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The Outfit

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

The Outfit Part Two

Jane had kept the dress locked in the safe for almost a year, each day she had thoughts of wearing it again. Her biggest concern was if she wore it again would it abandon her just when she wanted it most. The feelings of loss and abandonment she had experienced when it chose someone else was almost too much for her to accept. She had purchased the fetish store and visited frequently even though she had nothing to do with the day to day operation of it. Lately she had been going several times a week trying on multiple items and having one of the girls lace her corset tighter. She had noticed she was craving her corsets tighter and had begun sleeping in them, her ballet boots and shackles again. Jane was alone in her large apartment, she had tightened her smallest corset until it was almost closed and sat gasping on the edge of her bed. As Jane tried to control her breathing she stared straight ahead panting around the large gag under the half hood neck corset she had laced very tight previously. Pulling at the short chain connecting her ankle cuffs to the thigh cuffs that were attached to the steel chastity belt desperately trying to achieve something she hadn’t been able to since the dress had been removed. She had been wearing the chastity belt for three weeks relishing the idea of being out of control again and she instinctively cuffed her gloved hands behind her back.

Jane was now bound and gagged, the latex gloves and stockings were making her sweat as she snapped out of her trance like state and pulled at the cuffs behind her. Jane had given in to her powerful cravings for tight bondage without thinking about how she was going to get free. Gasping for air around the gag she tried to figure out how she ended up like this feeling more and more like she was no longer in control of herself and thought about how she was going to get to the keys frozen in the top of her refrigerator. Jane knew she had been distracted by her thoughts of the dress but now it was starting to get her in trouble. The keys to the belt had been sent in response to an urge she had felt to be controlled and had set it up for them to be kept for a month making her wince each time she sat down from the tight crotch plate pushing on her pussy. Jane also couldn’t remember the password that she had to say to get them to send the key to her and without it they would hold the key indefinitely.

As she sat thinking about her situation she knew the dress was influencing her somehow but wasn’t sure how to get out of under its influence. She had thought about sending the dress away but found each time she went to get it she desperately wanted to put it on so she had never actually been able to take it out of her safe. For three hours Jane struggled to free herself finally able to retrieve her keys and sat them out to melt. As she sat watching the ice melt Jane thought about her options and knew she either had to get rid of the dress or break down and put it on. Jane sat gasping in her rigid leather prison pulling at the steel holding her hands and feet and decided she could not continue the course she was on. After the ice melted Jane unlocked her hands and struggled to reach her ankles to unlock the chain between them, the corset would stay on with the boots until Monday morning. Jane struggled with her feelings again when she went to unlace the hood so it stayed on as she moved to her computer and started getting her business affairs in order.

Jane sat for twenty four hours working on her affairs, her aching pussy desperate to be touched driving her to be free of her doubts and put the dress on again. Sunday night Jane had finished what she needed to do to be able to resign and unlaced the hood so she could eat and drink something before going to bed. Jane struggled to sleep in the tight corset but still couldn’t force herself to work it out from under the belt and remove it. After several hours of tossing in her bed Jane laced the hood back on and swung the large D-rings on her ankle cuffs onto the hooks at the corners of the bed. Once her feet were hooked Jane locked her wide wrist cuffs on and pulled another leather hood over her head and reached up and locked her hands to the headboard. Reaching up caused her ankles to be pulled back making them slide deeper into the hooks and making it impossible for her to unhook them while her arms were stretched out over her head.  Jane relaxed immediately and fell asleep spread eagle on her bed not even caring when the timer she didn’t remember setting would release her. Monday morning Jane woke up to her alarm and tugged at the cuffs holding her tightly and panicked as she still couldn’t recall when or if she had set the timer and realized she could not free herself if she hadn’t.

Jane continued struggling as the sweat ran down her arms making her twist and pull on her sore wrists and ankles. Jane was moaning really wanting to climax before she died and knew that was impossible in her current predicament and swore she would wear the dress if she survived. An hour later the timer released her and she raised her ankles off the hooks and rolled over. Quickly unlacing the hoods she looked at the clock figuring she could still make it to work if she hurried. Unlocking all the cuffs and unlacing her boots Jane moved to the bathroom and removed the neck corset while she quickly applied her makeup and brushed her hair. Stripping the gloves off as she stepped into a pair of six inch pumps and pulled up her tightest leather skirt over the steel chastity belt.  Jane buttoned her fitted blazer leaving her corseted cleavage showing and smiled as she walked to her car. Walking confidently into her office building Jane could feel the thigh cuffs limiting her stride but it wasn’t until she got to her office that she realized the leather skirt was tight enough to not only show the straps of her chastity belt but also the wide bands of steel around her thighs.

Jane was stunned she had worn these clothes to the office and knew it was her desire for the dress making her give in to her secret desires. Jane worked through the day in her tight sexy clothes getting lots of looks and proposals from almost every man she met. As Jane continued to prepare for her leaving the company she suddenly remembered the password and quickly called and set up to have the belt key returned at the end of the month. Relieved at the thought of removing the belt Jane relaxed and stopped having as many moments of breathless panic brought on by the frustration of the belt. By the end of the day Jane had most of her business wrapped up or had handed it off and started typing her resignation.

On the way home Jane couldn’t help herself as she drove to the fetish shop and had her manager Lois retighten the corset and slip the small padlocks she had designed through the eyelets. Jane was now locked in the corset and breathlessly told Lois when she could give her the keys back coinciding when the key to her belt would be returned. As Jane stood gasping surprised how much tighter the corset was from that little adjustment Lois told her the new shoes she had ordered had come in. Jane didn’t remember ordering any new shoes but didn’t stop Lois from getting them or herself when she asked Lois to help her into the incredibly steep high heeled ankle boots. Lois smiled and quickly squatted in front of Jane showing her truly submissive side and pulled the pump off her latex covered foot and worked the boot on. Jane felt her foot being forced into an en point position as she studied the other boot noticing not only the locking straps but the way it was designed to hide the fact that it was really a ballet boot.

Lois laced the boot and pulled the multiple straps tight and snapped the locks closed then looked up at Jane and waited until Jane handed her the next boot. Jane handed Lois the keys to the boots and listened to herself say “Same as the corset” stunned at hearing her voice say that. Lois smiled and ran off returning a few minutes later empty handed showing Jane she had hidden the keys for her. Jane wandered around the store learning to walk in her new boots and talking to Lois about if she would mind if Jane came back to the store full time. Lois being the true submissive she was smiled and said “I’d love it!” Lois had been hoping for the last two years Jane would come back and treat her like she had done the previous manager keeping her bound and gagged while she served her. Jane was looking at a long leather dress when Lois said “You’d look great in that”. Jane smiled and took it off the rack and the two went to the dressing room so Lois could dress her boss. Lois was right, the dress fit Jane’s corseted body perfectly limiting Jane’s steps to only a few inches and the tight leather creaking with each move or breath.

 Jane walked around the store getting used to the new dress when she spotted a short latex dress and handed it to Lois and in a commanding voice she said “Go put this on!” Lois smiled as she turned red and ran off to the dressing room. Jane smiled as she yelled “And put on some appropriate shoes!” Lois squealed as she stopped to pick out a pair she had been looking at for weeks. A few minutes later Lois appeared tugging at the hem of the short dress that barely covered her ass and teetering on top of the high heels she had picked out. Jane made a spinning motion with her hand and said “Wonderful!” as Lois spun in front of her. “From now on you will wear something from the shop everyday and you may pick one item a week to keep starting with that one.” Lois squealed again even though she was unsure of wearing the short dress she still loved the idea of Jane making her wear it.

