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The Rubber Baroness 9

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; model; stuck; reluct/cons; X

continued from part 8

Part Nine

The Baroness had not anticipated just how popular Alice's rubber creations were. Orders flooded the company she had set up. It wasn't just a hobby; it was becoming a full-time job to run it. For this purpose, the Baroness chose carefully, the people she would hire to run the day to day operations. Alice was of course, in charge of design, while the Baroness still kept an eye on things from her executive offices.

The birth of Johann was the happiest of the Baroness' life. He was to be officially recognized as the heir to the title and her late husband's estate. The biggest concern was if anyone challenged her son's rights. After all, his father had been dead for three years. The inheritance rights of children conceived after a parent's death, had never been considered. Fortunately, there were no relatives who could bring a challenge and even if there were any, the Baroness used many of the favors she accumulated over the years to ensure the courts and politicians would rule on her side.

Alice in the meantime, was also very happy that Nadja accepted the job as the nanny. The company, the designing and approving of the rubberwear, and her special project, was getting to be a bit of a strain. She had gained most of her figure back, but she needed the help of a new rubber corset to get her waist back to at least twenty inches.

number eight had been pressed into service as a gofer for Alice. It assisted her with Alice's rubberwear designing; mostly as a model. Alice could bind, chain, or otherwise encase her model in anyway she chose, without a word of dissent. As Alice became more busy with the company, she felt it was time that a new servant be obtained for her as number eight was becoming too valuable for regular maid duties. The Baroness agreed. It was actually not too hard to get her to agree, as Alice had her encased in a rubber body binder for most of the day, and kept teasing her until she gave in.

Obtaining an appropriate rubberslave would be the challenge. Alice wanted a suitable replacement for number eight, but something different than what they already had in the castle. If she needed to, someone who could also model. The Baroness considered carefully the means to bring in someone that could meet those needs. Just taking someone off the streets or from her club, would not be adequate. It had to be a way that Alice could choose from a number of potential rubberslaves, without the subjects aware of their possible fate.

Since they were now in the rubberwear business, why not advertise? The Baroness planned the scenario that would find the perfect rubberslave for Alice.

It was two weeks later that a young girl arrived at the offices of Alicetta Fashions. She handed the receptionist her application, and sat down with a dozen other girls. She had read the advertisement for models. She was a bit put off when she made an initial interview and was told that nudity was required. But, she was low on funds; she had to drop out of the university and go back to work. She had no family to help her, so it was either school or be out on the streets.

She looked at all the other applicants. They were nearly all the same age, weight and build as her. Some looked as if they had been modeling for quite some time; they were holding impressive-looking portfolios. She didn't have one. How was she going to compete?

"Martina." Said the receptionist. The girl stood up. "Please enter the Baroness' office and sit down. She will be with you shortly."

Martina did as she was told and went into the office. It had changed since the first time. Except for the large desk and leather chairs, there were no other pieces of furniture except a small rug on the floor in front of the desk. Since she was told to sit, she kneeled down on the rug. She felt the material on her knees. It felt strange, yet familiar. Could it be... was it rubber?

"You will undress now." Came the voice of the Baroness. Martina shivered and was quickly frozen in place. Did she make a mistake?

"I said... take off your clothes. Do you want this job or not? If not, take your sorry ass out of here!"

Martina fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, Then slowly, she removed it.

"I've got more models to look at... hurry up girl!"

Martina quickly removed the remainder of her clothing; as if the quicker she did it the sooner this would be over. When she was completely nude, she stood on the rubber rug and covered her breasts with her arms.

"Obviously she hasn't done this before." Came another voice. This was someone other than the Baroness. Martina began shaking in embarrassment. She heard footsteps behind her, and soon she came face to face with the owner of that voice.

"You're scared, poor thing." As Alice took the frightened girl's hand. "This is your first time isn't it?"

Martina nodded her head.

"Are you a virgin?"

Martina suddenly stood upright and very still.

