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The Rubber House 4

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


A black rubber blindfold was quickly slipped over my eyes and a rubber gag was forced into my mouth and fastened tightly at the back. My hands and feet were untied and I was pulled to my feet and my hands refastened behind. I could feel the two slaves' white rubber covered bodies through my blue rubber as they led me upstairs.

Stumbling blindfolded up two flights of stairs, I could only feel and hear the combined rubber swishing of my two guides as they held me close during the journey.

Finally we stopped and the blindfold removed. We were in a large room with a massive black and red rubber draped and covered four poster canopied bed, easily large enough for five. This was our Mistress' bedroom, lit by softly glowing wall lamps. One wall was mirrored wardrobe doors with the huge shiny rubber bed reflected in them. The windows had white rubber floor length curtains covering them. The walls were covered in dark shiny red rubber and had a number of framed, blown up pictures of rubber covered and bound figures in a variety of extreme rubber bondage poses.

"My trophy gallery. If you are as good a victim as I think I will make you, perhaps you will feature there. Prepare him for the night slaves."

I was pushed to a long flat stainless steel framed black rubber covered bed with red rubber straps attached at short intervals along the entire sides and ends. If you used all of the rubber straps you would totally enmesh and immobilise the victim. I trembled in anticipation of spending the night bound in rubber to this.

"Lay him the entire length on his back, bind him so he cannot move a muscle I want him totally helpless."

I was soon strapped rigidly to the bench by the two handcuffed white rubber slaves. With difficulty they had bound me with shiny rubber straps from side to side in an interlocking zigzag pattern leaving my slippery and straining cock pulsating inside the blue rubber suit. I was facing the bed and could see the red and black rubber sheets and pillows covering it. Behind them was an angled large mirror, which reflected the whole surface of the bed at me.

"I will let you watch as I prepare my slaves for the night before they perform their last service for me."

Our Mistress threw two shiny black rubber hoods with thick gags and attached dildoes at the slaves.

"Get them on I'm tired. Hurry up."

With that she slashed at them with her riding crop, while they struggled to put the rubber hoods on, before laying herself down on the shiny bed.

"Boots! Get my boots off!"

The slaves hurried to obey their Mistress. Removing her boots the slaves slid up the bed toward our Mistress with their cuffed hands stretched out. She quickly rebound their hands behind their backs and stretched herself out again.

"You know what to do now. Come on hurry!"

With that the rubber bound slaves wriggled to get both their black rubber hooded heads under our Mistress' red rubber skirt while she whirled the red rubber housecoat over them. All I could see were their wriggling legs as they writhed and pleasured our Mistress under the rubber.

"Good night my new slave, we shall sleep soon and you will undergo more extreme treatment tomorrow."

With that the lights went out and all I could hear was the rustling of the three rubber women in the bed until I must have passed out in contented exhaustion, rigidly bound and gagged in my rubber prison.


I awoke to a stream of light from the windows and the rubber gloved hands of the two slaves undoing my bindings. They each fondled my already erect cock through the blue rubber suit as they unstrapped me. They were both wearing loose maroon hooded housecoats with the hoods back, their short hair was wet and they had obviously showered while I was still asleep.

"Good morning. Our Mistress has instructed us to prepare you before you have breakfast with her. We are to remind you that you go nowhere unbound and will often be blindfolded when you are moved around the house. You may stretch before we secure you."

They helped me off the padded night rack and stood close while I did some minimal exercises, conscious of my erection standing out through the blue rubber. My wrists were fastened together at the front and I stood there in the suit I had worn overnight.

"Before we prepare you for our Mistress, we want to tell you that we too are committed Rubberists and that our Mistress provides the ultimate rubber experiences. You will learn to worship her as we do. Today will be long, hard and demanding, we will assist our Mistress in making you totally subject to her and the rubber through stringent rubber bondage and discipline - further than anything you would have imagined."

With that, a rubber blindfold was pulled over my eyes and I was led from the room with much close contact from my rubber guides, making my excitement grow harder against the blue rubber.

I was led for a short distance into another room and the blindfold removed to reveal a bathroom tiled in white rubber with black rubber curtains for the window and shower. A shaving kit was laid out on two large black bath towels - the only non rubber fabric I had seen there! My hands were uncuffed and I was instructed to shave and shower and to put on a fresh rubber robe in shiny red latex.

As I shaved and showered my erection subsided even though I was conscious of my two rubber companions watching me. After I was dried and the red rubber robe pulled over me and my hands recuffed I was again erect. My companions noticed and smiled at each other.

"Mistress will be pleased. Keep that up and you will be taken to limits further than you thought possible. Blindfold him and we'll take him to our Mistress."

I was led along with my guides taking turns to fondle me through the rubber, making me harder still. We stopped and entered the same room as the night before. When the rubber blindfold was removed I saw our Mistress seated at the table wearing a loose shiny black rubber high necked top and matching trousers with red rubber ankle boots.

"I see the rubber is having its effect, we'll put that to the test later. First breakfast, we want you fit for the trials to come. Sit down and eat."

I realised how hungry I felt and after being uncuffed took to the waiting food with gusto. While I ate my Mistress said nothing until I finished and was pouring coffee.

"Last night was an indication of your potential as a devoted Rubberist and slave, my slaves and I are going to test that quite severely starting now."

With that she clapped her hands and the two slaves entered, they were in matching outfits of shiny black rubber catsuits with open faced hoods and tight red latex shifts stretched over the top, so their nipples stood out through the shiny red rubber -  underneath shiny red high heeled boots.

"Take him to the chamber and secure him while you prepare for later. You know how I want him treated until we start."

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chapter nine
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