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The Outfit

by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; other/f; dress; leather; latex; majick; transform; corset; hood; gag; armbinder; bond; cocoon; ponyboots; inserts; tease; denial climax; cons; X

When Jane saw the outfit at a auction site on the web she knew she had to have it even though the designer and date it was made, even the size was unknown she just felt drawn to it, the tightness of it on the person modeling it with the shoes and gloves made her wet looking at it. After bidding for two days she had finally won the purchase and was stunned when the seller said they would meet with her for the test fit and in a few days a young lady showed up at her door wearing her new dress. The young woman was very thin and acted very subdued but Jane invited her in and the two talked about the material as the young woman let her touch it before smiling and asked if she could go remove it for her to try on.

Mary didn’t like the idea of wearing clothes that someone else had just been wearing but reluctantly agreed desperately wanting to try the dress on and have the wonderful material clinging to her body. The young woman stepped out of the bathroom totally naked and suddenly seemed very happy as she helped Jane quickly strip and tugged the tight material up her body and zipped it closed. The material seemed to form to Jane’s body holding her much more ample breasts firmly but not reducing their size at all, it pulled in around her waist feeling like it was pulling her in like her favorite corset but it was the compression of her thighs that shocked her, they were pinned together from her dripping pussy to her knees, Jane was rubbing her body not even aware that the young woman was watching her stroke herself.

As Jane’s arousal grew she saw the hem line was under her feet and even though her ankles were held extremely close together all she could think about was the wonderful shoes she had seen, the young woman told her to sit down and she would help her with the shoes also and Jane complied, no longer caring that the woman was still naked as she slid the incredible shoes onto her slim feet and felt her wrap the straps around her ankles, not noticing the clicks that came from them before being pulled to her feet and standing in the tallest pair of heels she had ever worn.

The woman quickly helped Jane into the shoulder length gloves tugging and grunting to get the tight material over the long sleeves but finally had them all the way up and smoothed out and clapped and said, "It looks great on you!" as she turned Jane around studying her from every angle before darting into the other room.

Jane started to walk out of the bathroom to see what she was doing and struggled to even take a tiny step but after a few attempts she suddenly was able to walk better almost like the dress expanded allowing her to walk into the other room in time to see the young woman dropping a very light and very short summer dress over her lithe body and slip her feet into some flat soled shoes and pick up her purse and pull an envelope out of it and drop it on Jane’s table and head towards the door.

Jane tried to stop her and said she hadn’t paid her yet but the woman never stopped only saying, "Yes you have", and closed the door.

Jane was stunned again but her thoughts were quickly drawn back to the dress as she started rubbing herself and turned to go to the full length mirror and found that once again she had trouble walking as the dress seemed tighter all over but especially around her ankles. As the thought crossed her mind it seemed she was suddenly able to walk normally again and she strode up to the mirror and gasped at her appearance, her body was covered from neck to ankle in extremely tight black leather, she rubbed her gloved hands over the surface and thought how much it looked like leather but didn’t feel like leather nor did act like leather, she bent forward watching her stomach and noticed there were no wrinkles and that the dress seemed to stretch around her butt but when she straightened up it didn’t pucker or need to be pulled down.

Jane stared at her ass loving how form fitting the dress was and how it shaped her into having a perfect hour glass shape and made her look much taller. As Jane stared at herself she could feel the dress getting tighter around her waist pulling her in and lifting her breasts, she was almost intoxicated by the feelings as she dreamt of lacing her tight corset around her it seemed like the dress was listening and just as quickly she was now standing in the dress with a corset over it, but as Jane looked it was not over it more in it, as Jane turned and looked at the back she saw no laces and in her dizzy state wished it could be tighter making her waist extremely narrow and suddenly Jane was gasping as she looked again and now could see her tiny waist being held by the ever tightening material. Jane couldn’t believe it as she stood gasping and thought about loosening the corset and just as quick it was loosened letting Jane take a deep breath.

