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The Rubber House Pt1

by Ozfet

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© Copyright 2001 - Ozfet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; cons; X


It was 7 o'clock on a wet Friday evening, the beginning of a long weekend.  I rang the bell beside the pair of heavy wooden doors set in the high brick wall surrounding the large property set at the end of the cul de sac. I had answered an advertisement in a Rubber magazine for a Rubber slave. After being contacted by a woman who asked a great many questions as to how far I was prepared to go and how committed I was, the arrangements for this weekend had been made.

So now I was here waiting in trembling anticipation for the doors to open and the weekend to begin.  I had been told that I needn't bring anything other than myself, all would be provided.  The doors swung open automatically and a woman's voice, from a small speaker that I hadn't seen above the doors, ordered me to follow the path to the house just visible through the trees in the large garden.

The garden was well maintained, with an odd triangular arrangement of 3 steel posts set about 8 feet apart from each other in the centre - I would discover their purpose later!  Nearby was what looked like a miniature Olympic pool about 10 by 15 foot and 4 feet deep. On approach the front door swung open and I found myself in a small entrance hall with 2 doors leading from it.  The woman's voice came from another speaker telling me to go through the door on the left and to dress myself in the rubber clothes there and to wait.

Opening the door into a small room which had polished black rubber flooring with walls and ceiling covered in the same glossy rubber, I found a rubber covered bench with an array of shiny black latex clothes. Trembling with fear and a growing excitement, I began from the top with a hood that had eye and mouth holes and covered my shoulders. I then put on a pair of sheath pants with long legs and high waist, my growing excitement discovered that the sheath was lubricated, the sensation of sliding my by now erect cock into the slippery rubber was delicious!

Next was a pair of elbow length black rubber gloves, pre-talcumed as was all the rubber, then a loose thigh length black rubber jacket with open face hood and gathered cuffs which fitted tightly over the rubber gloves, by now I was really stretching the lubricated sheath.  With shaking rubber gloved hands I pulled on the high waisted trousers, which had an open fly but still restrained my rubber covered cock inside.

I waited, dressed and quivering with anticipation for what seemed an eternity until the door opened and a tall woman dressed entirely in rubber entered.  She was wearing red rubber high heeled boots over a shiny black rubber pair of jodhpurs, on top she wore a shiny black rubber shirt with high collar up to the half face, black rubber mask.  Over all this she wore a shiny black rubber 3/4 length coat tightly belted but open at the front with a rubber riding crop tucked into the belt along with a pair of red rubber gloves.

"Welcome, I'm pleased you have arrived.  On the phone you said there were no limits to the humiliation and restrictive bondage you would undergo, let me point out right now that if you go beyond this point that you will be under my complete power and that any begging or pleading will be considered as part of the game and ignored. Do you agree?"

I nodded my assent, not trusting my voice. 

"Good, let's begin. My other slaves are all ready to assist in your complete domination and humiliation in rubber.  First we must render you helpless, your submitting to this is the real acknowledgment of your status as my rubber slave."

Reaching under the rubber covered bench she produced 4 rubber belt cuffs about 3" wide with steel "D" rings and a 6" high rubber collar also with "D" rings and a number of steel clips to secure the cuffs and collar together. 


I fell to my knees and held out my wrists. Immediately the rubber crop stung across my shoulders. 

"Don't anticipate - wait until you are told! Slaves have no right to anticipate, they are told!"

Again the rubber crop slashed across my rubber covered shoulders. 

"Now hold out your wrists."

Again the rubber crop across my shoulders.  She fastened the rubber cuffs and pulled my wrists to my back and locked them together. 

"Hold your head up - higher!"

The high rubber collar was tightly buckled around my neck; it was tight but not choking. 

"Stand up and sit on the bench. Hold your feet high so I can put the ankle cuffs on. Higher!"

The rubber crop slashed across my thighs, I strained my legs up as far as I could as she fastened the cuffs on my ankles and then together, effectively hobbling me. 


This was accompanied by a slash from the rubber crop across my rubber covered back. When I struggled to my feet she gave 3 strokes across my buttocks. My shoulders, thighs and buttocks were tingling from the strokes of the crop. I could feel the loose rubber sliding across my tingling flesh. My rubber covered cock in its slippery enclosure was rigid with pleasure and anticipation of what was to come. She gave the front of the trousers a gentle slap from the rubber crop. 

"I see you are excited by your helplessness.  This is only the beginning!"

She produced a rubber blindfold from her coat pocket and swiftly covered my eyes. 

"We won’t let you see what's in store for you until we have you secure in the rubber discipline chamber."

She gripped the ring at the front of the collar and pulled me to the door. I could only take small steps.


