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Rubber Training 6: Seline's Punishment

by RbrJohn

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; femdom; latex; catsuit; corset; irritant; multilayer; stockings; collar; chast; electro; heat; discipline; torment; punish; cons; X

continued from part 5

Part 6: Seline's Punishment

“Right to start with I want you to remove all your present uniform and lay it neatly in a pile on the sofa in the corner,” said Mistress Sarah.

Mistress Seline undid the chrome buttons on her tight tunic and removed it from her shoulders, immediately feeling a substantial weight lifted from her. She folded it carefully on the sofa. Next she undid her tie and the buttons of her crisp white shirt and placed them both on the sofa. She removed her black boots and took off her black skirt, leaving her standing in just her bra, corset and stockings. She hesitated.

“Remove everything Seline, we are going to start from the bottom up!”

Mistress Seline removed her stockings, bra and her waist corset. Slave 263 had been right to assume She was well corsetted beneath her uniform.

“You may well have thought your uniform was quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear every day when training your slaves. Is that right Seline?”

“Yes it did get hot and felt more constricting as the day went on and I was always keen to be able to change out of it when my slave was settled for the night.”

“Well. I’m afraid the uniform and extras you will be wearing for the next week will be a great deal more uncomfortable and I’m not sure you fully understood me when I said a week in it. I meant to say a week non stop, 24 hours a day, with no respite overnight. It is very hot at the moment so I may allow you to change and shower once or twice but you will immediately dress back in your uniform.”

Seline’s shoulders drooped in dismay, being shut in her present uniform had been bad enough but to be made to wear an even more uncomfortable uniform and with no hope of freedom overnight was daunting. She began to think of what her slave must be going through every day. At least she could be free from the punishment uniform in a week – providing Mistress Sarah allowed it – but her slave had his torment to look forward to every day for the rest of his life.

“Don’t look too upset Seline,” said Mistress Sarah. “If you make every effort to improve you could be free in a week. Only I should tell you that if you fail your time will be doubled and you will do an additional 2 weeks and if you fail again it is doubled again to 4 weeks and so on. Anything longer than that and I would really have no option but to put you through the full slave training programme yourself and trust me, I really don’t think you want that, do you?”

“No, Mistress Sarah, I promise I will do everything you say.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. Now without further delay let’s get started.”

“Firstly I want you to get in the shower next door and wash thoroughly, also I want you clean shaven down below. Off you go.”

Seline reappeared about 15 minutes later with a towel wrapped around her from under her chin down to her knees.

“Right remove your towel and stand up straight before me,” said Mistress Sarah. “Ah, that’s much better, a nice hairless body all ready for any attention I may think fit.”

“Now as I said your body is to be made as uncomfortable as possible during your time in punishment and that means every inch of it apart from your head.” With that She produced a white all in one elasticated suit in a size which appeared more suitable for a child rather than an adult. It had an open crotch, built in feet and hands with 5 fingers and a zip at one shoulder for entry.

“I know this looks very small, and indeed it is but it is very stretchy and you will be able to get into it with a bit of effort.”

She undid the zip and passed it to Seline who sat on the sofa and began to feed her leg in through the neck entrance and down into the leg area of the suit. She suddenly stopped and said, ”Ouch, it’s all scratchy inside.”

“Oh yes I forgot to mention that this suit has been specially modified with thousands of very short scratchy hairs, like you might find on a stiff clothes brush, across the whole of the inside. It took one of our slaves several days to get all of them stuck on the suit and it does make it terribly irritating to have to wear it. One of our other Mistresses tried it for about an hour and was desperate to be released – I’m afraid you’ll have to last the whole week. Still it’s another reason for you to want to make the slaves suffer isn’t it?”

Seline continued pulling on the suit which did just fit her, fortunately slim, body. Eventually she had finished and Mistress Sarah zipped up the shoulder zip and stood back. Seline wanted to try and wriggle to reduce the scratching of the hairs but it had very little effect.

