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Rubber Kiss

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: sbf; FF/f; latex; bondage; cons; XX with images

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Thanks to Wolfent & Rubbersheep for sending me this story
Chapter One - Part 2

The morning at the Fetish shop went by in the usual way, if you could call anything they ever did together usual, it was always different, and always an orgasmic experience for Julie. They locked up the shop and headed to their favorite restaurant for lunch, Cynthia was wearing one of her famous deliciously yummy looking spandex mini dresses, a shocking pink with black tights, and matching pink strappy high heels whilst Alexis was wearing a latex long sleeve dress just above the knee and black fishnet pantyhose, her shoes were shiny black patent leather with small brass padlocked cuffs around the ankles, she looked incredible as always, "Hell they both did." Julie thought to herself as they walked down the street together. "Hey Julie!... VvvaaaaRrooooM!....VvvaaaaRrooooM!" Cynthia said to her imitating the sound of a motorcycle as she pretended to rev imaginary handle bars. "You are so bad!" Julie said, they all giggled at Cynthia's little inside joke as they entered the restaurant. 

Alexis looked at Julie stirring her coffee cup thoughtfully for a long moment before finally putting her spoon on the saucer, she couldn't help but notice that she had that same far away look in her eyes that Cynthia had about a week and a half ago. She reached out and touched her hand and said softly to her, "Is something troubling you Julie?" 
"No... I've just been having these really weird dreams lately, that's all." Julie replied. 
"I had a weird dream once where I was at this convention of Nuns or something... only I was the only one wearing any cloths.... weird huh?" Cynthia said as she added, "...I wonder what O'l Sigmund would have said about that one?" They all giggled. 

"So what kind of weird dreams are you having?" Alexis asked Julie who was picking at her cheese bun. "Are they "SEXUAL DREAMS?" Cynthia asked as she made two little quotation symbols in the air with two fingers of each hand giggling a little to herself. Julie answered. "Yes... kind of I guess... but you know, one of the odd things about them is they seemed so real." ......... There was a moment of silence. "Go on." Alexis said to Julie as she put her coffee cup down, it being to hot to drink." "Yeah... I love hearing about sexual dreams." Cynthia added. 

After Julie had finished telling them about her weird dreams, Cynthia and Alexis sat there for a moment not quite sure of what to say. "Wow!.. That beats my Nun convention dream any day." Cynthia said smiling, and then she added, "...Why can't I have dreams like that?" She pouted at the thought. "Well there kinda creepy too... that place is so weird... kind of like that Latex Dungeon contest we went to, only more darker, different... you know?" Julie said as she leaned into the middle of the table and waved them closer so she could whisper to them, "Also when I wake up from them I'm so wet like I've actually been fucking all night long." She whispered. "You lucky Bitch!" Cynthia said still sounding disappointed that they weren't her dreams. "Some people have all the luck!" She added pouting her lips. "You are such a Nympho!.... You would be right at home there too." Julie said to Cynthia while smiling sheepishly at her. 

"And what about this voice that calls to you in your dream... you say it sounds kind of familiar?" Alexis said after taking a sip of her coffee which had now cooled. "So tell me Julie, do these dreams bother you at all?" Alexis asked, "No... they're kind of nice... in a creepy sort of way I guess... they make me feel...." Julie's words trailed off like she had lost her train of thought, it was more like she knew how they made her feel but she had difficulty translating it into words. "Horney like a Jack Rabbit?" Cynthia offered. They all laughed. "Well if you have any more dreams like that, tell me about them." Alexis said placing her hand on top of Julie's. "Me to, Me to!" Cynthia said clapping her hands together, smiling and looking giddy as a school girl. 


After lunch they headed back to the Fetish shop, the afternoon went by fast and soon it was closing time. On the subway ride home Julie thought to herself: "I know Alexis probably wanted me to come up to her place after work today... I wanted to but if I don't buy any groceries for my place soon I'll be skipping breakfast, I hope she wasn't disappointed... maybe I'll treat her to diner tomorrow night." Satisfied with her thoughts on the matter she started to think of her grocery list as she jotted food items down onto a small note pad on her lap. 

