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The Rubber Country

by MoonGlow

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© Copyright 2002 - MoonGlow - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; enclosure; rubberslave; reluct; X

Feedback is VERY welcome. Tell me what you think. This is fiction. Its just a fairy tale. A tale for adults who are openminded for topics like sex, s&m, rubber and feet fetishes. If you are offended by such things, DONT continue reading NOW. All others, enjoy and drop me a line.


Before we begin our journey into to depths of the rubber country, let us have a look at it. The country is located on an remote island, unknown to the rest of the world. Immigrants are selected from many applicants from all over the world. They are medical screened and tested in their love for the latex fetish. Only those with a true desire for rubber are granted living in the country. Immigrants are selected trice as muny women as men.

The social structure of the society sees men as dominant. Women start their ”career” at a low submissive level and can climb up in hierarchy by well performed work. This way they also are able to get into positions where they can be in charge of lower class slave girls.

There is no real money in the country - at least running out of is not nearly as awful as in the rest of the world. Money can be looked at as a kind of playing currency, like in monopoly. People get assigned to apartments where they have to pay rent accordingly to what kind of apartment they choose. However, lower and higher classes of the society live in different districts of the only city on the island. All citizens have to pay rent for their apartments. Also there are many other ways to spend money: buying nice looking rubber clothing (a basic set of rubber clothes is given as a welcome present to every new immigrant, however those items are heavy, ugly, smelly slave wear), good food, entertainment, gambling and luxury items like a slave girl or a couple of rubber pony girls (there are no cars). Last but not least, non-rubber clothes are expensive goods. There are no real reasons for the citizens to be rubbered up all the time except from those ”rubber days” called out by the government from time to time.

Income, however, is important to maintain a certain living. There is nothing dangerous about running out of money, food and housing is always secured by the government. If you don’t pay the rent, you have to move to something cheaper. If you lose your job, you always can get another one. Well, nobody can take any job ;-) women have to work their way up out of slavery. There is a huge variety of jobs - some of them will be described in further stories - just to give you a short overview: secretaries, all-time-rubber-secretaries, dancer, prison-warden, teacher in one of the many rubber institutes, riding- and work as rubber ponies, bondage performer etc. The worst thing which can happen if running out of money is that you have to move to the very cheapest apartment... Well the cheapest apartment is nothing more than a 2x1 meter rubber tube for sleeping and a place to store belongings. The price for a very low rent is being every night in this rubber tube. 

For an even lower rent, you can have the housekeeper keep it at an increased temperature of 25°C or even 30°C. Not very comfy, but cheap. On the other hand, the lowest paid job is as an rubber bondage performer. The income just is equal to the rent for an rubber tube. So a poor little girlie who runs out of money (due to buying too many of those expensive cotton clothes) has to spend their nights in the tube apartment and the days they earn money while being put into some kind of public bondage equipment, which are often nothing more than booths along the streets to amuse the public. To get out of such a poor situation, she has to save money (which means lowering rent with heating her ”apartment”) or has to go for other possibilities to get money like one of the many game-shows of the country where citizens in debt gamble for money in erotic rubber games - often with a severe punishment for the losers.

As you can see already, the government has a large amount of control over its citizens just like a big brother. There are many rules for the everydays life. Most of them regard sexuality and/or rubber regulations (like the earlier mentioned ”rubber days”). Only the upper class is happy with sex. All others get just too much or not enough of it. For example, masturbation is prohibited except from few days... on the other hand a judge can sentence a girl to become part of a small group of women who must achieve a certain number of orgasms each day. They are counted by a special device and additional penalties await if they don’t fullfill their limit. As you can imagine they wish they could keep their fingers away from themselves. Restrictions in the lower level classes (sub-human, like the rubber pony girls) are even more strict. If a riding or sulky pony fails to pleases their masters, they can be degraded to a work pony. Work ponies are always kept in full rubber gear and total chastity. This job is always given in 2 years terms. After 2 years they have to prove worthiness become a sulky pony again in a pony contest. They battle each other 1 on 1 in several events and the loser is sentenced to another 2 years as work pony...

For control of the masturbation prohibition in almost every apartment (except the upper class) are cameras installed which can overview a whole apartment. If someone is caught, a judge is already waiting with a rubber sentence.

