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Rubber Kiss

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; fetish; bondage; bdsm; cons; XX with images

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Thanks to Wolfent & Rubbersheep for sending me this story
Chapter One - Part 1

Julie came home from a nice days work at the Fetish shop, although she loved her job, tonight she was feeling a little tired, Alexis her Mistress and employer had worked her poor pussy pretty hard today and spending a week going back and forth to Cynthia's house getting to know her better, strapped securely into the side car of her sinister orgasm inducing motorcycle wasn't helping much either, not that it bothered her, she loved her boss and fellow co-worker to death. Life would be so dull and uninteresting without them she thought. Her dinner date with her two most favorite women had gone very well, they always had a good time together, and now that they were spending more of their off hours together thanks to Cynthia's suggestion she had made one day over lunch that they do so, they were having lots more fun and games together. 

"Oh that Cynthia is such a nympho!" She said as she collapsed onto her bed too tired to get undressed, she had so wanted to slip into the latex catsuit that Alexis had given to her one day for enduring Cynthia's carnal desires as they were suspended on a strange double hoop-like contraption. She had given her this deliciously made catsuit with the built in pussy lips that lovingly enclosed around her own and it's own inner studded sheath that fitted deep into her vaginal cavity. She laid on the latex sheets covering her bed thinking about slipping into her catsuit as she inhaled the scent of the latex sheets. "Oh I'm exhausted!" She said as she lightly massaged her pussy overtop of the fine mesh of her black pantyhose, she spread her legs a little as she thought about her catsuit and the first time Alexis had slipped her slowly into it while her spent body lay on the rubber mattress on the Dungeon floor. Julie moaned as she rubbed her nylon covered pussy, soon before she even knew it she had drifted off to sleep: 

Julie opened her eyes, it was hard to see, the light wasn't that good, she was laid out on the floor, it felt soft, spongy, she thought she could see it moving in places, heaving and pulsing like the lungs of a large beached whale, what little light there was reflecting off of it's shiny black surface, she thought she could hear a slight breathing too, but quickly dismissed it as a trick of the light and the slight grogginess she was feeling from waking up in a strange place. She uncurled herself from the almost fetal position she had been laying in on the floor, she felt a familiar tightness all over her body from head to toe, with her eyes better adjusted to the light now she could see that she was wearing her latex catsuit that her Mistress lovingly referred to as the "Pussy suit." She felt it's rubber lips lovingly enclosed around her own making them more sensitive to her touch as she ran her latex covered index finger over them and shuddered at the sensation. "That's funny... I was just thinking about putting this on a moment ago!?!" She thought to herself, still feeling a little confused and disorientated by her surroundings. 

She looked around but her eyes could not penetrate the darkness beyond a few meters, she could only see the area in her immediate vicinity. She sat on the floor with her one leg stretched out in front of her while her other leg bent at the knee with the high heel of her rubber covered foot between her legs at her crotch, she leaned back a little resting on her gloved hands placed behind her back, she felt the floor sink and heave under the weight she placed on her hands, she heard the floor moan as it breathed heavy, shocked she gasped and pulled her hands away and in front of her, she turned to look at the floor, she was now on her knees looking down at the floor where she had just pulled her hands away from, she could see that it seemed alive, it was indeed pulsing and breathing, it hadn't been a trick of the light. 

She was about to stand up and move herself away from this strange sight before her when she suddenly felt something grab her by the ankles and pull her legs out from under her, she fell onto the strange rubber floor, it felt slippery as if it was covered in a fine layer of slime, her hands slipped out in front of her, her rubber covered breasts smacked onto the floor as she fell, something caught her by the wrists, she could see they were black rubber hands that had somehow emerged from the floor, she twisted her neck around and looked at her feet to see two more of the same kind of hands had seized her by the ankles as well. Two more hands emerged from the pulsing shiny surface and grabbed her butt, one on each side, more still emerged and held her thighs, arms, soon every part of her body was being held and caressed by these strange rubber hands, she felt something different at her rubber covered nipples, it felt like the floor sunk in to accommodate the shape of her perfect breast and had grown two mouths, each one of them was sucking on her rubber covered nipples which had now swelled and completely filled the little molded nipple cups of her latex catsuit. "Uhhhhh..!" She moaned as the rubber hands squeezed her butt cheeks, she felt another hand at her crotch massaging her rubber covered vaginal lips, she tried to squirm away but the hands had her firmly in their grasp, one tug on her ankles and her helpless pussy was back on top of the rubber hand as it started to finger her. "UhhnnnhhH!"...."Oh God!" She cried. Still other hands sliding up and down her latexed legs caressing her inner thighs, her calves. Her ankles writhed in the firm grip of the rubber hands. She moaned in ecstacy as the hands massaged and caressed her all over, the breathing coming from the floor was matching her own in intensity, she heard a different sound behind her, she looked and saw a hump emerging from the shiny slick surface of the floor behind her, she watched as it took shape. 

