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The Rubber House 7

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


The rubber slaves crawled toward each other and fumbled at their bound hands. After what seemed forever, they got one set undone and quickly proceeded to unbuckle the myriad of red rubber straps confining their bodies and limbs. Finally they were able to move, removing the thick rubber gags they let out deep breaths.

"That was amazing! We've never seen someone endure the cane that long or that hard. We came just watching you writhe in the rubber. The sound and the look of that beating! Our Mistress nearly lost control she was so turned on. Our next scenes will be incredible, all those things she wants to do but we don't have the stamina. Let's get you down and have a look at the damage, the bath will ease the aches."

Still wearing their shiny black rubber suits; the slaves got me off the bar and helped me through the dungeon to the wet room. I was quickly stripped and had my back examined while the huge bath was filling with hot water from large pipes.

Pulling aside a section of the black rubber curtaining, one of the slaves revealed the mirrored wall. Looking over my shoulder, I could see the bright redness of my back, legs and buttocks, contrasting with the shiny rubber blackness of my companions. I could feel their rubber bodies close to my burning flesh as they stroked the welts with their rubber gloved fingers. The soothing effect was immediate.

Leading me to the steps into the bath, they first threw a couple of handfuls of some sort of salts in and turned a switch activating a swirling effect in the water, before allowing me to descend into the inviting steamy water.

The relief was incredible; the stinging present since I'd been released subsided to blend into the dull red ache of my body. Rolling around in the water, stretching my aching body and limbs, I thought of the fantastic experiences I'd undergone in just under 24 hours and remembered there was still 48 to go.

My musing on my unbelievable luck was interrupted by the two slaves who had stripped off the rubber and joined me. Their hairless bodies swirled around me as they gently massaged my body. I noticed their backs had many raised welts from the beating preceding mine.

Feeling much relaxed with the pain receded to an almost pleasant aching reminder of the recent beating. We dried ourselves under a hot blower before dressing ourselves in matching blue rubber hooded robes. I was cuffed and blindfolded before we went to the stairs and up to the neutral breakfast room.

With much groping and gentle stroking of my back through the rubber, we arrived at the room and found our Mistress sitting at the table in a red version of our blue rubber robes.

"A splendid performance slave, you exceeded my expectations. Now that I know how much you can take, I can begin to plan things I've only imagined before. I've found your level; our next step is endurance. We'll all enjoy exploring the boundaries of that.

I shivered in anticipation inside my rubber robe. It wasn't unnoticed by Mistress or her rubber slaves, they all smiled in a predatory fashion.

"Let's eat, relax and think about where take this next. There's food on the table."

We ate silently, lost in our thoughts of the future. After the meal we discussed the days activities with each of us telling the others our sensations and feelings during the scenes. I discovered the two slaves loved the domination and humiliation in rubber from our Mistress as much as I but couldn't endure the pain to the degree I'd demonstrated. They had each come twice while I was being beaten, first when I begged to be taken further and again as I came and passed out. They were amazed that the severity of my punishment had such an overpowering effect on them. They also confessed that their limits had proved much less than mine in their trials and our Mistress forced them to tears before ceasing the punishment.

Our discussions continued for a couple of hours with our Mistress participating in an interested but controlled manner. She listened and commented on her feelings about our past activities and described the power and force of a dominant orgasm and what turned her on. She refused to be drawn on what she had planned for us and me in particular, as the two slaves conjectured on possible scenes and combinations of rubber bondage and pain. They were very imaginative; I couldn't wait to be the willing victim and suggested we recommence.

"No. Not tonight my slaves, it's late and I want you rested before we begin early in the morning. You two will take him below, make him use one of the toilets and then secure him outside his cell. I'll be down when I'm ready. Bind and blindfold him now and secure each other’s hands. Hurry."

I was secured in my blue rubber robe with the hood pulled over my blindfolded head. The slaves rebound each other and I was taken down to the dungeon and used a toilet before I was secured by my hands to a bolt outside the cell door.

Waiting blindly, I heard our Mistress' voice dimly as she put the slaves into their cells. After a time I heard the two doors slam shut and the bolts locked. I felt my hands released from the bolt and I was pushed into the cell.

