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Rubber Training 4: My Training begins

by RbrJohn

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© Copyright 2012 - RbrJohn - Used by permission

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continued from part 3

Part 4: My Training begins

When I was woken next morning I had no idea what the time was as I had spent the night fully dressed as instructed in my rubber suit. Under that I was wearing rubber stockings held on by 8 suspenders to my rubber corset which Mistress had ensured was laced fully closed. I also had on a high neck shirt which was tucked in to long Bermuda shorts with a penis hole and open back, which reached down below my knees. My head was covered with a tight fitting hood with small holes for my mouth and nose but no eye holes. I felt there must be some additional padding over my ears as any sounds I could hear were muffled. Over this the hood of my rubber suit was pulled tight and the zip fully closed. A padlock at the top and bottom of the zip ensured I could not remove any of the restrictive rubberwear I was locked in to.

The first thing Mistress did was to unlock the bottom zip of the suit and allow me to use the toilet, although I had to be very careful as my hood was still in place and I was completely blind.

Having successfully done what was necessary Mistress said that she would allow me to have a drink and quick snack before we left. On that she unlocked my top zip and took off my suit hood followed by rolling up the full face hood so that my mouth was revealed but my eyes still covered. She then presented me with a glass of water and a banana which I ate gratefully.

When I had finished Mistress said “Well this is the last time I shall speak to you until after you return from your training. Like I said before I don’t know how long that will take – that will depend on how well you do so it’s entirely down to you. I’m now going to seal you back in to your hood and suit but before I do that I’m going to give you just one last chance to change your mind and remember that once I have put you in to the control of your trainers there is no going back. They will have total control of you and as I said their methods are severe to say the least but very effective. Well?”

“No Mistress I decided earlier that I wish to be your slave for ever and if going through this training is the only way to do it I will do my best to come out as a slave you would be proud to own.”

At that she kissed me on the lips and said “Off we go then slave and the next time I see you I hope you will be a perfectly trained slave for me for ever.”

With that she pulled my full face hood down covering my mouth and neck. She pulled up the hood of my suit and fitted the padlock again. I was again totally encased in rubber and about to set off on the greatest journey of my life, and I knew there would be no going back.

As Mistress had said I was led to the car and my arms were strapped together behind my back. I was put in the back of the car and I could feel the seat belt being adjusted on to my shoulder. I was completely blind and could only hear muffled noises as the car drove off.

It was difficult to tell how long the journey was but I’m sure it was at least two hours. Eventually however we arrived at our destination. My heart was pounding now having no idea of what was in store for me and because I could not see a thing through my fully enclosing mask.

The door was opened and the seat belt unbuckled. I was helped out of the car and my arms were released from behind my back. No one had spoken while this was going on and I had no idea who was present – it could have been just my Mistress or any number of others. Through my hood I could hear muffled voices and after a few minutes they stopped and I heard the car door open and close, the engine started and it promptly drove away. Now I knew I really was alone and in the hands of what Mistress had described as the most severe trainers she could find.

Suddenly my arms were gripped on either side and the silence was broken by a female voice “You are to come with us, when we stop you will stand at attention and remain silent.”

Before I even had a chance to reply I was led briskly off. The ground changed from gravel to solid of some sort so I assumed we had gone indoors. After walking for about half a minute and going around several corners we halted and I was ordered to stand at attention which I obeyed.

Everything was silent until I heard the sound of boots clacking on a hard surface coming towards me and stopping.

“Remove the slave’s outer hood and full-face mask, and then replace the open face hood of the suit.”

“Yes Mistress.”

At long last I was going to be able to see and I felt a great surge of both fear and excitement sweep over me. My eyes blinked in the light as they adjusted having been in total darkness since the night before. My full face hood was removed and the open face hood put back on again before I could begin to see properly the person standing in front of me.

“Stand still at attention and do not speak.”

Now I could see that the person giving the orders was a striking woman who I guessed to be about 30 with dark brown hair swept back and tied with a simple hair tie behind revealing her face. It was her clothing however which I could not take my eyes off.

She was wearing an immaculate uniform so tightly cut that I felt sure she must be wearing a corset below to keep everything that perfect. She wore a crisp white shirt with a tightly knotted black tie and over that a black tunic with six large chrome buttons. Around her slender waist a belt, sewn into the tunic, was tightly buckled with a twin pronged buckle. Her skirt of matching black was cut tightly to her body and reached down to just below her knees. Black stockings covered what small parts I could see of her legs before they disappeared, covered by black boots, laced tight and extending almost up to her knees with a heel which must have been at least 4” high.

It was uniform very similar to the one I had used myself but on her it looked 1000 times better. A mixture of very sexy and very intimidating.

“You have been sent to us for severe training to be turned into the perfect slave and maid for your Mistress.”

“That is going to take a considerable amount of time and effort from you and there may well be times when you think you will never reach that goal. There will certainly be times when you feel that the pain and suffering you will endure are not worth the sacrifice you are making and that all you want is freedom from our regime here.”

“However we will ensure that eventually you will be trained to our exacting standards and fit to serve your Mistress at the level she expects. How long this process will take is entirely up to you and will simply be as long as it takes. Anyway you need have no worries about time here as you will be kept busy at all times.”