The crop struck across my buttocks, much harder this time. I was pulled out the door and through another door and hobbled, accompanied by strokes of the rubber crop, for what seemed a considerable distance. I later discovered I had been led a circuitous route around the ground floor of the house to disorientate me.

"Stop, there are steps to go down, if you fall I will give you extra punishment, now the steps are in front of you try not to fall."

She laughed and gave me a slash of the rubber crop as I felt with my hobbled feet for the edge of the steps, the rubber stretching over my tingling body. It seemed to take ages feeling my way down the broad shallow steps with a harsh stroke of the crop for every one. At the bottom I was pulled forward, the scent of rubber was almost overpowering. A jerk at the collar and a slash from the rubber crop pulled me up short. 

"Stand there slave. You will see soon enough the rubber treasures in this chamber.  Don't move, stand up straight!"

Another stroke of the crop. My excitement must have shown in the rubber sheath as she then gripped my rubber covered cock firmly and stroked the rubber up and down as I writhed with the sensation. 

"Don't get too carried away there is much more to come before you get release. I have to be satisfied by your rubber covered humiliation."

At these words I writhed in my shiny black rubber envelopment and moaned.  Immediately my mouth was forced open and a rubber gag was thrust in and a tight rubber strap was bound over my mouth. I was now gagged and blindfolded with rubber.


I was pulled forward and my hands released still with the rubber cuffs on my wrists; suddenly my arms were forced over my head and attached together above. I could feel padding to either side of me. A strap was passed around my chest and buckled tightly so I couldn't move.  Next my ankles were freed and then strapped to each side. The blindfold was removed.

I was in a large softly lit room with polished rubber tiles on the floor and the walls covered in shiny black rubber. There were steel rings attached at various heights to the walls through the rubber, several racks held hoods, whips, equipment for restraint and all made from shiny red and black rubber. There were various posts, chairs, racks and benches made out of shiny steel and covered in glossy black rubber padding. Chromed pulleys were hanging from hooks in the ceiling.

The room looked like a vision from a rubber hell - or a rubber heaven!

Still able to move my head I gave a closer look to the room. To my astonishment there were 2 rubber covered figures, each strapped to a rubber covered, high backed chair with arms. Each had their legs bound to the rubber padded legs and their arms similarly strapped to the arms, a strap bound their bodies to the back and another strap fastened around their mouths kept their heads rigid against the chair back. I realised they were women totally covered in shiny black rubber and gagged, all I could see were their eyes through the rubber.

They were dressed in shiny black rubber one piece suits covering their entire bodies with zips at the crotch and breasts.

"I see you have noticed my slaves, they are completely devoted to me and severe rubber bondage.  Notice the slight trembling of each of them, that's caused by knowing that a new slave has arrived to be disciplined and humiliated with their assistance - they also have black rubber dildo pants on and the feel of the rubber inside them is making them very aroused. They know only I can free them and give them pleasure, you will watch when I decide to give them release, later you may be used to give them pleasure." 

"I shall now give them limited freedom of movement to assist me in your initiation."

She unfastened the bindings on the girls and fitted similar rubber cuffs to the ones I was fastened with, but with greater distance between wrists and ankles, giving them limited mobility. As each was freed and cuffed they were given a slash of the rubber crop across their buttocks, causing them to writhe in pleasure or pain, I assumed pleasure.

"Slaves - before we begin, our new slave should see a small sample of what is in store for him. This room is only the beginning."

The two rubber clad slaves went to a wall and pulled the rubber curtaining aside to reveal a gleaming rubber tiled and stainless steel bathroom.  In the centre was a shower - but unlike any other. It had a central shiny steel post with a circular shower head that would spray down completely around the steel post.

The post itself had steel rings on it from top to bottom at 6" intervals. At the bottom, coming out of the rubber tiled base, were spray jets.  Anyone standing (or tied) at the post would be subjected to water from every angle. On the wall behind the shower were deep stainless steel troughs with gleaming hospital taps, above these, hanging from hooks, were tubing and nozzles of all sizes and shapes in red and black rubber with matching rubber bags. I could only imagine what uses these were put to!

To one side of the shower was a bizarre stainless steel toilet, much higher than normal with black rubber padded arms and high back, on the side were restraining rings and footrests.

"You will become familiar with all this very soon. Slaves! Assist me with our first procedure, you know what is needed."

The two slaves approached the rubber padded frame where I hung helpless and gagged with rubber. My ankles were untied and the cuffs attached to each other, my wrists were then unfastened and then tied behind my back. A rubber belt was threaded through a ring on the back of my wide rubber collar and then through the rings on my cuffs and buckled up tight, forcing my wrists high up my back and making me bend forward. The pressure on my rubber enclosed cock made it grow harder.

