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Ruth and Wendy 2: The Fashion Show

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2008 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; FFFM; latex; capes; bodybags; public; display; oral; mast; messy; cons; X

Read the initial part of this story first. Ruth and Wendy


Part 2:  The Fashion Show

The morning sun filtering through the window curtains and onto Wendy’s face slowly wakened her from her deep sleep. As she was gaining full consciousness the aroma from the latex hood brought back the memories from last evening, and of course Ruth, who was still asleep inside the cape with her head beside her crutch. Wendy softly massaged Ruth’s neck and around her ear through the latex cape until Ruth began to stir and purr in enjoyment of both the smell of the latex mixed with the aroma of Wendy’s vagina and the caressing of her fingers on her neck. Ruth eased her mouth to Wendy’s love lips and extended her tongue to slide it into the lips and find the clitoris and when it did it slowly licked the bud.

Wendy, now becoming quite aroused put some pressure on Ruth’s head to bring it firmer into her crutch and to encourage Ruth to continue her tongue manoeuvres on her clit. With her free hand Wendy brought together the edges of the hood to close them in around her face so as to feel the cool latex on her cheeks and her mouth, she licked the latex and breathed in the aroma as Ruth tenderly brought her to ecstasy. Ruth kissed her outer vaginal lips and her inner thighs and slowly surfaced out of the bottom of the cape to transfer her lips to Wendy’s lips inside the cape’s hood and hugged her tightly over the latex cape. Wendy then lowered herself down the bed and into Ruth’s nightie seeking out her love box with pursed lips and hungrily sucked upon them until Ruth gasped in orgasm. Wendy licked up the love juices that had flowed from Ruth and worked herself up to her breasts to suckle on each of them through the latex like a baby. Wendy and Ruth hugged, and each of them was thinking how good they felt together wrapped in lovely shiny black sexy latex.

They lay there for a while and Ruth asked Wendy if she would mind if she could try something, Wendy looked puzzled but Ruth whispered, “I’m sure you will love it my dearest Wendy, you know I wouldn’t do anything against your will, just stand up for me whilst I unzip the top of the cape a little from around you neck so as I can turn the cape around on you body to be back to front”.

Wendy stood up and Ruth turned the cape around.

“OK, now lay back on the bed on your tummy and pull the cape material tight under you”.

Wendy did as Ruth requested wondering just what Ruth had in mind.

“Right, now I will pull the folds of latex over your back and legs nice and tightly, please put your arms straight down your sides and press your legs together”.

As Wendy positioned herself as Ruth asked, Ruth pulled the loose latex across her back and also slipped the hood over her face and clipped the edges together at the back of her head with bobby pins.

“This feel good”, Wendy murmured from beneath the hood.

“I am going to roll you over now Wendy onto your back so the cape will be held tight around your body and legs”.

With Wendy now on her back she presented Ruth with the wonderful view of her tightly encased in latex from ankles to head just like an Egyptian mummy, she adjusted the hood a little to remove a few creases to obtain a perfect black shiny form of the beautiful Wendy.

“How are you going in there Wendy? Can you breath OK?” asked Ruth.

A muffled voice replied, “Yes it’s good, a little strained as my mouth and nose are pressed firm against the hood, but I am fine. This feels really good, sort of different from the loose latex we have been wearing up till now and I like it”.

Ruth climbed on the bed, still in her latex nightie, and straddled Wendy, she ever so softly caressed her face and neck with tender hands, Wendy wriggled a little and moaned, “That’s nice Ruth, more please”.

Ruth slowly edged her hands down to Wendy’s breasts and with just a little more pressure fondled them whilst at the same time kissing her on the lips through the latex hood. She could feel Wendy’s tongue trying to press through the latex, Ruth played with her own tongue onto Wendy’s. ”Keep going Ruth, this is fantastic”.

Ruth’s left hand slowly, very slowly eased its way down Wendy’s black shiny body to her crutch and again with just a little more pressure fondled her pussy through the latex, Ruth could feel the latex sliding over Wendy’s love lips as they were well lubricated from the juices liberally oozing out, such was her arousal, and kept up the slow circular movement of each hand, one on her breast and the other on her vagina. It only took a few minutes for Wendy’s body to jerk and cries from beneath the hood to tell Ruth of her orgasm. Ruth then moved to lie quietly beside her and stroke her head as she came back down to earth.

