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Rubber Breathing Therapy 2

by Scubadude

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© Copyright 2011 - Scubadude - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; latex; nurses; uniforms; balloon; vacbed; sealed; underwater; mask; breathplay; gas; suffocate; tease; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; XX

continues from part one

Rubber Breathing Therapy Continues

I could hear myself breathing I was beginning to regain consciousness, I was totally relaxed, a relaxed and calm state that I had never experienced before. The sound of my breathing was intense, I attempted to open my eyes they felt like ton weights and I struggling to focus. I was lying in a hospital bed, I groped at the bed sheets and realised they were made of rubber, I lifted my hand to my face and cupped the oxygen mask I was wearing. I tried hard to focus. I could see curtains drawn all around the bed, I concentrated straining my eyes, they too were made of rubber. Suddenly memories came flooding back, the overwhelming feeling of being suffocated. I began gasping for air, in the panic I unnoticeably pulled the rubber bed sheets over my face. The rubber sheet sucked against the oxygen mask smothering me. “Nurse!” I shouted out in a blind panic.

A few seconds later the rubber sheet was lifted from my face revelling a blurry figure of a woman. I concentrated and my vision began to clear. It was one of the rubber nurses, her uniform captivating, skin tight showing every curve of her body. “So eager for your next session aren’t you!”

I looked at her “where am I?”

“You are in the recovery room of the rubber therapy unit, you had quite an ordeal yesterday. We’ve been monitoring your recovery whilst undergoing your oxygen therapy. You will be ready for the next stage of therapy later today.”

Thoughts ran through my mind about the therapy. The feeling of being encased in tight vacuumed rubber latex, unable to move, my breath being controlled by the rubber nurses, it was unbelievable. I pulled at the rubber bed sheets wraping them tight against my naked body, going over thoughts in my mind what happened yesterday. I still can’t believe it happened.

“We have something lined up for you today that I’m sure will please you.” The Nurse smiled turned and walked through the curtains. My mind was racing, what could she mean?

About 20 minutes later I could hear the sounds of rubber and stiletto heels coming closer. The rubber curtains where drawn to one side, there stood the rubber consultant and two rubber nurses. They came in and drew the curtains behind them. “How are we feeling today?” asked the consultant.

I answered muffled by the oxygen mask “I feel amazing.”

“Looking at you I think you are ready for your next therapy session. Do you have any idea as to what we have in store for you? Think about your fetish fantasies, if there was one other element you could combine with yesterday’s therapy what would it be?” She looked deep into my eyes and said, “what about being underwater?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“There is something special about being able to breathe underwater isn’t there. What about being completely submerged….. underwater….. in rubber latex.”

Oh my god! I gasped with disbelief, my penis began to swell under the rubber sheets with the thought of what I was going to happen.

The sound of the patient trolley came into the room, the rubber curtains rustled and squeaked as they where drawn open. Two more rubber nurses now joined the team. I looked at the nurses, they weren’t wearing their rubber nurse’s uniforms instead they wore skin tight black rubber cat suits. The rubber appeared as if it had been painted onto their skin, perfect following every contour and curve of their beautiful bodies. My eyes were drawn uncontrollable to her crotch, no zip to spoil the view. I could see the lips of their shaven pussy’s clearly, smothered in airtight black latex. Their breasts perfectly round and nipples erect glistening as the light reflected of the shiny black latex.

One of the nurses began pumping the bed lifting it, another nurse pulled the rubber bed sheets back exposing my naked body. My penis was erect but it felt different, I looked down, I had been catheterised! I was in a sudden state of shock! I felt extremely awkward and vulnerable but to my surprise excited at the sight of this. I suddenly realised, I could feel the rubber tube inside my penis!

One of the nurses crossed the room and brought over a drip stand and a trolley with what appeared to carry cleaning products, rubber tubing and bags of fluid. The curtains were again drawn around us. She handed a pair of latex surgical gloves to each of the rubber nurses and they began to don them. I watch and listened at this amazing spectacle, all I could see and hear was rubber. The nurses sliding their hands into the surgical gloves squeaking, rustling, stretching the latex, their fingers wriggling expelling the air from the gloves. Snapping sound as the cuffs sealed around their wrists.

