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Ruth and Wendy

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2008 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; latex; capes; FF/mm; mast; public; cons; X

Wendy had been driving for about 5 hours now on her way from Sydney to Adelaide and was due to fill her car with petrol. The town of Hay was still an hour away and she could have maybe just made it there but thought a leg stretch would do her some good. She pulled into the next service station and commenced to fill up when she noticed the lady next to her also filling her car, but studying her rear tyre. Wendy noticed the tyre looked somewhat soft and as the other lady caught her eye smiled and said, “Looks like it could do with some air”.

“I think your right” responded the lady. Wendy finished filling up and went over to pay and then ordered a coffee at the diner section.

Through the diner window she saw the lady putting air into the soft tyre and noticed how fit she looked, about 26 she guessed, a couple of years older then herself and with a trim figure, long auburn hair blowing around in the breeze that was beginning to get up. The breeze caused Wendy to look up to the sky and see some dark clouds forming in the direction she was headed and she thought that she hoped she would reach Hay before rain appeared. The lady had driven off now as Wendy finished her coffee and then briskly walked around the service station several times to stretch her legs and fully wake up ready for the last hours drive. The breeze was quite warm and with the still hot fading sun she was pleased that she had dressed lightly with only a button up blouse and shorts.

After about 20 minutes on the road again, and only having seen one other car, as at that time of day not much traffic was travelling on the road to Hay, Wendy saw a car on the verge up ahead with the driver standing looking at the rear wheel, but as she approached closer she could see that it was the lady from the service station. Wendy slowed down and pulled up behind her, got out noticing the left rear tyre was quite flat and also that her station wagon was loaded to the hilt with cases and boxes.

“Hi” Wendy said, “looks like we have a problem here”.

“Oh thankyou for stopping, I was wondering how I was going to get all this stuff out of the back so I could reach the spare wheel, and it looks like it will start raining anytime” responded the lady.

“My name is Wendy” said Wendy as she offered her hand, “What might be a lot easier is if we fitted my spare wheel as we have the same model Ford, yours is just the wagon model of my salon and I don’t have much luggage in my boot”.

”That would be great Wendy, please call me Ruth, if we hurry we might just beat this rain”.

Wendy and Ruth pulled the couple of items out of Wendy’s boot and put them on the rear seat, wrestled the spare wheel out of its hole along with the wheel brace and jack. Between them they had the wheel off Ruth’s wagon and were about to replace it with the new one when a clap of thunder announced the arrival of the rainstorm. Wendy and Ruth both quickly jumped into Ruth’s wagon, the rain was really heavy and it was getting darker.

“Well Wendy we can’t wait till this passes over as it looks set in for the duration, I have a couple of capes in the back, near the top I think, which will keep at least some of the rain off us” and with that climbed over the seats, opened the top case and pulled out two black shiny capes passing one to Wendy and pulling the other one over her head. Wendy was startled at the material of the cape as it felt very slippery and smooth.

“What is this Ruth?”

“Don’t worry Wendy, it’s OK, it’s just latex, it’ll keep you dry alright.”

Wendy pulled the cape over her head and slid her hands and lower arms through the side slits.

“Are you ready for the last bit Wendy?”

“I guess so Ruth” and with that they both pulled the hoods of the capes over their heads and exited the wagon into the rain. Wendy was too occupied initially to think just why Ruth had two capes with her. As the two girls between them replaced the wheel Wendy was thinking about the cape she was wearing and how it felt nice on her bare arms and legs, a sort of tingley feeling, she was also concerned that the bottom of the cape was getting a bit muddy from the wet ground. Finally the wheel changing was done and they both jumped back into Ruth’s wagon.

“Thank you so much for helping me Wendy,” said Ruth, “I must repay you with dinner or something, we are only about an hour away from Hay, oh and where are you booked in for the night?”

Wendy replied, “I haven’t booked in anywhere, I thought I would just find a motel when I got to Hay”

“Oops” said Ruth, “Didn’t you know there is a Pump and Machinery convention this week in Hay and I’ll bet all the motels are fully booked? But I booked ahead a double suite as I was supposed to be accompanied by a colleague but she cancelled out at the last minute and if you like you could share with me.”

“Oh thank you very much Ruth, now I understand what all the boxes are in the wagon, pumps and stuff, it would be very nice to share with you but you must let me also share the cost.” replied Wendy.

With that Wendy started to remove the cape, but Ruth said, “Leave the cape on Wendy you still have to dash to your car and you seem to like wearing it”

“I do like the cape, it feels strange to me but it is difficult to know quite why it feels so comfortable and warming on my skin, it looks sort of sexy with the glistening black appearance from the rain and the aroma is great too” said Wendy.