As Jane stared in disbelief she also noticed that the opening she had seen was now gone, the zipper had disappeared completely and she could see no way to open the dress. Panicking Jane started to struggle twisting and turning pulling at the tight material she was now trapped in until the dress constricted around her forcing her to stop. Jane was staring wide eyed at the mirror still not believing what she was seeing, the dress was now so tight that every curve of her body could be seen through it, from her neck to her ankles was compressed so much that it looked like the dress had been vacuum formed onto her and she couldn’t move any part of her body.

After a few minutes she relaxed as a new feeling of comfort washed over her and as she felt more comfortable the dress eased its grip allowing her to move again. Jane carefully walked into the kitchen and sat down to read the letter the woman had dropped there on her way out and soon was gasping again as she read what the woman had written:

I’m sorry for leaving you in this fix but I had been wearing the dress for over four years, I could never master its ability to grant my thoughts so for the last few months I have been looking for someone it likes enough to allow a transfer, I received the dress almost the same way you did, unknowing that once it was on I could never remove it again. Careful what you think about while you’re in it, it reacts quickly unless you control your thoughts, also do not ever think about something being permanent or it might make it that way, I loved shoes with extreme heels so much I thought about them being permanent and for the last three years was trapped in toe boots. The dress will change your life in many ways and if you are successful in controlling your thoughts you may never wish to take it off again but if you do the only way is to find someone who loves it as much as you did when you saw it and get them to try it on, if the dress “Likes” them it will allow you to remove it. Good luck.

Jane sat gasping looking at her gloved hand as she dropped the letter and wondering how this could be possible, her thoughts immediately went to cutting the dress off and just as before the dress tightened around her freezing her in place and forcing her to sit gasping for air as it continued to tighten around her body. Jane sat frozen for an hour before her thoughts calmed and she felt the dress relax and she jumped up, the intoxicating feeling returned and she went back to the mirror and thought about the corset again and when she opened her eyes she watched her waist being drawn in as the dress compressed her waist. Smiling she thought about having her breasts supported and squeezed slightly and suddenly she saw them firm up as they rose on her chest and felt the dress snug around them giving her a nice warm feeling of being held.

Jane smiled as she thought about a billowing night gown and the dress expanded from below her narrow waist and she was standing in a long ball gown of black leather. Jane squealed as she continued to enjoy the new found toy, raising the gown she could see her legs were now encased in skin tight leather all the way to her crotch which remained bare she thought of wearing leggings and could feel the material slinking around her ass and pussy and looked again and now was covered in the deep black material.

Jane was spinning around laughing as she thought about the possibilities of her new garment and wished for the corset to be a little tighter and it quickly tightened up leaving her panting but smiling, thinking about a mini skirt the dress was suddenly an extremely tight mini skirt, her long thin legs still encased in leather, she pictured herself with no leggings but nothing changed. Jane stopped smiling before picturing herself in the long dress again with no leggings and in a blink of an eye she was now back in her gown with nothing covering her legs.

Jane looked at the shoes and thought of a pair of thigh high pony boots she had always wanted and grinned when she felt her feet being forced to an en-point position and the skin on her legs tingling slightly as the material formed on them and when she pulled the dress up she was now wearing perfect pony boots that forced her to stand on her toes. Jane smiled and spun around again as she pictured herself in normal flat shoes but nothing happened then she thought of some normal high heeled pumps and her feet were immediately covered by a beautiful pair of black platform pumps.

'OK', Jane thought 'nothing boring and I must be mostly covered by the dress'.

Jane wandered around her apartment for the next several hours figuring out what her limits were and as she looked at clothes online taking the images and thinking about them she could change the dress to almost any form. Fixing dinner in a tight hobble dress and pony boots Jane was in heaven and could not understand why the woman wanted to get rid of the amazing dress. While cutting some vegetables she nicked her finger slightly cutting the material and was suddenly compressed again as the dress tightened pulling her arms to her sides leaving her standing frozen as she felt it tighten further she tried to scream but her head was quickly covered by the material and it forced her mouth closed.