“We had to catheterise you as we didn’t want you sleeping in wet rubber, also we thought we would introduce you to some wet rubber bladder play.”

One of the rubber nurses took a hold of my penis with her rubber gloved hands, the sensation and feeling of her hand around my shaft was just fantastic. My penis jerked and hardened, I could feel the rubber tube stretch inside me, what are they going to do to me?

Another nurse began to set up what appeared to be a black rubber re-breathing bag which was full of fluid and hung it from the drip stand. Another nurses took hold of the rubber tube protruding from the tip of my penis and disconnected the collection bag. A rubber tube running from the rubber bag was connected to my catheter. The tap was opened, warm fluid began to enter my penis down my shaft and into my bladder! I moaned out loud as my bladder began to fill, the swelling inside me filled me with utter shock and urgency! I felt like I was going to wet myself and panicked gasping into the mask, my penis throbbed and my bladder ached for release, it was as if my penis was being drowned!

The tap was closed, “how are you feeling?”

I couldn’t believe it but I was really enjoying this! The rubber bag was taken down from the drip stand and placed onto my abdomen. I watched as it jiggling around as I breathed, warm and rubbery against my skin. The nurse then opened the tap, a gushing sensation of fluid erupted from my penis as the fluid returned back into the bag, the relief was indescribable.

“Keep urinating empty your bladder” said the rubber consultant.

I have never been told to do this before but it felt so good. I could feel the rubber tube within my throbbing hardon, I was empty and full of relief. The rubber consultant placed her gloved hands around the bag and stared into my eyes, she began to squeeze the bag forcing the fluid back into me. I jolted and gasped which really pleased her, the building sensation and urgency returned to my bladder I suddenly realised that all of the rubber nurses were watching me intensely, I felt a wave of immense embarrassment and helplessness flood my mind as I lay there naked and exposed in such a graphic way. I lay there for all those surrounded by the rubber curtains to enjoy.

She began to squeeze and release the bag, I realised it was in time with my breathing it felt as if my penis was almost re-breathing the fluid! The bursting sensation as the fluid was forced in and sudden feeling of relief as I urinated the fluid back was just sublime.

“I think you are now ready for mutual micturition, nurse connect yourself to him.”

What the hell did she mean connect herself to me!!

One of the rubber nurses walked over, she began to roll up her rubber uniform. I watched as she slowly rolled the latex revealing the top of her thighs then her beautifully silky smooth pussy came into view. Suddenly my eyes widened with disbelief she too was catheterised! The rubber nurse took hold of the catheter tube protruding from her vagina, it had two connectors both had been capped to prevent fluid loss. The consultant brought over a metal dish and held it under the catheter, the rubber nurse pulled one of the caps off and it began to drain herself into the dish. I was in utter disbelief as to what I was seeing.

The consultant disconnected the tube attached to my catheter and offered it to the rubber nurse, she attached the tube to her catheter and removed the other cap. The consultant took hold of the latex catheter protruding from my penis and connected another rubber tube to it and handed it to the rubber nurse.

Oh my god! I watched her connect it to her, we were now joined bladder to bladder!

The rubber nurse looked right into me with a stare of pure lust, she pinched the rubber tube connecting us as the rubber bag was hung back up on the drip stand, then the tap was opened. She began to breath more deeply and moan with pleasure as fluid flooded her. This was a bizarre but fascinating sight, the tap was closed as she was now full. The rubber nurse again stared into my eyes and let go of the rubber tube, suddenly I could feel fluid rushing down my shaft into me! I gasped deeply as she urinated the fluid into me!