Also there is a lottery where all citizens participate. A winner is getting much money but also a loser is drawn and a ”price” is selected by a kind of wheel of fortune (or misfortune as you may see). During this process the apartment cam of the loser is shown on TV and almost everyone is having a good time when watching the disbelief in the face of a secretary when she watches the wheel getting her a ”1-month-heavy-bondage”-price or a ”48-hours-on-vibrator-chair”-price.

You see, it’s a funny country for everyone who loves rubber and bondage-games. Now lets go to the story and share a day in this rubber country with one of its citizens.

The Story - Fitness Training

There is a medical program in the rubber country which is designed to keep a woman in good shape. This applies to all classes. If the doorstep sensor detects a weight too big a medical examination is ordered. The girl is then advised to visit one of the special fitness clubs in the city. If she doesn’t do so or if her weight keeps growing the girl is send to the ”rubber re-education school” where she is taught sports and diet with those special methods only a rubber institute can provide.

Sandra was 28 years now and has lived in this country since she was 23. After working in a low servant job at a restaurant she now has climbed up the ladder and is now employed as one of the leading officers of the firm which is in charge for the numerous public bondage booths along the streets. She really enjoys her dominant side when she is assigning those poor low-lives to a booth, who must earn their living clad in rubber and bound in public. Many booths have also a dildo equipment or an enema apparatus which can be triggered by dropping a coin into a slit on the booth. After a few months and an upbuilding laziness has gripped her. Sandra was most time sitting in her office chair, except from the morning when she selects which rubberslave is assigned to which booth. Then it is her duty to ride along with the 2 strong men who strap the slaves into the booths and oversees this procedure. After that she returns to the office. Her evenings are planned according to the TV program. She really likes watching people lose on those nasty gameshows.

The official lack of orgasms in her life was easily compensated. If she was really horny she volunteered in testing an orgasmic bondage booth. However this was often too much of what she wanted and so she masturbated silently in her bed. They cannot control all those cams, she thought and has been lucky so far. She never was caught. Despite of this she continued enjoying watching ”rubber court” on TV where the so called masturbators were sentenced to severe rubber punishments.

She has really getting used to her life and job, one evening when she comes homes, the TV screen displayed a message that she was to report at her local doctor due to the danger of overweighing. She quickly stripped her work-clothes (a light blue latex uniform made of a miniskirt, a short blazer, and high heels with a rubber sole inlay), took a fast shower, and dressed into a thin and tight catsuit. While she liked the relatively large areas of bare skin in her work clothes (because so she sweated very seldom) she dressed in a thin red catsuit to prove that there is no belly to hide. Anyway, wearing latex to public offices can sometimes be important. At least it shows an attitude the government likes to see. Slipping her bare feet in some boots made of crystal clear plastic the left home heading for the doctor.

Sandra kept explaining that is must have been a misunderstanding and that she is not too heavy. She felt the admiring eyes of the doctor on her second skin. ”Look, Miss Taylor, I am not trying to get you into some kind of discipline situation. I see that you are a well respected officer and you also know well how to assure that rules are followed. However, the signal we detected does not mean you're fat. You are far from it, you are a very attractive young lady, especially in those clothes. But you have to make sure, you stay this way.”

He handed Sandra a card with which she could (and should) enter a fitness studio for free. The magnetic codes on the card also register her amount of training and her progress as well as her daily visits. The doctor reminded her, that she has to train for 2 hours each evening or she would be put into education school for at least 3 months. The same would result, if she trained but didn’t make any progress. He reminded her, that her job would probably be lost when being away for three months. ”Don’t forget, your training starts tomorrow.”

When she came home from work the next day, she changed into a yellow rubber fitness outfit with a black stripe an each side. ”The next day I will buy me a non-rubber outfit for this. This will make it a bit easier. I don’t want everyone to watch me in a puddle of sweat where I workout.”

Arriving at the fitness club she handed her card to the trainer and she was told about the little specialties in the club. ”First, there is no streetwear allowed in here. Your basic outfit was provided by your doctor as I can see.” The yellow and black rubber training outfit which is made of a short sleeve-less top and a short rubber-hotpants  and yellow rubber ”sweat bands” for doing around the wrists and the ankles was just a free basic suit. Sandra realized that everyone would be able to see that she was not here voluntary.

