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The Prey 2: Dehumanize

by M88

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Storycodes: MF+/f; prison; latex; catsuits; multilayer; hoods; bond; gag; messy; depilate; prepare; chast; corset; sendep; electro; punish; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part one

Part 2: Dehumanize

Emily was 61 hours into her very long prison sentence and was not in a good way. As the camera in her cell zooms slowly into her latex skunk mask, it had sweat dripping from under the hood. The guard controlling the camera was laughing away to himself at the sight of this poor latex girl. He knew she would be upgraded to maximum security in the morning. But only if she was broken in both mind and body.

A two man security team would be checking on her and running a tonne of test to see if she was gone or not. They wanted to see if her mind had become more submissive and easier to control. She was already waiting for someone to open the door to her cell. They would not be coming for another 6 hours and already she was being made to stand. The guards had been fucking around with her heavy metal collar and chain. They often left her standing all night long and would leave her with just a couple of hours sleep. Before she would be made to stand for the rest of the day. The first day the guards had slapped her, whipped her and shocked her.

 But as her sweat mixed in with the chemicals in the suit, the skunk like smell had build up. Now her prison cell was like a slurry pit and the guards needed gas masks to even go near her cell door. Emily had been without food or drink for over two days and was starting to give in. Which was all part of the master plan to break her.

She had pissed in her thick latex skunk suit over ten times and the piss all mixed with the chemicals in the suit. The smell had been light at first and she was able to deal with it. But after soon much sweat and piss had mixed, the smell inside her cell was ungodly. Adding to her problems was the fact that different parts of the suit had different smells. Meaning she never got use to the smell and was always gagging on the odour.

To get more liquids into her body, before it started shutting down. She had searched the condoms in her taped up mouth for anything she could find. She was now happy to taste cum from both men and women. Within the 61 hours of her imprisonment she had almost emptied all the rubbers.

Her muscles had been aching all night and her feet feel like they would kill her if she was left standing any longer. Her senses had been useless to her restrained body and only added to her misery. Her sense of feeling was limited to hot sweaty latex that covered her whole body. Her sense of taste was narrowed down to just cum, pussy, ass and latex. Her sense of smell had been ruined by the horrible odours coming from her latex suit. She wished her sense of smell could be taken away from her.

Her sense of hearing was the only one left to her without any draw backs. But the only sounds she heard through her hoods were clicking chains and squeaking rubber. Her wrists and ankles had rings of red marks around them as she had struggled with the cuffs. Her neck was killing her as she had been unable to move it more than an inch or two. She had covered her hands in her own piss as she had tried to play with herself for most of the stay. She had tried breath control and had used the metal collar to aid her. But without any luck and was left with red marks all over her neck. She skin was inching from the sweat that flowed around her enclosed body.

She still had another 5 hours in her latex skunk suit, before she would be moved to the hidden high security section. The prison had an odd way to rebuilding its most dangerous and wild prisoners. First they would take away the human part of them and replace it with a dirty stupid animal. This was to degraded and humiliate them as well as lower their self worth and burn away any ego. Emily was still in the first stage of the rebuilding process and was nothing like the strong dominant women who entered the cell. Being turned from a beautiful girl to a stinking latex skunk had sent her deep into her shell. She had lost track of time and without or limited senses, her mind had been playing tricks on her. The sleep deprivation and forced standing had left her weak and unfocused.

The removal time was set for 9am and as the clock slowly moved towards it, the guards got ready. They needed to wear a bio-hazard suit to enter her dirty cage and remove her. They tightly pulled gas masks over their faces and zipped the baggy suits closed. Putting heavy rubber gloves and boots over the PVC suit. The gas mask was enclosed within the hot and sweat suit and made breathing a little bit harder for the guards. Now both of them had finished getting ready, it was time to check each others suits. After a good going over and double checking of holes or cuts, they got given the all clear.

They walked through the maze of hallways as they made the long walk to Emily's prison cell. The suits made it hard walk as the thick PVC slowed them down. Air ripped in and out of the gas mask as they reached the isolation wing. The loud clicks made them take a step back as the door started to open. They entered the isolation wing slowly and one behind the other as they got closer to Emily's cage. They could hear the cries and screams from the other cells as they walked down the wing. They often moved prisoners around and knew most of the people in isolation and why they had been locked away.

