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The Rubber House 5

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


I was swiftly rebound and blindfolded in rubber and taken away. The two rubber slaves gripped my bound arms with their rubber clad bodies pressed excitingly against me as we left the room, making me hard in my red rubber robe.

As we made our way down to the dungeon they gripped my erect cock through the rubber and pushed their shiny bodies against me as they pushed and pulled me along the corridor and manoeuvred me down the stairs. All the while whispering what severe punishment and bondage I would undergo at our Mistress' direction.

My two guides were very excited by the time we came to a halt; I was also trembling with the anticipation and the stimulation from my fellow rubber slaves. Suddenly I was pushed to a post and a thick rubber belt was fastened tightly around my body, immobilising me. The rubber blindfold was removed and I could see that I was in the dungeon with my rubber guides. They were excitedly stimulating each other through their rubber, moaning and rubbing each other until they simultaneously cried out and shuddered to a climax.

"We needed that. The sight of a helpless rubber victim always makes us excited, especially when we know what's going to happen. We wouldn't be able to prepare properly if we couldn't relieve each other before starting. Now to you."

A shiny black rubber hood with zip and straps was produced; it had a large dildo gag inside, eye and nose holes and covered the shoulders. The hood was pulled over my head, zipped tight with the huge gag pushed into my mouth and fastened tightly behind with a strap. The wide attached collar was then firmly fastened. My head was now bound tightly in rubber. I could just see and breathe.

I was unfastened from the post by one of the two rubber slaves while the other disappeared from view. She returned carrying two shiny rubber suits, a thin red latex body suit and a thicker black suit with hood. They uncuffed my hands and stripped off the red rubber robe, leaving me naked and aroused with my head firmly gagged and bound.

"Get these on. We'll help you with the first one, then we'll beat you into the second. That will set the tone for the day."

The thin red latex suit was handed to me and I realised it had a penis sheath at the front and a butt plug at the rear. Struggling first into the legs by myself, the rubber slaves assisted by sliding the lubricated sheath onto my straining cock and pushing the plug up into me - the sensation of the hands on the sheath and the plug sliding in was indescribable - my throbbing cock was about to explode.

"Easy slave, we have a long way to go yet, if you come before our Mistress says so we're all in trouble."

With that she lashed at my body with a rubber whip. The cruel sting only made me harder and I jerked with the pleasure and the pain. A heavy slap to my head brought me back from the edge.

The heavier black rubber suit had attached feet and gloves, a zip up the back to the top of the oversize hood, which, rather frighteningly, had no visible openings in front. My hesitation must have showed as the whip slashed suddenly on my back.

"Come on get into it."

I started to pull the suit on as the rubber whip struck me all over, struggling to get my red latex covered legs into the shiny black rubber suit.

Stinging from the whip blows I managed to get the suit up to my waist to find that it too had a sheath at the front. Sliding my still erect cock into the sheath I pulled the suit up and put my arms in to realise that the gloves at the end were rigid and immobilised the fingers.

Still under the rain of blows from the rubber whip, I clumsily pulled the shiny black rubber over my shoulders with the hood hanging in front. Suddenly my rigid rubber covered hands were sharply pulled behind me and cuffed together. Then my ankles were cuffed with just enough chain between to maintain my balance.

"Now is the exciting part slave. This is where you get frightened and the power of the rubber takes over."

I could just see the two red and black rubber slaves in front of me as one reached for the hood of my suit. Everything went black as the hood was pulled over my face; I could feel the zip being slowly pulled up the back to my neck, with a jerk it was zipped to the top of the hood. I inhaled sharply and sucked the rubber against my already rubber bound head, desperately I sucked for air and only pulled the rubber closer. Panicking, I dimly heard the sound of laughter.

"Yes slave we control you entirely in rubber, even your breathing is under our control. Have a little air."

With that I felt a touch at the back of my double hooded head and some air entered the hood making it balloon in and out with my gasping.

"We find that restrictive breathing has an interesting effect on our victims, particularly if the session is for an extended time. We will cut it off entirely for short periods to remind you of your situation and because we find it exciting to have that much control."

I could just hear the voice through my strained breathing and the layers of rubber. Then I was gasping for breath again, just when I began to suffocate air came in again. This restriction was repeated several times accompanied by blows from the whip. I became lightheaded and the sensation of the tight enveloping rubber was heightened and my cock throbbed harder in its double rubber slippery confinement.