Ten or so minutes had passed when Ruth rolled Wendy over to her tummy and freed her from the constricting cape lifting it over her head. “So how did you enjoy that my little pumpkin?”

“Unbelievable I just cannot get enough of you and your fabulous latex, I don’t know how I am going to go when you’re not here for me”.

“That’s what I thought Wendy and we have to talk. First let me tell you of my plans in Adelaide”.

Ruth went on to inform Wendy that she was putting on a fashion show for her best clients; some of them had come from overseas. In fact it was a German gentleman, Rolf Muller, who purchases her latex garments on an almost monthly basis, that suggested that she present a fashion parade of her latex creations and that he was planning a holiday in Australia later that year. So Ruth made lots of arrangements and informed her clients of the show stating it was going to be very exclusive with no press or any media and that each set of guests may only bring one pair of friends along. The maximum number of attendees would be no more than thirty. It was to be held in the 5 star Grand Hotel in Glenelg.

Ruth sensing Wendy’s amazement at what would be the cost of all this said that her latex garments were produced to a very high standard both in fit and quality and as such she charged a very high price for them. The regular clients keep coming back for more as they were well healed and could afford them, mainly for their wives/mistresses. Ruth told Wendy of the very high strength adhesive she used which meant that the overlap of the latex joints only needed to be 5mm and not the usual 15mm that main line suppliers had to use. The result of this was less doubling of material and a much better fit especially around the breasts for close fitting dresses. Her specially though was in loose fitting clothes and these are what she sold the most of, Rolf was particularly fond of loose dresses, capes, nighties and such for his wife, and she suspects, himself.

It was Rolf that also suggested that to help cover costs she should charge an attendance fee and that all serious purchases would be only to pleased to pay up for a first class latex fashion parade. Ruth explained that her friend, Pat, who should have accompanied her from Sydney was to be one of the models for the latex garments, she had organised two local models from Adelaide as well, but really was going to be one model short now that Pat couldn’t make it.

”I’ll do it”, shouted Wendy, “Oh please let me help you, you will need to show me how to do the walking up and down the catwalk as I don’t want to make a fool of my self or you”.

“I was hoping that you might be interested in wearing a few more garments Wendy, so yes you’re in”.

Ruth further explained her plans for the show and that she did not want the modelling to be like the stuff you see on TV where the girls look like they don’t really want to be there and just doing it because they are getting paid and nothing else. “I want to show off my clothes worn by real women and walk like real women, and if a client requests to feel the latex they will stop and allow him or her to run there hands over the material. There will be no fondling unless the girl allows it by the client requesting first. This will be both a casual/friendly and exclusive show. I have about twenty garments to show off and most of them I have made two sets so that two girls can model them at the same time. I am pretty sure you are much the same size and shape as Pat so the fitting shouldn’t be a problem and in any case I will get you to model the looser fitting ones where possible“.

“Wendy, how are you fixed for next Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday for setting up and the show on Thursday evening?”

“That will be fine Ruth, I am staying with an old school friend in Brighton and that is not to far from Glenelg. This all very exciting Ruth, I can’t wait to try on some more of your creations”.

Ruth went on to explain that on the Wednesday whilst the hotel staff were preparing the room she would get Wendy to try a few garments on and have a bit of a practice showing them off. Jill and Sheila, the two local models, would be there too and they would be trying some of the latex on as well as they wouldn’t have worn it before, or at least not likely to have. Thursday daytime will be spent organising the sequence of displays and some more walking practice. The show starts at 8.00 and will last around 2 hours depending on the audience participation as Rolf suggested that some of the ladies might like to try an item or two on if that was possible and time allowed. Ruth didn’t tell Wendy about the last item of latex to be shown at the parade only that there would be something very special designed to ‘bring down the house’. Wendy pushed her for details but Ruth held firm promising Wendy would enjoy it all the more if it were a surprise.

Rolf, Ruth explained was an extremely wealthy man being on of the board of directors of a large bank in Germany and spent a great deal of money on his younger wife and her wardrobe, including lots of Ruth’s latex dresses and nightwear. Rolf was contributing significantly to the cost of the show, so we will be giving him special attention, so please linger a bit longer by them when you are parading.

