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Rubber Training Part 3

by RbrJohn

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© Copyright 2011 - RbrJohn - Used by permission

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continued from part 2

Part Three

I did not manage to sleep much at all that night. My wife was true to her word and did not loosen any of my rubber or the straps which held me down so tightly. A mixture of being so tightly bound and the constriction of my corset plus the gas mask made even breathing something I had to concentrate on doing. That together with worrying over what future I was going to choose for myself meant I only slept in short bursts all night.
I was still tired therefore when I was woken the next morning by my wife undoing my straps and telling me to get up and stretch.

I managed this after a while but was naturally very stiff and sore after such a difficult night.

“Right slave, I have a full day of work planned for you today. Firstly however I will remove your pricker pants so that you can go for a pee and I have prepared a high energy liquid for you to make sure you have the stamina for your day ahead. It will mean that I don’t have to remove your gas mask which has a built in drinking tube. I intend for you to have your face covered at all times in the future so the sooner you get used to being covered for long periods the better.”

I went to the toilet and peed as instructed and came back for my drink which tasted pretty unpleasant but I managed to get it all down.

“Stand at attention before me slave and I will tell you what your duties will be today. First you will mow the grass at the rear of the house which as you know is well secluded from view. You will remain in your present rubber gear and I will replace your pricker pants before you start. The sun is well up now so you will really be sweating in your multiple layers of rubber by the time you have finished.”

“I will be watching you throughout your task and if I see you at any time slacking or not going as fast as you can then your job will be made more difficult in a way of my choosing. As you know the grass area is about 50 yards square –that’s about half an acre so that’s going to take you quite a long time to cut. Come over here and I will replace your pricker pants. That should give you something to think about on those endless trips up and down the grass. ”

I did as I was told and she gave me a tight squeeze of my cock and balls before sending me off on my duty.

I was in the garage getting the large sit on mower out when a voice behind me said “What are you doing?”

“Getting the mower out as instructed Mistress,” I replied.

“I said nothing about using the tractor mower. I expect you to use the ordinary electric mower. That’s a further 10 punishment points for making assumptions without checking with me first.”

My heart sank when I thought how far I would have to walk in all my rubber gear but I knew better than to argue so did as I was told.

“I’ve worked out that as this mower has a 21” cut you’ll need nearly 4 trips up and down to cover a yard of width, allowing for an overlap on each row – I don’t want you missing any bits out. So that’s 4 runs of 50 yards, which makes 200 yards, times 50 yards across, that makes a total of 10,000 yards. My, my, that’s over five and a half miles just to get the lawn cut. Still you should be fit after you’ve finished” she said.

Fit to drop covering that distance on a warm day wearing all this rubber, I thought.

“Right off you go slave and remember I don’t want to see you slacking at all or you’ll suffer for it.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I got the mower out and lined up for the first cut. The mower coughed into life and I started my first task already dreading how I would cope with so much walking and exercising wearing such restrictive rubber.

I managed alright to start with although each step brought a sharp pain to my cock and balls as the pricker pants dug in and did their work. After about half an hour of working as fast as I could I was emptying the grass box on to the compost heap and fitting it back on the mower when I just had to have a stretch and rest for a few moments. No sooner had I done so than a stern voice rang out. “Why are you slacking slave, you know what I said that if you were not going as fast as you could you would be punished don’t you? Well now you’re going to find that I am true to my word. Right continue to cut until the grass box is full again and then stop at the end away from the compost heap.”

I did as I was told still not knowing what was in store for me but all too soon the box was full and I halted by my wife who was waiting for me.

“Well slave you disobeyed my instructions and that deserves a punishment, don’t you agree?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Of course you do. Stand at attention.”

“I’m now going to make emptying the grass box a punishment for you rather than a time to take it easy. You will remove the box and hold it out in front of you with your arms straight. You will then run with your knees raised as high as possible to the compost, empty the box and return to the mower and carry on cutting the grass. You will do that each time the box needs emptying. If you fail to hold the box out straight you will receive further punishments. If you don’t run fast enough you will receive further punishments. If you fail to raise your knees high enough you will receive further punishments. Is there any part of my instructions you don’t understand?”

“No Mistress,” I replied.

“I will stand here and watch you and you better not disappoint me. Right slave, proceed.”

I just managed to lift the heavy grass box out in front and set off on my first run. To say it was difficult would be the understatement of the year. Every time I raised my knees high my pricker pants dug in to my cock and balls and my arms felt they would explode with the pain of holding the box out straight. I did however manage to carry out my task successfully and it was at least easier on the way back with an empty box. By the time I got back to the mower I was soaked in sweat inside my rubber and breathing really hard through the gas mask, not helped at all by my ever present corset.