My swollen hardon became even harder, the rubber tube stretched inside me massaging me from the inside. I felt like I was going to burst and began to push the fluid back to her. The rubber nurse began to moan with pleasure as I forced the fluid back inside her, the feeling of this was just unimaginable I couldn’t believe what I was doing. The fluid began to return to me the sudden sensation and urgency was breath taking. The rubber nurse came close to me, she lent over and came face to face with me. I began to empty my bladder into her as she stared right into my eyes, she was smiling and began breathing faster as the warm fluid flooded her. She removed my oxygen mask and began to kiss me, the fluid exchanges began to happen more rapid waves of urgency and relief as we kissed. I didn’t want to this to stop I just couldn’t get enough of this. She stood back up again and replaced the oxygen mask over my face.

“That is enough for now” said the rubber consultant “I will now leave you with the nurses.”

I was disconnected for the rubber tube and drained of all the fluid. One of the nurses connected a syringe to the catheter and deflated the balloon within my bladder. She began to withdraw the rubber catheter from my penis, I could feel the rubber tube moving inside me, it was an intensely strange and wonderful feeling as the latex rubber tube was removed from me. They set about cleaning and dried me which was a very pleasurable experience. The rubber curtains were once again opened and the patient trolley was brought along side of the bed, I was then transferred across onto the trolley. My mask was disconnected from the wall supply and connected to the oxygen cylinder under the trolley.

Once again I found myself being wheeled down the white corridors. This time I was totally naked no gown or sheets, my penis erect sticking right up. This time though I was totally relaxed, no shame or embarrassment, I felt totally at ease and a sense of real liberation. We passed the gas cylinders and other types of breathing equipment along the way. After a short while we came to another door, above the door a sign read ‘Hydro Therapy Suite’. A sense of real excited and intrigue filled me, I began breathing heavily with the building thoughts of what I was about to encounter.

We entered the room the pungent smell rubber and chlorine filled my nostrils, the room echoed, I could hear the sound of water lapping against the pool side. One of the rubber nurses lifted the head rest of the trolley so I could see. What an amazing sight, there in front of me was the large hydro pool, on one side steps gradually descending into the water, on the other was a hoist stretcher of some kind, different types of breathing equipment all around from breathing apparatus to anaesthetic machines.

I could see the consultant who had now changed into one of the rubber diving catsuits, she was checking some of the breathing equipment. She then looked over to us. “Arrh you look fully recovered and your oxygen saturation levels will now be perfect for you first hydro therapy session” she said as she walked over to us. “Please fit him with a latex bathing cap, a pair latex socks and a pair of latex surgical gloves, I’d say size 7 then lubricate him heavily head to toe.”

My eyes widened at hearing this. The rubber nurses surrounded me and began to prep me for what lay in store. “Please lift your head from the pillow” said one of the rubber nurses, she then slipped the latex swimming cap over my head covering my ears smoothing it out around my head. Another nurse slipped my feet into the soft rubber socks. A pair of latex surgical gloves was opened and I was told to present my hands like a surgeon would prepping for theatre. I held out my hands in front of me and I watched as the rubber nurse slipped each of my hands into the surgical gloves carefully smoothing the latex around my wrists.

The trolley side was lowered and the rubber nurses helped me to my feet. My oxygen mask was again disconnected from the cylinder underneath the trolley while another rubber nurse wheeled over a gas trolley. My mask was connected to the cylinder and the flow of oxygen started again. We walked over to the consultant the feeling standing there with a huge hard on, only my extremities covered in rubber latex was just mind blowing. The rubber nurses began smearing the lube all over my body, “oh god!” I shouted, it felt like a hundred rubber gloved hands were groping me all over.

Whilst I was being subjected to this rubber erotic feast the consultant picking up a large transparent latex balloon and begin to inflate it with an air gun. I was in ecstasy all around me rubber nurses rubbing lube all over my hairless body with their rubber gloved hands. One of them took a condom from the side, she then knelt down in front of me, my penis was rock hard and sticking right out in front of her face. She began to put the condom onto my cock gently squeezing it down my shaft removing the trapped air. I moaned with sheer delight as I watched. Once she reached to base of my penis she then continued over my balls sealing them inside the condom.

“We have no control over your penis during this session and we don’t want you cumming into our pool” said the consultant.

