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The Prey

by M88

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Storycodes: F/m; FM+/f; captive; latex; dungeon; caught; rescue; punish; hospital; suit; encase; sealed; gag; sendep; hoods; collar; chain; cons/nc; XX

This story follows on from the events in "Hell in a Cell"

James had been missing for over 36 hours and the police had stepped up the search for him. He was waiting for them in his prison cell, still wearing his rubber bondage suits and masks. His cock had been left bound and was still sore from the day before. His sweat was running down his back and he was standing in a lake of it. He could still smell his new mistress pussy and ass through the dildo re-breather. 

She had played with him for over 6 hours the day before and then left him for the night. He had to cry himself to sleep and was unable to have anything other than nightmares. After an uncomfortable night in rubber bondage and fear, the morning arrived. He was being kept upright by the chains and cuffs. All his energy had faded away and so had his hope. He was breathing slowly and deeply through his nose. The machine still controlled his breathing with an iron fist. He stared through the small holes in his hood, waiting for his mistress to enter the room again.

The police had just found a key bit of footage from the club. Which showed James leaving the club with a beautiful girl. The police followed them down the street and into a nearby flat. She was wearing an odd outfit and he looked a little drunk. They would pop round and check out this new lead. Around an hour later the two police detectives knocked on her front door. She opened it with one hand and a black bin bag in the other one. She was wearing a full red catsuit under her street clothes. Which you could see poking out from underneath them. She looked shocked to see the police. As it happened the police had reached the house at just the right time. She was about to get rid of James's stuff. She was going to put his clothes, wallet and phone in a bin a couple of miles from her house.

She wanted it to be harder to find her and get rid of key evidence. The police quickly asked what was in the bag and if they could look round. Soon more police arrived at the house and this time with a search warrant. They found his stuff in the bin bag in her hand. They found bondage and fetishes items in almost all wardrobes and chest of drawers. They found duct tape and plastic wrap in a large box and endless rubber outfits on hooks. They found her bottles of chloroform in her bathroom.

They then uncovered the secret opening to her dungeon. They could not believe what they saw inside the concrete room. The black rubber man with chains and tubes coming from his body and face. The smell of rubber, sweat and piss filled the room. He started moaning and crying the seconded they opened the door. They quickly put her in handcuffs and dragged her off to a police car. They set about removing the straps and cuffs. The fire brigade arrived at the house and cut him free. By now she was locked in a police cell and would be interviewed soon.

The rubber suit was hard to cut through without cutting James. The vacuum suit was pressed extremely tight into his skin. They would need to pump air into the suit. They first removed all the bondage equipment and he dropped into the arms of a nearby fireman. They soon removed his suits and masks which needed to be collected as evidence. He was then taken to hospital.

The police interviewed her a day later and quickly charged her with kidnapping and imprisonment. She would be going to court in a couple of months. They had a very strong case against her.

Two months later the case was over and she would be going to prison. The prison was also a mental asylum and had an isolation wing as well. It was owned and ran by a private company and was only used for sexually dangerous prisoners. The prison was just a little four story building with miles of metal walls and barb-wire. The windows were just a thin slit of reinforced glass with metal poles across them. The building had two gates for getting people in and out of the prison. One was for people on foot and the other was for prison vans.

Emily was the name of the women who kept James captive for over 36 hours. She was mad about bondage and had dreamed about having a rubber submissive. She was a 30 year old with an hourglass figure. Her long black hair was hanging over her lovely blue eyes as her van entered the prison. She was wearing a full orange jump suit and a set of four handcuffs. The cuffs linked her hands and feet together with thick chains and kept her under control.

She could still walk with the cuffs around her ankles, but only a small step at a time. The van stopped and she was dragged out of it and into a holding cell by two guards. The two male prison guards come back 10 minutes later and removed her clothes and searched her. It was humiliating as they checked her pussy and ass for any drugs or weapons. They knew she didn't have anything and just wanted to see her naked.  

She was then walked to the isolation wing. wearing only cuffs and chains. Her orange jumpsuit had been cut from her body and was now being dragged behind her as it was trapped to her ankle cuffs. The two guards kept smacking her ass with their hands and batons as she moved along. She was taken to level three and headed deep inside it's walls. The isolation wing was her final destination as she was pushed towards it. A heavy metal door was the opening to her new home and it opened wide to let her in.

