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The Rubber House 3

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


"I have some more humiliation for you shortly, but you must be prepared properly first. Bend him over the examination table so we can start."

I was pulled roughly on my hobbled feet to the table and bent forward with my bound hands attached in front to the black rubber covered table my face was down smelling and pushing into the rubber, I squirmed forward against the rubber, pushing deeper.

"You really like that don't you slave."

A slash of the rubber crop accompanying the remark.

"We'll see how you like this next part, that'll really test your love of rubber and humiliation. Slaves get me the filler pants and the hood."

I could see the rubber slaves go to the rack on the wall and remove two red and black rubber items with tubes attached. As they walked towards the table they unfolded one to reveal a pair of heavy shiny black rubber pants with a thick butt plug and tubing at the back and an open ended penis sheath at the front.

Both pairs of my black rubber pants were pulled down and my ankles unfastened for their removal, my cock was against the red rubber of the apron and pressing against the rubber covered bench. The dildo pants were pulled over my ankles up to my knees; the long black rubber trousers were next and the rubber cuffs reattached. The pants were pulled up and I could feel the plug entering, thicker than the one just removed. My cock was pushed through by the rubber covered fingers of the slaves and the trousers pulled up tight under the apron. I felt my cock getting harder against the rubber and making the plug inside me squirm.

"Take him to the filling chair."

I was quickly unfastened from the bench and pushed towards a shiny stainless steel framed chair with red rubber padded seat and high back with two higher surgical style posts projecting at the top with hooks at the top. The rubber tube from the butt plug was pulled out a slit at the back and trailed behind me. I was pushed down on the chair and felt the plug slide hard up in me, sending another thrill to my rubber enclosed cock, by now rock hard against the inside of the lubricated sheath and red rubber apron.

"Fasten him tight slaves, I don't want him to be able to move a muscle."

The rubber covered slaves fastened my hands and arms to the chair and fastened my feet to the legs. Rubber straps were then buckled tightly around my legs and thighs and around my waist, chest and arms - I was totally bound and inert, I could just move my head.

"Now you will find out just how helpless you are here. Slaves the mask first I don't want him making any noise when we really start."

One of the rubber clad figures brought the other item into view, it was a red hood that covered the whole head and shoulders, I could see a thick red dildo inside with tubing similar to the black rubber pants I was wearing - and feeling!

Advancing towards me, one held my hooded head steady with her gloved hands and I could feel and smell them against my face. The thick red rubber dildo was forced deep into my mouth and the attached red rubber hood pulled around my head and zipped tightly at the back, the eye holes were adjusted so I could see the three rubber figures in the room, the two slaves in their rubber suits and maids outfits and my Mistress in hers with the high shiny rubber boots. A strap from the dildo was fastened around my head and buckled tightly at the back forcing the dildo further into my mouth totally filling it and gagging me completely.

The other slave came toward the chair I was bound to, carrying two large black shiny rubber bags that were filled with liquid. She attached one to each of the hooks above me and connected one to the tube from the dildo gag and turned a valve, instantly water filled the back of my throat forcing me to swallow. I tried to stop the flow but was only able to cut the flow to a constant trickle that made me keep swallowing.

Thick straps at the side of the red rubber hood were then buckled around the posts holding my head rigidly in place facing my Mistress.

"Now you will experience totally the power of me and rubber."

The other liquid filled rubber bag was connected to the tubing from the butt plug and the valve turned. An instant pressure of the fluid filled me inside. I felt like I was bursting. A rubber covered hand gripped my rigid cock through the apron rubber, squeezing and letting go and then squeezing again. I went even more rigid against my bonds I could not move a muscle against the rubber restriction and the filling of my mouth and arse. The hand kept stroking and squeezing till I thought I would either come or pass out. I was held in the most intense rubber constriction both inside and out.

The hand released my straining rubber covered cock and I focussed on my Mistress who was looking at me with a sneer.

"You really are a wretched, humiliated rubber lover, I could do anything to you. Beat and humiliate you in any rubber way I choose. Well we shall certainly do that!"

She reached above me and gave both rubber bags a strong squeeze - liquid forced itself inside, I thought I would burst - the pressure inside me was intense - my cock got even harder, slipping and sliding inside the rubber.

"The binding slaves - get the binding!"

With that she slashed at their rubber covered bodies with her crop. They rushed away behind me and I could only hear the rustling rubber noises they were making as they obeyed our Mistress' command.

