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The Rubber House 8

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


Stumbling up the ramp to the outdoors, we three bound rubber slaves exited into the garden and were brought to a halt by our Mistress' red rubber riding crop. We stood there gazing at our rubber clad Mistress through the thick lenses in our rubber hoods as a heavy rain fell.

"A fine day for some outdoor chores, under all that rubber you must be as wet as if you were exposed to the rain. Well by the time your tasks are finished you'll be wishing you could feel that cooling rain. Now to your chores."

"We have visitors tomorrow who will be using the gardens and stables for most of their activities. You three slaves will tidy up the stables, rake the pony track, sweep the paths and around the pool. The security system will be monitoring your progress, so I'll be watching. The sooner you finish, the sooner you will be released. Over there are three brooms rakes shovels and a wheelbarrow. I look forward to watching you work together, none of you can speak and sign language is a problem with restricted hands. Get to it!"

Laughing and taking a final slash at each of us, our Mistress returned to the Rubber House.

We stood there tied to each other's collars, rain running down our shiny rubber capes, our fettered rubber gloved hands showing through the slits in the capes, the shiny chain contrasting with the rubber. We couldn't communicate by voice and our eyes were hidden behind thick lenses. One of the rubber slaves nodded in the direction of the stables and we clumsily grappled with the tools and put them in the barrow before attempting to wheel it to the stables.

Our leashes were each about three feet long with the ends tied together in the middle. An unwieldy arrangement for any activity - let alone yard work. With much stumbling and nodding we decided I was to be middle slave with the barrow. I had to semi crouch to wheel it and with much bumping and nearly falling we managed to make it to the stables without mishap. If any of us had fallen it would have been almost impossible, with our bound knees, to get back on our feet.

We faced the interior of the stables. Luckily for us there had never been real ponies in the stables. The stalls were constructed of tubular steel with rubber padding on the bars and gates. The floors were rubber tiled and had ring bolts attached to the walls above rubber pallets where slaves were secured overnight. 

Moving together, we each grasped a broom between our bound hands and tried to co-ordinate our movements to start sweeping. We discovered that our best method was to keep tension on our leashes, it gave us maximum room and helped with our balance. So in triangular formation we awkwardly shuffled as we swept and tidied the stables, our voluminous rubber capes rustling and squeaking as we worked and sweated in our restraints.

Finally we finished, with a pile of dust at the door. We paused and looked back into the newly swept stables with its collection of rubber harness, restraints and saddlery. I could just hear our laboured breathing whistling through our rubber gags and realised that my hard erection had subsided while we worked in the hot tight rubber and restraints. 

Looking at my two gleaming and bound rubber companions my cock became hard again under the restraining and arousing rubber web. The sweat was filling the suit and my two rubber companions would be in a similar condition. We stood there panting; hoping the heavy rain would cool our layers of rubber. After several minutes there did seem some cooling effect, though I'm sure it was just the sight of our rubber glistening with the rain. I looked at them through the misted lenses and nodded at the shovels and barrow.

Now for the difficult task of getting the results of our labour into the barrow.

I took a shovel from the barrow and my rubber companions each started to sweep the dust toward it. With much bumping of one another we managed to get the dust into the barrow. The physical contact with the slaves in their gleaming wet rubber made me conscious of my hard cock beneath the grip of the rubber web. I deliberately rubbed myself against them and clumsily fondled their wet rubber bodies as we put our brooms and shovel into the barrow.

My rubber companions must have felt similarly aroused by the wet rubber and our handicapping restraints. They groped with their cuffed and gloved hands at my gleaming wet rubber body; we formed a close group rubbing up against each other, frustrated at our inability to satisfy ourselves. My cock was hard under the restraining web as I rubbed against the two slaves; we could only make inarticulate noises through our gags, which I could only just hear through my inflated hood. We looked at each other through our hood lenses, unable to see our eyes through the misting.

"Stop that immediately. Get back to work, you're not there to play with each other. Get on with it. Punishment will be waiting on your return."

Our Mistress' voice came out of a small speaker in the stables. We let go of each other and returned our attention to work.

Bending down to the barrow, I grasped the handles and nodded in the direction of the pony track. We moved our leashed triangle to the beginning of the track and took the rakes from the barrow. Clumsily we slowly went around the long track through the grounds, raking behind us as we went. The rain continued to pour down, alleviating the heat of our rubber layered bodies.

