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The Rubber House 6

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


Struggling to their feet my two slaves unbound each other’s hands and then unfastened me from the frame.

"That was one of the best scenes we've had. Four simultaneous orgasms! We'll shower and change. As you are obviously going to join us, you should be shaved as we are. It will be our duty and pleasure to shave your body."

I could only nod my agreement, still shattered after that incredible experience. Never in my wildest fantasies had I dreamed of the scenario just finished. Had I really landed in rubber heaven?

We rapidly stripped and I admired their trim young hairless bodies - desirable but much, much better with their rubber covering. We rapidly cleaned up and tidied the dungeon before showering together and shaving my body. The strange and erotic feeling of being hairless made my cock stir - it went hard when another hooded red latex robe was put on me. My two rubber companions, in matching rubber robes, laughed at my arousal as they bound my hands and blindfolded me before we went to our Mistress.

With much fondling of my cock I was manoeuvred up the stairs to the breakfast room and my rubber Mistress. I wondered what our discussions would be about.

Entering the breakfast room and removing my blindfold, my rubber companions and I found our Mistress lounging on one of the green rubber covered sofas with a light lunch for four on the table. She was wearing a black latex version of the red robes my companions and I were wearing. I was uncuffed and we sat down and quickly ate our food.

"That was a very satisfactory morning. I think you have proved yourself a worthy slave, we would be delighted to have you as a permanent fixture. First you should know something about this place and how it works."

"I've got inherited money, which bought this place and did the necessary works to turn it into the Rubber House, as it's known to our group. The girls and I live here permanently and members of our group visit, either singly or collectively at our regular monthly weekends. We have around 50 members, which includes 30 slaves who are either attached to another member or come here and offer themselves to the dominants for use. All our members pay a substantial annual fee, that keeps us and allows us a complete rubber and discipline lifestyle without having to worry about money."

"Our weekends, when all are present, are an unbelievable experience and spectacle. We'll give you a guided tour of all our facilities after lunch - you will still be bound, but able to see. As the girls help with the bondage and discipline they are sometimes allowed to be unbound, but only when there is another slave for them work on, otherwise they are treated to the same restrictions as you."

"The Rubber House has 2 acres of grounds with some interesting outdoor features, inside there are two floors and the dungeon below which spreads a little further than the area of the house and has it's own entrance to the grounds. There are 4 bathrooms plus the facilities in the dungeon. We have a large dining room also with some interesting features and 10 bedrooms in differing styles, but all with rubber as the predominant feature. All our rooms have fittings designed for fastening people to the walls or ceiling. The bedrooms have bondage racks and wardrobes of every conceivable rubber and bondage apparatus and clothing. All in all it's the perfect Rubber House."

"The girls have told me how well you responded to the bondage and whipping, they suggest you may be the right slave for us. We shall make up our minds before tomorrow evening when your initial time is over. We'll discuss your future with us here in our neutral room. Until then back to business."

"Slaves bind him and then each other."

The rubber slaves cuffed my hands and they then bound each other’s hands behind them. They'd had much practice, as it is extremely difficult to cuff someone with your own hands bound.

"We'll start upstairs and work our way down and through the grounds and into the dungeon from outside - then back to our proper activities."

We went upstairs to the top floor and commenced in our Mistress' suite, where I had spent the night bound, the mirrored doors were opened to display an enormous wardrobe of rubber clothes, hoods and bondage devices - an impressive display which stirred me under the red latex robe.

We then had a look in each of the other bedrooms that were slightly smaller than our Mistress' but had essentially the same layout with different colour schemes - blue, green, red and white with the remaining five totally black.

The ground floor had a huge dining room with a red rubber covered table that could seat 20; red rubber curtains and black rubber covered chairs. The walls had three rows of shiny steel ring bolts, spaced 4 feet apart, round the entire room. These were for attaching slaves to while the dominants ate and were served by other slaves.