"Some discipline to begin. Get the hood and put it on him, I want him to realise how helpless he is."

Another rubber hood was pulled over my head and breathing tubes inserted in my nostrils, I was blind and only just able to breathe. I could hear faint noises at the side as the hood was inflated; the pressure was intense and made me feel as if my head was twice as big. I could just hear her as she said:

"Stand up straighter slave or I will really discipline you!"

This was accompanied by a stinging blow from a rubber strap across my buttocks; I jerked and took a step as another blow landed on my shoulders. I felt hands holding me, from the front a hand gripped my cock in it's rubber sheath and gently stroked it. 

"Hold him slaves as I make him discover how pain and pleasure are one and the same."

I was dragged across the room to a padded bench and pushed face forward over it, the front of the collar was attached to a chain, which was pulled tightly under the bench and clipped to my ankles. I was bound helplessly to the bench with my arms still pulled cruelly up my back. My breath was gasping through the rubber breathing tubes. A hand stroked me through the rubber sheath making me jerk against the padded rubber and the chain.

"Not to much slaves, he has to last a lot longer yet."

A stinging blow from the rubber strap accompanied this statement, then another and another in quick succession. The hand let my slippery rubber covered cock go. More blows from the strap, much harder now and really hurting. The hand came back and stroked me gently through the rubber in unison with the blows from the strap. Pleasure and pain simultaneously. I felt delirious - so close to coming and then the pain. This went on for some time, a series of cruel blows, the stroking hand, nearly coming, then more blows. I nearly passed out with the pleasure and the pain.

"Enough for an introduction, unchain him slaves. Time for him to give me some pleasure."

My slippery rubber covered cock was still filling the sheath and had stayed hard and throbbing for over an hour aching for release.

"Our new slave is still finding this exciting. Take him to my pleasure seat and strap him very tightly, I want him absolutely rigid and helpless for my pleasure."

I was quickly unfastened from the rubber padded bench and had the belt from my collar and cuffs released. Still visionless in the inflated rubber hood, I was pulled across the dungeon and pushed down on a narrow rubber padded seat. My wrists were released and quickly refastened behind the seat back. Next, my ankles were secured either side of the base and a rubber strap threaded around my thighs and fastened tightly underneath, holding my legs rigid and apart. Then four wide rubber straps were pulled tight around my body immobilising me completely, with only my rubber enclosed cock, throbbing between my bound and spread legs, moving.

Hands stroked my aching cock and cupped my balls, making me jerk helplessly against the bonds. A blow landed on my rubber inflated head, echoing inside the rubber cocoon.

"Patience slave, my pleasure comes first. You will only get release when I say so, this is my dungeon."

I felt a swirl of rubber in front of me as a hand gripped my slippery rubber enclosed cock and guided it. With a sudden pressure my Mistress' weight descended on me as I slid deep into her, feeling her shiny rubber covered body pressed against me as her muscles contracted around my bursting cock. I could feel her breasts through the layers of rubber as she slowly started to move on my cock. Her rubber gloved hands gripping the restraints, pulling them tighter around my helpless body.

"You are my slave to use, I will punish you cruelly and humiliate you whenever I want. You will obey me and be my slave - your existence is mine. No pain or bondage will be too great for your total submission to me. Complete rubber slavery forever, humiliating yourself for my pleasure, begging for more and more to keep the rubber and me close to you. No release from the rubber slavery - ever."

My Mistress moved faster and faster as she talked against my rubber enclosed face. I strained hopelessly to get closer to my Mistress, moaning against the filling rubber gag, wanting to tell her of my devotion and submission to her rubber domination. The sensation of her rubber body moving faster and faster on mine took over. I was no longer moaning, I was screaming into the gag as her movement and the rubber totally consumed my senses. I could feel her jerking the restraints as she pounded harder and harder down onto my bound body, my rubber cock seeming to go deeper with each thrust. I could no longer understand a word she was saying, only the dominating tone penetrated my senses and the rubber hood.

"Come slave, come into your rubber, come into your rubber Mistress. Come now!"

With an almighty thrust down my rubber Mistress came with a shuddering cry as I screamed into the rubber gag and came with her in an explosive rubber climax, bursting against my rubber bonds.

My Mistress stayed on me shuddering and regaining her senses, I felt her rubber covered body against mine and realised I'd reached my ultimate rubber dream. I groaned as she released my cock and stood.
"Release him and shower him. Bring him up when he's finished."

My new Mistress swished away in her rubber, leaving me with the two rubber slaves who released me and helped me undress before taking me to the bathroom I'd seen earlier.

the story continues in
chapter three
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