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The Rubber Country2

by MoonGlow

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© Copyright 2002 - MoonGlow - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; latex; bagged; enclosure; statue; reluct/nc; X

Feedback is VERY welcome. Tell me what you think. This is fiction. Its just a fairy tale. A tale for adults who are openminded for topics like sex, s&m, rubber and feet fetishes. If you are offended by such things, DONT continue reading NOW. All others, enjoy and drop me a line.

The Rubber Lottery

Sandra was beginning to get used to her “new life”. Since she had been put into the fitness program, she had been lucky so far and didn’t have to spend another day in the rubber incubator. (see story “part one ” for details) She really was making good progress and in a few weeks her training would no longer be a duty. Since she first met Chrissy at the fitness club they now had became friends.

One evening when they left the club they went to Sandra’s place to enjoy a few hours of TV. Today the weekly lottery show would take place. As already discussed every female citizen of the country had to participate in this lottery. The lottery was done by the government itself and the participation was a law. Every citizen had to be home and watch the show. However there is a rule that it can be watched in small groups so you can watch it together with a friend - as long as the government knows where you are. So it had been requested in advance. This was what Chrissy had done - she filed a form that she was at Sandra’s place at the time of the show. This may sound complicated but was a necessity for locating the lottery loser. As mentioned in the lottery a winner is selected who gets a bag full of money. Also a loser is selected among the participants. During this process the apartment camera of the loser is shown on TV so everyone can watch when they get their “prize”.

Sandra and Chrissy were sitting on Sandra’s couch and having a snack of potato chips and waiting for the show to begin.

“Usually I don’t eat chips... too much fat ya know.” Chrissy said.

“Ah, come on. Once a week is okay. If you gain too much you can sweat it off in the club or in the incubator,” Sandra giggled.

“Ah, no way. That damn thing.” Chrissy laughed.

The commercials went away and the show came on. “Welcome to national lottery!” the announcer yelled. Then he began repeating the results of last week.

“Ever thought that you could be the next loser, Sandy” Chrissy asked.

“Not really. There are over 30,000 women participating. Its very unlikely that you are the one.” Sandra replied. “I just think its kind of unfair that only girls are in for the winning and losing parts while men just participate in the winning part.”

The kind of punishment for the loser is selected with a wheel of fortune. After someone is selected as a loser, the wheel is to spin and a “prize” is selected. Sandra and Chrissy knew that the punishments included on the wheel were changed from week to week, only few remained in all the time. The punishments were often really severe and usually dealt with heavy bondage and/or rubber endurance.

Now the last week’s loser was shown again. The announcer in the TV studio told again that last week a girl named Angelique lost and that the wheel got her a “1-week-rubber-frustrater-cocoon-storage” prize. Well, Chrissy and Sandra already knew that storage is just another word for long-term bondage. The announcer explained that Angelique had been released two days ago and was now recovering from the procedure. While the screen shows a short movie featuring her cocoon which looks much like a inflatable mummy bag with a lot of wires and tubes emerging from it the announcer listed some details of what happened to Angelique. The storage cocoon was made of two bags. The outer one was inflatable and was divided into 2 parts. So the inner bag lay between the two air layers of the outer bag - very much as if the inner bag had been put between two air-mattresses. So Angelique would feel nothing solid - she was more or less floating between those latex layers. 

The inner bag however was made of two layers of rubber, this way hot or cold water could flow around the inner most latex layer covering her body. Two catheters were put in place to handle all her body wastes. Feeding was done through a tube leading directly from her mouth to her stomach. The inner bag was covering her whole body including her head. Inner sleeves hold her arms unmovable at her sides and her legs were pressed together by the air in the outer bag, which totally encloses the inner bag. So much to the term cocoon-storage... By frustrater, the announcer explained, was meant that a strong vibrator installed in her crotch kept her in arousal all the time. Sensors at the vibrator could sense if she was near an orgasm. If this was the case the vibrator stopped and started again when her arousal went back to a lower level. Angelique was kept (stored) 1 week in this bondage equipment before she was free again. Often the layers of the inner bag were filled with hot water making her extremely sweaty. This felt to her like she was swimming or floating in the middle of a pitch black hot and slimy universe. Together with the strong sensations of the vibrator, the heat took her often near the point of fainting. In the relax times when the vibrator was switched off (even if the deliberately wished to have an orgasm...) cool water was used to calm her down again. When Angelique finally was freed she was too weak to walk by herself. She was allowed to spend the next day at a care station where she can replenish her strength.

After the announcer had finished with the events of last week he went on to comment today’s specials. The moment had come where a winner is drawn and gets a cash amount of $100,000. The drawing was done by a computer system, which simply selected one of the citizens by random. After a few seconds a name showed up on the computer “Mandy Simmons” and then the picture changed. Now on TV the apartment camera of Mandy was shown and everyone could have a look at her. She was sitting in front of her bed on the floor of her bedroom. She wore a kind of pyjama trousers and a short red top. Her clothing was made of rubber and also everything in her room seemed to be of the same material. The floor, the walls, even the ceiling was rubber coated. Her bed of course was sheeted with rubber. Obviously Mandy lived in one of the rubber flats in the south of the city. (Those flats aren’t as uncomfortable as the “tube apartments” mentioned in the background to this story...) They are relatively cheap in renting, the only disadvantage was that the renter was not allowed to have any non-rubber items in the flat. They could store cotton clothes in a cupboard at their door but inside the flat only rubber was allowed. Anyone caught with non-rubber items in such an apartment was subject to a rubber-punishment.