“Now that has given you a really tight feeling all over I trust, and an excellent base for your corset. The corset you wore before was quite good but only pulled in your waist and reduced it by about two inches. Punishment uniforms require a reduction of at least 4” and a corset length of not less than 16”. This corset will give you just that and I’m sure you will feel the full benefit after a week of continual wear.”

The corset given to Seline was a white overbust with a stiff front busk, steel boning and was laced at the rear. It also had shoulder straps hanging down from the top of the corset on each side and Seline could see corresponding buckles on the back for them to be pulled tight. Seline put it on and started lacing behind her back. She managed to get the corset laced tight with just about a 1” gap.

“Let’s see what that measures - down to 24”. Not bad but we will need to get the corset fully closed to reach our target of 23”, that’ll be a reduction of 4” for you.” Mistress Sarah then took hold of the laces and carefully and methodically drew them tighter and tighter until there was absolutely no gap. She then took a shoulder strap and placed it over Seline’s shoulder, fed the end into the buckle behind and repeated the operation with the second strap. Seline stood up straight and felt the pressure of the corset and shoulder straps pulling her body into the shape chosen by Mistress Sarah.

“That’s it, stand straight and I will make the final adjustments to your shoulder straps. They must be tight to do the most good and ensure a proper erect posture and no slouching. Now put your arms behind your back and put your hands together.”

As she did so Seline felt the pressure on her shoulders reduce a little and Mistress Sarah tightened the straps another 2 notches on each side.

“Put your hands down by your side,” said Mistress Sarah.

As Seline did so she realised she could no longer move her shoulders forward at all which ensured she had a stiff and straight back and that her breasts were pushed forward and made more prominent. Seline’s breathing became a little harder and she had to take shorter and more frequent breaths to make up for the constriction of the corset. Life in her punishment uniform was not going to be easy and she felt that Mistress Sarah had not finished making it more difficult yet.

“Excellent, that is looking better already. I will now padlock on the shoulder straps in position and lock up the laces in this special lockable bag so that you won’t be tempted to try and fiddle with anything,” said Mistress Sarah

“But it is important you channel your resentment towards the slaves and you are not able to release your tensions and frustrations by masturbating so you will be in chastity for the week as well.”

With that Mistress Sarah produced a metal chastity belt and proceeded to fit the waist section on to Seline’s waist, tightly over her corset. She then fitted an underbelt between her legs but before connecting it to the rear of the waist belt said, “Just to keep you under a little more rigorous control I have fitted a metal dildo to the belt so spread your legs a little wider and we’ll soon have it in position.”

Seline was finding it hard to believe that she was going to have to wear all this uniform for an entire week without any relief.

“There that’s got everything inserted satisfactorily and the underbelt is tightened on to the waist belt. I have also taken the opportunity to padlock the belt in position to save any chance of it being tampered with. We wouldn’t want that to happen would we Seline? Would we Seline?”

“No Mistress Sarah we wouldn’t,” said Seline rather dejectedly.

“What I have not told you yet is that there is a small battery pack on the waist belt connected to both your dildo and the cover area around your pussy. All I have to do is adjust the power knob on this remote control – anywhere from 1 to 10 and press this button and you will receive an electric shock on both your front and inside you. Isn’t that clever? Would you like a demonstration?”

“No please not Mistress,” Seline begged.

“Oh I think it’s important you know what to expect and anyway I need to check everything is working properly. Let’s just try it on number 2 for a moment.”

Mistress Sarah pressed the button and a jolt shot through Seline causing her to call out briefly, as much in shock as in pain.

“There now that wasn’t too bad was it but do remember that was only setting number 2.”

“Yes Mistress Sarah. Are we nearly finished now, surely there can’t be anything else and I could just put on my shirt and tie and tunic and skirt then I can get on and show you how much harder I’m going to be to try and please you.”

