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Rubber Training 5: My Training Continues

by RbrJohn

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© Copyright 2014 - RbrJohn - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; femdom; latex; catsuit; corset; bdsm; crop; training; outdoors; heat; discipline; cbt; boxed; encase; torment; punish; cons; XX

continued from part 4

Part 5: My Training Continues

I swallowed several times to try and remove the foul taste from my mouth with limited success. If every meal was going to be as unpleasant as this one I certainly would not want to be eating any more than I had to and my captors could easily control my weight and reduce it as much as they chose.

Mistress Seline removed my feeding funnel and undid the various straps which held me so tightly to the chair. “Stand up 263, it’s time to move on to your afternoon session.”

I felt a little refreshed after my lunch despite the fact I could still taste the foul mixture I had been fed.

“This afternoon we will continue with your exercise training. Follow me back to the exercise field and don’t forget to march with your knees high.”

I dutifully followed Mistress back to the field. It had now got really warm and the sun was beating down from a cloudless sky: I knew I would suffer a lot more in the heat of the afternoon in my layers of rubber.

“We’ll start with you on the pony track over here.” She took me to a high pole in the centre of a circular track. From the top of the pole a solid metal bar similar to a scaffold tube, about 20ft long, was laid out with a large hinged ring at the end. She proceeded to undo the ring, place it around my neck and close it with a padlock. I hadn’t realised how heavy the pole was until she let go of it and the full weight was on my neck and shoulders.

“Now let’s have you doing ten laps at full marching speed and ten laps medium running. Every time you pass me I shall use my crop here on your backside just to encourage you not to start slacking. Right slave ten laps marching, knees high, proceed.”

I set off on my next task, my tightly corsetted body making breathing difficult and with considerable pain from my spiked Kali’s teeth fitting every time I raised my knees high up.

As I passed Mistress Seline for the first time she was true to her word and gave me a sharp swat with her crop on my bottom. I continued on round and round and each time her blows with the crop seemed to get harder.

“Right slave 263 you have now completed ten laps marching - you will now run until you are told to stop. Get running!”

Needless to say I ran off fast, not wanting to give any excuse for Mistress to give me any more punishment. My legs were really aching now with the weight of the heavy boots taking their toll and my muscles tired from all the exercising I had been doing in the morning. The only advantage that running had was that it made it more difficult for Mistress Seline to land a good blow on my backside.

Eventually I had completed the ten laps running and Mistress ordered me to halt and stand at attention.

I stood as still as I could while struggling to get my breath back and Mistress  walked around me, appraising my condition.

It also gave me an opportunity to study my Mistress more closely too. So far my first day had been such a blur of activity I really hadn’t had a chance to look at her properly beyond the stark contrast of her black and white uniform. Looking more closely I could see that she was in fact younger than I had first thought – probably no more than 23 at the most and that behind her outwardly strict and severe persona there was a vulnerability as well. Perhaps Mistress Seline was not quite as hard as she wanted me to think.

She certainly was beginning to look as if she was suffering in her uniform in the afternoon heat as well. The heavy black serge tunic was tightly buttoned up with 5 gleaming silver buttons and it followed her body perfectly as did her skirt down to just below her knees. Her white shirt was so crisp it must have been very heavily starched and the top of her collar points were touching and tight around her neck, held firmly in place by the equally tightly knotted black tie. I was all the more certain that she was severely corsetted beneath her uniform and her stiff and erect posture seemed to confirm it.

All in all it cannot have been a comfortable experience for her, but nevertheless nothing like as bad as it was for me and she had not been forced to exercise hard all day.

“Well 263, that’s another of our little tests you have managed to survive. I think now that it’s getting really warm you deserve a little lie down for a couple of hours. Isn’t that kind of me?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied although I had an unpleasant feeling that my lie down might not be quite as restful as it sounded.

“Follow me over here,” she said, walking towards the low metal box with the railway type tracks coming from it which I had seen earlier.

As we approached it I could see it was a long metal box about seven feet in length, two feet wide and a foot high. The end panel where the tracks emerged was hinged at the top and Mistress lifted this section to reveal a long, low truck which she pulled out amidst a blast of hot air from within the box.

At the top of the truck was a metal cage shaped to accommodate the back of a head and across the truck there was a series of six leather straps from the top to bottom. The base was flat but a series of small studs about a quarter of an inch long covered the whole area. Lying on that was going to be a punishment in itself.

“Right lie down on to the metal base and locate your head in the head frame.”

I did as I was told and Mistress proceeded to tighten up all the straps starting at my ankles then over my knees, thighs, waist, chest and neck. Finally she came to my head which was tightly held in the metal cage. From around the side she produced a matching front section of the head cage which fitted on to the back section with a series of bolts. Once these were done up fully my head was held completely rigid. I could now only look directly upwards and no longer see Mistress Seline, only hear her voice.

“Now, isn’t that comfortable 263?” she asked. I could not reply properly as my chin was held tightly closed by the metal head cage. “You will now be spending some time in the box which will give you time to reflect on your situation and think what further joys are still to come as you continue your training. It will get very hot in the box as the sun beats down on you and today would seem to be a perfect day for it – there isn’t a cloud in the sky.”

With that she rolled the truck inside the box and closed the door. I could hear a padlock being closed on the door and was immediately aware of the tremendous heat which had already built up in the confined space – and that was with the door having been open.

I could not move at all and even wriggling was almost impossible. I knew also that the more I moved the more uncomfortable and painful the studs would become. I lay still and tried to relax as much as I could in the black tomb.

