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The Rubber House 2

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


After a luxurious hot shower one of the slaves threw me a towel and for the first time spoke.

"Dry and talcum yourself fully, then put on this robe. Our Mistress will want to talk to you over a meal."

I was given a large floor length red rubber robe, with a voluminous hood, that went on like an oversize shirt. The feel of the slippery red latex over my body roused faint stirrings again. Leading me upstairs the two slaves took me into a small breakfast room where my new found Mistress was lounging on one of a pair of dark green rubber covered sofas, wearing a dark blue rubber robe similar to mine but with the addition of a belt. The matching green rubber curtains were half open showing the dark garden and distant street lights.

I took my first look at my new Mistress, under the blue rubber hood I saw the face of a good looking woman with medium length dark hair in her early thirties. 

"Sit down, you have passed your initial test well, I have much more in store for you, but we shall first eat and talk. I would like to discuss the severity of what I intend to put you through before we go any further. Food is on its way, relax for the moment, I shall re-assert myself later."

Over a light meal we discussed rubber, bondage and discipline and the whole scene and my commitment to severe rubber slavery and discipline. After an hour of deep discussion she returned to her dominant self.

"Enough of the prattle. Time for some serious matters. You have experienced a mild introductory session this evening, let me assure you it gets a lot more severe and demanding from here on in - very severe and extremely demanding. I need to know now if you are prepared to go further onto the next level of punishment and rubber humiliation."

She watched me closely as I squirmed inside the red rubber robe, my already erect cock standing out, while I stammered.

 "Yes I am."

"Good, we can begin immediately. Go with the two slaves they will help you prepare"

The two slaves were again dressed identically in full black rubber body suits with their faces concealed in hoods with minimal eye and mouth openings, their vision partially obscured. Over these they wore white rubber short sleeved nurses uniforms with red rubber aprons and red rubber nurses wimples over the hoods. Below this were shiny black rubber high heeled ankle boots. 

"Bind him before you take him away. This is the only room where he is to feel relaxed; from now on he must enter and leave bound. Fasten his hands behind as he sits and cuff his ankles together."

Swiftly I was pushed face forward onto the green rubber covered couch and my hands cuffed together behind my back. My feet were swung up and cuffed. Face down and helpless on the rubber, I felt hands on my arms as the two slaves lifted me upright on the couch. They beckoned for me to follow, and awkwardly gathering up myself in the long red rubber robe I hobbled after them out of the room. I was taken back to the dungeon. Suddenly a large black rubber bag was pulled quickly over my head and an internally attached gag thrust into my mouth and secured tightly with a strap around the outside. My hands were unfastened and resecured in front and attached above.

"Madam says you have to stay like this until she feels like continuing."

I heard the slaves swish away out of hearing further into the cellar. It was dead silent; all I could hear was my own breathing whistling inside the black rubber bag.

After what seemed an eternity of standing there breathing in the rubber as the bag expanded and contracted with every breath and the red rubber robe swished around my body and cock, which stayed semi erect from the constantly moving rubber. I heard the sound of my Mistress' bootsteps squeaking on the rubber floor as she returned.

"Are you enjoying your imprisonment slave? We will see how much you enjoy our next entertainment. Slaves! Get him down and take him to the dressing room so I can choose the right garments."

I was led still blindfolded and gagged by the black rubber bag through the dungeon, the anticipation causing my cock to become fully erect and push against the red rubber robe.

The two rubber covered slaves removed the bag and gag and replaced it with a full head and shoulder black rubber hood with mouth and eyeholes. The robe was then pulled up over my hooded head and I was turned to face my Mistress who was wearing a voluminous black rubber open fronted coat over a shiny red one piece latex suit with open face hood. Black rubber gloves and shiny high heeled rubber boots completed the glistening picture. She looked at my erect cock and smiled.

"You really are a suitable victim, the effect of the punishment and rubber is obvious. There's a lot more humiliation and pain to come, we shall see if you are still as excited afterwards. Let’s find a fully restrictive outfit for you."

She pulled from the racks; which had dozens of different coloured trousers, jackets, capes and one-piece suits, a one-piece rubber suit like hers only in black.

"Slaves! Assist him, and quickly."

With that she picked up a rubber crop and slashed at the buttocks of each of the rubber-clad slaves. I was speedily dressed and discovered the suit had a slit from just above my crotch to the top of my buttocks, which left my cock, exposed. A pair of tight black rubber shorts with an open ended sheath for my cock and a lubricated butt plug were pulled over the suit and the butt plug thrust into me as I stood, next a pair of gloves. A long red rubber apron was placed on me and done up tightly at the back this swished beautifully around the exposed head of my cock making me shiver with delight. A pair of loose pants with a built in belt were pulled up my legs and the apron lifted over the top of them and my cock pulled through the open fly, pressuring the sheath from all sides. The belt was then tightly buckled, causing me to gasp with the restriction. A black rubber jacket was put on and zipped up, this pulled the red rubber apron tighter making me shiver again, which caused the butt plug to move delightfully.