She could see that the hump had molded on it's front a formidable looking black rubber penis, white fluid was dripping from it's head as it rhythmically bobbed up and down. The rubber fingers in her pussy fucked her faster, slowed and then withdrew, it started tracing the outline of her rubber covered pussy lips with an index finger, making little circles. "Oh God!" She moaned. Her body was slowly losing control, she moaned in ecstacy at the constant caressing and fondling of these rubber invaders, with her legs held spread apart she felt the tip of the slimy rubber penis rubbing up and down her pussy lips, for what felt like an eternity the huge cock teased her, her desire for it to enter her was so great now as she tried desperately to coax it to enter her, she thrust her pelvis at it bucking up and down while moaning, "Fuck me!....Fuck me!....P..p..pp.Please!" She begged. She longed for release as the floor teased her and brought her to the brink of ecstasy only to let her suffer sweetly, she thought she would go crazy if she couldn't feel the hardness of the huge cock deep within her soon. The sucking mouths on her nipples was becoming unbearable, she tried desperately to pull away but each time she fell back to the floor with a slight wet sounding smack as the sucking lips on the floor at the bottom of the two breast shaped indentations latched onto her rubber covered nipples and continued to suck them. "Ooohh!....G..G...God......Fuck me!" She cried as the huge rubber cock sliding up and down her sensitive rubberized lips as they clenched and unclenched like a hungry mouth, her hips bucking up and down desperately wanting to be fucked. 

Another hand emerged out of the floor this one shaped different than the others, at the base it looked like a fist holding a foot long seven inch wide thick rubber paddle. Julie moaned as the new hand-like paddle started to smack her bottom while the huge cock continued to tease her. Smack!... "UnhH!" Smack!..."UnhH!"... Julie moaned with pleasure at each smack of the paddle, it wasn't hard enough to hurt, just hard enough to stimulate her buttocks, she had never been spanked before, even her Mistress had never done this to her, she found herself enjoying it, although it made her body cry out to be fucked all the more. Smack!...Smack! The paddle whacked her rubber covered butt again, then two hands started massaging her butt cheeks as the rubber cock still continued to tease her aching pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me! FuccccckkK! Mmmme!...." Julie cried. 

Julie's back arched as the huge cock entered her with one thrust, "UunnNNHHhhh!" she grunted as she felt it fill the hot rubber covered insides of her love nest, she felt the studded sheath stretched over the huge rubber cock, the now raised studs racking her insides as it started to thrust rhythmically back and forth, the base of the hump in the floor was slapping her crotch as the rubber hands holding her ankles pulled her hard onto the thick rubber cock, she fell back on her front, her breasts slipped right back into the waiting mouths which continued to suck on her rubber covered nipples. Smack!..."UNnhH!" Smack!.. 

"Unnnnnhh!" "OH God I'm going to come!" She cried as she felt the rubber paddle smacking her on the butt as the huge cock fucked her pussy as two other hands held her firmly by her thighs, holding her pelvis just slightly off of the floor, the curve of her back forcing her butt up in the air slightly. Her pelvis bucked wildly up and down at the relentless pummeling delivered to her aching hot cunt as the huge cock rammed her hard and deep, her ankles squirming in the tight grasp of the rubber hands. "Ohhhh...F.F.FUcccK!" Julie screamed as she felt her own juices flow all over the filled raised studded sheath deep within her, her much desired orgasm took hold of her like a storm, her whole body quaked and shook. The floor moaned loudly as she felt the huge rubber penis explode it's huge load deep within her, she could feel the rubber sheath fill with it's fluid, the white slimy fluid seeped out between her rubber covered lips and the thick cock between them until it dripped and pooled on the floor between her spread open legs in one big murky white puddle. 

The hands and rubber penis retreated back into the floor from where they came, the breathing and pulsing of the floor slowly returned to normal and trailed off into the distance. Julie laid outstretched on the shiny black rubber floor on her front too spent to move, the lips no longer sucking on her sensitive nipples, she moved her hand under her chin and slid her other hand down under her body to her still dripping pussy, she slipped her hand into the cum-like fluid and rubbed it all over her rubber covered lips moaning at the touch. "Oh God... I've just been fucked by a floor!... where the Hell am I?" She said as she squeezed her pussy lips together causing more of the fluid the huge cock had ejaculated deep into her to flow out. It felt so good as she slipped her rubber covered finger deep into her dripping rubberized pussy she laid there for a while til she brought herself to another sweet orgasm. 