Jane left the store locked in the belt, corset, and toe boots and drove carefully home learning how to operate the car in with her added restrictions. Reaching her apartment building Jane regretted having Lois close the dress down to her ankles forgetting the amount of walking she would have to do to reach the elevators and then her apartment. Walking as quickly as she could it took Jane twenty minutes to make it to her door having to stop and catch her breath several times along the way. Jane sat panting looking out the window at the skyline of the city thinking about how much she would miss the beautiful view once she was forced to move out after quitting her job. Returning to her bedroom Jane slithered out of the tight leather dress and stared at the image of her leather clad body admiring the incredibly small waist and the toned muscles of her legs before lacing the hood on.

Jane made no effort to control the urges as she took the hogtie harness and locked it around her ankles and wrists relaxing her body while her arms and legs pulled hard on the thick leather. Wakened by the alarm again Jane struggled to release the harness that had kept her in the tight arch all night and went to the bathroom to relieve herself. Jane cleaned and prepared herself for the long day ahead of her at work. Jane never thought about adjusting the tight hem of the dress as she slid her body into it and drove to work covered in leather and wriggled her way to her desk. By noon Jane’s head had cleared some again from being so far away from the dress and she sat panting and wishing she had not worn the even sexier dress to work. Jane was looking down at the small opening that her amble breasts were trying to squeeze through and decided she had completed the tasks she needed to, and could leave with a clean conscious. Wriggling her way to her boss’s office she watched him stare at her leather covered body while she explained she would be leaving the company. When she had finished he tried to get her to change her mind but she told him she needed a change and left him with the lasting memory of her firm ass wiggling under the leather.

Jane drove straight to the store in an overheated sexual frenzy the constant struggle in her mind and with her clothes was making her desperately want to orgasm. Arriving she practically drug Lois to the back and removed the leather dress having Lois restrain her then ordered her to make her cum. Lois was very adept when it came to women and smiled as she removed Jane’s dress then filled her mouth with the largest gag she had in the store. Jane was surprised and Lois’s choice of gags and at how tightly she had strapped it into her mouth but when Lois returned with the sensory deprivation hood Jane’s eyes really got big. Lois pulled the laces on the hood so tight that Jane could hear her own heart beat in her ears. Jane moaned as she felt Lois yank and pull the heavy leather straps encircling Jane’s head even tighter than the laces. Jane was now standing with her hands and elbows tied tightly behind her completely blind and utterly helpless. Lois swatted Jane’s firm ass guiding her towards a rafter with a length of rope hanging from it, each swat making Jane squeal and jump slightly on her toes.

Lois tied Jane’s bound wrists to the rafter and began cinching Jane’s arms higher until Jane was forced to bend at the hips and her arms were held straight up behind her. Jane was grunting and panting through the small breathing hole in the hood feeling extremely aroused at how well Lois was dominating her. Lois sat down watching Jane tip toe around in small circles while the leather over her face sucked in and out with every breath. After a half an hour of watching and whipping Jane, Lois tied ropes to each ankle and pulled them as far apart as the thigh bands would allow and tied them off to opposing support poles. Jane was now tied in place, her arms pointing straight up behind her and unable to move in any direction. As Jane continued to mummph and gasp under the hood the corset was feeling much more stringent in this position making it difficult to fill her lungs Lois prepared for her next assault.

Lois first kneaded Jane’s breasts out of the tight cups of the corset making Jane squirm and twist from the pain Lois’s twisting and pulling was causing and the fact she could do nothing to stop it was arousing her more. Lois finally had the soft mounds freed and took two large vacuum cups and forced Jane’s breasts past the smaller rings at the base leaving her breasts trapped inside the plastic cones. Lois turned on the strong vacuum pump and watched as Jane’s breasts were stretched and pulled until they filled the cups completely. While Lois watched Jane squealed and thrashed in her bonds as she felt her breasts swelling and every minute the pain increasing. Jane stood in her strappedo position almost in agony as Lois took the strong vibrators and strapped one to each stretched and trapped breast and another to the steel plate covering Jane’s dripping pussy. Lois stared whipping Jane’s exposed ass with a small cane then turned on all three vibrators. Jane was screaming inside the hood as the cane felt like it was ripping her skin and the vibrators on her breasts caused her even more pain. For almost another hour Lois kept whipping and vibrating Jane’s helpless body while Jane drifted into subspace and began to really enjoy herself.

When Jane’s first orgasm in a month ripped through her body Lois and the other employees watched her thrashing body convulse and could barely hear the primal scream that emanated from under the hood. After Jane exploded Lois continued whipping her for another hour alternating the vibrators and different whips until Jane collapsed to her knees and hung from her wrists. Jane could feel another orgasm approaching and fought with all her strength to stand again encouraging Lois to continue with her defiant action. Lois was about to stop when Jane’s body tensed and she could hear Jane screaming again and waited until the bound woman dropped to her knees once more before stopping her assault. Jane awoke with her arms still tied tightly behind her back but was now lying on the floor, she could see and breathe easier but was still firmly gagged. Straining to sit up Jane scooted herself to a nearby chair and fought to get back to her toes. Once Jane had made it to her feet she carefully looked out into the shop and could see all the sales people helping customers so she eased out into the shop to find Lois. Jane twisted and pulled at the ropes holding her arms so tightly together and realized as she did that her breasts were still sucked firmly into the orbs Lois had put them in. The size of the gag prevented her from looking down but as she passed a display she could see her reflection in the shining steel and could clearly see her dark red breasts still trapped in the plastic domes.

Jane was staring at her trapped breasts when Lois came up behind her and said “Well look who woke up!” Jane spun around to face Lois. “I guess she is ready for round two” Lois finished. Jane shook her head no and tried to plead with Lois as she was pulled back into the warehouse. Lois ignored Jane and drug her back to a support pole and turned Jane’s back to it and quickly wrapped some rope around Jane’s neck and tied it tightly to the pole. Jane was choking as Lois grabbed a roll of industrial pallet wrap and began wrapping Jane’s ankles to the pole. Jane no longer cared about anything other than getting the rope around her neck off and by the time Lois removed it Jane was firmly welded to the pole. Jane stood gasping as she watched a smiling Lois take the wrap and using the handles she began wrapping Jane even tighter, stretching the thick plastic harder with each layer.

Lois was hoping to make Jane mad with the desire to have Jane treat her in much the same way so she kept wrapping her boss going over and under her trapped breasts. Jane could feel her pinioned arms pressing harder into the pole behind her and moaned loudly but Lois kept on wrapping her tighter. Jane knew Lois wasn’t finished as Lois started wrapping higher finally covering Jane’s mouth then her eyes leaving Jane in total darkness with only the throbbing from her tortured ass for company. Lois rested for a minute watching the black mass wiggling in front of her before taking the vibrators and wrapping one to each plastic cone. Jane felt Lois wrapping her breasts but knew nothing of the vibrators on them or the one Lois had wrapped to her pussy again. Jane was gasping through her nose when she heard the whir of the heat gun and whined and twisted in the plastic as Lois heated it making it pull harder on her boss and began to form a perfect shell around her body. Lois had to take a break again but before sitting down she turned all the vibrators on and told Jane she would release her after they closed. Jane whined and howled into the gag as the pain in her breasts was doubled again not paying attention to how long Lois had said she was going to leave her welded to the post. Lois rested for awhile before returning to the front leaving Jane to fight the building orgasm and her bonds.

For over an hour Jane struggled to achieve an orgasm but the pain and belt prevented it so she stood struggling to breathe while her body desperately tried to escape their bonds. Lois checked on her boss regularly and after two more hours had passed she turned off the vibrators eliciting and loud groan from Jane. Lois stroked Jane’s bond body and covered Jane’s nose a few times watching the helpless woman struggle under the tight plastic. Lois left Jane alone for another hour before coming back and asking her if she wanted out or not. Jane thought for a moment then moaned once for out even though she was really still enjoying herself. Lois cut the plastic away from the sweat soaked woman’s body and helped her to a chair. Jane was still tied and gagged as she panted around the gag whining from the pain in her tits. Lois held Jane’s face up and said “If that whining doesn’t stop I’ll leave them on all night”. Jane looked down and quieted herself while Lois stood smiling down at her. Lois pulled Jane to her feet by the vacuum cones and once Jane was standing Lois turned the valves and watched as the cones slowly eased their grip on Jane’s much larger breasts. While the vacuum bled off, Jane whined quietly behind the gag as each breast felt some relief but even more pain as they tried to return to their normal size. Lois pulled the cups off stretching Jane’s breasts a little more and said “There all better now.” Jane whined and turned her arms to Lois and before cutting the ropes Lois teased her by saying “Oh I never said anything about freeing you did I?” Jane whined again but felt the ropes at her elbows pop loose then her wrists followed.