Julie came through the door of her apartment lugging two large grocery sacks, she pushed the door open with her back as she held one sack up on her raised knee, she lowered one bag onto the small table in her hallway and hefted the other one to her other arm while she closed the door and locked it behind her, she then slipped the other bag down onto the floor not noticing that a new spatula she had bought was sticking out of the bag, it caught the leg of her pantyhose ripping them as she lowered the bag onto the floor. "Shit! Shit!" Julie cursed. A short moment passed as she slid herself down the wall into a seated position on the floor with her legs out in front of her, she looked at the hole torn in the leg of her pantyhose and started to laugh, "Shit!...that figures...they survive a day at work with Alexis and Cynthia but fall victim to a spatula...!" She cursed and laughed again. 

Once she got her groceries put away she decided to have a hot bath and watch a little T.V. before going to bed. Julie sat on her couch dressed in her bathrobe, she flipped through the channels not really satisfied with anything to watch. "Jez....over two thousand channels and nothing on!... Can't believe I pay for this shit!" She flipped the T.V. off and tossed the remote onto the other side of the couch. "Maybe I should have went to Alexis's after all." she thought remembering how dull nights at home alone can be. She thought about that for a moment and said to herself out loud, "Ahhh...but they don't have to be... now do they?" She smiled and climbed off of the couch. 

Julie entered her bedroom, she was dressed head to toe in shiny black latex, she was wearing her one piece latex catsuit that had earned the name "The Pussy Suit," around each of her wrists and ankles she had placed leather shackles with large chrome "D" rings attached to them, she was carrying in her hand a device she had purchased from the Fetish Shop, it resembled a elongated "U" shaped hump made of black leather, three steel rings were attached to this device, one at the front and two near the back at the sides kind of on an angle, on the front of the leather hump was a hole a little under or over two inches in diameter, her other hand carried a bunch of strong black leather straps. 

Julie's rubber covered feet padded across the carpeted floor of her bedroom to her bed and unloaded the items onto the rubber sheets stretched tightly across her bed, she arranged the leather hump in the center of the mattress a little nearer to the foot of the bed and started to attach the long leather straps to the metal rings on the hump, she them attached the straps to metal rings on the side of her bed near the foot and the head of the bed and pulled them tight effectively securing the leather hump to the surface of her bed, she then took her ribbed vibrator and inserted it into the hole on the front of the hump, twisting it until it locked into place. She stood back admiring her handy work and making sure that she had followed the instruction Alexis had given her when she purchased the device fully. 

Satisfied that all was in order she climbed up onto her bed and positioned herself over top of the hump, she reached behind herself and secured the shackles around her ankles to metal attachments on the foot posts of her bed, she then fastened her wrist shackles together so her wrists were "Handcuffed," she reached between her legs with the tube of KY Jelly and smeared a generous amount of the slimy substance all over her rubber covered pussy lips, she gasped at the sensitive touch as she lightly massaged the KY Jelly up and down her slightly parted rubber enclosed lips, her body quivered a little and she gasped as she inserted her rubber covered index finger between her lips applying the substance to the inside of the studded sheath deep within her. She stroked some of the liquid up and down the shaft of her vibrator, it pulsed and vibrated in her hand as she stroked it's thick ribbed shaft, the sensation of it buzzing in her hand was making her hot and exited, she couldn't wait to have it's hardness vibrating deep within her rubber enclosed vaginal cavity. She knelt overtop of the leather hump holding the vibrator, she stroked it's shaft with one hand while her other hand rubbed her aching hot pussy. 

Julie laid on her front with her legs held spread apart and her ankles shackled to the posts at the foot of her bed, she started to rub her rubberized pussy up and down over the head of the vibrator strapped tightly to the surface of the bed, slipping herself onto the vibrating ribbed shaft she grunted at the pleasure it gave her, she pulled on the center strap attached to the head of the bed causing the hump to be pressed tighter against her crotch forcing the vibrating dildo deeper into her, satisfied with the tightness she fastened the buckle closed. Julie started grinding her hips moaning while she fastened her wrist shackles to another metal ring mounted to the head of her bed, she closed the top of the pad lock, her arms were held out in front of her shackled to the head of the bed. "UuuuhhhHHH!" She moaned as she felt her rubber enclosed lips sliding over the vibrators thick ribbed shaft, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure deep inside her. 

