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Rubber Breathing Therapy

by Scubadude

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© Copyright 2011 - Scubadude - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; latex; nurses; uniforms; shave; vacbed; sealed; mask; breathplay; gas; suffocate; tease; mast; climax; cons; XX

I sat there staring, out of focus, almost subconsciously at the line of traffic in front of me, the same line of traffic I stare at every single day. Sometimes I even think the queuing order of the cars is the same. I recognise number plates and silent strangers also sitting, staring into oblivion, inching along to their mundane 9 to 5’s. I sit there, I feel other drivers cursing me, jealous of me, jealous of the fact that I am sitting in the same queue inching along but I have a better badge staring at them. The badge stares at me from the steering wheel, a badge that the dealer said “would make driving a pleasure“, costing as much as an average mortgage I had high expectations. Do I move any quicker? No. Did it make me feel any better? No. The only thing it gave me is hatred and envy from others for owning this badge. I began to wonder if this was it, was this what life was all about?

As we crawl along there is one place along the journey that did break my mindless state. A place of real intrigue, a type of clinic or medical centre that always caught my eye. I feel a stirring inside me, a sudden lift as I approach. As I passed I would watch the medical staff arriving. I can’t be sure but I think they are nurses of some sort. What had grabbed my attention about this place was that some of the nurse’s uniforms appeared to be made of rubber. I take a sharp intake of breath every time I saw one that looks like she is wearing rubber. I always say to myself ‘no she can’t be’ putting it down to the mind destroying journey. I am now getting close and I can see the clinic car park. There’s a nurse getting out of her car. Is she? I strain my eyes. My god she is! I’m sure she is, I need to find out. I decided that today was the day to find out, I needed to know what they did there.

I pull out of the queue and drove up to the entrance. Another nurse walks by the car and looks at me. I feel quite nervous, she smiles at me. I looked at her uniform but to my disappointment it wasn’t made of rubber. Was I imagining things? I compose myself, got out of the car and walk to the reception. I entered the reception area which seems pretty normal, a row of chairs, a table with out of date gossip magazines and the obligatory pot plant. Behind the counter sat a nurse, she smiled and asked, “Can I help you?”

“Err yeah“. I was wondering what type of clinic this was?”

The nurse looked quite pleased with this question. “If you like I can arrange for you to speak with the consultant to see if you would benefit from our services?”

“Err yes that would be great” I said not quite knowing what I was getting myself into.

“One moment please” as she disappeared though the door behind the counter. I stood there wondering if I should leave, now I was here I wasn’t sure if I was getting myself into something I would regret. A moment later the door to my right opened and the nurse I saw outside walked through. “Hello I am the consultant therapist for this practice, please come through”

I follow her into the room and she closes the door behind me. The room looked like a doctor’s surgery with all the usual things. In one corner was a changing screen next to an examination bed. “Please take a seat”. The consultant sat behind the desk in front of me, she was amazing looking. “What can we do for you?”

I began to feel very awkward at this point. “I have been passing the clinic for some time now, and was just wondering what you did here?”

“Well we are a specialist respiratory clinic. We deal with all types of breathing conditions and offer the relevant treatment. Tell me do you have any difficulty breathing?” As she said this she looked at me in a certain way as if she knew why I really was here. I felt very uncomfortable and was about to respond. ‘Knock knock,’ “Come in” said the consultant. The door opened and another nurse entered the room from the other side of the room. I took a sharp breath; I couldn’t believe my eyes, I stared unintentionally fixated at the sight of her. Her nurse’s uniform was made of rubber! I hadn’t been seeing things I was right!

The consultant looked at me. “Are you all right?”

I looked at the consultant startled by her voice. At the sight of the rubber nurse I was overcome with a feeling of intense embarrassment. I wasn’t expecting this and felt very uncomfortable and found it difficult to speak.

“Nurse could you get the gentleman a glass of water please”? I watched the nurse as she walked, her rubber uniform moulded like a second skin showing every curve of her body. She bent over to fill the glass for the dispenser. Her rubber coated ass was breathtaking. As she walked over to me I couldn’t take me eyes off her, her uniform squeaked and rustled as she moved, the rubber caressed her body and extenuated her gorgeous figure.

“Thank you” I said managing to clear my throat.

“Please relax.” said the consultant, the nurse handed me the glass of water and looked at me, “Umm I think you have answered the consultant’s question” said the rubber nurse looking down at my crotch. I looked down at myself only to see I had a massive hard on budging in my pants! I jerked spilling the water. “That’s the sort of reaction I was looking for” said the consultant. She took a pair of rubber gloves from a box on the desk and began slipping her hands into them. I tried miserably to compose myself as I starred fixated on her hands squeezing into the latex rubber gloves. “I think I need to give you a full examination. Please take off you clothes behind the screen”. I looked at her in a state of shock. “Don’t worry we won’t bite.”

