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Sara's Mannequin Suit 1: A Clever Bet

by VolatileDesire

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© Copyright 2016 - VolatileDesire - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; wager; F/m; lingerie; bodysuit; latex; inflate; feminize; catsuit; paws; hood; tail; collar; glue; gag; contacts; pet; cons; X

Chapter 1: A Clever Bet

The room was filled with a soft light shadowing the faces of the couple facing each other across the dining room table. Two glasses half full of wine rested next to two piles of discarded playing cards. The woman idly flipped through the fan of cards in her hand while rubbing her opponent’s leg with her dark nylon encased toes.

“Are you trying to distract me, Sara?” A baritone voice said while considering carefully his next move.

“Moi?” The young woman answered while twisting a curl of her long blond hair in her finger and moving her foot inside her opponent’s trousers. “Why Gavin, you dare accuse me?”

Gavin combed his fingers through his dark closely clipped hair and played a card. “I’m looking forward to winning this game. You’ll look great in the little costume I have picked out for you.”

Sara gave him a thin smile. “Perhaps, I can live with anything for one 12 hour day.”

“I plan on taking pictures to savor the moment.” Gavin laughed and returned to examining his cards.

“It will be doubly interesting if I win,” Sara countered while laying down a card. 

Gavin arched an eyebrow. “Give me a hint.” 

“Nope, it’s all written down here.” Sara said patting the folded paper next to her wine glass. 

“Exactly,” Gavin responded glancing at his own folded paper. 

Sara stood up, the hem of her black leather skirt fell down to just above her knee as she retrieved more wine from the kitchen. Her tight white top showed off her gorgeous curves, Gavin could not keep his eyes from following her as she stepped across his line of vision. Ironically this temporary lapse of concentration began his troubles. Gavin played the wrong card.

Sara smiled when she saw the error. “Nice one, that’s just what I needed.”

Gavin looked at what he played and slapped his forehead, “No, that’s not what I meant to play.”

Sara shrugged and played the rest of her hand. “I win.” She stood up and did a little dance. A display Gavin would have paid money to see, if he were not already married to this gorgeous woman. “Time to pay up, my easily distracted husband.” Sara handed her piece of paper to her husband.

Gavin reluctantly unfolded the document and read the feminine script. His eyes got wide, and then changed into a confident smirk. “Impossible.” Gavin stated flatly crossing his arms over his chest. “Clever, but impossible.” 

“Why?” Sara retorted. She grabbed her paper and read aloud.   “Gavin agrees to do everything he was going to have Sara do had he actually won the game.”

Gavin handed his wife his sheet.

"Sara will wear the skin tight cat costume Gavin has purchased. While wearing it she will act like a kitty in the following ways: 

 1. No talking, only meows and purrs, every word equals an extra hour.
 2. Eats out of bowls.
 3. Plays with yarn.
 4. Wears a collar."

Gavin left the room and returned carrying a garment box. Inside is contained a formfitting black cat costume made of a shiny material. “There is no way I can wear this, it is specifically designed for a female body.”

After examining the contents of the box, Sara chuckled at the realistic mittens and booties padded to look like cat paws. “I’m sure glad I won.”

Gavin sniffed. “Too bad, you would look fantastic in this.”

“I’m sure you would love to have a sexy little kitty curled up in your lap.” Sara laughed.

“You bet,” Gavin nodded. “Speaking of bets though, I’ll let you choose something else.”

“Actually, I think I can make this work. You may be a bit more uncomfortable than I would have been, but I’ll bet you will fit. There will need to be a few additions to your body though.”

“You’re kidding.” Gavin’s mouth fell open. “You actually think I’ll fit into this?”

“Like I said with a few additions, I’ll see if I can find what I need at work. We’ll try tomorrow, it’s getting late.” 

Gavin shook his head. “There is simply no way.”

Sara smiled, “It is such a good idea I’d hate to not at least try it out.” 

She rubbed her palm along his cheek. Gavin grabbed it and pulled her close and began to slide his fingers underneath her shirt. “How about we celebrate your victory?” 

“I’ve got to run to work to get some stuff. I’m afraid your over-active libido will just have to wait.” Sara grabbed her keys and skipped out the door. 

Sara worked across town as a salesperson for a fabric distributor so she would be back late. Gavin was tired and after a quick cold shower was off to sleep. He never even remembered his wife crawling into bed. So he was not concerned by the grin that split her whole face. “You’ll make a cute kitty.”