“Before we go any further I require you to sign this document which gives your instructions and authority for us to train and mould you in any way we choose and to punish and discipline you likewise. Sign here.”

I took a deep breath and signed the form knowing that I was signing away my rights and my freedom but I was determined to go through with my training whatever it took.

“Good, now let me explain a little about what will happen to you. My name is Mistress Sarah and I am in overall control of this establishment. You will address me always as either Mistress or Mistress Sarah. You will however not speak to me or any other warder unless given permission. To ask permission you will raise your hand and wait to be spoken to. If you do not follow this procedure you will be punished.”

“Your first period of basic training will involve you being dressed in a variety of rubber wear. What you are wearing now may be alright for a bit of fun but is nothing like severe enough for a fully trained rubber slave. “

“Some establishments may start off their training with a less strict dress code and then have it increased but we feel the opposite is true. Slaves should be forced into the most restrictive and uncomfortable rubberwear and made to carry out hard and strenuous work from day one.”

“Much of this work will seem pointless and indeed that is quite intentional. Slaves must learn that they themselves are unimportant and that the tasks they carry out are also irrelevant. It is simply toiling hard for no reward except to please their Master or Mistress which matters.”

“You will also have no need of an individual identity. You will be issued with a number by which you will always be known. Any use of your own name will be severely punished. From now on you will simply be slave 263. You will also be required to wear a full face mask with eye holes and holes for your nose and mouth. This mask will have no marks or distinguishing features to show your identity but it will be stamped with your number on the forehead.”

“All around the establishment, both inside and outside, there are a large number of CCTV cameras which are constantly monitored to ensure you are doing your duties as instructed, so even if you cannot see any warders watching you the chances are you are under observation.”

“And you should not expect any assistance from another trainee. One of our most basic rules is that a slave owes his or her entire allegiance to his owner and not to another slave. Indeed all trainees are under strict instructions to report any infractions of the rules, either by themselves or another slave, to a warder as soon as possible and will be punished severely if they do not.”

“The slaves who brought you to me will now take you to your room. They are both on 72 hour silence punishment and are not allowed to speak for any reason during that time. If they do, they, and you, will receive a punishment beating of 50 strokes of the crop and be gagged for a further 72 hours so please don’t tempt them by asking questions. Details of what you will be required to wear for your first day will be found on the notice on the back of the door in your room.”

“We have got details of all your measurements from your Mistress so all the clothing will be the correct size for you. This will be just the basic uniform you will wear while you start training with us and will become considerably more complex as you develop.”

“I would stress that all items must be worn as tight as possible and any garment not so worn will be considered to be missing and you will be punished accordingly. Your first day, and longer if necessary, will consist of various tests and exercises to determine your level of submission and attitude to training so that we can devise a suitable training programme for you.”

“That’s enough from me for now. Go with the two slaves and get ready for your first day.”

The two slaves who had been standing at attention just by my side then took a step forward and grabbed my arms. I was then taken, or frogmarched might be a better description, out of the room and down a long corridor with a carpeted floor and paintings on the wall. It resembled a quality hotel and was a pleasant and reassuring environment to be in. We then however came to a very substantial iron door with bolts top and bottom. The slave opened these and I was taken through the open door.

That was the moment I realised that the comfortable surroundings we had come from were obviously for the warders and staff. Instead of carpet there was solid concrete on the floor and bare brick walls painted white with no pictures or effort to provide any form of comfort. We continued down this corridor and passed a number of solid steel doors on each side. After a while we came to one which had simply 263 stencilled on the door.

As the door opened I could see my new room, or the word cell might be more appropriate. It measured about 15 feet square and had a bed sticking out into the room from the centre point of the far wall, about two feet away from the wall allowing access all around it. There was also a washbasin and door to a bathroom, but not much else. The floor, as the passageway, was bare concrete and the walls the same bare white as the corridor. One wall was made up of a very large built in wardrobe which stretched for the whole length of the room and it was here that my slave helpers went and collected a range of rubber clothes from one end of the wardrobe. These had obviously been made ready for me in advance as they did not have to make any selection. Methodically these were laid out on to the bed.

I was then shown the list of my uniform printed on the card stuck to the inside of the door. It read as follows –



Knee length Bermuda shorts with penis hole

Today’s special! - Spiked Kali’s teeth chastity device

Crew neck vest with short sleeves

Face mask, lace up at rear. Marked 263

Stockings with 8 suspenders

Corset - waist reduction. To be laced closed at all times

Shoulder length gloves

Long sleeve shirt with tight collar

Full body suit with attached feet and gloves, open face mask to fit over feminine face mask, locked on

Heavy military style boots with 3” heel and lacing, approx 12” high

The slaves, who looked to be wearing a similar uniform to the one I was destined to be wearing stood before me and held up the Bermuda shorts which I obediently put on and pulled up tight, easing my cock and balls through the small, reinforced hole, so that they were protruding out. The slaves, whose numbers were 98 and 146 I noticed, now proceeded to put on the steel Kali’s teeth chastity device. It was terrifying to look at although exciting at the same time and my cock reacted by going erect on the spot. This evidently displeased my dressers as 98 took a sharp swipe at my penis and it fell back slightly although it appeared not enough for his liking.