I walked over to the screen and began to take off my clothes. What the hell was I getting myself into? I still had an erection and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose it. I tried to clear my mind, I couldn’t, the only thing on my mind was rubber. My hard on was making me feel very vulnerable. I stood there behind the screen. I could sense the nurses looking towards me. My penis was rock hard, I tried to hide it by cupping my hands over it. I quickly realised that the screen was pointless. “Please come round and lie on the bed for me”. I was trembling, I took a deep breath and walked from behind the screen.

The nurses stared at me, “There’s really no need to be shy, please take your hands away from your penis we need to see all of you.” I moved my hands exposing my penis.

“Please lie on the examination bed for me” said the consultant. I sat on the bed, swung my legs up and lay down, the nurses came over to me. “Tell me, what really brought you here?” I paused for a second “it’s alright just relax, were you wondering why some of our nurses are wearing rubber uniforms? Is it rubber that has brought you here?” A lump formed in my throat, I looked at the rubber nurse and then the consultant. “Please try to relax, I have a feeling rubber is very important to you and you feel embarrassed talking about it? Why don’t you tell us and free yourself from your secrets. We are medical professionals and we treat all our clients with complete confidentiality.”

Lying there on the bed totally naked, my penis erect with two gorgeous women looking at me, one of which was dressed in rubber, if ever there was a time to let it all out this was it. “I am obsessed with rubber, I think about it all the time.” As I began to speak about my rubber secrets it was as if a huge weight was being lifted from me, I have never spoken to anyone about my rubber feelings before. We spoke for a while about my feelings, about rubber and how my life had been suppressed by keeping it a secret.

“Do you feel better now talking about rubber to us? You should tell us everything about rubber fantasies. Everything you have ever thought about.” I felt as if a part of my life had suddenly come alive.

“Yes I do feel better, almost normal about it in a way.”

“I sense there is something else that is bothering you about your rubber thoughts something that you are still holding back. I now want to know how deep your rubber fetish goes, if it is just a rubber fetish you’ve been hiding or do you have another secret. Do your rubber fantasies include other things such as…,” (at that point the consultant walked over to a drawer and took out something I have always dreamed about. In her hands she was carrying a black rubber resuscitator device with a black rubber mask) “something like this?” The very sight of this made my hard on jump making me gasp.

“Would you like it if I were to take this rubber mask and place it over your face?” I wanted to say yes but I had lost my voice, overwhelmed by what I was hearing. “I think we will leave it at that for the moment and come back to this later.” I was quite alarmed by this, wondering if my reaction had been received badly.

“I am pleased to see that you shave around your penis, perfect for rubber contact”. As she spoke she ran her latex gloved hand over the tip of my penis making me jilt and gasp for breath. ”I think you will benefit from our therapy but for the therapy sessions you will have all of your body hair removed, body hair awful stuff, bodily hair and rubber do not mix, nurse could you get the patient a gown please and take him to be prepped.” The rubber nurse helped me up and slipped a gown onto me, “follow me” she said leading me to another room.

We walked into a brightly lit white tiled highly glossed room. On the walls hung large full length mirrors. In the corner of the room was a shower area. “Please stand under the shower” said the rubber nurse. I stepped into the shower and watched her wheel over a trolley. The trolley contained shaving products. On top, a pair of the most amazing shoulder length rubber latex surgical gloves lay. She picked up the gloves one at a time and began donning them slipping her hand into the translucent latex wriggling her fingers down, expelling the air as her entire arm entered, squeaking into the glove. The rubber moulded itself around her arms right up to her shoulders forming a protective airtight skin, this was too much for me and my penis began throbbing, I just couldn’t control myself. She turned the shower on, took some soap and began to wash me all over.

The feeling of her wet rubber gloved hands slipping over my skin as the water ran down my naked body was indescribable. I watched myself in the mirror. I was there totally naked being washed down by a rubber nurse, my hard on sticking right out. I watched as her gloved hand moved down to my penis, she wrapped her hand around my shaft, I gasped and shook. My mind was spinning with all the fantasies I have had about rubber. The nurse asked me to turn away from her, her gloved hands began massaging my back and then moved down to my arse cheeks. Her rubbery hands massaged my behind and then one hand slid between my legs groping at my balls. The feeling was mind blowing. She gently squeezed them. I looked down and watched her glistening rubber coated hand massage my manhood from between my legs. Her other arm moved around my body to my penis. I just stood there watching as her latex coated fingers wrapped around my shaft and she began masturbating me. Her surgical gloved hands squeezed at my balls and she began giving me the most unbelievable hand job I had ever experienced. I was reaching climax and about to cum, suddenly she stopped and released me. She began rinsing the soap off me as if nothing had happened.

