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Sara's Mannequin Suit 2: The Nosy Neighbor

by VolatileDesire

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© Copyright 2016 - VolatileDesire - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; bodysuit; latex; catsuit; paws; hood; tail; collar; glue; gag; cage; pet; caught; photo; revenge; entrap; hum; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part one

Chapter 2: The Nosy Neighbor

Gavin awoke to the sight of his wife’s face. “Wake up kitty, I’ve got to go run a few errands.” Sara had changed out of her sexy outfit into a more comfortable velvet sweat suit.

Gavin stood up and nearly fell having forgotten about his imprisoned feet. 

“I’m going to have to keep you safe while I’m gone, I can’t have an untrained cat alone in the house. Follow me.”

The jingling bell at his collar was a constant reminder of Gavin’s status as the house cat but he nearly bolted when he saw what Sara had waiting for him in the kitchen. While he slept, Sara had gotten down the dog kennel from the attic. In the bottom was a cushion. It looked like a rectangle wire cage. “Get in kitty.”

Gavin shook his head no.

“Get in Kitty,” Sara said more forcefully.

Again, Gavin shook his head and took a step back.

“Look, there is no way you can get out of that costume by yourself, so if you don’t want to spend all day tomorrow in that costume I suggest you get in the kennel. It is plenty big enough for you.” 

Gavin sighed heavily and knelt down on all fours and slowly crawled into the kennel. It was just barely large enough for him to turn around and he would have to keep his legs tucked under him in order to fit. Sara shut the door and put a small padlock through the hasp. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you out when I get back. Get some sleep.” She threw a blanket over the cage, blotting out most of the light. 

When the garage door closed and the house fell silent Gavin tried to tear open the kennel by pushing his body against the bars but they were too well made. He could not sleep instead he plotted his revenge. A plot so fiendish she would never know what happened. 

Time ticked by as he assimilated the details of his revenge but all thoughts vanished from his head when the doorbell rang. Panic seized him when the front door opened. “Sara forgot to lock the front door!” His mind screamed.

“Hello, Sara, is anyone here?” 

It was the next door neighbor, Angie. She was one of Sara’s best friends ever since they met each other on the day Gavin and Sara moved in. They often had lunch together. Gavin held deathly still he did not want the jingle bell around his neck to alert Angie of his presence.

Gavin could hear footsteps on the tile floor just inside their front door. “She’s coming in!” Gavin thought. “Doesn’t she know that you shouldn’t enter someone else’s house?”

“Hello, anyone here.”

Her voice was much closer now.

“Oh, Sara didn’t tell me she was getting a pet?”

Gavin’s mind was in overdrive. He had to stop her from moving the blanket and seeing him. He slammed the cage with his costumed hands and banged the top with his head.

“A feisty one, are you? Let’s have a look.” 

Gavin tried to yell out but it came out sounding like an injured animal. Light flooded the kennel and Gavin blinked his eyes into focus. When his vision returned, he saw Angie staring in stunned silence. She was wearing white stretch pants and an oversize green sweatshirt that set off her flaming red hair. Her mouth had fallen open and she was attempting to speak. “What? Who?” There was a long delay while she caught her breath. Gavin just looked away.

Angie then started to slowly walk around the kennel. She grabbed the lock and then let it fall. “Are you in there voluntarily?”

Gavin shrugged his shoulders. How could he explain Sara’s coercion when he could not speak? Angie accepted his shrug as an affirmative.

“So these are the kinds of games married people play to keep things fun, huh?”

Again Gavin shrugged.

“Well I can’t get you out Sara, but I do need something from home.”

Gavin’s eyes widened as Angie quickly left the house. She thought he was his wife, Sara. The makeup and contact lenses must have made it difficult to tell the difference. She was not gone long but to Gavin’s dismay she returned with her camera. She snapped pictures from every angle. There was nothing he could do to stop her. “When your husband gets home, and you get a chance to tell him about these wonderful pictures. I’m sure we could arrange something for him to do to earn them back. Don’t you think?”

Gavin said nothing just stared at her. 

“See you soon Sara.” Angie replaced the blanket onto the kennel and skipped out of the door laughing.

Gavin waited and worried. He worried mostly about Angie telling anyone else about what happened. Gavin dozed off before he heard his wife return.

“Hello Kitty,” Sara announced without taking off the blanket. “I have a surprise for you. I’ll be right back to let you out.”

Gavin waited for several more long minutes and when the blanket was finally thrown back, Sara stood before him wearing an identical cat costume to his except in a bright white color. “I couldn’t put the paws on myself, but it looks great I think.” 

Gavin nodded.