A long moment passed before she became aware of a faint sound of water dripping echoing off in the distance, she got up and started to follow the sound. She stopped a moment at the sound of someone calling her name, "No...I must be mistaken?" She said aloud to herself feeling not really quite sure whether she had or hadn't heard her name being called. She continued to follow the sound of the dripping water echoing slightly in the vast darkness that surrounded her. She walked the darkness of this strange place following the sound of the water, the floor beneath her feet gradually became hard, no longer spongy, she was a little relieved at not having to walk tippy toe anymore to prevent the high heels of her catsuit from sinking into the surface of the floor. Her spike heels clicked on the shiny black surface of the floor the sound echoing off and mixing with the sound of the dripping water. 

"Jjuuuuulllliiieeee." She stopped this time certain that she heard her name being called, almost sung to her, the voice she figured was female, or sounded female, she heard another drop of water fall, satisfied she couldn't hear the voice calling her she followed the sound of the dripping water. Not far up ahead she could see a bright light coming from a rectangle shaped doorway, the sound of dripping water was much louder now. She approached the doorway cautiously, upon entering she could see it was a white tiled huge room, the walls and floor were covered with three inch square white ceramic tiles, the room must have been about sixty to eighty feet long and maybe a little more or less wide, hanging from the center ceiling was a chrome shower head attached to a long half inch in diameter black rubber hose that came from the ceiling, this was the source of the dripping water she had heard, she watched as the drops fell from the shower head into a small puddle on the tiled floor, she could see three other doors or passage ways leading from the white room, one passageway for each wall, "That's convenient!" She thought. The room looked like a bathroom, on the walls on each side of the doorways were white porcelain curved objects that looked like urinals only much different, they had more of a "Panty" shape to them she thought. 

She walked over to one of them for a closer look, she looked inside down at the crotch of the porcelain "Panty" molded to the inside was a porcelain penis, she looked around over her shoulder to make doubly sure she was alone, satisfied the place was deserted she reached out with her rubber covered hand and touched the tip of the white porcelain penis, it immediately started to vibrate, "OH!" She gasped jerking her hand back not expecting the sudden reaction of the vibration. "That's kinky!" She said to herself. Through the leg openings of the porcelain "Panty" she could see some attachments that looked like white porcelain high heeled shoes, made thicker than normal shoes she could see these were bolted to the floor with huge bolts as the porcelain flared at the bottom of the front of the foot and on the bottom of the high heels, around the top of the shoes were thick leather straps that obviously went around the ankles effectively trapping ones foot into the shoe. Hanging from the wall above the porcelain contraption were heavy chains with thick metal shackles on the ends, a slight air current causing them to sway a little making a clinking sound every now and then. The sight kind of creeped her out while it excited her at the same time. "Strange!" She thought. 

Julie looked around thinking, "This must be someone's Dungeon... kind of like Alexis's... only different." Still feeling the cum-like fluid squishing around inside her inner rubber sheath that the huge penis had ejaculated within her, she walked over to the shower head suspended from the ceiling to wash herself out. She grabbed the handle and depressed the leaver on the side of it. Hot water began spraying from the shower head, she began washing the surface of her latex catsuit the front of which still covered with slime from lying on the rubber floor as it fucked her senseless. She hosed off the front and worked her way down to her crotch, beads of hot water bounced and ran off the surface of her catsuit, she loved the feeling of showering in her "Pussy suit." Soon the white room began to fill with steam from the hot shower. 
By the time she finished her shower the room was so filled with steam she couldn't see the far walls anymore. 

"Jjjuuuulllliieee...." She stopped the shower and listened.... "Where is that coming from?" She thought, she let go of the shower head letting it swing back and forth dripping water onto the soaked tiles at her feet, droplets of water bounced as they hit the floor splashing the rubber high heels of her catsuit, droplets of water still running down the back of her black rubber covered calves and falling onto the white tiled floor. 
"Jjjuuulllliiieee...." She heard the voice almost singing softly between the drops of water hitting the floor and echoing all around her. It seemed to be coming out of the mist, "but where?" She thought. A little creeped out she headed for one of the passageways. 