"Strip, I want to see my handiwork before you are bound for the night."

Quickly I stripped the robe off and stood blindfolded for inspection. My Mistress ran her rubber gloved hands over the welts sending a shiver through me.

"Very good, not a break in the skin and I hit you the hardest I've ever hit any slave with that crop. It will be interesting to see if you can take as much from the other whips and instruments, the variety available is considerable and it will take many sessions to establish your limits with each."

My Mistress moved me around in the cell as she spoke; I could feel her rubber covered hands on my body. My cock stirred at the touch.

"You have a dark and painful future with us at the Rubber House. As you lie here tonight think of my imagination working on new ordeals and punishments for you. Take the blindfold off, you have to dress yourself for overnight bondage."

I removed the blindfold and looked at my Mistress still in her red rubber robe.
We were in the cell I'd spent the afternoon bound in, with the walls covered in rubber outfits and equipment.

"Put this on first and then these. Hurry up I want my rest."

My Mistress had flung a tight body suit in black shiny latex and matching gloves and hood at me.

Struggling into the tight rubber suit, which had an opening for my cock, I watched my Mistress select cuffs and chains from the wall and another looser suit with hood. Dressed I stood and put the gloves and hood on and adjusted the eye and mouth holes. My Mistress tossed the next suit to me; it had feet and mittens with a zip up the back. I put this on and fumbled with the zip until I managed to secure it. A thick short rubber gag with a hole in the centre was given to me next. Securing this around my head with it filling my mouth firmly, my Mistress pushed me onto the padded rubber rack.

"Lie down and put your hands up and your feet together."

My Mistress fastened my hands and feet with cuffs and chains and connected the chains to the end and sides of the rack. I was helpless but not rigid. A square of heavy rubber, laced at the edges like a tarpaulin, was placed over me and laced tightly to the rack - now I was rigid with just my gagged and hooded head exposed.

Adjusting the outer hood around my head, my Mistress looked down and smiled.

"Rest easy slave, tomorrow we start early. I've got a lot of interesting things to plan tonight. Tomorrow should be even better. I want you to think of me in my rubber tonight, dreaming up new, harsher punishments and rubber bondage humiliations to torment you tomorrow. Think also of my two female rubber slaves, imprisoned in the next cells exactly like you imagining what will come tomorrow. I think some really humiliating bondage and begging me for punishment will be an excellent start. Sleep well slave."

My Mistress left and locked the cell door, shortly after the lights went out. I was alone bound in rubber, reflecting on the extraordinary events of the day before I drifted into a sound and dreamless sleep.


The lights coming on and the cell door opening awaked me. In came the two rubber slaves dressed in the blue hooded rubber robes of the previous evening, their hands were cuffed and linked with chain. They commenced unfastening my rubber covering and chains and pulled me to my feet so they could assist me getting the two rubber suits off.

"Hurry up, our Mistress instructed us to give you another salt bath before presenting ourselves upstairs. We've got less than half an hour from when the time delay on our overnight locks released."

Quickly I was stripped of my rubber and taken naked to the wet room for the bath. I was stiff and sore from yesterdays severe caning and the bath eased the muscles and pain. After about ten minutes exercising in the water I was taken from the bath, dried and dressed in another blue rubber hooded robe and cuffed and blindfolded for the journey to the neutral room. 

Our Mistress wasn't present but a simple breakfast was, I looked for guidance from my companions as to what we should do, they sat down and started serving themselves and I followed suit.

Shortly after we started eating our Mistress arrived wearing a severe looking shiny black latex jacket with high collar, matching jodhpurs tucked into high heeled red rubber knee boots and a red latex scarf covering her hair. She was carrying a red rubber riding crop.

She looked at us and tapped the rubber crop into the palm of her gloved hand.

"Finish that and be in the dungeon in 10 minutes. Don't delay."

With that she left.

My rubber slave companions looked at each other without comment and went back to finishing their food.

In silence I was bound and blindfolded for the journey to the dungeon. We travelled without their previous physical contact and teasing.

I realised that I was where I belonged, bottom slave to these two and totally my Mistress' possession. I shivered inside the rubber in anticipation.