Jane’s arms dropped to her sides completely useless as the blood flow was restored. Lois held out a dress and helped Jane step into it and quickly zipped the tight rubber up to her neck. “Now you can come help us in the store” Lois said as she walked off. Jane whined but followed her manager and soon was stocking shelves and even sweeping. Jane was unaware that the dress Lois had put on her was transparent and everyone could see her ruby red tits and all the red welts on her ass along with the steel covering her pussy. When the store closed Lois removed the gag and told Jane she had done a wonderful job tonight and hoped when she came to work full time she would be ready to repeat it every night.” Jane grunted as she pried the ball out of her mouth and handed it to Lois. Jane drank a couple bottles of water before waving bye and leaving the store still wearing the transparent latex. Jane liked the way it felt and since it was much easier to walk in the knee length rubber she just wore it home. Walking into her building she was glad to see the lobby empty except for the security guards. Walking to the counter she was surprised by the stares she received knowing they had seen her in latex before but she signed in and went to the elevators.

Gasping as the doors closed Jane could see why they had been staring, her whole body could be seen under the rubber! Jane was glad she would be leaving soon since she was sure the guards were copying the security tapes already and soon she would be all over the internet. After locking her door Jane flopped back on her couch propping her throbbing feet up on the table and sat admiring the steep angle her feet were held in and the tight latex hugging her body. Feeling the call of the dress Jane got up and started packing the smaller items in her apartment to keep her mind off it. After an hour of walking and moving Jane was sweating badly and her breasts and ass when hurting from the salt in the sweat aggravating them so she stripped off the latex.  Wetting a wash cloth Jane studied her red and swollen breasts while she carefully cleaned each wondering how long it would be before they would return to normal size and she could tuck them into the corset cups. Holding a hand mirror Jane stared at the welts on her ass as she cleaned around the chains from the belt hissing each time she touched one of the red slashes and thought Lois will pay for this. Wiping down the rest of her exposed body Jane could swear she could hear the dress calling her and promised as soon as the keys were returned she would give herself to it.

Jane worked until sunrise, naked except for the corset, belt and shoes, her large swollen breasts swaying freely each time she bent over. Collapsing on her bed Jane fell asleep and slept until the next afternoon waking to hear the phone ringing and instinctively answered it. Still groggy Jane agreed to come in to the office and hung up the phone. Jane sat up grunting from her sore breasts shifting and stretched herself. After waking up completely Jane muttered “Shit! How am I supposed to go into work with the corset this tight and cover these shoes not to mention my breasts sticking out?” Jane cleaned herself and started going through her wardrobe finding that the new leather dress was her best option. Grunting when she realized she would be forced to wear the new boots again in public and that she would have to leave the skirt closed to cover them. Looking at the dress she realized she would have to cover her breasts somehow since they were still red and swollen and in her mind could hear the thought echoing that the outfit in the safe could solve all of her concerns.

Pushing that thought away Jane shimmied into the leather dress adjusting her bulging breasts under it before slipping into a tailored silk blouse and wrapping a wide belt over it. Looking at herself in the large mirror Jane was pleased with the look and hoped nobody recognized that she was wearing the same dress. Driving to work Jane’s ass and breasts protested greatly as her car seemed to hit every bump in the road. Jane arrived and was ushered into the president of the company’s office and asked to take a seat. Jane watched the stuffy secretary leave the room and paced quietly around not wanting to sit in the tight corset or on her sore ass. Two men walked in one of them was her boss and the other the president both men smiled and asked her to sit which Jane reluctantly accepted. Jane sat uncomfortably and listened to the two men talk about how much the appreciated the work she had done for the company.

After an hour Jane was having difficulty breathing in the tight corset so she stood up and said “Gentlemen, I really like working here but the reason I’m leaving is because the same…. medical condition that cost me my job last time has returned” Jane stopped to gauge their expressions and think of what to say next. “I will be missing work randomly as well as needing to leave suddenly at various times, these situations are normally out of my control but they will happen so instead of ruining another relationship I choose to leave on good terms this time.” The two men sat staring at her as she paced the floor, mostly watching her ass wiggle under the leather and both wondering what the slight rattling noise was as she moved around. Jane stood catching her breath while the two men chatted then asked her if she would mind waiting for them for a few minutes. Jane smiled and walked out of the office and stood leaning on the snobby secretary’s desk.

While she waited she thought back on the evening she had spent with Lois realizing she had gotten the same loss of control feelings with her as she had in the outfit and began to wonder if she really did need the dress or not. Fifteen minutes later her boss waved her back in and the president made her a terrific offer and agreed to give her all the time she needed to deal with her health issues. Jane was impressed with the salary increase and that she could do some of her work from home and even though she didn’t want to walk as far as she would need to she accepted their offer to see her new office. Jane’s head was swimming partly because of the exertion from walking so far to see the office but mostly because she had to move her feet very fast to keep up with the two men. She asked if she could think about it until next week and the president said she could and he would have her agreement written up in hopes she accepted. Jane drove home in a trance, she had not expected to get this kind of attention and now had to really think what she wanted to do.

For the next two days Jane hung out in her apartment, occasionally slipping into the leather dress to go get something to eat or into the latex one to go to the club. She had been able to get her breasts stuffed back into the corset cups and the welts on her ass had faded so she was comfortable with the see through latex. By Friday she was getting horny again and the pull from the outfit was starting to annoy her so she slipped into her short leather skirt and long latex gloves and went to the shop. Lois smiled as Jane entered the store showing the tight locked on corset and tall boots and noticed the flash of silver coming from under the hem on the skirt from the thigh bands. “You look hot!” Lois said to Jane. Jane smiled and looked at Lois staring at her small firm body under the bright red latex with matching ankle boots and said “Um, it needs something.” Lois smiled bowing her head and said “Whatever you think is best.” Jane led Lois to the back and the two entertained one another for the next two hours. Lois returned to the store breathless from the attention Jane had given her and from the corset Jane had laced so tightly on her. Lois stumbled several times as she got used to the six inch heels Jane had strapped to her feet along with the ankle and wrist shackles she now wore. Jane followed Lois into the store still wearing the large gag Lois had locked on and walked up behind the manager and wrapped a neck corset around her throat and tightened it until Lois felt like she was being strangled. 

Lois groped at the collar for several minutes before calming herself and turned to face Jane’s gagged face. Jane patted her on the head and the two turned away from each other and went to work, Jane cleaning up the shelves and Lois helping customers. During Jane’s three hours of forced silence she thought a lot about the outfit and the amazing offer she had been given. She hoped she could develop a relationship with Lois, they both had dominant and submissive sides and both enjoyed the feel of tight clothes and even tighter bondage. Jane stood rubbing her aching jaw watching Lois with her chained together hands and rigid neck help customers like she was born in chains. Smiling behind her gag she decided she would take the offer with the hope she could control the dress and still get closer to Lois. Closing time came and neither woman wanted to free the other first. Jane’s jaw muscles were throbbing badly and Lois’s neck and back were aching as well from the forced rigid position and extreme compression but she thought she could out last Jane. After Lois settled the day’s paper work while fighting the short chain between her wrists the women agreed to go to Jane’s house and figure it out there. The women piled into Jane’s car neither of them thinking about their appearance to others and drove to Jane’s apartment building.