Julie shivered a little as the much cooler air of the passageway hit the surface of her wet latex catsuit. Suddenly a valve on one of the many pipes along the wall of the passageway burst forward a gush of hot steam which quickly filled the passageway, up ahead she could see another white room, she hurried towards it, the voice still calling behind her, almost laughing as she quickened her pace. Inside the room was a pedestal in the center also of the same white porcelain tile, it was three feet long by two feet wide, down near the floor were chrome metal rings mounted to the sides of the pedestal, two at each end, lying on top of the pedestal was a small bundle of black latex, she picked it up and examined it. They were latex bikini briefs. "I could use these." She said to herself. She slipped into them and pulled them up tight, "Ohhh..." She moaned at the sensation of the added layer of latex covering her rubber covered pussy lips. 

The steam from the pipe was making this room foggy to, she looked around and saw that this room had over in the corner a metal bed frame with a dirty looking spring mattress on it, it didn't look very inviting she thought, she noticed it to had shackles on the head and foot of the bed positioned to keep one spread eagle to the bed. Hanging on the opposite wall was an assortment of whips, paddles, chains, shackles and dildos. As much as Julie had come to like this stuff over the last few months, she had to admit even this place was a little much, it seemed the trappings were everywhere. This room had no other exits, just the way she came in, she didn't really want to go that way as that way took her back into the white room with the shower and possibly the voices. She thought about it for a moment and figured she had no choice, "besides this room is filling up with too much steam now to." She thought as she felt it getting hotter in there as well. 

As she headed for the doorway she saw the passageway blocked by two tall black latex covered female figures, they were covered head to toe in latex, not even their faces were visible. She studied their forms noticing that each one was equipped with a formidable looking dildo attached to the crotch of their suits "...if they are suits?" She thought. She moved back as they stepped into the room which was now filled with hot steam. one went to the right as the other went to the left, Julie was behind the pedestal, she inched her way around jockeying for a position to try and escape. She made the wrong decision and backed towards the bed as the two rubber women approached her from both sides, forgetting it was there and not being able to see it very well through the thick steam didn't help either. She bumped into the bed and fell onto it backwards, rusty springs squeaked as she bounced on the mattress, within seconds the two female latex forms were on top of her struggling body pinning her to the mattress, "No! No!" She cried. Her legs flailed as the shackles were done up around them, once pulled tight and locked her legs were held spread open and helpless, the other rubber woman fastened her struggling wrists into the shackles at the head of the bed. 

Julie squirmed helplessly on the squeaking mattress, her body stretched out and held by the shackles, the rubber woman that had shackled her legs reached out and ripped off her latex bikini briefs exposing her latex covered pussy lips, she struggled as the rubber woman's dildo squirted a generous amount of cum-like fluid onto her crotch. Julie felt the thick shaft enter her filling her inner studded sheath, she grunted at the sensation, she watched as the rubber woman's shapely hips thrust back and forth penetrating her with the dildo while the other one sucked on her rubber covered clitoris, her legs were each on both sides of her head while the dildo attached to her crotch poked at her mouth as it bounced up and down, Julie lost in the moment of passion stretched her neck up and took hold of the rubber woman's dildo and started to suck it moaning as she did. The room filled with hot steam like a sauna, her latex catsuit, and their love making was making her hotter than she had ever been before in her life. 

The two rubber women took turns fucking Julie as she struggled in ecstacy on the mattress against her shackles, each one filling her with their cum-like fluid, she could feel it squishing around inside of her as the rubber woman's dildo relentlessly fucked her helpless pussy, the studs of her inner sheath raking her ever increasing the pleasure she was feeling, she bucked her hips up and down, rotating them around wildly, sweat poured from her face in her open faced latex hood. she sucked wildly on the other rubber woman's dildo. "Ohhhh... FucccckkK!!!..." She screamed as waves of orgasm flowed over her, her body collapsed but the two rubber women kept at her, her sensitive lips clenched around the assaulting dildo as it continued to fuck her, "UunnhH!" 

She grunted as she tried desperately to pull herself away from the rubber woman's constant fucking, the sound of rusty bed springs echoed throughout the white room, the other woman's wet dildo rubbing along side her face as she licked and sucked her rubber covered pussy as the other one continued to fuck her, she squirmed and begged, "p P P p Please S s s s Stoppp....!" The fucking continued, the two rubber women changed positions. Her pussy had never felt so sensitive to the touch before, she soon found herself bucking her hips at the rubber woman's assaulting dildo as she felt the inevitable approach of another orgasm, her latex covered body writhed and squirmed as her hips bucked and gyrated madly, her butt lifting high off of the mattress as her back arched, she took hold of the rubber woman above her's dildo again and sucked madly, her body quaked, her thighs shook, and spread wider, "AHhhhhh.... OHhhh,Mmmmmm..!!" She screamed, she felt her juices seeping out of her pussy over and around her latex covered lips, second orgasms were always more intense for Julie. 