One slave appeared in front of me holding the end of a long wide shiny black rubber sheet, which she held tight against my side, the other slave came round and wound the length around me very tightly. They wound round and round me until I had at least five layers of smooth shiny rubber encasing me all around. Only my double hooded head was free, not a part of my body could move against the thick rubber binding, my rigid cock was entrapped tight against my body in the slick rubber I could feel it sliding in rhythm with my breathing and swallowing of the fluid.

"We shall leave you like that while we shower and rest ourselves, you will be cut off from any external stimulus while we are gone, there will be just the rubber and the pressure inside and all over."

With that a loose black rubber bag blindfold was pulled over both my head and the straps holding it rigid to the posts.

I was in total darkness just able to smell and feel the rubber pressure, getting hot and sweating in the tight rubber enclosure, rigid and unable to move I soon went into a trance state of constant erection and all over tension, I felt I had become absorbed by the rubber.

I don't know how long I was there, but suddenly the bag was removed and I blinked into the light and saw my Mistress in a new shiny rubber outfit of loose blue rubber high necked top, with her breasts grazing against the inside so that I could see that her nipples were erect, below that she wore red loose harem style pants tight at the waist and ankles, she had a red rubber scarf that completely enclosed her hair leaving only her face showing.

"You should be full to bursting by now, but no relief until I have been given satisfaction. Remove the binding I want him to feel the liquid straining for release."

With that the layers of rubber binding were stripped away and the tubes unclipped together with the straps holding me to the chair posts. Pulling me upright the two slaves rubbed their shiny bodies against me, making my rubber covered cock jerk in it's shiny prison and increasing the pressure of the liquid inside me.

"Enough! I decide what you are allowed to get pleasure from. There will be total all night bondage for all of you, as rigid as I can make it. Now bring him over here to the riding frame."

I was dragged roughly, but with plenty of rubber covered body contact from them as they quickly grasped me around the chest and arms and led me to a bicycle shaped, rubberised tubular frame connected to the floor. I was placed face upwards with my head resting on the short handlebars, with my body in a slight curve to form the bar and my erect cock, stretching in the rubber, forming the seat with my legs forming a back wheel curve. Its thin rubberised tubes were joined across in squares.

The rubber slaves enthusiastically tied me with shiny belts to the frame so that I was again rigidly helpless and exposed. My Mistress stood, in her red rubber harem pants and shiny blue rubber top with red rubber scarf severely stretched around her hair and forehead, looking down at me trembling and erect in my rubber with just my eyes visible.

"My pleasure now slave."

My Mistress put her foot on the rubberised footrest and swung herself over the top of me with a rustle of rubber and lifted the red apron up, exposing my throbbing cock, and lowered herself onto it's rubber covered length. I moaned behind the dildo gag as I felt myself slide inside. I could feel her tight wetness engulfing me through the rubber.

"You will only come when I say so, only on my instructions and naturally, that also means when you are performing with my slaves. This you will learn from the pleasure that comes from following my strict instructions to obtain ultimate slavery and rubber domination. You will learn to beg for me to take you to complete submission and subjugation. You will beg for rubber humiliation punishment and bondage. You will desire only ever to come at my command."

With that she slowly started to move on top of me raising and lowering herself. Her breathing became heavier and faster and mine matched it inside my rubber prison. The pleasure took complete control of me as I followed her to a climax. She started moaning and then as her movements got faster and faster she pounded down on me.

"Come! You rubber slave! Come now! Fill your rubber Mistress with your adoration and helplessness. Come into me and the glorious rubber!

I needed no encouragement; my body was spasming inside her and the rubber. With a violent thrusting down upon me we both came simultaneously in a blinding, rocking orgasm of unbelievable intensity, every nerve of my body screaming in pleasure. My Mistress slumped forward on my immobile body and rested for a moment recovering her equilibrium. With her breathing steadied she swung off me.

The two slaves had been standing behind my Mistress watching, and fondling each other through their rubber uniforms, as my Mistress had ridden me to orgasm. Our Mistress whirled around to face them in a rustle of red and blue rubber.

"Get him down, empty him out, clean him up and we'll see about what's in store for you two impatient slaves. I'm going to change for your punishment. Hurry up or it will be worse for you with no relief. When you have him cleaned up I want him in a loose watching suit - the dark blue one."

With that my Mistress whirled out of the room in a swirl of rubber. 


