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Rubber Hell

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; drug; kidnap; dungeon; latex; catsuit; bond; cuffs; gag; hood; sendep; cell; chast; tease; torment; bdsm; crop; electro; cbt; needles; climax; cons/nc; XXX

James was ten minutes early for the date of his life. Silently waiting for Jess the girl of his dreams to arrive. Sitting right at the back of his favourite pub in the centre of Oxford, he nervously sipped his drink. The pint of Fosters he had ordered barely went down after each sip. His hand shaking a little more with each minute that ticked by. He kept checking his phone to see if she had text or called him. But there was nothing but the text from earlier in the day. About meeting up for a drink and a meal. James had got his date a red wine for when she finally walked through the door. Suddenly he spotted a flash of long red through the crowed of people around the door and bar.

It was her.

Luckily she soon spotted him waiting for her and walked over. She looked stunning tonight with her black leather jacket and boots, tight leggings and black Atticus t-shirt. It was a great rock and roll look and it suited her down to the ground. James stood up and give her a quick kiss and cuddle before pulling her chair back so she could sit down. He then sat down himself and asked if the wine was o.k. She thanked him for getting it said it was nice. They then looked through the menu and ordered some food. They stared talking about a number of different things. From films and music to the news and the weather the date was going well. The food was very nice and the drinks kept coming. James was paying for everything and was a little bit shocked when Jess said she would get the next round. James asked her to get him another pint of Fosters and then he needed to head home. Jess left the table and went to the bar. She took her time getting served and walking back to the table. And the pint of Fosters she give him tasted a little bit off. Maybe she had played a joke on him and added a shot of vodka. He was never going to ask if she had done anything. That would have been a stupid thing to do. He just continued drinking and talking to her until the pint was empty. It was now time to head home and sleep off the six pints he had drunk. 

Jess had only had one alcoholic drink all night and was fine to drive. Happily she had parked right outside the pub and they where soon in her blue Ford Focus. They started driving back to James's house which was only 5 minutes drive away. James himself was feeling a little dizzy and had a headache and wanted to go to bed. Jess asked if he would like some water to help and handed him a 500ml bottle of water. James almost drunk the whole 500ml in one go and soon felt a little better. Then out the corner of his eye he spotted that they where leaving Oxford and driving into the countryside. He was feeling heavy and his eyes had started to blur. He tried to open his mouth, but nothing happened. He was trying to keep his eyes open with what little energy he had left. But it was no good. He was soon completely dead to the world. The car kept going deeper into the darkness.  

James had been drugged by Jess. As it happens more than once. She had put a couple of sleeping pills in his last pint and the water was mixed together with chloroform. When you mixed the two together you would be sound asleep for some time. Two hours later Jess parked the car outside a small wooden farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The place looked completely abandoned and unused for years. Jess got out the car and walk up to the old wooden door and pushed it open. It almost fell off it's rusty hinges as it opened up. Jess went into the dirty old house and headed for the ground floor bedroom. The room was completely empty of stuff and light. Jess knew what she was doing as she walked into the centre of the room and lifted up an area of carpet. Hidden under a small bit of removable carpet was a secret door. You needed to enter a password to open the thick metal door. It looked like it was from an old submarine. Jess quickly entered the password.


There was a loud clicking and unbolting sound as the door lifted up. Lights flickered on illuminating a short vertical metal ladder and another metal door at the bottom. Jess climbed down the ladder reaching the second door. The walls around her were painted black and felt like they where closing in on her. She needed to enter another password to continue. She soon keyed it in.    


The same clicking and unbolting echoed from the door as it opened. Jess turned a number of switches on, which poured light into the stainless steel room. Right in the centre of the room was a large stainless steel cell/cage/prison/box it's up to you what you call it. It has only one enter or exit and is completely soundproof. The cage was it's only little world completely cut off from anything or anyone. And in this new world Jess was god. It took her a couple of hours getting James from the car to the first room. She needed to use a body harness and some rope. But somehow she made it happen.

The secret underground camber was split into the inner and outer room. The inner room was the inescapable metal prison cell. And the outer room was for getting the prisoner ready for his time in the prison cell. Jess had all the time in the world to put her captive in his new outfit and lock him in place. She started with a full black rubber catsuit which closed tightly around his unconscious body. The thick rubber suit would cover his hands and feet as well. His cock and balls where not left out as the rubber was wrapped round them. It looked like he was wearing a condom and his dick and balls where pointing out from the suit. She locked the zip at the back of the beautiful suit closed then she moved onto the next item.