”Second, only tennis shoes with white soles are allowed for workout. Your shoes are all black, so please take them off.” Sandra sighed and stepped out of her black rubber tennis shoes. Just the yellow-blackish rubber remained on her leaving her a very erotic appearance.

”Okay, listen up, this may be important for you. To give our trainees the right motivation, we spice things up. You earn points at every workout station you train with. The trick about this is, the trainee with the lowest points at the ending of the training spends the night here at the club in a very special machine which we call the rubber incubator. To make long explanations short, this machine keeps you in tight rubber bondage while it forces you to workout.” 

Sandra was left in the main hall of the club and told to wait the few minutes till 8 p.m. for the workout to begin. Other trainees were already there, 7 girls and 2 men. She was the only one in a yellow basic suit. Just one of the other girls was wearing rubber. It looked like a silver catsuit with short sleeves and legs and a deep V cutout. Sensing Sandra's questioning look on her she smiled and walked over to Sandra. 

”Hi, I am Chrissy,” she introduced herself. ”You are here the first time I guess. You are wearing yellow.”

”Yes, my first time here. No one is rubbered up here except the two of us. I am thinking about getting a non-latex outfit tomorrow too. But why are you in rubber? And you are more covered than me... Also I really don’t want to fight with my sweat since the trainer told me about this incubator thingie.” replied Sandra.

”Well, non-rubber is expensive. And I wear a short rubber catsuit for workout to make me keep in mind the incubator. This way I always remember what material I am enclosed in if I score lowest. I really helps me going... After one time in the incubator I spend my energy on the workout.” Chrissy said.

”What is this incubator about anyway?” Sandra asked. 

The trainer interrupted their small talk and announced, ”Okay, it's 8 p.m. Get going!”

Everyone started training. Sandra slit her card into a bicycle trainer and mounted it. A few miles later her legs began to ache and she switched over to a machine for training the upper body. She didn’t want to overdo it the first day but she really tried to keep up the pace. She watched the 2 men slowly but never pausing on a rudder trainer. She also noticed Chrissy jogging on a moving band. Her face was red and sweat was glistening on it. She really pushes herself, Sandra thought. Chrissy left the jogger and joined Sandra on a trainer next to her.

”Keep it up, Sandra. You're behind in points. Train harder or you won’t go home tonight.”

Sandra pushed some weights at another station until she needed a halt to catch her breath. She felt sweat building up in her hotpants and below her rubber covered breasts. Suddenly she felt she hand of the instructor on her shoulder and he whispered to her: ”Keep going. You are not behind anymore but you are on one level with Alison, one of the other girls. Now its you or her for the incubator.”

Because her arms were getting sore from pushing the weights she decided to take another ride on the bicycle trainer. 'Thats not fair,' she thought, 'Alison isn’t doing this in a wet rubber outfit like I do. Also she is better trained and knows the machines here.'

She felt already exhausted and her bare soles slipped from the pedals often - the rubber bands at her ankles really did a job. 10 p.m. It’s over. Sandra was catching her breath, standing beside the bicycle with her hands on her knees. The instructor walked over to her and said: ”You did a good job. Well, if you would have performed this well from the beginning your job would have been good enough. So Alison is leaving now and you have all night and day to explore what a rubber incubator is.”

Sandra stared in disbelief. All that training in vain.

”Not in vain,” the trainer reminded her ”It’s all for your fitness. But now lets come to the fun part.”

After all others left the club he led her downstairs to the basement of the fitness center. It was chilly down here and Sandra felt goosebumps on her skin. It's not the cool air alone, she thought. They stopped at a heavy black metal door, a sign read ”RUBBER INCUBATOR CHAMBER. Authorized personal and 1 slave only.”

The trainer opened the door and she saw it. The incubator was made of a Plexiglas tube in which a plank-bed with a lot of straps was placed. After opening the tube the plank-bed could be pulled out. Sandra was told to strip naked and a transparent rubber catsuit was handed to her. It was equipped with feet and gloves without fingers, in the crotch region 2 big dildos were placed. The one for the anus was hollow and contained an enema tube. Sandra pulled the suit on with a little effort and sighed as the dildos penetrated her.