“I figured that you deserved to see what I look like in it after playing along so well. If you’re nice I may let you lock me in the kennel for a few minutes. First though, let me get you out.” Sara produced a key and unlocked the door. Gavin crawled out and stretched. He then started making motions to his wife.

“What? What’s wrong?”

Gavin motioned for her to follow him. He led her to the front window and pointed across the street to Angie’s house.

“Angie’s house?”

Gavin nodded and he then pointed at the floor.

“Angie was here?” Sara’s eyes got wide as she ran to the front door as fast as the cat paws on her feet would let her. “Oh no, I forgot to lock the door.”

Gavin followed nodding. 

“Let me get your lips free, stay here.” Sara ran into the bathroom and returned seconds later with a small vial of liquid and a dropper. She placed a few drops on Gavin’s lips and a minute or two later he was able to open his mouth. 

“Finally,” Gavin sighed.

“Tell me, what did Angie do?” Sara said a bit panicked.

“She came inside and saw me in the cage. She took some pictures and left. She was very amused.” Gavin said quickly.

“Oh no!  What are we going to do?” Sara said trying to sit down but she forgot about her tail and quickly stood back up again.

“She thinks it was you in the cage.” Gavin explained.

“Really?  Ha!” Sara laughed. Then she put her finger against her lips. “Maybe, we can use that to our advantage.” She ran into the bedroom and stripped out of the white cat costume and carefully folded into the box. She then quickly dressed in her velvet sweat suit and headed for the front door. She was gone before Gavin could ask what she was up to.

The door opened again and Sara stepped back in the house. “Oh, I almost forgot. In order to finish your wager you have to play with yarn.” Sara ran into the garage and returned with a large garbage bag. “Ok, lay down Kitty.” 

Gavin rolled his eyes and laid down on the bedroom floor. Sara dumped several hundred yards of yellow yarn onto the shiny black kitty on the floor. “Now roll around a bit and play.” 

Gavin rolled around on the floor covering himself in the strands of yarn.

“Now do a somersault.” Sara orders.

Gavin complied and somersaulted across the floor.

“I had more planned for the yarn but that will have to do, I have to deal with Angie. While I’m gone can you clean up the yarn and I’ll help you out of the costume when I get back.” Sara darted out of the house.

Gavin began to rid himself of the yarn. This is where his problems began. While rolling around on the floor the yarn had wrapped itself around his arms and shoulders. He could move his arms but his range of movement was limited to just a few inches. Additionally, during the somersault loops of yard had fallen over his neck and legs holding his face only a couple of inches from his knees. Thinking the yarn to be easily breakable, Gavin pulled with all his might, he gained an inch or two of movement but no more, there were just too many strands to break.

At this point Gavin started to panic. He jerked around on the floor kicking with his legs and trying to wiggle his arms free. This proved to be a mistake. After exhaustion forced him to calm down, the yarn now held one ankle close to his buttock and his arms were wrapped in yards of yarn held tightly across his chest. Gavin was stuck. Further complicating his predicament wads of yarn had fallen over his face restricting his vision. He had to wait until Sara got back. 

* * *

“You did that to yourself?” Angie exclaimed from her place on the couch next to Sara.

Sara smiled sheepishly. “Yes, it’s fun to look like a sexy kitty. I was going to surprise Gavin, I guess I should have locked the front door.” 

Angie smiled. “Yeah you never know who might walk in on you.”

“So did Gavin like it?”

“After you left I let myself out. I had a key stashed in the kennel.” Sara lied. “I figured I better talk to you before you stopped being my friend.”

“Oh, I would never let a little fun between husband and wife come between us.” Angie smiled. “So how does it feel?”

“Oh, that costume feels incredible. Tight and sexy. Gavin would have flipped.” Sara paused for a second. “Would you like to try it on?” Sara said looking at the box she brought with her.

“You have the costume in the box?” Angie said.

“Actually it’s a different color, the black one needs cleaning.”

“Oh right,” Angie said staring at the box.

“Would you like to try it on?” Sara asked while watching Angie’s reaction.

Angie blushed and looked back to Sara. “I don’t know.” 

“Tell you what, you try it on and if you don’t like it we take it right back off and promise to never mention it again.” 

“Skip the fancy eyes, will you? I’ve never done well with contacts.” Angie said while standing up.

“Sure, your green eyes are cat-like enough.” Sara said with a grin.

“Yeah, right. Do you want to do it here?”

“Wherever, you do have to be naked. You’ll miss out on the full effect if you wear undergarments.” Sara explained while pulling the white rubber suit out of the box. “And we will need some lubricant, like baby oil or talc or something. The suit is really tight. And you are an inch or so taller than me which will make it a bit tighter.”