Next were sitting rooms, also in red and black rubber, with large rubber covered chairs and steel and rubber bondage racks for securing slaves. The kitchen was large and well fitted, with huge rubber aprons in black, red and white hanging on hooks. It was explained that a few of the submissive members were also good cooks who catered for the gatherings as rubber domestics.

Behind the kitchen was a laundry with several deep washing troughs for cleaning the vast amount of rubber used in the Rubber House. There were also many drying racks with red, black and white rubber aprons hanging on them, with matching rubber boots underneath.

We passed our Mistress' office before going out through the door to the entrance hall and ante room, where I had surrendered myself only yesterday.

Entering the grounds and into the rain, we were soon all slick with water on our rubber robes as we went round the side towards the rear. I could see how big the house was as we approached a small stables through the trees. I was told the stables were used by some of the members for pony training of their slaves, who often spent the night bound in the stalls. There were also steel framed and rubber covered sulkies for slaves to draw. I was warned that I would experience this at a later date.

Behind the stables was a covered car park with room for a number of cars and a pair of high gates set in the outside wall.

The grounds had a small tanbark track going round for the pony training and sulky races. We reached the pool and I noticed that it had ring bolts in the side under the water and lights.

"We call this the flotation tank, slaves are totally bound in layers of rubber with an airtight hood and breathing tube, then stretched across the pool and attached to the bolts. We've had up to five slaves in here without any of them knowing they weren't alone. It's a unique experience bondage flotation, a couple of the dominants have tried it out of curiosity - without the severity of bondage used on slaves of course!"

We looked at the steel posts in the garden and I noticed they had rings up their entire lengths.

"These are the outdoor punishment posts, slaves are severely bound, whipped and left for the night - regardless of the time of year. Sometimes against the post or stretched between two, very severe and very, very uncomfortable."

We then went towards the back, around the other side of the mansion, and down a long ramp to a door below the level of the ground into the dungeon.

"With the ramp we can bring slaves in or out without them knowing from the stairs where they are. A lot of our slaves have never seen the outside or entrances."

Entering the dungeon, I realised how little of it I had seen, we passed two rows of cells with heavy doors either side of the long corridor and stopped to inspect the last one before the door to the dungeon proper.

Inside, the walls and ceiling were covered in the shiny black rubber tiles that were used throughout the Rubber House. It contained a black rubber covered padded sleeping rack like the one I'd spent the night strapped to and steel rings on the walls, there was just enough room to swing a whip.

"These are where our slaves spend their nights, unless privileged to be serving a dominant, they also spend any time they are not needed either fastened to the bed or wall. My slaves have a cell permanently allocated to them, as will you."

We then went into the dungeon.

"The areas you've seen are the centre of the dungeon and where most activities take place. We have several other rooms, which are smaller versions of the main room so that simultaneous scenes can happen plus a wet room for serious water sports. The rest of the space is taken up with a dressing room and storage plus a workshop for creating our equipment. We have a number of unusual items to which you'll be introduced - in time!"

"Enough of the tour. Back to your punishment, all of you. You two first, some particularly hard, tight bondage and whipping is in store. You two need to be reminded of your status when a new slave arrives.

Now, rebind each other so you can use your hands, then take him to Number 3 and secure him tightly, gagged and blindfolded. I want him to think about what might be happening to you two while he lies there helpless in the rubber. Hurry!"

Our Mistress lashed at all three of us with her rubber whip as my two rubber companions struggled to rebind each other’s hands under the rain of blows.

"Come on. Come on you're only making me angry with your clumsiness. This increases your punishment. Hurry!"

Rebound, the two rubber slaves pushed me into a cell in the middle. Unlike the one I had seen, the wall hooks were hung with an amazing array of red and black rubber clothing and equipment. There were full body suits with buckles and straps all over, hooded body bags, helmets and hoods, capes and sheets and more rubber straps than could be conceivably used on one slave. A narrow shelf held an array of different sized and shaped gags and butt plugs.