After much difficulty we finally made it back to our starting point. We stood in the rain panting through our gags from the effort. Knowing we were being watched we left each other alone as we rested before commencing the path sweeping.

We started sweeping and when we had a pile of leaves and dirt we went back for the barrow and labouriously brought it to our pile and then awkwardly shoveled it into the barrow. We repeated this process again and again until we had swept the entire distance of the path around to the pool. I had never been so hot in rubber, the tight rubber web reminding me of its presence as I had worked, keeping me aroused and frustrated. My slave companions were swaying on their feet from weariness.

We stood at the edge of the pool steps, one of the slaves pulled on our leashes toward the pool, the other joined her and I was pulled along with them, we were just able to make it down the steps in single file into the water. The cool water penetrated the rubber layers, bringing relief from the heat inside. We stood in the water for several minutes until I nodded toward the steps and we returned to our sweeping.

Finishing around the pool, we stood for a moment relieved that we'd finished. Our Mistress' voice sounded from a hidden speaker.

"Taking dips without permission is forbidden. Twice you have neglected the tasks set for you. Put the tools back where you found them and report to the dungeon entrance. I will decide on punishment when you return."

Once again we performed our bizarre rubber bound shuffle along the path toward the entrance. The sound of my Mistress' commands and threat had an immediate effect under the restraining rubber harness; I trembled as a thrill of submissive desire for her attention jolted through my body. I stretched tight against the inflated shiny rubber suit and restraining harnesses and bonds, swishing the long rubber capes out as much as I could. The wet rubber catching on my companions matching capes.

My involuntary moan of wanting was heard by the two slaves and they moved closer, our wet black rubber capes seeming to meld into one, our rubber gloved and cuffed hands meeting in a chink of restraining chain inside. We writhed against each other in a moment of frustrated rubber desire. 

Shaking my head I pulled away and nodded toward the Rubber House, our Mistress had control of our wanting and release. The sooner we returned to her punishment the closer we would be to obtaining release through our Mistress' pleasure. How I longed to be at her mercy, expressing my devotion and subjugation to her pleasure. Our disobedience while performing our tasks would be punished, I trembled in anticipation and tried to shuffle faster, the quicker to be in her presence and submit. My rubber companions were already matching my pace, eager in their own mute anticipation, the rain streaming off their hooded and gagged heads.

Arriving at the dungeon door, we waited, three hobbled and bound rubber figures tied together by leashes from our neck collars. Trembling in anticipation we huddled together, rain water dripping from our black rubber onto the paving.


After a seeming eternity of apprehension, the door opened but no sign of our Mistress.

"Don't just stand there. Get moving to the dungeon and await instructions. Hurry up!"

The voice from the speaker renewed my longing, I hastened forward pulling my rubber companions behind. In a rustle of rubber we arrived in the dungeon and stood waiting, heads bowed in submission. Our trembling making the light glitter off our shining wet rubber.

Standing there ashake with desire for my Mistress' instructions, my mind swirling with the possibilities of how I would be made to serve her and tensing against the arousing rubber bonds. I waited.

Suddenly the sound and feel of a heavy thump across my back spun me round to face my Mistress. I looked at her severe black rubber splendour and my yearning to submit became harder.

"Self indulgent, disobedient slaves. Your punishment will come tonight; I'm not interrupting my schedule to hand out immediate discipline. You can let your imaginations work on what's in store after I've had my pleasure. Now see if you can unfasten yourselves and report to the dressing room after showering. No touching each other and minimum rubber on. Hurry, I'm impatient to begin."

With that our Mistress swirled away in a shimmering black rubber rustle through the dungeon.

Labouriously we commenced unfastening our bonds, starting with the wrist cuffs and capes. I managed to unbuckle the restraining harnesses, which allowed the inflated suit to balloon out making it impossible to go any further. My two rubber companions noticed my dilemma and released the valves on the hood and suit, deflating the heavy black rubber.

After struggling out of the inflatables, I assisted the two rubber slaves to unbuckle the countless straps binding them in their red latex body suits. As they pulled their suits off, they revealed shiny black rubber corsets cinched cruelly over another hooded red latex body suit. My now gloveless hands made short work of undoing the corsets. Released from them, the two slaves were able to unzip the suits and get the hoods off their faces to remove the thick black rubber dildo gags underneath.