The rubber nurse applied hair removal cream all over my body, massaging the cream over my skin. After a few minutes she ran the shower over me and all of my body hair simply washed away leaving my skin silky smooth perfect for rubber contact, she then helped me dry off. “Lets see if your are ready for rubber.” She ran her hands down my chest. The latex touch of her gloves felt so much more intense, her gloved hands glided effortlessly over my skin and carried on down again to my crotch. She cupped one hand around my balls, her other hand moved around my crotch. I have never felt rubber this way before.

I was reaching climax again when the consultant entered the room accompanied by another rubber nurse. The consultant was now wearing a rubber uniform in dark blue latex, white latex stockings and a latex rubber hood. The face part of the hood was made of very thin transparent latex, so thin you could hardly see it, only for the fact that it had been polished to a gleaming shine just like the rest of her outfit. Holes had been made in the hood around her eyes and her bright red lips “NURSE!” she shouted “take your hands away from his penis at once!” The nurse quickly stepped back away from me. “He is now prepped for therapy” said the rubber nurse smiling at me naughtily as she helped me into the gown.

The rubber nurse who had arrived with the consultant pushed a patient trolley into the room. Beneath the trolley lay a large black oxygen cylinder. “Right, we are now ready to take you through to the therapy room. If you would like to lie down on the trolley for me we will take you through.” The two rubber nurses helped me onto the trolley and steadied me as I lay down. One of the rubber nurses lifted the side of the trolley up snapping it into place. The other held a clear oxygen mask in her hand. “Please lift your head.” As I did the nurse slipped the oxygen mask over my face, adjusted the strap and started the flow of gas. Oxygen started flowing into the mask. I now felt a little awkward, the mask made me very conscious of my breathing. “Breath normally you are going to be fine” said the rubber consultant. “We are just giving you a little oxygen to help with your therapy.”

I was now being pushed along a corridor. I looked up at the ceiling and watched the lights pass overhead. I turned my head and looked along the corridor. There were lines of gas cylinder trolleys carrying black and blue coloured cylinders. I could read the words Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide some read Entonox. A few of the cylinders had shiny silver regulators attached from which black rubber convoluted hoses hung with black rubber anaesthetic masks. I breathed deep for the oxygen mask at the sight of all the breathing equipment. My mind was racing. Rubber fantasies flooded my mind.

We arrived at a set of double doors, above the doors a sign read, Rubber Breathing Therapy Unit. I was wheeled into the room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I started trembling with excitement I felt like I was going to faint, I couldn’t control my breathing and as I breathed from the oxygen mask I was so aware that everyone could hear me breathing as I gasped sucking the oxygen in. We had entered into an operating theatre style room with all sorts of medical equipment. In the centre of the room was an operating table, above which hung a huge mirror, to the side were lamps directing light on to the table. Around the table looking right at me were three other rubber nurses, dressed in clinical green polished rubber latex with white rubber aprons, white latex rubber stockings and glossy high heel shoes. They were also wearing latex surgical gloves and white rubber surgical masks.

On the operating table was a clinical green rubber vac bed with a black rubber hoses attached to a valve of some kind. One of the rubber nurses notices that this was becoming quite overwhelming for me and takes hold of my hand “Relax your in safe hands. You are now in the perfect state of mind. You are finding this quite overwhelming yes? The sight of all of this rubber is making you find it difficult to breathe isn’t it. This is exactly what we want, we are going to help you with this” she reassuringly says. I was wheeled over to the operating table, the sides of the trolley were dropped, the others gathered round me. I looked up at all of the rubber nurses around me. This was a sight I could have only imagined, this was both very intimidating and exciting at the same time.

The rubber nurses talked amongst themselves coordinating each other. One of them unzipped the airtight zip of the vac bed whilst the others prepared to slide me across onto the table. “Just relax, we will do everything.” My gown was removed and I was now totally naked surrounded by rubber nurses. The vac bed was opened as another nurse removed my oxygen mask. Suddenly I felt all of the nurse’s hands on my body as I was moved across into the vac bed. The top sheet was then was pulled up over me. The latex felt so smooth now my body was totally hairless, every inch of my skin was in contact with rubber caressing me. I was now totally enclosed in rubber latex and the airtight zipper was now closed. I couldn’t see any breathing holes I was completely submerged in rubber. Rubber was all over me and thoughts ran through my mind. To my relief the nurses pulled my head though a necks seal in the vac bed. I looked around startled by the lights. All around me were beautiful nurses covered in rubber latex all looking at me, they smoothed out the rubber sheet of the vac bed. I looked down and a couple of the nurses had opened a hole over my crotch. I watched as one of them pushed her gloved hand through the hole and took hold of my manhood. The feeling and sight of her rubber gloved hand clutching at my cock through the hole in rubber sheet was fantastic. I moaned out loud as she pulled it through the hole in the latex.

