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Rubber Training Part 2

by RbrJohn

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© Copyright 2011 - RbrJohn - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; gasmask; corset; maid; bdsm; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part one

Part Two

So that was my choice. Either I agree to be sent away for severe rubber training followed by a lifetime of servitude and punishment or I suffer the shame and sadness of being publicly humiliated and a divorce to follow. Although I had a small amount of money most of our family wealth was in my wife’s name and she could live very comfortably without any help from me. But I would have next to nothing if I left her and the chances of getting a job with my name a laughing stock was pretty thin.

Deep down I knew that there was only one option for me and that would let me live my life as I had so often dreamt about it. In the service of a strict Mistress who would have absolute control over everything I did. I was left alone for another couple of hours to think about the situation and then my wife re-entered at about 11 o’clock.

"Right Andrew," she said. "I suggest that between now and tomorrow night you consider yourself to be in my service to give you some idea of what will be required of you should you desire to stay. I have written out a list of tasks and errands you will do during the day. If any of these are not carried out to my satisfaction you will be punished."

"Firstly as you chose to be dressed in rubber you will continue to be dressed that way for the rest of the weekend. I want you now to strip off and wash and dry the rubber clothes you are wearing at the moment and then shower and clean yourself. You will then layout all your rubber clothes on the bed for my inspection and I will decide what you will wear for the rest of the weekend. As the key to your rubber is in the attic your first job will be to retrieve that so off you go and don’t dawdle or you’ll be getting extra punishment."

Needless to say I did as I was told and stripped off the rubber suit I was wearing and the rubber mask. I then unlaced the corset and gingerly removed the tight pants with the internal sharp prickers around my cock and balls. I carefully washed and dried all the garments and hung them to dry while I took a shower. Having spent the entire night in rubber it was bliss to feel the warm water ease away some of the stiffness in my muscles.

After I had finished showering I reluctantly turned off the tap, knowing that I was going to have to spend the rest of the weekend in whatever rubber clothes my wife, and now it seemed Mistress, chose for me. I was still wondering how quickly she had changed from one to the other when the door opened and in she came.

"I don’t see all your rubber clothes on the bed yet. That will be 10 punishment points you’ve earned for being slow and lazy. Any more points you earn will be totalled together tomorrow night and the appropriate punishment will follow. I haven’t yet decided what your punishment will be so that will remain a surprise – however have no doubt it will be something you will not like one little bit. I’ll be back shortly and you had better have everything ready when I do. When I return I expect you to be kneeling at attention with your face looking upwards, ready to receive your instructions." She left and locked the door behind her. I quickly started to sort out my rubber clothes for inspection as ordered.

I did not have a large collection of rubber clothes as I had had to keep them hidden away from my wife in an old suitcase but I laid out my collection on the bed for inspection. There were the rubber corset and pricker pants I had been wearing earlier, plus the long black gloves which reached above my elbows. I also laid out my black rubber suit with the front zip and locking collar and my gas mask hood which could be tucked in under my suit collar.

Other items I had which I had not been wearing at the time of my discovery were a pair of black rubber stockings and some longer and very tight bermuda shorts with a reinforced hole for my cock and balls to go through. I also laid out my tight rubber vest and the 4" leather posture collar, this last purchase had proved rather unsuccessful for me. Not because the collar was not very effective at keeping my head locked in position – quite the opposite. It was so stiff and unyielding that I had only once managed to actually put it on by myself but once on it did a superb job of stopping me looking down and even looking side to side really meant moving my whole head.

I then took up my kneeling position with my face looking up as I had been told. I didn’t want to incur any more punishment points than absolutely necessary. I didn’t know what punishment my wife had in mind but I remembered what she had said that it would be something I disliked a lot and I knew that even in her role as my wife rather than my Mistress she could be very hard and single minded once she had made her mind up on something.

I kept thinking of how my wife seemed to have taken so easily to the role of a dominant Mistress and how naturally her authority shone through. It really never occurred to me to argue with her and it seemed completely natural to follow her instructions without question. I didn’t have very long to consider this or what lay in store for the rest of the weekend – not to mention the rest of my life – as the door opened.