The government had no idea what happen in the isolation wing and don't even check before they signed the contract. They had only come to the prison a couple of times and only ever seen a couple of board and management rooms. They had been shown pictures and videos of the rest of the prison. But they had been made up by the prison owner. She was a beautiful 32 year old with a dark secret. She towered above most men with her heels on and her 6.2ft figure. Her body was amazing with curves in all the right locations. Her neck long red hair was running across her lovely face and covering her brown eyes. She was a sexy woman and was often to be found wearing a slutty business suit and high heels.
She was waiting for Emily at the entrance to the isolation wing. She was just being pushed through the metal door as their eyes met. She looked up and down Emily's body as she smiled away to herself. She then grabbed her by the neck and turned her around. Emily let out a soft moan as she was pushed into the treatment room. The treatment room was a see through plastic box and was placed above the cells of the isolation wing. This was to put both the fear of god into her about her new home and to humiliate her in front of other inmates. If they could see her from their own heavy bondage cell.

Emily had her orange jumpsuit completely removed as well as her bondage cuffs. She was then hit by a wave of water coming from a powerful hose. She was forced backward by the pressure of the rushing water. She rolled up into a ball in the corner of the plastic box as the water smashed into her. She let out a loud cry when the water hit her pussy or face. She could hear laughing over the sound of the water crashing into her and the plastic box. She was dripping wet and cold by the time the water stopped.

She was shaking in the corner of the plastic box as fear filled her mind. The tall women walked over to Emily, her heels made a soft clicking sound against the floor. She was holding something odd in her hands and Emily was finding it hard to see what it was. The women dropped this shiny thing over Emily's head and bent down beside her. She spoke with an evil and depraved tone as she moved her face right next to Emily covered head.

"I used to be a pervert and control freak, just like you and all the other prisoners inside inside these walls. And guest what you stupid cunt I still am. This prison was build with money I took from weak well off slaves. I owned their bank cards, house, cars and life. I put the money into a secret account and used it to build this. All the men and women I took money from are in this prison. They are all placed in the cells just below you. They have had a great time under my ownership and will continue to do so for a long time to come. I saw your story on TV and in the newspapers and wanted you to be sent to me. I want to control and break you. Hope you enjoy your stay with me"

Emily was horrified by what she had just heard and had no idea what to do next. She was hiding under the shiny material covering her head, when suddenly knew what it was. It was very high quality latex and somehow she had not spotted it beforehand, it was almost unacceptable to her. The latex suit was the oddest she had ever seen or even heard of. The suit was made from very thick latex and had large bulge sticking out from it. It also had a build in collar, which linked into the bulge. She was folding the latex suit out into her arms and was horrified to see what it was.

It was a humiliating latex skunk suit with two white strips and the bulge was the tail. She was told to get lubed and suited up in 25 minutes. She would be wearing the suit for a long time to come. She had no other option, but to put the dirty looking suit on. The lube was easy to pour all over her amazing body and head. She covered her whole figure in the warm liquid and was rubbing it into each nook and cranny. After the lube she found the opening to the suit and forced her legs inside. The lube was the only reason her legs would move down the suit, it was that tight.

It was a full latex catsuit and with a lot of struggling she pushed her feet to the bottom of the suit. Her feet and lower legs had been almost painted by latex it was pressing that tightly against her skin. It was hard work moving the thick latex up her lubed body. She was starting to sweat a little from the endless pushing and pulling she was doing. The latex suit was now covering her perfect ass and she was working it up her torso. She placed the front half of the catsuit over her body and forced her arms down the latex sleeves. Her hand disappeared into a rubber mitten at the end of the sleeve. Her fingers found themselves within a latex glove inside the rubber ball.

She would now need help to get into the rest of the suit. The two guards started closing her suit almost at once. They stretched the latex over her shoulders and started zipping it up. They had to pull the latex together before they could close the suit. The bugling tail was getting in the way a bit as they reached the top of the catsuit. She had not spotted the attached latex bondage hood, until it was being pulled over her head. The hood was perfect black latex with only a couple of holes for her nose. Built into the hood was padding for her eyes and ears. They pushed ear plugs into her ears before lowering the hood over them. She then had a large ball of tied together used condoms drilled into her mouth. They had all been used on one dirty prison slut in all her holes.