The two girls freed themselves from the now sticky and sweaty latex and hopped into the shower together, soaped each other all over and had a generally good time enjoying each other’s bodies. They rinsed off, dried and got dressed with Ruth saying it was wise not to wear latex next to the skin during a long drive but to wait until they got to Adelaide. She said Wendy could take the cape with her and either wear it or just lay it over her lap, which is what she did herself often.

The girls set off together and agreed to stay close, as they still hadn’t had the punctured tyre fixed yet but between them they still had a good spare. The seven-hour drive was uneventful apart from at one stage the latex laying across Wendy’s lap got the better of her and she just had to relieve the tension by wriggling out of her panties, which is not too easy whilst driving, and play with herself through a layer of latex until her orgasm brought a smile to her face and the wonderful feeling between her legs.

So as planned, Wendy showed up at the Grand Hotel and searched for Ruth only to find her busy directing some young hotel porters how she wanted the chairs and tables laid out. The parade walkway was to be down the centre of the room about 12 metres long and 2 metres wide and at the end a circle 4 metres diameter. So the tables and chairs were positioned to generate the required area. Wendy asked what was the round bit at the end for, but Ruth said it was for the special display at the end of the show. Jill and Shelia arrived shortly after Wendy and Ruth said, “Great we are all here so we can try a few things on and try the runway, I’ll just have to make sure the room is secure and no one can barge in on us”. Ruth checked the three doors leading into the room including the small room of to the side where the girls were to do the dressing and preparations.

“Most of the latex garments here I’ve made two of so that two of us can show them off together, I plan to have us on the runway for at least 5 minutes for each garment so the clients can get a really good look and feel if they so wish. Are each of you OK with that?”

The three girls all said they were more than happy with the plan.

“Good stuff, so lets get into some rubber, I have found it a lot better to not bother with bras or panties under the latex as you don’t get anything showing through which gives the material a nice smooth line and also there is less sweating around the groin. No one else is in this room and no one can get in so we have no worries on that count”.

With that Ruth stripped off all her clothes and selected a short black dress to start with and stepped into it as the other girls were getting their gear off. Wendy was a little embarrassed at being naked in front of the three girls, it was one thing with only one partner but she hadn’t done it like this before. Ruth passed Wendy a matching dress to her own, except it was a metallic blue colour, and helped her on with it and zipped it up at the back then turned around so Wendy could zip her up too.

“I have made one of each of the garments in black and the second one in a different colour so the clients may see how they look in other than black, although black is the colour they order most” said Ruth. “Just act and walk naturally Wendy, follow me if you like and see how I do it,” with that Ruth started down the runway very slowly and smiled to the nonexistent audience. Wendy followed her but had trouble looking natural, as Ruth had asked.

“Don’t worry Wendy it will soon come to you once you have lost your nervousness”.

Wendy continued to walk up and down the runway slowly gaining confidence and could see Ruth smiling at her in approval. She hadn’t thought of the latex around her yet as she was fully occupied with getting the walk just right but was thinking how sexy Ruth looked in the black latex dress and hoped she would have black on next time.

“OK, that will do for starters, lets see how Jill and Shelia are getting on with their first latex dresses”.

Jill had hers on, a long evening gown with three-quarter sleeves and a scoop neck line and was just zipping up Shelia in her red dress of the same design. The gowns were figure hugging around the torso and accentuating the busts and a long flowing lower section just off the floor showing their high heels off nicely. Wendy admired Jill’s figure and wished she could caress her lovely breasts and bottom. “God, she looked good’ thought Wendy and felt her pussy becoming moist but resisting the temptation to massage it through the latex of her dress as she didn’t want to get any juice stains on it, even if it would be on the inside.

Jill and Shelia practice their parading like the professionals they were and Ruth and Wendy peeled their dresses off and selected another pair of dresses, this time though Wendy did have the black one whilst Ruth wore a two shades of green one. These dresses were modern in design in that they had the bell-bottom hem and a loose ruffled top with a high neck tube almost up to their chins. Wendy was getting excited about it all now and improving her display to Ruth’s satisfaction.

“We will just try on a couple of catsuits, mainly to check the fit and to see how long it takes to get them on as they are a bit tricky, I think Jill and Wendy would be best, is that OK with you”?

“Yes please, I’d love to get into one of those”, replied Wendy.