To say I was shocked was an understatement!  My wife stood before me, not wearing the white blouse and black skirt she had on earlier but a bright red one piece rubber dress with a high neck and long sleeves, and reaching to half way between her waist and knees. Her hands and lower arms up to her elbows were clad in matching rubber gloves and her hair was swept back and tied at the back with a red rubber hairband.  I didn’t know what to say and stammered out "you look wonderful."

"I felt that I should also get to feel what you seem to find so pleasurable from rubber so I found time yesterday to go to that specialist shop in town. They have an amazing selection in there and I feel sure you may be visiting there in due course to expand your wardrobe. I do have to say that I’m beginning to find the effect of rubber quite exciting although I don’t propose to be as restricted and controlled by mine as you certainly will be by yours. And I can remove anything I choose whenever I like whereas I will be locking you into your rubber for as long as I see fit," she said. "Now let’s see what we’ve got for you for the weekend."

"Well, compared to what I’ve been seeing recently at the shop this is a pretty small collection but I’m sure we’ve got enough here to give you a very uncomfortable weekend and assuming you do stay on as my slave we’ll be adding a great deal more to it."

"It’s quite cold out today and I don’t want my little slave to catch a chill so let’s make sure you have several layers on, and then you’ll be nice and sweaty under everything. I think we’ll start with a bit of waist reduction. I know you normally take a 32" waist in your trousers so I’m going to reduce that by 4" for you down to 28" with your corset. First though I want you to put on your tight vest and the stockings, followed buy the long bermuda pants and tuck the vest into the pants."

I did as I was instructed and after a few minutes stood before her for inspection. "Right now it’s time for your lacing. Lift your arms above your head and stand up straight." She proceeded to wrap the corset around my waist and clip together the front busk fasteners. The corset measured about 16" in depth and I knew from past experience could be laced very tightly. The smallest I had ever managed however was around 29" and I had certainly never managed to close it fully. I had then had to loosen it slightly after a short while as I could hardly breathe properly at that tightness. I was not looking forward to having it laced even tighter and having no control over when it was removed.

After a little adjustment she began to steadily pull in the laces. To start with it was not too bad and I began to enjoy the warm restrictive sensation, almost like being given a tight hug. She stopped at this point and produced a tape measure. "Mmm, only 30" so we have a long way to go yet." I was dismayed as I’d thought I was at or at least very near the required 28".

Without any hesitation she pulled strongly on first the top and then the bottom laces, pulling all the laces towards the middle. At this point I felt it really forcing my waist in and I knew that it would be worse still when I dropped my arms down. "Keep your arms up straight, I haven’t finished yet."

I stretched my arms out higher as far as I could, she then wrapped each side of the top laces in her hand and pulled out as hard as she could. I felt like I was splitting in two and worse still I was finding it difficult to breathe normally and had to take short shallow breaths.

Eventually having done the same procedure for all the laces she said "Well that’s going to have to do for now but I think we will have to make giving you a smaller waist one of the priorities of your training. " She measured my waist and announced "Just on 28" slave so you have done quite well for your first day. Right drop your arms down and stand up straight in front of me. I won’t have you slouching."

I did as I was told and as expected the moment I lowered my arms there was even more pressure on my waist. However I stood up and awaited my further instructions.

"Take up your suit and put it on with the zip left a little open at the top." I rolled the rubber legs over my stockings and worked my way into the upper body part of the suit. When I had bought the suit it was the heaviest rubber available and was quite an effort to get on, especially over my corset and the other rubber clothes. At last, however, I was fully encased in black rubber from neck to toes and already feeling the heat building up.

"When you become my permanent slave and maid we will obviously have to get more suitable garments for you to carry out your domestic duties – a maid should always be properly dressed to carry out her work. Don’t you agree?" she asked.

"Yes, I certainly do", I replied.

"And from now on you will address me as Mistress every time you speak to me, understood? It’s time we stopped this cosy relationship and you came to understand you are only here to serve me and carry out any orders you are given," she said.

"Yes Mistress, I understand," I said.