The nurses wearing the rubber diving suits moved over to the pool and put on scuba sets. After donning their sets they checked their air supplies, regulators hissed as they inhaled. They then put on lead ankle weights and began to walk down the steps into the water hissing as they breathed. I couldn’t take my eyes off their rubber arses I just wanted to grope them. They continued into the water slowly disappearing beneath the surface in a flurry of bubbles.

The balloon was now full, huge about 7 ft in diameter. I was walked over to the pool side and my oxygen mask was removed.

“You’re going inside” said the consultant. “You are now going to experience total rubber enclosure whilst submerged underwater. Your air supply will simply be the remaining air left inside the latex balloon. This is the reason we have been oxygenating you. As you can imagine the air won’t last long but your body is now saturated with oxygen. You won’t be able to communicate how you are feeling but we will be monitoring you at all times, don’t worry about suffocating whist you are down there. Remember what we said at the beginning of your first therapy session and enjoy it you’re in total safety.” She cupped my face with her gloved hands “you're so going to enjoy this, the feeling of being wrapped airtight in rubber latex, a real sense of suffocation as the rubber engulfs you but at the same time protects you.”

I was lost for words, fantasies flashed through my mind. I was fitted with a very thin rubber coated lead weight belt around my waist to help me sink, then the nurses gathered around me. The balloon was brought over. “Lean forward.” As I did the neck of the balloon was pulled over my head allowing some of the air to escape. The nurses then with the greatest of ease, pulled the balloon down over my lubricated shoulders down to my waist. I was now standing half inside the inflated balloon, I could see all around through the transparent latex. I looked down at my penis, it was still outside of the balloon.

One of the rubber nurses moved over in front of me. I watched as she took hold of my man hood pressing it against my stomach then pulling the balloon downwards. As she did this I shuddered with pleasure making the balloon quiver all around me. I continued into the balloon pulling each of my legs in one by one. Once fully inside I was helped to walk back and the neck of the balloon was moved to the top of my head. The rubber nurses then pulled my head through the neck of the balloon and sealed it around my neck.

“Most of the air will need to be removed from the balloon to allow you to sink. You will then be sealed inside of the balloon. We will then lower you into the water using the hoist and then we are going to have some fun with you.”

My heart was pounding, I was trembling with excitement. The hoist was on a runner system and was pulled across the pool to us. It was like a stretcher suspended from the ceiling, controlled by remote control. My head was pulled back inside of the balloon and the air was let out. The latex wall of the balloon was super slippery with all the lube that had been used and began to close in on me. As the air rushed out the rubber wall pushed my penis close against my abdomen. The balloon was then sealed with a closing clamp and I was helped to lie on the stretcher. I was quite alarmed at how little air had been left inside and wasn’t sure if there was enough. I was quickly moved over the pool and began to lower into the water. The latex skin of the balloon was very thin.

The stretcher reached the waters surface and the water began lapping around me making me gasp. It felt like the water was splashing onto my skin through the latex. I was really unsure about this and began to panic. The water rose splashing over me and onto the rubber which covered my face making me gulp for air. Suddenly the water seemed to swallow me and I was completely submerged underwater. The pressure of the water squeezed the latex balloon against me like a vac bed. Despite this I could move with ease inside the lubricated latex skin. It was like slipping between latex bed sheets almost like a rubber sandwich between two rubber waterbeds caressing every inch of my body. I lifted my arms, suddenly all of the air rushed up towards them. The balloon vacuumed tight over my face and I began to panic sucking the latex even tighter over my face. I sucked opened mouthed wide sucking the latex into my gapping mouth. I realising that beyond the latex there wasn’t any air now only water!

I moved my arms up to my face realising the vacuum hold of the rubber and I could breathe again. I calmed down and looked around. I was now at the bottom of the pool, I must be about 10 feet from the surface. Oh my god! I was in a real breathless, rubber aqua fantasy. The rubber divers were now looking at me. They knelt down and lifted me from the stretcher. I watched as the air bubbles escaping from their mouth pieces rushing to the surface causing ripples above. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I was underwater in total rubber enclosure. As I breathed the skin of the balloon pulled closer and then lifted as I exhaled. I realised that I was now slowly suffocating underwater!