Jane parked the car before realizing she would have to see the doorman while wearing the large gag with the lock dangling in the back and Lois would be seen in her tight red latex and black corset and tried to plead with Lois to remove her gag. Lois couldn’t understand her friend and sat gasping as she laughed at her. Lois got out and started to walk towards the lobby forcing Jane to follow staring at Lois’s ass swaying under the tight rubber as she walked in the high heels enjoying the noise the chain connecting Lois’s ankles made as she walked. Jane walked past the doorman and waved trying to block his view of the sphere wedged between her lips but when he saw Lois he asked Jane to sign her guest in. Jane turned to him and quickly signed Lois in while he stared at the ball in her mouth and the sliver of saliva dripping from it with her chained latex covered friend.

Lois stood behind Jane smiling at the doorman turning her body to be able to look around the large lobby. Jane walks quickly to the elevator having to wait for Lois to catch up as she fought the chain limiting her steps. Once inside Jane’s apartment Jane gave Lois a tour forgetting her collection of bondage gear was scattered all over her room since she had started to pack them. Lois stopped and knelt by the pile of gear squealing as she spots several things she had never seen or used while Jane went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine hoping to tempt Lois into releasing her. Jane walked into the bedroom carrying two glasses of wine and stopped and giggled as she watched Lois struggling to lace her leather hood on to herself. Lois was fighting the chain between her wrists making it difficult for her to pull the laces. Jane set the glasses down and noticed Lois had also slipped into her leather spanking skirt and even though it was loose around her thighs and knees it still excited Jane.

Jane waited until Lois quit struggling with the laces then stepped up behind her and began yanking the laces tight sealing the leather to Lois’s face and making her grunt through the leather. After Jane tied off the laces to the hood she reaches down and starts pulling the straps on the back of the skirt until Lois’s legs are welded together. Lois loves the attention and allows Jane to tighten her restraints instinctively pulling on the chain between her hands as her freedom slips away. Jane finishes securing Lois then grabs the chain on her cuffs and pulls her towards the bed. Lois grunts as she struggles to keep up the few steps it takes to reach the large four post bed and feels her hands being pulled upwards. Jane forces Lois to stand fully on her toes as she pulls the chain over the thick bed post letting it go after trapping Lois with her cuffed hands behind the post. Lois pulls back finding her cuffed wrists are now behind a wide pole and squirms and yanks on the chain. Jane smiles around the gag as she watches her friend pull and yank as she fights for air and balance in the tight skirt and tall heels. Jane retrieves a short rope from the pile and ties it snuggly around Lois’s neck and begins to pull her rigid neck towards the floor.

Lois tries to resist but is forced to bend at the hip in the tight corset until she is bent over with her arms fighting the strong post desperately trying to pull herself up. Jane takes another rope and ties it to the chain between Lois’s cuffed ankles and the bottom of the post and pulls it until Lois is unable to back away from the post. Lois is forced to stay in the uncomfortable position and her latex covered ass was pushed further through the opening of the tight spanking skirt. Lois had stopped struggling and was concentrating on her breathing when she felt her hands being pulled up until the rope from her neck was being pulled on. Jane tied Lois’s arm in place and sat down in the chair next to her staring at the safe behind the bookcase while she tapped her own legs with the riding crop. Jane picked up Lois’s purse and searched it for the key to her gag finding it tucked behind a card in her wallet and removed her gag. For the next two hours Jane sat spanking Lois while she told her about the outfit, her job in the past and the offer she had just received and her dilemma she was in trying to decide what she should do. Lois tried to listen carefully as she fought for air learning as she stood there to control her breathing better and how her boss had come to be in control of her. When Jane was finished she began stroking Lois’s panting body and explained that she was starting to have feelings for her and hoped Lois could return the sentiments.

Lois whined and groaned through her nose trying to respond she would, the large inflatable panel gag she had inserted and inflated fully before pulling the hood on made her noises incomprehensible. Jane began whipping Lois harshly making her squeal and thrash in her bonds, when she was finished Lois was gasping from the massive orgasm she had experienced and on the verge of blacking out. Jane quickly untied her neck letting Lois stand up straight and take a much larger breath and began stroking and rubbing Lois’s rubber covered body again until both women were fully aroused. Jane kept Lois laced tight in her hood and gag through the next day, only removing the corset long enough to peel the hot latex from her body then lacing it even tighter onto her sweat covered skin. Jane was determined to see if her shackled lover could really maintain her composure and if she did she might be the one she could share her life with. Lois was lost in her dark world, her jaw had stopped aching and she had grown accustomed to the tall heels and shackles quickly and now just enjoyed being led around and told what to do in between forced orgasms.

On the second day of Lois’s captivity a small package arrived for Jane holding the key to her chastity belt and making her have to make a decision on the outfit. Lois had been tied to the bed listening to the thoughts in her head about how she could use the outfit to help her mistress be more comfortable and slowly came to realize she was the one it had chosen for Jane. Jane toyed with the key for two hours before rolling Lois into a tight ball and restraining her that way, the steel shackles had yet to be removed and she used them to aid her in the ball tie. Once Jane had Lois chained and wrapped tightly she slide her body into her large rolling suitcase and prepared herself to go to the store so Lois could free her of the corset and shoes and with the belt removed she would let Lois service her to many orgasm’s. Lois felt herself being rolled along the tile floors of Jane’s building and then listened as Jane grunted to heave her into the trunk of her car and knew they were going to the shop.

Jane rolled her suit case into the empty store and dumped the balled up and gasping woman onto the floor then began to remove her bonds until Lois stood in only the shackles, heels and hood. Unlacing the rigid neck corset first Jane could hear Lois moan as the pressure was eased around her throat then Jane removed the hood and saw for the first time the huge gag Lois had been wearing. As Lois’s eyes grew accustomed to the light Jane stood smiling stunned that Lois had worn the gag for so long without begging for release knowing just how large the gag was from firsthand experience. Jane unbuckled the strap holding the panel over Lois’s mouth and slid a straightened paper clip into the valve releasing the pressure and getting another groan of relief from Lois as the gag deflated. Lois pulled the rubber bung from her mouth whining as the pain from trying to close her mouth hit her. “You won’t be able to close it for awhile” Jane stated as Lois looked up at her meekly. “But that will come in handy for both of us for the next few days” Jane said smiling holding up the key to her belt.

Lois smiled broadly and shuffled off to another room returning quickly with the keys to Jane’s corset and shoes and lowering her head handed them to Jane. “You are going to give me such a wonderful time!” Jane said as she took the keys and watched Lois shake her head in agreement and grin at Jane. Jane asked Lois to get her a under bust corset of her choosing before she removed the corset. Lois dashed off into the shop knowing exactly which one she was going to crush Jane’s torso with. When Lois returned Jane was standing rubbing her pussy and ass with the steel belt lying on the floor. Lois quickly unlocked and removed the corset and let Jane hold the new one around her waist while she started lacing it. Jane was trying to stifle the whine’s from the aches removing the corset had caused as Lois laced her in.  Lois attached the tool to close the corset behind her, the tool was used to fully close and latch the back of the corset together making it impossible to remove without using the release tool that only Lois knew where it was located. Jane gasped as the corset tightened almost making Lois stop but when she heard the multiple clicks she knew it was over.