* * *

Gavin woke up first the next morning and stumbled into the shower. By the time Sara entered into the bathroom Gavin was working on the computer trying to finish up stuff from the office. He did not notice his wife standing there until she cleared her throat. Gavin turned to see her wearing a bright red corset with garters framing a red satin thong. Red fishnet stockings ending in red high heeled pumps attached to the garters. Gavin’s eyes widened in surprise and his arousal was immediate. 

“So I have your attention?” Sara said twisting a lock of curly hair in her finger.

“Wow, and it is not even nine o’clock.” 

“I’ve got to get you ready to be my kitty cat for the day, remember. This little outfit just ensures I have your attention. Please follow me.” Gavin watched her cute little bottom bisected by the thong underwear as she led him to the bedroom.

“Alright, strip.” Sara ordered.

Gavin needed little encouragement. He stepped out of his clothes in a flash. Sara pulled a box out of the closet and opened it up. Inside was a flesh toned rubbery pile of fabric. Sara pulled it out and held it up. It looked like a one piece unitard but there were odd structures molded into it. “What is that?” Gavin asked.

“This is a suit that our company designed to be placed on foam mannequins. By filling various bladders with water you can change the shape of the mannequin so that clothes will fit without having to buy a new mannequin. It’s pretty clever.”

“I have to wear that?” 

“If this doesn’t get you the right shape for your kitty costume than nothing will. You better use the restroom first.” 

Gavin was back in moments and Sara was holding the suit open for him. It did not have any zippers or closures instead relying on extreme elasticity to keep it in place. Gavin pushed his foot in through the neck opening down into the leg of the suit but there was too much friction to make any progress. 

“This won’t work.” Sara said and began looking around the room for a solution. She stood up and grabbed one of the lubricants the couple kept in the night stand for use during their marital activities. “This should do the trick.” She liberally applied the viscous fluid to Gavin’s body.

“Hey we should do this again sometime.” Gavin said enjoying the attention from his scantily clad wife.

Sara ignored him and held open the suit again. This time Gavin’s foot slipped inside easily and popped out of the tight ankle length leg opening. This was repeated with his other foot and then Sara slid it up his body. The torso of the suit contained overlapping pieces of the rubber material and it was a struggle to get it over Gavin’s waist but it eventually did, though at the expense of Gavin’s lung capacity. 

“Ugh. This is tight. And my bits are being squeezed to death.” 

“It would help if you weren’t so aroused all the time, this suit was designed for a mannequin. It is not exactly anatomically correct.” Sara pulled out the wrinkles on his thighs which forced the suit deep between his buttocks further squeezing his crotch. 

“Easy there.” But Gavin noticed that as the pain reduced his arousal it also reduced the discomfort to a tolerable level. 

“Let’s get your arms in.” Sara said pushing his wrist down into the long sleeve of the suit. This was the easiest part since there seemed to be extra room across the chest. 

“There we go,” Sara said as the neck of the suit closed over his shoulders holding the whole thing in place. “Now let’s inflate the bladders and see if the costume fits.” Sara grabbed a large water-filled syringe and hooked into a nearly invisible valve on the chest of the suit. As she added water the chest inflated into two realistic looking breasts. 

“Wow! That is a weird feeling.” Gavin said hefting his new features. 

Sara returned with more water and repeated the process until his assets were large enough that Gavin could only see his feet through the valley of his new cleavage, unless he bent over. Bending over proved difficult however, his expanding bust line had increased the tension around his waist.

“Now for those hips,” Sara inserted the syringe into another valve near Gavin’s waist and soon he was sporting a striking figure. Sara grabbed a tape measure. “36-25-36, that should do it.” Sara left the room returning moments later with the cat costume. “Time for the main event.”

Gavin had been so wrapped up in the process that he forgot that about the ultimate goal. “Do we have to do this?”

“After all the work to get you into the mannequin suit, there is no way you are backing out.” Sara pulled out the shiny suit. “This is a similar material to that suit.”

Sara helped get the suit onto Gavin’s body. It was a perfect fit, though tight, and required more of the lubricant to get on. Sara grabbed the tail which sprouted from just above Gavin’s clearly defined buttocks. “You look great.”

Gavin looked to have been dipped in oil except for his feet, hands and head. “Oh it’s perfect, now for the feet.” Gavin tried to sit on the bed but the stiff tail made that difficult he leaned against the wall while Sara pulled on the paw-like foot. Once it was in place Gavin realized there was some kind of support structure in the paw-shaped rubber that forced him onto the balls of his feet. “I can’t put my foot down flat.” 