"I'm sorry, I don't think sometimes. I meant are you new to modeling?"

"Yes Ma'am" replied Martina, slightly relieved.

"Mistress Alice" quipped the Baroness.

"She's joking." Said Alice. "It's the nature of this business. We like to keep a sense of humor about it. Now, let me look at you."

Martina slowly turned around. Alice gently moved the girl's arms, revealing two small but firm breasts. Alice tilted Martina's head up and gently pushed her legs apart. "Do you know what kind of outfits you'll be modeling?" She asked.

"No Ma'am. But I was told that some nudity would be expected."

"We specialize in fetishwear; specifically rubber and bondage items. Will you have a problem with that?"

Martina stopped and looked at both Alice and the Baroness. "I need the money. I guess I can try ..."

"It's not enough to just try." Said the Baroness "When you model, you are going to be representing pure sensuality. Your sexual being will appear in those pictures. We need someone who'll become everyone's rubber fantasy. Do you think that you can just 'try' to become that?"

"I think that you should go home." Said Alice. Martina began to cry.

"Please give me a chance. I know I can do it."

The Baroness took from a closet, a rubber catsuit. "Go into that room and put this on. When I tell you to come out, I want you to present yourself as if you were the horniest rubbergirl on the face of this planet."

As Martina opened the door to the adjoining room, Alice whispered in her ear. "Remember, this is all a fantasy. Don't even think of yourself as Martina. Pretend you’re someone else."

As soon as Martina closed the door, Alice looked at the Baroness who indicated that the girl was a borderline candidate.

In the next hour, Alice and the Baroness interviewed the remainder of the modeling applicants. Some had the right attitude, but they were too well known in modeling circles. Some were unknowns like Martina, but they had too many personal ties that would ensure that they would be missed.

It came down to Martina, and one other applicant; a girl named Katherine. Like Martina, she needed the money and the modeling seemed to be the best choice. Unlike her competition, she was entirely comfortable with nudity, and didn't hesitate to put on the rubber catsuit. In fact, she performed a slow sensual dance in front of Alice and the Baroness.

Katherine was sent into a second adjoining room while the Alice and the Baroness made their decision.

"I like Katherine." Said the Baroness, still entranced by the girl's dance.

Alice gave the Baroness a look, but then decided that she shouldn't complain as she was turned on as well. "I like her too, but that's not what we're shooting for."

"You want the mouse?"

"I think that after conditioning, she'll fit in nicely."

"So will the other one; but I see your point. I'm leaving it up to you, since she'll be your maid."

"I can't decide. I only need one. Too bad I can't have them both."

The Baroness looked at Alice. "Who said that? You want them both, you can have both."

"What am I going to need with two?" Then suddenly, Alice thought of something.

"What's that look in your eye?" The Baroness asked. She knew that Alice had one of her inspirations.

Martina sat quietly in the room. She had been there for hours, leaving it only to present herself to the Baroness and Alice. She had worn not only the catsuit, but a hobble dress, a riding habit and even a rubber American 'square dance' outfit. Each time she displayed herself, she felt more comfortable.

Katherine was actually feeling more uncomfortable as time passed. The outfits were certainly kinky, and the way that the two were looking at her was a bit frightening.

"Martina, Katherine, you can come out now." Came the sound of Alice's voice. The two girls walked out of the rooms and towards the rubber rug. "Congratulations! You're both hired!"

"I thought there was only one position." Said Katherine, a bit angry that the other girl got a job too.

"You both did so well, that it would have been a shame to let one of you go." Said the Baroness. "Shall we go to the studio to start a few preliminary photos for the catalog?"

"What, now?" Said Katherine.

The Baroness looked at her; the gaze that Alice was too familiar with when she was angry. "If you don't want the job, you shouldn't have wasted our time, and put Martina through this competition."

"I'm sorry Baroness. I was just a little surprised you wanted us to start at this hour."

"Time is money. You're here. I'm ready. The sooner we start, the sooner you get paid."