"Welcome to your new home slave. Don't expect to be putting up any pictures of mother."

With a vicious push I was shoved forward and roughly stripped and a giant black rubber body suit with sealed sleeves and feet dragged on me. A thick rubber gag was shoved in my mouth and buckled tightly behind, then a hood with breathing tubes over my head and zipped tight. Lastly, the capacious body suit hood was pulled up and the suit zipped and fastened. I was gagged, blindfolded and helpless in rubber again.

The two rubber slaves dragged me to the rubber sleeping rack and stretched me on it with my arms pulled up and cuffed to the end. My feet were then cuffed at the other end and straps fastened over my arms, body and legs immobilising me completely.

"We go to our punishment now slave. We know it will be very severe and cruel because of your arrival, whenever we assist with a new slave our punishment is doubled. Be sure we will pass it on when we are next allowed to deal with you. Think of us slave. Bye."

There was a heavy thud as the door closed and silence.


I was alone, immobilised and helpless inside the encompassing rubber. I was lost in a rubber reverie of bondage, discipline and servitude. I thought of what punishment our Mistress was giving to the two rubber slaves while I lay helpless and waiting for my Mistress' attention.

Lost in a helpless fantasy of begging to be punished and bound in rubber, I lay there with my erect cock held tight under the binding rubber. Drifting in a dream state of desire I lost track of time.

Suddenly I was brought to my senses by a hard slap to my rubber bound face. I could feel my cuffs being undone and refastened together. The straps binding my body were removed and a strong grip pulled me upright on the rack and then to my feet. I was still gagged and blindfolded inside the rubber hood and bodysuit with my hands and ankles fastened.

A vicious crack across my buttocks followed by an eruption of burning pain.

"That's a taste of the punishment the slaves have been getting."

Another cruel blow and another. My buttocks were aflame with pain. A harsh shove sent me reeling against the rack. Followed by two hard slashes across my back and shoulders. My arse and back were on fire in thin lines of red hot pain.

"My other slaves have just received a severe beating with this - now it's your turn. To the dungeon slave."

Blindly I staggered in the direction my Mistress pushed until I bumped into the wall, two more slashes across the buttocks, I could feel the rubber clothing hanging on the wall through my rubber hood.

My Mistress was laughing as she cruelly whipped me.

"Keep going slave, find the door if you can. Every time you move in the wrong direction you'll get two more strokes of this. Just so you can visualise this inside your rubber, it's a cane made of spring steel covered in rubber. This has broken the strongest of slave’s will. We'll see how you stand it."

As the cane struck across my body again, I thought of my situation and the delicious helplessness and rubber bondage, the uncertainty of what was happening and my overwhelming desire to be beaten and humiliated by my Mistress. Immediately my cock was hard again and bulging at the front of the rubber body suit.

"My, my, you are keen. We'll see how enthusiastic you are by the time we reach the dungeon. Get moving!"

Another two cruel strokes of the cane. The intensity of the pain made me harder in the rubber. Blindly I bumped along the wall, feeling the rubber on the wall brushing against my hooded head and rubber bound body. More burning strokes of the cane, then I hit the edge of the cell door. My back and buttocks alive with the pain.

My Mistress pushed me into the corridor and struck twice more. Spinning with the force of the blows, hitting a wall. More strokes, I spun again moaning around the rubber gag.

"Hurry up, this is only a small taste of what's in store. Come on slave find that dungeon."

More harsh strokes as I ricocheted clumsily along the corridor helpless and throbbing in my rubber covering. After countless blows accompanied by the sound of my Mistress' laughter, I staggered to a stop wedged into a corner and heard the dungeon door being opened. I was pushed through into the dungeon and ordered to stop. Then I was pushed forward and could feel my wrists being uncuffed and then pulled to either side, level with my shoulders and stretched along a thick rod in front and tightly refastened.
Then my ankles were pulled wide apart and fastened to the floor. I was again immobilised.