The two slaves undid the straps and took me to the bizarre toilet where I let go in a flood of relief, then stripped me completely and took me to the washing post. Cleaned, dried and talcumed I was dressed in an oversize dark blue rubber suit, with open faced hood, gloves and feet attached. The suit was zippered from the waist to half way up the hood leaving only the top half of my face exposed. The only tightness at the wrists and ankles. I had just got used to the new sensation of the loose blue rubber suit shimmering around my body when our Mistress returned.

Our Mistress appeared, a shiny rubber vision wearing a black open face hood, red and black rubber corset with black stockings, a loose red rubber skirt and an open, floor length cowled red latex house coat, fastened at the neck with the cowl over her head. She also had black gloves and a pair of red rubber, high heeled ankle boots. She stood looking at her three rubber covered slaves and smiled.

"Make him tight and comfortable in that chair. Now."

I was pushed into a rubber covered chair with arms and fastened to it by rubber belts around the wrists and ankles. I was secure but able to shift around inside the rubber suit, feeling the rubber sliding around my body.

"You will sit there and be still while I enjoy my other rubber slaves."

Our Mistress beckoned to the two rubber covered girls.

"Discipline time. Bring the white rubber suits and a selection of items to be used on you both, you know what I mean. Hurry."

The two slaves disappeared behind the rubber curtains. While they were gone my Mistress walked around the room inspecting the equipment. She picked out a black rubber cat of nine tails and swung it around, lashing the air. She came near where I was fastened to the chair and swept it across my crotch, stirring the shiny blue rubber over my cock.

"Don't worry, you'll be feeling this properly soon enough."

The two slaves returned each carrying a large pile of rubber in their arms.

"Put those down and clean yourselves. I want our new victim to see you for the first time and to know how severe life will become."

The slaves quickly pulled off their one piece black rubber suits and maid outfits. I saw two attractive young women with short hair and fit slim figures with shaved bodies. They showered and talcumed themselves. Then returned to stand beside the bundles they had brought back.

"Good, but not fast enough. Get dressed and submit yourselves."

The slaves sat either side of one of the black rubber padded benches and first put on white rubber dildo pants with butt plugs, they shivered as they filled themselves with the rubber before pulling on their matching glistening white rubber body suits with attached feet and open face hoods covering their heads. They stood up and smoothed the rubber over themselves, ensuring the fit. Matching white rubber elbow length gloves came next and were stretched tightly and smoothly.

"First put your ankle cuffs on, then cuff each others hands tightly in front."

The rubber clad slaves hurried to do our Mistress' bidding and were soon standing bound hand and foot, with heads bowed waiting.

"Hands over heads slaves, now!"

The black rubber whip slashed the white rubber covered buttocks and backs of the slaves as they strained their arms upward. Our Mistress closed in behind them and attached their cuffs to shiny chains hanging from the ceiling. She went to the wall where the chain ends were attached and hauled on them, pulling the slaves up on tip toe.

"To show our new slave how utterly subject to me you are, I want you to beg for the whipping."

Our Mistress ran the black rubber ends of the whip over their breasts and between their legs as they strained and swung from their chains. They moaned and shivered at the touch of the rubber. The two helpless rubber clad slaves chanted in unison.

"Please, please Mistress, whip us until we come. Humiliate us; make us helpless in our rubber. Use us as you wish, we are yours to bind and punish in rubber forever."

"Good, our new slave now knows how to respond. Don't you!"

I nodded my rubber hooded head and said:

"Yes Mistress, I will be as obedient and willing as you wish. I will be your rubber slave forever. Please bind me in rubber, humiliate me, beat me, I am yours to do with what you will."

"Not a bad first effort."

With that our Mistress slashed at my rubber covered body with the rubber whip, making me sting through the shiny blue rubber. It made my erect cock jerk inside the blue rubber gathered at the crotch. She turned her attention to the suspended slaves and proceeded to thrash them across their white rubber covered buttocks and backs. They writhed and moaned as the rubber whip slashed them.

"Harder please Mistress, make us come for your pleasure."

Our Mistress thrashed them harder and harder. They moaned and swung from their chains. Their moaning was in time with the slashes of the whip and had the sound of pleasure, the volume and intensity increased and I realised they were coming. With loud cries they both came, simultaneously so had our red and black rubber clad Mistress!

Panting, our Mistress unclipped the two slaves and they slumped to the rubber floor, still bound hand and foot. Our Mistress dropped into another black rubber covered chair facing mine.

"Alright slaves, enough rest - get up. We shall retire for the night with our new rubber slave and you will pleasure me to sleep. Get him off the chair and bind his hands behind. Lead him upstairs to the master bedroom. Blindfold him first."

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chapter seven
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