When Mandy realized she had won $100,000 she cheered... The announcer congratulated her and asked her what she wanted to do with all the money. “First I will move to a real apartment. Living in rubber for months is getting me nuts.” The TV switched back to the studio and the announcer explained that now its time for the fun part: The drawing of the loser. The audience waited for the computer to present a name...

Chrissy said: “At this time I always feel frightened. I always expect to hear my name.”

“Don’t be a fool. There are so many to be drawn. You won’t be the one.” Sandra replied.

The computer showed a name... “Carmen Vasquez”. The TV switched over to her apartment camera where a young Latino girl could be seen. She was in her early twenties and her dark eyes widened in surprise when she heard her name and saw herself on TV. She was lying on a couch already dressed in a white silk pyjama, which made an interesting contrast to her long black hair. But now she had sprung into an upright position and after a few seconds she still was shocked... The announcer greeted her, “Hi Carmen, congratulations you have also won something. We don’t know yet what is in store for you but it will surely interrupt your everyday life. Maybe you are back to your flat in a few days, maybe you are away for as long as a few years.” Her doorbell rang and the announcer said, “Please open the door and follow them. They will escort you to the studio. And now on to the commercials...”

Some time later the show came up again and Carmen was in the studio. She still was in her pyjama and was barefooted but that should not be her only humiliation for the evening. Her legs were bound by a short chain around her ankles and her wrists were cuffed. She sat on a chair next to a chair to the announcer. He explained that she was a secretary at one of the many administration offices in the city and that she earns enough money to live a life without too much rubber and other discomfort. “This could be changed today”, he grinned. “Now its time to introduce the prizes we have today on the wheel of misfortune which Carmen will spin in a few minutes.”

“First there is the ‘1-week-rubber-frustrater-cocoon-storage’ prize which Angelique won last week. We already described it so lets come to the next one.That would be a ‘48-hours-on-vibrator-chair’-prize. This, dear Carmen, would mean you in a full enclosure rubber suit tied to a chair with a vibrator in ass and pussy set to the highest setting all the time. Usually a woman is orgasming every few minutes on that device. Next we have a ‘Lose-everything’-prize, which means that all your money, possessions and job will be taken away from you. After you spend the night in bondage you will be released tomorrow with nothing more in your possession than a transparent rubber catsuit and 6-inch heels. Also a tube apartment and a job as bondage performer will be arranged for you. You have to take care if and how you get out of that situation again.”

“Next, you could get a ‘1-month-statue-job’-prize. Then you will be employed by the museum where you will spend 23 hours a day inside a rubber statue. There won’t be any dildos or other equipment installed - you will just suffer from the long duration and the impossibility to move. Next there is the ‘Free’ field where you can go home as a free woman. Next there is a ‘cat-4-life’-prize. This means you will be classified as sub-human and will begin a life as a ‘rubber-cat’. You will be put in a pet shop for sale and you might be picked up by someone wealthy as a personal pet. Of course you will wear a cat outfit, which will keep you rubbered, gagged and will keep your calves bound to your thighs to make walking on your feet impossible. The only difference to a pony girl is that a cat doesn’t require all the training. Also a cat doesn’t have duties - she is just to pleasure her master.”

“The next and last prize is a work-pony contest for you. As you know, work-ponies are the lowest level of pony girls: they are rubbered up all the time and are kept in total chastity. The job as a work pony will always last two years. After the two years they can prove worthiness to become a higher-level pony again which are not so severely rubberised and are also not kept in full chastity. To prove worthy they have to win in a 1on1 contest with another work-pony. The loser of the contest is up for another 2 years as work-pony. Tonight we have a work-pony here in the studio and if you get this prize you will do a 1on1 contest with her. If she wins she will not only be relieved of pony life but also gets all your belongings and your job while you will get her life as a work-pony. All pony rules will apply to you and after 2 years you will have to battle again to get out of this. If you win tonight you are free to go home and the work-pony remains in her job for 2 more years. You see, this is the most severe prize you could get today. But now, Carmen, it’s your time to spin the wheel and let’s watch what you will finally get.”

Carmen was still dizzy and horrified by all the ‘prizes’ she heard. And now she should spin that darn wheel. She should select her fate by her own hand. She should select her own bondage. “Please, the free-field,” the thought, “I don’t want to do any of these things.”

“Go ahead Carmen, spin the wheel” the announcer interrupted her thoughts.

“He, he, I would laugh if she gets the pony treatment.” Chrissy said and grabbed another handful of potato chips.

“No, let her become a cat... I could buy her then - she really is cute” Sandra replied.

Carmen gripped into the wheel and set it into a spinning motion. With fast klack-klack sounds the prizes flew by... Finally it slowed down. When it stopped the wheel showed the ‘1-month-statue-job’-prize. The audience moaned. They would have liked to see something nastier. Carmen was kind of relieved not to get any of the more severe treatments but also was not happy about a full month of being motionless bound in rubber. Only a single hour per day would be allowed to her for washing, eating and going to the toilet. She even had to sleep inside of the statue. Carmen then was led out of the studio by two uniformed men escorting her to the museum where she would be prepared and put on exhibition tomorrow...

Sandra switched off the TV and grinned, “Lets go to the museum tomorrow, I guess they will have a new statue to show.”

“Why not” giggled Chrissy.



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