“OK, if you follow me to my motel we can get checked in and tidied up” Ruth told Wendy, and with that Wendy got back into her own car, but she decided to leave the latex cape on as she was enjoying wearing it and felt good in it. It wasn’t too difficult to drive with just her arms poking through the slits so she just followed Ruth at a safe distance. She was able to switch on the cruise control and relax using just one hand for steering with the other hand on her lap, she massaged her thigh through the latex, and that felt really good, and moved her hand further up to her groin, spread her legs a little more and massaged her vagina. Wendy was very hot between the legs now and getting turned on, she realised it was the latex cape that was responsible but she had to continue the massaging until she felt her panties becoming damp from her juices. She pulled the hood up over her head to feel the cool latex on her face and wondered if Ruth also kept her cape on whilst driving as well.

Wendy thought she had better concentrate on driving before she had an accident, but she couldn’t stop thinking how much she was enjoying the confines of the latex cape. Eventually the two cars pulled into a large motel and Ruth got out still wearing the cape, walked over to Wendy’s car opened the door for her and said,  “Come on let’s get registered and into our room”.

The receptionist gave the couple, still dressed in their capes, a long and inquisitive look but made no comment whilst she booked them in and gave Ruth the key to the motel suite rooms. Ruth asked the girl if she could book a table in the dining room for dinner and if possible one of the side booths. The desk girl made a call to the dinning room and confirmed a booth table was still available.

In the room Ruth said, “Finally we are out of that terrible weather and into some comfortable surrounds”.

Wendy was about to lift up her cape to remove it when Ruth said, “Let me help you Wendy, we have to give the capes a bit of a wash to remove the road dirt from when we changed the wheel and the best way to wash the capes is whilst still wearing them” and with that she reached through the arm slits of Wendy’s cape and undid the buttons on her blouse, un hooked her bra and then started on her shorts.

Wendy pulled back a little, but Ruth said, “Relax Wendy nothing we will do will be against your will, I can see you are enjoying the feel of the latex cape, and you will like it all the more when it is caressing all of your body directly against your skin.”

With that Ruth finished undoing Wendy’s shorts and pulled them down to the floor along with her top and bra and then slowly eased her panties down. Ruth then hugged Wendy and kissed her full on the lips. Wendy responded by holding Ruth closer to herself massaging her back through the latex. Wendy then slid her arms through Ruth’s cape to undress her as well.

With the two of them now naked under their capes Ruth led Wendy to the shower and turned the water on to a nice warm temperature and manoeuvred Wendy under the spray. They hugged each other tightly whilst the water was running down the capes making them even shinier and smoother, some of the warm water was finding its way inside Wendy’s cape and as it reached her tummy Ruth placed her hand between her legs and gently messaged Wendy’s sodden pussy. Wendy placed her hands on Ruth’s bottom and pulled her tight against herself enjoying the attentions very much. Ruth then, with her free hand, pulled the hood of Wendy’s cape over her head and also her own hood too. She then brought Wendy’s head against her own and kissed her longingly full on the lips. Ruth then poured some hair shampoo over them both and the two of them lathered themselves all over both outside the capes and underneath as well.

Wendy and Ruth played with each other for quite a while enjoying the comfort of the warm water, the lovely latex capes, and most of all, each other. Ruth poured more of the shampoo over Wendy’s breasts and gently massaged them through the black latex running her fingers in circles around her nipples, she then reached one hand through the arm slit and caressed one breast directly as she still fondled the other through the rubber. Wendy responded by tenderly moving her hands over Ruth’s bottom and pulling her closer so that their pelvises we mashing together. The slippery shampoo and the latex made an erotic experience that the two girls just couldn’t get enough of; there hands were all over each other, breasts, bottoms, vaginas and faces. They kissed and hugged until all the shampoo was used up and washed away.

 “OK, I think we are pretty clean now so we can dry off and get ready for dinner” whispered Ruth.

The two girls pulled off their capes and dried each other paying special attention between the legs and Ruth softly spoke to Wendy saying, “How would you like to try some more latex around that lovely body of yours?”

“Would I ever, what have you got in mind?” replied Wendy.

“Well the boxes in the wagon boot are not full of pumps as you thought but lots and lots of latex fashions, but even more good news is that we don’t have to go out and get them just yet as I have a few essentials in my suitcase here” and with that pulled out some black panties, bras and small dresses.