Mistress had been watching carefully and said, “I expect those pricker pants are giving you something to think about aren’t they slave? Now put the grass box back on the mower and come and stand at attention in front of me.”

I did as I was told and stood rigidly upright, although my chest was still heaving trying to get enough air into my lungs.

“I enjoyed seeing you suffering across the grass and now I’d like to see it close up so on the command you will run on the spot lifting your knees high enough that your thigh is parallel to the ground. You will continue until I tell you to stop and as you have probably guessed by now if you fail you will be punished further.”

“Slave, on the count of 3 start running. One, two, three.”

I started running on the spot and made sure my knees were raised up as high as I could get them. The heat inside my rubber suit was building all the time and with the corset and gas mask I was struggling to get enough air to breathe. Mistress meanwhile was just casually walking around me enjoying the fresh air and sunshine which was getting warmer all the time. The same sunshine that was causing me so much distress. The running seemed to go on for ages but eventually Mistress stood in front of me and shouted “Stop running! Stand still at attention!”

I was soaked inside my rubber and desperately wanted just to sit and rest for a little while, but I knew there was little chance of that.

“Well slave that was only 10 minutes running on the spot and look at the state you are in. I’m going to need you a lot fitter and stronger if you are going to serve me as my maid/slave to the standard I will require and that will mean a lot more training and exercise for you. Hard exercise over long periods, how do you feel about that slave?”

“I’m sure you know best Mistress,” I replied.

“Of course I do and anyway you have had long enough to get your breath back so it’s time to get on with your mowing. But before you do I want you to go to the summerhouse and bring one of the padded reclining chairs and put it on the patio at the edge of the lawn so I can keep an eye on your progress. Off you go.”

I brought the lounger and put it on the patio. Mistress adjusted it slightly then lay back in comfort while I just looked on and thought about how much more I was going to suffer.

“Before you start I want you to go into the house and bring me a glass of iced lemonade and also a bottle of water for you later, from the cupboard – not from the fridge. You will also go to the greenhouse which by now will be in full sun and make sure all the windows are closed and the sun shades are up and close the door as you leave. I may have a special use for a really hot greenhouse later.”

I collected the drinks and checked the greenhouse which was already over 30oC.

“Good slave. Now I’ll put my lemonade in the shade of the chair but I think we’ll keep your water in the sun till it gets nice and tepid. Don’t want you getting cold after all this effort to heat you up, do we? Do we slave?”

“No Mistress”

“I’m glad we agree on that, now carry on with your mowing task and remember I’m watching all the time.”

I continued with the seemingly endless mowing and each time the grassbox needed emptying I would raise it straight out in front of me and run to the compost raising my knees up as high as possible. I had got about three quarters of the way through the job and was returning to the mower when my arms were in agony and I lowered the box just slightly from the straight out position. but that was enough reason for my Mistress to call me over.

“Stand at attention slave. I saw you slacking with the grass box so I will add one or two extras to make life a little more difficult for you!

She reached down and produced two pairs of weight bands.

“These might concentrate your thoughts. These two strap on each wrist – they weigh 2.5 kilos each and these two are for your ankles – they’re 3.5 kilos each. Put them on and strap them on tightly. I don’t want them falling off later. In fact I think I might make these a permanent part of your uniform from now on. How would you like that slave?”

“They are really heavy and would make my jobs even harder than they already are with all my rubber gear, Mistress.”

“Well that’s a very good reason for keeping them on slave, and I don’t want you thinking that what you are wearing now will be all you’ll be wearing in due course after your training. I have plans for uniforms which will be much more restrictive and difficult for you to wear than what you have on now so make the best of it while you can. Soon you may be looking back on this as the good old days!”

“Anyway enough talk, I want you to finish off the garden as quickly as possible and then put the mower away. Get on with it.”

The last part of mowing was the worst as I was already almost exhausted and the weights on my ankles and wrists made matters even worse, especially carrying the grass box with outstretched arms. However somehow I did manage it, put the mower away and reported back to my Mistress.

“Well slave you’ve finally finished and actually not too bad a job. Now I am going to fit your drinking tube and you can have a drink from your bottle.”

I took a drink of the now luke warm water which tasted almost like drinking bath water, however, unpleasant as it was I forced myself to drink it all knowing how much I must have sweated off doing the garden.

“Right slave, stand up straight. It is now coming up to midday and I have decided to take pity on you and I am going to allow you to remove your rubber, wash it all out thoroughly and take a shower. You will however be put back into rubber later so don’t think that is the end of your confinement for the day”

“I also want you to consider your future as tonight is to be decision time. I hope that you have realised during yesterday and today that if you end up being my maid/slave it will not be an easy life for you. I will expect you to carry out my orders to a very high standard without any hesitation or questioning whatsoever. Any less than that I will consider to be failure or worse still disobedience and I will come down on you very hard indeed.”