He immediately went to the other end of the wardrobe and opened the door of what turned out to be a fridge/freezer. He was in front of me again a few moments later holding an ice pack which was thrust on to my cock and balls. This certainly had the effect of wilting my cock back down again and he placed the device around my now limp cock. It measured about an inch and a half in length and was a loose fit around my cock, but it wasn’t the ring itself I was afraid of, it was the dozens of inward facing small metal spikes resting on my deflated cock. I took a sharp intake of breath as the ring was snapped shut and the retaining screw tightened but then matters got even worse. 146 came forward holding a small Allen key and knelt down in front of me. He carefully inserted the key into the head of each screw spike and gave each one a full turn. As he did so the pain increased with every one until he finally finished and the device was tightened to his satisfaction.

I felt that if I stayed absolutely still I could bear this, provided of course I didn’t get an erection, but knew that was not an option.

I was motioned to stand and passed the crew neck vest which i pulled on, all the clothes may have been made for my size but they were certainly cut for a very tight fit.

Next the mask was fitted on my head and I noticed it had female features on it, the same as 98 and 146 were wearing. It laced all the way at the back from the top of my head to the bottom of my neck and was pulled in very tightly. All this was taking place in total silence and there were so many questions I wanted to ask my helpers but knew I could not speak to them or we would all be punished. I was pointed to the bed and to sit down, I did and each slave took a stocking and rolled it up my leg,

Then came the other item I’d been dreading, the corset. I’d seen it lying on the bed but not close up and the first thing that struck me was how long it was. As 98 lifted it I could also see it was very heavy as he struggled to undo the front busk and 146 came over to lend a hand. They wrapped it around my body and reclosed the busk. It was now evident how heavy and stiff it was. It must have weighed several kilos and reached from just under my armpits to well on to my hips.

98 then stood in front of me and indicated I should raise my arms above my head. It was then that I noticed a hatch in the ceiling above me. 98 took a remote control device from his belt and pressed a couple of buttons. The hatch came open and a pair of cuffs dangling from a chain began to descend. My hands were placed in the cuffs which were tightly strapped to my wrists. 98 used the remote to lift the chain up again so that I was very soon standing on tiptoes with my body stretched out to its longest.

At this point both my helpers took position behind me and began to pull the laces as tight as possible. This was obviously a job they had done many times before as they worked in unison to pull the laces first from the top working towards the middle of my waist and then the same from the bottom.

I was beginning to find it hard to breathe but at least the tightening had stopped. I did not realise however that they had not completed their task but were just pausing for breath before they continued.

As they continued I could feel not only my waist but my entire body from armpits to hips being gradually squashed and squeezes tighter than I would have thought possible. I was struggling to breathe properly especially with the tight hood on as well and only a small hole for my nose and mouth but eventually the lacing finished and I was lowered from the ceiling pulley until I was standing on my feet again. As I was lowered however the effect of the corset got even greater and I truly wondered how I would cope in this fiendish garment all day.

I had little time to think however as my stocking tops were pulled tight on to the eight suspenders at the bottom of the corset. Next 98 and 146 each took hold of one of the long heavy gloves and rolled them in a similar fashion to the stockings up my arms almost up to my armpit. I had not realised how heavy and stiff these would be and they made bending my arms quite a struggle.

Next I was handed a long sleeved shirt with a stiff collar about two inches high and a rear zip. I forced my arms into this and my helpers pulled it tight at the back and zipped it tight closed. Again it was cut very small and provided an extremely tight fit.

Now it was time for my full body suit. It was made from heavy weight latex and complete with built in gloves, feet and open faced hood. A zip reached from just below my stomach through my crotch and all the way up the back to the top of the hood where two small rings were fitted to allow it to be locked on. The neck of the suit must have had some stiff reinforced boning added as it held my head and chin up and allowed very little sideways movement either. An additional lockable zip was fitted at the front which could be opened to allow access to my cock and balls but locked there so it could not be opened further without a key. Right now though my tackle was pushed hard downward and the zip fully closed over them. This had the effect of clamping down on my chastity device and nearly causing me to scream out with pain.

Finally it was time for my boots to be fitted. These were along the lines of Doc Martins but with a concealed heel rise of about 3” and lacing all the way up the front. They reached about 12” up my lower leg towards my knees and were very stiff. When I tried to walk in them however I realised that not only were they very tight and stiff but also there must have been some concealed weights built in to the sole as each boot must have weighed several kilos.

98 and 146 then spent several minutes polishing my outer latex suit until it shone and sparkled, they seemed to enjoy taking extra time over my cock and balls which caused a lot more pain in that area!

At last I was finished and taken to the mirror to see what I had ended up like.

I was amazed at what I saw.

There, reflected in the mirror was a tall slender shape – you couldn’t tell what gender – standing before me with a narrow waist and equally slim and confined chest and hips. Long legs disappeared into tightly laced boots creating a very upright posture. At the top, the chin of this person was held up rigidly high and the face was that of an attractive young woman. The whole body, apart from the face itself, was entirely covered in the shiny gloss black of the suit from the top of the head down to the toes, not an inch was uncovered.