She picked up and a huge rubber gag and muzzle harness. The gag would completely fill James's mouth as it had grooves for his teeth. The gag would also push his cheeks out and pin his tongue down. The gag also had a rubber loop which would be restrained against his vocal cords from the inside. The gag would almost stop him from making any noise at all. The muzzle was built into a full head harness and would keep the gag in place. The part of the muzzle that would press down on James's face was covered in a very strong glue. Which would work with the gag and make communication next to impossible. With him being completely out cold moving the gag and muzzle into place was easy. She then added a large blindfold which was locked tightly behind his head. She pushed headphones deep into his ears cutting off most sounds.

Jess wanted to take the bondage to the next level. Even though James was covered in thick rubber, extremely well gag, totally deaf and blindfolded. He needed a bondage hood. Jess had the perfect rubber hood for the level of bondage this set up required. The hood was unbelievable in the way it looked and what it would be like trapped inside it. The rubber was both thick and shiny with only two small holes for James's nose. The inside of the hood had added padding over the mouth, ears and eyes which helped the sensory deprivation. The hood was a perfect match for James's face, head and neck. The hood and zip closed at first and that was followed by it being padlocked shut. The hood had a metal zip cover which was split in half and when padlocked together it would pull the hood ungodly tight. The padlocks would only be 8cm apart and ran top to bottom. The rubber was mixed with a number of chemicals that made it very different to rip or cut.

She wanted him to be unable to move his head or neck. So she got out another one of her lovely toys. This time it was a head and neck brace that would stop any movement at all. It was split into two half's one around his neck and the other around his forehead joined together by 4 metal poles. One on each corner of his bound head. They were all screwed closed and padlocked in place. Just a couple more items and he would be ready for the cell. First James's rubber clad hands where wrapped in electrical tape and then in rubber mittens. Following that his large penis was enclosed in a metal chastity device. His balls were placed in a see through plastic device with very small holes in. Both were padlocked and he was moved into the cell.

Jess needed to enter another pin. She wanted to be the only person who could play with him.


Was entered into the key pad and the heavy metal door opened. It was followed by the one and only light coming on. The room it unveiled was empty apart was a black padded rubber bed which was right in the centre. The bed was solely made to restraint one adult male in cruel and hellish bondage for a long time. The bed was bolted to the stainless steel floor which would stop it from moving. The walls where also made from stainless steel. Which made the room look like it was made from beautiful flowing liquid silver. Jess struggled to lift James onto the bed. His rubber suit making endless squeaking sounds as he was moved into place. His rubber body was soon spread-eagled across the bed. All the metal cuffs and straps line-up with it's appointed area. With that she started restraining him to the bed.

In less then 25 minutes she was done and dusted. All the cuffs and straps had been locked in place with padlocks to keep them on. Next she linked all the metal cuffs and straps to the bed with a mountain of metal chains. The chains ran across the rubber bed being padlocked to a cuff or strap. All the chains had been attached and locked together. This made the bed look like a spider web with a black creature in the centre of it. Jess then entered an number code into the key pad and the bed lifted up. The bed was build on top of hydraulics which pulled the metal chains and James to breaking point. There was no give in the chains any more. James himself was stretched to the point he could no longer move. His muscles where being pulled away from the centre of his body. The hydraulics had not made the bondage uncomfortable or dangerous.

Just complete.

Moving was not an option for James anymore. He was starting to wake up after being asleep for over 8 hours. He tried to jump, struggle, move and do anything to break free. But seeing how he had cuffs around his ankles, below and above his knee, groin, shin, hamstring, hip, stomach, chest, shoulders, wrist, below and above his elbow, neck and head. All the chains where linked together and would never move in any direction. The cuffs and straps pressed tightly into James rubber suit as he want mad with panic. The last thing he could remember was getting into the car. What the hell had happened to him. Breathing quickly through his nose he remembered Jess getting him a drink. As the thick smell of rubber filled his nose he knew something was wrong with that pint. What had Jess done to him. He would soon discover how evil she was.

12 Hours later.

Having somehow had some sleep James woke up still in this nightmare. The reason he woke up was because he felt someone was watching him. He was right. Jess was standing over him in her beautiful red rubber catsuit with a large smile on her lovely face. It was playtime now and she had all the toys to make his life hell. She'd start it all off by whipping him from head to toe. He tried to scream. He tried to move. But she continued to play with him this time with a cattle prod. He would be screaming his lungs out if it wasn't for the gag. She then made him sniff her old stinky shoes, dirty underwear and an airborne sugar strong Viagra.

The Viagra would have made him rock hard if he was not locked into a chastity device. His penis was pushing against the metal trying to escape. It was torture and went on for three hours. He could feel something pushing against his left ball. It was a needle and it broke through the skin and out the other side. It was followed by another 20 needles. Blood was dripping from his ball sack. Jess then connected two metal clips to two of the needles. She then started shocking James's balls. The pain was blinding and made his penis release his semen.

Jess's job was done. She would be back tomorrow.


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