“It is my intention that you are sent away to a suitable establishment who are experienced in training maids and slaves to the highest standards and have the facilities and methods to break any one into the perfect servant. The one establishment who is top of my list at the moment specialise in very strict military style discipline. Although they are probably the most severe trainers I have found I very much like the idea of you returning to serve me with any thoughts for your own comfort well and truly knocked out of you.”

“Also I think uniforms and military discipline is something you’re rather keen on isn’t it slave? Is that right?”

“Yes Mistress it is,” I replied

“And do you know how I know that slave?”

“No Mistress I don’t.”

“Because earlier today I had a good look through your bedroom and I found some very interesting things. Can you guess what they were slave?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Oh, I think you can, you’re just not saying in case I haven’t found everything.”

“Well I found a rather strict looking black uniform of heavy serge trousers and a matching black serge tunic with chrome buttons and a built in belt, all very smart and like a police uniform or security guard. Then I found several very stiffly starched white shirts, in fact the collars in particular were almost rigid. And hanging up with them were black ties and a really interesting item made out of rough hessian material. It was a complete one piece suit with a zipper up the back, reaching right down to the ankles and long sleeves down to the wrists. I should think that after wearing that for a little while it must become terribly scratchy and itchy.”

“Does any of that sound familiar, slave?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Well why didn’t you say so earlier? Are you ashamed of it?”

“No Mistress it is a really smart uniform.”

“Yes, I think it probably is and indeed it may be ideal for you to wear when you are sent out in public to do jobs for me like shopping and so on. People may consider it slightly unusual but it would get a lot less attention than if you were out in a rubber suit and gas mask!”

“In fact I will have you wearing that after your shower, and don’t forget your hessian undersuit of course and also if there is anything else I haven’t already found put that on too. Don’t want you getting too comfortable.”

“Right you will now go to the shower room and, in the shower, strip off all your rubber, wash and dry it and hang it up ready for later. You will shower and put on your uniform and report to me in the lounge downstairs. You have exactly one hour from now and you better not be late. Go now.”

I went up to the shower room and inside the cubicle I started to remove my rubber clothing. I knew I would be dripping in sweat from all my exertions and wanted to make sure I did not make a mess on the carpet as I was confident that would have given rise to further punishments. Mistress had unlocked my suit neck downstairs and I pulled the zip down far enough to let me unzip my gas mask and pull, or rather peel that off my head. As I did so I took the first full lungful of air I had had since the night before.

I luxuriated in that for few moments but realised I had no time to spare so got on with removing the whole suit and those beastly pricker pants. Looking at my cock and balls they were red and very sore where the prickers had been doing a very effective job overnight and this morning. I then took off my stockings and fed my sensitive cock and balls back into the bermuda shorts and took off my rubber gloves.

Eventually I was standing there completely naked and enjoying the feeling of freedom of my own body. I soon set to cleaning and hanging up all my rubber and used a hair dryer to make sure it was fully dry before shaking on a thin layer of talcum powder. I then showered and washed myself. Although I had known I would be really sweaty I was surprised by just how much came out, there must have been at least a pint.

As I dried myself I was thinking about my uniform.  It had come as a complete surprise that my wife/Mistress had found that as it was all put well away at the back of my wardrobe. I have always been interested in uniforms both on ladies and on myself, the more severe and formal the better. Several years earlier I found a company selling ex-police tunics and trousers and I had taken advantage of  the opportunity to buy some and also two women police constable skirts, one in my normal size and one about 4” smaller which I could only get on when wearing my corset.

I put on my hessian under suit and the elasticated wrists and ankles snapped into place. The suit also had a particularly rough edge around the neck. I followed this with a very tight fitting long sleeve T shirt which pulled all the rough material tightly on to my skin and then a pair of equally tight pants which had the same effect around my cock and balls. Already I was feeling the effects of my restrictive uniform.

Black knee high socks followed, sealing in the bottom of the suit and then my white shirt. This was no ordinary shirt however as I had spent hours with an iron and starch making it almost rigid, especially on the collar which was almost solid and I had to put the tie on before doing up the top button as it was too stiff to bend the collar over the tie.

What Mistress had not found however was my plastic posture collar which I had made from stiff plastic. It was around 3” high at the sides and rear and just cut away in the front so that it could not be seen behind my tie. The collar held my head high and erect and fastened with a small nut and bolt at the back. I had also made two small holes in each end through which I could slip a small padlock but I chose not to put one in today, I felt Mistress was quite capable of deciding how long I should stay in uniform.