My helpers stood on either side and surveyed the transformation with apparent pleasure and pampered and polished odd spots on the suit to ensure everything was perfect.

While the effect was truly stunning to an onlooker it was extremely uncomfortable for me inside. The constant pressure of the rigid rubber corset, the constriction of the rubber suit neck, the tight mask and not at all least the ever present pricking on my cock from the Kali’s teeth device meant I was paying a heavy price for my transformation.

I had little time to dwell on this however as I was ushered back along the same corridor by my helper slaves towards the room where I had first met Mistress Sarah when I first arrived. That seemed like ages ago but was probably no more than a couple of hours.

As before I was positioned in front of the large desk and 98 and 146 took a step backwards and stood stiffly to attention.

We waited in complete silence, I did not know what I was supposed to be doing but felt that if I copied the other slaves that would be a good start so stood at attention also.

The door behind me opened abruptly and Mistress Sarah strode in accompanied by two others both wearing the same black uniform with white shirts and ties. Mistress Sarah sat down and the other two remained at attention behind her.

“Well 263, that’s a lot better. Do you like your standard uniform?”

“Yes Mistress Sarah, although the corset is terribly tight.”

“You had better get used to it 263 as future uniforms you will be required to wear will be considerably harder to bear. We also do not tolerate any complaining in this training establishment and they are rewarded by punishments. I will allow this one indiscretion but you have now been warned.”

“Yes Mistress, “I said.

“Also bear in mind this is just your standard uniform and your warder may decide to add to it at any point which will make it a good deal more difficult for you.”

“Now, as you are now properly dressed as a trainee slave I will go through our basic rules and regulations here.”

“The initial training here is based, loosely, on military discipline of the strictest nature and any violation is punished equally strictly. Your warder will keep a list of any offences or failures to meet our standards and at the end of the week they will be calculated and the appropriate punishment will then follow. You have no rights of appeal and any complaining will add to your punishment.”

“We use various different methods to correct your faults; these can include corporal punishment, confinement in extra clothing for long periods, exercising, strict bondage and many others. I have no doubt that during your time with us you will be able to sample many of these.”

“You will at all times maintain an erect bearing and hold your head up high, you will not slouch and your default position when awaiting any orders or in between jobs etc is to stand stiffly at attention. We conduct extensive attention training to ensure you comply with this and no excuses are allowed. Should you fail we have ways of making attention training extremely uncomfortable for you over a long period so consider yourself warned.”

“Later in your training you will undertake specialist training as a maid as that is what your Mistress has requested. This will entail you being severely corsetted and wearing a long Victorian style uniform with lots of heavy underclothes and very high heels on a daily basis. You will be taught how to serve, clean and generally perform all the duties required from a uniformed rubber maid.”

“That is for the future however and today you will be given various tasks. If you fail any of these you will earn punishment points as I have already explained. I have decided that Mistress Seline, who is standing behind me, will be in direct charge of your training regime.” She gestured towards the warder standing to her right. She also was a very pretty and attractive woman, somewhat younger than Mistress Sarah, and although standing quietly and deferentially behind her senior Mistress I sensed there was a hard edge to her.

“You will be taken from here to Exercise Area 2 where Mistress Seline will put you through your paces and see what you are made of. Any lack of effort will not be tolerated and severely punished. She may choose to add extra items to your uniform to increase your discomfort and for that you should be grateful as it is to be your purpose in life to suffer for your Mistress.”

“Right off you go and follow your orders without any hesitation 263 or it will be the worse for you.”

Mistress Seline’s voice cracked out her orders. “263, about turn. Follow me and march with your knees raised high and your arms at your side. From now on everywhere you go will either be marching like this or normal marching or at the double.”

I followed my new Mistress along several corridors and outside into a small walled area. There were 3 doors leading off here and she opened the one marked Exercise Area 2 which led onto a large open field of carefully mown grass with an oval track around the perimeter.

“Halt. Stand at attention.” Mistress Selena looked at me and said “I am going to turn you into the most well behaved and perfect maid and slave for your Mistress that it is possible for you to be. That is going to mean you give every ounce of effort you can throughout all your training, including today. If I have even the smallest suspicion you are not I will make sure you suffer for it.”

“Now we are first going to give you a straightforward marching exercise. The track here is 440 yards long so four laps equals one mile. You will be required to complete 20 laps – 5 miles in not more than one hour. That’s obviously 5 miles per hour, which is quite fast but should not be any problem for you. That will however just be the start of your day and get you nicely warmed up and you will really feel the effect of your weighted boots by the end, not to mention your chastity device!”

“Come over here to the start line and stand at attention.”

I marched over to the start and snapped to attention.

“Slave, rapid march, 20 laps, MARCH!”

I set off as instructed and for the first mile was doing quite well although breathing through my mask was not that easy and I was getting very hot in my multiple layers of rubber. However I kept on at what I hoped was quick enough rate, the weighted boots were really beginning to have a big effect on the effort I had to make and needless to say Kali was having her effect too!

I pushed on for another 4 laps leaving only one last mile to complete. I had no idea how fast I had been marching or if it was fast enough. All I could do was press on as fast as I could.