The instructor handed her a transparent rubber mask with openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. Sandra pulled it over her head. What else could she do? This time it was not up to her to strap a poor girl in a bondage booth. This time she was the one in the ropes, in the rubber. And this thingie looked as awful to her as one of her bondage booths. The lid of the incubator had an inflatable surrounding made of rubber which would hold her neck in place and seal her body into the machine. Sandra was put into a black rubber bondage bag which gripped her legs and left her arms free. Around her shoulders a second rubber item was placed which covered her arms and hands much like a straight jacket - she was still able to move her hands a little up and down. She felt two handles which she gripped and held inside her rubber enclosure. Also she noticed two small pedals under the soles of her rubber clad feet.

After Sandra was secured and locked into the Plexiglas tube with only her head sticking out a few wires were connected to the handles at her hands, to the pedals and her crotch. Also a small tube was connected to the enema dildo in her anus. The instructor pulled a heavy gas mask from a chain from the ceiling and strapped it to Sandra’s face. He also pulled a TFT display towards her face so that it hang right above her face.

”Have fun, rubberslut” he said and left the room.

After locking the door, the lights dimmed down and Sandra was anxoius to what she was up to. The TFT started up and a text was shown: ”Welcome to the automatic slave training device.”

A few seconds later a new text appeared: ”Read carefully, slave. This system will explain itself to you. You are here because you failed in your workout. You will stay here until 8 p.m. tomorrow.”

Sandra thought, that’s not what I have in mind! Darn machine.

”The next hour you will undergo a light training. After that you are granted 8 hours of sleep. After that you will keep training until 8 p.m. Of course you remain in bondage and in rubber all the time. Training is simple. On this very display scenes from other discipline stations across the country will appear while the dildo in your crotch will very slowly expand and contract. You are not allowed to become horny. If you do, the scenes will disappear and the training will begin and last 30 minutes. Horniness is detected by a conductivity sensor at your vaginal dildo. If you are a good slave and don’t become horny there is no training at all. However, there are 2 forms of training possible in your bondage: you can push the handles up and down and you can pedal with your feet. If you don’t workout or you do it too slow, there are 2 ways of disciplining you. The gasmask can be flooded with air which is aromatized with a heavy rubber scent. If that doesn’t get you going you will get an enema which will last as long as your resistance. This machines starts it’s program in 10.. 9.. 8.. 7..” 

”Fuck it!” Sandra thought ”this thing is going to keep me busy.” She thought that this was a feeling the girls in her booths are feeling every day just to earn their living. Thinking about it tends to get her wet in no time so she tried to think something else. Soon the scenes begun and she saw dozens of slavegirls, ponygirls and some only vague human shaped figures - it was hard to tell who was in those rubber cocoons. Even one of her firms booth was shown in the film.

Suddenly the film stopped and a text appeared on the display. ”Horniness detected. 30 minutes pedaling. Begin now.”

Sandra starred at the message for a while... indeed she was feeling horny and this darn machine has already sensed it.

”Pedal! Rubber scent activated...” it read.

She smelled the rubber in her gas mask, this dizzy making, heavy sweet scent. I better begin pedaling she thought and did it. Soon the rubber scent vanished. There she lay in the incubator in the pitch dark, the black monitor above her, pedaling. She didn’t know how long she was there when she started sweating. Soon she was wet all over and she felt the rubber sliding on her skin. She decreased her pace but soon the TFT reads, ”Too slow! Rubber scent activated ... 7 minutes left.” and she smelled again this warm heavy rubber... at least she know that she only had 7 minutes to go. After a while the screen reads, ”Well done. This training will continue in the morning. Good night.” then it went black again. After what seemed like minutes or hours she fell asleep in her rubber cocoon.

A siren woke her up. She remembered where she was, the fitness club, the doctor, the instructor, and oh yes, the incubator. She couldn’t move and felt herself enclosed in the wet rubber. The TFT greeted her, ”Good morning, slave. Training will continue now till 8 p.m. It’s 9 a.m.”

Soon the scenes of rubber punishments started again, just like the night before. It didn’t take her too long to feel aroused.

”Horniness detected. 30 minutes pedaling. Begin now.” the display read out again. ”

This is going to be *very* long day” Sandra thought and started pedaling...



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