The burning had eased back into a dull roar of pain. My cock was thrusting out in its rubber confinement, anticipating the next ordeal.

The blindfolding hood was roughly removed and one with eyeholes swiftly replaced it. 

Blinking into the dim light, I saw my recent tormentors hanging by chains from the ceiling. Completely covered in shiny black rubber, with only their teary eyes visible. Their feet barely touching the rubber floor they were bound with shiny red rubber straps around their arms and legs at short intervals. Their bodies had similar straps cinched tightly.

"I want you all to see this slave punished to reinforce your status as my slaves. You two have just received a very severe caning, with more to come. Watch as this slave is given his first lesson in real pain."

My Mistress stood close behind me and grasped my rubber cock cruelly, making me moan and writhe with desire behind the rubber gag. She stepped back and delivered one vicious stroke across my buttocks. The pain struck deep into me. My cock got even harder in the rubber. Another blow, fiercer this time, then another. The pace increased; again and again I was struck, all over my back and buttocks. A pause and my Mistress' hand gripped my rigid cock; I was consumed by pain and the pleasure of her touch. I arched forward into her hand, my cock and body trembling.

"Still hard! More slave, do you want more?"

I mutely bowed my head. Quivering with desire I waited for my punishment to continue, rubber covered cock jerking in my Mistress' hand. Releasing my cock she stepped back and I heard the whistle of the cane through the air.

The crack of the cane on my rubber covered buttocks followed by blinding pain. This was much harder than before, the pain coursed through my body. Again, this time across my back swiftly followed by a stroke to the buttocks. Faster and faster my Mistress struck alternating between back and buttocks. The pain filled my senses; I transcended the physical with the pain taking on a separate reality. Amazingly my cock was throbbing with desire under the rubber, jerking in time to the fast and furious rhythm of the cane.

My Mistress paused in the intense caning and removed my gag.

"Has our slave had enough, will he beg for mercy, will he cry for me to cease my enjoyable, cruel beating?  Well slave?"

With my rubber covered cock still throbbing with desire. I shook my head, I wanted, no needed, to go further. I must be under the strict control of my Rubber Mistress forever.

"Please, Mistress take me to the edge. Beat me cruelly until you have had your pleasure. I beg you."

The two rubber bound slaves groaned through their gags as I said this.

"Very well. It will be my extreme pleasure to find your limit to the pain from this beating - and the ones to come. Prepare yourself slave. Prepare yourself to beg me to stop. Have the words ready in your mind - you'll need them!

My Mistress stepped back and I heard the longer, sharper whistle of the rubber covered steel cane as it descended. White hot pain exploded across my buttocks and deep into me.

I arched forward in a snap reaction to the force and pain of the blow. Again My Mistress struck and again, quicker this time, and again, seeming to pick up rhythm. Faster and faster, the pain spread throughout me, only the sound of the blows and my cock throbbing in time to them overcame the sensation.

I plateaued with the pain; it became a sensation background to my awareness of what was happening to me. Suddenly the whole scene - the rubber, bondage, humiliation by my Mistress and her slaves, the punishment and helplessness, my Mistress' enjoyment of my pain - came together in a lightning crescendo connecting my brain and my jerking cock.

I came into the rubber with jerking spasms, held tight by my bonds to the floor and bar. I was moaning incoherently as a white light took over my brain and I passed out jerking into the rubber.

My senses returned to the sound of my Mistress groaning in orgasm as the two rubber bound slaves writhed and moaned in their rubber bonds. The three of them had come at the sight of my pain and subjugation.

My Mistress had slumped into one of the throne like chairs. She unclipped two chains running down the rubber covered wall and the bound slaves dropped to the floor with hands still above their heads.

"Unfasten each other, if you can. Take him to the big bath and fix any damage, I'll see you all upstairs in an hour. You better be on time or else. You'd better start getting free because it won't be easy."

With a laugh our Mistress departed

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chapter thirteen
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