The heat build up was both quick and intense and even just lying still I was sweating heavily inside my multiple layers of tight latex. Time seemed to drag on and I really had no idea how long I had been suffering when after what seemed to me like an age I heard the base of my superheated canister being opened. I blinked in the bright sunlight after being in total darkness as the trolley was slid forward into the open. I could see Mistress Seline was straightening her tie and buttoning up her tunic which I assumed she had loosened off for her comfort while I had been roasting.

She moved around the trolley undoing the straps holding me on to the trolley. “Right stand up 263 and be quick about it”, she said. I tried to comply as well as I could but was very stiff from the tight bondage and the studs which had been pressing into my back, bottom and legs. I stood as fast and straight as I could, fearing that anything less would result in further punishments.

“Come over here and stand in the shade for a minute while you recover from your incarceration,” she said. “Sometimes I think some of the methods used here are too strict especially for new and inexperienced slaves. Are you feeling alright and not dizzy?” she asked.

Given the strict regime I was quickly becoming accustomed to I was quite surprised when Mistress Seline appeared to be showing some pity and compassion for me. “Yes I’m OK thankyou Mistress,” I replied. “How long was I in the tube for?”

“That was just two hours but you better be aware that some Mistresses use the tube as a long term punishment for some slaves. I have been told that one slave who actually dared to argue with a Mistress was tubed up for both his feeding and waste requirements and shut in there for four days without a break. Needless to say he was a reformed slave when he re-appeared.”

“Yes Mistress I can’t imagine what that would be like,” I said.

“Well, for your sake I hope you never find out 263,” she replied.

“Yes Mistress I hope so too, it was like an oven in there. Even you are looking very hot in your uniform Mistress – it must be quite uncomfortable in weather like this.”

She softened and said, “Yes it can be but as your training Mistress I am also required to keep my dress and presentation up to a very high standard as an example to you. In fact I am checked on by Mistress Sarah and the senior Mistresses just as much as you are until I reach the required grade to advance to a senior Mistress myself. You see I am only here on probation. My mother died when I was very young and I was brought up by my father who was a lovely man but had gone into a joint business venture with money borrowed from Mistress Sarah. Unfortunately the business failed which left my father owing tens of thousands to Mistress Sarah. She gave us the alternative of making my father bankrupt or having me work here as a trainee Mistress and eventually pay off the debt. I love my father and really had no choice but to accept.”

“I had no idea Mistress Seline,” I said, “is there anything I can do to help?”

At that moment Mistress glanced upwards and I noticed a CCTV camera pointing down to where we were standing. She almost jumped when she saw it and immediately reverted to her strict Mistress persona with increased vigour.

“Stand up straight and be silent 263, it’s not your place to have a conversation with me. You will remain silent and only speak when you are spoken to or there will be serious consequences, understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said standing straight up to attention.

“Right with your arms straight down at your side in the attention position and your legs fully raised, marching on the spot -BEGIN!

I immediately carried out her instructions but I could see that she was looking pensive and a bit worried as she gathered her thoughts.

Marching on the spot should have been a fairly simple task but with all my layers of black rubber – and the Kali’s teeth to consider it was quite hard work. Add to that the fact that I had to raise my knees high enough that my thighs were parallel to the ground with each step and the heavily weighted boots and after a few minutes I was sweating profusely. The sun was shining as bright as ever and the heat building up in my black latex was enormous.

“Get those knees up, keep your back straight, arms tight in at your sides!” she shouted.

Suddenly a loudspeaker above us burst into life. “Mistress Seline. You are to report to the head Warden immediately. Ensure the new trainee 263 is fully  secured to holding post number 1 and then report at the double.”

Mistress looked shocked and scared. She took me over to a large cross set into the ground with numerous straps hanging from both the upright and the crossbar.

“Back up to the cross and hold your arms out straight sideways.” I did as instructed and She proceeded to tie the straps tightly around my ankles, knees, thighs waist and chest. Manacles were tightened around my wrists and a cord attached which was pulled tight and around the end of the crossbar. They were attached to a pulley at the back which stretched my arms out taught. In addition tight straps were secured around my wrists, forearms and upper arms locating me rigidly to the cross. I could not move.

Mistress Seline backed away for a moment and double checked that all the strapping was as tight as possible and then proceeded to run quickly back to the main building we had come from.

Seline stopped outside the head warden’s office door and composed herself. She straightened her tie and tidied her tight tunic and skirt. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door.

“Come,” said a voice from inside. Seline opened the door and walked in, turning to close the door behind her. “Stand at attention in front of me,” said the head warden.

“Well Seline I must say I am disappointed in your performance today and your altogether too lenient and casual approach to slave 263. You know full well that there is to be no idle chatter between the staff and the trainees and that no allowance is made when trainees appear to be suffering – that’s precisely why they are here!”

“I am well aware that you are a special case and not naturally a dominant unlike most of the Mistresses here but in order to fulfil your role and remove the debt from your family it means you will have to work even harder than the others.”

“Now I have to decide what is the best method of ensuring you do just that.” Mistress Sarah hesitated and thought for a few moments.

“I could have you enrolled here as a trainee slave for a week so that you suffered as they do – and at the hands of our strictest Mistress. That would certainly teach you how a slave feels when they undergo our treatment. But no, I think I will reserve that as a final solution if you do not improve over the next week.”

“However you must not go unpunished and I feel you need a constant reminder of your own predicament so that you do not sympathise with the slave trainees. I want you feeling sorry for your own situation not theirs’”


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