Loud thuds came from above and I could see two of the rubber nurses had dived in. To my delight they had stripped off now totally naked apart from diving masks, rubber bathing caps and wearing scuba sets. They swam over to me, I watched their perfectly formed breasts jiggle around weightless underwater. This was the most erotic sight I had ever seen and began to use up my air. The rubber divers moved me around one took hold of me by my feet the other by my shoulders holding me steady. One of the nurses swam close to me. She began caressing me all over, her hands reached up to my face, the feeling of her hands rubbing the latex against my face was indescribable. She swam up above me then lowered herself onto me wrapping her legs around my hips and pushing her sex against mine through the latex. I moaned out loud and realised that they couldn’t hear me.

No one except us knew what was happening down here, I felt a calming wave of freedom like I have never felt before come over me. I was being subjected to my deepest sexual fantasies and the only people here were those who shared the same thoughts and feelings. This was truly the most liberating experience. All thoughts of everyday life were gone, my mind filled with nothing but pure sexual lust and fantasies. I was now being vaginally masturbated through the latex skin of the balloon. The other naked nurse then swam above my head showing her shaven pussy to me. She had the most perfect lips, I was so sexually focused I just felt so free of all my inhabitations I began having extreme sexual thoughts which I had always shied away from before. Looking at her sex though the latex I just wanted to make out with it. I then got my wish as she lowered herself onto my face. She wrapped her legs around my head smothering me with her sex.

I tried to breathe as I did I sucked the latex tight like cling film around my head, I could feel her pussy lips touching mine. I began making out with it unable to breathe. I didn’t care though knowing I was in safe hands, this only added to my sexual pleasure. I was being smothered inside a latex balloon underwater by naked divers! My penis felt like it was going to explode. Oxygen depravation began to take effect as the air was running out. Suddenly I began to cum uncontrollably, my body seized and I began to thrust my penis rubbing against the pussy of the naked diver though the latex. The naked divers released me and I continued squirming around uncontrollably inside my submerged rubber bubble. I began to breathe heavier and heavier, I was succumbing to the effects of oxygen deprivation as I continued to suffocating underwater. This was a bizarre feeling being able to gasp for air underwater, only a thin membrane of rubber latex prevented me from inhaling water and drowning.

The rubber divers moved me back onto the stretcher and began to lift me towards the surface. We seemed to be moving very slowly, I didn’t feel like I was going to make it. My breathing became uncontrollable, the immense feeling of smothering and suffocating flooded my mind and body there was rubber everywhere, being underwater added to the torment of being suffocated. My penis began to cum again as I gasped the last of the oxygen. I broke the surface of the water, no longer underwater but I was still suffocating fully enclosed in the airtight latex balloon. I looked around gasping for air, my lungs begging for oxygen. The clamp was removed allowing life giving air to be sucked into the balloon. I gulped huge lungs full of fresh air, my lungs relieved as once again they had oxygen.

My head was pulled out through the neck of the balloon and as soon as my head was though one of the rubber nurses placed a black rubber anaesthetics mask over my face and strapped it on tight. I tried to breathe in be the mask sucked tight against my face smothering me and I began to panic. Suddenly my lungs inflated and I began to breathe. I was on some sort of ventilator and could only breathe in when the ventilator allowed me to. The consultant was in the pool now and leaned over me. “Now for some serious underwater breath control.”

I tried to breath but the ventilator had control of me. I was fitted with a pair of headphones. “These will allow me to speak to you underwater. I will be wearing a full-face mask fitted with a microphone so I can instruct you whilst we are down there. Nurse fit him with a pair of goggles, I want him to see.”

One of the rubber divers fitted me with the swimming goggles whilst the consultant donned her mask. “Going down” suddenly the hoist began to move and I began to sink back underwater. I began to panic sucking at the rubber mask airtight smothering me. I realised that no one could hear me! The ventilator wasn’t delivering enough air, I needed more air but couldn’t tell anyone. I squirmed around in the latex balloon. All of the air had been removed from the balloon which now vacuumed tight against my body squeezing my penis flat against my stomach. As we descended the vacuum increased holding me tighter. Suddenly a voice entered my head. “Can you hear me?”