“Wow!” exclaimed Wendy, “Let me get at these, I can’t believe you have got all this stuff”, and Wendy pulled out skirts and dresses and tops and held them against her and twirled around looking at her self in the mirror. “Can I wear some of this now Ruth?” Wendy pleaded.

“Of course you can or should I say ‘WE’ can, as I propose we get dressed and go for dinner in the restaurant and see if we can get some reactions”.

“Dressed in latex garments we cannot fail to attract the attention of some guys and maybe girls,” replied Wendy.

“You choose first Wendy, whatever you like although the electric blue mid length dress would suit you very well I think, but first some panties and a bra”

“OK I like the blue dress so I will go with your suggestion and I see a set of blue underwear so may I wear those as well?”

“Absolutely, so first on with the latex panties, we sprinkle a little talc powder inside first to help them slide op your legs” and Ruth did just that and also some on Wendy’s thighs. Ruth eased up the panties on Wendy’s legs and slid them around her bottom, smoothed them out so no wrinkles were evident. “We are not finished yet with the panties, we need to polish them up to a nice shine and we have just the thing here”, and Ruth poured a little liquid onto a cotton cloth and applied it to Wendy’s panties paying special attention to the mound at the front.

“Ruth you are teasing me I know it but keep going as I love it, I love you caressing me and I am getting very hot, very, very hot”. Ruth continued to massage Wendy’s vagina and pushed her finger between the pussy lips and slowly manoeuvred it around finding the now engorged clitoris and softly eased her finger back and forth and holding Wendy’s bottom with her other hand brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Wendy then took Ruth’s face in her hands and kissed her longingly full on the lips, and then took her nipple in her mouth and sucked hard whilst placing her hand on Ruth’s vagina and eased her finger inside the slippery wet channel and sought out her clitoris as well. It didn’t take too long to bring Ruth to her climax and the girls then lay on the bed in each other’s arms for a while to recover.

“Come on Wendy, we need to get dressed and down to the restaurant as I am famished, so on with your bra and dress then you can dress me, and I think I will go with the green top and skirt, but will have to make do with black undies as I don’t have any green ones”.

Wendy talced Ruth’s legs and panties and eased them up her legs smoothing them out as Ruth had done to her, but when she began to massage Ruth’s mound Ruth said, ”We had better leave that till later or we will never get our dinner”

So Wendy reluctantly eased her fingers away from the latex mound and helped Ruth into the bra and top and skirt. Ruth said, “You look stunning Wendy, blue really suits you, I could eat you alive, so lets get going before I do just that”.

As they were making there way to the restaurant Ruth said, “Follow my lead and we’ll have a bit of fun” Wendy looked puzzled and shrugged her shoulders wondering just what Ruth had in mind.

As they walked into the dining room and to the desk they could feel all eyes staring at them in disbelief of seeing two stunning girls dresses in rubber walk together into a public place. Two guys at the bar almost fell of their stools turning to get a better look, quite good-looking guys too, thought Wendy. The waitress showed them to the booth table and passed a menu to each of them and asked if they would like a drink to start with. Wendy was about to request a gin and tonic when Ruth said, “Hold on a second Wendy”, and to the waitress, “ Give us a couple of minutes please”.

Wendy look quizzically and Ruth responded, “We will be drinking the best wine they have and we won't be paying, just wait a minute and see”.

Sure enough after a few minutes the waitress came back and said, “The gentlemen at the bar would like to request that they may buy you a drink”

Ruth turned to the bar and saw the guys looking at them smiling and sort of nodding as if pleading their consent. Ruth smiled back and said to the waitress, “They may come over if they bring with them a bottle of your best Merlot”. The waitress returned to the guys and shortly after David and Pete along with the red wine sat next to the girls.

Pete said, ”We still can’t believe our eyes, or our luck at getting close to you, I have to ask you, are your dresses made of latex?”

“Sure are Pete, have a feel”, and with that took hold of his hand pulled it below the table and placed it on her skirt. Pete caressed the latex up and down her upper leg and then just left it there. Ruth winked at Wendy and cast her eyes down and then across to David. Wendy nodded and took David’s hand and placed it on her lap. David and Pete looked at each other in sheer amazement but said nothing, they were speechless.

The waitress came back and asked if they were ready to order, Ruth replied, “ We certainly are”, even though none of them had looked at the menu, “Two chicken Caesar salads please”, and with that reached under the table and locked onto Pete’s huge dick then unzipped his fly, found her way round his boxer shorts and onto the head of his dick again.