They had heard the stories of Emily and what she had done. They also knew why she needed to be broken completely. The prison made money when its treatments worked and the prisoner was turned from an uncontrollable nutjob to a normal person. The now normal prisoner could be sent to a run of the mill prison or be under house arrest. They could be released into the public domain after finishing their time. The government had to pay the private prison a bit money each year for housing the sex mad inmates. But if a prisoner became normal and could be released at same point, the government would give them a congratulation payment. That payment made the prison's owner a very happy women. The government had no idea about the bondage cells in the prison and had no idea that the owner was herself a fetish lover.

The prison acted as her own dungeon and the prisoners as her slaves. She could control them completely and do whatever she wanted to them. And to make it even better, she got paid for it. It was like an ungodly dream of hers to have so much power and say over her slaves. She had been a dominatrix before she started working at the prison. That was about 12 years ago and she had moved up the ranks and had become the owner. The old owners and managers had vanished into the thin air and had not been heard from since. She had been running the ever darker and humiliating prison for over 2 years. She was the one who signed the contracts with the government about the payments.

Emily was released from the heavy metal collar that had pinned itself into her neck. The feeling of more blood reaching her latex head was followed by pins and needles. She was now free from the only thing keeping her bound to her cells. She wanted to fall into the waiting arms of the guards and go to sleep. They kept her moving and on her feet as they opened the doors to her cells. She was violently pushed out of her cell and along the hallway. The stink from her latex skunk suit followed her all the way. Her cuffs and chains made clanging sounds as she walked. Her latex suit made a loud squeaking noise with each step she took. Small drops of her sweat and piss descended to the cold hallway floor. Leaving a trail behind the poor and helpless girl.

She was lead through the heavy metal door and out of the isolation wing. The guards kept pushing her and give her verbal abuse as she struggled to walk quickly in the restrains. She couldn't see anything and needed the guards to point her in the right direction. She was starving and had almost no energy left in the tank. She was being made to walk in her thick latex suit, what feel like miles. She was breathing heavily by the time they reached the secret opening to the maximum security chamber.

The opening was located behind an old bookcase in the owner's office. She was waiting there for Emily and was not happy about the horrible odour now filling her office. But that the same time the image of this broken latex skunk and what was going to happen next, made her wet. She was already wearing her hazmat suit and gas mask, just like the guards. She had been waiting in the safety of her protective suit for over an hour. She got up from behind her desk and walked over to the bookcase. She removed one of the books to unveil a keypad and entered the codeword.


A soft clicking sound echo from the bookcase as a small part of it folded inwards. It was an opening just big enough for one person at a time. The owner walked into the hidden area first and was followed by one of the guards. Then it was Emily turn with the other guard pushing her through. The room on the other side was illuminated by large bulb lights hanging down from the ceiling.

The room was incredible as the light hit every part of it. All the way down the far end of the room was four large stainless steel lids built into the floor. She had no idea they were the prison cells and her new home. In the centre part of the room was a cleaning and preparation area. Which already had her new outfit and equipment ready for her. The section closest to Emily was for the removal of her suits and to feed and water her. She would also be given a health check up to see if she could survive in her new cage. It would also show if the treatment (or torture) was working on her or not.

The door was shut by an array of different locks and security devices. Without the right codes the door would never open. That was the last line of defence and Emily had no chance of ever making that far. She was falling asleep on her feet and needed to rest and eat more than anything. Lucky Emily was in the health section and would be give some time to recover. It would only be two hours, but it was better than nothing. After the two hours she would have her skunk suits removed and be given food and drink.

2 hours later.

She had been in a deep sleep from the second her head hit the concrete floor of the maximum security health area. It was called the health area because the guards would take care of you. But only so you could live in your new cage long enough to break you. Four guards and the owner entered with cattle prods and whips in hands. The sound asleep girl was about to be given a shocking alarm clock.

The cattle prods reached her tits, ass and stomach. They pushed the metal spikes into her stinking latex skin. 3,2,1 and then zap, Emily almost hit the ceiling the shock surprised her so much. The guards laugh out loud as the poor girl tried to escape them. She had no idea where she was and what was happening. She was still covered in thick latex and had cuffs on her hands and feet. The latex was squeaking loudly as she folded and bend her body against the restraints. Sweat was flying off her suit and hoods as she tried to call for help. But after 10 minutes the memories and nightmares come back to her and she started to calm down. She knew she could not escape from the claws of the prison.