Rubber wrist and ankle cuffs were tightly buckled and all connected behind my back. A broad rubber belt nearly 12" wide was cinched around my waist restricting my arms and hands inside it. Another was placed around my chest and arms and drawn tight. My torso and arms were held rigid inside the rubber bonds.

"Take him to the main room, we shall begin there."

With that, our Mistress whipped us all across the buttocks and thighs with her rubber crop and I was led stumbling to the main room. The two rubber clad slaves attached the D rings at the back of the two restrictive belts to chains from the ceiling so that I could only just stand upright next to a shiny red rubber covered throne.

"Now you will watch as these two put on a display for my pleasure."

Beckoning the two slaves toward her she pulled out a massive double ended dildo in red rubber and pulled them closer together. Inserting an end in each of them she pushed them hard up into the girls and pulled them face to face. She then cuffed their wrists behind them and tied a long wide belt, similar to the one around my waist, around them and cinched it tight.

"Start fucking slaves, I want you to make each other come at the same time without falling over. If you don't your punishment will be severe!"

Seating herself on the rubber covered throne within striking distance of both slaves and myself she unzipped her crotch and began rubbing herself with the thick rubber end of her crop.

"This is not wet enough slave - suck it!"

She thrust the moist end of the crop hard in my mouth, which I sucked and licked. Taking it from me she lashed at my thighs and then at the buttocks of the rubber bound slaves making them thrust the dildo into each other.

"That's better. You two! Come on move faster I want to see and hear that rubber moving."

The slaves obeyed and moved against each other pushing the dildo hard into each other’s cunt. Faster and faster they moved, the sound of the dildo and the sound of the rubber becoming louder, soon they were moaning and having trouble keeping upright. Meanwhile our Mistress was rubbing herself with the crop end, pushing it deep inside herself in unison with the rubber slaves. She was obviously relishing the sight and was leaning back in the throne pushing the crop up harder.

"Come on, harder you're not trying - harder!"

The slaves moved harder and faster into each other, with a simultaneous cry they came together and toppled to the rubber floor with the dildo still in and writhed some more in orgasm and then lay slowly shuddering until they finally lay still.

"Very nice, but you still can't seem to stay standing. Severe bondage for you both tonight. Get up."

The girls struggled to their feet with the dildo still in. Our mistress untied the belt and pulled the dildo out and thrust the ends one at a time into my mouth for me to lick the juices off.

She then unbound the girl’s hands and refastened them in front.

"Now to show our new slave some humiliation. Undo the chains and bring him to the low bench"


I was led to a low blue rubber covered bench and the tight belts were removed, then I was laid on my back with hands chained together under the bench and ankles to the legs, small rubber belts pinioned my legs and straps were passed around my body and the bench. My rubber-surrounded cock was rising hard under the red rubber apron. My mouth and eyes were still uncovered so I was able to watch as one of the slaves was positioned with her cunt just above my mouth and her hands attached to a pulley and raised so she swung just over my face. I couldn't resist darting my tongue out and into her still wet slit.

"Wait for instructions, do not anticipate."

The rubber riding crop struck across my legs. The other rubber slave was now being fitted with a pair of double ended black dildo pants. She was then advanced to behind the slave suspended above my face and the protruding dildo end inserted into the slit just above my mouth and started slowly pushing it in and out making both slaves above me moan. I could just see the slit with the black rubber slowly going in and out.

"Now I want you to piss slowly as you are fucked I want our new slave to watch the piss as it runs past that dildo and onto his face."

With that she struck at my erect rubber covered cock making it go harder still. Then the slow warm trickle of piss ran onto my face and into my mouth. My Mistress was stroking my rubber covered cock sending shivers through me. Suddenly she removed the apron covering my cock and stood over it.

"Lets see if our rubber slave likes piss at both ends."

I could feel the warm piss running into my mouth and over the black rubber hood, at the other end more piss splashing hard onto the exposed head of my cock and down the rubber. I stretched hard in my bonds to get closer to the sources, my cock stretched and stretched to feel the warmth of my Mistress' cunt and piss. I felt delirious with the two girls fucking and pissing over my face and my Mistress over my cock.

"Enough he's too excited. You, untie him and leave her to hang for a while. Strap him to the washing post."

The rubber clad slave, still with the dildo protruding, undid the rubber straps with her bound hands; her rubber covered fingers moving clumsily on the buckles. I was unstrapped and roughly dragged to the stainless steel post in the washing area. When I was rebound taps were turned on and cold water sprayed hard against my rubberised body making my cock subside, this kept up until I started to shiver with the cold.

"He should be calmed down enough now. You - let her down and then both of you get him off the post."

"Hurry up!"

With that our Mistress slashed at each of us with her rubber crop, stinging on my wet rubber covered body. I could feel the rubber of the slaves as they moved around me removing the straps and holding me upright. Their full lengths rubbing against me as they kept me on my feet and refastened the wrist and ankle cuffs and then faced me towards our Mistress in her red rubber suit and shiny black rubber coat.

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