Mistress was standing at the side of the track with a stopwatch but gave no indication how I was doing.

Eventually it came to my last lap and as I crossed the finish line Mistress shouted “Slave, stop. Attention!”

I was heaving for breath at this point but stood up as straight and still as I could.

“Well 263, that wasn’t too bad. You actually did that with four and a half minutes to spare. Now that I know what you’re capable of it let’s me set your goal at the right level and obviously next time I’ll make things harder for you. After all from my point of view I want you to have to really struggle to reach your target and give me the opportunity to punish you when you fail. Because punishment is good for you isn’t it 263?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said.

“Now I’m going to give you a short session of attention training while you get your breath back. Follow me over here.”

I followed my Mistress towards a set of steps leading up to a small wooden platform about two feet up from the ground. The platform measured about a foot square.

“263 stop. Did you not understand when you were told that you will march everywhere? You weren’t marching at all as we walked across so you will have a quick punishment to remind you and you will earn your first demerits. First bend over the steps and I will give you a dozen strokes with my riding whip and then you can do another lap of the track but this time at double speed. Right, bend over.”

I did as I was told and it really came to me that this was just a taste of what my life was going to be like for however long my training took.

Mistress laid on 12 hard strokes of the whip which really stang even through several layers of my rubber.

“Up you get and go to the start line. You will do one lap of the track at the double. If you take longer than 80 seconds your punishment, both the beating and the run, will be repeated until I decide to stop it. “

“263 ready, GO!”

I ran off as fast as I could knowing that my heavy boots were going to slow me down a lot and not wanting to run out of steam part way round. As I rounded the final bend I was really struggling for breath but put every effort into running as fast as I could. The last thing I wanted was a repeat of the punishment. I crossed the line and stood at attention waiting for Mistress to speak.

“Well you’ve made it 263, you did it in 74 seconds. Again I can see I’ll have to make it a little harder next time.”

“Anyway now it’s back to your attention training. You will stand at attention on the platform for one hour. You will not move or make any kind of noise. If you do you will be punished. This is a very basic method of attention training and as you progress it will get significantly more difficult - and often more painful.”

“Right now march up to the steps and climb them to get to the platform. Proceed.”

I followed my instructions and stood on the platform. Although it was only two feet off the ground it felt higher and quite exposed. She climbed the steps after me and said “Lean your head back as far as possible and balance this small mat on your forehead.” She passed me a small mat, similar to a drinks coaster, and once it was in place and I was at attention she put a small battery size cylinder on each foot.

“There now, if you drop any of these you will be punished so stand absolutely still. Your hour starts now.”

I concentrated all my efforts in not moving and chose a point on the horizon to focus on. I began also to see some of the other items at the side of the field. There was a St Andrews cross with a series of metal rings for tying any unfortunate victim to, next to that was what appeared to be a concrete whipping bench with a raised section to kneel on and a higher part in front for the stomach and chest. This section actually sloped slightly downwards which would have the effect of pushing the bottom high up into the air. Again there were a series of metal rings every six inches to bind the victim to the bench.

It was fairly obvious what the purpose of both these were but the next I was much less sure about. It appeared to be a metal box about 18” high and wide and 7’ long On the top of the box was a smaller box and from the bottom ran a pair of rails like a miniature railway extending about 8 or 9 feet in front.

I was still pondering on it’s use when I looked further away into the centre of the exercise track.

Here was a large hill rather like a very high hump back bridge around 20 feet high and with brick built supports on each side. The hill was filled entirely with sand and had steep sides of around 45 degrees. I had an unpleasant feeling that I would experience the full effects of the hill before my time here was finished. 

I was still concentrating on standing rigidly still when I felt a rubbing sensation on my cock. I couldn’t look down fully for fear of dislodging the mat I was balancing but could see enough to see Mistress Seline was amusing herself by stroking my cock with the end of her riding crop.

“Now remember to stay still slave or you’ll suffer the consequences. I’ll just go on attending to your cock for a few minutes.”

As she continued her attentions my cock was growing larger and the pain from my Kali’s teeth ring was getting more and more extreme. I gritted my teeth and just tried to concentrate on not moving.

“You are doing well slave. Most of my other trainee slaves have been doubled over at this point but you are taking your pain very well. I can see I shall have to be even stricter with you than usual.”

She stopped her probing and continued walking casually around me. “Just another 15 minutes to go slave.”

I had almost finished my session when I had an overpowering urge to sneeze. I desperately managed to control this until just a minute from the end I sneezed loudly and the mat went flying from my head, along with one of the tubes balanced on my foot.

“Oh dear,” said Mistress Seline. “I wonder if that could have anything to do with the pepper I have been spraying around for the last few minutes?”

So that was why I’d been so desperate to sneeze and my cruel Mistress had chosen to leave it for the last moment to make me.

“I’m afraid that has earned you forty demerits for you to look forward to for later and you must be punished now for your carelessness as well. Come down off the platform and bend over in front of me.”

Mistress Seline went behind me and unzipped my rubber suit giving access to my backside. “It said on your notes that you have not yet had the benefit of anal training, well I’m very keen that we correct that straightaway and it’s something you are going to have to get used to.”