The four left the office and entered the photo studio. "Remove everything, including your jewelry. That goes for makeup as well." Said Alice.

The two new models complied and soon were standing in front of a white rubber backdrop, before a camera.

"Now, I want the two of you to be still while we dab this over your bodies." Alice and the Baroness opened a large can of a sweet-smelling liquid and began to brush both girls with it. Martina felt the brushes lightly coat her skin, even between her asscheeks. Katherine felt a slight tightening as the liquid dried.

"Now I want you two to put these on." The Baroness said as she handed each of them a new catsuit. These were different as they had openings only for their eyes and a seam that went from the back of their heads, to the smalls of their backs. As they pulled the catsuits on they could see that a lubricant of some kind had been coated on the inside of the rubber suits.

When Martina pulled the suit over her hips, she suddenly felt two plugs enter her from front and back. She yelled as they quickly made their way deep inside her. "It's a standard item on all of our products." Said Alice nonchalantly.

Katherine was also surprised by the plugs, but she was more excited than shocked. As she continued to pull on the catsuit, she had to rest several times. The rubber was thick and quite tight. It squeezed her from all sides. As she forced her head into the hood portion of the suit, a rubber mouthpiece moved past her lips, effectively silencing her. She felt a tube pushing her tongue down, and almost making its way down her throat.

Finally, each girl had the suits on. Alice took a small tube of a liquid and coated the seams. She held them until the adhesive had ensured that the suits would remain closed.

Martina and Katherine looked at each other with wonder. Save for their eyes, they looked identical. The Baroness then took two sets of goggles and snapped them into the V-shaped channels over their eyes. Now all that they could see were two black circles staring back at them.

Alice positioned the two girls together. "Martina, put your left arm around Katherine's waist. Katherine, do the same to Martina except use your right. That's it."

Out of the corner of her eye, Katherine could see the Baroness bringing a large box full of rubber straps and laying them out on a table. "Why is the suit getting so tight?" She thought.

The Baroness took more of the liquid and lifting Martina's arm, coated it and wherever it had rested on Katherine. Then she took several of the straps and began binding Marina's arm to Katherine. Within the hour, Katherine and Martina were strapped together in a bizarre configuration. Martina thought this was a kinky 'three-legged race' pose, or they were Siamese Twins. Neither girl could move a muscle to free themselves. As the Baroness took pictures, Alice encouraged them to pose as best they could. Eventually, Martina and Katherine could walk around with a bit of effort. It was difficult since they had to cooperate in walking

It was now about one o'clock in the morning. "Do you think they’re ready?" Said Alice.

"Definitely." Replied the Baroness. Taking hold of the girls, she and Alice removed the rubber straps binding the two together.

Martina wanted to stretch out. The posing was long and she was tired. She tried to remove her arm from around Katherine's waist.

It wouldn't budge! She tried to pull, but it was no use. She was stuck!

Katherine also realized that her arm and leg were somehow attached to Martina's. The two girls tried to scream, but the gags prevented even a squeak. They pulled and pulled but they couldn't free themselves. What was worse, the rubber suits had tightened even more than previously. They began to violently thrash around, until they lost balance and fell onto the floor. The three 'legs' of the Baroness and Alice's newest rubberslave tried to stand up, but without experience they failed.

number eight quickly connected the force feed tubes to a flask that contained a sleeping drug. As the two lost consciousness, Alice gave the Baroness a hug.

"It's going to be quite a challenge to condition these two to think as one rubberslave." Said Alice. "But I know you can do it. By the way, what number is this one?"

The Baroness looked at Alice. "Hmmm, I'd first think number eighteen, but we have something entirely new here. I'm thinking about an actual name."

"Martina and Katherine." Alice mused "Martina...Katherine. I have it!"

"What Darling?"

"Put them together.... Katherine... Martina. Kat...trina... Katrina!"

"Kismet" said the Baroness.

"Not in front of the maid" giggled Alice.


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