Angie flushed more and her skin threatened to match the color of her hair. “I’ll go grease myself up in the bathroom.”

Sara nodded and laid out the costume. Angie soon returned from the bathroom wearing only a shiny coat of lubrication. “I hope this clear lotion I have will work?” Angie said.

Sara touched her arm and felt the slipperiness. “That will be fine. Lift your leg and push it in.”

“Oh, that is tight.” Angie said with a smile.

“Yeah, wait till you get it all the way on.” Angie forced her other leg into the suit and Sara tugged it up around her waist. Angie wiggled her bottom back and forth. “Yeah, getting better.”

Sara pulled the suit over Angie’s bosom and threaded each arm into the sleeves. The suit closed over her shoulders stopping just over her collarbone. Sara smoothed out any wrinkles while Angie moved around to adjust the fit. “What do you think?”

“Tight, but sexy. Not sure I’d want to wear it inside a cage.” Angie smiled.

Sara shrugged. “Here let’s try the faux paws. Get it, faux paws.” Sara laughed at her double entendre. 

“Yes, Sara, very witty,” Angie rolled her eyes and held out her hand.

“You’ll have to make a fist, that’s the only way to get these on.” Sara said.

Angie curled her hand into a fist and pushed her hand into the tight rubber glove. “I can’t seem to open my hand.”

“It takes a bit of getting used to.” Sara said holding up the other glove. Angie slid her other fisted hand into the glove. Sara then used the adhesive to keep the glove in place. “Very nice, now for the hood.” Sara pulled the hood over Angie’s head taking care to tuck all the red hair underneath. The mask hid all her features behind a convincing kitty facade. 

“Ugh, that’s a tad uncomfortable.” Angie complained.

“It completes the look. You’ll get used to it, besides the cat’s ears and nose look so cute.” Sara tucked the hood under the collar of the suit and smoothed out any wrinkles. She picked up a small pink cat collar and buckled it around her neck. “There we are, now for the feet.”

“Is the collar necessary?”

Sara gave her a short look.

“I know, I know, it completes the look.”

“Raise your foot.” Sara pushed Angie’s feet down into the rigid socks. 

“Hey these are like high heels.”

“Yep, they make you walk like a cat.” Sara answered while applying a bit of glue to keep the socks from rolling down.   Angie walked around the room a bit and then tried to open the door to her bedroom. “I can’t seem to open doors.”

“The paws are pretty incapacitating.” Sara smiled.

Angie stopped for a second. “You were wearing the gloves inside kennel, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” Sara answered.

“How did you unlock the door, there is no way you could manipulate something as small as a key wearing these things.” Angie said while holding up her hands.

Sara smiled and sat down on the couch. Angie tried to sit down but the tail prevented her. “I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

Angie waited for more.

“What you saw in the kennel wasn’t me, it was my husband Gavin.”

Angie gasped. “No way!”

Sara nodded and proceeded to tell her friend about the bet between herself and Gavin and the consequences of the bet. Angie listened in stunned silence. “So,” Sara finished. “I came over here to get the pictures you took.”

“Well, get me out of this suit and I’ll fetch the pictures for you. I made a few copies so I’ll have to gather them all.”

Sara smiled. “I think I’ll need the photos before letting you out of the suit.”

Angie nervously licked her lips. “Why? Don’t you trust me?”

“Well, I guess not this time.” Sara replied. 

“I can’t tell you, where they are at. If you just take this suit off I’ll be happy to get them for you.”

Sara frowned and stood up. She walked quickly towards Angie who in turned tried to back away. Angie fell over her feet due to being balanced on her toes. Sara sat on her chest and quickly applied what appeared to be chap stick to her lips and then stood up.   

Angie tried to speak but could not open her mouth her lips were glued shut. Sara closed the lid of the adhesive tube and placed in her pocket. “Now, you better tell me where it is when I decide to let you speak.” Sara clipped a long leash to Angie’s collar and pulled her to her feet. “Come on you are coming to my house”


* * *

Gavin was uncomfortable, he was wrapped up in the yarn and unable to move. His bent over position made the tight suit he wore even tighter around his waist. It seemed like hours since his wife left and he was beginning to wonder if the confrontation had not gone so well. 

Finally, he heard the front door open, there were muffled sounds but Gavin could not discern what was going on. After several more minutes, Sara walked into the bedroom. She held her hand to her mouth suppressing a giggle. “Just like Kitty to get all wrapped up. Here let me help you out of that.”

“Thanks.” Gavin said while Sara cut through the yarn with scissors. 

“I have something to show you but we have to get the costume off of you first.” With some work the cat costume was slowly removed. 