Sara giggled, “I guess they really went for realism.” Sara pulled the other one onto Gavin’s foot and he nearly fell over. 

“This is going to take some getting used to.” 

Sara ignored him because she noticed that the top of the paw-like rubber socks were rolling down his ankles exposing some of Gavin’s suit underneath. “That won’t do, let me find something to hold those up.” Sara disappeared and returned moments later with a bottle of rubber cement. “This should do it.” She applied the rubber cement to his ankles and rolled the paw shoes back into place. This time they held fast. 

“Ok, time for the hands.” Sara picked up the paw-like gloves and held them out for Gavin to push his hands into.

“There doesn't seem to be any finger holes.” Gavin said. 

Sara shrugged. “It needs to go on further, make a fist.” Gavin made a fist and a tight rubber sack enveloped his hand preventing him from opening his fingers. “That worked.”

“But I can’t use my fingers,” Gavin said waving his realistic looking cat paw in the air.

“Realism again, I guess. Remember you bought this thing, not me.”

“Yes, but you were supposed to wear it.” Gavin whined.

“Funny how life can turn the tables on you.” Sara laughed as she held up the other cat paw for him to slip his hand into. She then applied rubber cement to keep the tight paws from rolling down his arms.

“There we go, only thing left is the hood.” Sara pulled the hood out of the box and stretched it down over his head. She adjusted the integrated kitty mask so he could see as well as breath through the triangle shaped kitty nose.  It was all cleverly designed to make the wearer appear the perfect feline.  She slipped the edge of the hood beneath the body of the suit and then spent a few minutes removing any wrinkles. Once complete she flicked his new rubber cat’s ears. “You are adorable, maybe I’ll keep you like this.”

“This hood is tight, it’s hard to talk.” Gavin complained.

“That’s good because according to your rules you can only meow or purr unless you want to stay in it an extra hour.” Sara looked through the box again and pulled out a collar with a little jingle bell on it. “Aww, my cute little kitty doesn’t have a collar yet.” She buckled it around his neck. Now every move Gavin made was announced by the tinkling of the little jingle bell.

Sara was picking up the box when she noticed a small bottle about the size of a film canister. “What is this?” She opened the container and a small plastic bottle fell out with a roll of instructions. “Oh, cool. Cat’s eyes contact lenses. Come here Gavin, let me put these on you.”

Gavin hung his head but remembered not to speak. He used to wear contact lenses until he had laser eye surgery. Sara was also a former contact lens wearer so she was easily able to get them into Gavin’s eyes with no discomfort. “That is cool looking.”

Gavin looked in the mirror and cat’s eyes looked back. Gavin realized this was the first time he had seen himself and he looked like a sexy cat girl in every way. 

Sara left the room and Gavin followed struggling to stay balanced while forced to walk on the balls of his feet. “Look on the bright side; at least you are taller than me now.” Sara said while watching Gavin catch himself on the wall.

Sara opened the refrigerator and took out a carton of milk. She filled a bowl and placed it on the floor. “Here kitty, kitty, come drink your milk.”

Gavin gave her the evil eye, but the cat’s eye contacts likely spoiled the effect he was trying to achieve. It took all of his willpower not to say anything. He knelt down on the floor and tried to pick up the bowl with his hands, but the cat’s paws defeated his efforts. With an audible growl, he proceeded to lick from the bowl by dipping his tongue into the milk, which was difficult through the mask that covered his face, the result was more than a little milk spilling down his chin.

“That’s a good kitty.” Sara laughed.

Sara walked into her bedroom and returned wearing a red satin robe. She turned on the television and looked over at Gavin who now had finished the milk and was standing up. “Oh my goodness you need to be cleaned up. Follow me.”

Sara walked into the bathroom and wiped off his lips and then applied a thin layer of something that tingled. “Hold your mouth open.” Sara ordered. “Ok, now close it.” Sara pushed his lips together. “Ok, try to open your mouth now.” Gavin tried to pull his mouth open but his lips were fused together. He tried to force his tongue between his lips but this was also impossible. He glared at Sara.

“It’s an adhesive. You should thank me.  Now that you can’t speak you won’t get stuck with extra hours as my kitty. “Alright let’s go watch a movie.”

Sara sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to her. Gavin tried to sit on the couch but the tail made sitting impossible instead he had to rest on his side and support his head with one elbow. Sara pulled his head into her lap and turned on the movie. It was a chick flick and Gavin was soon fast asleep.


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Story continues in Part Two

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