Gasping with relief from the gags, they removed the second suits to disclose black rubber corsets and stockings, plus dildo and butt plug harnesses - which explained the pleasurable groans I'd heard as we worked.

Still hard with desire after the morning’s rubber restriction and labour, I stripped down to the rubber pants with my cock throbbing inside the sheath. Gathering up the heavy load of discarded rubber clothes I managed to press them hard against the front of me and shivered with frustration.

"Save it slave, our Mistress will be watching. Any release and pleasure must come from her. We are forbidden any pleasure without her orders. Hurry to the wet room, the sooner we present ourselves clean and ready the closer we will be to pleasuring our Mistress and hopefully release for us."

We hastened to the wet room and showered our shaven bodies and donned matching black latex hooded robes and presented ourselves to our Mistress in the dungeon dressing room.

We stood silently, close together, cowled heads bowed in front of the mirrored wall awaiting our Mistress. I was trembling in anticipation and felt my companions' also trembling through their rubber robes.

The mirrored door opened and our Mistress stood before us resplendent in a black latex body suit with a flowing red latex cape and high red rubber boots, she had a black rubber half mask under the raised hood of the cape and carried a red rubber riding crop. She stood there looking at us idly slapping the crop against her boots.

"You two, blindfold him and cuff him to the bench, we'll get you dressed first."

I was pushed down and a rubber blindfold slipped over the robe's hood and my hands cuffed behind me to the rubber padded bench. I sat there, my anticipation growing under the black rubber, listening to the indistinct sounds of conversation punctuated by the occasional sound of the rubber crop striking a rubber clad body, the chink of chains and the arousing rustle of rubber clothing being pulled off the racks and donned by the slaves.

I heard the thud of a door closing and the blindfold was removed, our Mistress had left.

The two slaves were now wearing white latex body suits with tightly cinched red rubber corsets over the top and high red collars. The corsets were covered in steel rings with chain tightly laced through them to their arms and wrists, binding them thoroughly but allowing limited movement of their hands. Their ankles and knees were bound with wide red rubber straps connected by just enough chain so they could walk. Their heads were covered in red rubber hoods with only thick lensed eye pieces breaking the shiny rubber covering.

My mute, rubber bound fellow slaves uncuffed me and stiffly nodded toward a pile of shiny rubber clothing at the end of the bench.

The first item was a heavy black rubber hood that covered my shoulders, inside it had a thick cock shaped rubber gag that filled my mouth completely as the slaves zipped it closed. A pair of red latex leotards with feet and lubricated sheath was next; I shivered as I slid my erect cock into the rubber. Thick red rubber gloves were handed to me before I put on the heavy shiny black rubber jacket with buckles and straps that the slaves buckled very tight around my torso. The final item, before my wrists and ankles were cuffed, was a pair of shiny red latex trousers that swished around my rubber covered legs. The slaves now buckled thick straps tightly around my body, pinning my arms securely. I was now helpless and prepared.

Quivering in anticipation and the cool feel of the rubber around my body, the slaves led me through the door into the dungeon.

Our Mistress was waiting, seated on a red rubber covered throne, riding crop in hand. The two slaves went toward her and knelt submissively at her red rubber booted feet to be rewarded with two strokes each from the crop.

"Good. Proper deference and another slave to punish. Get up and strap him against the cross, then come back here and kneel with your backs to me. Be swift."

I was pushed against the cross beams I'd been fastened to on my arrival at the Rubber House. Belts were fastened around, immobilising me completely. My cock was thrusting inside the rubber sheath against the trousers and the bonds. The suspense of not knowing what was to occur made me harder inside the binding rubber. Through my hood I watched as the two rubber covered slaves in their restraints returned to our Mistress' feet and turned towards me, the light glinting off their tight red and white rubber outfits.

"First some light punishment for you two, just to remind you of your place here."

With that our Mistress delivered a dozen cruel strokes of the crop to each of them across their buttocks, alternating between slaves stroke by stroke. They trembled and moaned as the beating was administered. I squirmed in my bonds awaiting my turn for punishment.

"A small version of what you really deserve. Now for our new slave's treatment."