I looked down at my penis, it had been sealed outside the latex exposed for all to see. One of the rubber nurses brought a clinical green latex open faced hood and pulled it over my head slipping it down over my face and sealing it over the neck seal of the vac bed. My head was lifted and an inflatable latex pillow was placed under it. On the pillow a black rubber harness was placed and my head was lowered onto the pillow. The rubber squeaked and rustled as the rubber hood came into contact with the pillow making that unmistakeable sound of rubber as my head sank into the latex. As I breathed the pungent smell of rubber was intense.

I watched in the mirror, an anaesthetic machine was now wheeled over to the table. Below the ventilator I could see several gas cylinders, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. The consultant came over to me. “Have you ever experienced a vac bed before?” “No” I replied. “Good I’m glad because this will make the therapy even more beneficial, we are now ready to begin the therapy, please relax and do exactly what I tell you to do.”

“First we are going to apply vacuum to your body,” at that point a vacuum sound began and the air began to rush out sucked from the vac bed. The latex skin began closing in on me, it began moulding itself all around my body. Suddenly the rubber held me tight, the feeling was immense. I tried to move my arms and to my surprise was unable to, I was completely immobilised. Rubber was now in contact with every part of my body. I looked up at the mirror and I could see everything. I lay and watched my body become visible totally shrink wrapped in rubber latex. My penis stood out more than ever. I could see all the nurses around me, my hard on ached as it throbbed, pulsing with ecstasy.

The vacuum was turned off as now all of the air had been removed. The sound of the vacuum had now been replaced by the sound of rubber, rustling and squeaking as the nurses moved around me. I lay there trembling, rubber tight over every inch of my body, my penis exposed and harder than I have ever felt it before. I have never felt so helpless, intimidated or excited. My whole body was on show I could feel the rubber nurses looking at me. Thoughts that they were looking at my penis exposed, erect and unable to hide it was indescribable. The consultant spoke, “Do you like what you see so far?”

I could hardly speak “I can’t believe what is happening” I gasped. All of the rubber nurses now began to apply polish to the vac bed. The sensation of so many hands rubbing all over my body, rubbing the polish into the rubber was orgasmic. I moaned with immeasurable pleasure. I felt totally helpless and my penis felt like it was going to explode. I looked up at the mirror and watched the nurses rubbing their hands all over my body, my hard on ached and throbbed I moaned uncontrollably out loud.

“Now you are in our rubber control I want to revisit what we started to talk about in the examination room.” I looked at her and began to breathe faster and faster. She reassuringly stoked my cheek with her gloved hand. “We know you have a fetish for rubber, we all share your feelings for rubber here. You are now lying here in rubber bondage surrounded by rubber nurses, let it out, free yourself from your secrets.” I looked at her nervously. Despite the situation I was in I couldn’t say what I so desperately wanted to. “It’s o.k. I know what’s on your mind. I will say it for you. How would you feel if I started to talk to you about breathing?”

The consultant started to breathe loud and heavy. Taking slow deep breaths in and out, standing over me. I was shaking as I watched her, as an intense feeling of awkwardness and shear lust came over me. She stopped and looked at me. “Such a simple thing isn’t it? Not for you though this is something much more. Just talking about breathing makes you feel embarrassed, light headed and breathless doesn’t it. I wonder then how you would react if I was to ask you this? Would you like me to perform breath control on you?”

I suddenly stopped gasping and held my breath. My penis jerked as she spoke those words sending a shudder through my body. I looked straight into her eyes almost in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Breath control is just a part of your breathing fetish isn’t it. You are afraid to talk about your breathing fetish more than anything else aren’t you?”

“Yes I managed to reply.

“Why is that? Is it because breathing turns you on? Or that you think it would be seen by others as something dangerous or weird and therefore unthinkable? We too share your breathing fetish, in fact when you think about it, breathing plays a big part during sex. You breathe more intensely during sexual intercourse, breathing patterns during any sexual activate affect the outcome. Now we have opened your deepest desire let’s talk more about you breathing fetish. What about Gas and Air? I bet you have fantasised a lot about rubber gassing.”

I stared wide eyed at her. I was so overwhelmed by all of this I couldn’t speak. My breathing began racing.

“There is however a part of you breathing fetish you desire, something you have never told anyone and fear the most to talk about. I will now say what you have always wanted to hear. Now we have you in latex rubber bondage you want me to take total control of your breathing and breathe for you. You want to see your breath trapped inside a rubber breathing bag, watching it inflate and collapse as you breathe.” The rubber consultant lent over me and looked right into my eyes. “How do you feel when you hear the word suffocation?” I held my breath and closed my eyes tight.

“Do you like suffocation?” I began to squirm inside the airtight rubber skin as she spoke. “You want me to suffocate you don’t you.”

I was trembling with an overwhelming feelings of utter shame, embarrassment and excitement. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me.