Jane stood mummified in her kitchen trying to figure out what had happened and fighting the growing pressure inside the dress, as she remembered the cut she thought maybe it’s trying to protect itself and began thinking about how sorry she was for nicking it and how much she liked wearing it and could feel the tension ease slightly. Jane continued thinking thoughts about the dress and how much she liked it and slowly her head was uncovered and she was allowed to move her arms again. When she reached for the knife she squealed as her body was suddenly squeezed so hard she almost passed out but she begged the dress to trust her and it eased enough for her to pick the knife up from the floor and set it on the counter. Once she set the knife down the dress relaxed and Jane staggered to a chair and sat down to catch her breath. Jane sat up all night testing the dress trying to find a way to explain it or cover it but nothing she thought of would explain why she would always be wearing black leather.

Jane was flipping though web sites and found a site selling latex dresses and wished for the dress to change into the bright red cat suit she was staring at, when she opened her eyes she could see she was indeed wearing the red cat suit and squealed again realizing the material could change color, feeling the material Jane was surprised that it felt like latex but could not stretch it away from her body and it kept the same wrinkle free effect that it had when it looked like leather. Jane ran to her room and gasped when she saw the rubber not only on her body but had covered her head and face as well leaving openings around her mouth and eyes and pulling her long red hair into a pony tail on top of her head, just like the picture.

She thought of the pony boots again and they formed onto her looking like they were built into the suit, Jane’s head was spinning again as she dreamed of the tight corset but pictured it perfectly smooth and gasped as she felt her waist being drawn in by the rubber and now stood in flawless rubber with perfect pony boots and appearing like she had the smallest waist she had ever seen. Jane was feeling aroused and decided to push the boundaries and pictured herself gagged under the hood and felt her mouth being filled and looked at the mirror to see her lower face covered in the rubber as she sucked on the phallus now filling her mouth.

Jane spun around again and pictured herself free of the latex standing naked except for a long corset and knee high pony boots and suddenly she was, the long gloves remained and she now had a tight collar around her neck but her moist pussy and large breasts were now exposed and she reached up and played with her tits while dreaming of them being trapped at their bases and her nipples being clamped tightly and screamed when she felt them being done just the way she dreamed. Jane stood panting from the pain as her mind drifted and suddenly her corset grew covering her from her arm pits to her ankles and she watched as it tightened and firmed up around her body and she was left standing in a beautiful full body corset. Jane’s mind flashed a picture of her in a single arm sleeve that was strapped tightly to her corseted body and immediately her arms were encased and drawn together behind her back, Jane wiggled around until she could see the perfectly laced arm sleeve holding her arms tightly together and smiled.

Jane was wiggling in her bondage as she dreamed about her head being encased like her body and a large gag filling her mouth and found herself encased in the material from the top of her head to her ankles and grunted as the material tightened its grip on her body and she smiled under the hood as she felt something enter her pussy and grow inside her then felt something move into her ass and tried to struggle but it continued to probe her and grow until she was whining as the fully formed plug now stretched her from inside.

Jane fought her bonds before thinking she would love to be stuck like this for two hours and be teased during the entire time, the dress responded by beginning to move her probes and squeeze her breasts all while holding her completely still. Jane wished for release after a few minutes as her rising arousal grew but she was held firmly and was constantly teased and prodded keeping her on the edge of a climax until she thought she could take no more. Jane’s mind was spinning as she stood on her pointed toes fighting for each breath, finding out that she could make things tighter but not release anything or stop anything when she wished for her prison to compress her more and now had to take short shallow breaths from the increased tension the dress was appling.

Jane struggled in her prison for two hours then suddenly she felt all the compression released almost falling over, looking in the mirror she now saw the normal black leather dress and gasped for air, relieved from the release but still very horny she thought about an Egyptian mummy and felt herself falling as her body took the pose of what she had envisioned. Lying completely wrapped from head to toe Jane dreamt of the vibrators and gag and just as quickly they were inside her, giggling to herself she wished for more compression and to be taken to a wonderful climax for an hour before being released.

Twisting and screaming in her cocoon Jane was brought to an orgasm and held there for one hour before the dress returned leaving her panting and smiling on the floor. Jane crawled to the bed and fell asleep, her exhausted body lay incased in the new miracle that during the night changed shape several times while the girl dreamed of different scenarios in her sleep.