Jane’s waist had been drawn in another two inches making her waist an even twelve inches over the corset, Jane hadn’t felt anything this tight since she had been in the dress so long ago and smiled as she remembered how much she liked it. Lois slipped around in front of Jane and began massaging her aching pussy with her tongue making Jane’s legs begin to tremble. Lois guided Jane to a chair and helped her to sit then quickly tied her arms behind the chair. Jane was still enamored by the brief tonguing not caring what was happening to her as long as she knew her pussy would be attended to. Lois pulled Jane’s pointed feet to the legs of the chair and tied them tightly before taking the gag she had been forced to wear for so long and stuffed it into Jane’s mouth pumping the gag until Jane’s cheeks bulged. Jane was staring into Lois’s eyes as Lois pulled the hood onto her and laced it tightly sealing Jane’s head under the damp leather. Lois now watched her boss sit panting in the chair, her large breasts heaving as she gasped through her nose taunting Lois into pleasing herself before Jane. Jane felt the ropes being tied tightly around her breasts and then her nipples being pinched tighter as Lois adjusted the clamps until Jane’s screams could be heard. Lois strapped a vibrating dildo around Jane’s tiny waist making sure Jane would receive no pleasure from it and guaranteeing she would know what was happening.

Jane felt a slight buzzing near her pussy and hear Lois complain about the legs irons but when she felt Lois on her lap pumping something near her pussy she knew Lois was teasing her and started whining and thrashing. Lois teased and tortured Jane for two hours leaving both women gasping and exhausted. Jane sat in the chair bound and gagged and listened to Lois fall asleep on the table next to her leaving her unsatisfied and helpless. Lois woke several hours later and after relieving herself she began to fondle Jane’s body while she slowly removed the torturous ropes and clamps. As Jane screamed from the blood returning to her nipples and tits Lois was between her legs massaging her pussy with her tongue again quickly making Jane’s screams of pain turn into moans of pleasure. When Jane began to orgasm Lois continued massaging her pussy and roughly kneading her breasts keeping Jane orgasming for what seemed like hours before Jane blacked out. When Jane awoke she was lying on the table free of all her bonds including the corset and boots and rolled over rubbing her aching body enjoying the feeling of bare skin for the first time in over a month. Jane lay stroking her body when her foot hit something on the table, looking down she saw the box the dress had been delivered to her in.

 Puzzled she sat up and opened it finding the beautiful leather dress inside and wondered how it got there. She glanced around for Lois then slid off the table onto her bare feet and started to tip toe into the store. After only a few steps she took the dress and pulled it over her head letting it fall to just above her knees. The dress flared slightly at her knees but pulled in sharply around her waist cupping and supporting her breasts. Jane felt wonderful and wrapped her arms around herself giving the dress a long hug and whispering “I missed you”. The dress responded by gently hugging her body before forming some thigh high boots with tall heels. Jane smiled as she leaned back onto her heels easing the cramps in her legs and uttered “Thank you”. Walking into the store Jane could feel the boots massaging her cramping legs and smiled as she walked around the darkened store looking for Lois and not finding her. Returning to the back room Jane thought of a long tight hobble dress with a severe corset and collar and quickly she felt the dress tighten all over her body and felt her head straighten and lift as the collar grew tall and firm. Jane hobbled to the table grinning as she thought about the a-line dress again and just as quick the dress returned to its previous shape. Jane sat down admiring the boots when she heard Lois enter the front door, her high heels clicking as she walked across the store.

Lois tiptoed into the back room not wanting to wake Jane who laughed at her and asked where she had gone. Lois was smiling when she saw her boss sitting at the table and said “To get breakfast!” Jane laughed again as Lois set the food out then asked how did that box get here? Lois said “I felt you would want it now”. Jane smiled and asked “How did you know the combination to my safe?” Lois looked puzzled and said “I don’t know, I just did all of a sudden”. Jane thought about it while they ate a chatted when suddenly Jane felt the dress tighten all over and as the long sleeves appeared she couldn’t stop her arms from being pulled behind her and pinned together in a tight armsleeve. Jane was stunned and sat back as the bodice of the dress tightened further crushing her chest and her knees and ankles were welded together. Lois was sitting quietly staring as Jane felt the collar begin to crawl over her chin and into her mouth then move up over her nose and eyes sealing her in total darkness. Jane struggled inside her cocoon making herself fall from the chair landing with a thud on the floor and continued to roll around desperately trying to figure out what was happening. For over an hour Jane was encased and as her struggles decreased she came to feel that the dress was no longer under her control. As soon as Jane thought about wanting control back she felt the dress reset itself to the a-line mini and she was able to lift herself off the floor.

Lois looked scared as Jane sat back down so Jane asked what was wrong and Lois told her she had just been thinking about having Jane totally helpless and under her control. Jane was confused but they needed to go before the store opened so the two left but not before Jane locked the shackles back on Lois’s wrists and ankles. Jane took the key and dropped into her cleavage saying you won’t get them that easy again. As they walked to the car Lois fought the steel shackles and thought to herself “Well maybe if you were sucking a huge cock until tomorrow you would have a reason to be so cocky!” Jane had just sat down in the car when her mouth was forced open as the outfit filled it. Jane was smiling under the mask forming around her face as it stretched her mouth wider and grew until it was making her swallow hard to keep from choking. Lois sat down and looked at Jane noticing her lower face was now covered and watched Jane’s eyes get big as she reached up and tried to pull the mask down. Jane struggled for several minutes while Lois watched her get control of herself and began to calm herself when suddenly her arms were pulled behind her back and welded together again. Lois laughed as Jane sat wiggling in her seat. Lois realizing she was actually controlling the dress since she had just pictured Jane in an arm sleeve again and she watched it appear. Jane was whining as she began pleading with the dress to release her and thought hard about being free again but was only squeezed tighter by the dress. Lois wiggled out of the car and opened Jane’s door and pulled the confused woman out of the driver’s seat saying “It looks like you won’t be driving after all”.

Jane swung her legs out and had only taken a few steps when her legs were pulled together forcing her to shuffle her way to the passenger door where Lois pushed her into the passenger seat. Jane was now trapped by the outfit as Lois walked back to the driver side thinking how much fun it would be to have Jane encapsulated in thick rubber. Jane felt the dress and arm sleeve change as it went from leather to rubber, the slightly stretchy material felt more comfortable but the large cock still trying to choke her made her concentrate on her breathing. Lois drove carefully to Jane’s apartment building and helped Jane to her crushed together feet. The two shuffled along Jane gasping for air as she sucked on the phallus wedged deeply down her throat that now was deep enough to make her completely silent and Lois in her latex dress with the shackles limiting her stride. After Lois had been prodding Jane to hurry up for ten minutes Lois closed her eyes and thought of Jane’s skirt much looser from her knees down opening again and seeing Jane taking much longer steps. Jane was still trying to figure out what was happening and had watched Lois stop and close her eyes when her skirt loosened its grip on her lower legs.

Jane was walking much easier now, her knees where still welded together but she could move her feet much further as she thought about how this could happen. Thankfully the door man was not at his desk so the two shuffled through the large lobby and into the elevator. The whole trip to her apartment Jane’s mind was running through the possible reasons Lois was able to control her outfit. It wanted Lois, it was because she wanted Lois, Lois was stronger than her, these and other ideas flashed in her mind but none felt right. Lois had left the room and Jane stood desperately trying to keep from choking while she pulled at the rubber stretched across her body and trapping her arms behind her. Jane heard Lois yell from the bathroom “You should find a seat, now” and before she could move to a nearby chair she felt the dress tighten around her ankles forcing her to her knees as it covered her feet. Jane knelt helpless as her feet were forced into an en-point position and she felt her midsection being crushed as the dress made itself into a rigid corset and tightened around her. Jane was still kneeling when Lois walked in front of her and said “You should have listened to me, you would have been much more comfortable seated”. Jane’s eyes were then covered in the thick black rubber as the outfit engulfed her head leaving her panting through her nose.