I looked up and there was the consultant. I could see her entire face through the large glass front of the mask. I nodded to say I could hear. “Good then lets begin.”

I was left on the stretcher suspended mid-water and all of the nurses gathered around me. “Please focus on your breathing. I can tell you are trying to fight the ventilator. You will simply suffocate yourself if you continue to struggle.”

I relaxed my lungs like before in the therapy room allowing the ventilator to take over. Oh my god this was an unbelievable feeling. My lungs were under her control having oxygen forced into them underwater!

“I think you are enjoying your underwater breath control therapy yes?”

I continued ventilated breathing for several minutes, lying there looking around at all the rubber nurses like this was just beyond comprehension.

“We will now switch you from mechanical ventilation to manual resuscitation.”

One of the naked nurses moved over holding a black rubber resuscitator which was feed by a hose from her oxygen cylinder. The black rubber hose was then attached to my mask. The ventilator stopped and the nurse began to squeeze the bag. My chest rose as she forced the oxygen from the bag into my lungs, as my lungs relaxed a bubble burst from the front of my mask. I watched her hands caressing the bag as she squeezed it, I could tell she was getting a kick from controlling my breath this way her nipples were as hard as bullets. The consultant then took over the resuscitator from the nurse. She held it up in front of my face allowing me to watch every breath. She then stopped squeezing the rubber bag. “Can you breathe?” she said.

I tried to inhale sucking the mask tight. I shook my head to let her know I couldn’t breathe and she smiled at me. “You are now under my total control. Tell me, how many breaths do you think you need every minute? 15… 10… 5… what about 2?”

One of the nurses held an underwater timer for the consultant to time my breaths with. “I think we will start at 15” squeezing the resuscitator allowing me to breathe again.

She continued this for a couple of minutes and I felt fine. “I think I will now try 10 breaths per minute”

She continued squeezing the rubber resuscitator, air forced into my lungs then burst from my mask as I exhaled. “Are you feeling comfortable?” said the consultant.

I nodded signalling I was fine with the amount of air I was receiving.

“Hmm let’s try 5 breaths per minute.” She slowed the squeezing rate of the resuscitator, there was much longer gaps between each breath. This continued for about 3 minutes and I began to feel a little short of breath.

“How are you feeling now?” I moved my head to say a little uncomfortable.

“I will now lower you 1 breath per minute for every minute passed until we get down to 1…. Breath….. per minute. Lets see what happens if we introduce some sexual activity.” She signalled to one of the nurses.

The nurse moved closer and began rubbing my penis. I could feel the rubber squeaking as she massaged my penis sending vibrations through my shaft. This caused me to gasp sucking the mask tightly over my face. I watched the resuscitator being squeezed less and less as the minutes passed. My lungs began to beg for more air, there simply wasn’t enough. I sucked at the mask sucking a breath in as she squeezed but each breath felt short. I began to panic blowing out what little air I had watching those precious air bubbles escaping from my rubber mask towards the surface. Submerged deep underwater increased the smothering feeling ten fold, I couldn’t just take the mask off and breathe!

“You must be quite short of breath by now. I am supplying you with 3 breaths per minute.” She wrapped both hands around the rubber resuscitator. “I will at least allow you the full amount of air contained inside the rubber bag.”

Instinct took over me I tried to my arms up towards my face I needed more air. Suddenly all of the nurses grabbed hold of me pulling my arms down to my sides. They began strapping me to the stretcher preventing me from moving. I squirmed moaning into my mask pointlessly as no one could hear me and even if the nurses could they wanted me to struggle.

“You are now at 2 breaths per minute.”