“The secret is to be very careful and use lots of talc all over your body and inside the suit” said Ruth and began to help Jill into hers whilst Shelia helped Wendy. As Shelia eased up the legs of Wendy’s suit she couldn't help smoothing her hands over her inner thighs and buttocks and this brought Wendy to a very excited state.

Shelia couldn't help but not notice and as the suit was brought further up Wendy’s body she deliberately lingered around her crutch, smoothing it very carefully almost to the point of massaging it. Wendy presses her hand on top of Shelia’s and moved it up and down, Shelia put her free hand on Wendy’s breast and pushed a finger into her vagina and wiggled it around until Wendy jerked in orgasm.

“I expected that to happen, but not so soon”, observed Ruth with a smile, “You must be really hot for latex Wendy, and I like that as the clients will notice and be all the more interested in it, but come on now let’s get you two fully into those suits and down the runway”. Eventually the two girls were nice and snug in the catsuits and took of down the runway playing with each other as they did so. “I like that interaction girls, do that tomorrow night, it will go down just fine.” Said Ruth. “But don’t forget to let the client get close and give them all the time they need”.

After the catsuit trial show Ruth thought that all the girls had performed well enough and didn’t need to try any more clothes on. “I do have a special garment which I am saving for the special event I mentioned earlier, it’s a sort of grand finale, but I don’t want to let you in on it yet as it will be a better show if none of you are expecting it and hopefully you will act more naturally”. The girls were a bit puzzled with this but no coercing of Ruth was forthcoming with any information, so they had to just wonder what Ruth was up to.

Wendy asked Ruth if she may borrow one of her latex nighties to take to her sisters place so she may sleep in it that night as she really enjoyed the slumber with her the other night in Hay. Ruth readily agreed but asked if she would rather have the cape as that seemed to be her favourite. “ I do love the cape the most Ruth, but just in case my friend spots me in the nightie it will be easier to explain that rather than the full cape what with the hood and all.” So Wendy selected a nightie and carefully folded it up into her bag and made her way out along with Shelia and Jill and promised to be back the next day in plenty of time to help with the preparations for the real thing.

Back at Allison’s (her old school friend) place Wendy was helping her preparing the evening dinner and she was asking how Wendy’s day had been. Allison thought Wendy was preparing for a presentation of the products her employers company sold, so Wendy just said all went well and that there was to be a bit of a sales bash the next evening so she wouldn’t be home for dinner. Allison and Wendy enjoyed a pleasant evening at home discussing old times and the other friends they knew from school, but Wendy had her mind mostly on being able to get into her latex nightie and feel the coolness of the rubber around her body and the aroma. She was getting moist between the legs just thinking about it, so she made a bit of an excuse to go to bed a little earlier than usual.

Once in her bedroom she almost ripped her clothes off and quickly pulled the black nightie over her head and smoothed it down her torso, she caressed her breasts through the latex and tweaked her nipples until they stood straight and proud, clearly visible through the smooth shiny nightie. She slipped under the bed covers and caressed herself further until the climax shuddered through her and she felt very satisfied and snug in her private world of latex. She was thinking of mentioning her fetish to Allison but wasn’t sure how she would respond and didn’t want to spoil their close friendship so she wondered how she might be able to bring the subject up and see what resulted. As she was forming a plan she drifted off to sleep curled up and wrapped in the lovely latex, so for the time being Allison would have to wait.

Wendy arrived back at the Grand Hotel around 6.00 as planned to get ready for the big show, the three other girls were already there and arranging the garments to the order to which they would be worn. When they had all the clothes out and hung up on a temporary wardrobe the girls checked each item and those that needed it polished them up to a glossy shine. Ruth explained that the clients would commence to arrive around 6-30 and be served at 7-00 with a light dinner and drinks after which they would be relaxed and ready to be entertained with the fashion show. Tables set for four had been placed in two rows of three tables with about 2 metres between them forming the runway, at the end the last two tables were further apart forming a circle around 5 metres.

The two end tables were specially reserved for Rolf Muller, his wife Helen and their companions and their friends, eight in all with the best view as they could see the girls walk down the runway towards them, walk around the circle in front of them and then walk away back down the runway. Altogether there would be 32 guests at the show, so Ruth was hopeful of a sizeable order book for her designs; she knew Rolf would purchase several outfits for Helen and his friends also should be forthcoming with orders.