Lois smiled as she watched the black figure twist and turn in her prison and turned towards the bedroom to get some sleep. Lois stopped half way there and returned to Jane remembering the key wedged in between her breasts.  Lois thought about Jane’s breasts being exposed but nothing happened. Lois thought about them being in suction cones like before and opened her eyes to see Jane’s breasts now in clear plastic cones and gasped as she watched them grow larger inside them. Jane was concentrating on her breathing when she felt her breasts being stretched again and tried to moan as the pain increased but could do nothing to stop it. Lois watched until Jane’s breasts filled the cones and had started to turn red before realizing she still could not reach the key trapped under the thick rubber. Every attempt Lois made to gain access to the key made Jane’s predicament worse but never allowed her to get the key and when Lois pictured Jane’s chest bare nothing happened, Lois figured out she could add to Jane’s predicament but not undo anything.

Lois looked at the steel encircling her wrists and ankles and shrugged her shoulders and went to bed, she accepted her confinement and slept deeply, the long days exertions and multiple orgasm’s catching up to her. Jane knelt in the other room her crushed body held rigidly in the thick rubber as she sucked on the cock filling her mouth and gasped in pain from the added tortures Lois had given her. During the long day she spent on her knees she had desperately tried to concentrate on the outfit and why she was trapped in it and when she thought “Am I being punished?” she felt that she had found the answer. Jane was sweating profusely as the sun from the large windows warmed the black rubber, the longer she stayed trapped the more she seemed to understand that her punishment was for keeping the dress locked away for so long and would not end until the same amount of time had passed. Jane felt relieved when she understood she would not be kept as she was for so long only that Lois would have control over her anytime she didn’t keep herself in total control. Jane figured that if Lois wanted her sealed up she could just think about it and she would be unless she constantly kept her mind on the dress blocking Lois.

Jane was relieved but worried at the same time, how would Lois use this power over her, could she trust her to not abuse her and could Lois control her own mind well enough not to trap Jane in something permanently. Jane gasped for hours as she was heated by the sun, the long cock in her throat seemed to continue to grow and the rubber continued to get tighter until she wanted to scream under the constant pressure. After a few hours Jane felt two phalluses enter her spreading both her pussy and ass wide as they grew inside her making her fight harder the rubber imprisoning her. Jane was still fighting the phalluses when she felt her nipples being pinched and twisted as her breasts were massaged inside the hard plastic cones. Jane could almost forget the huge cock in her mouth as the pleasure increased making her body react as she was driven to the brink of a major orgasm. Lois was dreaming of Jane, her body teased and tormented for hours by everything imaginable.

Lois’s imagination was quite vast and Jane was subjected to a myriad of torments as she knelt encapsulated in her own personal hell. Jane was brought to the edge of an orgasm and brought back down so many times she had lost count. Now Jane was so desperate to cum she tried adding more torments herself that she knew would push her over the edge but nothing worked and she was forced to endure the sexual torture. Lois awoke long after the sun had set, she stretched her bound arms above her head and stroked her rubber covered body thinking about how much she wanted to switch places with her cocooned friend. After relieving herself Lois walked on her cramped feet to her tortured friend and watched and listened to the rubber figure moving slightly as the rubber creaked. Jane’s breasts were still stretched and red so Lois thought hard about them being freed but no matter what she did she could not release her friend. Lois panicked and rushed to Jane and started yelling that she was sorry but she didn’t know how to release her. Jane panicked thinking about what she had been told about things being permanent and started thrashing and twisting desperately not wanting to die encased and tortured.

Lois continued to think about releasing her as she rubbed her friend’s rubber coated body even trying to cut the rubber and found she could not separate it enough from Jane’s skin to get anything to puncture it. Lois continued to pull at the rubber and think about freeing her friend even dragging the rigid rubber form to the bedroom so she could try to lie down. Jane’s mind was desperately trying to accept her fate and wondered about how long she would survive encapsulated as she was when suddenly she felt everything loosen on her body. Jane fell sideways to the floor as her arms were released and her head was uncovered and lay gasping and rubbing her sore breasts until she looked around and found Lois lying on the bed still chained hand and foot and looking like she had cried herself to sleep. Jane was finally able to get off the floor and moved to the bed and lay down next to her friend, the thought of a sleep sac flashed in her mind and she found herself encased in thick leather to her chin and smiled as she drifted off to sleep. Jane was awakened a few hours later by Lois running her chained together hands all over her leather covered body and babbling about how sorry she was. Jane smiled and thought about being in the a-line dress again and wrapped her arms around her friend. The two lay talking about their situation and Jane expressed her fear of Lois not controlling her thoughts and Lois started crying saying she would never again use her power over the dress. Jane laughed again and said “Yes you will, you may not mean to but it will happen so you just have to be careful.”

Jane envisioned herself in a bikini and took the key from her cleavage and handed it to Lois. Lois bowed her head and handed it back to Jane and said “Not yet, I still have some penitence to do” Jane smiled and went to the bathroom and relieved herself and took a shower while Lois cooked them both breakfast. Jane came in to eat wearing an extremely tight rubber catsuit with ballet heels and a firm posture collar. Lois stopped and stared and a thought of Jane’s suit being even tighter crossed her mind and suddenly Jane was gasping for air as the rubber tightened further. Jane sat down as Lois watched the tight rubber encapsulating her body begin to wrinkle at each of Jane’s joints making her look like a rubber doll when Jane’s head was suddenly covered and her mouth was forced open into a perfect circle. Lois smiled as Jane groaned behind the hood and thought about her mouth being open enough so Lois could feed her. Jane sat in her dolls skin blind and deaf as Lois fed her through the opening enjoying the compression and feelings the tight suit was giving her. After feeding Jane Lois thought about her being vibrated by large phalluses in her pussy and ass and Jane started moaning as her holes started shaking. Jane was still moaning when her mouth was filled again and she was left silent as her orgasm’s came quick and fast for the next twenty minutes.

After Lois had cleaned up she thought about Jane returning to the normal cat suit and Jane was sitting gasping in her rubber suit. The two spent the day practicing different thought control methods and Jane gave Lois a book on self control and released her wrists and ankles and took her home. As Jane left Lois’s house she felt the dress she was wearing suddenly tighten around her torso and her breasts getting messaged and smiled as she looked back and saw Lois standing outside waving. Jane went home and tried every outfit she could think of but each one formed with the tight corset so she picked an outfit appropriate for work and went to her job. All day at work Jane’s breasts were messaged and tickled keeping her aroused and distracted making her glad when the time came and she could leave. After getting in her car she thought of her pussy being filled and vibrated and her dress being tighter all over until she reached her building and drove half way home before having to pull over. Jane sat in a parking lot letting her orgasm build and thought of a large gag and posture collar and sat fighting for air moaning through her nose as she orgasmed.

Jane drove to her building with the tall collar and gag having to struggle to work the pedals happy everything returned to her work outfit when she parked her car. Jane was still very tired and went to get some sleep awaking around nine and went straight to the shop to visit Lois and get her corset removed and breast torture stopped. Walking in she felt the corset loosen and her breasts stop getting messaged and tickled and looked for Lois. Lois was walking around in her new ballet boots with her ankle shackles on, the tight leather hobble dress tucked under a tight corset.

When Lois turned Jane could see she was wearing the wrist shackles over shoulder length gloves the sight made Jane smile as she bowed her head only slightly due to the firm collar. Jane held her hand out and Lois dug the keys out from between her crushed breasts and handed them to her. Jane let Lois continue to work while she flipped through catalogs from different vendors having her dress and shoes change with each picture she liked. Lois found Jane sitting in a mummy suit straight jacket, her lower head covered in the thick white material and her eyes very wide. Jane had seen this restraint and had switched to it just as Lois had thought of her breasts being trapped by vacuum cups again and both of her holes filled by moving vibrators. Lois smiled and thought of multiple straps pulled exceedingly tight around Jane’s captured body and watched as the straps formed and started to cinch themselves. Lois watched as the straps sank deeply into the canvas surrounding Jane’s body. Jane’s eyes were partially closed as the straps compressed her further and sat moaning as her body was assaulted by the vibrators and her breasts were stretched tightly into the plastic cups under the canvas.