My two surrogate Mistresses must have noticed my excitement as they now fondled my cock through its layers of rubber. The feeling was so electric I spasmed and nearly fell over.

"Enough for now, a serious whipping to calm you down before our Mistress arrives."

I was roughly pushed a short distance and felt my wrists being uncuffed and refastened above my head and hauled upward until my feet just touched the rubber tiled floor. Then the whipping began.

Beginning slowly with paced blows to my back and arse, from what felt like a rubber tawse, then simultaneously on my front from a softer rubber whip the pace quickened getting faster and harder. I moaned around the thick rubber dildo in my mouth and sucked the restrictive outer hood's rubber in and out - increasing my excitement and the hood's restrictiveness! I felt myself get impossibly hard with blows all over me, the butt plug feeling huge with my tensing and the restricted breathing making me almost delirious.

The pace of the all over rubber whipping slowed and stopped. I could hear the panting of the rubber women; something in the sound led me to believe it wasn't entirely from exertion.

"Well slave we really enjoyed that, two dominant orgasms this early and a full rubber bondage and punishment session to come! We will confess our enjoyment to our Mistress so we can be assured of our punishment. You will stay there until our Mistress arrives, the sight of you hanging there bound and silent in the rubber will please her.


I hung there, my breathing slowing and the restrictive hood billowing in and out, gradually my senses rallied and I realised that I was still very hard and excited by the whipping and the restrictive rubber.

I could hear the two rubber slaves moving around, the sound of rubber clothing being shaken, running water, the chinking of chains and buckles on restraints, the dragging sounds of furniture and equipment being moved and the faint murmur of the slaves conversation.

The swaying motion as I hung there bound, gagged and blindfolded in the shiny black suit and it's restrictive hood, kept my arousal going. I could feel my erect cock in its two confining sheaths projecting in front of me. At random intervals one (or both for all I could tell) of the rubber slaves would cut off the air in the hood and fondle my rubber erection while whispering about the many things yet to come. I can remember nothing of the things said while I was in the state of heightened excitement from the intense rubber whipping and bondage.

After a while the sounds changed and died down. I became conscious of a presence near me.

A sudden swishing noise and a sharp crack as a whip hit my rubber covered buttocks; again and again I was struck. The terrible sting each blow left had me struggling helplessly in my rubber, gasping and groaning around the gag into the hood. Unable to avoid the whip my back and buttocks were on fire with the pain. After countless blows they ceased and I was again swinging in silence with only the rustling of the rubber and the noise of my breathing to be heard.

Slowly the burning eased to a bearable heat, making me very conscious of the rubber moving on my body as I swung helplessly from the chains. My cock still rigid in its rubber layers.

A hand gripped my rubberised cock cruelly, causing me to writhe in the rubber and groan ecstatically around the dildo gag.

"Well slave, minor punishment hasn't dampened your desire. Something much more severe is in order. We shall see how much further your limits are. Slaves get him down and prepare him for the next ordeal. Something humiliating before more pain."

I felt the rubber presence of the slaves against me as they released the chains and I regained my balance.

The outer hood was unzipped and vision returned, I could see my two rubber tormentors, but to my dismay no sign of our Mistress. Somehow the two rubber slaves must have sensed my mute regret.

"You won't be graced by the sight of our Mistress until she's ready. Until then we have our instructions. Get that suit off - now!"

This command was accompanied by a slash across my back with a whip. My hands were uncuffed and I was ordered to unfasten the ankle chains. As I bent to release my ankles I was whipped across the buttocks very hard, the cruel blows making me fumble.

"Faster slave, come on we have something delicious in store for you!"

This made the two rubber slaves laugh and whip me harder.

Stinging under the rain of blows I stripped the outer suit off, leaving me in the restrictive dildo gag hood and the red latex suit. Still whipping, they ordered me to get the red latex off as well.

Naked, except for the confining head and shoulders hood, I stood gagged and waiting for my next instructions, enduring the whipping from the rubber women.

A heavy black rubber straitjacket was thrown at me to put on. I struggled into it and had my arms strapped to my body and fastened at the back, a further heavy rubber strap was fastened over the top securing me even more.