Julie squirmed and rotated her butt grinding herself onto the hard plastic vibrating cock grunting and moaning with pleasure as she struggled sweetly in her self bondage, the ribs raking her lips as she rhythmically pumped herself up and down onto the dildo held tightly between her spread open legs, Julie tormented herself for a long time, finally the rhythm of her body movements increased as she neared her orgasm, faster she thrust herself onto the vibrator. "OoohhH!...F. f. f f. FuuCcK!" She cried as she felt herself cum, her movements slowed and her body sank into the surface of her bed, she tried to pull herself off of the still vibrating intruder momentarily forgetting her bondage. "UunnH!" She grunted as the vibrator slipped back deep into her now extremely sensitive hot wet cunt. Her legs squirmed as she tried to dislodge the dildo while she fumbled for the key she had left on the corner of the bed. In her struggles of passion the key had managed to work it's way to the edge of the bed, her black latexed fingers could barely reach it, she squirmed herself to the right hoping to get closer, in her hast her hand knocked the key onto the floor. "Oh Shit!" She cried. "Now what do I do?" She tugged on her bondage, it was no use, Alexis had taught her well, "UuunnnhH!...Shit! She grunted and cursed as her well lubricated lips stretched to a nice "O" and slid over the vibrating ribbed shaft of her dildo. 

The hours passed, with one orgasm after another as she struggled vainly in her self bondage, completely worn out she soon found herself drifting off to sleep while the vibrator still assaulted her trapped sex. 

Julie suddenly found herself in the familiarity of the dark place, same as before her eyes could not penetrate the darkness beyond a few meters in any direction, she looked down at herself to see what she was wearing to see the latex "Pussy Suit" covering her head to toe, her rubber covered feet padded on the shiny black surface of the floor as she started to walk. 
She stopped a moment listening to the sound of a familiar engine coming from behind her, the sound got much louder as it approached. Suddenly out of the black came Cynthia dressed in her thick black rubber ridding catsuit sitting on her shiny red motorcycle. "Hi Babe....need a lift?" She said to Julie. "H. h..How did you get here?" Julie asked sounding confused. Cynthia looked at her smiling that wicked smile that said she knew something that Julie didn't. "Maybe I'm not here at all." She said and then added slyly. "I'm just part of the window dressing." She made a motion with her arms indicating all around her, "So hop in I'll give you a ride and we can have some fun!" Cynthia said still smiling wickedly at Julie who was standing to the side of her bike all deliciously done up in black rubber. Julie watched as Cynthia liked her lips like a hungry cat while she eyed her up and down with an equal appetite. Julie approached the bike a little closer and looked into the side car, she could see a huge black studded rubber penis sticking out of the crotch of the banana seat, it bobbed up and down like it had a life of it's own, Julie watched it as it spurted a stream of white cum-like liquid three feet into the air, it came spattering back down and landed in the seat. "I think I'll walk." She said to Cynthia who had just put her helmet back on. "Ok...!" She revved the engine of her bike and lurched it forward, as she rode away into the blackness her voice trailed off. "I think you neeeeed toooo gooooo thisssss wayyyyyyyyy.........!" And then soon the bike engine could be heard no more. 

Having no other clues as to any other better direction to go in she followed the direction Cynthia's dopple ganger went. "If I must, I must." She out loud to herself. Her rubber covered feet squeaked and padded on the shiny black floor as she disappeared into the darkness. 

Just up ahead she could see some sort of mechanical looking mass, ugly hoses and tubes extended from two large round dome-like metal shapes at both ends of what looked like a bed-like curved platform with some sort of padded surface, the hoses and tubes stretched upwards and disappeared into the ceiling where a light source shone down illuminating the strange looking machine and the surrounding area. Similar ribbed rubber or metal black ugly looking tubes came out of the base of the platform and disappeared into the shiny black surface of the floor, some branched off and radiated outwards away from the strange bulk of a machine, Julie almost tripped over one as she approached the machine which steadily got larger the closer she got to it, she could see arm-like contraptions moving about on the top of the machine positioned and mounted to some sort of suspended large device mounted above the platform, she could see some of these arms or extensions had dildos and vibrators as well as tentacles attached to the ends of them, on the surface near the bottom of the platform she could see a sideways "U" shaped device or rounded thick arm-like thing with a huge red rubber looking anatomically correct penis mounted to the tapered tip of the thing, she watched it as it bobbed rhythmically up and down and then every so often squirted a huge load of cum-like liquid onto the padded surface of the platform. 