Lois went back to work leaving Jane to struggle in her chosen prison as her orgasm’s blasted through her body. An hour later Lois returned to find Jane wiggling on the floor squealing and thrashing. Lois sat down next to her and watched Jane’s pleading eyes for a few minutes before releasing the straps and wishing the cups and vibrators away. Jane sighed deeply as the assault on her body stopped and quickly pictured herself in her work outfit again. They talked until closing realizing Lois’s influence on the suit had a limited “Range” when Lois told Jane she had wished for her corset to release her shortly after she had left Lois’s house. The two closed the store and before leaving Jane tightened the laces on Lois’s corset then drove off leaving Lois chained and trapped in the tight corset. As Jane drove off she hoped she could get out of range of Lois before she changed Jane’s clothes forcing her to go back but nothing happened so Jane drove home smiling hoping leaving Lois trapped would teach her a lesson. Jane spent the night in her sleep sac sleeping deeply until morning. Jane spent the day in a tight corset with tight rubber leggings under a long skirt and snug top. Her meeting went until late in the night and she felt exhausted again so she went straight home and sealed herself in her sleep sac again not even thinking about Lois still wearing the tight corset and chains.

Friday morning Jane had wished for a continuously tightening corset and chastity belt with ballet heels that looked like normal boots. She had set not to be released until Saturday night working all day in the corset and boots then leaving and going to the store early. Entering the store her dress was made much longer and tightened down to her ankles almost making her fall. As Jane wriggled further into the store she saw Lois still struggling with the chains and corset and smiled at her when suddenly everything went black and she could feel something growing inside her mouth as it slid down her throat cutting off all sound she could make. Lois continued to help customers as Jane groped for some direction until her arms were pulled mercilessly tight behind her back and welded together. Jane stood still, afraid to move since she was unable to feel her way along and waited for Lois to guide her to the back. For the next six hours Jane stood silently waiting for Lois to help her but she only felt people brushing by her captured body. When Jane started to move slowly sideways she felt the dress tighten again locking her legs together making it impossible for her to move anymore. Lois kept Jane frozen in place until the store closed, she gave her no punishments or vibrators and made her stand silently helpless all night.

After closing up Lois went to Jane and told her it was mean to leave her servant unattended for so long while she was bound and maybe she needed a lesson on how to be a proper mistress. Jane was trying to whine but no sound was allowed passed the gag filling her mouth and throat. Jane felt the corset tighten more squeezing the air from her lungs as her legs were freed and she was able to see again. Lois searched her bag for the keys to the shackles finding nothing then led the restrained Jane outside and said maybe if you stayed in a chastity belt and corset for a month you would remember next time. Jane’s arms were separated but remained covered in tight leather as Lois said “Go home and mail me the keys, do not come back here for one month or I will seal you  in again for the remainder of the month”. Jane could still not make a sound and tried to follow Lois as she walked to her car.

Lois ignored her and drove off leaving Jane still in her tightening corset hood and covered completely in tight leather. Jane climbed in her car and drove home wondering when she would be free of the hood and gag and hoped Lois would calm down once she got the keys. Jane wrote a letter apologizing for her actions and overnighted them to Lois. As Jane lay down to get some sleep her world went dark and she could no longer move as the outfit made a rigid sleep sac sealing Jane inside forcing her to breathe through her nose until the next night. Jane awoke to being able to see and breathe normally, the outfit had released everything except the tight corset, chastity belt and ballet shoes. Jane cleaned herself and ate dinner wishing for vibrators and feeling nothing. Jane called Lois only to be told she was busy and hung up on so Jane spent the next twenty four hours being crushed by the corset and unable to satisfy her sexual needs.

Every night for the next month Jane would be encased by her hard sleep sac while she was deeply gagged and crushed until morning. Jane had remastered her ballet boots and breathing in her corset having no choice in the matter and waited patiently for thirty days to be up. Jane wasn’t able to make it to the store until a week after her thirty days had passed but finally walked in and saw Lois walking in her ballet boots and corset still wearing her shackles. Jane panicked thinking she had not gotten the keys and was about to leave when Lois stopped and hugged her and said “I’m glad you came by finally, I thought I had lost you” Jane pulled at the chain and asked “You did get the keys, right?” Lois nodded and then lowered her head and said “Yes mistress, thank you, I have been so ashamed of my actions I forced myself to continue to wear them until you released them as a good slave should.”

Jane was touched and handed her the keys back and said lets both release the other. The two spent the day talking and laughing both still wearing their own bonds neither really wanting to be free of them or the others control. Jane asked Lois to come stay with her for the weekend and the two left the shop holding hands. Arriving at Jane’s building they walked proudly through the lobby letting all the people there see them fully bound. Jane freed Lois and let her shower and shave while she changed the outfit into a tiny g sting and then joined Lois in the shower. After cleaning each other they spent the night in the bed together enjoying each other’s bodies. Sunday morning Jane awoke before Lois and quickly scribbled a note and stood in front of the large window and thought of herself being cocooned in thick leather with her breasts sucked deep into the plastic cups and her mouth filled and forced to stand on her toes. Lois awoke several hours later and found the note, smiling she imagined Jane encased in thick leather with two living phalluses inside her. Jane squealed when she felt the phalluses grow inside her and knew her long day of struggling had begun.

Lois followed the instructions perfectly leaving Jane alone frozen in place as the intruders inside her and the hot sun made her sweat and pant as her climax denial continued for twelve hours. Lois had introduced several new torments during the day but never spoke to or interacted with the Jane statue and watched her struggle inside her cocoon. Jane was almost screaming with frustration when she felt the heat lessen and knew she would now be standing in the light of the lamp over her head and knew she would be on display for anyone who might look at her window. As the night continued to torture her friend Lois had replaced her corset, working hard to get it as tight as Jane had before locking her shoes on with the shackles. As Lois was leaving she locked the shackles around her wrists and ran her hands over her friend and mistress and laid the keys to them on the table. Jane felt Lois stroking her through the thick leather encasing her and whined as loud as she could desperately trying to get Lois to allow her to orgasm. Jane stood under the bright light for another eight hours before her eyes were uncovered and she could see the sun just starting to break over the horizon.

As the sun rose the stimulators inside her began to push her arousal higher until she finally felt the orgasm explode in her body and she whined and thrashed inside the firm leather. After uncounted climaxes Jane was freed from her confines collapsing to the floor whining as she rubbed her swollen breasts and her sore jaw. Jane forced herself to get ready for work and felt the outfit change shape under the normal outer cover and couldn’t figure out what it was doing until she tried to take a deep breath and felt her breasts being pinched each time she inhaled. Her waist was drawn in to the point she thought she would pass out and the leggings had thickened to the point of making it almost impossible for her to bend her legs. Jane desperately tried to stop the dress but felt as she had before that it was punishing her and she could not stop it. Jane spent the next few weeks fighting for air and being almost incapable of bending her lower body at all, each day the corset tightened and the leggings got stiffer. During the second month Jane awoke and could not get out of bed her whole body was covered in the thick material and she could no longer move any part of her own body. 

Lois had been spending her nights at Jane’s and at the store during the day, she still wore the shackles having come to want to wear them and miss them when she took them off. She had like Jane mastered her ballet boots and shoes and never went without them. During the last few weeks she had waited for the chastity suit she had ordered and planned to lock herself into it offering her body and sexual pleasure to Jane forever. Lois was not aware of Jane’s difficulties nor was aware that Jane could not move this morning having left long before Jane needed to arise. Jane sat begging the dress for forgiveness trying to understand what she had done when visions of the safe popped into her head.  She had a desperate feeling of loneliness and finally understood that it was her locking the dress away leaving it alone for so long was what she was being punished for.  Jane relaxed and accepted her punishment apologizing for leaving it alone for so long and made a promise to it that she would not leave it alone again if it didn’t leave her. The outfit could sense she had felt wronged by it choosing someone over her had made her feel abandoned and slowly loosened its grip on her allowing her to go into work late.