They needed to remove her skunk suit and cuffs as well as get her to feed. To complete the first part of the master plan, they started shocking her endlessly. She soon become a willing object and just stood totally still. They undid her cuffs and freed her hands and feet from the heavy metal. They used knife like scissors to open the shoulders of the suits. They then rolled it off her dirty body and put them in a large rubber bin. It was hard work to remove the suit as they had become almost glued to her body or the other suit. They then started to cut her head free from the thick latex. They opened up the front of her skunk mask with the scissors and split the hood open. Working the razor like scissors over the dome of her head and removing the hoods collar. Taking the collar away from her neck was an amazing feeling as the weight was lifted off. The scissors then cut away the remaining latex around her neck and the skunk hood was ripped from her face. The inner hood was cut along the back zip and folded off her face. Her sweat socked hair was all over the place as the light hit her eyes for the first time in days. The endless layers of tape over her mouth had been covered in sweat and drool.

They unwrapped the tape from her mouth and she spat the ball of condoms out. The guards laughed as she spat and coughed the remaining cum from her mouth. Now the suits had been removed the signs of prolonged bondage had covered her naked body. Her skin was shiny with drops of sweat and piss running down her legs and curves. Her wrists and ankles had been ringed with red marks as she had struggled against the cuffs. She was ordered over to a table, which had been placed in the corner of the room. It had been there all night and already had food and drink waiting for her, on it.

She slowly moved her sore and painful limbs over to the table, which seemed miles away. The smell of the skunk suit and her own liquids followed her all the way. A wooden chair was pulled away from the table and Emily was ordered to place herself on it. She did as she was told and looked at the food and drink in front of her. On one side the food was lovely looking and was one of her favourite meals. On the other side the food looked more like it was for a dog. The meals also had drinks accompanying them. One was a taste milkshake and cola and the other was piss and cum. The reason for the two meals was then explained to her.

"The lovely meal to your left is for you if you cooperate with us, fully. The meal on your right is horrible taste and foul smell and is for you if want to struggle. If you want to fight and try to escape without punishment. If you struggle after eating the meal on your left, you will be torture to an unbearable level. It's up to you"

She was staving and just wanted to eat anything. But the dog food and piss would not go down well. So she went for the meal on her left. She knew she may never have a nice meal again and started forcing it into her mouth. She poured the drinks down her throat as the glasses quickly emptied. Her plate was soon emptied as well. She was completely happy and full as she was ordered from the chair and to the next section.

She did as she was told as she entered the shower first. The shower was a small glass box and had shampoo, shower gel, soap and face cream for her to use. She turned the water on and was shocked to find it was hot. She was rubbing her hands all over her dirty body as the water poured over her. She used all the cleaning products she had been given and switched the water off. She looked like a different women as she stepped out the shower. She looked like the perfect slave and now needed to be dressed and restrained like one.

The guards used hair dryers to remove the water from her body. She then had all hair removed from her body. They used waxing strips, razors and scissors to leave her skin smooth and soft. She still had hair on her head as they wanted her to look good. They also cut her nails on both her hands and feet. She was now ready to be suited, isolated, masked, gagged and restrained.

The first thing they did to her was a complete surprise. They pushed two needles into her upper left arm and both went through the skin. It was a little bit painful and some blood came from the small opening. The guards quickly covered the opening and cleaned up the blood. They put a plastic device over the needles, which had stayed in her arm. They both had small tubes poking out from the top of them. They were just a inch above the surface of her skin. The plastic housing was to stop the needles from moving and being removed. She was then given the first of her latex suits and this one was transparent. It would cover her whole body in soft and warm latex from the neck too her toes. It had a back zippier and two holes on her upper left arm.

She struggled to get the ungodly tight latex suit over her body. But somehow she got everything lined up and closed. The shiny latex was squeezing against her body as she looked down at the perfect suit. The smell of the latex filled her nose and it was not the only suit she would wear. Another suit was handed to her, this time it was light blue. It was a full body suit with a semi encircle hood for her head with only her face not under its control. It was reinforced at her joints, breasts, wrists, ankles, pussy and ass. The areas had been reinforced with thicker latex and more jointing strips and would be very hard to rip. It once again had two holes on her upper left arm. The suit may have been even tighter then the first one as it pressed against her lungs and made breathing difference.

She was already getting hot as she was given the last latex suit, she needed to wear. This was a punishment and bondage suit and covered from her neck down. The suit was made from two layers of thick latex and had rubber balls placed in key areas. They would act as a type of restraint as it would stop the person moving in some ways. The rubber balls had been placed under her arm pits, elbows, knees and in between her legs. The suit also had rubber rings build into it as well and they were to stopped the person moving. They had been placed around the ankles, wrists, upper leg and breasts. The breasts ring would acted like a noose for her lovely tits.