Waking Jane tried to move but found she was trapped in the corset dress with the pony boots and her arms trapped behind her, she tried to yell out but her mouth was full and her lower head and neck was held rigidly. Struggling for fifteen minutes she finally relaxed and thought about being released and the dress returned to normal and she jumped to her feet and squealed as she thought of the possibilities and went to the bathroom and relieved herself.

Thinking about wearing just a corset and high heels they appeared immediately on her body along with the gloves and a tall collar, she wanted to have as small as possible outfit so she could clean herself but each time she thought of something being gone another part of her body was covered. Figuring out she would have to clean what parts she could then imagine another open and clean them in turn she managed to scrub her body completely amazed that when the suit covered a wet part of her it wrang the water from her skin so she emerged from the shower wishing for a full cat suit and it making her completely dry in the process.

Going to work was more difficult than she thought, she wished for several variations trying to make it where she looked normal settling on a full body cat suit with no sleeves and dressing over it in a pants suit that covered her secret. The high heels would not set themselves to less than five inches so she dreamt of them in shiny patent and watched them change before heading to work. Several times during the day she would day dream about her ultra tight corset or pony boots and would yelp slightly as the dress changed making her dreams happen, once in a boring presentation she drifted off in a day dream suddenly finding her waist sucked in as her legs were bound together over her pants suit and her arms fully covered by the black material as the collar jumped up her neck to cover her lower face. Jane squealed as she felt it happen and quickly thought of it returning to the way it had been and luckily by the time the lights had been tuned on she was sitting normally again.

Jane left work stripping her street clothes off in her car and wishing for the corset and collar again driving home with her chest compressed and her head held high even wishing for the hobble dress and ballet shoes on the way relishing the tension that slowly increased until she was panting again and had to wish for it to ease. Stopping to get a drink she wished for a tight pencil skirt and for the dress to support her breasts and knead them lightly while her shoes changed to the black pumps again. Entering the bar she wiggled her way to a booth and while she sat she wished for the dress to close her legs completely and for everything to tighten for one hour while she sat and tried to have a drink and act normal while her mind dreamt of vibrators and ever tightening corsets making each happen and continue to torture her for the entire hour.

When she felt the dress return to the pencil skirt she paid her bill and wiggled out of the booth only to find her shoes were now ballet boots covering her up to her knees and her corset was much longer and very tight as it messaged her breasts even harder as she teetered across the open floor as she left, her mind slightly flustered by why they were staying this way. As Jane drove home her clothes reverted back to “normal” as her mind cleared and she figured out that in her tipsy state she had really wanted to wear those things in public and got horny again thinking about it.

The next few months went by and Jane became more comfortable in the dress and learned how to control it and now wore nothing over it making it just change color and fabric types always wearing dresses or pants suits that everyone commented on how well they fit her. As her confidence grew she began to wear more leather outfits each tighter than the others and constantly had her waist drawn in by a tight corset and her shoes and now boots had begun to get taller as well. Jane was unaware that the heels had gotten taller not by her wishing for it but more from her not wishing it was undone as with the corsets and leather outfits, she just had stopped wishing for the material to change fabrics.

By the sixth month Jane never wore anything but leather and now walked in six to seven inch heels like she had been born to it, her waist was kept at a tiny fourteen inches and she wished it smaller often, her breasts were constantly being messaged and pulled and even though she had not seen them naked in several months they looked bigger under the leather covering them.

Jane had been promoted during these months her new confidence and stature making her be more daring at work achieving what she hadn’t dared to try before but also started making her show up later and call in sick more often as she spent more and more time encapsulated inside some idea she came up with and would wish it not be undone for more and more time, leaving her trapped inside wiggling and being teased until the dress would bring her to a wonderful climax.

Jane had dated more often but each time would end it when the man would begin to ask why she was never completely naked and finding the dress could bring her to a much better climax than any man could so she had stopped seeing anyone and had even stopped going out with her friends who were stunned by her leather conversion. Working all week Jane had asked for Monday and Tuesday off deciding she needed a small vacation to really enjoy herself and the dress, while at work Friday afternoon she had begun to daydream about her weekend and suddenly found herself sitting behind her desk in the body corset and pony boots, her lower face and head covered by the thick material and her arms bound tightly behind her back.