"This afternoon and evening I will require you to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. That includes the oven and hob, inside the fridge and all the places in a kitchen where dirt can collect and is often overlooked, so don’t think you can get away with a quick wipe over and I’ll be satisfied because I will inspect the room when you have finished and any, and I mean any, part not spotlessly clean will earn you more punishment points to add to the ones you already have."

"As you will be using some cleaning products it’s important we don’t damage your skin," she said rather sarcastically, "so put on your long black gloves and then your gas mask, and then put your gas mask hood under your suit collar and pull the zip up tight."

As soon as I had done this she popped a small padlock into the zipper at the top of my suit so removal or loosening of any sort was no longer an option.

"I don’t want you being tempted to loosen your suit or helmet, slave, so I have been kind enough to lock them on for you which means you can’t get any punishment points for fiddling. Don’t you think that’s kind of me?"

"Yes, thank you" I said.

"Yes, thank you what, slave?"

"Yes, thank you, Mistress"

"That’s better, but it’s earned you five more punishment points, slave. It’s surprising how quickly they mount up isn’t it?"

"Your task will begin shortly. Under the sink are all the cloths and cleaning products you will need to make the kitchen sparkle. There is also a pair of bright yellow gloves which you will wear to protect the rubber gloves you already have on. I’m afraid they are in a small size suitable for my hands but I’m sure you’ll manage and anyway you better get used to them as you will be doing all the cleaning from now on," she said.

"It is now one o’clock and I expect the job carried out by eight o’clock tonight. I will be coming in to check on you at various intervals during this time but you won’t know when and I had better not find you slacking or there will be trouble. Before you start you will remove the breakfast bar stools into the next room so you won’t be tempted to have a quick sit down."

"In the meantime I am going to do some more research on the internet about how slaves should be treated and also to finalise the arrangements for you to be sent away for further training, if, of course, that’s what you choose. I’ve already found several establishments which seem very capable of carrying out my requirements and each has different specialities and methods of producing the perfect maid/slave."

"Anyway enough talk it’s now time you got to work, so carry on with your job of cleaning the kitchen. Proceed," she said. "Oh, incidentally, I put the thermostat for the kitchen heating on high to make sure you don’t get cold. After all you’ve only got 3 layers of rubber on today and that’s not enough to make sure you end up nice and sweaty," With that she swept out of the kitchen and I was left to start all the hard work.

The next few hours passed slowly as I methodically started to meticulously clean the kitchen starting high up with the cabinets and working my way through. All my rubber wear was really making it hard to do each job. I had limited vision through my gas mask and not much feel in my fingers with the two layers of gloves on. By far worse than this, however, was the struggle I was having with my corset. I had never been in a corset anything like as tight as this one. Even just standing still it was an effort to breathe and the more I moved and stretched around to do the cleaning the worse it became. Also the heat inside my suit was steadily rising with the multi-layer rubber and my Mistress’ kind action in putting the heating on high. I didn’t have a thermometer in the kitchen but my guess was that the temperature was up around 30oC, Mistress had also locked the window and outside door shut to help retain the heat.

Mistress came in to inspect my work several times over the next few hours, but each time made no comment as to whether or not she was satisfied. As the finish time of 8 pm came around I was desperately trying to get the last bit of cleaning done and sweating away in my multiple rubber layers and that cruelly tight corset. Spot on the appointed time the door opened and Mistress strode in. "Well slave, you’ve had seven hours to clean the kitchen which means it should be perfect throughout. I will now inspect it and you had better hope I am satisfied or it will be more punishment points for you. Now go and stand at attention facing the wall over there while I carry out my inspection".

I did as I was told and stood rigidly upright – not that I had a lot of choice the way the corset was tightened – and Mistress proceeded to carefully inspect the room.

I could hear Mistress looking very carefully around the room, underneath appliances, on the tops of cupboards, inside the oven and so on. I was waiting nervously for her to finish and to know whether all my work was to her satisfaction or if it would earn me more punishment points.

"Well slave, for a first effort it is generally not too bad, however there are several areas you have missed and for those you can expect to be punished. I am going to give you 20 punishment points in all for your efforts which is quite a low number but I do believe you have actually tried quite hard. As I said you can expect to find that you will have to do even better in future if we agree you are to be allowed to stay on as my permanent maid/slave. However as we are in the kitchen I am going to give you a brief punishment here as there are implements to hand and it seems a shame to waste them. This is not part of your punishment points being removed, this is just because it amuses me".