“Relax we understand. You want to experience suffocation and for obvious reasons under controlled conditions. You desire suffocation but are afraid to tell your partner, or play on your own in case you go too far. We are going to let you experience suffocation in total safety. It isn’t as dangerous as people believe as long as it is done correctly. It is no more dangerous than free diving.” I was totally blown away. Speaking about this for the first time face to face with someone was the missing piece of my life. I have been hiding this secret all of my life. The Consultant was handed a latex surgical mask by one of the rubber nurses. “How do you feel that we now know your darkest secrets?”

“I….I…” I couldn’t speak.

“Now you are free of the negative feeling we are now going to make you fantasies come true by giving you a rubber breath control session you will never forget.”

The consultant put on her latex surgical mask hiding her face from me. Only her eyes now revealed what she was thinking. One of the rubber nurses then handed her the black rubber anaesthetics mask. The mask was connected by two long black rubber hoses to the anaesthetics machine. “I am now going to place the rubber mask over your nose and mouth. The rubbery smell of the mask is wonderful you’ll love this. Before I do so, I want you to fully exhale for me and hold it.” I breathed out and stared as the mask was lowered onto my face. The mask settled onto me, I could feel the inflatable rubber skirt of the mask seal over my face. “I need to make sure we have an airtight seal. I want you to now inhale and try to breathe in again, hopefully you won’t be able to breathe.”

I attempted to inhale but as I did the rubber mask sucked tight over my face smothering me. “Can you breathe?” I shook my head as I looking at her in a sudden state of panic. “Good” The flow of oxygen started and I gasped with relief. “Take nice deep breaths, you are now breathing pure oxygen. This will help settle your breathing.” The smell of the pure oxygen mixed with the pungent smell of the rubber mask was the most beautiful smell I have ever experienced. My breathing calmed as I breathed the oxygen deep saturating my lungs. The rubber mask prevented me from looking down to my penis but I could still see everything in the mirror above. I could see the black rubber hoses which attached me to the anaesthetics machine. I gazed with excitement at the sight of the black rubber rebreathing bag inflating and collapsing as I breathed. My penis jerked sending a pulse through my whole body as I enjoyed the visual feast of my breathing.

“I need to have more control over your penis I don’t want you cum too soon. Nurse, place a vacuum pump onto his penis” said the consultant. “Applying vacuum will cause your penis to swell and will hold you just below the orgasm stage.” I watched one of the rubber nurses carefully apply lubricant to my penis. Her rubber gloved hands caressing it softly massaging the lube all over my erection. I moaned into my mask and watched another nurse lower the transparent cylinder. My lubricated penis entered the rubber lips of the cylinder effortlessly and slipped right down to the base of my shaft. The nurse started to pump the air from the cylinder squeezing the bulb. I could feel the vacuum building, sucking my penis. My whole body seized, my back arched as my penis began to throb. With each pulse it began to swell larger and larger. The latex vac bed held me tight, as I writhed around. The rubber consultant held the mask tight over my face. I felt as if I was being gently masturbated but not enough to make me cum. I gasped into the mask moaning in sexual bliss.

“Now that I have control of your penis I’m now ready to take control of your breathing. I am going to perform non invasive ventilation which will require your total obedience. You will have to allow me to breathe for you. If you try to breathe for yourself, the ventilator will shut off cutting off your oxygen supply so it is very important that you do as I say. I have set the ventilator to only work if you do not breathe. You could suffocate if this breathing technique isn’t performed correctly” said the consultant.

I lay there in utter disbelief at what I was hearing. The nurse began attaching the rubber harness to the mask holding it in place. The consultant took her hand away from the mask. “I want you to relax your diaphragm and allow the ventilator to breathe for you. At first you will feel uneasy and feel the urge to breathe. It will fell like you are not breathing, almost like you are suffocating. This is because the oxygen is being forced into your lungs rather than being breathed in, you must resist the urge to breathe yourself.”

I was excited and scared at the same time. I exhaled and relaxed, as I did the ventilator started. Oxygen rushed into the mask, my chest rose as the oxygen was forced into my lungs, a pause then exhalation as my lungs deflated. I suddenly became extremely aware of my breathing. After several artificial breaths from the ventilator I suddenly felt like I wasn’t breathing at all. The consultant placed her gloved hand around the mask again. I looked at the consultants rubber gloved hand holding the mask over my face, I now felt like I was being smothered. I began to panic, I had to breathe. As I did the ventilator shut off, I sucked hard into the mask but there was no air. The mask sealed airtight over my face, I looked into the eyes of the consultant and begged for air. I managed to say with the last of my breath “air please!”

She looked at me and calmly said “Relax, you are breathing but if you continue to struggle like this you’re going to suffocate yourself.” My lungs were completely empty and burning for oxygen my penis began to throb as oxygen depravation set in. The rubber nurse simply pumped the vacuum harder pulling my penis back into check. I tried to move my arms to remove the mask but the vac bed held me tight. I was beginning to faint, I realised I had to regain control of my breathing or I would suffocate. I concentrated and desperately waited for air, the ventilator sprang back to life and my lungs inflated rapidly. The rubber nurse controlling the ventilator increased the breathing rate to allow me to catch my breath. Each breath that entered my lungs made a gasping sound, I squirmed in rubber bondage as my mind enjoyed the brief encounter with suffocation.

