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The Prey 3: Steel Pit

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; prison; latex; catsuits; multilayer; hoods; bond; pit; chain; gag; corset; sendep; punish; encased; isolation; entombed; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part two

Part 3: Steel Pit

Emily was covered in a mix of tight latex and heavy stainless steel. Her body was squeezed from all sides as the weight of her bondage equipment pressed against her. She was already sweating as the thick layers of latex trapped the heat from her perfect body. She could feel her pussy getting wet under the steel and rubber. She could do nothing about the sex drive filling her soul. She was ordered towards the left hand side steel lid at the end of the room. One of the guards opened the lid to Emily's new home. It was a 6ft deep steel pit with d-rings covering the walls of the round cell. Emily's eyes screamed through the small holes in her hood as she saw the pit.

She turned her body to look at the other lids and could see tubes and wires coming from them. She also saw a large padlock on each of the lids and a small computer screen. She stretched her neck and eyes to read the information on the screen. She could just about make it out and as it entered her mind, she wished she had never looked. She wanted to run away as panic and fear filled her. Her hands had started to shake as she stayed still. The treatment had worked on her and she knew it. She was nothing like the women who entered the prison. The skunk suit had turned her into a stupid animal in just 3 days. Even if she did run away from the pit in front of her. The door at the end of the room was locked and needed codes to open. She was covered in very tight latex and wrapped in heavy steel. How fast could she run wearing all this stuff. Plus she would have to breath through her nose as her mouth had been completely gagged.

She just waited for them to get the pit ready for her. Her will and fighting spirit had been removed and replaced by submission and obedience. A step ladder was placed in the now ready pit. She was ordered down the small steel steps as she rubber suit squeaked. Seeing through the endless hoods and with her head pointing skywards was not best for descending down stairs. It was like walking into hell as the steel walls closed in on Emily. Her heart was racing as she reached the bottom and the ladder was removed.

She was moaning softly into her huge gag as the guards got her into position. The balls and rings of the rubber suit would add to the bondage and immobilized her limbs. She could see the guards connecting metal chains to the wall of the cell. The wall was covered in d-rings and they would be using all of them. The guards clicked chrome chain after chrome chain to the wall in a well worked order. She was ordered to bend her knees and put her arms into a “V” shape. She was also told to bend her arms into the rubber balls. She did as she was told and feel her movement restrained.

They started linking the chains from the wall to her. Her body had been covered in thick metal cuffs with d-rings on all sides. First her ankles had the chains locked to them from all directions. She also spotted two d-rings on the inside of her foot, so it would be locked to the ground. She was soon bolted to the ground by thick padlocks. As the guards continued moved up her rubber body and locked her in place. Her knees had been controlled with both the chains and the rubber ball. Meaning her knees had been folded over and kept at a angle. It was a very uncomfortable position to be kept in and she could feel the ball stopping her legs from moving. Her legs had been bound by chains from all sides as the metal cuffs stabbed into her rubber suit. She could move her legs only half an inch, if that. The guards started to work on her body and arms. Her corset was soon joined to the wall with endless chains. She could feel the chains pulling on her corset and almost moving away from her body. They put her arms into the perfect position with her elbows pointing down and her hands pointing upwards.

With the rubber balls under her armpits and around her elbows now come into play. She soon had her arms bound by the strong chains as they got closer to completing her restraints. They had also wrapped leather straps around her body and locked chains to them. This was to added another layer of bondage and control parts not covered by metal. Her head was next as the chains got locked to her collar. It was easy for the guards to line up the chains and restrain her in place from head to toe. They then bound the chains to other chains to stop them from moving. They made the pit look like a chrome spiders web. With all the chains linked together in a huge inescapable knot.

Emily could not move in any direction and the weight of the chains made her stop struggling very quickly. Her rubber suit was filling with her sweat as her body was controlled by the endless restraints. She couldn't move her head or neck as the collar and hood griped it tightly. Her body and limbs had been bound to the walls of her new tomb and they seemed very long lasting. 

She was in amazement at the high level of extreme bondage she had been put in. The stunning look of her rubber catsuits and metal equipment. The chains pulled tightly against her bondage cuffs and straps. The rubber balls built into the finally catsuit stop her moving her body how she wanted. The gag was a nightmare as she drooled uncontrollable from it. She could only make soft moans from behind it's padding and layers. 

She had no idea how long she would be kept in this pit for. She was helpless as the guards pushed two clear plastic tubes into the needles in her left arm. The plastic tubes joined perfectly with the plastic device on her arm. They soon clicked into place and finally the lid was ready to be closed. The guards got themselves out by climbing on the chrome chains and through the opening above Emily. Emily was breathing quickly through her nose as the last guards made it out the cell. The guards then threw her skunk suit, used catsuit, bondage hood and skunk mask into the pit with her. She had forgotten how bad the smell was from her old outfit. The latex was hanging from the chains around her head and upper body. The odour filling the air around her face as she gagged on her gag.

She could see the lid to her cell close through the small holes in her hoods. She could feel the light fade away as the lid closed inch by inch. She struggled with her chains and nothing moved. Her eyes opened wide as the last bit of light was taken away from her. She cried as loud as she could into her gag as she heard clicking sounds from above. The coldness of her cell soon hit her as she lost track of how close she was to the walls and ceiling. She had worked out what the plastic tubes in her arm were for. It was for an I.V drip to keep her liquids up. It would give her body the vitamins it would need.

She was standing in three rubber suits with chains covering every inch of her body. She was being pressed by the heavy bondage equipment that kept her still. The hoods kept her deaf and silent as she tried to shake her neck. She could do nothing about any of her bondage equipment. She could be trapped in this small cage for a long time. With nothing to simulate her senses or mind. Apart from the latex skunk suit just in front of her face and the smells coming from it. She then heard a message coming from her deafening headphones. The words echo'd around her ears as a hard female voice talked to her. The words had been filled with a hateful poison and put the fear of god into Emily.

"Please make yourself comfortable in your new home. You look lovely in very tight shiny rubber. But as you are sexually evil and sadistic, you need to be restrained and isolated from others. Until the fire in your eyes is gone and you wish to be dominated and humiliated. So I am keeping you in this small steel pit for the next 6 weeks. The I.V drip should keep you filled with liquids and the bondage position should keep blood flowing. You should have almost no need to go to the toilet as the drip goes straight into your blood. Which means the gag can stay in place the whole time. Lucky you. If you still have an ego and a dominant side, after the 6 weeks. You will stay in this hell for as long as it takes. And enjoy your old skunk outfit as it's the only stimulation you'll have. See you in 6 weeks and you should hear this massage once a day. What great news for you. Goodbye"

A tear rolled down the sides of Emily's metal cheeks. She would be in this inescapable pit for a long time to come.


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