“I’m afraid we’re not finished yet Seline, there’s quite a lot more to come. Now I feel it is most important that you benefit from as much heat training as possible. It works very effectively on the slaves in their multiple layers of rubber and the principle will be the same for you in your layers of uniform. The only difference will be that no-one will know what you are wearing beneath your skirt and tunic, only you will as your suffering grows and gets worse as the heat builds up.”

“So first it is on with your stockings. You will wear two pairs: the first are elasticated heavy woollen winter stockings and over them your normal issue black pair. Put them on now.”

Seline obeyed and felt the grip of the heavy weight pair, smoothed out by the normal sheer nylons on top. Outwardly everything looked quite normal but the heat was already building up with the double layer of stockings over her already clad legs in the one piece suit with those infernal prickles. When the double layer of stockings were attached to the suspenders on the bottom of the corset she stood up straight again.

“Good,” said Mistress Sarah. “Now it’s time for your lovely bloomers. These are elasticated around your waist and at the bottom of the legs which reach to just above your knees and they’ll help keep you nice and warm. On top of that you will wear a long sleeved petticoat which will reach from your neck down to just on your knees and will just hide the bottom of your bloomers.”

“Yes Mistress,” said Seline feeling even more shocked that yet more layers were being added. At least these items were made of normal soft cotton material and whilst quite tight were not particularly uncomfortable and at least were not tight around her neck which Seline had been rather concerned about.

“It’s time for your shirt now Seline. Your original uniform shirt was, as you know, stiffly starched and had rather a stiff collar. This shirt you will now be wearing is similar but has been specially modified in several ways, unfortunately for you while they make the shirt look very smart they don’t make it very comfortable for you to wear.”

“Firstly this shirt is double thickness and is in fact two shirts carefully sewn and stuck together to form one. This is then starched to a much higher level than before and the top button relocated to make a very tight fit around your neck and ensure that the tops of the collar below your chin are touching. It does help you look very smart. Again you can thank the slaves for all this work, they have been forced to work for hour after hour doing repeated starchings to get everything so stiff.”

“We also had some very rough strips sewn into the inside of the collar and cuffs which I’m afraid will add to your discomfort.”

“Then lastly, and you can thank 263 personally for this, there is a rather ingenious, and completely invisible, posture collar. We got this idea directly from 263 – it is a stiff plastic collar which fits under your tie and is held by a very small nut and bolt at the rear. It is about 3 inches high at the side and rear to hold your head up straight and cut away at the front so that it cannot be seen. Very simple but very clever, don’t you think?”

Seline took the shirt, which almost seemed to want to stand up on it’s own it was so stiff, and put it on over her petticoat. It was very difficult to do up as it was so crisp and stiff but she eventually managed. She had to put the tie around her neck before buttoning the top button due to the stiffness and she than realised just how tight and constricted she was going to be. Mistress Sarah then took the posture collar and placed it around Seline’s shirt collar and very securely fitted the locking nut and bolt at the rear to hold it in place. Immediately Seline could feel the extra control around her neck. The collar was not so tight that she could not breathe but it was now difficult to turn her head very far in either direction and it was held in a very upright position. She lastly tightened her tie and stood again before Mistress Sarah.

“How does that feel now?” She asked.

“Everything is very tight and uncomfortable Mistress. I really don’t know how I am going to manage wearing it for a week and doing my training duties as well.”

“Well you should have thought of that before you started being soft and lenient with your charge Selina. He is here to be moulded and trained in our ways and you being kind and gentle is not the way we do things around here. Spare the rod and spoil the slave is a phrase you would do well to remember and follow. It is vital that our Mistresses are strict and rigid in their discipline at all times. That is the very foundation of our organisation and the reason so many people choose to send their slaves to us for training.”

“Anyway you are looking very smart in your punishment uniform, I’ll just put a needle and thread through the back of the knot of your tie which will make sure it stays nice and tight.  It just remains for you to put on your skirt and boots and you will be nearly ready.”

Seline pulled on her black serge skirt which she could feel was a smaller size than before and fitted snugly around her reduced waist. The stiff boots came next and she noticed they felt heavier than before.