I was already warming up well with the thick hessian punishment undersuit, T-shirt and starched white shirt, posture collar and tie as I pulled on the heavy black serge trousers. These had an immaculate crease at the front and back which I had also spent some considerable time in the past ironing in. Finally I made a last adjustment to my already tight tie and put on the matching black serge tunic. This fastened at the front with four large chrome buttons and a wide belt with chrome buckle which was sewn in to the sides of the tunic and could not be removed. There were three settings on the belt and as always I pulled it on to the tightest of these. The belt also had a hole I had made to allow a padlock to be put on but as before I did not use one today.

I finally laced on a pair of very highly polished black shoes and stood in front of the mirror to see myself. To finish off I had a peaked cap with a high gloss peak which I put on my head and straightened

The uniform certainly did look very smart with the stark contrast between the white of the shirt and the black of the tie and remaining uniform. Several times in the past I had locked myself into this uniform and, with a coat over the top gone out in public to do shopping trips etc. It had always been exciting knowing that I was locked into an uncomfortable and restricting uniform but to general passers by looked nothing out of the ordinary.

On one occasion I had locked myself in to the full uniform and gone out with the keys left at home. I went about twenty miles in the car to a busy shopping centre and spent about 3 hours looking around the shops. It was quite a warm day and most people were simply wearing a thin top and enjoying the weather. I, however, had no choice but to remain in my four layers of uncomfortable uniform with a coat on top as well, all buttoned up tightly.

After walking the length of the centre several times I went to the toilets and allowed myself to masturbate. Needless to say the relief was tremendous but I knew that I had no choice but to remain dressed as I was until I got home and retrieved the keys. Having lost the excitement of being in semi bondage following my relief I was desperate to strip off down to normal clothing and blend in to the background. As I walked back towards the car park, a walk of about three quarters of a mile and mainly uphill, I was feeling very self conscious and uncomfortable indeed. Not only uncomfortable from all the clothing but worried in case anything should happen and I had to remove any clothing. What would happen if I had an accident?

The day was getting steadily hotter and by this time anyone wearing a coat fully buttoned up with an obviously stiff collar and tie underneath and a black tie tightened hard to the neck was beginning to get some very funny looks.

I went on my way keeping my head down but on one street corner were a group of about a dozen youths who were making a lot of noise and had obviously been drinking judging by the row of empty cans on the wall beside them.

I really did not fancy walking past them but the only way to avoid them was by a long detour which would add on about a mile to the journey. I decided however that was a better alternative than walking by them and possibly having a confrontation when they saw this weirdly dressed man go by. Being mugged was something I wanted to avoid!

The rest of the walk was very hard work but uneventful and eventually I reached the safety of my car. Having been parked in the sun for hours the inside was like an oven but I did not dare to remove my coat to reveal my uniform underneath, and that of course was locked on so there was nothing I could do about that. Even with the windows wide open the car remained stiflingly hot as I was driving slowly through the heavy traffic with the sun still beating down. Every traffic light seemed to be against me and it took over half an hour to get to the outskirts of the city and get moving a bit faster.

I was sweating in the heavy multilayer uniform but had also by now had got my enthusiasm for suffering back again so was enjoying the enforced control and discipline it was giving me. I was back to my normal state of wanting to find ways of making myself ever more uncomfortable.

After what seemed like an age I was finally home again. I went in the house and decided I would allow myself relief again before getting back in to my normal clothes ready for my wife’s return in about 2 hours.

To make matters a little more exciting however I put on my heavy duty rubber gas mask and changed my formal black overcoat which I had been wearing for my lined anorak with built in hood. After sealing the gas mask tight I zipped the anorak as high as possible up to my neck and pulled the hood over my head. I adjusted the elastic hood straps to their tightest position and pulled the remaining elastic loops across the front of the gas mask, crossing over each other and pulling the anorak hood tight over the protruding front of my gas mask. Now everything was in position and I was in even greater discomfort than I had been earlier.

I stood in front of the mirror and checked the time. I would allow myself 5 minutes for relief and then make myself stand at attention without removing or loosening anything for a further 25 minutes. I made sure I was standing in the full sun coming through the window for maximum heat to build up and started to rub myself off.

I was getting hotter and hotter but enjoying every moment as I felt my climax developing and kept saying to myself that I must keep all my uniform, gas mask and anorak on as I had promised myself. I was still thinking that as I came with an almighty ejaculation.

My immediate instinct was to tear off the gas mask and get a breath of fresh air but I forced myself to keep my hands at my side and not touch anything. Slowly, over the course of the next ten minutes or so I began to enjoy and appreciate the heat built up in my many layers of clothing and the constant irritation from wearing the rough hessian undersuit for so long. My breathing was now under control and I concentrated on breathing steadily in and out through the gas mask. In fact by the time my allotted period was up I would have happily stayed dressed like this indefinitely but I knew I must get dressed in a conventional manner before my wife returned.

And so my day of concealed bondage came to an end.

