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Rubber Training

by RbrJohn

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© Copyright 2011 - RbrJohn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; catsuit; gasmask; caught; F/m; D/s; maid; cons; X

Part One

We had been together for almost five years when it happened. I’d always known that my first love was rubber and although I loved my wife she had never really been a replacement for it and despite a few tentative efforts from me never showed much interest in it herself. She was supposed to be away on business that weekend and I had a great session planned for myself involving locking myself into my full rubber suit and gasmask for an overnight session on the Friday night.

It all started so well with my wife leaving around five o’clock and not being expected back until Sunday evening. I prepared a light supper for myself and all was going fine as I put on my tight rubber corset and rubber pants with the internal prickers. This was followed by my full rubber suit with the high and locking collar. Before sealing myself completely I pulled on my gasmask and sealed the suit over the mask.

Once the lock was in place on my suit collar I was well and truly secured and unable to release myself without the key.

I’d spent ages trying to work out what to do with the key and eventually decided that I would put it under a large pile of rubbish that had accumulated over the years in the attic. This meant that to get to it I would have to get a ladder, climb into the attic and rummage through all the junk before I could get released. All the while locked into my rubber and with limited viewing through my gas mask.

I felt this would be a reasonable punishment for me and yet not run the risk of being unable to release myself if an emergency occurred.

And occur it did!

I had finished getting fully dressed and pulled on my elbow length rubber gloves and was getting ready to settle for the night in the bedroom when I heard the front door open.

“Are you still up?”

It was my wife’s voice and I was stuck, locked into all my rubber lying on our bed.

She was walking upstairs. “You won’t believe it,” she said. “I’d almost got to the hotel we were staying at when I got a call on the mobile to say the conference is off because............” She stopped midsentence with her mouth open in shock as she opened the bedroom door and saw this black rubber clad figure lying on the bed.

She was about to scream when I said “It’s me”.

It took quite a few moments for her to calm down enough to speak.

“So that’s it! You’re some kind of weird rubber fetishist!”

I got up and went towards her.

“Stay away from me!” she almost screamed.

I started to try and explain that I still loved her very much but that I also loved the feel and smell of rubber hugging me and holding me.

She had calmed down a bit by this time and sat on the bed. “Well you might at least take off your mask so I can see you.”

“I can’t,” I said and explained that it was locked on and the key was in the attic.

“Well, you’re just going to have to stay that way a little longer aren’t you? In fact as long as I choose you will.”

I noticed a change in her tone and instead of being shocked or angry or upset she actually seemed to be enjoying the situation.

“You see I’ve always known there was something else in the background and now I know what it is. Tell me all about your little secret.”

At this point we had probably the most open conversation we’d had in years. I explained that I had this deep fantasy of being locked into rubber every day and night and having to serve a superior Mistress who would be in total control of everything I did.

“I see, well I need some time to consider what you have told me and how it will effect our relationship. Tonight however I think you can spend in the rubber gear you are already wearing. However I don’t want you in bed with me and disturbing me all night so you will go to the spare bedroom and be locked in there until I decide to release you. Do you understand?”

I was really flabbergasted but stammered out “Yes, yes, that would be wonderful. I’ll go there straight away.”

I spent the night in my tight rubber suit and corselette – I didn’t have much choice really, and slept only a little trying to imagine what my wife had in mind for our future.

I was already awake and nervous when the door opened at nine the next morning. My wife stood at the end of the bed and I started to get up.

“Stay where you are and listen to what I have to say,” she said. “I have now had time to consider the position. I’ve always known that I was the one who really ran our relationship and made all the decisions and that you have been quite happy following along. It seems obvious to me that we have only two alternatives as we cannot continue our relationship the way it was.”

“Firstly we can get divorced and go our separate ways. This would no doubt result in the truth coming out about your rubber fetish and I don’t think you would be too happy about that.”

“Secondly we could continue as man and wife but with you as my permanent maid/slave, carrying out all my instructions to the letter and wearing whatever I tell you to wear. Since your inheritance means neither of us needs to go out to work we can live together 24/7 and you can fulfil your deep desire to serve.”

“There would be some conditions however. First you would hand control of your finances to me and be required to sign a document stating that you are entering this agreement by your own choice.”

“Also I have been checking on the internet and I have found several establishments which specialise in training maids and slaves for service. I will require you to attend such an establishment until you are trained to a high standard and ready to serve me. All these places have their own methods of training and discipline and it will be my choice which one you go to and for how long.”

“This is obviously a very important decision for you to make – in fact it’s a life changing one so I don’t want you to decide immediately. It is now Saturday morning and for the remainder of the weekend you will serve me as your Mistress. This will give you a taste of what life could be like for you every day for the rest of your life.”

“We will discuss your future again tomorrow evening and at that time I expect you to have made up your mind what you want to do.”

I was silent then knowing my whole future was in my hands at that point and being certain that I would make the right decision...... .....



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