There were what looked like huge shackles mounted to curved six to eight inch thick tapered bars or tubes extending from the sides of the platform, two at the top of the machine and two at the bottom, the huge metal cuffs kept opening and closing, almost as if inviting one into them, "Come into my parlor said the Spider to the Fly." Julie thought to herself as she watched the shackles opening and closing. As she examined the machine she could hear what sounded like breathing coming from it, an almost human-like breathing with mechanical overtones. 

Suddenly, a little startled, Julie heard the machine speak to her, "Commmme tooo Meeee JjjUuuLllIiieeeee... Come aNd We ShAle HaVe Sommmm Fun...YeSSssSSSsss....." The words seemed to stumble and fall over one another almost deliberately, it sounded very eerie. "W..w.who said that?" Julie said not quite sure if it had in fact come from the machine. Some sounds of metal grinding on metal came from the machine, she could see it shake and quiver a little, the breathing increased to a sigh. "CoMeeee...JuLlliiieee...I caN ShoW yOu Pleassssuuure Like yoU'vee never Felt Before......" And arm containing a black studded dildo buzzed to life, the dildo spun like a drill then slowed and stopped just humming softly bobbing up and down, "Oh...the DEliGhtS...D-E-L-I-G-H-T-S....I caN ShoW YoU.....Play weitttttthhhh Mmmmeeeee.....JulIe.....PlaYyyyyyyeeeee........" 

Julie looked at the machine thinking to herself, "You've got to be kidding!... This thing looks like a nightmare version of Alexis's Sex Machine." The shackles snapped open and then closed again, "PpPplllLayYyyyyy....!" The machine breathed. A tentacle that had been slowly working it's way across the floor tried to coil it's way around Julie's left leg but she was lucky enough to avoid it. "Plaaaaaayyyy!" the machine said again beckoning her softly. "Not today...thanks!" Julie said as she backed away. just beyond the nightmare Sex machine Julie could see a lighted door way, once she edged her way carefully around the machine being careful to avoid anymore of it's attempts to grab her with it's tentacles. Once out of range she could hear the familiar sound of dripping water. Drip...Drip...Drip...went the sound, she knew where it was coming from, she had been there before. 
She entered into the white tiled room, thick steam still filled the air, she remembered the layout roughly from the last time and made her way towards the dripping shower head suspended from the ceiling just to make sure she had her bearings right, she definitely didn't want to end up in the other white room with the tiled pedestal and the rusty bed with the mattress, she figured the rubber women might be in there and might want to finnish their unfinished business with her. She stood in front of the chrome shower head watching the droplets of water gather and fall into the puddle at her rubber covered feet as it swayed slightly by some unseen breeze, the droplets echoing throughout the while tiled room. "Creepy!" She thought. 