“I see you’ve noticed that we have added some weights to the heel of your boots just to make you expend a little more effort in any activities you may be doing. Before you put on your tunic I will padlock your skirt in position through these two special D rings we have had fitted. Just to stop any temptation to loosen things off – although it wouldn’t make much difference given everything else you are wearing.”

Seline heard the click of the padlock and realised how powerless she was going to be to have any control at all over her life for the next week; and she did not even want to consider the fact that she might be held in this uniform prison any longer than that.

“Now it’s finally time for your tunic. This, and your skirt, are the most important parts of your uniform which the slaves and everyone else sees and judges you on  and you must keep them in pristine condition at all times Take it from the hanger over there and bring it over here. You’ll be pleased to hear we have not made any alterations to your tunic except that it too is of course a size smaller to fit well around your reduced waist and also rings have been fitted to allow me to lock it in place. There are also locking tabs on the buttons so your tunic cannot be loosened or removed without approval from me or my Senior Mistress.”

Seline pulled on her heavy black tunic which was indeed a very close fit around her corsetted and much covered body. She closed all the 5 buttons and pulled the waist strap on to the middle notch of 3.

“Oh come now Seline you can surely do up your waist band one more notch, or would you rather I pull your corset even tighter to help you?”

“No Mistress Sarah, please, I’m sure I can fully close it,” and with that Seline took a deep breath and pulled the waist belt to it’s tightest fitting.

“Excellent, now I will put on your final padlock through the belt to save any temptation for you to try and loosen it and close the special locking clips on your buttons.”

“Stand up straight Seline and let me inspect you.”

Seline had little choice but to stand straight with everything from her corset onwards being so tight around her body, even her chin was forced to be held up high due to the plastic posture collar – she determined that 263 was going to suffer the consequences of that little idea of his before long.

“That is perfect,” said Mistress Sarah. “From the outside you simply look like a very smartly dressed young woman wearing a strict but fairly normal uniform but underneath you and I both know you’re undergoing a sublime punishment. Well, sublime for me, perhaps, I don’t imagine you are quite so enthusiastic.”

“You are not to tell your slave 263, or any other slave for that matter, of your predicament or your punishment in any way. Likewise no other Mistress is to be told. My Senior Mistress is fully aware of what is going on and in the event I am not available for any reason she will take charge of any arrangements for your treatment.

I mentioned earlier that you will remain in your uniform 24 hours a day, allowing time for normal calls of mature of course.

However I also mentioned your tunic and skirt are the most important items of your clothing and I don’t want them getting creased or messy overnight so you will be allowed to remove them when you are put to bed.”

Seline was relieved that at least she would get a little respite at night time. However her relief was shortlived.

“I don’t want you to get cold overnight though so I have arranged for you to be placed in a tight leather sleepsack every night. We sometimes use these to punish trainee slave and have them in several sizes. I think the small size will be just right for you. It won’t be very comfortable I’m afraid as it has internal sleeves to hold your arms and hands in place and stop any nocturnal wanderings! Not that you would get far with your chastity device in place.

I do feel your indoctrination can be continued at night however and a special feature of the suit is the attached helmet. This has special ear covers to remove any outside noise and is completely lightproof so you will have no outside distractions at all, except for the recorded messages which you may hear through the built in loudspeakers. These have been designed by us to reinforce the dominant and controlling side of your character in relation to the slaves being trained here.”

“We may also at times choose to increase your sexual frustration by using the pulses on your chastity device – oh yes they can also give great pleasure when suitably adjusted, only you won’t be able to relieve yourself as you’ll be tied up tight. I wonder how frustrated and cross you will be about that at the end of the week. Still it will give you another reason to step up the severity of your training of 263 and other future slaves won’t it.”

“Yes Mistress.” Seline could barely believe what she was hearing. Not only was she going to be in extreme discomfort, even pain throughout every day, now she was going to be suffering every night as well, and suffering pretty badly from what she had just heard.

And she was determined that if she was going to suffer then slave 263 was going to suffer as well................

To be continued..


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