Jane had picked a light summer dress and normal heels to wear to work and squealed when the outfit changed to what she was thinking about. Jane went the entire day only changing her attire slightly making a corset under the dress and raising the height of her heels. After work Jane headed straight to the shop to tell Lois the good news. Entering the store she saw two salesgirls helping customers but couldn’t find Lois. Jane asked for Lois and was told she had gone to pick up an order so Jane went home feeling really good for the first time in months. Arriving home Jane thought about the tight rubber hobble dress and quickly was shuffling around her apartment when she heard something in her bedroom and went to see what it was. Jane gasped when she entered her room seeing Lois standing her hands and ankles chained around the bed posts. Jane noticed her pointed toes wiggling some in the thin ballet shoes and looked up to see the tight thigh bands linked together with very short chains. Jane smiled as she followed the chains upwards and saw the shining steel pressed tight into Lois’s pussy and the steel belt around her corseted waist.

Jane could tell the corset she wore was one she had latched onto Jane once and knew how tight it would be around Lois’s waist and how rigid it was. Jane gasped again when she saw the two steel orbs covering Lois’s breasts and seemingly crushing them under the tight steel. The wide steel collar was the last item Lois had locked on before gagging and blindfolding herself. Slipping the chain between her wrists over the top of the bed post and stepping off the short stool she had used trapping her hands above her head. Jane read the note taped to Lois’s stomach and smiled as she read “This body and heart is yours, please take it and use as you desire only releasing it when it has earned it’s freedom” Jane ran her hands over Lois’s body feeling her struggling to breathe under the tight corset and feeling just how tight the belt and bra really were when she pulled on both and could not get even a finger nail under them. Jane found the keys and thought about a small pocket and then slipped them inside letting the outfit keep the keys safe.

Jane changed her dress again into tight stockings with tall high heels and a corset that looked like a one piece bathing suit made of exceptionally tight black leather. Her breasts were lifted and crushed together giving her incredible cleavage and the wide black collar finished her dominate look. Jane stroked herself as she looked at herself in the large mirror thinking she liked the dominate side. Jane fixed herself a glass of wine and sat next to Lois and slapped her ass with the thin cane crop while she drank her wine. Lois had been waiting for two hours for Jane to come home, she was regretting using the ballet shoes since they gave no support and were making her feet and legs hurt. Feeling the whip proved Jane was home and as Jane increased the pressure to where it started to get painful Lois squealed and stretched her body trying to get away from her tormentor. Jane whipped Lois for an hour before leaving the gasping girl still chained to the bed post and walked seductively into the kitchen and ate a quick meal and drank another glass of wine.

After eating Jane returned to Lois and removed her blindfold allowing her to see her mistress even giving the stunned girl a twirl so she could see the tight strap running up her ass. Jane leaned on Lois’s shoulder and explained that she and the outfit had made up and she was now in control of it again. Lois thought about Jane encased in rigid leather and watched as nothing happened and moaned knowing she could no longer control the dress. Jane tortured and teased Lois well into the next day never giving her a break forcing her to stand in the uncomfortable shoes and tight corset while she slept soundly in her mistress outfit. Lois was almost in tears from the pain in her feet and legs when Jane placed the small stool next to her feet and helped Lois lift her feet to it and unhooked Lois’s wrists from behind the post. Lois almost collapsed but Jane held her up and moved her to the bed and lay her back letting her fall to sleep smiling about how much it means to her that she gave herself to Jane. Jane decided to play while Lois slept but needed to go to the store and restock on some groceries but wanted to keep the current outfit so she dropped a long sweater dress over her outfit and went to the store showing her shiny black legs and extreme heels to anyone who looked at her.

Jane returned to the apartment finding Lois sitting at the table drinking some water and quickly pulled the sweater dress off letting Lois know she wasn’t done being her mistress. Lois quickly strapped the gag back in her mouth and lowered herself to her knees. Jane raised her to her pointed toes and told her to put away the things she had bought. Lois whined as she moved around the kitchen putting everything away then returned to Jane’s side and knelt beside her. Jane dominated Lois for the next week never releasing her and leaving her chained and naked accept for the steel all day alone in the apartment. During the next weekend Jane removed Lois’s gag and forced her to service Jane’s damp pussy, while Jane was leaned back enjoying Lois’s talented tongue between her legs she dreamed of a hood growing from her dress surrounding Lois’s head and forcing her to remain close to her pussy. Jane sat with her eyes closed enjoying herself until she heard a muffled moan and looked down to Lois’s head completely engulfed in black rubber holding her face close to Jane’s pussy.

Jane was shocked as she watched Lois struggle to breathe under the rubber, Jane told her to control her breathing and keep working and Lois calmed herself and continued working on Jane’s pussy. After a massive orgasm Jane released Lois from her pussy and sat back smiling as she had a new idea. Jane stood up and pulled Lois to her toes and hugged Lois tightly and imagined both of them wrapped in tight leather. Quickly both women were covered in leather making Jane laugh and wish for it to be tighter. Jane kept wishing for it to be tighter until neither woman could breathe very well then pictured their heads sealed inside a helmet that held their faces close enough to make their noses touch. Now that the women were crushed together Lois tried to talk when Jane pictured a large gag in her mouth and listened to Lois start mumbling and gasping though her nose. Jane kept them crushed together for another hour finally seeing Lois freed of it but leaving herself trapped in the tight leather. Lois stepped back and watched Jane’s body be crushed under the form fitting leather.

Jane dreamed of Lois eating her pussy again and felt Lois licking her leather covered pussy and suddenly heard her squeal as her head was once again engulfed by the thick leather and pulled tightly to Jane’s aching pussy. Jane fought the leather as her body climaxed causing her to convulse only releasing Lois just as her air was running out making her fall backwards gasping. Jane opened herself up keeping the dominate outfit and told Lois to join her in the living room. The two sat on the couch Lois’s head in Jane’s lap with Jane stroking Lois’s hair and while they watched TV they talked about what happened and how they could use it in the future. Lois sat up slipping onto Jane’s lap with the chain between her ankles draped across Jane’s knees snuggling her knees beside Jane’s thighs. Jane watched as the woman reached over her head pulling her cuffed wrists down below Jane’s shoulders allowing Jane to wrap her arms around the small woman’s corseted body. As they sat in a chained hug Lois whispered “Wouldn’t it be nice if we both had a large cock inside us and were wrapped in thick rubber?” Almost instantly the two were encased in rubber that appeared to be vacuum formed around them.

As the rubber continued to squeeze their bodies both women felt a large cock growing inside themselves, the feeling making Lois squeal from surprise since she was still locked in the chastity belt. The cock continued to grow until both women were uncomfortably filled and the rubber shell stiffened allowing no movement from either woman. Jane could see the outline of Lois’s face inside the thick rubber surrounding their heads and just as Lois started to say something another large cock grew inside both of their mouths sealing them completely. Now the women were completely sealed inside the tightening rubber cocoon with their pussies and mouths filled unable to move or even flex their bodies. Lois was panicking slightly as she felt the cocks begin to vibrate just able to see Jane’s eyes widen hoping she was in control of the material. The rubber around their heads thickened blocking all light leaving them encased and immobile unable to stop their growing orgasm’s. Lois had no idea the dress was using both of their thoughts to make their wishes come true and that each one had thought of a different part of the current position.

As the women sat chained and encased every few hours the dress changed material from thick rubber to hard plastic then to supple leather continuing their encasement while subtly tightening itself around them. From the outside the original shapeless mass on the couch had transformed to a finely detailed black sculpture showing every detail of the two women trapped and compressed inside it. While the outfit teased them the silent gasping women dreamed of spending their lives together with the dress helping them achieve their wildest dreams. Even though nether knew how long they would remain encased or how long they would be teased while helplessly trapped inside the material for the next twenty four hours neither one would care.

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