Back in the present I had a last check that my uniform was perfect and went down to report to my Mistress as instructed. I knocked on the lounge door and waited to be allowed in. After a pause my Mistress told me to enter and stand at attention before her.

“Well you really do look quite smart in your uniform, slave. I quite like the idea of an immaculately, but not very comfortably, dressed slave serving me and my guests. Also you would make a passable chauffeur,” she laughed seeming to find amusement in the idea of my having to wear such clothes in public.

“Of course we might have to make a few alterations to increase your suffering. Now tell me exactly what you are wearing and don’t leave out any details.”
I listed everything out in detail and Mistress was quite impressed.

“It must be getting as hot in there as it was in your rubber gear, let’s have your cap pulled right forward over your face and eyes as far as possible so that the only way you can see forwards will be with your head held high in the air,” she said. I adjusted the cap and pulled it down tight. Immediately I had to hold my head higher to see where I was going.

“I want to see you doing some marching in your uniform. Come out into the garden.”

I followed her to the garden and she told me to stand at attention on the concrete side path which went all around the main lawn. As the lawn was about 50 yards square that meant a full circuit would be 200 yards.

“Right slave we’ll begin with a simple march of three circuits of the garden. You will march with your head up and arms swinging right up. You will do this to a high standard or you will be punished. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Right slave on the command you will begin.”

“Slave, slave march!”

I set off on my march with my head held high and swinging my arms up high. I had done some marching in an army cadet force so knew the basics of drill and marching. In those days though I hadn’t been wearing so many layers of restrictive clothing which made everything so much more difficult.

After I had finished my march I stopped in front of my Mistress and stood stiffly to attention.

“Well slave, you haven’t done too badly for a first attempt and now I will allow you to have a drink because you’re going to need it after the next punishment I have lined up for you. You’ll remember that earlier today I told you to make sure all the windows were closed in the greenhouse which will by now be like an oven – and you’re going to be the one doing the baking!”

“Follow me, and march all the way,” she said.

We went over to the greenhouse and Mistress told me to halt. “I will give you your instructions out here as I don’t want to open the door of the greenhouse any longer than I have to to let out any of that lovely hot air.”

“You will be spending the next hour in there and I may decide to give you some exercises to do to warm you up a little further. You will march into the greenhouse and turn around to face me and stand as always at attention”.

“I will be sitting on the lounger outside watching you to make sure you don’t move. If you do your length of stay will be increased for every movement I see. Right slave off you go and take the time to think whether or not this is to be the kind of life you want as the time for making your decision is getting closer.”

I marched to the greenhouse and as soon as I opened the door I was hit with a great wall of incredibly hot air. It reminded me of getting off an aeroplane when going on holiday to a hot country. Except that the temperature was far greater than anything I had experienced before and that I had not been wearing four layers of heavy clothing, all done up tightly and a tight fitting cap on those occasions.

For a moment I literally couldn’t breathe but I forced myself to go on and close the door behind me. I turned around and stood at attention watching my Mistress – I had gone beyond thinking of her as my wife anymore - who was lazing on the lounger, placed carefully in the shade, sipping a cool drink and looking at me.

Already the sweat was pouring off me and I was only standing still. I had no real idea what the temperature was but I think it must have been well over 40oC – it felt nearer 50.

I stood stock still knowing that Mistress was just looking for an opportunity to increase my period in this oven, the sweat was already dripping down my face and under all my clothes and I had no desire to prolong the time any longer than I had to. I’d also been thinking about my future. Although I was suffering a lot this weekend and some parts were harder than I would have expected, deep down I knew that this was just what I had been looking for all these years and the thought of going back to a boring, mundane, “normal” life was not for me. I knew I would have to go through endless suffering if I decided to stay but that was what I had dreamt about for so long and I knew I would never get another opportunity like this one ever again.

After half an hour Mistress opened the door and at last a little refreshing air came through. “It certainly is hot in her for you slave, you must be dripping inside your uniform.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. 

“I expect you’d like to have the windows open wouldn’t you?” she asked.

“Oh yes very much please Mistress”

“Well you can but you’ll have to work for it and if you fail I will add on another 30 minutes in here with everything closed. Still want to try?”

I hesitated for a moment, I didn’t know if I could take another half hour without fainting but the chance of breathing some fresh air was worth the risk.

“Yes Mistress,” I said.

“Well, first put these weights on your ankles. They’re the same ones you had on earlier so you know how the fit – and what a difference they make.”

“Now you will march on the spot with your legs raised so that your thighs are parallel to the ground and the rest of your body stays rigidly at the attention position. You will continue doing this exercise for five minutes or until I tell you to stop. If you do not do it to my satisfaction the time will be increased, and don’t forget I shall be watching you all the time. Do you understand all that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Right,” she said, checking her watch. “Your time starts now.”