"Right, go to the end of the breakfast bar and bend over it with your arms outstretched in front and gripping on to the sides of the worktop. You will remain in that position until after your punishment is over. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I said.

"Oh dear, that’s cost you another 5 strokes for not calling me Mistress," she said.

"You are not to move or make any sound whatsoever while I carry out your punishment. If you do I will add additional strokes on and you will regret it. Let’s see what we have in the drawer which will have the desired effect on your backside. Yes, I think this will do nicely for a quick bottom beating." She held up a heavy wooden mixing spoon with a 12" handle and wide head.

"Are you ready slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"That’s better. And now I’ll begin."

I felt a sharp and stinging pain across my left buttock, followed shortly by the same on my right. To start with the pain wasn’t too bad but after she had finished my beating my bottom was in considerable pain and I was sure was a bright red colour under my rubber.

"You may stand now and turn around," she said. "Now what do you say to me?"

"Thank you very much for my beating, Mistress."

"That was just 30 strokes but it may give you some idea of what will follow if you displease me."

"Now I will unlock your gas mask. I want you to go upstairs and remove, clean and dry all your rubber clothes and have a shower. Because you are not yet fully in my service I will allow you this luxury. In the future you may be locked in your rubber for extended periods without any opportunity to relax in between, so be grateful and make the best of it while you can. You will then report back to me down here, wearing just your rubber suit, where you will have a light supper and then be made ready for bed."

"Yes Mistress," I said and went as quickly as I could to the bathroom. I decided to strip off in the shower cubicle so that all my sweat would not make a mess. It was just as well I did because the mixture of talcum and sweat poured out of the bottom of my suit and stockings as I stripped off. I carefully washed all my rubber and hung it to dry. Removing the corset was my greatest relief, after hours of being crushed and controlled it was marvellous to be free from such a constricting garment.

Before long I was cleaned and dried and had got back into my rubber suit. Having that on by itself was a delight without the multiple layers I had suffered earlier on and that beastly corset.

I knocked on the door and went in to where my Mistress was waiting for me. "That’s just cost you another 10 punishment points, slave. You should know better than to just come into a room without being invited. Go outside, knock again and wait to be allowed to come in,"

"Yes, Mistress," I said and did as I had been told.

"Come," Mistress said imperiously, and I approached her chair.

"Stand up straight. In my presence from now on you will always present yourself at attention unless told otherwise. You will remain at attention as long as I decide and you will not speak unless I speak to you first. Do you understand that?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I have decided that you will now be allowed a small meal and after that you will clear up the dishes and you will then be prepared for bed. Go to the kitchen and prepare a bowl of soup for yourself, you may also have one slice of bread and to follow a yoghurt and a piece of fruit. You will have water to drink. You will have your food in the kitchen and I don’t want to hear you clattering around so keep quiet while you are doing it. Carry on and report back to me when you have finished".

I went to the kitchen and followed my instructions. As I was getting everything from the fridge I noticed a small tub of chocolate mousse and quickly put that on my tray as well. I soon finished my meal and after making sure that Mistress was not coming to check on me I ate the mousse and cleared away all the mess I reported back to my Mistress.

"Have you had your food as instructed and put everything neatly away, slave?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied.

"Go and stand at attention facing into the corner while I go and check."

 A few minutes later Mistress came back into the room. "You did say you had your food as I instructed, didn’t you, slave?" she said.

"Yes Mistress," I said.

"Turn around and face me. Do you recognise this?" she asked, holding up the empty mousse container.

I knew I had been found out and felt pretty sure I would be paying the price in due course. "Yes, Mistress," I said.

"You disobeyed a direct order from me and you will be punished accordingly – you will receive an extra 30 punishment points. In addition you will be punished overnight as well. I had been going to let you sleep in just your rubber suit but as you’ve filled up your stomach against my orders I will have to find a method of reducing it back down again, won’t I. Now, I wonder what that could be?"

