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Rubber Gloves

by Nightwish

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© Copyright 2006 - Nightwish - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; latex; bond; gloves; tease; torment; denial; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

Part 1

I had recently sent for a piece of sound equipiment, and as usual received a slew of junkmail along with it. One piece was a scientific catalogue which had an entire section on protective gloves. I searched out what seemed to be the most interesting ones and sent for them to be delivered to my mistress' address. Several weeks later she commented that they had arrived, but she showed no signs of being impressed and I dropped the subject.

A few weeks later I was summoned to her apartment and as I entered, found her reclining on the bed. This was a foreboding sign as I was used to her greeting me at the door and I knew I might be in some difficulty. She was dressed in one of her finest waspies custom made of red and black rubber, a latex garter and black latex stockings. I stood before her, the beads of perspiration already forming on my brow, as she matter-a-factly commanded me to go into the bathroom and dress. I thought that there must have been some transgression of which I was unaware to bring on such a display and I shuddered to think what type of punishment might me in store for me.

I obeyed as quickly as possible, first getting into a pair of red latex stockings, black bermuda length fitted shorts, a red rubber tank top, and long black latex gloves. I no sooner had stepped back into the room when Mistress secured a rubber ball gag in my mouth and commanded me to bring her the gloves I had sent her weeks earlier.

Immediately after I brought them to her, she fitted a heavy rubber blindfold around my head, then proceeded to fit a rubber belt at my waist and rubber restraints to my wrists that were deftly secured to the belt so I could not move my arms. In fact I was so paralyzed with apprehension I could not have moved at all. I could hear her rummaging through the package as she explained to me that each pair would have to be tested. It was not long before I found out how. She slowly and deliberately unzipped my shorts until my genitals hung out completely exposed to her. She then donned the first pair of gloves and began to toy with me. The effect was almost like an electric shock as her smooth fingers probed and manipulated me.

I did my best to stand in place as I had been told to do but I'm sure I was visibly squirming with each carress. Finally the onslaught stopped, but it was only to try a second pair. I knew that if I came before I was instructed to do so there would be a dire price to pay, so I steeled myself as best I could until I thought I had no reserves left. It seemed like hours (though I'm sure it was not) before she found a pair that seemed to get the reaction she was looking for, perhaps the sixth pair, when I began to groan against my bonds and beg through the gag.

In an instantaneous movement she unzipped the shorts completely, falling to the floor, and she pulled me onto the bed so that I fell across her lap. In a flurry of motion her hand came up over her head and fell resoundingly on my buttocks. She repeated this until a predetermined redness was produced and stopped. She seemed to relax for a moment, but it was short lived as a series of whip strokes began to rack my body. The intense pain was offset by the intoxicating smell of rubber and sex, and as I had fallen, my stiffened member landed between her rubber coated thighs which were squeezing together throughout the entire exercise. My head began to swim as the punishment ceased and I was helplessly rolled onto my back.

She then gently held my penis by the head and sharply drew down her rubber whip on it so that it completely wrapped around it. The shocking ebb of pain ran through me as it seemed to give her a certain feeling of accomplishment. She then proceeded to straddle my chest facing my feet, and when she seemed comfortable enough, began to tease me in the most erotic way possible. I had become numb to all but the sensations eminating from my groin and prayed that I would be able to last as long as they would be allowed to continue.

Cupping my balls in one hand, she began to move up and down my shaft with vigorous intent and I could not see how anything but the obvious climax could occur, yet I had not been given permission for it. Just as the finale approached, she stopped short sending me into spasms that might have doubled me over if I had been free to do so. But it died away quickly as she resumed her manipulations, only to stop short again.

She than asked if I was now ready to cum. I answered her through tearing eyes and she began again with new relish that telegraphed that there would be no ending this time, and minutes later I came with such orgasmic force that it might have been measurable by seismograph. She worked until she felt she had 'milked' me thoughly and then cleaned me with a moist cloth. This was unusual. I made a motion to get up and found I was not yet released from my bondage as my mistress gleefuly whispered in my ear that I was not going anywhere yet because there were still six more pairs of gloves to test!.........

* * * *

I was drenched in sweat and thoroughly exhausted from my episode, so one can imagine when my mistress hinted that we were far from finished I began to panic. Happily she released my wrist restraints and removed my gag and blindfold which gave some resussitation to my condition. There was, of course, a reason for this. As she sat up and spread her legs suggestively what I was supposed to do was not left to the imagination. I gingerly worked my way up her rubber clad legs she smiled, but still gave me cause for concern as she was playing with the rubber whip which I had tasted earlier.

I moved to her mound and gently parted her lips, inserting my own latex digits to expose her clit and began to massage it gently. Soon she was wet with pleasure and pushed my head down toward her sex. I knew exactly what she wanted and proceeded to use my rather long tongue to it's fullest advantage, while one hand encompased a breast and the other explored her inner thighs.

Mistress is not prone to inflamatory expressions of delight, and indeed on many an instance I could not even get her to achieve orgasm, but I could tell that she was enjoying the attention. I needed to take momentary breaks to breathe, and realized that some sexual awakening was returning to myself. It did not go unnoticed by Mistress either. After what appeared to be three-quarters of an hour of this foreplay she bade me to stop with a slick flick of the wrist and the whip on my naked cheeks.

I stopped and she nodded approvingly (at least one good sign) and then instantly replaced the blindfold and gag. This turn, however, both devices were the inflatable rubber type and she wasted no time in seeing how far they would go. I was then pushed onto the bed face up and my wrists were secured to each headpost. With some difficult stretching (this was a queen size bed after all, and I am only about 5'7") my ankles were attached in a similar manner leaving me splayed in the traditional 'spread eagle' position.

Once again the sweat literally poured off me and the entoxication aroma of rubber and sex was dizzying when coupled with my bondage. Every nerve seemed a hot point. And then the 'tests' began anew. At first she slowly she worked her way around my form, legs, thighs, stomach, and nipples, ever so carefully making sure not to do anything more than brush against my swollen cock, until every atom literally begged for her to draw her attention there. Whether pleasure or punishment, it did not matter and in due course it got plenty of both. I began to lose count (and consciousness) when she finally announced the twelfth pair.

They were the pick of the litter, heavyweight industrial rubber elbow length gloves. They had an erotic insignia all their own, and I arched up several times as she put them to work. The pain of incompletion now melded with the pleasure of the massage as she stopped and started several times as before. When it seemed I had no purchase left she returned to my testes, rolling them like fragile marbles in her heavy rubber palms. But she was growing tired of the game and onto my engorged phalllus in earnest, letting one hand after the other slide forcefully down the shaft from head to base. I know I made a great deal of noise, mostly begging I believe, acquiesced to my disposition.

Cupping my balls in one hand she clasped fully around me and repeated the more familiar up and down motion, increasing the tempo and the grip until I feared she might tear it from me. In one mighty cataclysmic moment I exploded with a fury I had never known before. After making sure I had completely spent myself I was released from my bondage and left to clean and prepare our rubber garments while the mistress lounged. She seemed pleased with this meeting and said she had enjoyed the 'experiment', and that we should repeat it sometime in the future.

When the euphoria wore off as I returned home, I immediately made several phone calls... and ordered three new catalogues.



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