After a while I regained my breathing to a comfortable level and just lay there looking up at the mirror. I was completely encased in rubber latex. My breathing was now under her total control, I felt completely helpless. This was what I had always dreamed of, being surrounded by rubber nurses, all watching me so aware of my rubber and breathing fantasies. My breathing was under their total control. They would decide what I breathed, how much I would breathe and even If I would breathe at all. This was almost too much to handle.

“You are doing excellent” said the consultant. “Are you enjoying the fact that I am breathing for you?” I tried to respond but as I did the ventilator shut off again but this time it had been breathing for me for so long I almost forgot how to breathe! I tried again but my lungs wouldn’t respond. The ventilator started again to my relief but I quickly realised I was now only breathing as long as the ventilator breathed for me. “Arr I think you are ready for the next stage.” The nurse began to undo the harness, I began to panic. I watched the as the rubber harness straps were popped off one by one. She lifted the mask from my face. I tried to say “NO don’t I won’t be able to breathe!” But nothing came out.

“Can you breathe?” said the consultant.

I tried again but my lungs wouldn’t respond. Even though the mask was no longer covering my air way I couldn’t breathe! I looked around at all the nurse watching me. I begged to them all for air with my eyes but they just carried on staring at me knowing that I was now beginning to suffocate. They watched almost in anticipation of how long it would take before I suffocated in front of them. This carried on for what seemed forever. The forced oxygen breathing prolonged my suffocation. My lungs burned intensely, I looked into the consultants eyes and pleaded her for air. She simply said “breathe.”

I begged for her to put the oxygen mask back onto me.

“Come on breathe” she said again but it was no use. My body was suffocating itself. “Is this what you want?”

The consultant placed the oxygen mask back on my face but nothing happened, it felt like it was just smothering me further. I began squirming, the rubber vac bed felt a hundred times more intense. I could feel my penis throbbing with the effects of asphyxiation and I started to thrust my crotch mindlessly.

“You're enjoying being suffocated aren’t you? Mmm isn’t the mask working?” The consultant pulled her surgical mask under her chin and lifted the mask from my face. She dipped her nose into the mask. It hissed as she inhaled. “All you have to do is breathe.” I couldn’t take anymore when, “sorry but we are not done with you yet.” One of the nurses quickly placed a rubber resuscitator over my face and began ventilating me. As she squeezed the rubber bag my lungs inflated. Oxygen rushed into them to my utter relief. She continued to ventilate me for a few minutes. “Now try to breathe for yourself I will assist you.” I inhaled, my lungs felt heavy as I did. The rubber nurse squeezed the rubber bag and helped inflate my lungs. I gasped into the mask with every squeeze of the bag filling my lungs with life giving oxygen. She removed the mask from my face and I began to breathe on my own faster and faster. Another nurse placed a clear Oxygen mask over my face and said “Take nice deep breaths, in…… and out……, in…… and out……, your doing fine.” After several minutes I had recovered from my ordeal.

“How are you feeling? Are you enjoying this so far?” I was shaking with excitement, I was lost for words I have never felt so good. “Now I think you are ready for the next step. I am going to introduce you to gas and air” said the consultant. Oh my god I’ve always wondered what this stuff was like. “Again I want you to relax and do everything I tell you. I won’t deprive you of air whilst we are undergoing this stage as I don’t want you to panic whilst under the influence of the gas”.

The nurse removed the clear oxygen mask and once again the rubber anaesthetics mask was lowered onto my face. She pulled her latex surgical mask back up covering her face. I looked straight into her eyes.

“First I want you just to take nice deep breaths of oxygen. Breathe in as deep as possible.”

I breathed deep from the mask. The rubber aroma was so arousing my penis throbbed inside the vacuum pump. I looked at it the mirror and I could see my penis inside the plastic cylinder. It had grown huge almost filling the cylinder. The rubber nurse applied more vacuum sending me spinning with pleasure.

“I am now going to start the flow of nitrous oxide it has a sweet smell to it.” The next breath I took I could smell the sweet gas enter the mask. “Continue to take deep breaths. Take the gas deep into your lungs and concentrate on my voice.”

I was a bit nervous and could feel the gas taking effect. A wave of ecstasy came over me and a floating feeling ran the full length of my body sending my penis into a frenzy. The sounds of my breathing began to ring with a metallic edge and my whole body began to tingle. “That’s it let the gas take a hold of you, go with the gas do not try to fight it.”