When the blindfold was removed we were standing in the dressing room facing a three deep row of long wheeled racks holding an unbelievable array of shiny latex rubber clothes and equipment, in front of a wall of shelving containing boots, masks and other unidentifiable equipment. The other three walls were mirrored, multiplying the scene to infinity. It was an amazing display.

"Strip and put these on and wait for our Mistress."

A pair of high waisted and thigh length black rubber pants were tossed to me. I sat on the low rubber and steel bench in front of the mirrors to put them on. They had a sheath at the front that was deliciously lubricated to slide on to my growing cock.

The rubber slaves left through a mirrored door and I stood there looking at the display, thinking of what was to come. Anything could be possible; the Rubber House appeared to have no limits. My cock pulsed in the rubber.

Another mirrored door opened and my Mistress stepped through, I caught a glimpse of a dark room behind her and dim shapes within. Still in her severe black and red shiny latex outfit, she stood looking at me for a long silent moment.

"I've thought long and hard as to what might occur today and decided you initially need some physical activities to fill in the morning. First some appropriate clothing. Follow me."

My Mistress walked along the first long rack with me following as she slowly inspected the rubber clothes. A full shiny black latex body suit with feet and hood was chosen and thrown over my shoulder. I thrilled to its glistening look and feel on my bare torso. I turned to take it to the bench and put it on and was given a sharp blow with the red crop.

"Wait for orders slave, you have been told not to anticipate. You've just earned some extra unpleasantness for that stupidity. Follow me as you were ordered."

The next selection was a large, heavy black rubber hood. Before I could inspect it another much larger and heavier, hooded full body suit, matching the hood, was thrown to me, then a thick rubber harness was added to my load and then a smaller, thinner harness. Next a collection of cuffs, chains and two pairs of gloves, one pair much thicker than the other.

"That will be enough until we see how you shape up in that lot. Start dressing now and hurry."

I was driven to the bench with blows from the crop. I commenced with the first suit and pulled the rubber over my body, revelling in the feeling. With my arms in the sleeves, I discovered the hood covered my head entirely with mouth, nose and eyeholes. There was a long zip going right up the back to the top of the hood. Struggling with the back zip I was encouraged by blows from my Mistress and ordered to put on the thinner gloves. My sheathed cock was held tightly inside the confining rubber, making me quiver with the sensation.

Next was the larger suit, which was double layered and inflatable except for the hood which was open faced and very tight. The second pair of gloves over this up to the elbows. The smaller harness was indicated as the next item and I looked at it puzzled for a moment before realising it went round my waist with a strap going between my legs to a V shaped web effect over my erect cock. 

My double rubber covered fingers had difficulty fastening the buckles, which earned me several blows until they were secure. I could feel the rubber web tightening over my cock, increasing my arousal.

The larger harness was put on over the top of my rubberised body. It had four vertical straps up the torso connecting over my shoulders with horizontal straps around and a strap running between my legs, adding more pressure over the web. It also had straps fastening each arm around the elbow leaving the forearms loose. My ankles were then cuffed with a foot of chain between.

My Mistress stood back studying my appearance before going to the shelving and returning with a thick gag with breathing tube. This was buckled tightly around my head, gagging me firmly. The thick hood was pulled over my head and the breathing tube pulled through a small opening. It had thick lenses over the eyes, which my Mistress adjusted before fastening the rear zip.

I looked in the mirror and trembled at the bizarre rubber spectacle in front of me. My Mistress noticed and laughed.

"We haven't finished yet. There's more to come slave."

Reaching under the bench My Mistress pulled out the end of an airhose and connected it to the valve at the back of the suit and began inflating. The rubber suit quickly became tighter and tighter, bulging under the body harness and pressurising me all over. I could just move my legs and forearms. The pressure of the web over my cock made it squirm between the layers of tight rubber, sending delicious tremors through my body.

My Mistress laughed at my obvious arousal and trembling as she connected the airhose to the outer hood and began inflating it. The hood filled with air putting pressure all over my head, the lenses stayed in place and I could see a distorted vision of my self and my Rubber Mistress in the mirrors.

"Quite a sight my slave. Some more rubber and then to your duties. It will be interesting to see how you manage the tasks I've set for you."