All of the nurses began groping me all over. One put her hands around my face holding the rubber mask making sure I didn’t shake it free. I waited for the resuscitators rubber bag to be squeezed. My lungs made a hooping sound as I gulped the air in. I tried to hold onto it but I couldn’t and exhaled losing the precious air instantly attempting to breathe in sucking the rubber mask like a gloved hand smothering me. I was being smothered underwater at the bottom of the pool. The nurses continued to grope my latex covered body, one nurse managed to pull my penis upright allowing it to stick out shrink wrapped in the latex of the balloon like a condom. She then removed her mouth piece and began oral sex giving me a blow job as she held her breath. I squirmed inside the latex balloon feeling her lips around my shaft. She began to suck on it as if to draw a breath from it. Another breath came extending my suffocation. I could feel my body shaking with the lack of oxygen. My diaphragm convulsed in a desperate attempt to breathe.

“You are now going to experience the most intense feeling of suffocation possible. Remember you are in a controlled environment and in total safety.”

The resuscitator bag was switched for a black rubber re-breathing bag. The bag was inflated with pure oxygen and I began to breathe again on my own sucking the fresh oxygen in. All of the nurses continued to rub their hands over all over me, the nurse who was giving me the most amazing blow job stopped and put her mouth piece back in to catch her breath. Immediately another diver took over, she took a deep breath and removed her mouth piece. She lowered her face onto my shaft, her lips parted as the tip of my penis entered her mouth, her lips slipped down to the base sealing around my entire penis and began sucking hard.

The nurse reached over and pulled the goggles from my face. Water suddenly flooded my vision and I couldn’t see, I felt like I was drowning. I was filled with panic my breathing was out of control. All I could see was the blurry outline of the consultant and the shape of the black rubber re-breathing bag quivering, inflating and deflating with every breath. The oxygen began to run thin and I began to gasp uncontrollably. I was going to be suffocated at the bottom of the pool unable to move. I remembered what she said but I was sure I was going to die.

I lay there almost unable to gasp for breath as my mind was being overridden with the fact I was underwater. I shouted “help! I’m suffocating!” but my shouts went unheard. I was in a state of respiratory distress no longer breathing my lungs out of control just sporadic short gasps, my mind was flooded only the intense feeling of suffocation and wild thoughts of sexual pleasure. I began to cum unlike I had never cum before. Shooting feeling with each ejaculation ripped through my body, it felt like my head had been wrapped in polythene there was no more oxygen in the rubber re-breathing bag.

My mouth opened as wide as possible in a last ditch attempt for air, I continued to suck at the mask cumming out of control. Suddenly the re-breathing bag began to inflate, I began to breathe as fast as I could almost unconscious. The air smelt sweet and realised it wasn’t air.

“You are now breathing entonox, you will slip into unconsciousness soon, relax and enjoy your underwater gassing.” The gas flooded my body I began tingling all over. I felt as if the water was swallowing me as I began to sink under into a state of anaesthesia, the darkness closed in on me, I felt like I was sinking into the abyss, suddenly a flash and I was completely unconscious.

I began to regain consciousness, I was floating on the surface completely sealed inside the balloon. I reached up to my face, I could feel a tube running up my nose. I suddenly noticed my breathing was restricted and tried to call out, I couldn’t speak! I felt like I couldn’t breath!

The rubber consultant spoke “relax focus your breathing we have intubated you. I have anaesthetised your throat so you cannot feel the breathing tube. I now have direct control of your lungs.”

I felt my lungs empting as the air was sucked from them. I panicked floating inside the balloon, the balloon wobbled and quivered as I slipped around inside it. One of the rubber divers began to open the closing clamp and the balloon began to deflate. I began to sink lower into the water as the air rushed out. The balloon began to close in on me again, the pressure of the water forced my penis tight against my abdomen, it felt like I was being caressed by a thousand rubber hands all over my body. My lungs began to inflate, I attempted to moan out but nothing came out, the intubation tube was deep inside me beyond my vocal cords. Water splashing all around me, the last of the air escaped from the balloon, the latex surrounded my head closed in shrink wrapping air tight over my face.

I was in total panic my breathing erratic, the latex smothering me and fear of being drowned flooded my mind. This caused my penis to strain hard it felt like it was going to explode as I was feed oxygen via the nasal tube. We were once again at the bottom of the pool, the rubber consultant spoke via the underwater PA system. “That’s it relax let go completely of your breathing, leave your breathing for us to take care of.”

