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Rubber Gloved Gift

by Nightwish

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© Copyright 2004 - Nightwish - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cuffs; video; tease; torment; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

I had not seen my mistress for some time as we both had obligations to fulfill for the holidays, and our last encounter had left me quite exhausted anyway, so it was just as well. (see my story Rubber Gloves) I had done a lot of surfing and found an amazing number of sites that offered photos, illustrations, and even custom videos, but had little time to view them when I went back to work.

Goddess returned one afternoon while I was there and called to see what time I would be home. I replied about nine o'clock and she seemed very pleased with the answer and hung up. I was puzzled but didn't think about it until I was on my way home. Under normal circumstances she would have been irrate that I could not get home sooner to serve her so I pondered what this meant.

When I opened the door she was there to greet me in her satin dressing gown. I knew the look on her face and it gave me a chilling sensation that I was in deeper that I would want to be again.

She hurried me into the bedroom which seemed to be very well lit, and the bed was stripped and covered with a latex sheet. I was ordered to go into the bathroom and change while she got 'everything ready'. I didn't care for the implication but did as I was told anyway. As I disrobed she told me how she had enjoyed looking through the sites I had visited on the web and decided to make her own contribution. All that was there for me to change into was a pair of rubber briefs and a latex blindfold, which I did.

I entered the bedroom and was promptly tied spread eagle to the bed, to which she exclaimed "lights, camera, action".

She explained that we were going to take some photographs to post on several sites. She started the automatic timer on the camera and climbed onto the bed with me. The camera was above my head and she situated herself between my legs. She let her gloved hands move up my thighs slowly, pausing everytime the camera warned it was about to take a picture. Up my sides to my stomach, then slowly peeling the underwear down until my genitals were fully exposed. She let her fingers pull up my erection and I knew immediatey that she was wearing her favorite elbow length latex gloves.

She moved up and down me, manipulating my cock and balls in every way possible. I hoped that I would not run out before the timer which seemed it could go on forever. She explained it was a digital camera and could take lots of pictures without reloading. Could I? Fortunately the filming stopped long before that and my whole body ached for completion. Then I heard her removing her gloves! She explained she wanted three sets of pictures, one with her long black gloves, one with her long red ones, and a third with her favorite industrial gloves. I could only sigh through the gag. Who said you can't have too much of a good thing?

Finally, after what seemed hours (though it was probably only 30 minutes) the third set of pictures was done, but I was still not given any release. Every fiber of my body was begging for it, but all I got was some ice on my engouraged penis forcing it flacid. I was then allowed to go to the bathroom (an extreme relief) and was told to dress again. This time in full regalia, long rubber gloves, a rubber tank top, long bermuda shorts and latex stockings. The shorts having a very conviently located panel that would expose me completely when removed.

I entered the bedroom again to see Goddess in all her glory. She was dressed in her long red latex gloves, a red rubber corset and long red rubber stockings. I was bound to the bed again and seemed to blend into the rubber scene. Goddess positioned herself differently now, straddling my chest, facing my feet. The camera was still over my head so it was a few moments before I realized that another was positioned at the opposite end, this one a video camera!

The camera was rolling as she began to undo the crotch of my pants and proceed to entice me in every way possible to cum, always releasing me just short of completion. At this point I was manic. I begged and pleaded but there was no respite until she felt she had enough filmed. Then she asked if I was ready. She firmly placed one hand around my throbbing member and cupped the other over by testicles and began her slow steady motion. It became stronger and fiercer until I had no choice but to explode in an amazing rubber climax. She kept it up until she had thoroughly 'milked' me and then got up to turn off the camera.

Sweat oozed from every pore as I gave in to complete submission. To my surprise I was not released to clean up the carnage, but she began to do it herself with a warm washcloth. It was then I realized the awful truth. She planned to make three videos as well !! We could not finish until the small hours of the morning, as I required more recovery time than usual, but she seemed pleased with the results. The next day she uploaded the pictures and placed them on the various websites she had earmarked.

It wasn't long before the requests for videos came in. And some for more specialized ones, that I knew she would want to shoot, so I just keep taking my vitamins waiting for our next 'filming day'. I'll tell you all about it, if I survive.


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