Going to the racks my Mistress selected some more items that I couldn't identify through the lens distortion and returned to where I stood swaying in the rubber constriction. I was heating up under the layers of confining rubber, feeling the sweat starting to run down inside. A huge shiny black latex cape was put over me and fastened at the neck with the voluminous hood over my inflated head. My forearms were protruding through the arm slits as another identical cape was put on over the first. I could feel the weight and pressure of the rubber all over, my cock was held firm with every movement transmitted through the binding keeping me just on the edge.

"A little more restriction slave, stand still."

A pair of rubber cuffs were fastened to my wrists and connected with enough chain to keep them just pressed against the rubber bulging through the harness. I could barely clasp them together over the two capes. My Mistress then put wide rubber cuffs around my thighs and clipped them together, further restricting movement.

I looked at my bizarre rubber spectacle in the mirrors and got harder in the rubber. Every movement seemed to focus the pressure on my imprisoned cock. I looked and felt fantastic. My cock was under six layers of pressuring rubber, with the rest of me covered in five. A sudden blow to the back of my inflated rubber head ended my rubber viewing.

"Enough. Time to get moving and join your rubber friends on work detail. In to the dungeon, there's a long morning ahead of you all. Come on move!"

I was pushed and slapped toward the mirrored door to the dungeon. My Mistress' blows dulled by the inflated rubber covering me. I waddled ahead of her, realising what an effort was needed to accomplish simple movement. The sweat was pouring out of me causing the tight rubber to slide on my body. The weird sensation seemed to make moving even more awkward, the blows echoing inside the rubber hood lending a distant feel to my bondage.

We entered the dungeon to find my two rubber slave companions in severe bondage tethered either side of the rack I'd experienced on arrival at the Rubber House.

Our Mistress had bound them in rubber layers like my bondage, but without inflatable hoods or suits. Through the lenses, I could tell the many layers from the bulk of their normally slender bodies - they looked nearly double in size! 

Their outer layers were shiny red latex, covering them from head to toe with lenses like mine in their hoods. Each of the slaves was cruelly bound with a multitude of black rubber straps, criss-crossing their bodies and binding their arms and legs in similar fashion to my bondage. They were tethered with collars and leashes to the rack. There was a slight tremor to each of them, making me wonder what our Mistress had put under the layers of rubber.

Our Mistress released the leashes from the rack and pushed the two rubber slaves in my direction. They stumbled toward me until ordered to stop with a slash from the red rubber crop.

"There's something missing. Slave go to the dressing room and find four capes like yours. These slaves need more rubber. Hurry up. Your tasks will never end unless you get moving."

A couple of muffled slashes from the crop across my back as I set out on my mission. I waddled toward the dressing room stumbling as the effect of the rubber sliding on my body and rubber confined cock made me spasm. In a state of heightened excitement I made it to the racks and hunted through the rubber treasures to find four matching rubber capes. My restricted rubber hands soon found the capes, with great difficulty I was able to get a firm grip on the heavy capes and went clumsily back to the dungeon, trying not to drop my burden.

On my return, I found our Mistress beating the rubber bound slaves around the dungeon. She stopped as I arrived.

"About time. Dress these slaves with the capes and hurry."

I had to drop the collection to get the first one and was rewarded with a resounding thump to my rubber inflated head as I bent down to retrieve the cape from the rubber tiles. Struggling with bound hands, I managed to fasten the cape around the first slaves neck and was immediately buffeted around the head again.

"Don't forget to keep the leash on the outside. Come on, stop fumbling there are three to go. Hurry."

With great difficulty I managed to get two rubber capes on each of the bound slaves. I could feel their trembling through my rubber layers as they bent for me to fasten the capes beneath the collars and leashes before pulling the hoods up. Finally the task was completed, the effort and bending making my cock throb in its slippery rubber prison.

A collar and leash was then buckled around my neck and the three leashes tied together at their ends. We three rubber slaves were now attached to each other. The sweat was now really pouring out of me, making the rubber squish under the restraints.

Our Mistress drove us out of the dungeon, with many encouraging slashes of the crop, through the corridor of cells toward the outside door. This would be the first time I had ever been outdoors in rubber - let alone in rubber layered restraint.

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