With that she smeared my back passage with a cool feeling gel and began to insert what felt like an enormous dildo into my rear. I had never experienced penetration before and it came as quite a shock and was certainly high up on the pain list. Eventually after several minutes of pushing and pressure I felt the head of the dildo enter me and the shaft follow.

“There now 263, how does that feel? I’m sure it will be quite uncomfortable for you but again it is something you will have to get used to as I expect my trainee slaves to be plugged at all times. This is just a standard size dildo but I will train you to accept much larger than this before we are finished.”

Mistress then re-zipped my rubber suit and as I was still bending over gave me six hard swats with her crop.

“Right 263, come over here. It’s time I made your life a little less comfortable.“ With that she produced a large and heavy backpack which I was ordered to put on and buckle closed. I did so and she padlocked the buckle in place.

I was then presented with a stiff rubber gas mask which was also padlocked closed on my head. Mistress then screwed a long flexible breathing tube into the front of the respirator and took the pipe behind my back and screwed it in turn on to a fitting on the backpack. Immediately my head was filled with a heady aroma of latex and I found myself having to work hard to breathe. But more was to come.

“This backpack weighs 20 kilos, 263. In the top part is a latex aroma section into which your breathing tube is attached and hence the reason you are getting such a strong smell of latex. Down below is a large battery pack and control unit which can be connected to various parts of your body and give you a range of electric shocks. I have a remote control unit on my belt which adjusts the shock on a scale from one to ten. Just for now I am going to connect it to your metal butt plug but in future it can also be used on your cock and balls, nipples or any other sensitive part of your body.”

“Now stand over here and I will give you a quick demonstration of what you can expect if you displease me.” No sooner had she stopped speaking than a surge of pain ripped into my backside.

“That was at setting number 2, 263. Let’s see what number 4 is like.” This time the pain was much stronger and even though I was expecting it I was still caught unawares and bent over with the pain.

“Now, 263, let’s crank it up a bit. I’m going to give you a ten second burst at number 6.” I screamed as the searing pain entered right in to me and was writhing on the floor by the time the ten seconds had finished.

“Stand up 263 and stop rolling around on the ground or you’ll get another dose. Anyway I think you get the idea and I hope it confirms that I won’t accept anything less than perfection from you in your training.”

“Just remember that was only setting 6 and it goes up to 10 and I really don’t think you want to experience that do you 263?”

“No Mistress,” I stammered through my face mask and gas mask. I didn’t even know whether Mistress could hear me and I was still panting hard and trying to get my breath back.

“Right then I think it’s time for a little more exercise for you. You will carry out this task with your backpack and gas mask in place just to make it a little more demanding for you. Follow me over to ‘the hill’”, she said. “And keep those knees high as you do so!”

We walked across the perimeter track towards the sand covered hill I had seen from my attention training. She stopped at the bottom and I could now see that the hill was higher than I had originally thought, probably over 20 feet and made entirely from soft sand. Trying to climb it was going to be a nightmare.

“Now 263 it’s time for you to get acquainted with ‘the hill’. You will climb to the top and down the far side, the soft sand will make it quite hard work and at the end of the exercise I think your leg muscles will be screaming for mercy. To make it a little more difficult for you however you will carry one of these concrete building blocks each time and arrange them neatly in a pile on the other side of the hill. There are 5 blocks and each weighs around 10 kilos. They are rather rough however and I don’t want you to damage your lovely rubber suit so I will generously allow you to wear some protective clothes.”

With that she pointed me towards a large pile of rubber clothes folded by the concrete blocks.

“First you will put on the heavy waders. These come almost up to your armpits and have straps to go over your shoulders.”

The waders were really heavy and had zips at the bottom so that I could get them over my boots. I pulled them up and zipped up the now tight ankle cuffs. The top was made of the same heavyweight material with thick elasticated wrists and I was surprised how long it was, reaching down almost to my ankles. It was cut wide at the top to fit over my backpack and then tapered down to be quite narrow at the bottom. Mistress then zippered it closed at the front and finished it off with a padlock at the neck. I realised that wearing this would not only be very hot and uncomfortable but would also make it very difficult to bend my legs much when climbing through the sand. Finally I was presented with a pair of heavy duty black gauntlets which extended almost to my elbows and were tightly secured with a padlock around each wrist.

Just standing in all this rubber was hard enough and my breathing was laboured. Little wonder really with the strictly laced corset not allowing me to take a full breath and my face mask and extra gas mask adding to my discomfort and difficulties.

“Now 263 pick up the first block and stand up straight. This is going to be a real test of your stamina. On my command you will go as quickly as possible over the hill and put down the block on the far side. You will then come back over the hill, collect the next block and repeat the exercise. When you have taken all the blocks over the hill you will return and stand at attention awaiting my next command. At no time will you stop and if I don’t feel you have made sufficient effort you will be punished. Is that all clear?”

“Yes Mistress”. I said.

“Right off you go and no slacking!”

I started up the steep sandy slope, carrying the heavy concrete block. I didn’t want to go too fast to start with for fear of being unable to complete the task and I certainly didn’t want to give Mistress any excuse for dishing out any extra punishments.

