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Rubber Hell

by M88 2: Controlled

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 2: Controlled - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; drug; kidnap; dungeon; latex; catsuit; bond; cuffs; gag; hood; sendep; cell; chast; tease; torment; bdsm; crop; electro; cbt; needles; climax; cons/nc; XXX

story continued from part one

Part 2: Controlled

Having somehow happened to have fallen asleep or more likely passed out from the torture. James woke up still completely covered in rubber and restrained to his bondage bed. His rubber suit was filled with sweat from the night before. His semen and blood had pooled and dried around his ass and over the padded bed. Breathing slowly through his nose the pain from last night was returning. Still taped and unable to move the fear of what may happen to him today filled his mind. How long would it take Jess to control him in both body and mind. His penis was pleading to be released from the metal chastity cage. Luckily the Viagra had passed through his system and his dick was not pressing against the cage any more.

Still in a world of darkness his jaw was killing him. He then had a sudden and dire need to go to the toilet. He was unable to hold it in and pissed all over his balls, legs and then the bed. On top of that he was left feeling humiliated as his penis grew inside the device. Under the bondage hood James had turned red with embarrassment. What would Jess do to his when she found out. It had to be only a matter of time before she entered the cell again.

Sadly for him not only was Jess right outside the cell in her 'to die for' red catsuit. She was also in a bad mood after her team lost at football. James was about to find out how much Jess hated piss. James was struggling with all he had to break free, but with no luck. Jess entered the pin to the cell and opened the thick metal door. James was still struggling like a mad man as Jess closed the door behind her. Jess used the beds hydraulic system to mark her arrival. James once again had his body pulled away from him. She was going to start with some light cbt when she spotted the liquid covering the bed and James's legs. She sexually slid her fingers along his chastity cage and licked the liquid from them. Jess was not very happy about her rubber slave pissing itself. She would go without mercy on his cock and balls. 

It would be a long and painfully day for James.

She started by getting a long stainless steel pole for some sounding. The end was huge and had build in holes for added torture. She covered the steel in lube and slowly pushed it down James's trapped cock. It had soon reached the end of his manhood and was locked in place. The chastity device made the sounding very uncomfortable and waves of pain flowed from his penis. That pain was doubled when she linked it to the electricity. With the needles still pinned into his balls linked up to the power as well. He would have jumped off the bondage bed if it was not for the bounds. The pain shoot through his body as he was shocked time and again. Tears filled his blindfolded eyes and soft cries could just about be heard through his gag. The rubber bondage mittens flicked and stretched as his hands tried to break free. The shocks continued to get stronger and stronger as his penis moved with them. Causing it to rock back and forth in it's cage as he began to orgasm. Ever though he was in a lot of pain from the shocks, they kept stimulating him. His dick was swinging wildly from side to side as he was coming closer to cumming.

James now wanted to be shocked as long as it was bringing him pleasure. Yes it was deeply painfully and turned him into a little gimp. But it was the only way he was ever going to cum in his cock cage. He was starting to get closer and closer to releasing his load. He was right on the edge when she stopped the electrics. She was laughing away as she pick up the next toy for him punishment. She placed 5 small bottles and a plastic funnel between his rubber legs. With the sounding pole still deep inside his dick and locked in place. She removed the tip of the sounding pole to reveal a hollow tube. The tube linked to the small holes now inside James's cock. She put the plastic funnel into the tube and picked up the first bottle. The bottles had helpful labels on them if James wasn't blindfolded he could have seen them.

Very hot water Itching powder (mixed with water) Curry sauce Flammable cream Ice cold water

She open the lid to the first bottle and steam escaped from it. It was the only thing to escape this metal prison. She then lined the funnel and bottle up and poured it out. The liquid quickly emptied from the bottle and in the funnel. From there it rushed down the tube and into the centre of James's manhood. The chains and rubber inched around from the pain. But James could do nothing about it as she picked up the second bottle. Once again she tipped the liquid down the funnel and watched the reaction of her victim. She then left the cell for a couple of hours. Leaving James to focus on the itching powder now starting to work it's evil magic.