The guests began to arrive and shown their tables by the waitresses and ordered pre-dinner drinks, shortly afterwards all the guests had arrived and were seated. Ruth came out onto the catwalk, introduced herself, welcomed the guests and explained how the show would be presented and what was expected of the guests as the girls showed off the garments. Ruth said it was fine to feel the latex of the dresses but not to touch the girls themselves unless they gave permission, She explained that this is a high-class parade and not a sleazy nightclub gathering. The show would commence very shortly and continue through whilst the guests were having their meals, no one was going to miss anything as the girls would be on the catwalk for 5 or 6 minutes for each garment and there would be two at the same time wearing the same garment but in different colours although always one of them would be black as that is the most favoured colour.

Back behind the partition Wendy and Shelia were putting on the first of the dresses which were long evening gowns with high necks and three quarter sleeves, the gown reached the ankles and flared out for the bottom 30cm. The latex was very fitting around the bodice and bust accentuating the fit figures of Wendy and Shelia. Their bottoms were quite pronounced in the gowns and they both looked stunning with Wendy in emerald green and Shelia in the black and were met with loud applause as they appeared from behind the partition and onto the catwalk.

Wendy started slowly down the left side pausing for a while at each of the tables to allow a good close up inspection by the guests and sure enough the latex was caressed by each of them. As Wendy reached the third table Shelia started down the right side also pausing for at the tables where at the second one, one of the men pulled his chair back from the table and offered his lap to Shelia, she hesitated for an instant then sat on his lap but only for a second or two before he had the chance to place his hands on her. This got a bit of a laugh from those who saw what happened and relieved the atmosphere and gave an indication how the evening would be conducted that is, in a light-hearted manner.

Wendy by this time was lingering at the circle and giving plenty of close up viewing time to Rolf and Helen as Ruth had requested her to do. Helen asked Wendy if she could touch the dress to which Wendy smiled and said, ”I’d love you to feel the latex, see how soft it is and smooth and cool” Rolf, watching Helen also asked if he may feel it as well, “Please do Rolf”, replied Wendy and turned a little so he may feel the latex on her bottom. Ralf and Helen ran their hands up and down the green gown and Wendy was enjoying it very much and wasn’t sure how long she should stay there but then Rolf said quietly, “Very nice indeed, I can just see you in that Helen” and withdrew his hand as did Helen, so Wendy was able to move on to the next table. Most of the guests at the tables reached out to feel the latex but it was only Rolf that actually asked for permission. None of the others went no further than just feeling the latex so everything was going to the rules. Wendy had noticed that Shelia was getting plenty of attention as she was acting a bit flirty with the men, but no harm was done and everyone seemed to be enjoying the routine.

As Wendy and Shelia finally made their way back behind the partition Ruth and Jill were already in their latex, calf length pleated skirts with a loose fitting blouse with puff short sleeves. The blouses had buttons up the front and a frill around the vee neck, Ruth’s skirt and blouse were black and Jill’s a pale blue blouse with a black skirt. Ruth and Jill repeated the same routine, as did Wendy and Shelia who were now divesting themselves of the gowns and being helped to dress in the next garments by the two waitresses. The next dresses for Wendy and Shelia were Ruth’s version of ‘the little black dress’ a just above the knee number with shoulder straps crossing over at the back to the waist high rear panel. The whole dress was very tightly fitted and enclosed Wendy like a glove, giving her a nice feeling as she looked at herself in the mirror and thought, “Wow! Ruth certainly knows how to design these little numbers, I feel so sexy, so great, I just need some loving hands to caress me all over, and I would mind Rolf doing the caressing”.

Ruth had designed and made 14 lots of garments ranging from a petite French maid outfit to the full evening gown which they had worn first, not forgetting the lovely capes and nighties, and it took the four girls about and hour and a half to get through them all. Rolf and Helen always gave Wendy special attention and asking each time for permission to fondle the latex and each time told her how lovely she looked in the shiny dresses. Helen was very attentive to Rolf and discussed the merits of each garment and which ones looked best in the different colours although they both agreed that black was really the sexiest, but some dresses in the colours would make a change from the basic black. Rolf was making notes as each dress was presented and it looked like he might just be purchasing just about one of everything for his lovely wife.

