he did not let Angie know that.  “Ok, lift a foot Gavin.” 

Gavin lifted his left foot and he felt the familiar stretch of the latex costume pull over his ankle.  “Now the other foot.”  The suit was soon pulled up to his waist and just as he had done to Sara earlier, the wrinkles in the suit were smoothed out.  Next Angie helped him push his arms underneath the tight collar of the suit that was currently encircling his waist and slowly move the suit higher on his body while simultaneously guiding his arms into the sleeves.  In moments the suit was in place.  Gavin could only guess what he looked like in the white latex costume with its attached tail.

“Now for the hood.  It’s a little weird seeing your head on that body, so this should make things look more normal.”  Gavin felt the tight rubber stretch over his head and across his face.  The familiar jingle of a bell meant that the collar was being put on as well.

“Hold up a foot.”  Angie said from somewhere near his feet.  Gavin held his left foot up and the tight paws of the foot were pulled on, keep him on his toes.  This was repeated for his right foot. 

“Ok, now your left hand, please, and make a fist.”  It was almost finished.  Gavin’s left hand was stuffed inside the kitty paw preventing him from opening his fist.  “Before I complete your costume I need you to write down the combination of the lock on Sara’s cage.  Here’s a pen and paper.”  Gavin was disappointed he hoped Angie would forget about that.  “As a reward I’ll free your eyes once I verify the combination works.  So make it legible.”

Gavin took the pen and felt the edges of the paper and then wrote down three numbers as best he could without eyesight.  “Looks like 26 44 32, is that what you wrote?”  Angie asked.

Gavin nodded and then he felt the other paw of the suit touch his hand.  He made a fist and she pulled it into place.  Gavin felt her touching areas around his forearms and ankles and assumed she was using glue to make sure the paws of the costume did not come off.

Angie led Gavin into the kitchen.  He took smaller steps since he was off balance due to the position of his feet.  “Now let’s try this combination.”  Gavin heard Angie messing with the lock and soon an audible click was heard.  “Good, it worked.  Sara if you will tell me where the remover is to your special glue, I will release your husband’s eyes.”

“In the back of the cupboard above the clothes dryer.”  Gavin heard Sara say somewhat reluctantly.

A few minutes later Gavin felt a small brush touch his eyes.  “There you go Gavin, give it a second or two.”

Gavin felt the bonds of the glue give way and he slowly opened his eyes.  He squinted against the dazzling white of the costume that covered his body from head to toe.  Looking down the valley of his faux breasts to his invisible manhood hidden beneath two layers of latex, he knew he looked sexy and all female and feline.  Next his eyes landed on his wife in the cage, she had her legs curled underneath her and her eyes were staring at him.  The cage was closed with the open padlock still in the hasp.  He did not see any way possible for both he and his wife to fit in the cage at the same time.

He looked over at Angie who was standing there with her arms folded beneath her breasts.  Her flame red hair was again accented with a green outfit; in this case a shiny spandex jog bra and matching bike shorts.  She looked to have come straight from a workout with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.  She knelt down in front of the cage.  “Ok, I’m going to open the kennel and Sara you’ll need to move your head to this end and lay on your back.”

“What?” Sara exclaimed.  “What are you doing?”

“I have two kitties and one kennel so you’ll just have to squeeze together.”  Angie said with a smile.

Sara was shocked.  “You’re crazy.  There is no way we will both fit in here.”

“You’re going to try, now turn over.”

Sara complied and Angie opened the door which was slightly narrower than that side of the kennel.  “Alright Gavin, go in head first and try and get your head to touch the back end of the kennel between your wife’s thighs.  I’m sure you’ve been in this position before.”  Angie giggled.

Gavin squeezed his body into the kennel he was worried that he might be suffocating his wife but her labored breathing was audible.  Angie helped him by moving both Sara and his leg and arms around to push more and more of him inside.  Finally he could move no further in.

“Hang on a second your tail is stuck.”  Gavin felt some pulling down by his bottom and then saw his tail being threaded through the bars of the kennel to keep it out of the way.  Gavin’s head was already pressing against Sara’s thighs but she could not open them wide enough for him to force his head between them.  Angie solved this by pushing on his bottom until his head was squeezed between her legs with his mouth and nose less than an inch above her shiny black crotch.  Luckily he could still move his head up enough and see out of the back of the cage.

He could feel his wife’s head rocking back and forth between his legs and heard her muffled voice.  “Ugh, this is uncomfortable.”  Gavin’s feet and half his legs were still outside the cage.  Angie forced them into the cage until his feet were squeezed into his bottom. 

“Ha!  I bet I don’t even have to close the door.”  Angie laughed.  Gavin’s feet were wedged inside the kennel behind the door and he could not move them.  He was on his knees with his hands tucked underneath Sara’s hips.  When Angie forced his feet in Sara’s elbows and hands were forced to her sides effectively pinning his arms down. 

“Just in case you get lucky though, I better close it anyway.  No need to lock it though.” 

“How long are you going to keep us wedged in here?”  Sara said from between Gavin’s legs.

“Just long enough to get some good pictures.”  Angie said.

“You wouldn’t.”  Sara responded.

“Don’t go anywhere I’ve got to fetch my camera.” Angie skipped out of the house.

“Start planning your revenge Gavin, ‘cause our friend Angie is going to get it.” 

Gavin mumbled his assent from behind his sealed lips.

Angie returned with her camera and spent at least fifteen minutes snapping hundreds of pictures from different angles.  Without a word she then sat down next to the kennel with her camera connected to her laptop.  “Now where should I post these wonderful images?”

“You wouldn’t.”  Sara said.

“I know, my favorite latex message board.”  Gavin could hear her fingers typing on the keys and the click of the mouse buttons.  “There we go, what do you think Gavin?”

The laptop was thrust in front of Gavin’s face and he could see a legitimate web address and an active message board with a black and white kitty stuck inside a kennel posted on the site.  Gavin growled in outrage.  “Don’t worry, no one can recognize you.  There are a few other sharing sites I want to post them on and then I’ll let you out.”

“Just so you know, you better leave us in here forever, because if we get out you are going to regret it.”  Sara threatened.

“I’m sure, but it is so worth it.”  Angie laughed.

Angie worked on the computer for probably another hour before she finally pulled Gavin from the cage.  “Alright Gavin I’m going to help you free one of your hands from the costume and then you are on your own.  Here’s the remover.” 

Angie pulled Gavin’s hand from one restrictive cat paw and then set the remover on the table.  She grabbed her camera and laptop and left the house.

Another hour passed before Gavin was halfway back to normal.  He was still stuck in the mannequin suit but he had the fire of vengeance to help pass the time now. 

Once the cat costumes were cleaned and put away Sara sat on the bed next to her husband who had again donned the plain sweats and T-shirt.  “So what are we going to do?”

“We wait, she will be expecting an ambush around every corner and that will be half the fun.”  Gavin said.


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Story continues in Part Five

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