She was helped into the last latex with the aid of lube and the guards. She could feel the added pressure building on her as the suit was closed up. The guards worked the suit over her shoulders and forced the zip shut. The rubber balls and rings added an odd bondage feeling. They would be very effective if she was well bound and she soon would be. The suit was padlocked shut and it also had the two holes for the needle tubes. She was then shown the first layer of bondage equipment she would be placed in. She was left with her eyes wide open with fear and the fact she may not never get out of this.

Her beautiful eyes reflected off the shiny and flawless stainless steel corset, cuffs, bondage collar, chastity belt and bondage hood. The chastity belt was the first item to be locked around her body. The metal wrapped itself over her wet pussy and ass. It was skin tight against her body and the layers of her latex suits. She would not be able to play with herself if she was wearing the chastity belt. She then had cuffs locked around her wrist, above and below her elbows, upper arm, ankles, above and below her knees, upper leg and groin.

The thick metal was an indication of how well bound she would be. The front part of the corset was when placed around her body. It covered her breasts, stomach, nipples and finished just above her private area. The thick metal would stop her playing with her breasts and would cover the top of her chastity belt. The corset had built in guide rails into which went the metal strips of the chastity belt.

The back of the corset was then placed over her latex covered back. Because the corset was split in half, it had two gaps which needed to be closed. The gap between the front and back was under her arm pits and had four ratchet straps on each side. The thick leather straps had been built inside the corset with the joining mechanisms poking out. The guards linked the straps to the ratchets and started to close the corset. The two sides slowly moved closer and closer together as she feel the squeeze. The two parts of the corset soon meet and left Emily breathing lightly. The corset was padlocked shut with 8 huge locks, one for each ratchet.

The corset stopped her from breathing in fully and left her short of air. The collar and hood still needed to be attached, but they had a couple of toys to use before then. First they showed her the gag she would be wearing. It was a large red rubber ball with her jaw line drilled into it. It had an opening for her tongue and there was another part to the gag. The first part controlled her jaw and tongue with the second part pushing her cheeks out and covering her teeth. The two parts locked together when the first part was in place. She opened her mouth and one of the guards forced the gag over her waiting tongue. She gagged as it reached the perfect place and closed her jaw around it.

The second part was made up of two red rubber balls and a vertical wall. The first part had a hole in the centre of it and the second part had a locking mechanism. The guard moved the second part in her mouth and soon had her cheeks bugling from her face. The gag clicked together as one and she found she could not spit in out. She then had a cheek retractor dental gag placed on her lips. The dental gag made it impossible for her to close her lips. You could only see the red wall from the first gag if you looked in her mouth. They then placed a large sound absorbing rubber moulding into the gap and covered it with layers of silver duct tape.  

The guards covered the bottom half of her face in the duct tape. They ripped it into strips and pressed it tightly against her face. She was breathing slowly through her nose as her cheeks, chin, lips and mouth had layer after layer put on them. Her mouth was then wrapped in electrical tape from her chin to just below her nose. The tape was horribly tight around her face and made speaking imposable. The layers of the gag would stop her from moving her mouth and making a sound.

With the gag completed, they moved on to her ears. They had designed a coming together of in-ear headphones and over the top headphones. It was made of rubber and had sound absorbing technical inside the headphones. The devices in ear part was pushed into place as Emily could feel it moving into her head. Then the top ear part was tightened against the side of her head. Sound was soon a thing of the past for Emily as she become deaf.

She was then shown a thick black rubber hood with small holes for her eyes and nose. They struggled to get it over her head and line up the holes. Which was not great news for Emily as she tried to breathe in and found thick rubber in the way. She was a little bit panicked by the time they zipped it closed. It had taken them two minutes to get the hood on her head right and she had not had a good intake of air in that time. The gag and headphones could be seen through the rubber hood. It was now time for the stainless steel hood and collar to be installed. The two would work together to keep her head still and was the last bit of equipment she needed.

The metal bondage hood had three holes and was split in two sections. The two sections had a raised area that the edge of the hood. Two small eye holes meant she would still be able to see. The last hole was for her nose and was large enough for both air holes. They pushed it over her face and neck and lined the holes up. The back section was moved into place and they used nuts and bolts to screw it shut. The hood was a perfect fit as it glued against her facial features. The collar was next and it covered her whole neck in the thigh steel. The hood did almost of the work, but the collar added another layer of control. The collar left her head facing forward and upward. It was soon immobilized in place with three large padlocks.

She was now ready to be imprisoned.


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