I began marching on the spot, making sure I raised my legs up as high as possible and holding myself rigidly at attention, I didn’t want anything to go wrong and extend my time in the greenhouse. It wasn’t too bad to start with but after a while the combination of intense heat, exercise and my heavy and uncomfortable uniform made it really hard going and sweat was pouring off me.

After what seemed like an age Mistress returned. “Keep marching slave. I’ve been watching you all the time and you haven’t done too badly. Your time would be up now but on two occasions I saw that your legs were not raised high enough. You will therefore do a further two minutes. This time however I will stay in here and hold out this garden cane in front of you which your legs must touch each time.”

She held the cane so high that I could only just reach it by stretching my legs up as high as they could go but I was desperate to make sure I didn’t fail my task. My legs were aching with the effort of keeping raising for so long but eventually after what, according to my Mistress was two minutes, but which felt like two hours came the order to stop.

I was so relieved my legs were almost turning to jelly and I struggled to stand still at attention without wobbling around.

“Well done slave, you’ve managed to finish that part of your punishment, eventually. Now you have around 20 minutes left to stay in the greenhouse and I did promise you that I would let you have the windows open didn’t I. But I also said you would have to work for it. As I said you have finished your exercise part but if you want the windows open you will have to hold them open yourself.”

“You will stand here in the centre of the greenhouse and hold your arms out to the side. I will now attach a length of string to each wrist and that in turn will be tied to the window handles. So long as your arms remain up the window will stay open but any downward pressure will close the windows so the amount of time the windows are open is entirely up to you. Don’t you think it is kind of your Mistress to let you decide whether or not to keep the windows open slave?”

“I will now open the windows for you and connect the strings to each one. Oh and don’t forget that once the windows close they cannot be reopened by you so if your arms fall you’ll suffer the extra heat until you’re released.”

I had raised my arms straight out on each side and Mistress connected the strings as she had said. I realised I had no room to move at all before the windows would start to be pulled down and closed and as she had said there was no way I could reach to open them myself while being tied like this.

I concentrated hard on keeping my arms outstretched and getting some breeze in to the stifling greenhouse. After nearly 10 minutes my arms felt like they were on fire but I was determined not to let my arms down. After 15 minutes I simply could not go on any longer though and had no choice but to let my arms dropped. The windows closed and almost immediately I could feel the heat increasing. Also my arms were of course still connected to the windows and were now held up so I did not get the chance to relax them properly after the ordeal of holding them out for so long. I had no choice except to remain there however uncomfortable I was and after another five minutes my Mistress entered in again.

“I’m going to let you down now slave but you are to stand at attention and not move your arms around at all for your comfort. That should come way down the list when you have the alternative of pleasing me. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as I let my arms drop down but forced them into the attention position rather than rub them or move them around to get the circulation going as I so wanted to.

“Follow me out of the greenhouse and stand over there. Now it is five o’clock and for the time being your punishment tasks are over. We do of course still have your punishment points to be redeemed and after that you will have to make up your mind what you want to do about your future. We will discuss that however after your punishment points have been dealt with.”

“You have a total of 85 points to your credit and that is going to take a lot of pain to work off. I have decided that at this stage of your training each point is worth one stroke. As you progress, if of course you stay on, then that figure may increase so that each point will cost you two or more strokes.”

“However back to today and your punishment. First you will strip off out here on the patio. It’s completely secluded as you know. With the amount of sweating you have been doing all your uniform will require cleaning anyway. Lay everything out over here on this sheet I have put down. Begin with your shoes and cap, then your tunic and trousers, your posture collar and your shirt and tie. Now remove your vest and socks and finally your lovely scratchy undersuit.”

“Well your tunic and trousers aren’t too bad but the rest of your uniform is certainly in need of a wash. Take your undersuit, vest, shirt, socks and tie and put them straight in to the washing machine and switch it on. I may need those clean and ready for you to wear again later.”

“After you have done that come back here and collect your tunic and trousers. You will take them upstairs and put them on a hanger to keep in good order. You will then have a shower and report back to me on the patio, naked as you are now. Go now, you will report back here in 15 minutes.”

I put my washing in the machine as instructed and switched it on to a wash and dry cycle.

It was marvellous feeling fresh air all over me and I hurried up stairs to the bathroom. I carefully hung up my tunic and trousers, they had remained remarkably clean considering what I had been through for the last few hours but they were, of course, well protected by all the other garments I had been wearing.

In the shower I let the warm water flow over me and felt some of the aches and pains drift away although I was still both tired and sore. I was also thinking about my impending punishment – the idea of receiving 85 strokes was not something I was looking forward to.

I hurried to get ready as I didn’t want to get any further punishment points by being late, 85 strokes to come was quite enough.

I presented myself as instructed on the patio.