We both knew full well what was coming and I so wished at that moment I hadn’t been tempted by that chocolate mousse. I knew I was going to be doing a lot of suffering for that one small pleasure.

"Oh! I know – what about your lovely corset. Go to your room and bring down the corset, gloves, bermuda shorts, stockings, your pricker pants and your gas mask hood. However you have just eaten and I don’t want you being sick all over the place so first of all just go up and bring down your gas mask. You can collect everything else a little later."

I went upstairs, picked up my mask and came down again.

"Put your gas mask on and tuck it into your suit top, then come over here and I will lock your suit up so you can’t tamper with it."

I did as ordered and after I was locked up again she said "Go and stand at attention in the corner to give you time to digest your food."

It seemed like ages that I was standing there, I daren’t move at all as I could not see if Mistress was watching me and I knew by now that if I was caught I was going to get yet more punishment points. Finally she came over to me.

"Well while you’ve been standing at attention and trying hard not to move I’ve been relaxing on the sofa with a nice glass of wine. But now it’s time to get you ready for bed. I want you to go upstairs and collect all the items I told you earlier and also three belts from your drawer. However just to help get you warmed up you will only bring back one item each time you go upstairs so I work out that makes a nice round dozen and you will run up the stairs each time, I don’t want to see you dawdling otherwise I’ll have you do it all over again. Off you go."

I was fairly fit and for the first half dozen trips did reasonably well but by the time I had finished I was breathing really hard through the gas mask and sweating well in my rubber suit and gas mask. Finally all the required items were laid out before my Mistress.

"Tell me slave, when you have put on your own rubber in the past without my kind help and encouragement has it made you feel all horny? And do you want to cum straight way?"

"Yes Mistress, I find the smell and feel of the rubber really exciting and I’m desperate to jerk off as soon as I can. It’s always been a problem having the willpower to hold back at all and I know that as soon as I’ve cum all I will want to do is strip everything off and be free again."

"Well you needn’t worry about stripping off after you’ve cum with me in control because it won’t be you making the choice but me and I will really enjoy breaking your spirit by keeping you locked up in rubber at the point when you most want to be out of it."

"In fact I will give you a choice tonight. You will be locked into your rubber clothes overnight but you have two choices. Either you can go to bed horny and be frustrated all night, particularly as I will do everything possible to arouse you and tempt you, or you can have relief, albeit in a very uncomfortable manner, and be required to stay locked up in that way all night. Either way you’re going to suffer."

"You think on that while we get you ready for the night. " She unlocked my suit collar and removed my gas mask. "Take off your suit as well, I want you dressed from top to toe tonight. First put on your stockings then we’ll have you in your corset. I do love to see the way that waist gets pulled in, we’re really going to have to work hard on that to get it smaller and more ladylike for you. That is what you want isn’t it slave, so that you can become a perfect maid/slave for me?"

"Yes Mistress," I said without really thinking but I knew deep down that everything which was happening to me was what I had desired for so long and I couldn’t believe my luck that things were turning out as they were.

She closed the corset busk up and again began the process of steadily lacing me in until the corset was fully closed and I was having to concentrate on breathing in shallow breaths just to be able to continue. She then had me pull on the bermuda shorts and told me to feed my cock and balls through the small, reinforced hole at the front. I did so and this had the effect of tightening my balls into a firm bag and encouraging a hard erection – and keeping it that way.

"My, my. That has had an interesting effect hasn’t it slave? Are you just wanting relief straight away now slave?"

"OH yes Mistress," I pleaded.

She just laughed and said "Well you’re in for a little wait yet slave, and remember we haven’t decided what your fate will be tonight yet and if you’re going to get any relief at all."

"Now let’s get you finished dressing. Put on your gloves and stand at attention before me." I did so and Mistress spoke.

"It’s decision time, slave. Have you made your mind up whether to have the frustration of desperately wanting relief all night and not being allowed it or the pain of having it but then being kept in rubber when all you want to do is take it off? What a dilemma for you."

"Give me you answer slave."

 I hesitated for just a moment and then my desire for relief overcame everything else and I said "I would like to have relief, Mistress, even if that means I stay locked in rubber all night and have to endure the pain as well."

"Definitely your final answer, slave?"