Over the next two hours of endless struggling and crying. The itching powder had turned him into a sweaty rubber madman. The sound of squeaking rubber meet Jess as she re-entered the cell. She had a huge smile on her face as she picked up the 3rd bottle. Soon the hot curry sauce was making it's way down the funnel and into the heart of the action. The reaction from her victim made Jess wet. He ripped into his restrains with all he had and screamed so loudly it could be heard through the gag. The liquid even poured out the top of the chastity device going everywhere. James was breathing deeply and loudly through his nose as the curry smell reached him. He was left shaking for another 10 minutes before Jess used the 4th bottle.

He soon feel the cold thin cream running through his dick. It was soon flowing over his balls and the rubber covering his dick. She then got out her lighter and set fire to the cream. The cream exploded in flames for a second and then went out. It didn't burn James's skin or the rubber covering him. Then the feeling it gave him was very unconformable and left a burning feeling. Jess gave him a helping hand and put the cold water down his dick. The cold water was very welcome as it removed the uncomfortable burning feeling.

The feeling was so good at James once again pissed himself. This time right in front of Jess's face. Jess removed the bottles, funnel, sounding tube, chastity device and the ball cage. Freeing James's rubber covered cock which become rock hard within seconds. Jess got the rubber wet with a quick blowjob and then undid the zip to her catsuit. She then straddled James and slowly worked her pussy down his dick. She kept going all the way to his sore balls. Then she started fucking him with real gusto. She was almost jumping up and down on his cock. James was loving her wet pussy lips kissing his balls with each and every bounce. She kept going for another 3 or 4 minutes before turning round and placing her ass down on his cock. Her wet pussy had already lubed the rubber and her ass slid nicely into place. He loving the way she was moving her body. It was unbelievable how good she was at this. After another 3 or 4 minutes she started giving him a blowjob again. After his dick had been up both her pussy and ass. Jess just loved kinky sex and this type of thing was a huge turn on.

She quickly started working his dick and within a minute he was about to cum. The feeling was amazing as James released his load right into her mouth. Cum continued shooting out of James's rubber suit as Jess disconnected herself from it. Her drool was mixing with the salty semen as it dropped from her mouth down her catsuit. She started rubbing it around her face and licked her latex gloved fingers. James was still covered in his own cum and hoped she would go again. Instead She placed her pussy and ass on his face and started lightly tapping his balls. Her smell filled his nose each time he breathed in. The hits to the balls got stronger and she was also grabbing and pulling his cock as well.

His nose was slowly disappearing into her wet pussy. He was starting to suffocate as she unleashed hell on his balls. She had been hitting softly and playfully beforehand. But now she was going to do some hard ball bashing. With her pussy now completely cutting off air to James's nose. She start bringing down the fist hammerlike on both his balls and dick. Unable to breath and with pain shooting from his dick, James was starting to black out. With each hit his eyes started to close more and more behind the blindfold and hood. The rubber covering his dick had nothing apart from squeak with each hit. Her smell and the pain of being punched in the balls would be the last thing he felt.

Just as he was about to go into a world of darkness. She lifted herself off his now wet nose and give him a minute to get some air. Before dropping down on his nose again this time with her ass. She also started giving him a handjob as well as blowjob at the same time. The well lubed rubber squeaked softly with each rub and got wetter with each suck. James was once again fighting for breath under her perfect latex ass. The smell of latex and the horrible smell of Jess dirty ass enclosed around him. His air was almost totally gone as the torturers simulation continued. Just as he was about to blackout he came again. Jess's mouth was again filled with cum as she lifted herself off James's face. James was breathing quickly and deeply through his nose as Jess turned round and spat the cum into his face.

His rubber covered face was now dirty and wet. The breath control torture had been worse than being punched in the balls. His balls where still painful and sore from the endless hits. He was still rock hard and would regreat that for the rest of the night. Jess picked up a very long and thin rope and started wrapping it around his cock. She started with the base and worked her way around his balls. Which made James call out in pain through the gag. She tied the rope around his bellend and tied it off to a strap across his stomach. The rope was extremely tight and cut deeply into his manhood. This kept blood trapped inside and also kept him erect. His dick was now split into four swollen pieces. Head, balls and the shaft was in two parts. The skinny rubber hide how shocking the cock bondage was. She then added two metal thin poles the same high as his cock. And bound them together with plastic ties. Which kept his cock pointing skyward and added another two areas for swelling. Which they quickly did.

With all the cock bondage done and locked in place it was time for Jess to leave. Closing the door on her poor rubber slave for another night made Jess hunger for the morning.

So she could hunt him some more.


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