Rising from the red rubber throne my Mistress went to a rack and selected a whip with long wide rubber straps attached to the handle. Standing in front of me she stroked my body all over with the whip. I shuddered at the cool feel of the straps.

"Do you like that slave, the helplessness, the rubber covering you all over, the tight feel of the rubber straps keeping you immobile, knowing I can do anything I want to you, the rubber dildo filling your mouth and gagging you?"

I moaned through the rubber gag and nodded my head as much as I could against the rubber padded beams.

"Good. We shall leave you there to anticipate as we prepare for your next experience - one I really enjoy. The humiliation will be a pleasure to inflict.  Slaves, prepare the instruments."

The two rubber clad slaves moved out of my sight, I heard the sounds of water running and the rustle of rubber. My Mistress continued stroking me with the whip. The anticipation was tremendous, my cock in it's sheath throbbed with the feel of the rubber whip.

The sounds stopped and the two slaves came back into view. One of them approached and suddenly a rubber sack was pulled over my head and stretched tight across my face. My breathing was restricted and I struggled for breath and then it was released, letting in air. I could feel my bonds being released and I was pulled forward and my hands were strapped together. Unable to see I was walked across the dungeon and my hands were attached to a pulley over my head. This was then pulled up so I was on tiptoe. My rubber trousers were removed and rubber leggings were pulled up and attached with a belt above my waist. My ankles were then pulled wide apart and attached to bolts in the floor.

I could feel my rubber sheathed cock projecting between the rubber leggings, a gloved hand stroked it making me jerk with pleasure.

The back of my rubber sheath leotards was slid down exposing my buttocks, suddenly a thick lubricated object slid between my cheeks and slowly entered me, stretching my arse, rotating slowly it went up to it's full length filling me completely. I couldn't move or cry out. Then I felt a warm liquid filling me even more, it kept coming until I thought I would burst. It stopped and suddenly the object was removed and another thicker one was thrust in making me moan against the thick rubber gag. The rubber leotards were pulled up tightly holding the thick rubber butt plug firmly in place.

"Now you know the feeling of all my slaves. Untie him from the pulley and belt his arms tightly, I want him to walk and feel the rubber up his full arse."

I stood there with my arms firmly strapped to my body, feeling the object inside me with all the liquid. The bag over my head blinded me. Suddenly a hard slash from a riding crop made me jump and I could feel the butt plug even more inside me.

"Move, faster, come on faster. I want you to really feel the rubber inside, come on move. I want that rubber plug to really move when I beat you."

This was accompanied by more hard strokes from the rubber crop. I trotted around the room being simultaneously beaten and pushed in different directions. I thought I would burst with the rubber plug moving inside my arse like I was being fucked on the move.

"Right slave enough of that, time for you to be of service again."

I was pushed back onto what felt like a rubber covered bed, my ankles were fastened to the end and a number of straps were passed around my body and tightened. Suddenly the bed changed shape, my knees were raised and my body bent up into a semi sitting position. The rubber bag was removed and I found myself on what resembled a surgical table with stirrups at the side.

"Let's see what you can do with that black rubber covered cock slave."

My Mistress stroked at the bursting rubber sheath with the rubber crop; I tried to move toward her hand but couldn't, I was totally helpless. She kept gently striking my rubber covered cock, until I thought I'd burst from both sides. She then put one red booted foot into a stirrup and swung over me into the other stirrup. The sight of her rubber clad body poised over mine made me become even harder - she slowly lowered herself over me and swallowed the bursting black rubber covered cock inside her. She gave a satisfied groan and settled down on me, spreading the shiny red cape around us both, it felt magnificent. Slowly she started moving in a circular up and down motion. My full arse was pushed against the rubber forcing the butt plug in harder. The rubber crop was striking my body in time with her movements.

"Can you feel your rubber fullness slave. Are you totally in the power of the rubber, the helplessness and humiliation of being watched by aroused bound rubber slaves? Knowing there is no release except through me and my rubber domination. The feel of the rubber crop hitting your rubber bound body, faster and harder as I ride your cock. Watching me as I come from the power of the rubber and your complete submission. Beg me with your eyes slave, beg for my power over you, beg for complete rubber submission, beg me to let you come into the rubber!"

I felt delirious; this was heaven - being used by my Mistress. Faster and faster she rode me, breathing heavier and faster, my breathing matching hers.