Again Ruth signalled with her eyes to Wendy, who quick on the uptake moved her hand down to David’s crutch and rubbed his engorged dick. Pete’s hand worked its way under Ruth’s skirt and found her latex panties, “I can’t believe this, you have on rubber panties as well”

He looked at David who was dumfounded and then at Ruth who just smiled and said, “ Enjoy yourself Pete, It’s your lucky day”

Pete eased his finger along Ruth’s pussy lips, back and forth with his fingers but having trouble entering as the latex was quite tight. Ruth eased herself up a little and with her free hand (the other still giving attention to his dick) lifted up her skirt to allow her to spread her legs a little so as to give Pete’s fingers a better chance of entering her. Pete could feel the latex slipping around the pussy and knew that Ruth’s juices were in action and allowing the latex to slip between her lips and onto the most loving spot – her clitoris, making her squirm and shudder. Ruth raised the pressure on Pete’s dick and concentrated her fingers right on the end of the foreskin on the underside, where she knew was the most sensitive spot. Pete responded with a little more action with his fingers in Ruth’s vagina.

All the time this was going on Wendy and David were having their own action with Wendy doing a fine job massaging David’s dick through his slacks, as she was a little shy about undoing his zipper, and having his fingers doing a little magic on her crutch. David was the first to climax as Wendy picked up the pace with her rubbing and Ruth and Pete could well see his facial expression of pleasure. Wendy was a little disappointed that he slowed up his working of her pussy almost to a stop, just a slow rhythmic movement of his hand. Pete was very close to his climax as Ruth lifted her fingering and applied more pressure, also at the expense of Pete losing concentration of his attention to her pussy. Ruth could sense Pete wasn’t going to bring her to an orgasm so furiously wanked Pete off to a juddering climax and a hand full of spunk.

So as the boys were now regaining their composure Ruth removed Pete’s hand from her crutch and thanked them both for a very nice time and the wine. Dave withdrew his hand from Wendy with a surprised look as he realised it was all over and there was going to be no further action.

“Can’t we carry on with this in the hotel room”, pleaded David.

“I don’t think so boys, you have had your fun and a good tale to impress your mates with, and we would like to have our dinner now, maybe we will see you around some time”.

As the two boys reluctantly left Ruth looked at Wendy and said,’ Well that was a bit of fun don’t you think?” and with that eased of her shoe and raised her leg to bring her toe up to Wendy’s soft mound still moist from the attention of David’s fingers. She wriggled her toes around Wendy’s crutch easing the latex panties into the soft slit of her pussy and Wendy took hold of Ruth’s foot and helped it ever so slowly massage her slippery mound, around and around, in and out until Wendy’ thighs stiffened and closed together to clamp Ruth’s foot as she climaxed with a big smile on her face. Ruth smiled back and softly said, “Men are useless when it counts, it takes a women’s touch to do a proper job, you feel much better now Wendy don’t you?”

Wendy, still grinning nodded and replied, ”Ruth you really are awful but I love it, I am not sure I can manage to respond in the same way for you, I’m all jelly and wobbly in the legs,”

”We can fix that problem op later when we get back to our room, now I am famished where is our food?”

The Caesar salads arrived shortly and the girls tucked in hungrily. Whilst they were enjoying their meal Ruth explained to Wendy about all the latex clothes that she had in the wagon. Ruth was a successful fashion designer and had amassed a considerable client list, mainly eveningwear and lingerie. It was at a fashion show that she saw another designer’s work made of latex and the reaction the dresses got from the viewers, they were going wild. Ruth thought I must have a go at this, found out where to purchase the latex sheeting and after designing a few simple dresses to begin with and gluing them together she found she was getting aroused whilst working with the latex.

At first she didn’t understand why she was getting hot and it wasn’t until one very warm day and she was just wearing shorts whilst making up a latex dress and the material was draped over her thighs that she realised what was happening. She removed her shorts and let the latex slide along her bare skin inside her legs and the feeling was fantastic, she then took off her panties and massaged her love lips with the cool latex, stood up and wrapped the half made dress around her bottom and torso. With a little more massaging of her pussy she climaxed and then climaxed again like she had never done before, she eased the latex into her sodden pussy and with her fingers rubber her clitoris and inner lips to maintain the sensations in her thighs and vagina.

Now she realised just what the attraction was with latex, and thought there is a lot of money to be made out of this, and soon she was full time designing and making latex garments and didn’t bother with main line materials again. She was now on her way to Adelaide to present a latex fashion show for wealthy clients when the flat tyre wheel thing happened this evening.

Wendy still couldn’t get over what had just happened, herself and a lady she had met only hours before dressed totally in latex giving hand jobs to two total strangers in a full restaurant in view of half a dozen patrons, who must have known just what was going on under the table. She placed her hand on her mound and slowly massaged it, feeling the love juices slurp around under the latex panties and wishing she could service Ruth now rather than later.