I stood there with the top half of my body imprisoned in rubber, still with the dildo gag hood buckled on my head, the lower half naked and exposed. My cock had finally subsided after a morning of arousal without relief.

My rubber keepers in their black and red rubber outfits stood watching me in my helplessness. They were carrying the rubber whips they had used so effectively on me earlier and casually lashed at my naked buttocks as they stared.

"We have to guess our Mistress' wishes for your humiliation, if we don't please her we suffer the same punishment so we've decided on a treatment that will certainly please our Mistress. There will be no blindfold, we want to see your eyes as you suffer the rubber humiliation."

I was pushed and whipped to a bench and roughly pushed face forward over it, a pair of black rubber tights was produced and pulled over my legs and then I was stood up. The tights had a lubricated sheath at the front and a slit at the back; my cock went instantly hard again at the feel of the slippery rubber as they were pulled up tight. Cuffs with a short length of chain between them were fastened to my ankles.

"Well slave you're almost ready for our Mistress. We shall get our Mistress' equipment ready and then respectfully request her presence. But first we must secure you in the correct position."

The two rubber slaves pulled me over to a shiny steel and rubber covered waist high frame and made me bend over the top bar, my ankles were fastened to the legs and the collar on my hood was fastened to the bar at the end so my head was level with my arse.

When I was helplessly secured with my arse exposed and my head held rigid at the same level and staring straight ahead, one of the rubber tormentors went to the shiny black rubber wall coverings and pulled the rubber aside to reveal mirrored walls. I could see my rubber bound body in two mirrored walls, with just my eyes showing through the hood. I was helpless but not rigid, there was some movement left to my hips and legs. My cock was rigid in its slippery rubber, pulsing with my breathing.

One of the rubber slaves left to advise our Mistress that I was prepared, while the other picked up a rubber whip and lashed my back and buttocks. This made my cock in its rubber restriction become even harder.

After some minutes of the whipping the absent slave returned followed by our Mistress wearing a shiny black latex body suit, high heeled red rubber boots and a heavy shiny red rubber jacket with buckles and straps fastening it tightly. She had a shiny black rubber half mask covering her head. Thrusting out in front below the jacket was a very large black rubber dildo.

"Well slaves an interesting scenario but you have forgotten one very important aspect, which will earn you both punishment. I want him begging for the humiliation and punishment - get that gag out of his mouth, quickly!"

With that she grabbed the whip from the slave who had been punishing me and laid about all three of us as my gag was removed from the heavy rubber hood.

"Let me tell you slave that this large rubber cock is destined for that exposed hole of yours, I'll fuck you till you beg me to stop, but this dildo has two ends so I won't stop until I've come fucking you. To add some more interest, I want you two to get another double dildo - just bring it here I'll give you instructions, now hurry."

Both rubber slaves sped away as my Mistress circled my bound body admiring the view in the mirrors and running the rubber whip over my body and in front of my rubber bound face. She gripped the huge rubber dildo with her black gloved hand and rubbed it against my face and around my mouth, I darted out my tongue to lick the head and was rewarded with a vicious slash from the whip across my back.

"I'll tell you what to do and when to do it, never, ever presume. Very tight, very uncomfortable solitary bondage for you tonight and for you two as well."

The rubber slaves had returned with another huge black rubber double ended dildo and were visible in the mirrors, standing together behind me.

"You two bind each others hands - behind you and tight. When you are safely secured one of you will hold the dildo and the other will insert it - now hurry."

I was able to see the two rubber slaves struggling first with binding each other’s hands and then awkwardly inserting the dildo into one of their cunts. They then stood deferentially in front of our Mistress, with hands bound behind them and one with the huge dildo sticking out of her.

"Now my new slave, what are you begging me to do to you? How are you going to be humiliated and what punishment do you deserve?"

The rubber whip was descending across my buttocks in time with the rhythm of her words. My rigid cock tensed inside its slippery rubber prison as I writhed to the whip strokes.

"Please Mistress, bind me in rubber, make me helpless as your rubber slave. Whip me in rubber. Humiliate me, fuck me with your rubber dildo make me give you pleasure with my pain. I'm yours to do with, as you will. Hurt me, fuck me, bind me, beat me in rubber, use me as an object - you possess me entirely. My submission and slavery is yours."

Just verbalising my humiliation and submission sent delicious tremors through my body. The whip struck again.