Jane panicked as she twisted and wiggled in her bonds hoping no one came in her office as she wished for the leather to release her only to find it tightening more each minute until she was forced to stand and became perfectly rigid and the hood swallowed the rest of her head making her blind and deaf as she stood frozen behind her desk knowing she would be stuck this way until Saturday when her plans were to release her for thirty minutes so she could eat before going into her next position. Standing on her toes Jane was in a complete panic knowing someone would walk in any minute and find her wrapped in tight leather, as she fought within her bonds her eyes were uncovered and she could see she was standing directly in front of her office window on full display to the building next door.

The hours dragged by slowly as Jane stared across to the building next door watching to see if anyone noticed her and desperately listening to see if anyone came in her office until finally the sun set and she could see the lights being turned out in the offices as people headed home for the weekend. As it grew darker outside she realized her office lights were on and she could now be clearly seen from anyone how even glanced across at her building and struggled harder only making the dress increase the tension holding her in place.

Her next thoughts were could she get home in the thirty minutes she would be released for and remembering the outfit she had chosen she groaned into the gag as she thought about running though the building in a crotch-less cat suit made to look like a leather strap body harness she had seen with a thick posture collar and large hollow gag strapped around her head. The gag would have allowed her to force some sports drink into her throat and the open crotch allowed her to relieve herself before she was forced into the next position and fully consumed by the material.

She stood begging the dress to release her for almost twenty four hours only being noticed by the cleaning people in the building who thought it was some kind of mannequin as she stood frozen wishing her eyes were covered until they had gone. As soon as Jane felt the tension change and even though her breasts were now being squeezed brutally by the tightening straps surrounding them she grabbed her coat that thankfully had been left hanging on the door and ran as fast as her pony shoes would allow to her car and sped towards her house.

Jane only saw one person as she dashed out and with her gloved hands held up her collar unable to do more than wave as she ran past with her coat in the air as she moved exposing her leather strapped body and jumped in her car. Driving home she could feel the straps tightening as the time grew nearer for her to be encapsulated making moving her arms and legs move difficult as her skin bulged more around the straps. Getting near her home she had to decide if she had enough time to make it inside not wanting to be trapped half way to her apartment encased and unable to speak of even be identified if someone found her, looking at the clock in her car she figured she had about one minute left as she ran from the car to her apartment.

Getting inside and slamming the door just as her arms were forced behind her and her legs were welded together, as she felt herself falling onto her back and her pussy and ass were filled to almost painful proportions, she felt her whole body go completely rigid and could hear the hard shell rattling on the floor as her world became dark and quiet.

For the next forty eight hours Jane was teased and tortured inside the hard shell, it was consistently kneading her breasts and pumping her pussy and ass making her feel like she was about to cum then stopping while it would crush her or cover her breathing holes making her fight for air before allowing her to breath with her arms pinned together from their elbows to her finger tips, her favorite position because it made her feel even more helpless and forced her tits out, the whole shell was keeping constant force on her body making it shrink slightly as it contracted.

Jane had found out months ago the material could make her very uncomfortable but wouldn’t do anything to hurt her and as she gasped for air she trusted the dress completely, feeling kind of silly for thinking about trusting a dress but she had come to think of it as her friend and her only true friend. Jane lay motionless on the floor inside she fought and twisted as the dress kept her on the edge of climaxing for two days before she was finally allowed to orgasm and the dress made sure it kept her climaxing for hours before it returned to a loose dress allowing her to breath freely and roll onto her side and drift off to sleep.

Rising early Tuesday morning and staggering to the refrigerator and getting something to drink and eat sitting on the floor in front of it while she gulped down the drink while stuffing her prepared meals in her mouth. Once Jane felt strong enough she began running a hot bath and played her messages hearing her boss who was very upset that she left early again on Friday and saying she was fired for her many absent days. Jane stood listening not even aware she had been wearing pony boots and that her waist had been drawn down to twelve inches and her breasts had grown to small D cups during the last few months and all these items were now permanent, she was unaware that secretly she wished for these things and the dress complied making her deepest desires come true and she would never again see her body without the material covering it and deep down she didn’t care.