I was in another world my mind was dizzy with so many emotions, I was completely shrink wrapped air tight in rubber latex, all I could hear was the sound of the rubber nurses breathing, I could feel my lungs being ventilated as they inflated and deflated. After a few minutes I had regained my ease with the ventilated breathing. I was completely wrapped head to toe in thin airtight rubber latex, no mask or goggles just skin tight latex vacuumed over my face protecting me from the water. I opened my mouth and licked the latex, I tried to suck at the latex but nothing happened my mouth was no longer a breathing orifice.

“Lets see how you cope with this.”

The balloon closing clamp was removed and water began to flood into the balloon I panicked like mad I thought I was going to drown! The water flooded my vision I closed my eyes and held my breath. The neck of the balloon was pulled open wide allowing it to completely fill with water then the clamp was closed again. I opened my eyes and panicked I needed to get to the surface so I could breathe! No longer in the grip of the balloon I attempted to swim upwards, I swam straight into the latex skin of the balloon. It wrapped tight over my face I panicked in an attempt to remove it from my face.

“Calm down” said the consultant “relax and stop holding your breath”

I exhaled but no bubbles came out, I realised that my lungs were connected to a re-breathing system via the intubation tube. I calmed and floated inside the flooded balloon, my lungs filled with oxygen I felt like I should be drowning but I could breathe without a mask, I actually felt like I could breathe underwater!

The closing clamp was removed and the rubber nurse pulled the neck open wide. I was pulled out of the balloon now floating freely in the water. Two of the rubber divers swam over to me and rubbed their gloved hands over me, I wanted to moan but I couldn’t make a sound. She reached up to my lips and began to push her latex finger into my mouth, I wanted to suck it but my mouth wouldn’t respond. Water suddenly began to fill my mouth, I opened my mouth wide allowing the remaining air to escape, water flooded in right to the back of my throat. I panicked I like mad and bolted for the surface, the two rubber divers grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me down towards the bottom of the pool.

I was thrashing around I felt like I was drowning I could only think of air, I wanted air so badly. The nurses wrapped themselves around me restraining me, the voice of the consultant entered my mind “relax you are breathing fine. You have all the oxygen you need” I calmed and realised that I was breathing.

One of the naked nurses swam over to me removed her mouth piece and began kissing me all over. For the first time I was able to touch the nurse, she put her mouth piece back on and allowed me to take hold of her. I ran my hands over her breasts, my penis slipped between her legs brushing against her silky pussy. I gasped open mouthed, thoughts of drowning and suffocation filled my mind, suddenly I could feel my penis entering her lips as she lowered herself onto my swollen shaft. I was being ventilated rapidly, my lungs inflating and deflating, she wrapped her legs around me, I thrust hard burying myself deep into her.

She removed her mouth piece and began to kiss me pushing her tongue into my mouth, her sex tightened around my shaft and I began to thrust wildly. Oh my god we were having sex underwater!

We were floating around shagging like wild animals, I took hold by her hips and arched my back, the nurse continued to hold her breath enjoying the airless sex. I suddenly felt like I was suffocating, the nurse held me tight pressing her breasts against me. She put her regulator into my mouth and I tried to breath from it, I inhaled but nothing came my mouth was full of water and I felt like I was drowning. She pulled the regulator from my mouth and put her mouth piece back in, as she did she began breathing again blowing bubbles into my face making me gasp.

The oxygen had been turned off and I was now re-breathing the same air over and over. She tightened her sex around my shaft and began to move her hips back and forth. I was being suffocated by her as she made sexual intercourse to me. My body began convulsing as the oxygen depravation set in, I thrust wildly the only thought on my mind was the thought of making love to this beautiful nurse. I was out of air, no longer able to continue I began to cum, the orgasm was so intense, the nurse continued to pussy fuck my suffocated penis, wave after wave of orgasm shot through my body as I came.

I fading into unconsciousness convulsing, suffocated and sexually abused in my underwater erotic fantasy.


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