"JjUuuuullliiieee....." The voice came out of the thick steam... "Juuullliieee..." She heard it again, this time seemingly from behind her this time, and then it came again, and again, each time sounding like it was coming from a different direction. "So much for a good escape plan!" She thought to herself. She looked deep into the fog, she could see dark grey shapes moving towards her, she turned to go in the opposite direction only to see more dark grey shapes that way too, they seemed to be circling her, within moments the circle closed tighter around her cutting off any means of escape. She looked at them closely, she could see they wore dull black rubber robes, their faces were covered with black form fitting rubber hoods and something that looked like gas masks only they had large formidable looking black rubber anatomically correct penises mounted to the mouth area of the masks, attached near the base of the rubber penis was a rubber tube that dangled down overtop of the rubber robes, on the end of this was a egg shaped ball that looked like a rubber squeeze ball or pump with a small valve near the top. 
Almost at the same time the robed figures dropped their robes to the white tiled floor, Julie could see that they each had a female form, she could see the beautiful curves of their bodies, their perfect breasts with their nipples pointing straight out in front, their slender forms were encased in shiny black rubber that covered every inch from head to toe, the spike high heels seemed to be one molded solid piece attached to the catsuits, at the crotch of each rubber woman she could see a formidable rubber thick veiny cock, dripping from the head of each one was a milky cum-like fluid. As the rubber penises bobbed up and down as the rubber women approached her, some of the cum landed on her leg and rolled down the rubber surface of her "Pussysuit." 
Within moments she could feel the hardness of the rubber cocks poking the tight latex covering her butt, she could feel them rhythmically jabbing at her stomach and pelvic region. The rubber women seized her by her arms and held her struggling body, more still grabbed her flailing, kicking rubber covered legs, she felt herself being lifted off of the floor by so many hands and arms, she could see the faceless rubber minions all around her, she looked down as her legs were spread apart, two of the rubber women were standing between her squirming legs as they squirted hot cum-like liquid all over her rubber covered pussy lips and the front of her pelvis, soon she was dripping in the thick white murky substance, she felt rubber hands massaging the fluid all over her pussy every now and then a rubber finger would violate her love folds causing her to gasp. 

The blackness of the rubber minions enclosed tighter around her, from the outside all that could be seen of Julie was one of her black rubber covered hands with fingers splayed as she was engulfed struggling by the rubber hoard. Julie moaned as she felt the thick rubber penis enter her hot sensitive pussy, her rubberized lips stretched around the thick veiny shaft as it filled her. "UuunnNHhhh!" She moaned and grunted as the thick shaft stirred deep within her. A long moment passed as each of the rubber women took turns fucking her, her pussy dripped with cum, the crowd of rubber minions eventually dispersed leaving four of them behind as the others disappeared into the thick steam, light filtered back to where Julie lay on the floor, she could see her entire body covered with cum-like liquid, her body slid over the floor as she tried to move, she sat up sitting in a huge puddle of the stuff, more still seeped out between her rubber covered lips and pooled between her parted legs. 

The four remaining rubber minions grabbed her and helped her to her feet, exhausted Julie was lifted to her feet, her knees almost buckled under her weight and surly would have if not for the added support of the rubber minions holding her, they held her facing towards the white porcelain panty-like thing attached to the wall that she had seen before, she saw the thick leather straps of the thick molded porcelain high heeled shoes bolted to the floor open and waiting for her, "N.N.n.n..NOooo...!" She cried and tried to struggle as she was walked over to the wall, the thick chains with shackles hanging above the porcelain panty clinked and swayed slightly before her. 


Suddenly Julie opened her eyes, she could feel the ribbed vibrator still buzzing away deep inside of her, she inhaled the heady scent of the latex sheets she led upon and tried to move momentarily forgetting her self bondage, "Oh Shit!" She cried, she tried again to dislodge the thick vibrating dildo trapped deep within her by pulling on her wrist shackles, she grunted as she failed and she felt her rubber covered lips slide over each rib as it slipped back into her. She collapsed back into the bed and turned her head to her right side table to see the clock, "7:30 AM" the numbers read, then she saw her phone, "If only I could reach it." She thought, then she saw the phone plug through the bars of her bed's head board, it would take a little work but she should be able to use the cord to pull the phone onto the floor and up onto the bed with her she thought as she eyed the phone cord plugged into the wall, "UuunnhhHH!" She grunted as the vibrator continued to assault her helpless pussy, all night long the thick ribbed plastic intruder had brought her to one orgasm after another wearing her out. 

After a long struggle and two more orgasms she managed to get the phone onto the bed beside her, she picked up the handset and dialed Alexis's apartment above the Fetish Shop hoping to catch her before she went down to the shop, not that she wouldn't be able to call her there, it's just that she knew Alexis didn't answer that phone till they opened up shop. 