I succeeded in getting the first three blocks over the hill and down the other side but by now my lungs were at bursting point and my leg muscles were aching in protest. I knew I had to go on however much pain I was suffering and could see my Mistress pacing up and down at the base of the hill so she could see me on both sides and make sure i wasn’t having a rest.

I kept on going and after what seemed like a lifetime i finally took the last block over the hill and returned to my starting point where Mistress Seline was waiting.

I was gasping for breath through my gas mask and feeling quite faint from lack of air.

“Well, you’ve really done quite well there 263. Most of the new trainees struggle on the hill. I’ll have to start making your tests a little more difficult otherwise I won’t have any excuse to punish you will I, 263?”

“I said will I, 263?”

“No mistress,” I said.

“And that’s what you’re here for isn’t it 263. Training and discipline and that can only be enforced by punishment when you fail in any way. Isn’t that right 263?”

“Yes Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress!”

“What are you here for 263?”

“Training and discipline, Mistress.”

“And how can that enforced?”

“By punishment, Mistress.”

“That’s right, by punishment 263, so you better get used to the idea.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied loudly.

“That’s better, 263. It sounds like you actually mean it.”

“Do you mean it 263, do you want punishment?”

“Yes, Mistress, I want punishment!”

“Well then I am pleased to say that as a treat I will let you decide whether or not to give yourself punishment in my next little test. So far we have tested your endurance for marching and running. Now I am going to test the strength and stamina in your arms. Before we do that I will remove your extra waders and long coat and the rucksack.”

“This is one of my personal favourites to test slaves with as the final choice of whether you are to be punished is entirely under your own control. Don’t you think that is kind of me slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said although I was pretty confident that I would have little choice except to receive punishment eventually.

“Right, march over here and stand at attention with your back to the metal post.”

I did so and found myself being strapped tightly to the metal post at my ankles, knees, thighs, waist and chest. I was held in a rigid attention position.

Mistress then produced a metal framework hinged helmet which she proceeded to close around my face. This was then screwed on to the metal framework in such a position to hold my head high up and back so that I only had limited vision of what was now going on and was completely unable to move my head even the slightest.

“There now 263, not too comfortable I hope? Oh sorry I forgot you can’t speak now your metal helmet is holding your mouth closed. Still it saves you being gagged as well. I do so love this contraption. It is so simple but once a trainee has been left out here for a few hours in the sunshine they seem so eager to please me and get released. But that’s not for you today, plenty of time later on in your training for a long session in the sunshine. No, for you it’s going to be much shorter but much more intense.”

Mistress then placed in front of me a metal structure with a crossbeam with a pair of metal cuffs at about my shoulder height and a higher pole with a pulley a few feet above my head. A line hung ready and waiting from the pulley.

Mistress then proceeded to pull my cock and balls out through my rubber suit and took the time to caress my cock making it swell up and cause me enormous pain from my Kali’s teeth device which had been so tightly fitted earlier.

“My, my, 263 you are getting excited down there but that’s not to be your test area exactly. You have used clothes pegs on your balls before I assume? Oh of course you can’t answer but I’ll assume you have. Today I’m going to put 20 pegs on to your balls. These are rather severe ones I’m afraid and also ridged so that they will grip you hard and are never likely to fall off.”

As Mistress put on the pegs I knew they were much stronger than the pegs I had used before and immediately sent an acute pain through my balls. She also put my wrists into the metal cuffs holding them out straight ahead of me.

“Now I’m going to leave you there for quarter of an hour slave while I relax over here in the shade. The sun’s getting pretty hot now – I should think you’re finding that in all your rubber too.”

With that she moved across to a shaded bench and sat down. For all the discomfort she was giving me I felt she must be suffering somewhat herself in her tight black uniform and boots. Her white shirt looked so crisp it must have been heavily starched, her black tie was knotted tightly around her neck and I was sure she must be tightly corsetted underneath.

My pain gradually increased for the 15 minutes I was subjected to this punishment and I was relieved when Mistress Seline came over to me as I expected to be released. What a wrong assumption that was.

“Well 263, your balls getting nice and tender? You will remember I said I would allow you to decide when to remove your pegs and true to my word that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

She then proceeded to tie the pulley cord through holes in the top end of the pegs and the other end to the metal wrist cuffs.

“I’m going to release the cuffs from the bar in a moment, 263, and then it will be up to you what you do next. If you hold your arms out straight ahead the pegs will of course not be affected but if you drop them you will pull off the pegs and I don’t think I need to tell you how painful that would be. If you can hold on for 20 minutes I will release you gently from the pegs which will be nothing like as painful. If however you fail you will not only have the intense pain of the pegs themselves being ripped off but also have to suffer an additional punishment.”

“What is the punishment I’m sure you’re wondering?”

“Well it is punishment in the hand pillory. After all it is your arms and hands which got you into trouble and only right that your hands should suffer the consequences.”

The punishment will of course be given on your uncovered hands so will be done at a later date when your full suit has been removed. That will also give you more time to reflect on your forthcoming punishment. You will receive 10 strokes of the tawse on each hand for each minute, or part of a minute, which you fail to keep your arms up in the air. So if you fail after say 14 minutes you will get 10 strokes times, let me see, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 20 – that’s 7 minutes so 70 strokes in all – on each hand of course. “

“And the advantage, to me not you, is that in the hand pillory your hand and fingers are tied tightly down so there is no chance for you to try and wriggle around or, heaven forbid, try and remove your hand altogether.