Three rolls of electrical tape then went over the top of the condom gag. Her face was being squeezed inwards by the tight tape. The hood was then rolled down over the rest of her face and overlapped her skunk suit. The condoms filled her mouth completely and made her unable to move her jaw. Her tongue was buried inside one of the used condoms and was able to taste the semen within. The hood was zipped and padlocked shut. One of the guards walked over to Emily with a second bondage hood. It was a thick latex skunk mask with white strips down the back of the hood and round her nose.

She could only feel them putting something over her face and closing it tightly against her head. Her head felt heavy and the smell of latex was a lot stronger. They had just closed the latex skunk hood and loved how degrading it looked on her. They placed a large leather collar around her latex covered neck. They squeezed the collar tightly around her neck and used three padlocks to keep it in place. To cover the padlocks and zips they needed to inflate the bugling tail by using helium. This was also to make moving a real charge and make her feel inhuman. For an added layer of safty in the tail was a pocket for water. The pocket ran from her neck to her bottom and would make it very hard for her to reach the zip. They filled it with water first and then with helium. The tail was then locked to her collar as it bugled out from behind her.

She now looked like a real latex skunk. The latex suit also had a crotch zip and they opened it so they could pull out her toilet tubes. The tubes had been waiting to be freed since she first pulled the suit over her pussy and ass. They now hang down from her body and meant she could now go to toilet. The whole suit was shining from head to toe as she stood their in her new humiliating form. They had not told her about the suits secret and wanted her to find out for herself. The suit had been mixed in with some chemicals that when mixed with liquid would make the suit stink. She would sweat inside the thick latex suit and that would start the chain reaction. The more she sweat, the more the suit would smell. She would not only look like a skunk, but smell like one.

The guards grabbed an arm each and dragged her through a newly opened door to the isolation wing. She was walked past heavy bondage cell after heavy bondage cell. She couldn't see or hear the cries coming from within the cells reinforced walls. But the smell of latex, rubber, leather, sweat, piss and metal filled her nose. It was the only sense left open to her as the others had been taken from her. They walked the full length of the hallway to a large metal door at the end of the long line of cells. Her room would be looking down the isolation wing's hallway and had a gap between it's self and the other cell doors.

They opened the door with the prison's owner watching it all through the plastic box in the treatment room. The other side of the door was a large metal box with only one small door. It had no windows or any other gaps or openings. The door was about half the size of the door they had just gone through. One of the guards went through first and got the room ready. A couple of minutes later, Emily was ordered and pushed through the door with her suit only just fitting. She almost ripped the latex on the side of the metal frame. She couldn't see her new home with her eyes being covered by two layers of lovely latex.

The guard was ready with her restraints in his hands. Leg and wrist cuffs were quickly put around  her limbs and locked tight. A metal collar was hanging from the ceiling and was closed around Emily's neck. It was locked over her leather collar and latex outfit and cut into her neck. She could still breath, but now it was a little bit harder. She was standing in the centre of a completely white prison cell with a white uncomfortable bed and a white video camera on the ceiling above the door. For her toilet needs, the cell had a small hole in the corner of the room. She just needed to line up her waste tubes and aim for the white toilet. Not easy when she was blindfold by two thick hoods.

The metal collar was linked to the ceiling by a heavy metal chain. The chain went through the ceiling and into a machine. The machine controlled how long the chain was and could be used to great effect. It worked by using timers and clocks as well as per set details on the height of the person and what they would be doing at what time. So if it was at night and the prisoner was sleeping the chain would be longer, than it would be in the early morning. When the prisoner would need to get up and out of bed for her cell inspection.

The chain could be changed by a remote control which was set up outside her inner cage. The rest of the room was empty with all the plumbing and electrics built into the floor. It was only a small gap between the two prison walls and was there so guards could check on the chain machine and some of the wiring. They could charge the times and height with the remote control. So she would spend the night standing up or 10 minutes on her tip toes as the collar acted like a noose. The fun the guards could have was endless.

Emily was now bound, gagged and covered in latex from head to toe. She was standing in the centre of her cage with no movement, thanks to the chain. She could just about hear the sound of a being door closing and locked. But nothing after that. Her latex suit was getting hot and she needed to go to the toilet, but had no idea where it was in the room. Or if the collar would let her reach it.

It was only going to get worst for her.


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