I was really beginning to feel the affect of the gas now, I began to feel weightless. The tingling had spread right to the tip of my penis. Oh my God I was breathing gas and air. This was something I had always dreamed of doing and what an unbelievable feeling. “Would you like to see your breathing?” said the nurse.

I looked at the nurse who said this. My eyes felt heavy and tried to speak but could only nod my head. The gas had taken quite a hold on me now. The rubber nurse lifted the rubber breathing bag in front of my face and placed her rubber gloved hands around it. As I breathed I watched it deflate and inflate over and over again in her hands. I moaned into my mask which had my breath in bondage forcing me to breathe the gas. I looked into the eyes of the consultant and I could tell she was smiling at me from behind her rubber mask. “Are you enjoying your rubber gassing experience?” I tried to respond but it was no use everything now seemed delayed, every sound was echoing everything except her voice which now commanded my every thought.

The consultant lent down beside my ear. “I want you to know that we are videoing this so you can enjoy your rubber breathing therapy session again. Can you guess what I’m going to do next to you” she whispered. I was fixated by the gas, “You’ve guessed what I’m going to do haven’t you?” Her eyes smiled as she caressed my face with her latex gloved fingers. “I’m going to put you under. That’s right I am going to gas you completely and then we are going to have some fun with you whilst you are under.”

I couldn’t control my breathing, I looked at the rubber bag inflating and deflating in the gloved hands of the rubber nurse, my breath was trapped inside the rubber latex bag. She then moved the bag up to her chest and began rubbing the bag against her rubber covered breasts. The consultant increased the flow of gas. As I breathed the tingling feeling turned into a thousand hands groping me all over. I watched the rubber bag being groped and squeezed against her breasts inflating and deflating with each breath I took. Every time the rubber bag was squeezed, the gas was forced into my lungs. The room began to close in on me and I started to panic.

“Relax you're in safe hands, nothing bad is going to happen just keep taking nice deep breaths, focus on the bag” said the consultant. Her voice had total control of me and I felt a sense of total safety from hearing her voice. I responded as if it was her breathing for me. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I was being put under with gas anaesthesia by rubber nurses and they were going to play rubber sex games with my unconscious body. I was very close to the point of going under my whole body felt numb and totally relaxed, I couldn’t move a muscle.

“The nurse will breathe for you from here, I want to regulate your breathing to keep you under total control. Let go of your breathing, allow the nurse to breathe for you.”

Once again the rubber harness was attached to the mask. I relaxed and I could feel her breathing for me! Through the haze I could just make out the rubber nurse caressing the latex re-breathing bag which contained my very breath. The nurse squeezed it against her breasts breathing for me, forcing the gas into my lungs. The rubber nurse then placed the bag onto my chest pausing my breathing and unzipped her uniform. Her breasts were huge perfectly formed and nipples erect. She then placed the rubber breathing bag between her breasts and cupped her breasts with her latex gloved hands. She squeezed her breasts together squashing the rubber bag and forcing the gas into my lungs. I was fixated on the black rubber re-breathing bag. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I just watched it being squeezed in the most erotic way I could imagine breathing for me. A few seconds later a bright flash in front of my eyes appeared and I slipped under into a rubber gassed unconsciousness.

I was unconscious but I could still faintly hear, I could hear my breathing and the sounds of rubber. I could hear a woman’s voice moaning out loud as if having sex and climaxing then there was nothing. I couldn’t tell how much time had passed but I began to regain consciousness and the blackness turned back into light and I could see the rubber nurses gathered all around me. “Turn off the Nitrous please” said the consultant.

Within minutes I was back to normal breathing pure oxygen after my rubber gassing session. “How do you feel?” said the consultant, I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me knowing just how much I was enjoying this. I felt completely fulfilled and totally relaxed unlike I have ever felt. “We certainly enjoyed you and have some excellent video footage. You will be able to enjoy this after tomorrow’s therapy” said the consultant. I looked at her surprised. “You will need to be kept in over night so we can monitor your recovery after your next session.” I was quite alarmed at this but she then said “Don’t worry this is just a precaution and all part of your therapy.” I looked up at the mirror and noticed the vacuum pump had been removed from my penis. It was still huge and erect. I was now wearing a latex condom which covered my entire penis and balls.

“We are now going to perform the final part of today’s therapy, auto erotic asphyxiation. Yes we are going to completely suffocate you. You will finally know what suffocation really feels like and enjoy the sexual highness in total safety. This unfortunately will be over within no more that a few minutes. It won’t take you long to suffocate as you will pass out with the intensity of your orgasm.” The very sound of the word suffocation sends thought rushing through my mind. “Before we begin the suffocation process, let’s try some rubber breathless kissing.” I wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind.