“Now I’m going to remove the clamp from your wrist shackles and get ready to hold them up.”

She released my wrists from the pole and I concentrated hard on keeping my arms out straight as ordered. I also realised that the shackles themselves were quite heavy and weren’t helping at all. For the first 5 minutes it wasn’t too bad and I got to eight minutes before the pain really started biting.

I tried desperately to keep my arms out straight and my shoulders were aching worse than I would have thought possible. Being tied so tightly to the pole meant I had no chance to move at all and spread the load so all my pain was concentrated in my arms and shoulders. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate my thoughts away from the pain and for a little while this worked but eventually I had no choice but to let my arms drop.

I knew the pain was going to be severe but even so I was not ready for the excruciating pain that exploded into my balls as the pegs were ripped off. Being tied so tight I could not double up as the agony swept over me and could only let out a muffled scream as my chin was clamped up. I thought for a moment I would pass out but eventually the pain subsided a little and I began to be able to breathe a little more easily.

Mistress Seline came over to me and started rubbing my balls which sent more waves of agony through them.

“Well you only have yourself to blame for removing the pegs, don’t you 263?”

“Yes Mistress,” I mumbled as I tried to open my clamped up mouth.

“And I can tell you that you managed 15 minutes out of your target 20 minutes so you will be receiving 50 strokes of the tawse on each hand later. That will give you something to look forward to.”

“Now you can stay strapped to the pole for a few minutes to regain your composure and then it will be time for lunch.”

I suddenly realised that I had completely lost track of time with all my new experiences and that I was indeed quite hungry.

“Don’t get too excited by the idea of food though 263. During your stay with us we will do our best to reduce your weight and give you a slimmer, more ladylike figure. Most of your intake will be in liquid form and you will also be given appetite suppressants to reduce your desire for food. We want you concentrating on becoming a perfect slave not on filling your stomach.”

“Right, I’m going to release you from your bondage and you will follow me to the feeding station. You will march there lifting your knees up high and keeping your arms tightly at your side in the attention position.”

I did as commanded and marched behind Mistress Seline back into the main building and along several corridors until we came to a door marked ‘Feeding Location 1’.

It looked like no canteen or restaurant I’d ever seen. There were a dozen individual cubicles, all lined with stainless steel. Each had a solid chair with a high back, having numerous straps on the arms, legs and around the head to completely immobilise anyone sitting in it. Protruding from the wall was a long thin rubber tube with a valve on it, presumably to control the flow of whatever substance it contained.

I was told to sit down and Mistress proceeded to strap me tightly down at my wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles and thighs so that i could not move at all. Just when I thought she had finished she fitted a leather head harness on me and pulled all the straps very tight. My head was then pulled back and a strap was fastened from the top of the harness to the back of the chair so that I was looking almost straight up to the ceiling.

“Now 263, you have two choices. Either you can have a funnel gag attached and your nourishment will be poured into the funnel and you can swallow it in the normal way or alternatively you will be force fed with a tube put down your throat directly into your stomach. Not  a very pleasant experience but that is precisely what will happen if you do not swallow everything placed in to your funnel properly. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress. I’ll promise to swallow everything down,” I stammered nervously.

Mistress Seline smiled slightly and said “Let’s get your funnel gag in position then.”

The gag fitted tightly into the mouth hole of my face mask and was strapped tightly behind my head with three narrow straps. Mistress then took the rubber pipe from the wall and clipped this into my funnel. She carefully opened the valve and I could see a stream of some grey liquid flow into my funnel.

“Enjoy your lunch 263,” said Mistress with a smirk.

I started to swallow the liquid and was immediately overcome by a vile taste in my mouth. I stopped swallowing and Mistress came over to me, laughing now.

“I forgot to tell you that we put very strong and unpleasant flavourings in your food to make you associate food with nasty tastes and make you not want to eat too much. Remember as I said we are going to get your weight reduced here. And remember if you don’t eat all your food up you will have to be force fed by tube.”

I took a breath and continued swallowing the disgusting tasting mixture and eventually managed to finish it all.

“Excellent slave and now to finish I’ll just give you a little mouthwash. Swirl this around your mouth as I pour it in.”

With that she poured a small amount of brown liquid into my funnel and I dutifully swirled it around my mouth.

It tasted even worse than my main meal.

“Ah, don’t you love the taste of cod liver oil. You will finish each meal with that from now on and the taste should stay with you for several hours. But it’s very good for you and again should make you less inclined to want more food, “she said. “Your food also contains a carefully controlled amount of hormones which will reduce your male cravings and increase the size of your breasts and lips. After some months of this treatment you will lose all your masculine desires, and indeed your masculine capabilities. This will make it easier to mould you into the sort of obedient and submissive maid you are destined to become.”

I had known that my training was never going to be easy but it just seemed to be getting worse with every passing minute and it was only half way through the first day.

What was to follow for the rest of the day and for my first night?



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