“Well slave it is time for two things. We must deal with your punishment points which as you know are 85. As you will appreciate I do not have a great choice of implements with which to administer your correction but I have found this which I think will serve very well.” She then produced a horse whip which I had never seen before.

“Before we met I did a little riding and remembered having this little beauty stashed away at the back of a cupboard. I seem to remember it had quite an effect on the horse I was riding and would hope it would have a similar effect on you.” The whip was about 30” long with what appeared to be a slightly flexible shaft and a leather flap at the end. She playfully slapped it against her thigh as she was talking and even that light tap made a surprisingly loud cracking sound.

I felt certain that it would produce a severe result and any thoughts I had of getting off with a mild punishment were quickly lost.

“In addition slave you must make up your mind about your future. This is obviously a very serious question and I hope you have given it proper consideration. As I explained, if you decide to stay you will be required to be my personal slave and maid and carry out any instruction of mine without hesitation. You will be required also to do many jobs around the house and garden on a regular basis which you will do without me having to remind you about. I will provide you with full details of these jobs so that you know what you have to do and do not have any excuse if they are not done properly.”

“You will be told what to wear at all times. This may be rubberwear of my choice or your uniform and rough undersuit at some times. I may in fact have you wearing your uniform over your rubber. Whatever it is I can assure you it will not be designed for comfort. It is to remind you that you are a lowly maid/slave only there to satisfy my every need and that your fulfilment should be serving me to the very best of your ability.”

“As I said earlier I propose to send you away for training by professionals to very exacting standards. The establishment I have selected use very strict discipline on their trainees and can at times be severe in their methods. However I feel it is the only way to guarantee that you will be a totally compliant slave to me and that any pain and discomfort you receive while being trained will help you in your quest for perfection.”

“Now slave I will let you decide whether you have your punishment beating first or make your decision on your future first. The choice is yours.”

“Mistress, thankyou for the time and effort you have spent on me over this weekend and I have thought very deeply about what I want in the future. While I know that by staying with you I will be sentencing myself to a life of pain and discomfort I also know that I can only get true satisfaction and happiness from serving you and suffering in the process.”

“I would therefore like to stay to serve you after my training and promise that I will always do everything I can to make your life better however much I suffer in the process.” I knew full well what I was letting myself in for and had little doubt that there would be times when I would deeply regret my decision but equally I knew that to serve my Mistress was my strongest desire. Even over a single weekend I had also come to realise that the more I suffered the happier I was and I was confident that would grow even more as time went on.

“Well slave, as you can probably imagine I am delighted you have chosen this path and rest assured that I will do everything I can to develop you into a perfect maid/slave after your initial training. I forgot to mention earlier that there is no set length of time for your stay at the training establishment I have chosen, it will depend entirely on how quickly you progress and your performance. I can assure you though that you will not be released from there until you are perfect in every task and that your trainers will not have any hesitation in dealing with you very severely if you fail.”

“Now slave it is time to deal with your punishment points. Following that I have decided we will have our last evening together as husband and wife. After tonight you will never again call me by my name but always as Mistress, and will only speak when you are spoken to. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress I understand that and completely agree to it.”

“Take up the same position over the end of the breakfast bar as you were earlier and wait for me there. Do not move at all once you are in position, I will follow in due course – you can use the time to think about your coming pain and punishment. “

“Yes Mistress,” I went into the kitchen and spread myself over the end of the wide breakfast bar with my arms spread forward and out.

Nothing happened for about 10 minutes and I was indeed getting more and more worried about my beating. I had never had a proper beating and the thought of receiving 85 strokes for my first one was making me more and more nervous.

At last I heard my Mistress approaching. “Slave you have earned 85 punishment points by your careless and lazy actions. That means you will receive 85 strokes of the riding whip. At each stroke you will count out the number and at the end you will stay in your present position until told to move. If you move or shout out during your punishment I will repeat the stroke and add a further two strokes to the total for each time you move or shout. Is that fully understood?”

“Yes Mistress, “I replied.

“Right then I will begin. Before your punishment strokes are applied I will warm up your bottom with my slipper which will actually make your punishment more bearable.”

She took a rubber soled slipper in her hand and proceeded to give me half a dozen slaps on each of my bum cheeks. It did indeed warm up my bottom and was not particularly painful. She then repeated the process but this time took more time between each slap and put a lot more power into each hit. That time I certainly did feel it although I knew it would be nothing compared to what would follow.

“That’s enough warming up slave, now it’s time for the real thing. Remember what I told you, don’t move and count each stroke.”

With that she picked up the crop and took up position behind and to the side of me. I waited with my heart thumping for the first stroke. When it came it took a split second for the pain to come but when it did it was certainly a shock. Mistress had landed the first stroke straight across both my cheeks and a burning pain spread across them.

I let out a breath I had been holding before remembering what I had been told. “One,” I said.