Alexis sat on the edge of her bed, the lower half of her body covered in tight red latex, with her foot she pushed a strange looking device under the bed out of sight, she smiled and giggled to herself. She stood up and stretched and then continued slipping into her full body sleek red latex "Pussy suit" when the phone beeped, she almost didn't feel like answering it as she inserted two of her red latex covered fingers onto her vaginal cavity smoothing the inner studded sheath into place, she picked up the phone. "Hello!?!" She said pleasantly into the phone. Julie's slightly panicked voice came through the other end, "Hi....Alexis...H. h hhHELP...!" Alexis could hear her breathing heavy and thought for a moment it was an obscene caller but quickly recognized the voice, " that you...are you ok?" She said to her. "UNnnhHhh!" Julie grunted on the other end of the phone as the ribbed vibrator raked over her swollen rubberized lips, "Do you still ha.A.Aaaaveee THee..K Kkey..I..G.G.g g gggAVE you?" She panted into the phone. "Yes love.... Why do you ask?" Alexis said beginning to suspect what Julie had done. "Well l ll ll...Iiiieee..."ve G g gotten myself trapped!....HEllllllp..." Came the desperate panting from the phone. "Say no more...I'm on my way!" Alexis said as she hung up the phone smiling wickedly to herself chuckling a little, she grabbed her purse and Julies key to her apartment off of a small hook by the door, she slipped on her long rain coat and headed out the door and down the back stairs to the alleyway, she was about to get into her car when she heard the front door to her shop open, smiling to herself she thought, "This could be fun." 

Alexis entered into the Fetish Shop through the back door, Cynthia was waiting by the door, she was wearing a short black latex mini dress and black latex pantyhose, strap on black high heels that padlocked around the ankles with small brass locks. "Feel like taking a little ride this morning?" Alexis said to her while smiling the most delicious of all smiles. Cynthia cocked her head to one side half wondering, half knowing that look Alexis had on her face, the kind of look that said she was up to something... something wicked. 

Alexis frantically grabbed a few items from the shelves and tossed them into a black leather bag. "C'mon...let's go...I'll explain on the way!" She called to Cynthia as she pulled her by the hand towards the back door of the Fetish Shop. "B b b but W what about?" Cynthia stuttered as Alexis half dragged her out the door, "Later..later... you'll love this...I promise!" The door closed behind them, the door latch turned, muffled giggling could be heard through the door as the car door opened and then closed. 


Julie moaned and grunted as the hard ribbed plastic vibrator trapped between her spread open legs continued to send waves of pleasure throughout her whole body, her nipples had become erect again, filling the molded nipple cups on her latex "pussy suit," their constant brushing up against the latex sheet stretched tightly over her bed was driving her mad with unwanted excitement. Her constant failures to dislodge the phallic intruder kept resulting in her being pulled back onto it's thick ribbed shaft by the leather shackles locked tightly around her ankles, each time it would slip back into her she would feel her rubber covered lips stretch over each of the dildo's vibrating ribs causing her to gasp and moan. 

"HhhhunnnhHH!" Julie grunted as her tight rubber covered butt rose off of the bed and sank her swollen rubber enclosed lips back onto the vibrator. Suddenly she heard a key open her apartment door. "Oh Thank God!" She thought. 
Julie turned her head towards the bedroom door expecting to see Alexis standing their with the key to her salvation, instead she saw Cynthia standing in the doorway all dolled up in black shiny rubber smiling wickedly down at her. "Cynthia!" Julie called out in surprise. "My my...we have gotten ourselves into a bit of a pickle now haven't we?" Cynthia said in return trying hard not to laugh at the same time enjoying the irony of the situation. "W w w where's Ahhh Alexis?" Julie gasped out failing once again to dislodge the persistent phallic intruder. 

"Right here!" Alexis said just as Cynthia opened her mouth to answer Julie. Out from behind Cynthia Alexis stepped, Julie looked at her beautiful body as she dropped her rain coat to the floor and stood with her long red latexed legs slightly apart, Julie could see she was wearing a catsuit just like the one she had on only it was a shiny candy apple red, she could see her vaginal lips fitted perfectly into the molded lips of her "pussy suit," her perfect breasts lifted and separated by the breast cups of her catsuit, she could see her fully erect nipples filling the molded nipples too. She was stunningly beautiful. 

"G g get Mmmeeee...Out Offf this!" Julie cried. Cynthia walked along side the bed running her long red painted finger nails along the back of Julie's shackled latex covered leg. "Now what fun would that be?" Alexis said as she dumped the contents of the black leather bag onto the carpeted floor of Julie's bedroom. "No...Y y you W wouldn't!?!" Julie exclaimed sounding a little panicked while looking at the contents of the pile Alexis had just dumped onto the floor. 

Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed near the top beside Julie, she swung her feet onto the bed and laid on her side facing Julie, "Now you can scarcely expect us to pass up and opportunity as delicious as this now can you?" She said to her as she stroked her long nails along Julie's back. Meanwhile Julie had been watching Alexis pull a few items from the pile on the floor, she handed Cynthia a tube of KY Jelly and said, "I'll bet she needs a refill by now...don't you love?" Cynthia took the tube of jelly from her, "Indeed!" She purred and took the cap off, she squeezed a large amount of the clear slimy liquid into her hand and smacked her hand between Julie's spread open legs, She never took her eyes off of Julie's face and watched her as she gaped at the sensation, she smiled and started to work the KY Jelly all over her hot rubber covered sensitive lips, occasionally slipping a finger between her lips and the ribbed dildo penetrating her. 

Alexis then pulled from the pile a foot and a half long leather spanking paddle, she stood up slowly and strutted over to the bed and walked around admiring and even enjoying Julie's predicament. Suddenly Julie felt a slight sting as the paddle swatted her on her upturned rubber covered butt, "HhhhunnnnHH!" She gasped. "You know Julie... such silliness warrants punishing.... wouldn't you agree Cynthia?" Alexis said as she gave her another light swat on the butt with the paddle. Cynthia lifted her head from the bed propping her hand under her chin, resting her elbow on the bed she watched Julie's facial expressions every time Alexis gave her a good swat smiling wickedly each time, "Ohhh indeed Mistress...indeed!" She purred to her in reply running her long nails up and down Julie's quivering back. 

Alexis climbed up onto the bed, she spread her legs in front of Julie's face, resting her back against the head board of the bed, she worked herself into a position where her red rubberized lips were right in front of Julie's face, and her long legs spread wide to the sides of the bed, Julie never knew Alexis was so flexible, "Must be all the dancing she does," she thought. "Now lick!" Alexis said as she gave Julie another swat on the butt with the paddle, "UunnHH!" Julie grunted and stretched her neck out and started licking Alexis's rubber covered pussy, Alexis tilted her head back and moaned as she felt Julie's hot tongue caressing her tight rubber enclosed lips, her eyes rolled back as she felt her tongue slip between her lips flicking her clitoris overtop of the rubber "pussy suit." "Ahhh...Ummm...That's it ....make me cum and I'll let you go....Ummmmm!" Alexis moaned rotating her hips. Julie's neck tired and she stopped momentarily only to feel the sting of the paddle on her butt again. "UunhhhH!" She gasped, "Don't stop!" Alexis commanded. 

Meanwhile Cynthia had been busy undoing the straps that held the leather hump to the surface of the bed between Julie's spread open legs. She removed it and Julie squeezed her pussy lips and the ribbed vibrating dildo finally slipped out of her and fell onto the bed buzzing away, "Uuuhhmmmmmmm....!" She moaned, "T t thank you!" she cried, Alexis grabbed her by the back of her head with one hand and pulled on her ponytail pulled through the top of her latex open faced hood with her other hand forcing her face back into her waiting rubberized pussy, "Lick Bitch!" She commanded and then said, "I wouldn't thank her just yet...she has something special for you now!... Lick bitch...make me cum!" 
Julie licked her Mistress's rubber covered cunt long and hard, she sucked and licked driving Alexis crazy with passion, her pelvis squirming and gyrating in front of her. Julie paused again to catch her breath, she turned her head to see what Cynthia was up to. 

Cynthia had pulled from the pile on the floor a thick rubber and metal panty like device that fastened at the sides with two large buckles and locks, protruding from the inner crotch of the panty-like device was an almost three inch thick seven to eight inch long chrome bullet shaped dildo, She had seen one of these in her dream a few nights ago, the rubber women were going to use it one her just before she had woken up, she could see the long electrical cord coming out of the outside crotch of the panty-like device, "Ohhh...G god!" She cried. Alexis forced her face back to her waiting pussy and said, "Lick slave...make me cum!" 