"Very sincere. We shall see how true your commitment really is when the going gets hard. Beg to suck my rubber cock before it's rammed up your arse. Plead with me to fuck you hard."

Another blow from the whip. I was trembling even more with the humiliation and anticipation.

"I beg you Mistress let me suck your hard rubber cock. Fuck me hard and beat me. Please Mistress let me be your total rubber slave."

Another two blows from the whip and my Mistress shoved the black rubber cock deep into my mouth. I sucked and licked it with fervour, begging her with my eyes to violate me. I could see the tableau in the mirrors - my rubber bound body on the frame with my rubber Mistress forcing the rubber cock in my mouth, the two rubber slaves standing bound and watching her humiliating me; her abject and adoring slave.

"You, come here and keep his mouth filled."

The rubber slave with the dildo standing out from her rubber covered cunt moved as my Mistress removed her dildo from my mouth and pushed the slave's in. 

The slave was excited; I could feel her trembling through the rubber dildo in my mouth as she pushed it in and out with my rubber masked nose hard against her clit.

Our Mistress had moved behind me and placed the rubber whip on my back, I could see the reflection of her poising the wet head of the rubber dildo at my arse. With a mighty thrust she plunged the full length deep into me. I groaned loudly around the rubber cock in my mouth, feeling the rubber fullness and the pain. My rubber covered cock was bursting in its restraint, throbbing with desire.

Pausing, with the rubber cock deep in me, my Mistress harshly slapped both buttocks, the sting adding to my pain and humiliation.

"Beg slave, beg with your mouth full of rubber cock while I fuck you, beg for it harder. Push that rubber in slave, make him feel it in him and your cunt."

I groaned formless words of begging and desire. I could feel the rubber dildo moving in my mouth and her cunt. She was trembling and I could feel her bound hands banging against her arse as she thrust into my mouth. She pushed harder and with a violent shaking she let out a loud moan as she came.

Our Mistress grabbed the rubber whip and gave the rubber slave several hard blows striking her rubber breasts and bound arms.

"Too soon slave, you'll be punished for being to eager. Get down on your knees, get under him and put his rubber cock in your mouth. Now!"

The bound rubber slave dropped to her knees and awkwardly crawled under me. The rubber dildo still inside and making her quiver with post orgasm tremors. I groaned as her mouth engulfed my rubber imprisoned cock, it jerked inside her mouth as she sucked. My entire body was vibrating and spasming.

"You get in front of him, lets see if he can suck your cunt and make you come while I fuck him. Come on move. Move!"

Our Mistress lashed with the rubber whip at the bound slave as she pushed her rubber covered cunt at my mouth. I eagerly sucked at the rubber and her wet slit, my tongue went up and my teeth and lips grazed at the rubber and her clit. I could feel her shudder at the feeling as she moved against my rubber covered face.

My Mistress started thrusting the rubber cock deep into my arse, the feeling of bound helplessness as I was violated, while simultaneously being sucked and sucking was incredible. The odour of rubber and juices, the sound of my sucking, the squeak and slapping of the rubber from the four rubber covered bodies, the feeling of the rubber dildo going in and out of my arse and the incredible feeling of an orgasming slave sucking my rubber cock.

"Beg slave, beg through that wet rubber cunt, I want to hear your pleas for more."

I was losing control of my senses, all I could do was moan into the rubber covered cunt and try and thrust with my limited movement back against my Mistress' rubber cock, forward into the slaves mouth and into the rubber cunt. 

Through the haze of sensations I could hear moans from in front, behind and underneath. All of us were lost in a storm of rubber bound sex.

I lost all control and went into spasms as I came into the rubber and the slaves mouth, through my overloaded senses I could hear cries coming from all of us as we incredibly came together in one long four harmony shrieking, rubber orgasm.

We stayed in this arrangement shuddering for several minutes as the waves of orgasm shook us all and subsided. I let out a forlorn groan as my Mistress removed the rubber dildo from my arse and the rubber slave released my rubber cock from her mouth, the sheath filled with cum. The slave whose rubber cunt I had been sucking had fallen to the floor and was lying there shaking and bound.

"Clean him and yourselves up and bring him to the room. We shall all eat together, we have a lot to discuss."

With that our Mistress left.

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chapter eleven
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