The sensation of the rubber, the crop striking my rubber body and my Mistress using me was too much to bear, my mind exploded in stars as we came to a tremendous climax together, her full throated cries and my gagged moans. Slowly she ceased her moving and relaxed on top of my helpless and exhausted body.

Climbing off the rubber table she beckoned to the two kneeling slaves.

"Get him free, emptied and in a fresh rubber leotard and trousers, leave the jacket, hood and gag on him, you two stay as you are, then bring him upstairs - not the breakfast room - to the dining room. You three have got a busy afternoon, I'll give instructions when you arrive."

With a swirl of her voluminous red latex cape our Mistress left the dungeon.

Staying in their restrictive red and white latex outfits, the two slaves mutely unfastened me. The only sound was the squeak of rubber gloved hands on my bonds and the tinkling of their chains as they laboriously freed me from the table.

Finally free of the table, I was taken to the stainless steel toilet and emptied myself, before putting on the new black latex leotard and trousers and being recuffed and blindfolded for the journey to our Mistress.

Arriving in the dining room, the blindfold was removed and I saw our Mistress sitting at the head of the huge red rubber covered table.

Still gagged in our restrictive rubber clothes we stood waiting, with our rubber covered heads bowed.

"The grounds and stables are ready for our guests tomorrow, as is nearly everything else except for laundering the rubber used since our new slaves arrival. You three will wash and dry everything. You will not be released until you finish; I'll be watching you while I consider your next punishment. Now get out."

Dismissed, I was blindfolded and we shuffled in our bonds to the laundry behind the kitchen.

When the blindfold was removed we were standing by the drying racks in the laundry. My companions had removed their ankle restraints and hung them on a rack. Then with their restricted hands and arms, struggled into a floor length white rubber apron each and put their feet in the matching boots. My hands were recuffed in front of me and I put on a red rubber apron and boots.

A large steel wire hamper, on wheels, was filled to the top with rubber and latex clothes plus assorted hoods and restraints. Unable to speak with the huge rubber dildo gag still fastened, I looked to the slaves for guidance.

They commenced filling the deep troughs with hot water and started sorting through the rubber filled hamper, putting the contents into piles. I joined the sorting and was thrilled to discover some of the severe rubber clothes our Mistress had worn when punishing and using us. Unable to resist, I pressed them to my hooded and gagged face, deeply inhaling the smell of the rubber mixed with our Mistress' scent. The evocative smell made me stir under my rubber and I groaned as I held her garments over my face and breathed in the deliciously arousing scent.

Everything was washed thoroughly and rinsed twice, then hung on the racks to dry. After an hour or so, we had finished the washing. We then used hand held dryers to finish and then polished it all to a high gloss. We folded and stacked it all back in the wheeled hamper. Just as we finished our Mistress' voice came from a speaker.

"Finally finished. Now take it all to the dressing room and hang everything in it's right place. Be quick and report to the dining room."

We pushed the hamper to a dumb waiter and lowered it to the dungeon and went downstairs to the dressing room. Our Mistress' clothes were separated and taken to her private dressing room behind a mirrored door, which was part of a two way mirrored wall allowing anyone inside to observe unseen. It contained a large barber style chair upholstered in red rubber, with matching low stool in front and another two chairs like the thrones in the dungeon, similarly upholstered. The black rubber tiled walls were hung with whips, crops, restraints and hoods in either black or red rubber. Our Mistress' clothes were hung on racks behind the chairs. There was another door, which was closed.

Finishing our task, I was blindfolded and we returned upstairs to the dining room. Our Mistress was standing waiting, wearing a high collared shiny black latex jacket with matching jodhpurs, high black rubber boots and a red latex scarf over her hair.

"About time. You've taken three hours for those simple tasks. Against the wall where I can fasten you. Now."

We hastened to the wall and each had our hands fastened to the middle row of bolts behind us. I trembled at the nearness of my Mistress as she attached my hands to the wall. We stood in a row gagged and bound, facing our Mistress as she paced in front of us with a rubber cat of nine tails in her gloved hand. The sight made me hard inside the confining rubber; I jerked against the restraints as my cock jutted towards my Mistress, full of desire for her and punishment.

My Mistress laughed, as she struck at the throbbing bulge in my black latex trousers. I moaned as I jerked toward her, begging for her severe attentions with my eyes.

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