With all of the garments presented Ruth went back out on the runway and thanked the guests for their presence and jokingly said please order several of the garments each so she could make lots of money or at least enough to cover the expense of putting on the show. “However, ladies and gentlemen we haven’t quite finished yet. I have a special item to show you fine people so sit back and enjoy the rest of the show.”

Rolf stood up and responded, “If I may speak for us all,” and gestured around the room as if to encompass all the other guests, ”It is us who should be thanking you Ruth for bring to us all the wonderful latex garments, the way you and the girls presented them in such a friendly relaxed manner. Helen and I have most certainly enjoyed the evening as I believe all your other guests have also, so thank you very much Ruth for all the effort you have put in and please thank Wendy, Jill and Shelia along with the two waitresses who I know have been very busy in the background”. The guests applauded both Rolf and Wendy and they called out their thanks many times.

Wendy thanked them for their support and said, “Be ready for what’s coming, it will take us 10 or 15 minutes to set it up”.

Back behind the partition Wendy explained what the last item was to be and how it was to be presented. “Before you say anything Wendy, let me say I would like you to do this but please if you are uncomfortable at all Jill has said she would do it.”

Wendy replied, “Wow, this is going to be really outside the square, I am a bit nervous about it but what the hay let’s do it”.

Ruth asked one of the waitresses to get a couple of the porters to bring in the king sized mattress and place it in the centre of the circle at the end of the runway. Ruth and Jill brought in a fitted latex sheet and placed it onto the mattress smoothing out any folds so that it was a sea of shiny black latex. This really got the attention of the guests and by the looks on their faces Ruth could see that all the planning for this final part was going to work just fine. Jill had taken a single black latex item to the mattress and placed it in the centre, it was folded up so no one could see what it was other than a pile of latex.

Wendy and Ruth had changed into the nighties, both in black this time and emerged onto the runway as Ruth said, “ OK Wendy let’s do this” and they very slowly ambled down to the circle and stepped onto the mattress next to the latex item. Shelia, dressed in the latex French maid outfit, came out also to join Jill and the two of them unfolded the latex and lifted it up to reveal the shape which was basically a large body bag but with two neck holes at the top about a foot apart. Ruth reached into one neck hole and unzipped it down about 18 inches and then did the same to the other neck hole. Jill and Shelia then held the bag low down near the mattress so that Ruth could step into the opening and Wendy stepped into the other. Jill and Shelia slowly raised up the bag until it was just at the girls’ shoulders. The guests could now see movement within the bag as the girls removed their nighties and passed them out to Jill to the delight of all onlookers as they wondered just what sights they we in for.

One of the waitresses appeared with a large jug of cream, about a gallon of it, and passed it to Shelia who the made an exaggerated show of displaying it to the guests before pouring it all into the neck openings. When all the cream was emptied into the bag Ruth and Wendy zipped up the closures from the inside as they turned to face each other and crouch down a little so that they could reach to the bottom and scoop up some cream and cover each other all over. The guests went wild cheering and clapping and the ones at the far end of the runway moved closer to the circle and sat on the floor so as not to block the view of the seated guests.

Wendy and Ruth were very slowly massaging the cream all over each other paying special attention to breasts, crutches and bottoms and getting very hot in the process. The guests could not actually see what was going on but had no doubt at all just exactly what was happening inside the bag and from the smiling faces of Ruth and Wendy they were both really enjoying it. Ruth and Wendy now laid down inside the latex bag and Ruth was giving Wendy’s clitoris a slow massaging with one hand whilst the other was working her breast and nipple. Wendy was just smoothing her hands over Ruth’s bottom and trying to get her mind around the fact that here she was in front of 30 or so people getting off with another women.

Obviously they could not actually see anything but knew what was happening inside this latex love bag and it was a little difficult to get right into the mood with Ruth, although she was nearing an orgasm and as Ruth intensified her fingers within her vagina she became very close indeed. Ruth could sense Wendy’s apprehension and whispered into her ear, “close your eyes and imagine it is just you and I in our own private world, close your ears to the guests and let your mind sink into this wonderful latex cocoon holding us together” she then lightly kissed her on the cheek.

Wendy closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift to the first evening they had together in Hay a few days ago. Those thoughts and Ruth’s fingers brought the orgasm that Wendy longed for, she had been in and out of latex dresses for a couple of hours now and not really had time to fully enjoy them, but now close to Ruth she was in a blissful world of latex delights. She hugged Ruth as the guests applauded the obvious climax that Wendy had enjoyed, and then moved her fingers to Ruth’s love mound to see what delights she could give to her. It took a little while of caressing Ruth’s clitoris and breast with a little soft blowing of warm air into her ear to bring her to satisfaction as well.