Ruth could sense how Wendy was feeling and what she was doing and said, ”If you can hold off for an hour we will have the time of our lives, trust me. We will need to bring another case of goodies from the wagon into the room to help us with our entertainment, and it’s not full of pump stuff,” laughed Ruth. During the meal Ruth and Wendy discussed the types of garments that Ruth made and what was to happen at the fashion show, it turned out that Wendy would be able to attend and Ruth was very pleased about that as she also thought maybe Wendy could model some items for her.

On their way back to the room Wendy snuggled up to Ruth and whispered, “Ruth, today has been a whirlwind for me and I am feeling quite tired, do you mind if we can just go to bed and get some sleep as I still have a big day driving tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry Wendy, I wasn’t really thinking, and of course we can but only if we can cuddle up together, I really like you Wendy, and you seem to love wearing latex”, replied Ruth.

Once in the hotel room Wendy started to undress but Ruth said,” At least let me do that for you and will you wear a latex nightie for me?”

Wendy replied,” Actually Ruth I really loved the capes we wore when changing the wheel, can I wear that to bed?”

“Of course you can and they will be dry by now, we will just have to talc one up a bit, but I think I will still wear my favourite latex nightie” Ruth responded. Ruth undressed Wendy and suggested she cleaned her teeth etc. in the bathroom whilst she was dusting up the cape.

Wendy came back out of the bathroom and allowed Ruth to ease the cape over her head and down her body and then bringing the hood over her head. She smoothed down the latex all around her body and legs and Wendy hugged her tightly and whispered, “Can I undress you Ruth and help you into your latex nightie?”

”Sure thing but let me do the bathroom stuff first”.

Whilst Ruth was in the bathroom Wendy turned the bed sheets down and lay on the bed caressing her thighs through the cape and enjoying the smooth sensus feeling of the cool latex. She then picked up Ruth’s nightie and brought it up to her nose to inhale the aroma of the latex just as Ruth came out, “Ah, caught you, are you sure you don’t want the nightie to sleep in, you could even have both on if you wish? I have two nighties, I will just have to pop to the wagon to fetch it”.

“ No thanks I am more than happy with just this wonderful rubber cape surrounding me. Now can I undress you Ruth?”

Ruth stood in the centre of the room and posed like a model ready for Wendy to undress her. Wendy pulled down the zipper on Ruth’s green skirt and eased the soft latex down her long legs, pausing to nuzzle her nose into the latex panties and take in the scent of her juices still present from the dinner action. She then eased the panties down too and Ruth stepped out of the panties and skirt. The green top and bra came off next with a pause to suckle on each nipple as she did so. The black latex nightie slid over her head and down her lithe body to present Wendy with the lovely figure of Ruth ready for bed.

They both crawled under the sheets and hugged each other with their hands searching for breasts and love mounds and bottoms and anywhere else they found erotic. Wendy slid down a little so she could place her hood-covered head between Ruth’s breasts and purr just like a kitten. Her hand now found her pussy lips and very softly and slowly massaged them in circles with two fingers. The fingers slid easily around the lips, as Ruth was very wet with her love juices as she began to moan softly and thrust her hips forward as if to put more pressure onto Wendy’s fingers. Wendy responded with more intense massaging until Ruth reached her climax and writhed around the bed holding Wendy’s hand to her crutch so as not to loose pressure.

“Boy I needed that Wendy, Pete couldn’t do it for me but you were perfect. Now one more little thing then we can get some sleep. If you slide back up the bed Wendy I can manoeuvre myself to a nice position for you”.

Ruth eased down the bed so as to crawl into Wendy’s cape from the bottom and slid up inside the cape to a position where her mouth was up against Wendy’s vagina and slowly licked her tongue around and around Wendy’s lovely lips. Wendy held Ruth’s head through the latex cape firmer into her crutch and rubbed her neck softly. With her free hand Wendy pulled the capes hood as far over her face as she could to take in the full aroma of the latex, she found she could just close the hood right over her face to block out the light and be totally engulfed in this wonderful black latex.

It wasn’t too long before Ruth’s efforts brought results with a huge organism that lasted over a minute. Ruth sucked all the juices from her and licked the pussy clean and settled down to sleep still inside the cape and with her mouth pressed against Wendy’s vagina. Wendy now in heaven also slowly dozed of with the thoughts of what would happen between them after all this. Ruth surrounded with the wonderful smooth latex and aroma of it along with Wendy’s love juices soon followed her into slumber.




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