The rubber women continued to fuck Julie for a little longer almost bringing her to another orgasm, when almost by some unheard command they stopped, they climbed off of the mattress and started to remove some shackles from the far wall, they attached the shackles to the metal rings on the white tiled pedestal in the center of the room, once finished they came back over to where Julie was shackled to the mattress and removed her shackles, they picked up her weakened body and dragged her on top of the white pedestal, one of them shackled her ankles to the sides of the pedestal near the floor while the other rubber woman shackled her wrists to the other side of the pedestal near the floor so her body was laid out on top of the white tiled pedestal with her legs and arms hanging over the sides and shackled close to the floor, her legs were spread open while her crotch was right at the edge of the pedestal, one of the rubber women positioned herself between Julie's spread open legs, she positioned her dildo at her pussy which was just the right height for the rubber woman to be able to fuck her at. 

"HuuuunnnNHhhhh!" Julie gasped as the thick shaft penetrated her, the rubber woman did not fuck her for long she merely squirted a huge load of cum-like fluid deep into her and then withdrew her rubber penis from her cum drenched hot cunt. 
The other rubber woman came over to the pedestal on which Julie was shackled, she had with her a "Panty" made of thick rubber straps that fastened at the sides with chrome buckles, the inside crotch of the panty had a huge chrome metal bullet shaped dildo, coming from the outside crotch of the panty was a long electrical cord with a plug on the end. Julie was so tired and she struggled when she saw the chrome metal dildo shocked by it's ten inch length and it's almost three inch diameter, her legs squirmed in their shackles, "No Pplease..!" She cried as the two rubber women mercilessly slipped the thick rubber straps of the panty under her butt and slipped the thick metal dildo deep into her. "UunnNHHhhhh!" She grunted as her rubber cum covered lips stretched around the thick shaft, she felt it stretch her inner rubber sheath so much she thought it would break, she could feel the studs on the sheath raised to their fullest, she moaned and grunted as they tightened the straps of the rubber and metal panty around her waist, her back arched as she grunted again. One of the rubber women took the electrical cord and plugged it into the wall socket, instantly the huge metal dildo trapped deep up her rubber covered cunt hummed to life. 

"UuhhhhhnnnnhhHH!.....OH G. g ..gggGOD!..." She screamed as the dildo vibrated violently within her, her body squirmed as much as her bondage would allow, which wasn't much. Her back arched and her eyes rolled back in her head, her hips rocked back and forth from side to side as she stirred the huge metal dildo deep within her, her lips clamped tightly around it's hard wide metal shaft. 
The two rubber women left the steam filled white room leaving Julie to her pleasure. 
"Juuuullliiieee....Did you like my rubber minions?" The woman's voice sang to her from out of the fog. 


Julie awoke her body covered with sweat, the crotch of her pantyhose were soaked in her own juices, "Oh my god!... What and intensely weird dream!" She said to herself feeling the wetness at her crotch, she had forgotten that she fell asleep in her clothes. "It seemed so real though!" She thought. She swung her legs off of the bed and kicked off the one high heeled shoe that managed to stay on her foot all night long, she stripped off her damp pantyhose and spandex mini dress and threw them into a bundle of laundry on the floor by the door, she walked naked to the bathroom and had a hot shower, she did her morning aerobics and then had her coffee, she really needed it this morning she felt so worn out almost as if she had really been fucking all night long. 

The sound of the subway train rolling rhythmically along it's tracks was almost putting her to sleep, she was lost in thought thinking about the dream, "Ma' dropped this." the voice of an elderly gentleman perhaps sixty years of age snapped her out of her trance-like state and handed her purse to her, "Oh.. Thank you, that was clumsy of me." She said as she took it from him. "I must have dropped it while off in a daze thinking about my dream last night." She thought to herself. The man had a small five or six year old child with him probably his grand son, the boy looked at her, smiled sheepishly and said, "Your a very pretty lady." The subway jerked to a stop as she blushed at the little boys complement. "C'mon Timothy, this our stop." The man said as he tugged on the little boys sleeve. "Coming Grampa." The little boy said as they exited the train, she looked out at the window at them as the train pulled away, the little boy smiled and waved to her. 


Rubber Kiss
continues in Part 2


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