"Yes Mistress," I said

"Well you have only yourself to blame if you don’t much enjoy the rest of the night, don’t you?"

"Yes Mistress, " I said again, getting more desperate for relief as every moment passed.

"Well slave you’ve made your decision and now you’ll have to live with it. Oh and I forgot to say we haven’t quite finished dressing you yet. Let’s have the pricker pants on and your suit which you will leave open at the crotch."

I had always thought of the pricker pants as a sort of chastity device in themselves. They were just about bearable for wearing when I was not excited but wearing them all night and with a hard erection and my engorged balls didn’t seem possible. Surely Mistress could not be expecting me to cum in them? But indeed she was.

"I do like these pricker pants of yours," she said. "Those rubber spikes must be about ¼" long and they’re really sharp and hard, I’ll bet you really feel the effect of those when they’re on."

"Yes Mistress, I do. But they’re not really designed for taking relief."

"I’ll be the judge of that, and I’ll remind you that it is your choice you’re in this situation so you’ve no-one to blame but yourself. Pull them up tightly and make sure they fit all around your cock and balls, we don’t want any parts to miss out on the fun do we?" She gave my cock and balls a strong squeeze which had me doubled up in pain as the sharp prickers dug in to my most sensitive areas. She padlocked my suit collar over the gas mask hood creating a seal at my neck and making every square inch of my body encased and locked into shiny black latex.

"Now lie down on the bed while I use one of these belts to strap above your knees and one at your ankles. I will use this other longer one later after you’ve cum to strap around your arms and chest."

Once I was lying straight down the middle of the bed she began to gently caress my enclosed cock and balls. To start with it was quite a nice sensation but slowly my erection grew even harder as did her attentions. It could no longer be described as fondling and her grip and pressure was steadily increasing until I began to beg her to be more gentle to me, although it was difficult to hear properly with the gas mask in place. I began desperately squirming about as the pain increased.

"If you’re going to move around we’ll have the other strap on you now, but we’ll get your hands under control first. I got these out of the garage earlier."

She produced some long black cable ties; the kind which can only be tightened not loosened and have to be cut off to remove them. She proceeded to put one on each wrist and then told me to sit up. She connected the two wrist straps behind my back with more ties and told me to lie down again. My hands were now held down at my sides. Taking the remaining long belt she had me sit up a little again and put this around my back so that it went round both my chest and arms just above my elbows.  She then tightened the strap so that my arms were held rigidly into my body.

Knowing that I was now completely helpless she took a firm grip of my cock again and started massaging it harder up and down. At each rise and fall the spikes dug in and out and caused real pain but I could do nothing to resist and eventually after what seemed like an age I came and spurted out into my spiked prison. At this point all I wanted to do was be rid of my gas mask and corset so that I could take in a full lungful of air. I so wanted to take off all my rubber and feel fresh air on my body and take off the dreaded spiked pants from my very tender cock and balls.

"Well slave we seem to have finally reached the point you’ve been seeking for so long. Would you like me to loosen or remove some of your straps and perhaps take off your helmet so you can breathe freely, or perhaps loosen your corset?"

"Oh yes please Mistress that would be wonderful, please just let me loose for a while now and I promise I will work hard for you tomorrow."

"Absolutely not slave." She laughed. "I was fully expecting this change of heart after you’ve cum. You know we had this arrangement, which you chose for yourself, that you would stay fully enclosed and in bondage overnight and so you shall. Nothing will be loosened or removed until tomorrow and even then I shall only let you have enough movement to carry out the jobs I will give you."

"Now, lie back and think of how you will suffer for me tomorrow and how you’ve already suffered today"

I knew there was no point in arguing with my Mistress and as she said I had agreed to stay dressed up overnight but as always after I had cum my willpower was at it’s weakest and I just yearned for my freedom. For the moment all I wanted was to go back to a normal life with comfortable clothes and not being at the mercy of a Mistress who was turning out to be a lot stricter and more severe than I had expected after only such a short time in the role.

I was also thinking that tomorrow I must make the most important decision of my life. Either to stay here as the slave of my Mistress for years to come or to give it all up and start out on my own with nothing and nobody.



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