Cynthia stroked KY Jelly all over the chrome shaft of the thick metal dildo, she then worked the front of the rubber panty under Julie's pelvis and started to insert the thick metal shaft into her wet parted rubber covered lips, "UuuunNHHH!" Julie grunted and moaned as they stretched to a nice accommodating "O" as the hard metal shaft slipped deep into her. Cynthia tightened the buckles at the sides of the thick rubber panty and locked them tight with the key, she then handed the electrical cord to Alexis. Alexis took the cord and dangled the cord tauntingly in front of Julie's sweating face. "So... where is your wall outlet?" She asked Julie smiling, then she saw it over by the dresser, "Ahhh...there it is," she motioned to Cynthia as she handed the cord back to her and added, "Would you be a dear and do Julie the honor of plugging her in?" Her smile broadened as Cynthia took the cord back from her and said, "Why certainly my Mistress." Julie squirmed hard against her shackles, "You Bitch!" She cursed at Alexis who just smiled and forced her face back into her crotch, "I said lick Bitch!" Julie obeyed determined to make her cum, "Too bad I didn't have this Bitch chained in this position in front of me... I'd make her cum so bad and then just keep at her til I drove her mad." She thought to herself as she licked and sucked on Alexis's rubber pussy seated on the bed in front of her face, she licked and listened to her moans of pleasure thinking about having her chained up in front of her with her legs shackled spread apart as helpless as herself. 

Suddenly she gasped right into Alexis's hot rubber covered cunt as she felt the powerful vibration of the huge metal electric vibrator trapped deep inside of her spreading her lips open wide, "OHhhhh...F f f f f..F FUuuuuCcK!...." Julie cried as Alexis held the back of her head with both hands, holding her face buried deep into her crotch enjoying her struggles, "This sweet little Bitch is going to make me cummmmmm....!" She moaned to Cynthia who was running her long red fingernails along the outside of Julie's rubber covered lips stretched over the thick metal shaft penetrating her love nest. 

Alexis swatted Julie on the butt with the leather paddle as she bucked up and down wildly in front of her all the while sucking madly on her pussy, Julie was sucking her so hard she thought she would suck her inner studded rubber sheath right out of her, her back arched and her head stretched back, waves of orgasm flowed over her as Julie sucked her wildly. Julie to was lost in the passions of her own orgasm she gasped for breath and then continued sucking, she bit hold of Alexis's rubber covered lips pulling at them and then letting them go, as she repeated this Alexis's orgasm intensified and continued, her hip gyrations increased, she caressed the back of Julie's head holding her close, pressed face her tight to her pussy and screamed grunting and moaning, she let Julie's head go and slumped back against the head board, Julie took hold of her lips again and tried to suck her more to give her some of what she was feeling, Alexis giggled and pulled herself away from Julie's sucking lips, she almost climbed off of the bed but sensing what Julie was trying to do she instead placed the high heels of her feet onto the bed beside Julie and taunted her with her pussy, she rested on her palms and raised her pelvis close to Julie's face swaying herself back and forth getting close but not close enough making Julie want her all the more. 

Julie bucked her hips madly as the metal dildo continued it's powerful vibrations sustaining her orgasms intensity, she tried desperately to reach Alexis's rubberized lips dancing in front of her just out of reach, her tongue flicked wildly at the air, Alexis moved her sex a little closer tormenting her even more sweetly letting her tongue just brush the surface of her rubber "pussy suit's" crotch. Her body quivered at the touch of her tongue, she swung her long red latexed leg over Julie's shackled body and slid herself off of the bed giggling to herself, "You're sweet Julie!" she chuckled and strutted around to the end of the bed and leant over and kissed Cynthia who was still making little circles around Julie's spread open lips with her fingernails. "I think she's had enough...what do you think?" She said to Cynthia as Julie collapsed onto the bed exhausted and completely spent by her sustained orgasm. Cynthia laid on the bed beside Julie running the backs of her nails along Julies heaving back, she looked at Julie and pouted, "I guess so..." She said sounding disappointed. Julie buried her face into her latex sheets exhausted and feeling a little humiliated, "Horney Bitch!" Came a muffled sound as she cursed. 

*** End Chapter One ***


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