Jane found a job at a fetish store and soon was running it, not only could she make a living she now had no reason to cover herself or her fetishes up and wore her tiny corsets and pony shoes proudly everyday often making it appear as perfectly fitted latex always wearing tight dresses or cat suits as her breasts became larger and her waist continued to shrink.

A year later Jane was at the shop working with a new girl who had become enamored with Jane’s clothes especially the beautiful leather dress she wore often. Jane had refused to let her try it on several times even though Jane had felt a deep urge that she didn’t understand to let the girl try it on she still refused and one day the new girl was putting away stock when she asked Jane to show her how the cuffs and gag set worked and quickly had Jane bound and gagged as she slipped the leather easily from her body.

As the girl slid into the soft leather Jane desperately pleaded with her eyes for her not to take the dress but the girl was already in the material before Jane could stop her. Jane was now left standing naked her hands cuffed above her head a large gag forced deep in her mouth and her ankles cuffed together as she stood on her toes trying to ease her cramped legs muscles.

The girl turned towards the mirror and saw how wonderful the dress fit her and said, “I wonder if the rest of your clothes would fit me this well?” as she pictured one of her favorites Jane had worn that included the half gag hood and tight hobble skirt when suddenly she was wearing the ensemble. She turned to Jane with fear in her eyes as Jane stood struggling and mumphing into the gag, Jane shook her cuffs at the girl and even as scared as she was she quickly unlocked the cuffs before her own mind had a flash thought about being trapped in the dress with her arms bound behind her and she was left standing in the position, her arms pulled tightly behind her as her breasts were forced further out.

Jane unlocked her ankles and tip toed to the back to get dressed leaving the struggling girl alone returning after finding a pair of ballet boots her size and pulling on a latex dress that held her snuggly down to her knees, the only thing she found that would fit her large breasts and tiny waist, and walked back up to the girl and showed her a tiny corset and had her read that it was for a twelve inch waist and watched the girls eyes widen as her waist was drawn quickly down not quite to twelve inches but small enough she was grunting as she gasped for air.

Jane smiled as she knew she could control the girl just by showing her items, the young girl could not control her mind and as soon as she saw something or was told something the dress made it happen. Jane tended to her for the next few days always keeping her mind on something fetish so she was continuously forced to be bound by the dress, Jane who had wanted the dress back now felt the girl was the next one the dress wanted and even though she desperately wanted the dress back she could never get it to let her remove it from the girl’s body so she continued to teach the girl a lesson for tricking her into releasing the dress keeping her bound in some form or fashion at the store, never letting her speak to anyone and mostly keeping her bound in the warehouse until finally she let her in on the secret and the girl thought about being free of the dress and nothing happened as Jane explained the rules and the girl was able to make the material form into a loose dress with normal high heeled pumps.

The girl continued to work for Jane for two years as she learned to control the dress, Jane had been wearing it for about two years when it had been taken from her but had now become used to not having it and watched the girl struggle controlling it having to step in and move her to the back when the girl would think of something that would totally immobilize her and have to wait until she gained control of her thoughts before she was released. Jane would often stroke the outfit and think how much she wanted it back but the dress never allowed the young girl to slip out of it even though she tried at least once a day to remove it never growing to love it or finding its true potential like Jane had. Jane finally moved on getting another high paying job at a similar firm as before leaving her open fetish life and the young girl always dreaming about the dress and all the joy it had brought her.

Several years after leaving the fetish shop Jane found a package at her front door one evening and when she opened it she found a beautiful leather dress wrapped inside with a note, “I could never get the hang of it like you had and for some reason I think it missed you”. Jane stared at the dress before dropping it back into the box and stepping back unsure if she wanted to go through all that again, even though she still wore extreme heels and tight corsets she was scared of what the dress meant and how it controlled her as she closed the box and taped it shut before taking it and putting it in the safe and locking the door wondering how long could she resist it calling her before she gave in and started down that wonderful path again.

Story contined in Part Two

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