The consultant held a latex condom in front of me. “I think you are going to enjoy this. “Nurse please remove the mask.” The rubber anaesthetics mask was removed from my face. “Please lift your head.” I lifted my head from the rubber pillow and one of the rubber nurses came over to assist her slip the condom over my head. It had been lubricated allowing it to glide down over my rubber hood. The condom now passed over my eyes blurring my vision slightly. As it did I took a deep breath as it covered my nose and mouth then snapped around my neck sealing my head in a thin transparent latex membrane. I exhaled inflating the condom like a balloon around my head. I inhaled and the condom collapsed tight over my face.

The consultant came around the side of me and lifted the condom under my chin allowing the air to escape from the condom. She let go of the condom sealing it around my head. I tried to breath in sucking the latex skin of the condom tight against my face smothering me. I opened my mouth wide in an attempt to get air and the latex was sucked in. The consultant then pulled down her surgical mask and lent over me and began to kiss me. Her lips sealed over mine her tongue meet mine and we began to make out. My tongue coated in latex felt amazing against hers, my lungs were begging for air but the consultant was enjoying making out with me too much to care. She obviously knew I need air and lifted the condom under my chin, I sucked a lung full of air gasping as I did and she then snapped the condom shut again.

We continued to make out wildly, I exhaled and the condom inflated. As it did it lifted from my face and clung tight over hers smothering her. I watched her try to breathe unable as the latex now covered her face. As she tried to breath in the latex sealed over her mouth and noses startling her, her eyes widened as she gasped. I enjoyed the sight of her being smothered but realised I too was also being suffocated by the condom! I began breathing faster, the condom inflating and deflating smothering each of us with every breath. She stopped and stood back away from me watching me being suffocated by the latex condom. I wanted to reach for my penis grasping through the rubber. The rubber nurses watched me frantically trying to reach my penis to masturbate myself. The consultant lifted the condom from under my chin allowing me to breathe. The condom was removed from my head and the clear Oxygen mask was placed over my mouth and nose. “Take deep breaths this will speed up your recovery.”

After a couple of minutes I had fully recovered and the oxygen mask was removed. “I think you are someone who prefers masturbation to sexual intercourse so you are going to experience suffocation masturbation.”

The black mask was once again placed over my face and sealed airtight over my nose and mouth. I was in ecstasy the rubber nurse had hold of the rubber re-breathing bag and held it against her breasts. The consultant said to the other nurse “turn off the oxygen supply” as she did the sound of the gas flowing stopped. They were all looking at me as I lay there trapped in my rubber suffocation fantasy. I was now re-breathing the same air over and over. Two of the nurses began applying lube to my latex covered penis and balls, the others began to lube my latex covered body. I moaned into my mask, the rubber nurse who was holding the rubber re-breather bag came closer and held the bag so I could see it inflating and collapsing between her breasts pushing them apart as I breathed. I gasped as the air was now beginning to get thin. As I did the bag quivered making the nurses breasts jiggled as my breath became erratic. I couldn’t believe it I was being suffocated!

I looked around, the rubber nurses were watching me suffocate. I looked at the consultant. Her eyes were smiling at me. I began to breathe faster and faster my lungs begged for air but it was no use I wasn’t going to be getting anymore. “Slow your breathing I want to prolong your orgasm. You are now under our total control and we are going to suffocate you.” She lent over me looking right into my eyes “you are suffocating; we are all watching you suffocate. Focus on the feeling and loose yourself to it. Allow your mind to run wild, free yourself from everything that has held you back in the past. You are in total safety just enjoy the experience.”

The rubber nurses where obviously experts in masturbation. I looked up at the mirror and could not believe the sight. The two rubber nurses were playing with my penis, one stroking and gently squeezing my rubber covered balls, the other had both hands around my swollen hard-on, one around my shaft the other manipulating the head of my penis slowly masturbated me, the other rubber nurses were groping me all over. I noticed one of the nurses had her gloved hands between her legs masturbating herself. I had never re-breathed for so long and began to panic.

“Let yourself go”, she again lent down beside my ear. “We are masturbating you whilst you are suffocating this is your fantasy.”

Hearing this I began to cum uncontrollably as the oxygen depravation took hold of me. My penis pulsed with the intensity of the orgasm I gasped pointlessly as there was no more oxygen left. The rubber nurse held the rubber re-breather bag in front of my eyes. “Concentrate on the bag.” I watched gasping as the bag inflated and deflated rapidly with my last breath trapped inside. “He is suffering respiratory distress.” She began to assist my pointless breathing by squeezing the bag with her rubber gloved hands forcing the expired air into my lungs. Seconds passed as I continued to cum my body seized and my back arched. An intense smothering feeling came over me as the rubber bag was now empty. The rubber nurse who was performing masturbation on me began to rapidly masturbate me, a huge orgasm greater than I thought possible flooded my entire body with such intensity combined with intense feeling of suffocation forced all thoughts from my mind I could only feel immense sexual pleasure.

I passed out suffocated and sexually abused, fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams of rubber breathing fantasy.


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