With that she took up the position again and the crop fell again on to my bottom. This blow was just below the previous one and again it took a moment for the pain to come and then spread across my bottom. “Two,” I said.

A further 6 strokes fell in a neat line, one below the other, from the top of my bottom to the bottom. Each time the pain soared through me but I held my position and counted out each stroke.

“I will now concentrate on each cheek separately,” she said. I didn’t know if that would be better or worse. It turned out about the same and I managed to take a further 20 strokes. Although they were painful at least I now knew what to expect and had lost some of the trepidation I had felt of the fear of the unknown.

She then laid on another 20 strokes across both cheeks and this time they were coming on top of the earlier ones which increased the effect a lot. In fact I was wondering whether I could take many more on my backside when she said “Let’s go down a little lower this time – on to your thighs. We’ll start with 5 on the back of each thigh.”

My thighs turned out to be more tender than my bum and the strokes sent a searing pain through me. “Didn’t like that much did you slave? Turn around and we’ll let you have 10 on the front. I did as I was told and she laid on 10 strokes to my thigh fronts. I felt like screaming but managed to hold back and kept counting.

“You’re actually taking this quite well slave – I’m impressed. In future I’ll have to make sure your punishment is harder and more severe. However I now want you to lie on the surface on your left side and pull your right leg out of the way, it’s time to spend a little time on your inner thigh and I think you may find that a bit harder to take. Mistress then took careful aim and let loose with a really hard stroke on my tender inner thigh. The pain was excruciating and much worse than on my buttocks or the rear of my thighs. This time I did cry out.

“Slave you know the rule about screaming and not counting. For this infraction of my rules you will have the stroke repeated and your total number of strokes has now risen to 87.” Without any further delay she brought the crop down again. The pain was no less severe but I managed to stay focussed and said, in a slightly quaking voice “69.” I took a further three strokes on my left thigh and was then told to turn over and expose my right side.

“Five to come, slave, to make it equal on both sides.” I braced myself for the shock to come but even so the pain was intense and I struggled to control myself. Eventually however when my leg felt like it was on fire, I found myself counting out “77 Mistress.”

“Well slave it’s time for your final ten strokes and I want to make sure you remember these for a long time. After all I may not be seeing much of you for quite a little while.”

“Return to your position spread over the breakfast bar. I will make these ten harder than the strokes you have received so far but the rules remain the same. You are not to shout out or move and must count each stroke. At the end of your punishment you will remain in this position until I tell you that you can move.”

“Right let’s get on with it.”

The final ten strokes were laid on really hard and I struggled desperately not to scream out or jump up as the searing pain shot through me but at last my ordeal was over. I had managed to stay together enough to count out each and every stroke and finally the end of my punishment had come. I even remembered to stay still in position until I was told to move.

“Well slave your punishment is now finished and as I said you may now enjoy your last evening of freedom before you go off for your training and return to be my permanent 24/7 maid slave. I suggest however you continue to call me Mistress during the evening, I don’t want you getting over familiar and having to have any mistakes beaten out of you again.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied, “and thankyou again for taking the time to correct my faults so well. I want you to know that I will do my very best on my training course to learn how to serve you in the style you deserve and do everything I can to make your life more fulfilling.”

“I have every confidence that you will do just that and I can certainly guarantee that if you fail to impress the trainers at your training establishment that you are giving 100% they have many ways to ‘encourage’ you to do so. But I don’t want to spoil the surprises you will get when you get there.”

“I will be taking you there myself very early tomorrow morning so you will be going to bed as soon as we have finished our supper. Their instructions were that you are to arrive at their facility at 6.00a.m.; ready for your first full day of training and that you will wear rubber underclothes, corset and full rubber suit on your journey. You will also wear a full face rubber hood with no eye holes as it is not necessary for you to know the destination and once there you can only leave when they and I decide you are ready. I will check you are properly dressed before we leave and you will sit in the back of the car. Your hands will be crossed over in front of you and then tied with cords and a knot behind your back so you have no chance to escape. You will also of course be strapped in with your seat belt to keep you nice and safe.”

“You will spend the night in the rubberwear I have listed and you will not have any idea what time we leave as you will have no clock or watch, and even if you did it would be of no use as you couldn’t see it! I don’t want you to have any idea what time we leave so you will not have any idea how far we are travelling and therefore have no clue as to where you are being held. The ironic thing is it might only be just along the road and I might drive you around for an hour or two just to confuse you! But you will never know.”

“Do you understand all this Andrew?”

“Yes Mistress “I said. It felt strange hearing her use my name after being called slave for the last couple of days but I knew I wouldn’t hear it again for a very long time.

And that was really how we finished our last night together. We had supper, I dressed in my rubberwear as instructed and went off for a rest before my trip to the training establishment and the start of my new life. But that’s another story..................




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