Again the guests showed their appreciation with cheers and clapping and when things calmed down Ruth unzipped her neck hole to allow Jill to pass in the two nighties. It was a bit of a struggle to get back into the nighties within the latex bag much to the amusement of the onlookers who were really enjoying the contortions of Wendy and Ruth. Finally the nighties were back on and the girls unzipped the neck holes and emerged from the bag still covered from toes to neck in cream. Ruth started to lick some of the cream from Wendy’s breasts and that broke up the guests into roaring laughter, with Rolf probably the loudest. A standing ovation was given to the girls as they wandered back down the runway very close to the men a couple of whom also tasted the cream from their nighties.

“What did you think of that Wendy?” inquired Ruth.

“Well Ruth if someone had told me a week ago that I would be making love to another women in front of a crowd of people I would have thought them crazy, but apart from that it was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had and I do think I love you and your latex. Where do we go from here now Ruth? I don’t want to be away from you”.

Ruth responded, “We will talk later on I have a plan in mind which I think you will like”.

As the girls were cleaning up from their slippery mess one of the waitresses came to Ruth and said, “Mr Muller has requested if he may have a word with you at your convenience maybe later on this evening if you have time”.

“Please tell Mr Muller I would be honoured to meet with him say in about a hour in the cocktail bar.”

Ruth and Wendy cleaned up in the shower down the hallway and dressed back into their normal clothes and then helped to finish of the repacking of all the garments into the cases and boxes.

“I think you should join me to meet Rolf as I have an idea what he may want to discuss and bearing in what I have in mind for us it will be in your interest Wendy, so would you like to join me?” asked Ruth.

“Sure, I could do with a stiff drink as well,” replied Wendy.

The two girls made their way down to the cocktail bar and spotted Rolf and Helen in a corner booth sipping on their drinks, as they approached them Rolf stood up and said, “Thank you for meeting us and I am pleased you brought along Wendy as we are quite fond of her especially dressed in black shiny latex. Now before we go any further let me order you some drinks, what would like Wendy?”

‘Thankyou, a scotch and dry would do just nicely” replied Wendy.

“And Ruth what would you like?”

“I’ll have the same please Rolf, so Helen, how did you enjoy the show this evening?” responded Ruth as she sat down next to Rolf with Wendy taking the seat next to Helen.

The four of them discussed the parade with many compliments coming from Rolf and Helen, “I will be purchasing quite a few items Ruth and if possible if you will allow Helen to try on some items before you go and if they fit we would be pleased to buy them straight away so as we don’t have to wait until you remake them for us, what do you think?”

“No problem all Rolf”, replied Wendy, “We will be in Glenelg for two more days yet before driving back to Sydney so whatever time suits you will be fine with us”.

“OK that is settled, but that is not the main reason for asking you down here, and as this request is a bit delicate we will not be offended at all if you are not comfortable with it, I have discussed it already with Helen and she is very keen”. Rolf continued, “ Helen and I were both amazed with the final part of the show with yourself and Wendy, it was so seductive and almost exotic we wished we could be a part of it. How would you respond to my suggestion that the four of us get together for another session with your latex bag? Helen and I just couldn’t believe the sight of you and Wendy inside the bag making it with each other. Please do not answer now as I’m sure you will want to think about it”.

Ruth looked stunned at the request and saw an equally puzzling expression on Wendy’s face and said to Rolf, “Yes we will need a little time to digest your request, may I phone you in the morning Rolf?”

“Please do Ruth,” replied Helen, “We both hope you will look favourably at the idea”.

Ruth and Wendy finished their drinks and departed wishing the couple good night and promising to call in the morning. The girls went to Ruth’s room, sat down on the bed and looked at each other; with each one hoping the other would speak first. “Well the evening went off really well Wendy and I appreciate your input and professionalism but I cannot ask you to consider Rolf’s suggestion”.

“Hold on Ruth, let’s discuss this, I really loved being in the latex bag with you, it was so very intimate and erotic, doing what were in a crowd of onlookers but yet they couldn’t actually see anything but they knew what we were up to.”