Once the gloves were removed Gavin breathed a sigh of relief. “It sure is nice to be able stretch out my fingers.”

The hood and foot pieces of the costume were then removed until finally the black shiny rubber was pulled off his body. He still had the adjustable mannequin suit on. “We have to drain the bladders before you can take that off.” 

“Hurry, because I have another bladder that needs draining.” Gavin said quickly.

“Ok, get in the bathtub.” Gavin stepped into the bathtub while Sara pulled a cleverly hidden valve which allowed the water to drain from the areas around his waist and hips. A second valve drained the breasts. The suit dramatically loosened as the water ran down the drain until Gavin was able to peal the suit off his body. “That thing did pretty well.” Sara commented. “Too bad you can’t wear it for longer.”

“Huh? What does that mean?” Gavin looked at his wife confused. “Why would I wear it again? No more bets.”

“Well I just thought you might want to dress up for Halloween or something.” Sara answered.

Gavin shook his head hoping to change the subject. “Did you get the pictures back from Angie?”

“Well…” Sara began.

“Well what? Did you get them?”

“Not yet, just change into some clothes and come into the kitchen.” Sara said and left the mannequin suit to soak in the bathtub.

Gavin quickly dressed into some loose fitting clothes and went into the kitchen. The kennel he spent way too much time in was still sitting there with the blanket covering it. “What did you want me to see? What about those pictures?”

“Take the blanket off the kennel.” Sara smiled.

Gavin looked at his wife and then yanked the blanket away. There inside was a sexy girl encased in shiny white rubber in exactly the same style he had been in moments before. Gavin’s mouth fell open. “Is that…” Gavin started.

“Yep, that’s Angie.” Sara finished. “She has to stay in there until she tells us where the pictures are.” 

Angie shook her head and looked away.

“How did you get her in the costume?” Gavin asked.

“Surprisingly easy, she wanted to see how it felt so I gave her a chance. She didn’t know she was stuck in it until it was too late. Are you ready to tell us where it is yet?” Sara knelt down by the cage and stuck her fingers through to touch Angie’s cheek.

Angie sighed and slowly nodded.

Sara grabbed the eye dropper and placed a few drops of the liquid on her lips. “There you should be able to open your mouth in a few seconds.”

Angie worked her mouth open. “They are in a locked chest in the bottom of my closet. The combination to the lock is 36-26-38.”

“Are those your measurements?” Sara laughed.

Angie did not answer and Gavin was already out the door.  

Gavin sprinted across the street and into Angie’s house. Being single and living alone the master bedroom was the only one occupied and it took only moments to locate the chest in the bottom of the closet. It was larger than Gavin expected, easily able to hold a person if they knelt down. Even then they would have some room to wiggle. 

Gavin quickly entered the combination and opened the chest. A familiar smell assaulted Gavin’s nostrils. The chest was filled with latex garments; catsuits, hoods, gloves, corsets, impossibly high heels, etc. And even more interesting there was a photo album with photos of Angie modeling the outfits. Gavin grabbed the photo album and the disk marked with Sara’s name. “This should be interesting,” he muttered and returned to his house.

When Angie saw him carrying the photo album she slumped down in the kennel. “Check this out Sara.” 

Sara opened the album and her eyes widened. “Oh, well, now it makes a lot more sense.”

“Yes, yes, now you know.” Angie said on the verge of tears. “Can you please let me out of here and this costume?”

“You need a shower Gavin,” Sara said to her husband. “And clean up those suits.”

“Right,” Gavin left.  He was eager to be away from an uncomfortable moment between one time friends. He took a long hot shower and threw away all the shredded yarn. He also cleaned the costume and the mannequin suit still marveling at the latter’s construction. He finished in time to watch a little television until his wife walked in an hour later. “Well, what happened?”

“She’s ok. We’re still friends and I have to swear you to secrecy.” 

“That’s easy. It’s not like she hasn’t seen me dressed as a sexy female cat.” Gavin responded sarcastically.

“True, but she is sensitive about her preferences.” Sara responded.

“Oh, I promise. I don’t know what she is worried about she looked pretty good in those outfits.” Gavin said.

Sara arched an eyebrow his way. “I’m sure you enjoyed the view.”

“Not as good as you would dear.” He responded quickly.

Sara nodded. “You better say that. By the way, how did you ever find that costume shop? It was full of fantastic costumes, and all are as well made as those cats.”

“Angie mentioned it to me.” Gavin smiled. “Makes sense now.”

“Yes it does.” Sara smiled back. “I’ll have to remember to thank her; you looked great as my kitty.”


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Story continues in Part Three

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