”What are you saying Wendy? That you would like to go ahead with Rolf’s idea?” said Ruth.

“Well, yes. I don’t suppose you have two latex bags do you?”

“OK, where are you going with this Wendy? Am I reading you right that you want us both to have sessions in the bags with Rolf and Helen?”

“You got it in one Ruth, But I get to choose my partner if your agreeable”

“Choose away Wendy, but you really surprised me, however I am sure you know what your doing”.

“Phone Rolf now Ruth and tell him we both agree and ask him if it is OK for me to get in the latex bag with him whilst you are in the second bag with Helen all on the same bed at the same time but in his private room, but no onlookers this time.”

Rolf couldn’t believe his ears when Wendy put the proposal to him. He asked her to hold on the line whilst he had a quick word to Helen who then had a grin like a Cheshire cat over her face and said, ”Can we do it tonight Rolf, I don’t want to wait till tomorrow and it is still not too late”.

“Your on Wendy, but is it possible for you both to come up the our suite this evening with the latex bags?”

“No worries Rolf, but I will have to get you to see if the kitchen has any cream left, we will need two lots of course and we will also bring the mattress cover with us so we don’t make a mess on the bed”.

The girls arrived in Rolf’s suite loaded with the bags and mattress cover and Rolf took them straight to the bedroom and helped them fit the cover.

“This is going to be fantastic Wendy, and we will not forget this when we are ordering our latex clothes later on”, said Helen. “I believe it will be you and I sharing the same latex bag Ruth” Helen said to Ruth.

“Well I let Wendy choose and I think she fancies Rolf for a bit of fun under cover so to speak, and anyway if it had been my choice I would have picked you Helen, I think you are lovely and can’t wait to wriggle with you encased in shiny black latex”.

The four of them got undressed and Rolf produced two jugs of cream and said, “I have thought of a way we can do this without the need for any one else. If Helen and Ruth get in their bag first I can pour the cream in, and then Wendy and I will enter our bag and if Ruth you leave an arm out you can cream us then we can all zip our selves up from the inside and start to have some fun”.

So with the plan worked out Wendy and Rolf climbed into their bag and wriggled it up their bodies until it was up to their necks, and at the same time Ruth and Helen were doing the same. With all four of them on the bed Rolf reached to the bedside table for the jug of cream and poured it into Helen and Ruth’s neck opening.

“Christ”, exclaimed Helen,” that cream must have come straight out of the fridge, it’s bloody freezing”.

“Don’t worry I’ll soon warm you up,” responded Ruth.

“Don’t you two get carried away just yet, you have to give us our cream”.

So Helen reached down for the second jug and emptied into their bag with more screams from the cold cream on Wendy’s skin. Rolf zipped up the neck openings on Wendy’s and his own side, looked into Wendy’s eyes, leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek as his hands slowly massaged her breasts bringing her nipples erect to match his erect cock. Wendy reached down to scoop up a handful of cream and spread it over Rolf’s chest so Rolf also scooped some up and applied it to Wendy’s breasts. The two of them giggled as they massaged each other and lowered themselves down onto the mattress and lay together gathering more of the cream until they were both totally covered and very slippery. Wendy reached down gently took hold of Ralf’s cock and eased it into her vagina as Rolf rolled her over onto her back and eased her legs apart. Rolf was very gentle as he slowly pumped himself into her as she dug her fingers into his back and bottom. She moved her pelvis in tune with Rolf’s thrusting and it wasn’t too long before the both of them reached their climax.

Meanwhile Ruth and Helen were having a great time with each other with lots and lots of the cream getting in to both of their holes and with fingers working overtime they also reached orgasm pretty much the same time.

It was a very strange sight to see the two body bags on the same mattress with the four heads sticking out rolling around with plenty of groans and sighs. All four of them would to have loved to give oral sex but it was not possible in their situation and that made it really weird, but never the less a very good time was had by all. The four of them snuggled up to each other’s partners within the latex bags and rolled together so that they could feel between the two layers of latex much to the enjoyment to them all. Sleep soon overtook the four latex lovers in their lovely sleep sacks, and left them dreaming of the evenings experiences.

Rolf and Helen ordered a great deal of Ruth’s garments and discussed with Wendy a new career move that she might be interested in but all that story will have to wait until the next part...



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